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I've got Gunmars blood in me baby~

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All trolls used to live together. Fighting, eating, and killing humans together. Eventually part of the troll race broke off from these ‘barbaric’ tendencies. They made a pact with humanity. Peace for space. Thus the troll lived among humans from then on out. With newfound freedom and ‘love’ for one another, they lived in relative harmony. From the love of humans and trolls, came a new species. The Half trolls. While changelings lived from one life to another, half trolls were the very middle. Taking both the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ side of both races. This split in race mixing together to make something new.

Half trolls carried both genes of humans and trolls, gaining some from one side and the other.
1. half trolls can walk among daylight, feeling no pain.
2. half trolls live far longer than humans, but far shorter than trolls. Some of the oldest recorded half trolls lived to be only around 800 years. They develop slightly slower than humans, but slow down even more within their young adult lives.
3. half trolls can get sick just like humans can. While trolls and changelings are immune to all diseases and illnesses, humans and half trolls can succumb to them.
4. half trolls are far stronger than regular humans, but not as strong as regular trolls.
5. half trolls look closer to their human counterpart, rather than the troll part.
6. half trolls are considered ‘lesser’ than trolls. They are above changelings, but only slightly.
7. half trolls need little rest compared to humans, needing roughly 5 hours or less within a 24 hour period. While trolls require only 3 hours of sleep.
8. half trolls can hibernate along with regular trolls.
9. half trolls are just as ‘adaptable’ as humans are. Having the same inspiration, ingenuity, and overall desire to change and improve. Regular trolls change very little over very long periods of times, if at all.
10. half trolls blood and organs, skin and bones, and overall biology are far harder and stronger than humans, but not nearly as strong as trolls.
11. half trolls can eat most things, but can get sick like humans can, while regular trolls can eat just about anything and everything.
12. half trolls have senses just as strong as regular trolls. Meaning they have excellent hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell.
13. half trolls can eat human food just as well as humans can.
14. half trolls are a massive rarity, seeing as humans and trolls conception for them isn’t easy, as the seed and egg typically don’t take. So a half troll is something to behold.
15. half trolls can be just as feral as regular trolls, if not more so.
16. half trolls emotions are extreme. More intense than either trolls or humans.
17. half trolls are far heavier than humans, but nowhere near as heavy as trolls are.
18. while half trolls are well known in the troll world, and a bit in the human world, changelings have been kept hidden. Trolls do not wish to panic humans.
19. half trolls can only be born with a troll and human, or a half troll with a regular troll. Humans with half trolls cannot produce half trolls. The same applies for half trolls with other half trolls. For some odd reason, they cannot reproduce with one another.
20. half trolls typically have more fur than regular trolls, due to having human genes, and more fur than humans have hair. Half troll fur is stronger and thicker than human hair, but not as thick or strong as troll fur.
21. all half trolls no matter where they come from, have digitigrade legs
(btw trolls DO have blood, organs, bones, etc. it IS cannon in the books, and I don’t mean the ORIGINAL book the show was based off of) 22. half trolls are not affected by magic the same way as humans or trolls are. no one knows why


After the war with Gunmar the black, almost all trolls crossed over onto the new world.
Generations later, the changelings had pieced together the killahead bridge. They managed to trick Kanjigar the courageous into opening the door way to the darklands. The dreaded dark under lord escaped and his army marched outwards, however, within the same day, they were pushed back and scattered, during the intense battle, almost all changelings were killed, leaving many non gumm-gumms to believe they went extinct. With the aid of powerful magics, the amulet marked Gunmar with a terrible curse. No matter what, his life was now tied to the darklands. He could never leave by any means. If he did, he would die instantly, with no possible way to revive him. So he now sits in the dark lands, on his horrid throne, waiting for the day one of his minions might somehow find a way to break the curse. After a long, long search, the few gumm-gumms, and even fewer changelings left, found a way around the curse. They could not break it, however they could reverse it in a very minor way. They could craft doorways, to the darklands. Opening and closing the doorways as they saw fit, Letting the gumm-gumms roam the world once more. However, the doorways had a limited amount of energy. Passing back and forth through them, drained them. Once all energy was drained, the doorways would collapse into useless rock. The dark under lord sits on his throne, seething with anger, watching his hoard come and go without him. The only smile that came on his face was knowing that he was slowly taking over. His gumm-gumms had skirmished with the ‘good’ trolls for decades now. The ‘good’ trolls made humans promise to stay out of the way, only trolls must fight trolls. The humans agreed, however they will defend themselves when need be.


With the changeling race ever so slowly growing again, with more gumm-gumms being recruited and made, with more doorways being created, Gunmar chuckles at the thoughts that soon, so soon, He will rule the world. If they found magics to reverse the curse, then they could eventually find ways to break it forever…..

Gunmar watched his hoard grow and gain. Becoming more numbered and stronger. Out of all of them few had made a name for themselves. One of them, was a half troll. An unexpected creature to rise up, seeing as half trolls were nowhere near as strong as regular trolls, she proved her worth and loyalty more times than Gunmar could count. Eventually the two fell in love. They had a child. A small half troll. A small omega boy half troll. Everyone was shocked. How could the all powerful dark lord spawn such a weak creature?! Such a small and lesser being?! Gunmars first born, an alpha son, bigger and more powerful than almost all of the other gumm-gumms, that made sense. Now the second, the exact opposite. So small and frail, an omega is already bad enough, but to have him also be a half troll….

Gunmar loved his newborn just as much as his firstborn. Bular asked why he needed another son, he was all that his father needed! He fought countless times, he has slain countless trollhunters, he’s been by his fathers side more times than any gumm-gumm. Gunmar silenced his son. Son or not, he is the one who makes the rules. No one commands or tells him what his business was. He held his small newborn son within his giant arms. He smiled and knew that this new addition, his hoard will grow far stronger. The whelp WILL prove he is worth his fathers time and energy. He had his blood after all. The mother however….

She had died right after the birth. Complications that they could not foresee and help prevent. She looked at her son and named him Jim. Everyone thought it was a weak human name. Gunmar silenced them, told them to never question his sons life. His race, his nature, his size, or his name. He is a son of Gunmar, And will be treated as such, Or forfeit your life if treated any different. The hoard bowed and obeyed. The son might be small and frail, but his blood pumped with the life force of Gunmar. He would be strong, powerful, and all around perfect. While others saw Jim as a small weak link to the hoard, unfit to be apart of it, Gunmar saw the true potential. A son who could walk among the humans. A son who could walk within the light. A son who held his blood. A son who could be what no other being in his hoard was, the strongest half troll to ever walk the world. He would be the perfect addition. Far better than any common mongrel.


Gunmar needed someone to aid in the raising of the small whelp. He could not be raised by normal gumm-gumm means. It was too dangerous. To fully let the potential unlock within the whelp, he needed to be properly raised and trained by human means. His adviser, Blinkous galadrigal, brother to the former adviser, had offered to be the caretaker of the child. He had studied the human ways, their world, their culture, more or less. Information is power after all. He found the various relationships between humans and their young, interesting. How different they varied, depending on the circumstance. With this new job, he could show the dark under lord just how in-disposable he was, and how far greater he was than any other other gumm-gumm, seeking to be the next adviser. The honor, of raising a spawn of the dark under lord, training him right, it would show just how perfect for the job he truly was.


So the years went by, the training was made. The young whelp was growing and showing great progress. Gunmar was proud to see his son grow into something wonderful. He was growing at the perfect rate. Gunmar was proud of his adviser and gave him the honor of choosing a mate. Blinkous accepted it and decided he wished to mate the greatest general, the strongest gumm-gumm directly under Bular and Gunmar. Aarghaumont (honestly, to write easier, I’m just going to call him Arrrg) Gunmar allowed it to happen. The intellect of his adviser, with the ferocity of his strongest general, their whelps would be a more than welcomed addition to the hoard. The perfect combination of both. Jim loved his two little ‘adopted’ uncles, they raised him with care and love.


Many more years went by, Gunmars hoard crept ever closer to victory, tiny bits by tiny bits, gaining ground, followers, and victories. However, Gunmar needed some kind of push. Something to throw the balance to their favor. He could wait for Jim. He knew the son would be a massive success, a pushing point for them, as he was already showing his potential. Gunmar needed more however. Something else. So as he waits and plots, The years continue to go by ever so slowly….


Jim is now a young adult. He will soon turn 93 years old. Compared to human lives in their own development, he would be 22 year old. He had fun, and he was reckless at times. Blood thirsty and cunning. He was raised right, with good incentives along with his ‘adopted’ uncles love. Gunmar was satisfied at how his son grew and developed. He was becoming a wonderful gumm-gumm. Jim attended a human college in Arcadia. Jim had asked for it. Blinky convinced Gunmar that he needed to learn more about humans and the surface world. If he was to maximize his efficiency, then he needed to know how the world worked. The other gumm-gumms didn’t understand, or paid attention to the world. The changelings still had yet to reach their full body count than in past history. So Gunmar agreed. It also made Jim happy. It was a win win.

Gunmar did love his sons, however he was a ‘tough love’ type.
“fail me and you will be punished severely. Do well, and you will be rewarded.”
Both the sons bowed and made sure to always seek out their fathers approval. Even having a little ‘sibling competition’ for it. Bular might be far far far older and stronger than Jim is, but Jim is a fast learner, another thing that gave him an edge over regular gumm-gumms.


Other than the few changelings left, and even fewer half trolls, he was the only one who could walk in daylight without any problems, therefore, he was given free reign access to come and go as he pleased. He was given his own personal device, a small amulet, carved from the darklands, infused with dark magics, and crafted to work only for Gunmars bloodline. Two of these devices were created. One for Jim, the other for Bular. The amulets could teleport the two back and forth an unlimited amount of times, something they took advantage of frequently. Jim was given full freedom to do whatever he pleased. Only if he still did what he was told to do, never to fail, and to report home every night.


“dad loves me more” Jim would taunt playfully. Bular cared for his small brother, but was jealous at times. JIM had the extra help. JIM was cared for far better. JIM didn’t have to do anything nearly as difficult as he had to do. However, Bular did enjoy those facts at the same time. He watched his little brother grow and get stronger, improve and become valuable. He knew his little brother could never be as strong as he was, Jim NEEDED the support. Something that if he doesn’t get, he could not succeed. Bular didn’t need support. He did everything all by himself. He was proud he needed no one.

Jim loves his older brother, like with their father, he constantly sought out his praise. He wants Bulars affection just as much as their fathers. Gumm-gumms don’t ‘do affection.’ in their own right typically. You must be able to kill one another at the single word of Gunmar. Being too attached to someone, it made you weak. Jim NEEDED to be attached to others however, or else he would be weak, due to his human emotions. Another thing Bular was glad he didn’t need himself.


Jim’s life on the surface world was a fun one. He never had to worry about bills, or taxes, or jobs, or housing, or food, or anything really. He wandered around and went whatever direction he wanted to go whenever he felt like it. He had few problems and was fairly carefree. His two best friends, both regular humans, both betas, Toby and Claire were always there for him. The three were the best of friends. No one other than the gumm-gumms, and changelings, knew of Jim’s ACTUAL life. To everyone else, Jim was just a regular innocent omega half troll, a true carefree spirit that went to school, had fun, and didn’t worry or complain about much.


Everyone knew he lived at his fathers home, a place far away underground. With his older brother, his ‘dads friends’, and two very close friends of the family, his ‘uncles’ Arrrg and Blinky. Everyone knew he came from a family of full blooded trolls, and his mother was a half troll. However she died while he was born. So he never really cared or thought about her much, for he never knew her. He never had problems with questions that brought his family up. When asked he was always vague.

“my dad is pretty stern. He runs a big troll place far underground. My brother is tough and tumble, a monster really. Some would say a true psychopath! I love my uncles, and they are a major part of my life. Our weird family gets along well, overall.” Jim wasn’t lying. It was all technically true. His friends would ask to come over, only for Jim to reply
“sorry, but you literally could not survive where I live. A Trolls only living space. you’re bodies would literally be killed.” another truth.

Walter stricklander was his ‘boss’ in a small way. Jim IS above him, however Walt gave him orders when he needed to. He didn’t mind it, he liked Walt. Him, Notenrique, and Ms. Nomura were his favorite. EVERYONE was afraid of Jim. No where near as afraid of as Bular however, but no one messed with Jim or denied him anything regardless. Jim was the ‘small talks’, to ‘touches everything’, to ‘doesn’t go away unless asked’ child of their big boss. Unlike Bular, Jim never lashed out or killed them, so they did breath easier when they spoke to him and not his brother.


