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Remember Me

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Storybrooke - Present Day

Dark brown eyes shot open, meeting the pale white of plastered ceiling. Turning her head to the left, Regina noticed something rather odd. She was… back in Storybrooke. But how? She wondered to herself, staring over at the black alarm clock on her bedside table, reading that same familiar time: 8:15am. They were supposed to go back to the Enchanted Forest; Storybrooke was destroyed for good. How could this be real?

She stared back up at the ceiling as she brushed her hands through her hair, trying to understand all of this. Something just didn't seem right. She had been very careful, very specific, when reversing Pan's curse. She needed to find out what brought them back; she needed to know what or how it possibly went wrong.

Suddenly, the brunette let out a gasp at a sudden strange feeling. In that very same second she clasped a hand to her stomach. Eyes widening with surprise, she soon came to realize that something was most definitely not right. Her right hand began to slowly wander over it, feeling the size, the way it arched and bulged from underneath the blankets.

Regina felt her heart beating rapidly within her chest as the hand eased its way over her abdomen. She didn't want to look; didn't want to think it was real. But she knew that at some point she had to. Taking another deep breath, she opened her eyes and forced herself to look to the other end of the bed. The very instant she saw it, she let out a loud gasp, let her head fall back into her pillow, and covered her mouth to prevent any screams from escaping her lips. How could this be happening?

Jolting up after feeling another strange movement, Regina found herself forced to look at it again. Crossing her legs beneath her to gain a more stabilized balance, she then gradually lifted her gray, silk pajama shirt just enough. She placed her hand to the bare skin of her now very round stomach, somehow hoping that she would feel nothing and simply wake up from this terrifying dream. But as her hand rested flat upon the warm skin of the bump, she again felt that movement, that kick. She gasped before starting to breathe very uneasily. This was truly happening right now. This was not just some crazy dream.

Swinging her legs over the side of the bed, trying to hold in almost every emotion imaginable, she brushed her fingers through her hair once more. She couldn't help but stare down at it again. She had a strong feeling that everyone had definitely made it back to the Enchanted Forest. For how long she didn't know. How they returned, she was clueless. But what she did know was… something had most definitely happened.


The Enchanted Forest - Seven Months Earlier

"Regina?" Snow open the door to Regina's bedchambers a crack before peeking in and waiting for permission into the room.

Regina turned from her vanity table slightly, noticing Snow from the corner of her eye. "You can come in," she replied softly as she stood up to welcome the other woman inside.

"Is everything alright?" Snow asked as she stepped inside, closing the door behind her. She looked to Regina with some concern. Even the woman's facial expression seemed strange and unusual, almost apprehensive. "I was told you wanted to see me?"

Lifting her brow, putting on a defensive façade, as she always did when someone made a remark she didn't like, Regina scoffed, "What? Is it so hard to believe that I want to talk to you?"

Snow raised the right corner of her mouth, making a rather contemplative expression as she commented, "A little…" She noticed the way Regina rolled her eyes and sighed with irritation. She watched the other woman, decked out in a long, dark, velvet dress, gracefully walk about the room and placed herself directly in front of the large window. Still noticing the hesitation in the way Regina was acting, Snow asked her "Regina, why of all people would you want to talk to me?"

"Well," the woman let out with a breath as she turned to face the dark-haired princess, "you're the only one I really can talk to."

"Robin?" Was all Snow asked, knowing that he was always the first person Regina would go to talk about any issues she had.

The Queen simply let out another annoyed scoff and commented, "Does it look like he is here right now for me to talk to?" She watched Snow place her hands upon her hips, giving her a glare. "Anyway," Regina continued, "he's really the last person I'd want to talk to about this right now."

"And why is that?" Snow questioned, confused to why this situation was so special or different that she couldn't speak to Robin about it.

Tilting her head, taking a moment to ponder it, she then bowed her head and let out a sigh of exhaustion. Placing her hand to her forehead and looking to Snow, she replied, "Because I don't know how he'd react to it."

"What do you mean, Regina? What's going on?" Snow was growing more concerned by the minute.

With great hesitation, Regina bowed her head, closed her eyes, and placed her hands to her hips. She knew she just needed to say it, just let it out. But then that meant it was all real. She sighed, "I'm pregnant."

Suddenly, a wide smile grew upon Snow's face as she approached the other woman. Placing her hands upon the woman's arms, she responded, "Regina, this is wonderful news. I'm so thrilled for you and Robin, and he is going to be ecstatic." But Snow noticed the fearful look in Regina's eyes as she lifted her head. The Princess' smile faded when seeing the other woman's reaction. "Regina, this is a good thing. Why do look so upset about it?"

"No, Snow," Regina shook her head, "it's not a good thing."

"Why would you say that?" Snow slid her hands down the other woman's arms, taking a hold of her hands. "A baby is always good. It's one of the greatest things that can bring someone happiness."

Holding in her tears, Regina looked directly into Snow's hazel-green eyes and replied, "It can't bring me happiness when I know this child is only replacing the one I lost."

"You and I both know that nothing can replace our other children just because they are gone. I know for certain that my son will never replace Emma in my heart just as much as you know that Roland or this baby will never replace Henry."

"I'm just…" Regina stepped out of Snow's grasp and began to walk towards her bed. As she sat down, she sighed once more, "afraid of letting myself believe it. Part of me doesn't want it to be real because-"

"You're moving on without him." Snow completed the other woman's sentence as she sat down beside her. "Regina, it's been over a year," Snow explained. "I know how you feel and I know it's not easy to let go of him, but you also can't keep dwelling on it."

