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Temeraire Drabbles

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The fireworks lid up the sky in bright colours, reflecting handsomely from Temeraire’s scales. The dragon was looking up at the sky with bright gleaming eyes, occasionally exclaiming over a few particularly beautiful and intricate ones. Laurence regarded him fondly, but while he enjoyed fireworks, he couldn’t wait to finally be back on the Allegiance’s deck again, safely away towards home and away from the political games and assassinations at the Chinese court. He leaned slightly against his dragon, feeling weary and stiff from wearing the robes all day, made no better by the still healing stab wound near his collarbone. Temeraire looked down at him near glowing with excitement.

“Laurence aren’t they wonderful?” He exclaimed nudging him affectionately.

Laurence smiled fondly at him again.

“Yes my dear,” he said stroking Temeraire’s nose, “ they are indeed wonderful.”

And with Temeraire happily observing and rambling about the fireworks, Laurence found that, finally, his worries of separation disappeared entirely. And he knew that whatever hardships they may face, they would face them together.