“We’re a little busy Jim”
“i really need to pay attention to this Jim”
“When you leave, do you mind giving these papers to Sam down the hall? thanks!”
“Sorry I can’t talk right now, I’m trying to prevent us from being exposed”
“I’m sorry I can’t talk right now, I’m trying to focus on this important report. Oh and we found something fun to play with in the break room, some old sword”

Jim usually just sighed and left, he got bored from training all the time, He LOVED training, but still. When his friends were busy, and big bro wasn’t in the mood, Although he was always ‘Mr.grumpy’, he always made time for Jim however, Jim had little to do. When Jim was finished with school and his assignments, he got bored as well. He needed excitement. He WANTED TO KILL. Like any gumm-gumm, he craved violence, carnage, blood. He loooved it. It just felt so right. To watch others die, to kill them by his own hands. To consume them, it was all so...euphoric…he loved his ‘darker side’ but typically only ever brought it out when he was feeling sadistic, or hungry for humans, or both!. Trolls required two things to live. heartstone, or the consumption of humans. They COULD only live with one or the other, but no matter what, they would become weak, ill, and die if no longer fed from the source. Jim has only ever eaten humans to give his body the natural requirements he needed to live, something he didn't mind at all. Although his biggest dream, was to to fight the current trollhunter. Kanjigar.


Kanjigar had been the trollhunter for many centuries now. He became the trollhunter when Deya fell in battle to Bular. Ever since then, he has led the ‘good’ trolls to victory! To prevent gumm-gumms from taking over! Fighting daily, being noble and well loved! Right by his side, was his son, Draal the deadly! The two became close after many years of being distant. Kanjigar now learned that being with others, and sticking together, made you stronger. Father and son, they kicked ass and took names. Jim had watched from the shadows with Bular of them fighting gumm-gumm warriors a few different times.

“tell me again, why we aren't down there fighting? I want to hurt them! I want to drink blood!” Jim said eagerly as he rubbed a hand on a horn, something he did out of habit when anxious, sad, or excited. Bular chuckled deeply. He loved watching his little brother be so blood thirsty and eager to fight.
“I feel the exact same. I’ve fought him many times. He’s far more tricky than the others however. Hes even come close to striking me down. Patience little brother. Wait for your turn. Be smart. Father only wanted me to bring you along so you can watch him up close. Now, watch his movements. Study his blade work, his footwork, how he dodges and strikes back, his defense and offense. Memorize it well, If you wish to fight him one day, until then, you will need to remember every detail like you do your own body.”

“Mhhh. I want to kill him.” Jim licked his lips in anticipation.
“no, that honor belongs to me. I shall be the one who will end his life,”
“awww no fair! I want his skull for my collection!”
“You may collect it, AFTER I present it to father.”
“you and I both know dad will just crush it to dust.” Jim pouted to his big brother, who looked back at him with a smile and a chuckle. They loved to bond over fighting, Blood lust, and eating. Yes, eating.

As tradition, gumm-gumms ate people. Cats too. Jim never liked cats though, his stomach couldn't digest hair, so he always had nasty fur balls clogging his system, not fun. So he stopped eating them. Humans though, he loved them. His mouth watered. His stomach growled. His body ached for food when he was hungry.


Bular used to always hunt their ‘game’ for them, then they would chow down in some dark place, far away from everyone else. Bular actually LOVED to paint in the blood of humans. He was artistic like that (ACTUALLY CANNON!). The two loved one another. Bular was so happy when Jim hunted his first meal by himself.

Many years earlier...

Gunmar had summoned Bular to his throne.
“Jim has grown big enough to fight, hunt, and kill for himself. It is time he hunted his first human. Take him above to the surface world and show him how its done. Let him eat and kill for himself. Do NOT help him in any way, other than giving him advice and wisdom.”
“it will be my honor father.”
“My sons first hunt. Brings back memories of my first, and yours too. I remember teaching you so long ago.” Gunmar sighed in nostalgia.
“I remember it was if it were yesterday father. I shall take my brother out tonight.”
“Good. You may deliver the good news to him yourself.”
“thank you father.”


So Bular did, that night the two hunted in arcadia. Jim was eager and excited, he watched his older brother hunt prey plenty of times before, now it was his time to shine. He lured a man deeper into the woods by calling out for help. Some helpless jogger who was passing by. Bad place, at a bad time. Poor soul. Jim then jumped him from behind and Grabbed the mans throat, biting into it. Tearing his jugular vein. Jim could already feel the euphoria envelop him. He watched the man writhe on the ground, choking. Unlike his brother, Jim got no satisfaction with watching another suffer. Unless it was a strong enemy who had a fighting chance, or someone he hated or dislike. This however, was a small weak slim human. Jim gave mercy always, killing them quickly typically.


To him, humans were just everyday creatures, like dogs or birds. He didn’t feel any sort of attachment to them one way or another. At first, he saw them simply as cattle, until he made friends and noticed how humans interacted with the world. He began to think that humans were not as inferior as he once thought. So he gave humans chances to ‘prove themselves’ to him, aka, making friends and seeing if they were total assholes or not. When he hungered for food however, he only hunted the ones he wanted as prey. Sure he would snag some random human every now and again, but he preferred to pick out his meals. Typically people who are total assholes, cruel, or ‘bad’ in many different ways. After all, if you go to the store and by food, you usually will want to browse for whatever floats your boat. He would find a total asshole that deserved to die, and other times he he would ‘eat badly’ by hunting someone who ate unhealthy. Hey, he liked junk food too.

Of course he DID eat human food and regular troll food. Yet no matter what, nothing could top the sweet sweet blood and flesh humans had. He tried all other sorts of meats, they were good, but still, nowhere near as good. He did like a nice salmon every once in a while though. He also loved to eat human objects, a nice wooden spoon or blender worked wonders as a snack. Although, it did make him sick after a bit of time, he wasn’t full troll after all, so he couldn’t just always eat random junk without getting sick after a while.

Bular chuckled and grinned, looking over his brothers work.
“Trickery. Then an ambush. You did well. Hmm...a bit on the small side. But that was whats available. Good job, father would be so proud if he could see. Now, dig in. nice and slow. Really enjoy your first kill. Love it. Remember it forever. Savor every bite. You may kill over and over, but this, this will always be your first kill. There you go, dig in.” Jim did. He enjoyed and memorized every chunk of meat. Every drop of blood that touched his tongue. Every tear and chew. Every swallow. He couldn’t finish it all though, he was still young in troll years, around 13 compared to human development. Bular ate the remains for him, they had to make sure to leave very little remains, or else be found out.

Jim just wanted to lay down and enjoy his buzz. Bular wanted him to, however the trollhunter always lurked around every corner, and Jim was far too young, too weak, too unprepared to fight an enemy like that, they had to leave.

Gunmar smiled and chuckled even. His sons had come home, back from Jim’s first hunt. His son looked like he was in bliss, still coated in gore.
“you really are my son. Go enjoy the rest of your night. You’ve earned it child. As for you Bular, you did good work teaching him.”
“thank you father” the two sons spoke at once….

Back in the present...

Toby, Jim’s best friend in the world, tried to keep up with Jim while they walked out of their college campus
“J-Jim wa-wait up! You’re legs are too long and fast! Slow down!” Toby huffed and puffed trying to catch up, Jim looked back and smiled
“Sorry Tobes”
“i-it’s f-fine. Just….just give me a second.” Toby said lifting up his index finger while bent over. Jim raised his head up and sniffed the air
“oh Claires coming”
“i don’t see her”
“Shes about….one building away, and is coming in our direction...with….Darci...and...Mary”
“Ooohh Darci huh? Dam, I wish I wasn’t sweating as much...”
“someone still has a crush huh? Been having that since high school.”
“eh kinda. Hey, maybe I’ll finally luck out. I am getting good grades” Claire walked towards them, saying goodbye to her friends. She smiled and waved, then did a little jog over. They all said hey to one another and talked about classes, after a few minutes they decided to head out.
“so, you two want to go somewhere? I’m starting to get hungry plus I do want to find some new blankets and pillows for my nest.”
“oh you omegas and your nests” Toby joked
“Hey, at least I know how to make my room a little more creative, unlike Mr.dollhouse.”
“hey! At least I have the internet!” Toby was right, you didn’t exactly have your own internet or cable in the darklands. Jim always had to download porn onto his phone or laptop when he could.
“You got me there Tobes.” Jim smiled as Claire checked her phone
“alright boys, lets go get burritos. I don’t have much time today, so we can do that then I need to head home.”
“woo burritos!” Toby cheered, but Jim pouted
“aww, we had those yesterday. I wanted a lamp...”
“we can go tomorrow if you want, I’ll have time” Claire smiled to Jim
“alright, lets do that. This time Don’t order me the most extreme spicy ones, they killed me the other night.” the three laughed together, Toby cheered
“on-wards! To the land of spicy death!”


They all ate and talked, they always made a game of throwing their wrappers into Jim mouth, seeing if he could catch them. He almost always did. The three laughed and Claire left after a while. Toby and Jim now headed to Toby’s home. He was dropped off by his Nana today and didn’t have his bike, she forgot to pick him up, it was no problem, Jim just gave Toby a piggy back ride. He ran and scared Toby
“slow down! What if you trip and fall! You might only get scratched up but I might die!”
“quit exagerati-whoa!”
“stop joking!”


The two made it there in only a few minutes with Jim’s speed. As Jim let Toby hop off he looked over to see his neighbor Barbara lake.
He waved and said hello, she was a really nice lady. Always busy and never had a child of her own. Her husband left her a while ago. Now she was dating none other than Walter. Jim always got a kick out of that
“you, dating a human?”
“love is a complicated thing after all. One day when you find a mate, you’ll understand.”
“When I find a mate, he needs to be a stud. Besides, you know dear old dad won’t let just anyone. They have to be the strongest of the strong. Some lucky gumm-gumm will eventually sweep me off my feet. Then plow me in my nest until-”
“Stop, I don’t need to hear the details.”


Jim headed inside with Toby, he had to duck under things and shifted carefully around the cats and furniture. Toby said hi to his nana and gave her a quick kiss before the boys headed upstairs. It was a fairly mundane evening, the two ate snacks, played video games, and overall just hung out. Jim checked his phone, the sun was setting now and he had to leave. Toby complained, he always had to leave at sunset


“Sorry, but my nights are usually packed with family stuff remember? Tonight my brother and I are going to hangout”
“you always do family stuff, bleh. So whatcha gonna do tonight?”
“he’s gonna teach me how to fight with swords and stuff, fun!”
“ohhh can you train me to kick ass!”
“maybe one day, I still need to practice myself.”
“can your brother teach me?”
“trust me, my brother pretty much hates EVERYONE except our family, and still. Hes a very big
‘ugh whatever! I do what I want! Just leave me alone!’ type. Hes not emo, think punk ass dude who thinks hes invincible”
“sounds scary”
“pfft maybe to some people, well gotta go, talk to you tomorrow. Oh and don’t forget to bring the rest of your homework, I can’t cover for you anymore.”
“i will I will mom!”
“hey, I raised you better than to talk back to your mother! Wait until I tell your father!”
“haha, okay see ya!”
“see ya”
“oh but please be safe! You and Claire are my only friends! If you die then I loose 1 half of my entire social life!”
“I’ll be safe, trust me.”
“Yeah but with all those people missing and its just crazy out...people can sometimes hear shouting and things.”
“I’ll be fine. Trust me! Look at me, who’s gonna mess with me?”
“Alright, mom, I’ll be safe.”
“you know how much I worry young man. Staying out so late.” The two hugged and Jim left.


When Jim was far enough from everyone and everything, he took out his amulet and was about to teleport home until he stopped and his ear twitched
“You shouldn’t be spending your time out with that human so often” Jim rolled his eyes and turned around to see Bular leaning his back up against a tree.
“Stop stalking me! he’s my best friend, remember rock for brains?”
“My punk ass can do whatever I want. I’m going to assume that is an insult. Also I am invincible too by the way, and someone needs to keep an eye on you” Jim rolled his eyes


Bular just watches as the sun finally set.
“Are you ready to get started?”
“still too early Bular, he won’t be out for a few hours. Besides I need to go get changed and put my bag away.”
“i honestly don’t see the appeal of this human society”
“I like it, I learn, and it makes me feel good, helps to keep me even remember? You wouldn’t understand.” Jim smiled and winked. Bular grunted in annoyance at that
“hurry home, brother. Oh, and father wishes to speak to you.”
“i don’t know, he didn’t say”
“why not just ask him”
“YOU might get away with questions. I don’t. Soon he will get sick of it.”
“He hasn’t yet, besides, information is key”
“Fathers adviser is teaching you too much about thinking, and not acting.”
“It’s helped me this far in life, look before you jump. Why else does dear old dad keep him around. He’s been a bigger help than most others.”
“you have a point. Hurry home, you’re wasting time.”
“As you wish, master Bular. Dark prince! Inheritor of the throne! Master of slaughter! Bane of the trollhunters! First son of Gunmar!” Jim said condescendingly as he took a deep bow. Raising one arm up

“i like what you say. Keep this up and I might even let you stay by my side as my champion.”
“oh! What an honor it is to serve thee!”
“Dear brother. I’ve always wondered how Half troll flesh tastes like. I doubt father would be too upset knowing his second son had died in battle by a sudden accident.”
“I’m going to tell dad on you for saying that!”
“Ha! Like our father would care for our childish bickering.” the two shared a dark smile before Jim did a quick teleport to the darklands…..