"Well, I can't just forget him," Regina looked at Snow with some aggravation.

"And you won't," Snow remained strong in her encouragement. "Henry will always be in your heart and you know that."

After a long pause, Regina glanced down at the floor and brought up a new topic. She asked, "How am I supposed to tell Robin? We didn't exactly… plan for this."

Snow shook her head and smiled. "Just tell him. He'll be thrilled. I know it."


Storybrooke - Present Day

Regina slowly stood up, bracing her hand upon her bedside table. Finally managing to stand completely straight, she could finally see how truly big she was. She tried her best to stay calm as she placed her hands on her back to support her newfound weight in the front. Walking around the bed, she then took a look at herself in her body length mirror by her closet.

Glancing at a side view of herself, she continued to shake her head. Her wide eyes never strayed from her stomach. She had no words to express how she currently felt right now, or the questions she needed answered. But it seemed like her mind was about to explode… It seemed like she was about to explode in general.

How the hell could this have happened? She wondered. More thoughts resonated through her mind as well. Why couldn't she remember? How much time had passed? It must have been a while for this to occur. But one of the greatest mysteries that was currently haunting her mind was: Who is the father?


The Enchanted Forest - Seven Months Earlier

"Robin," Regina let out with a soft sigh and a smile as she watched the man step through the doors.

He very quickly approached the beautiful brunette, placing his hand upon her cheek and planting a sweet and loving kiss to her lips. "Good morning, love." He watched the way another smile appeared on her face.

"Good morning," she whispered back to him. "Everything went alright last night?"

The man nodded. "Every area within a one mile radius of this kingdom is Wicked Witch and simian minion free," he laughed. After the group had managed to stop Zelena from taking Snow and Charming's newborn son and exiled her to the west end of the Dark Forest, Robin vowed that once every week, he and his men would trail the kingdom for safety purposes in order to make sure she was remaining where she had been sent. However, Regina was rather certain that it wasn't necessary after so much time had passed.

"Why do you keep go out like that?" Regina asked, shaking her head at him and giving a look of concern. "There's no need. My sister is very tightly contained."

"That doesn't mean she's not figuring a way to get out," Robin replied.

"No matter how hard she tries, she can't."

"How do you know, Regina?" He refuted. "I'd rather we be safe than sorry if, by chance, she does escape your barriers."

Giving him a confused look, she asked, "Are you doubting my magic?"

"You know I am not," he raised his brow to her knowing she was trying to pick a little fight with him. "But I have a right to have my concerns. Don't I? I wish to keep my family safe. I did make vows to you, love," he said, gesturing to the ring comfortably set upon her left hand.

"Who knew a thief had honor?" Regina laughed, jokingly reciting that same line she had once said before when they had first met and had rather despised one another.

The man laughed, caressing his hand upon her soft cheek. "Who knew a, so called, evil queen could fall in love with said thief?" He watched the way she smiled at him, letting out a soft chuckle. Then gazing down at the soft, cream-colored garments she was wearing, he asked, "Love, is there a reason to why you are still in your sleepwear?"

"I… haven't been feeling well," she replied, bowing her head towards the floor, as she knew exactly where this conversation was headed. She was going to have to tell him.

"You haven't? Well, is everything alright? Have you grown ill?" Robin asked her with great concern as he pressed the back of his hand to her forehead to check for a fever.

"Not exactly ill," she replied to him with a nervous look as she took his hand away from her head and held it tightly.

"Not exactly? What is that supposed to mean, Regina?" Robin shook his head, still concerned. His eyes met hers as he stared at her, waiting for a response.

After taking a deep inhale, she finally let the words escape her mouth with a quiet exhale of her breath and a look of both fear and excitement, "Robin, I'm pregnant."

"You're what?"

"You heard what I said," Regina replied.

"You're…" He let go of her hand for a moment, looked down and allowed his fingers rest atop of her flat stomach. "You're with child?"

She couldn't speak, still rather unsure of how he felt about this. Regina just nodded her head and waited for their eyes to meet once more. His light orbs seemed to be filled with so much hope, so much joy and happiness. He was happy about this; truly ecstatic, just as Snow had said the other day. He brought his hands up, cupping her face in his palms, and placed a tender and passionate kiss on her lips. The kiss lingered a while as Regina brought her own hand to hold his wrist, brushing her thumb back and forth upon his skin.

"And you're happy about this?" Regina asked as their lips parted and she again made eye contact with the man before her, her gaze showing him how nervous she still felt about this.

Robin smiled. "The most beautiful woman in this land, the woman whom I love with all my heart, has just told me that she is carrying my child. How can I not be?"

She let out a gentle laugh as his hands lingered upon her cheeks. "Sometimes I wonder why I despised you so much when we first met."

Raising his brow and shrugging his shoulders, he replied, "You were a rather stubborn woman, Regina. Still are, from time to time."

"Well, you tended to be a jerk," she laughed.

"I was only countering your attitude, love. Had to keep up somehow." He smirked as he leaned forward and pecked her sweet lips again. He slid his hand down her waist and back to her stomach once more. Listening to the way Regina chuckled, he then bent down to his knees so as the meet face-to-stomach. Feeling the way her fingers ran through his hair, he began to speak to her abdomen, "Hello there, little one." Regina let out another giggle as he continued, "This is your Papa." He pressed his forehead gently against her stomach. He whispered even more softly, though Regina could still hear, "I know you are a little girl. You shall possess every lovely trait that your mother has," he looked up at Regina from the floor and smirked, "even her stubborn nature." He continued, returning his attention to their unborn child, "And I shall love every bit of that in you. You shall always be protected and loved, little one. Always."