Jim had teleport into his room, he shouldered his backpack off right when he heard his door knock. He walked over and opened it
“Master Jim! Welcome home.” Blinky clasped his four hands together as he greeted Jim.
“Hey Blinky, Caught me at my usual time. How are you?”
“Well! Your father wishes to speak to you, as soon as possible.”
“Which is a nice way of saying ‘get my ass over to him pronto or else’”
“Yes, I suppose that would be the answer.”
“Alright, I’ll head over to daddies Throne room in a few seconds”
“no no, please leave now he truly requests you come to him the moment you arrive back home, which suffice to say is this exact moment”
“alright alright I’m going, oh and tell Arrrg I said hi”
“i shall”
“hey before I go, is dad in a good mood or a ‘kill on sight’ mood?”
“hmmm, hard to tell this time. He seemed….conflicted. Best hurry along before his mood turns sour.”


With that Jim hurried along through the twisting corridors and turns of the darklands. He remembered when he was very young, walking around having elite guards by his side every second when he left anywhere. Gunmars little son hardly could raise a sword, let alone defend himself. It was fairly safe that deep within the kingdom, still better be safe than sorry. He would see Goblins roam around at times, he would wave and say hello, he would usually get a hello back, but in goblin. He knew a little of their language, but not much.


Finally Jim approached the throne room, the guards stationed outside opened the massive gate for him.
Then he walked through the ever familiar room. Throughout all his life he walked through this room more times than can be counted. He remembered playing by his fathers throne when he was young. Watching fights in a gladiator style combat. He remembered father killing off soldiers that disrespected him, or questioned his judgment, or had their loyalty in question. Jim remembered sitting on his fathers throne when he was younger and wasn’t on it. He pretended to be the new leader of the gumm-gumms, ordering pretend soldiers to fight and move out. He pretended to swing a giant blade around, he imagined himself big like his father, ruling with an iron fist. He pretended to absorb energy from the throne like his father did. He pretended to have his own loyal adviser to guide him.


Gunmar thought this was amusing, to see his ambitions young son imagine such things. However he did tell him to stay off his throne. Not even Bular dared to sit on it. Fearless and playful, That’s how Jim was. Gunmar approved.

Bular Hated ‘babysitting’ his little brother. He had better things to do than to watch a small whelp cling to his side like a tick would on a human. Constantly having a barrage of questions aimed at him from Jim. Why did he not have a tail of his own, why were his legs different, why was his older brother so tall, why was his horns smaller, why this and why that. Bular didn’t see why Jim couldn’t just be baby sat by goblins. They took well enough care of the human whelps, so why not Jim? No, their father would never allow such small weak pathetic creatures to watch over his son. When Blinky was busy and Arrrg was sent out fighting, it was up to Bular to watch the whelp. He would much rather be splitting skulls, instead of keeping a child from climbing on him like some play set.


Jim knelled at the throne in greeting.
“Hey dad.”
“Hello son. Welcome home”
“Thanks. So, you needed to talk to me?” Jim looked into his fathers glowing eye. He did look conflicted, bored almost.
“How is your training going?”
“Good, I’m passing all my tests and getting good grades, I feel like I’m really accomplishing school.”
“hm...” Gunmar looked at his son. He didn’t care much, or at all, of his ‘human studies’. It was worthless information to him. Jim enjoyed it, so he allowed him to speak to Blinky about it. That way he could ‘express himself’ in a positive way. It’s worked all of his sons life, and hes been doing great, so Gunmar allowed it to continue
“And your actual training?”
“Great! I know how to slice a head off in one go” that made Gunmar perk up a bit. Hearing about how his sons improvement in combat always made him smile. His little whelp, growing up to be able to kill any foe. He couldn’t wait to see his son slay many foes at once, bringing home heads to show him. When Jim had his first kill, Gunmar swelled with pride. His little whelp had his first time, and loved every second of it. He truly was his fathers son. Even though he was smaller, an omega, and a half troll, he still had his fathers blood coursing through his veins. One day he will be as mighty and blood thirsty as Bular is.
“Good. Good. Do you have any news to share with me?”
“Not anything important. OH ACTUALLY I DID find out some trollmarket information. Just a tiny bit, but it is something to note” Gunmar perked up a bit more
“oh? And what might that be?”
“Exactly every four nights, a scavenger will come out. We now know of where they typically open their portals AND a small scheduled. We could press the scavenger for information, then kill him of course.”
“You make me very proud my son. Hmm, yes, that is something to note. You may take your leave now. That is all I called you for” Jim felt amazing, hearing his fathers approval always made him want to jump for joy.
“thanks dad, goodbye” Gunmar waved him off as Jim got off his knee and headed out. He made a small ‘yes!’ motion with his arm when no one was looking.



He walked some stairs and a small bridge, around a few corners came a very large door. He opened the door to his room. A very large cave stretching high up and deep. It was lit up by many green crystals jutting from every part of it. From very large to very small. He breathed in, he always felt relaxed in his room. It was large and circular in shape, almost like a cone. Triangle from the ceiling, going thicker and outwards down. He had a good sized nest in the right side of his large room. It was decorated with pillows and blankets, and the occasional skull. He closed the door behind him and started to undress. In the very back, he had his own bathing pool and toilet as well as a sink and mirror. He enjoyed human bathing supplies, bath bombs that sparkled, shampoos and conditioners (they worked WONDERS for his fur. It gets so tangled and knotted at times.) soaps of all kinds really. Jim walked over and started to run some hot water in his bath. They did have plumbing deep down. Crafted metal parts and stone aqueducts moved water from one place to another all around their ‘dark’ kingdom.

The darklands naturally felt cold and empty. Devoid of life, light, and heat. They survived though, it hardened them. Jim hardly felt the cold anymore. The nice hot baths were always such a treat for him. He would just clean himself up then relax. Letting everything go.

He threw his dirty cloths in a nearby hamper. He always went to the surface world to clean them, laundry mats were always far better than having his cloths roughly cleaned by servants. Trolls didn’t exactly have hygiene as their top priority...Jim liked to smell and look nice though. Not filthy and grimy. The only time he did enjoy it, was when he was killing something and eating. Around the dark kingdom, he was known as the ‘pretty omega’. Just for being fluffy and smelling good, well groomed as well. Blinky told Gunmar that Half trolls and humans needed to be clean and sanitized, else they fall to sickness and possible death. Gunmar let Jim do whatever he needed to do. He never bothered on telling him what to look like. It mattered little. While others would wear armor around at all times, Jim would just wear ‘casual human cloths’. From T shirts to Jeans to jackets to scarfs to everything really.


The trolls didn’t understand why he wanted to wear such delicate and soft garments. ‘it won’t prevent a sword or weapon from killing you’. He just said it was a human thing. They usually didn’t care about prying further. So typically in a full room there would be guards, armed to the teeth, then a little fluffy soft ‘casual’ Jim. Some trolls would wonder what the ‘imagery’ and ‘words’ on his shirts were.

“papa skull is this band. Bands are human bards gathering together to sing and try to be famous”. The trolls again, didn’t pry further, simple because it mattered little to them. Occasionally Gunmar would look at one of his shirts and be curious for a moment on the imagery, from something of a cute animal, to something of skulls. He didn’t bother for too long with the curiosity. Jim explained that it also helped him to ‘blend in’. So they just let him go about his daily life, as with everything else. Most gumm-gumms didn’t speak ‘human’. They found humanity too complex and over the top. So many different words and languages and philosophies and cultures. They thought it was unnecessary, and wouldn’t matter in the end. When they rule the world, none of that will matter.

Blinky was the only troll in the entire kingdom that was interested, he loved hearing about human history and culture. He loved to read just what humans studied and thought, he was fascinated by this small race, going to such extremes, and inventing things that trolls would never have conceived, or wanted. Troll Technology was far more advanced in ways, while humans in others. Still, he loved to read, these creatures lived soooo small and little, for such short periods, have developed MASSIVELY within centuries! Cultures and kingdoms coming and going so quickly, things changing from one way to another so fast. Trolls in general thought humans changed too fast, too much. They typically never invested much time, since they know its just ‘a current phase’ when dealing with human society. They could blink, then suddenly three whole human civilizations would come and go.


So many stories, so many tales, so much that happens within a decade! The amount of change is so extreme! that’s why Blinky loved it, human ingenuity never slept! They never stopped for a moments breath on changing things that they already had! Inventing and improving everything at every moment! He would spend a lot of his downtime learning and reading, when he wasn’t advising or needed elsewhere. Thus, he was an excellent teacher to Jim. Giving private lessons on every subject possible. He did slow down plenty of times, he knew he would overwhelm Jim if he didn’t.


Jim’s room had a few Bookshelves filled to the brim with books of all things, biology, to science, to math, to history, to philosophies. Jim did love to learn, but he got a headache at times. Because of Blinky, he did well in college. He did have troubles at times, but nothing Blinky didn’t know, or at least would research and memorize in such a small time frame. His room had wardrobes, Shelves with various things on them, tapestries depicting Gunmar in various Battles, figurines of shows and movies and book series he enjoyed. He explained to others that they weren’t for eating. Or playing with, just to look at. He explained it was the same as skulls or trophies. He had various types of crystals all over the place. One very important spot was dedicated to magic.

Dark and wretched magics. Books and scrolls and all things that have studied the TRUE history and styles of magics. Jim found it fun, exciting, and somewhat of a good thing. He DID want to break his dad out of the darklands. Gunmar loves that his son is practicing magic to free him. Bular never bothered with it, ‘leave the thinking to others.’ he would say. Another thing Gunmar liked about Jim, what he lacked in brutal strength, he had wisdom, intellect, thinking, planning, ideas. Jim also wanted to use magic to improve himself in every and anyway it could.


A knock on Jim’s door caused Jim to open his eyes and call out
“Who Is it?”
“Blinky, Master Jim”
“Come in!”
With that permission, The Troll let himself in.
“Ah, forgive me for disturbing you in your hour of relaxation, but I needed to speak to you before you departed on your outing with Bular”
Jim's eyes opened wide quickly. He totally forgot he was supposed to do that, He was so thankful for Blinky reminding him. Jim really should get the troll something nice. The half troll got up out of the tub and grabbed a towel. He began to dry off as he walked over to Blinky. He didn’t care if Blinky saw him naked, he had raised him since birth anyways. Not only that, but nudity among trolls was as common as wearing cloths. No one cared or had a ‘beauty’ stigma, like humans did. Jim could walk around the entire kingdom naked, no one would bat an eye.

Well….some alphas might steal a glance at him, Jim didn’t mind. It’s nice to feel attractive. However no one would dare look at him without the proper reason. He was a son of Gunmar, no one dared to court him or make any kind of move. Jim is better than EVERY lesser troll, his father says. He is ONLY to be courted by the strongest, most powerful, most deadly alpha trolls. Not only that, but Jim was allowed to be the one to decide. He was a good age to start thinking about raising whelps, but he wasn’t commanded to have any at the time. Jim did have sex with an alpha. He did enjoy feeling overpowered. At someones mercy. He did have heats, he had needs. Thankfully humans had ‘invented’ toys for situations such as these. He loved the ideas humans had. And so many choices too! He felt good being able to pick and choose what pleasures he wanted.


“Master Jim, I was hoping to ask if you could spar with Arrrg soon? It would please your father, better your training, and let you spend time with him. He does miss that.” Blinky smiled and blinked all his eyes. He was one of the strongest and biggest gumm-gumms. If Blinky never claimed him for a mate, Jim probably would have himself. Arrrg cared so deeply for Jim, he could be very sensitive and gentle, a quiet caring kind giant. Then like the other side of the coin, he could be a powerful dreaded monster. Jim loved spending time with the big alpha, they had plenty of fun moments. When he was young, Jim would ride on the big trolls back while the two laughed as Arrrg climbed and jumped and ran around. Jim would fall asleep on his back and be carried to his own nest. When Jim got scared, he would hide under Arrrg, behind on of his thick powerful arms.


“I’d like that, tell him I want to spend a day with him soon, when I get time. Bring it up with my dad though, just to make sure I don’t have anything important to do within the next week or so and well you get what I’m talking about” Blinky happily nodded.
“Would you want my assistance in donning your armor?”
“hm? OH uh, sure yeah, I could use the time saver.”


With that they got to work. Jim’s armor was crafted from the dark metals and stone of the Darklands. The best of the best was used. Sleek black armor, it fit his body snug. Giving him proper agility. The armor had claws and sharp digits for piercing, cutting, and helping him to climb. The armor was crafted to look intimidating. To show fear. To put anxiety directly into the hearts of his enemies. From the top, traveling down his neck and in between his horns, were rows of little blades. Attached to the helm.


For intimidation, and also quick easy to use blades when he needed them. The chest of the armor had a skull of Gunmar etched into it. Classic Troll art style. The spine was thicker and tighter, letting him not have to worry about being attacked from behind and harmed too severely. The Helm disguised his voice, letting him talk without anyone knowing his true identity. There wasn’t a single inch of him that wasn’t covered. It was specially crafted for him and him alone. It was like a second body to him. His own carapace. No extra room at all. It clung tightly. Tight enough to have no difficult in movement, but still easy enough to breathe normally. It had small green crystals adorned on it and facing outwards like spines.


(I based this idea off of monsterhunter. A mixture of the Gore and nergigante armors)


His father was pleased in its design and properties. Jim loved his armor, he made sure to take the greatest care of it. He grabbed his sword and prepared to leave.

The sword was magical itself. it looked like a much smaller version of his own fathers. He did a slight breathing exercise to steel his nerves. He closed his eyes. Breathing in through his nose, and out through his mouth. He opened his eyes and smiled. Tonight, he would eat. He licked his lips and fangs. He couldn’t wait to taste the sweet blood.

Blinky looked him over
“there. All finished, now hurry along, I believe you’re late” Jim’s eyes flashed wide, oh fuck he super was!
“thanks Blinky! I’ll see you later!”
“Good bye master Jim. Enjoy yourself!”




Jim had teleport, the first thing he saw was a snarling Bular in the shadows against a tree.
“What took you so long?!”
“Sorry I was busy”
“Hurry up whelp! We’re late as it is” Jim sighed, his big bro was right. The moment Jim started to walk over to Bular, The alpha troll sniffed at the air, then met halfway with Jim and started to smell him
“what now?”
“You smell of soaps!”
“yeah...i might have bathed before coming.”
“You dare do that! you’ll get us caught” It was then that it dawned on Jim. He always did use strong and nice smelling sundries. Shit, his scent was too strong. One whiff and they could easily be found.
“okay that’s my fault. Look how about I go roll in some mud somewhere. Easy fix.” Bular snarled and stomped off.
“You’ll get us killed whelp. Or more likely, YOU will get killed. Then father will blame me for your stupidity.” He did have a point. Tonight was important. It was another recon to watch Kanjigar. Tonight was a big step though. They had ordered an ambush to happen, catching the trollhunter off guard, putting him in a dire position. There, they will watch from the shadows. Learning what flaws he had when surprised. Learning every weakness of their enemy was important. Use it against them when in combat. Blinky and Arrrg had helped to train Jim to fight and kill.


Rule 1. never show fear, remorse, exhaust, or weakness. If an enemy slices your limb off, you laugh and smile. Show them you hardly feel anything.
Rule 2. always strike to kill, do NOT hold back. If you fight, you always end their life. Kill everyone. No matter who or what they are.
Rule 3. never back down or flee unless absolutely needed. Use everything to your advantage. Aim for every weakness and opening. Kill your enemies family, children, friends. Slay everyone to leave a message. Make sure to always show how filled with blood lust you are.


The two gumm-gumm brothers quietly stalked nearby. A large swath of forest, untouched by any, lay before them. They had only to wait a tiny amount before the trollhunter arrived. Jim had splashed in the water and mud to hide his scent, and camouflage himself before the arrival. They saw the glorious trollhunter move along the river, walking through the forest calmly and alert. Jim licked his lips and started to stroke his armored horn. He was eager for blood. For carnage, for fighting.
“Shhh. Still yourself. Calm your nerves.”
“i know, I just...i want a piece of him...i want to collect him..i want to eat him...please, just one bite. I want to drink his blood. Just one handful.” Bular looked over and smiled at his little half brother, both meanings. Different mothers AND him being a half troll. He watched his brother squirm in anticipation.
“No. I itch to fight just as much. We are only observing.”
“no….no we can take him...the two of us and our soldiers...yeah...yeah….kill….lets go...lets kill….”
“Easy boy. no. father would be displeased if you got hurt. Even with all of us together, you are still to weak to fight him head on. He would strike you down quickly. Hows about after this little show, you and I go get something to eat. Will that curb your lust for now?”
Jim whined and groaned. He nodded though. He could eat….and he really, REALLY needed to scratch his violent itch. Big bro knew best. Jim really was weaker. He hated that. He wanted to be stronger. He was pushing himself too quickly though. He isn’t full troll.

Kanjigar stopped and looked around. He sniffed at the air. He smelled...something sweet….only a small fragrance...but….
His focus broke as he was suddenly alerted by a small noise. He looked around and carefully scanned the area. His gaze looking at every small leaf and rock. Once and a while gumm-gumms made a move in Arcadia. The trollhunter tried to hide this from the humans above, not wanting them to be scared and panic. What they don’t know cant hurt them. The ‘good’ trolls always dealt with the issues properly and efficiently. There was no evidence of any fighting after he finished cleaning up. Kanjigar snorted into the air and took another step, before hearing a rock drop into the water. He turned around to see nothing, except a small frog jump and swim.

Kanjigar made sure to be aware, to be afraid, to be ready for anything and everything around every corner. This area he was never assaulted, or even had seen any gumm-gumms. Which would also have made it a good surprise point. His guard would be lowered, and with the thick wooded area, it would be easy to hide. He wasn’t foolish. He knew what could happen.

Jim made a small sad whimper. Bular had to pet him to calm him down.
“If you keep this up, he’ll notice us. Now hush.” Jim’s nerves did calm down a bit when his big brother gently pet him. He took his large stone hand and gently moved it from the front of Jim’s forehead, to the back of his head. It made Jim purr in delight. He always loved to be pet.
Jim looked around, trying to figure out where the best ambush spots would be. Bular noticed this. He had been training Jim to find the areas to hide. To use for both offense and defense.
“Good. Notice the trees. How thick the trucks are on the right side of the river. Notice the placement of the river bed. Deep but not too deep. It would slow movement down, also would make too much noise and alert your prey. See how the wind moves, it shifts from left to right. It is weak, and blows only gently. Strong enough though to rattle the trees. Causing noise, movement, and obscurity. Our placement is downwind. Meaning he has a far less chance of smelling us. Notice the ground beneath your feet. How soft it is in some areas, harder in others, how slippery it gets closer to the river.


Always remember your footing, where you step, how you step, and when to step. Look at the small creatures in the water. They make little tiny noises, cause distractions like how that small creature did. Remember when the sun will rise. Remember how many hours you have left, and when to retreat. Where the sunlight will be shown the most, and least. A good warrior memorizes every detail of the battle field, get a better advantage on using it against your opponent. So, little brother. Where do you think our men are?” Jim squinted and focused. He looked around. Where would 10 gumm-gumm soldiers hide...they were big, bulky, and not stealthy in the slightest. They needed a place to aid them in all three. A place that would naturally support these things they lack.”

“right side of the river. Thick trunks. Downwind. Lots of noises from the trees. The swaying hides their shadows.”

“Good. Good! you’re getting so much better.” Bular patted Jim on the head. Making Jim purr a bit from the much welcomed praise at his growth and training. Kanjigar looked around once more. He turned to leave slowly. He stopped mid step. The crickets stopped chirping, the birds stopped talking, the frogs stopped croaking. The whole forest became silent in one moment. Like someone pushed the mute button on the world. Kanjigar knew something was off. He mentally prepared, going through his training memories to figure out what his next move was. He stilled his breath and tried to relax as much as he could, to make the need to breathe as little as possible. It made listening to noise that much easier.


There were a few tense moments of silence. Kanjigar felt tense. He always trusted his instincts. They rarely ever failed him. He looked around and noticed a large rock was out of place. Something someone would hardly notice, but a warrior memorizes every detail of the land. Kanjigar summoned his sword and grasped it in a ready motion. The faint glow reflected on the river surface, making it look like the moon was out. Kanjigar made sure he had his back toward a tree, feet on solid ground. Making sure he wouldn’t slip, or be attacked from behind.


In a single moment, he was jumped. The gumm-gumms made a large circle around the trollhunter. They surged forward and attacked. Slashing and hacking, thrusting and deflecting. Jim was mentally cheering. Not for the gumm-gumms to win. Not for Kanjigar to win either, no. he cheered for more violence. More carnage. He wanted to watch death. Even if it were his own fathers soldiers. As long as there was blood and death, he got satisfied. Fighting made Jim energetic and eager to jump into the fray. Sadly this one he had to sit out. He dreamed of the day he and his big brother slew the trollhunter. Jim could ‘get all the goodies’, while Bular would get the glory. Jim wanted to stuff his face with the trollhunters guts and blood. Taking his own trophies home as well. He didn’t care if Bular received more credit. He honestly just liked to see his big brother be proud of Jim, same went with their father. As long as he accomplished things, he would receive praise. That’s all Jim truly wanted. Recognition. He wanted to prove to everyone, that he wasn’t some small helpless half troll omega. No, he was a son of Gunmar. A lethal and dangerous being, NOT to be trifled with.


Kanjigar resorted to dogging attacks and counter attacking. He used the numbers against themselves. Two gumm-gumms had impaled one another with their spears, causing them both to crumple up, fall to the ground and die. Blood spilled out of their wounds and into the river, causing it to turn red. Shortly after the gumm-gumms turned to stone. Jim wanted to cheer out and demand more fighting. He was excited and couldn’t sit still. His brother had to keep petting him, just to keep him from bouncing up and down with energy. Kanjigar had decapitated two trolls. Blood spilled from their necks. They dropped to the ground. Then shortly after, turned to stone. Jim wanted to rush over and lap up the blood as quick as he could. Screw eating a human! He wanted what was in front of him! Even if it didn’t taste nearly as good!


Bular pushed him down until he sat cross legged.
“stop moving. you’re getting to excited! I know what you’re thinking. I would rather drag you back to home than have you run over and join the fight.” Jim started to move his leg. He needed to calm down. He breathed in and out. It didn’t help much, as the scent of death was starting to stagnate the air. A sudden shift in the air and he noticed an unfamiliar scent…..
Jim’s curiosity piqued and he looked around, sniffing at the air to find this mysterious scent. Suddenly he heard roars and a sudden ball crash from the woods and slam into a gumm-gumms back. Then having an ax buried deep within the gumm-gumms back almost as quickly. In a flash a blue troll with a spiked back and large horns joined the fight. He hacked and slashed and killed the reminder of the soldiers.

Jim’s eyes opened as he looked. Strong, big, ferocious, knows how to spill blood and kill. He swallowed and stared.
“who is that?” Bular snorted and spoke with distaste
“that pathetic whelp is Draal the deadly. He is the one and only son of the trollhunter.”
“A son of Kanjigar? Mmmh...he knows how to kill so well. So….natural….” Jim licked his lips and purred.
“Do not even think about it. You are not going to even imagine an attempt at a courting. You will be courted by the strongest and most worthy of our fathers army. You will bare his whelps. Not a whelp from the trollhunters foolish boy.”
“fun killer, I can’t even imagine for a second without you being on my ass. I just wondered what he would be like back in my nest~ I bet he takes what he wants when he wants it, he would demand me to-”
“enough. Focus. Stop having your mind on your upcoming heat.”
“I can’t help it. Dear brother. My body demands a mate.”
“You will receive one. Now enough with this talk. We should depart.”
“i did not expect his son to show up.”
“why not just kill them both right now. His strong son just arrived to the party~. The trollhunter is weakened by using up a lot of his energy. We can slay them.”
“no. Even in his weakened state, he is not to be trifled with. Even the both of us combined could not take him down. With his son here now, our chances are none what so ever.”
“I could distract his son~”
“Enough. let’s get you fed and back home. I can practically smell you going into heat already.”
“goodbye trollhunter. Goodbye Draal~” Jim purred one last time as he took his last look at the two.



Jim burped after he ripped the last piece of meat off a bone. He felt a lot better, his thinking became clear. With all the excitement and entertainment~ it riled him up a bit too much~. If Bular wasn’t there to stop him….He might have started to fight….or hump….probably both. Bular was right, his heat was coming soon, in a few days give or take. Jim felt lonely whenever he didn’t have a mate, he’s never actually had a mate before. Sure he might have had some strong gumm-gumms get invited to his nest~ but they didn’t last long. Mostly because Jim was a ‘mantis’. He occsaionally liked to finish the night with a good meal. Unless they were REALLY good at sex. Then he would keep them around. He was still young by troll years, but he was an adult now, it was time to get serious soon.


He didn’t mind thinking about his future mate, plenty of studly warriors to choose from, and he knows for a fact they would LITERALLY do anything for him. Trained to obey every word without hesitation or thinking, trained to have their bodies as strong and enduring as possible, and trained for intense lust for blood and violence. A perfect combination. Jim also knew that there was no higher honor than to be mated to a son of Gunmar, except BEING mated to Gunmar. So more than enough would try to prove themselves worthy enough to court. Bular didn’t think or care for courting, he would much rather be out killing than sleeping around. Besides, if he liked someone, he wouldn’t have to waste too much time, since everyone did practically throw themselves at his feet. Jim wasn’t a whore, he just took what he needed when he needed it. When you’re hungry, you stuff your face. The same rules applied. At least in his head. Gunmar never cared about either of his sons sexual activities, just as long as neither of them ends up having whelps with an unworthy mate.


Gunmar had final say on who would be mated to who. That didn’t apply to just his sons, but his entire hoard. He needed only the best of the best to breed. Make a better army that way. Love mattered somewhat to gumm-gumms, still, Mates are mates, affection is there. Even Gunmar has fallen in love twice, so he doesn’t disrespect it, he just makes sure it doesn’t blind or prevent anyone from doing their jobs. He wanted his sons to have whelps eventually. His linage must be continued down the line. Creating the greatest of future gumm-gumms to rule over the world eventually. Gunmar by no means plans on ‘retiring’ anytime soon. Still, always have to look towards the future. He knew Bular wanted to be the inheritor to the throne, Jim didn’t. That suited Gunmar just fine. His sons wouldn’t fight or kill one another over It, Unlike other princes, who would conspire against one another for their fathers thrones. Gunmar loved that his sons never truly fought, He loved that they worked so well together. Truly a deadly pair. He was so proud of his spawn.


He wanted his grandwhelps, and so on, to be only the brightest and most ferocious. Thus, he would allow the proper selection of mates for his sons, and so on. Out of the two sons, Jim wanted to be mated and have whelps the most, not immediately, but far sooner than Bular wanted. Gunmar wanted Jim to decide for himself who his future mate would be, out of the ones he picked of course. Jim had good judgment, so he trusted his son would make the right choice. Omegas typically were fewer in numbers, and thus were required to bear as many whelps as they could. Jim however was the exception. He could choose how many he wanted, as long as he had at least a single whelp.


The ‘proper’ gumm-gumms worthy of Jim, were invited to his nest. As long as they weren’t killed by Jim, or Gunmar, then they would just go back to their post and pretend like nothing happened. No mention of it, no flirting. Like it never happened. Professional. Jim wanted only the best of the best for a permanent mate, he had his eyes on a few, but he never thought too heavily on the subject.


Jim and Bular arrived home after their little outing. Jim had yet to settle down, he was hungry for blood and craving violence like someone would crave chocolate. He thought about how he would satisfy his dark needs, before his attention was pulled back into the real world by Bular.
“You did well tonight. You need to learn to pay attention and not be distracted by physical needs. I understand you’re an omega, and your heat is soon. Still, if I weren’t there to settle you, I’m more than sure you you would have been captured and killed.”
“yeah probably, thanks for keeping me alive”
“I won’t tell father about that. Only report that your learning is showing great progress”
“thanks Bular, I appreciate it, now if you don’t mind, I’m going to get cleaned up and go to bed” Bular nodded and departed. Jim sighed and decided to just sleep off his urges. He had school tomorrow and needed to be able to pay attention. His mind did have a sudden thought though….Where was Bular when Jim was talking to Toby? Jim would need to figure that out tomorrow when he and Toby hungout.




Jim yawned and stretched, cracking his bones and doing light stretches as he woke up. He got himself ready for school, said his goodbyes, then left to the surface. He now stood at the entrance of his college, waiting for Toby. His friend usually rode his bike there, but recently he accidentally crashed down a hill, bending it pretty badly. Jim offered to try and help fix it by bending it back into place. Only to make it a bit….worse. Too much strength behind it. Snapped in half like a toothpicks. He promised his best friend that he would buy him a new bike. It was only fair. whenever he needed money, He would go over to Walt, or sometimes just the Janus order in general, get a fistful of cash, and spend it on whatever he needed or wanted. Jim watched the sun rise higher in the sky, the sunlight touching his face, warming it up.


He smirked. Bular would have cried in pain. Jim thought that was funny, of course he didn’t want his brother to die or be seriously hurt, but it was like watching a friend trip and fall. Epic fail. His thoughts turned to his older brother. This evening he needed to scout around his friends home. How did Bular hear them? Where was he? There was only a few trees around, and he’d be dammed if he sat on the roof of the house. He was way too big and burly, he would have been spotted immediately. Not only that, be he wasn’t exactly a feather. He stopped around and shook loose stone naturally, unless he truly tried his best to be silent.

“Hey Jimbo” Toby greeted Jim, causing Jim to focus on his friend. He watched Toby close the car door and say goodbye to his Nana.
“Toby pie, don’t forget tonight’s bingo night. I’ll be gone, Stay safe. Oh and tell that tall friend of yours to not eat the cat litter”
“Nana, he doesn’t do that. I told you, I’m the one who took it out last night.” Jim rolled his eyes and smiled. He would never eat cat litter. Yuck. Although, his brother might. Nana drove off blasting rock and roll in her car. Toby walked over to ‘his tall friend’. The two hugged and walked to their class.
“hhiii Jim!” Jim stopped and smiled, he heard his small friend greet him from behind. Turning around Jim saw his little friend, Eli, next to his boyfriend Steve. The two had a bad history, but they learned to have it happen no longer. Steve revealed his real feelings, he was afraid to talk about it though, Eli accepted his apology, the two went on some dates, and now they’ve been a couple ever since. Eli ran up to Jim and gave him a big hug. Well, big to Eli. He was like a twig. Hardly had any weight on him. Jim was somewhat glad for that. No troll would try eating him, he was too small, not worth the time.

“Hey little guy, How are ya.”
“Hey Jim”
“Hey Steve” The big alpha hugged Jim. He had good weight on him, he was beefier than when he was in high school. He was growing into a good sized alpha.The time was getting too close to the start of Toby and Jim’s class, so they said their goodbyes and left the couple…


It was noon now, Toby and Jim left their class. The two met with Claire at the front of the College. They all went to some store to pick things out. Jim picked out a few things to eat, and a few things to use in his nest.

Toby looked at Jim’s selection of pillows and blankets.
“Heat soon?”
“Yeah, Need something new to ‘freshen’ up my nest. Something new to give it color. Something to brighten it up a bit.”
“Nice...i guess? Well I’m happy for ya big guy.”

Jim was awkward during his first heat when he was on the surface with Toby. He honestly felt really weird being around a human, and on the surface world in general. Little by little, time after time, he got used to it and didn’t feel awkward as he once did. Claire got some cute purple blankets to go in her room. Toby didn’t bother buying anything, he didn’t invest much time in the whole ‘decoration’ scene. After they finished shopping Claire left to go home, Toby and Jim did the same.


Jim and Toby had finished hanging out, Jim really wanted to stay over longer, but the sun was setting and he needed to leave. Jim started to leave the home when he stopped.
“you know, I don’t like you spying on me” Jim said turning around and looking at the side of the house, seeing his big brother Bular. Bular had stood in between a tree and one of the large rocks.
“Someone needs to look after you, especially with the trollhunter on high alert now, and you going into your heat soon. You are far to vulnerable right now.”
“I’m fine. Love you too big bro, thanks for looking out for me and wanting to protect me, but if the trollhunter is on such high alert, why come out here and have the chance to be found?”
“You and I both know he doesn’t leave until the sun has long since set.”
“Exactly! Which means there is no need what so ever to protect me.” Bular growled in his throat lightly.
“When do you plan on eating the whelp?”
“I am not going to eat Toby anytime soon, one day, but for now, he’s my best friend”
“Hmph, Friend. Our kind don’t do friends. Makes you weak, grow less violent.”
“well I am part human, this helps me grow. Besides if ANYONE will eat any of my friends, It’s going to be me. Remember that, and make sure everyone knows it too. They’re off limits.”
Bular just sighed through his nose and started to walk away into the woods. Jim followed right behind him.

“come. Little omega. Let’s get you fed before we go home.”
“now? it’s still early, someone could see”
“Now is the best time. Plenty of humans are out. Bigger buffet. High risk for high reward. Besides, it’s best to get you home as soon as possible. Let you get ready to nest.”
“awww aren’t you so sweet to me.”
“I am your brother. If I don’t look out for you, I will be seen as a terrible sibling. Besides, I’m more than sure father would be upset if something happened to you.”

“Eh, sounds right” Jim casually said while Bular looked back and smiled.
“Have any particular human in mind?”
“hmm...i have been looking around...there is a couple….But I’ll take what I can get.”


Bular leaned up against a tree. He watched the sun, finally starting to set. The sunlight fading quickly. He looked down to his little brother, happily moaning and digging into his ‘dinner’. Jim swallowed and said
“Mhhh...I’m going to miss this. I always feel a bit sad when I have to go so long without it.”
“it’s hardly any time at all. Besides, I do hunt for you when you’re stuck in your nest.”
“I know that, but I love the thrill of the hunt. I miss it.”
“I know you do. You almost finished? The trolls might depart from their safe little trollmarket soon”
“Ah, sweet sweet safety. Who doesn’t love it? I wish I could kill a few of them before my heat”
“Why don’t we go find some then little brother. Make it all the more worth while for you.”
“I’m too stuffed” Jim let out a loud burp.
“Besides, I’m getting sleepy. I want to lay around and enjoy my euphoria.” Bular nodded looking at the few pieces of meat left on the bones of the carcass.
“Well, I won’t want to stop that. it’s always so lovely. Let’s get you home, I’ll deal with the mess later. I doubt the trollhunter will be out earlier than usual.”
Jim burped again then wiped his mouth, he got up and grabbed his backpack.
“Lead the way my bloodthirsty brother.”


Jim laid in his nest, post bath. He was warm and clean and still riding his high. He felt so good in his nest. He relaxed his muscles and laid back fully. He covered himself with his new blankets and laid his head on his new pillows, they did spruce up his nest well. He moved a skull out of his way, tossing it down to the floor. He closed his eyes and breathed. Counting down until he fell asleep. The sounds of the darklands quietly echoed around him. He was curious about his future, the armies were growing, a massive movement would occur sometime in the future when a planned doorway would open. He smiled at the thought of his father marching onto the world, one day he hoped that he personally would be the one to break the curse. His father would be so proud. His mind started to fade away into sleep. His last thoughts were about his impending heat. Who would he invite back to his nest this time….hmmm….


He loved his life.

Chapter Text

Jim had gone into his heat. He stayed in his nest almost completely, as he usually did. He missed the thrill of the hunt, to run around and breathe fresh air, not the stagnant air of the darklands. The only real break he got was going upside to attend college and visit with his friends for a bit, but his nature always demanded he return far earlier than he usually would have. his various fun activities that were common. Play games with Toby, Talk about boys with Claire, Spend time with Eli watching lame fail video's and creepy conspiracy theories. Funny, a lot of them talked about ‘are gumm-gumms secretly real and alive?!’. Jim couldn’t help but smile and chuckle. He always loved stuff along those lines. He was LITERALLY living proof. He was in the back of the stage, behind the curtains, going along and pulling the strings. Watching the audience gasp and awe at the ‘play of life’.


He loved watching the changelings just go by in life so normally. Right under the surface, behind the happy smile and warm friendly faces. Behind the 9-5 jobs and nice neighbors. The kind old woman across the street who loves to feed the birds. The dog walker taking a walk around the neighborhood. The quiet librarian sorting through books. The manager checking inventory at a store. A wedding photographer snapping photos for someones special day. All of it was so...fake….so...funny! He knew alllll the secrets. The hidden things behind everyone’s backs. The truth to all the conspiracy's was known well to Jim. He lived it, literally. He watched his little friend Eli talk about his own theories and ‘pieces to the puzzles’. He loved his friends, he always got a kick out of them trying to ‘find the thing in the dark’. He was standing next to them. Right in the open. He could get caught any second.

He closed his eyes and felt warm sense of pride wash over him. He was on the inside to everything. There literally wasn’t any other enemy. He WAS the enemy, the secret things that went bump in the night. The bogymen that parents told stories about to scare kids. The monsters that hunted in the forests. The things that made people ‘go missing’.

‘missing persons’ poster, those always made Jim smile. Sure he loved blood and gore, all kinds of violence in general, but whenever he looked at those photos. He didn’t feel much. He just saw past food. Already eaten and well, yeah. He never thought twice about the people he ate, it was just like if someone ate a steak. You only think of if it tasted good or not. Not a twinge of guilt or remorse. He never cared about peoples ‘friends and families’. The only people he ever cared about were the ones he made friends with, the ones he liked. All others were just walking potential dinner, or potential friends.


Most people think the gumm-gumms were made up, a story to be told. Something that didn’t actually happen, just something the trolls told so they ‘could have a scapegoat to get away with the eating and killing of humans’. Trolls never openly spoke about gumm-gumms, making many humans all the more suspicious. The truth of the matter, the trolls just didn’t want the modern humans to be afraid, attack them, think of them as the enemy. Humans did have a tendency to instantly point fingers at the first thing they saw. Jim was the son of the gumm-gumm leader. His blood, his body, his very being was from Gunmar the black’s bloodline. He was his son. His offspring. The most evil creature to be born, well, third. 1st was dear old daddy, the 2nd was his older brother Bular, then little Jim. He was one of the darkest sins to trollkind. He loved it.

Jim sighed and gently rubbed his chest and tummy. He lay naked in his nest, feeling the after glow of his orgasm. Two guards came into his room and removed a now fresh corpse laying in front of his nest. Jim had a nice fun few hours with a studly alpha he checked out. Sadly, for the alpha, he just wasn’t too good. He was fine, he got Jim off well enough. However, in the end, he just didn’t make the cut. So Jim had a nice post orgasm meal. The partially eaten troll was picked up and carried out of the room, the remains were cleaned up and disposed of. Jim watched and smirked. Then said to himself
“funny. He was better to me dead than alive.” Jim purred at himself. He would clean himself later. He just wanted to finish riding out his current bliss. He closed his eyes and let it wash over him, on and off, flowing through his body like the tides on a beach….

A few hours later and Jim was bored. He already had sex twice that day, and only 1 corpses eaten. He didn’t feel like just laying around though. Usually he was more than happy to relax in his nest, but he had the itch to leave, and leave he would. He ordered a guard near his room and told him to tell everyone that he is not to be disturbed under ANY circumstance. Unless his own father demanded him, other than that, all others should be waved off. Jim loved that he was in the highest position, well second. His father was highest, he was second along with his brother. Jim loved that he could give orders out and others would follow no matter what. Most people can’t say they could do that now can they?.

Jim decided to ‘sneak out’ that night, well, surface night. Since nothing really changed in the darklands. Jim had plenty of things that told time. He got ready and was about to head out when he remembered to pick up some stuff from some stores. A few books Blinky asked for, some snacks, a couple movies, and birth control. Condoms weren’t exactly a thing for trolls. Surprisingly birth control worked just as good on half trolls as it did humans. Trolls couldn’t carry any diseases or illnesses, so Jim didn’t have to worry about catching anything.

He grabbed his little amulet and turned it 360. it glowed green and swirled, then instantly he was right outside in a grove of trees. He adjusted his back pack and started to walk. Jim had fun, well as close to walking around as you could get. The night air was fresh and cool. The lights from the city flashed brightly and sparkled the night. He didn’t have much to do, all his friends said they were busy, so he had to make something up. He COULD hunt….but he wasn’t hungry. He only ever REALLY got his itch for blood lust scratched when he was fighting a REAL enemy. Someone who was dangerous, someone who could fight back and defend themselves. Not just a crying human who ran away shouting for help.

He walked around until he came down the slope and into the canal. He didn’t even notice the figure next to him.
“You should be careful.” Jim jumped and instinctively reached for his sword, he wasn’t equipped with it however. The voice came from none other than the trollhunter.
“No need to fear. I am simply making my rounds. I make sure to be very thorough. Make sure to protect us all” Kanjigar winked
“You...scared me…..trollhunter…” Jim said with a cruel smile forming on his face. He calmed himself and reminded that he was ‘in disguise’ so to speak.
“My apologies, didn’t mean to startle you. I’ve never seen you around these parts, are you new here?”
“no….no...i mean, no I’m here often, everyday, but the ‘day’ part is when I’m around. it’s not surprising you’ve never seen me. My name is Jim.”
“Nice to meet you Jim….”
“That’s all. My mom named me that when I was born, she died though right after.”

“I am truly sorry to hear that. Family is very important.”
“Nah it’s fine, It’s not like I knew her or anything, but thanks.”
Kanjigar suddenly started to sniff. The wind had changed, blowing against Jim’s back.
“I must say I’m surprised you’re out and about...”
“I was growing restless in my nest. I needed to stretch my legs. Believe it or not, omegas do like to do something other than lay around” Jim winked

“Well, please be careful. I wouldn’t want someone to force themselves onto you.”
“I’m surprised a big guy like you hasn’t tried to make a move”
“No. I have far to much discipline too have my mind be muddled with such...intimate needs.”
“Oh? or do I just not smell good enough to you” Jim smiled mischievously and winked. Kanjigar wasn’t sure how to respond to that, he said nothing in reply.
“Oh I’m just messing with you. You want to know something, I’ve always wanted to meet the trollhunter…..up close. I’ve only ever seen you from a far, or heard of you.”
“Well it’s always nice to meet a fan”
“I sure am a big fan. So, there are rumors going it true gumm-gumms have been sighted?” now THIS made Jim smile. He wanted to hear what the ‘glorious’ trollhunter had to say about it.


“No. those are just rumors being spread to get people jumpy. We only asked for everyone to be careful because of the missing people. Wild animals have been attacking lone humans. Nothing more than that, both us and humans are making efforts to protect everyone from any further fear. Keep together and be aware of your surroundings.”
‘ha...haha...HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA’ Jim smiled wide and laughed in his head.
“oh? Good, I was afraid all those people went missing because of gumm-gumms eating them.”
“Well I’m glad the truth has you more relaxed and smiling. Still, someone as vulnerable as you shouldn’t be out alone. A half troll omega in heat all alone at night. isn’t exactly the safest thing right now. With no one around, no one could hear you shout for help if anything happened.”

“i promise, I’ll be as aware as you are. I keep hearing things...but….do gumm-gumms exist?” What was Kanjigars play now? What move would he make. He WAS dealing with an ‘ordinary citizen’ after all.
“yes. In the past, in our...darkest history. They did exist. However they are not around any longer. Humans might not fully believe it, but believe me. They aren’t around at all these days. The age of gumm-gumms are far behind us. You can trust me after all, I’m your trollhunter” Kanjigar smiled kindly. The type that any good leader would develop. The kind that always gave the message of
‘no need to panic. Stay nice and calm. Everything will be alright’.
“Really? So all the rumors of gumm-gumms running around at night fighting you aren’t real? WHEW I’m so glad! That scared me honestly!” Jim gave a sigh of relief. He always was great at acting.

“I’m glad to have set your mind at ease. Where is your home?”
“oh...uh, pretty far, but don’t worry I’ve always been fine!”
“Chance and fate are no laughing matter. It would put MY mind to ease if I knew you were safe. Have you ever been to trollmarket?” Jim’s eyes suddenly went wide.
“No...not at all...”
“I would very much appreciate it if you came with me there. I could give you a room to stay in, just until the day comes when it’s much safer to be out and about.”

“No no, I’m fine, maybe next time.”
“I insist. It’s dangerous out and We could open up the doorway right here” Jims eye’s widened more. He didn’t realize THIS was the spot.
“oh...uh….I think I’m...”
“None sense. As your trollhunter, it is my duty to protect everyone. Trolls, humans, and half trolls. That does include you”
“Protect me huh? Never thought i’d hear those words from you”
“Oh? Why would that be”
“oh I ONLY MEANT that I never thought I would get to meet you in real life! Uh actually...could I have your auto graph?” Jim actually thought this would be funny, he could show Bular. He would be PISSED.
1. he left when he was in heat.
2. he didn’t tell anyone.
3. he had NO WAY of protecting himself.
4. if the soldiers were sent out that night, they might mistake Jim as a common blooded unimportant half troll, and attack him before they had a chance to realize who he truly was.

“do you sign these often?” Jim handed Kanjigar a blank sketch book and a pen.
“Not often. Usually only humans ask for these sorts of things. Humans aren’t partial to….trolls, especially now with tensions higher. We keep to ourselves, the humans do their own things. Although I haven’t met many Half trolls.” It was true. Half trolls were more than scarce and exceedingly rare.
“Not surprising. I typically don't care but...i have to admit...sometimes it does get lonely not having much to share with others about my kind.”
that was true. Jim did occasionally want to be around another half troll at times.

“Another reason to come to troll market, not that you'll find any half trolls there, but perhaps you might find something you may enjoy to fill that loneliness in your heart and mind. Have you been around a large number of trolls at once?” Kanjigar asked while handing back the now signed page. Jim smiled at it, troll writing, something almost all humans didn’t know. It was hard to teach and understand. Only really bright minds could learn it. Also trolls weren’t eager to teach it. Not because they wanted to keep it secret, but because they never felt like teaching it. To them, it felt like teaching flies how to talk. Before they could truly learn anything, they died from their short lives.

“No actually….well...” Jim wasn’t lying in a way. Being surrounded by his fathers armies his entire life did count. although not many were the ‘social talkative’ type, if any at all. Jim had his brother, and Blinky to talk to, although both typically were busy most of the time. Blinky being busy with advising and Bular being busy with training. Bular would much rather fight than listen and have any kind of conversation that wasn't important. Arrrg wasn’t the talking type to hold long conversations with or much to add to it, and Jim's father was busy with other things almost always. Jim did consider going with Kanjigar….but every time he thought that, the next thought stopped him dead in his tracks.

The ward. It kept ALL gumm-gumm’s out. Jim IS a gumm-gumm. The second he couldn’t walk through the portal, the second he was exposed, the second his whole life crumbled to ash. No more friends, college, laughter in the sun, hanging out. Nothing.

“I’m honestly afraid of going….” Not a lie.
“Do not be afraid, worse case when going is you trip and hit your head.”
“Does...the ward to….protect everyone from gumm-gumms entering...still a thing?” Jim swallowed. Kanjigar could easily tell the young half troll was anxious.
“Yes, but do not worry, like I said, there are NO gumm-gumms around. I know they are the stuff of nightmares, but have no fear about them. I’m literally right by your side as well. Come, let’s walk together. That will settle your mind”

This was it. Kanjigar was pushing Jim forward. He opened the portal and tapped Jim’s shoulder.
“Omegas first”
“I really-” Jim was nudged to the front of the portal. Jim’s head tried to quickly figure out which routes he could take that would help him run off and hide from the trollhunter. No matter which way, the trollhunter could just easily smell him.
‘why did I think to leave!? Why!? This was such a stupid move?!’ Jim yelled at himself. Jim’s thoughts turned to lying!
‘i told him my mom died when I was born! I never knew her! I could just tell him I had no idea I carried gumm-gumm blood!...then what?’
“come on then, the portal will close.”
“see the thing is I really never take portals. I mean, I have a few times but-” Jim was pushed into it. He shouted and held his arms to cover his face. He closed his eyes and was ready to embrace whatever would happen. Nothing. His breathing steadied and he slowly opened one eye. The crystal staircase lit up before him. He did it. He was on the other side!.

“see little guy? Nothing to worry about. Just one little quick step. You feel fine?” Jim just nodded his head in response.
“i was...nervous...cause...i uh...didn’t think it would work on half trolls! Yeah...I thought humans couldn’t enter here...”
“That isn’t true. Humans can very well enter here. We don’t really like to be open about it though. Lets keep that a secret between us alright?” Kanjigar winked and patted Jim’s back.
“So...the ward….it keeps gumm-gumms out...”
“Yes yes, no need to fear little one” Kanjigar chuckled at the ‘scared child innocence’ of Jim. He was very young to trolls. 22 years old if it would be in comparison to human development. to trolls? that one was difficult to know. trolls lived such long lives it was hard to nail exact comparisons to the other two life spans
“If I’m honest...i was afraid I might be one” Kanjigar chuckled loudly and heartily
“Why would you think that?!”
“i never knew my mom...and I know that the troll blood of their species passes onto half trolls.”
“There is no blood of gumm-gumms anywhere. You clearly are not. Or at least, maybe the human part of you isn’t.”

Kanjigar chuckled deeply before patting Jim on the back more.
‘ human part negated the gumm-gumm blood...interesting….’ Jim thought, a sickening smile started to form. He shook it off just as quickly. He needed to appear ‘innocent and young’ to the mighty trollhunter. Jim looked at the glowing staircase in front of him, he took a few steps on it, he wasn’t very impressed, the darklands had similar staircase’s like this one. It was when he reached the bottom did he see trollmarket. His eyes went wide and his mouth opened
“Whoa indeed. Welcome to trollmarket little one.”

Chapter Text

Jim looked on in awe at the sight of it all. The massive heartstone was the GREATEST thing Jim’s eyes have ever laid on.
‘so….that’s where dad was born...from one of these things...’ Jim thought to himself as he stared at it, mouth agape.
“Wondrous, isn’t it? The true lifeblood of trolls.”
“Why is that exactly? No one ever explained it.”
“Why back when we still ate humans, they gave us the energy we needed. However, when we stopped that barbaric tradition, we became….hungry...weak. We needed some other kind of nourishment from some other life giving source. Thus, we sought out the heartstones. Where there is one, we make a home. Some troll’s have adapted to not needing one, but for the most, we rely on them to give us life and health. Trolls can be recharged then leave when they want to, however eventually our energy wanes and we return to ‘freshen’ ourselves up. Tell me little guy, do you feel any different?”

Jim closed his eyes and focused. He honestly didn’t feel anything.
“well, this is your first exposure, so that would make sense, you also might come from a bloodline of trolls who no longer needed its energies.” Now THAT was ironic. His father was born from one, consumed the energies, and needed them to be stronger. Eventually his strength would wane, that’s when gumm-gumms would set out to hunt down humans and bring them back to the darklands. Eating humans did give them the original energies they needed, so having a heartstone wasn’t the most demanded thing at the moment for their survival.

“Come, let us walk these streets. Tonight you shall be my guest.”
“That is an honor!” Jim loved this, he would rub it in his brothers face soooo much! To LITERALLY be sleeping near the trollhunter. If he could kill him, ohhhh Bular would be pissed beyond belief.
“think nothing of it little one.”
“Wait, what about your rounds and such”
“I’ve done my share, I have others who are helping me for the next few nights.” THAT was something to note. He would have to share it with the others when he came back home.

‘Home…..should i leave when no one was watching? Wait, would the portal even work inside trollmarket? i also didn’t have one of those devices to make a portal out of there…..ohh, i could use one of those large ball deceives I’ve heard of, the kind that travel vast distances in such short few moments. i could leave on one, then teleport home.

Wait, what if someone sees me using it? What if i got caught. They wouldn’t think anything more of it, my story about my life might be affected by it however….’ Jim’s thought process was stopped when he heard Kanjigar clear his throat to get his attention.

“We will have to fetch you a scent stone. wouldn’t want to rile up the alphas haha”
‘shit. I forgot I was in heat.’ Usually omegas are consumed by it, Jim usually was, however with all this going on, his mind and body were distracted. He still smelt strongly of heat though…
“Yeah...scent stone….what’s that?”
“I’m surprised you haven’t heard of them. it’s a stone omegas use to mask their heat, keep them from being hassled and ‘bothered’ by alphas.”
“Yes please, I need one of those” Jim did want one, mostly to experiment with.
“Come little guy.”

The two walked the streets, Jim couldn’t stop to focus on one thing, there was just to much to look at! The vendors and trolls and lights and sounds and smells, it was all very overwhelming. He’s been to ‘human’ places, where there were plenty of crowded areas, usually it wasn’t difficult. Being the tallest one usually and humans didn’t have strong scents like trolls did made it easy to handle. This, this was something else.

“I can tell you’re a bit overwhelmed. You will get to see everything soon enough. we’re almost to rot guts.”

“what?...oh….” The two stepped up a stone staircase and stood in front of a large door like shape. Kanjigar pounded on the door, a small circle opened, revealing a giant eye
“Welcome trollhunter, what can I get you?”
“scent stone” he said while another opening revealed another eye
“ohhh look! A half troll! Haha, he smells funny”
“Don’t laugh at our customers! How many times-” the voice got cut off as the opening closed
“hold a tick” the other voice said. Now the only sounds coming from the door were muffled arguing. Kanjigar let out a sigh, then looked over to Jim and gave him a smile.

“Don’t think anything of it, they’ve always been like this. Although little comments like that...won’t be uncommon here. Rarely do your kind travel here.”
“Yeah, as far as I’ve known, my kind sorta just wonders aimlessly around the world. We don’t really have any one place we belong.” that was true. They were considered ‘mutants’ ‘unnatural’. Some beings hated and shunned them, few accepted them, the majority however just didn’t pay too much mind to them. Still, seeing a rare creature isn’t your everyday thing.

“-and next time don’t even imply that, it was over a century ago. Now then, where were we...ah, a scent stone! Here, just for our wonderful trollhunter and his new mate”
“oh no! You have the wrong idea. This here is simply a newcomer I met tonight. I thought he could use a safe place to stay for the night. Wait until the night has ended and the sun has risen.” Kanjigar said while clearing his throat and taking the stone. Jim laughed mentally at that image. Him, dating none other then the trollhunter. What would his brother, or even his father think?! Jim couldn’t help but smile at that.

“here, all you have to do is rub yourself down with this. You can wait until we return to my home.”
“Thanks...i don’t have any money though to pay you back”
“humans and their currency. No little one, we don’t do that sort of thing here. We share what we have. Sure payment is nice, depending on who you ask and what you want however.” Jim weighed the stone in his hand, it was fairly light and solid, yet smooth, like marble, and cool to the touch.

It didn’t take long until they arrived at a huge cave. Kanjigar walked through a medium sized hallway until it opened up to everything, a few different rooms snaked throughout the cave, short passage ways led to a few other rooms. Jim noticed one room filled with various weapons and armors from all kinds of eras. One room must have been some sort of relaxation area, it had plenty of comfortable places to sit and lay. Books to read, and socks to eat.

Jim always thought that was nasty. he’s smelled human sweat, not something he enjoyed. He tried to eat a sock before, only to gag and spit it out. There were a few other rooms filled with random human junk. For some reasons trolls loved junk. It was as good to them as it was to us, so no one really cared if they took it. Also helps clean up when we no longer needed anything. Circle of life? Another room just filled with boxes of, what Jim assumed would be, extra things of various natures. Looking over at the various sizes of the boxes.

“here is where you will be staying little one.” Kanjigar lead Jim into a decent sized room, it had a basic bed with nothing on it. It just looked like a big slab of rock. Which it was. Trolls didn’t really ‘do’ comfort. They didn’t need it. They did only sleep for 3 hours a day, so why bother with bedding?. Jim just sighed and groaned
‘great. My back will be killed laying on this. Rip.’
“If you need any form of comforts you may just ask.” Kanjgar said politely, noticing the worried look on Jim’s face.


“Okay. I need to ask. Why exactly are you doing this? Hosting me, inviting me into your home, taking care of me, wanting to look after me, YOU DON’T NOW ME! I could be a gumm-gumm spy for all you know!” Jim smiled at that last comment. Kanjigar smiled kindly back and replied
“I am your trollhunter. I protect everyone. You need a safe place, I am providing it. I want you to feel safe and secure. Where you come from and who you are does not matter to me, you are still very young, one day you will understand my words well. I would never send a little one like you out into the streets to fend for yourself. Finding a place to spend the night here in trollmarket would be very long and exhausting. You need plenty of rest in your state.” Kanjigar walked over and put a hand on Jim’s shoulder.

“Never forget that. If you ever need anything, just call. As the trollhunter I answer any call to aid others. Now, are you hungry? I have plenty of food” the sudden images of Jim killing at eating his ‘ex lovers’ filled his head.
“No thanks, I’m pretty full. I ate before I left home.” Kanjigar nodded and walked past Jim.
“My home is your home for the night, help yourself to anything” Jim looked at the trollhunter, trying to understand. Being so…..kind. Gumm-gumms only took. Were commanded to do things. Jim only ever was provided whatever he wanted because he was a son of Gunmar. He was allowed to have anything he wanted at anytime. No one was doing it out of ‘kindness’ or ‘selflessness’, simply for having to do it out of loyalty. Sure, he knew humans did it, but to be about it. It just didn’t fully register with him.

Being ‘warm and friendly’ was the opposite of gumm-gumm nature. It was so...alien to him. When he first went to the surface world years ago while attending high school, he didn’t understand so much. Sure, Blinky taught him many things about how humans interacted with one another and the world around them, but to put it into a living experience, it was different. You can read and study all you want, it never truly prepares you for living it though. Jim then understood that most humans wanted a ‘you do this for me I do this for you’ style. Sure so many humans were different and varied on their own ‘philosophies’, but most of the time everyone wanted something in exchange. THAT made sense to Jim after a short while. Thankfully most people didn’t think too much about why he acted so strangely and didn’t understand many concepts, being a half troll did have its perks, like being allowed having others think he didn’t know much because of his race, and NOT because he was a gumm-gumm raised in the darklands. Haha.

“Father, I have dealt with the gnome situation, no need to rush over.” an unfamiliar voice spoke out down the hall. A large blue troll with huge horns and a spiked back entered the room. He looked over to Jim in wonder. Until the scent of heat hit him. He sniffed deeply a few times, then his eyes had a relaxed lustful look to them. Kanjigar cleared his throat, The blue troll snapped out of it and nodded to his father. “Jim, this is my son. Draal. Know as Draal the deadly.” The memory of Jim watching Draal and his father kill the gumm-gumms who ambushed Kanjigar in the forest. Bular had told Jim the name of the son in disgust. Jim was meeting him up close, he was even more handsome. Jim purred a bit, his heat was starting to ‘speak up’ to him, he didn’t know if he liked that or not.
“Hello Draal...its nice to meet you..”
“Huh….I thought the trollhunters weren’t allowed to have kids” Kanjigar looked at Jim, his face had a tint of slight worry.
“there is no law preventing us from having whelps….it’s just not something that usually happens. I am the only trollhunter to have a whelp.”
“huh...interesting..” The two large alphas must have known Jim’s heat was starting to flare up. Kanjigar looked between the two others in the room.
“Jim, why don’t you go to your bed and prepare for sleep, I shall fetch some blankets and pillow for you.”
“I’m surprised you have some, trolls don’t usually ever use them”
“We like to keep them around, just in case for guests such as yourself.” Jim nodded with a thank you. Even though it wasn’t technically an order, it was strongly implied for him to leave. Jim wanted to stay, meet Draal a bit closer up~ But he didn’t want to seem rude. He DID have manners after all. Probably the most mannered gumm-gumm that ever lived, well, except for Blinky.

“Thank you, I will. Goodbye Draal, I really hope to see you again very soon.”
“Yes...perhaps we might see one another in the future” That clearly meant that Draal didn’t want to ‘get in trouble’ by succumbing to his natural responses, he was too strong for that! To willed! He would never just jump on some random omega in heat. That would be dishonorable and selfish. Jim purred before leaving to his temporary bed chambers. No doubt both alphas heard that last purr, Draal’s mind went back to feeling a bit lustful~. He hasn’t had a mate in a long while, he’s been more than ‘pent up’, so to speak. An alpha does need to feel the soothing touch of an omega from time to time, something he’s ignored. He needs to focus on improving his battle techniques, rather than search for a mate.

A bit later Jim was given plenty of items to comfort him to sleep. No matter the position and placement however, he just couldn’t fall asleep. His heat was starting to really burn him from the inside out. He needed attention. ASAP. If he was home, he could just find a lover to take for a few hours, here, he couldn’t. He tossed and turned in his makeshift nest, another reason he had a hard time sleeping, was the fact that he was sleeping on solid rock, rather than soft mattresses at home. Back at him, It took a while to gather up what he needed, but finally he had made the perfect nest. Only a few adjustments here and there from time to time, but other than that, it was perfect. The size, shape, volume, weight, placement, everything overall.

He roughed it out camping plenty of times throughout his life. Partially from training, and partially from camping out with his friends. He loved those times, being deep in the woods, telling scary stories, playing pranks, taking ‘spooky walks’ through the forest (although he never feared. After all he WAS the thing that went bump in the night, and he could easily see in the dark, and he had excellent senses, so nothing surprised him.). He remembers one time Eli was scared

“what if something comes to attack us! What if monsters are around! What if-” Steve interrupted
“babe, chill! See that big half troll with us? Jim’s the scariest most dangerous thing out here!” Jim smiled and made a ‘whisper roar’ and bit at the air.
“Okay, you’re right….” Jim chuckled
“ah, don’t be scared! Steve’s right. don’t worry, your big half troll will protect us.”

Back in the present, Jim groaned. He rubbed his face and sat up. He couldn’t lay down. He needed to HUMP! A part of him wanted to rub himself down with the scent stone, but the more ‘feral’ side of him just wanted to wonder around until he found a nice sized alpha….
He shook his head, he would attempt to do his usual ‘post sex meal’ and he didn’t want to risk being caught as a murderer. He reluctantly grabbed the stone and rubbed himself down with it like it was a bar of soap. That did help to cool him and relax his body, if only a small amount. He laid back down and drifted off to sleep finally….



Draal walked around trollmarket trying to clear his head. His body demanded he return home and ‘visit’ the omega in his nest. He pushed those thoughts away and distracted himself with the noises and lights of trollmarket. He first tried to go to the glug pub, but that didn’t help that much. Then he decided to do what always helped clear his head, train. He went to the heroes forge and started from basic movements, to more advanced things. He noticed his father walking towards him,
“Good stances. you’re truly becoming a great warrior.”
“Thank you father”
“So, what do you think about our little guest?”
“The half troll? I don’t think anything of him.”
“I saw the way you looked at him. I’m proud you did not succumb to your base desires.”
“I...tried not to.”
“I’m assuming you’re clearing your head?”
“Yes...I feel ashamed to have my mind on him...”
“It is natural, do not punish yourself for thinking of basic needs.”
“How do you do it?”
“With great willpower, training, and being used to aiding all trolls at all times. You get used to building up a proper tolerance to it. having to deal with alphas fighting over omegas in heat will help with that, especially if those omegas rub up on you in need and become even more aroused from the sight of strength”


“I wish I could be the same.’
“One day you will be, keep this up and you will have the will of a thousand. The little one is still afraid of gumm-gumms. He couldn’t stop talking about them and being scared. Cute”
“Yes, children do fear the stories, his parents must have spoken to him about it. He will grow out of his fears, as all whelps do” Kanjigar smiled and summoned his blade
“Shall we spar?”
“I would love nothing more.” so the two started to train with one another, slowly becoming more advanced in their efforts. Eventually, like every time, Kanjigar had Draal pinned to the ground, sword to his throat.
“You are getting better! You actually made me nervous for a bit” Kanjigar said offering a hand.

Draal took it. He sighed but nodded
“Yes. I wish I could improve faster though.”
“in time. There has never been a warrior who took up a weapon and became great in a day.”
“Wise words as ever father….not to return to the subject...but...who is the young half troll Jim? I’ve never seen him before.”
“Ah, yes, he said he was new here. He only walked the surface during daylight, then returned home. A place apparently very far away. Makes me wonder why he would travel so far from home just to be here, not even for trollmarket either. Not much goes on around here. Hmm. I should ask more about when when he awakens.”
“You bring a stranger into our home without knowing anything about him?..i trust your judgment father but...isn’t that a bit...dangerous” Kanjigar chuckled
“What danger could be possess? You laid your own eyes upon him, hes practically harmless! He is far to young, in heat, and small. Which is why I feared for his sake. Thus invited him into our home.”
“I see...but...what if he tries to mark our home? he is rather needy..." Marking things is when an omega goes into heat and rubs their bodies on things, in order to sexually arouse any alphas nearby
“he seems well behaved enough not to do so. also, Do not be so mistrusting son, have faith in others. No one has stabbed us in the back for centuries, open up a bit more. It would do your heart good.”
“thank you father, I will take these words and remember them well…. Who is Jim’s father?”
“I do not know. All I know are what I’ve spoken of. The only other thing I know about him is that his mother died shortly after him being born and naming him simply Jim.”

“I feel sorry for Jim. I hope his father loves him dearly. Does he have any relatives?”
“Not that I’m aware of. If he had more to his name, I could find out and help him return home. When he awakes we should ask him these questions. It is always good to be able to talk to someone. Humans are very sensitive creatures, Half trolls especially. Not to mention that he has hardly any of his kind around.”
“Yes, I haven’t seen one in centuries myself. A part of me thought that they had perhaps gone extinct.”
“Extinction is possible for his kind. So few remain in the world. With their kind never having a proper home in any one place, its even harder to come by them.”
“Do you think he might stay? I know his home is with his father, here he will be safer, and closer to where he wishes to be. You could put in a good word to Vendel and let them move here.”
“Someone does have a slight attachment already?” Kanjigar chuckled
“No! I only meant for his own safety. I do not wish for him to come to harm, being so far away form everyone else, and him being so young, I do not wish for the child to come to harm.”
“I know exactly how you feel. Perhaps I could convince him to move here.” So the father and son continued to train with one another, until they themselves retired to bed. Kanjigar checked on the half troll one final time, he was sleeping peacefully. Kanjigar felt relief from learning this, then returned to his own bed.



Jim woke up. Yawning and stretching. Rubbing his eyes and looking around, he panicked for a split moment, noticing he wasn’t in his own room. Then realized what happened yesterday. Many thoughts came into his head. All along the lines of
‘stalk the place.’
‘find weaknesses.’
‘search for clues and information that can be used’
‘search the area for any and all details he could use to his advantage.’
‘find out how gumm-gumms could march into this place.’ His mind stopped as he smiled. No, he decided not to do any of that right now. Now is the time to keep his cover going.

After using the bathroom (he was disgusted, well not more than usual. Trolls used public ones dotting trollmarket. Jim had known Gumm-gumm bathrooms. Not pretty. But these somehow were worse.) He managed to finish up after being a bit shy from everyone, then cleaned himself up in the nearest bathing area (oh how he longed for ACTUAL soaps. These were basic foul ones. At least they helped clean himself. Since trolls never had much to do with hygiene, these were mostly for other species of trolls who needed to bathe themselves in water to keep them alive, like river trolls.)
(IF ANYONE WAS WONDERING ABOUT RIVER TROLLS, those are the trolls Jim finds in, well, the river, when hes looking at his reflection in the water after running away from Claire when he first turned into a half troll)

He realized he didn’t have any other cloths. A part of him was thinking about just being nude. He really didn’t care either way. However with his heat….he didn’t feel like exposing himself. Well, he tried to as little as possible, even with his mind and body nagging him to go get laid. He just wore what he wore last night. Not like it was sweaty or filthy, so he didn’t have much of a problem with it. Other than smelling heavily of his heat.

He soaked his cloths and tried to scrub it out, to only have it slightly less heavy. He rolled his eyes and knew it was the best he could do. Rubbing the scent stone on himself, he returned to his temporary room and retrieved his things. His ear twitched as he heard footsteps behind him. Turning around he saw that big lovely troll Draal~.
“why hello there~ come to visit me?” Draal shook his head and pushed away those desires.
“No, I’ve come to ask you to come with me. Spend the day with my father and I. We wish to get to know you, and possibly talk you into living within trollmarket. For your own safety and company. It would also allow you quick access to the surface above.”

Jim’s eye twitched he smiled wide
‘invite live here...with my father….oooohhhhhhhhh if they only knew..’
“You know what. Let me think about it. I’m more than sure my father would love to be here. However he is a bit...stuck at the moment. Maybe one day you could help me untie him from his...job.”
“Oh? And what might his job be if you don’t mind my asking.”
“It’s...difficult to explain. What is easiest to explain is that he watches over a few of his...closest friends. Gives them housing, guidance, and he helps lead them in ways. Hes very loving like that.”
“Where do you and them live?”
“oh far far underground. it’s VERY hard to get to. Only a few ways of getting there. Don’t worry, I know how to. However my dad is VERY secretive and somewhat…..paranoid. So he doesn't let anyone tell others where he lives or how to get there.”


Draal just nodded
“I won’t pry. I would still value your company, if you’re willing to give it.”
“I don’t thin I’d mind being near you~”
“i...i did not mean it like that….i only father and I would both like to know more about our guest. Nothing...more...than that”
“Sure. If you ever want to know more though, more...personal….things, you just ask. I’m ALWAYS willing to show you what I know.”
Draal shuddered and visibly was fighting the urge to mount him. Jim smiled evilly.
“Let us leave at once. I do not like to keep my father waiting”. Jim sighed through his nose. He was looking forward to any kind of ‘attention’ he might receive. Well, no big deal.


Jim walked behind Draal, wanting to touch his spiked back, not out of lust or anything, but just because he thought it must feel cool! He also wondered how the hell he slept. He assumed it must just be on his stomach, or on his side….still. At least he was a troll and didn’t need more than 3 hours. Jim would feel horrible if he had to deal with spikes like that, always hard to sleep with, always afraid he might tear up his blankets and nest, and shirts?! No wonder the big guy doesn't wear anything. Jim stopped in his tracks as soon as he saw the TINY stone bridge that lead to an arena looking area. There was no way he was about to cross something like that. The fall didn’t even LOOK like it ended when Jim nervously peaked over its side
“Hey so uh, I think I’m good. Better get home before dad freaks out!” Jim said then suddenly thought
‘oh fuck. His dad WILL freak out if anyone finds out he was gone’.
“Nonsense. It is a simple walk”
“YEAH FOR YOU, BUT HEY, GUESS WHAT, I DON’T FEEL LIKE FALLING TO MY DEATH!” Jim backed up and yelled. His heart pounding. Yeah, he LITERALLY was willing to fight and kill things 10 times his own size. Falling? There was NO WAY he could kill that! No running away, no patching yourself up, no getting back up. It was just drop and plop. Death.

“Oh come now. See? I walk just fine.”
“I’m good thanks. Well I’ll be seeing you around!” Jim saluted as he turned around and started to walk back. Only to be grabbed by Draal from behind
“It is simple. Let me assist”
“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Jim tried his best not to look down. He held his breath preparing for the worst

This was it. The son of the all mighty Gunmar. Lord of the underworld. Killer of all. Devour-er of hope. The bane of all life. Killed by falling to his death. Would his family and friends ever even know? Not like they could just be sent down here to scoop up his remains. Jim didn’t tell anyone where he went, who he was with, or even leave any kind of clue at all. Jim ALSO Didn’t mention who his family actually was, so no troll would be able to search, and even if they did, they would just end up finding out who he was the son to. He wondered how his funeral would go. Gumm-gumms who died were just moved, ground up, and used as grave sand. Would his father mourn him? Or his brother? Or blinky? Or arrrg?. Maybe they might give silence for a moment or two. That was most likely the closest thing he would get. He never got to have an actual mate. Have his own whelps. Become an official general in his fathers armies. Grow up to be the most powerful Half troll in all of history, past and present and future.

Maybe he deserved this. He didn’t have very good karma after all. Even if that’s only a human concept, he still thought about it every once in a while. He never told his family where he went. He never told anyone the truth of his life. Evil does die horribly, at least from all media he was exposed to. Being the ‘good guy’ was too overrated. So ‘stuffy’ and not fun at all. If he had his dying wish granted, it would be about saying goodbye to everyone he cared about. Maybe even getting a hug by his father and brother. Blinky gave him plenty of those, Blinky knew humans needed physical affection to be ‘emotionally healthy’ and he was right. Jim loved them and felt better. His father never even touched him in his hole life. The one time probably was when he held his ‘newborn whelp’. Other than that…


“See? Not a problem at all.” Jim opened his eyes and looked. Flat ground. A lot of it. He had never been more thankful for solid surface in his whole life. Draal put him down gently and patted his head.
“Now, that wasn’t so bad now was it?” Jim was speechless, he just blinked. Then wondered how the hell was he going to get back across. He wished he had wings like Walt had. Plus that would just be awesome in general. Jim turned around and looked in awe at where he was at. (I honestly don’t feel like describing the heroes forge. We all know what it looks like XD)
“Welcome little one, to the heroes forge.”
“This place is a graveyard?”
“No. a training area where heroes are forged. We fight beneath the sight of the past trollhunters, in honor, and valor.”
“Wait...these are the past trollhunters?”
“yes. More or less.” Jim looked from statue to statue. He could actually make out a few. He knew from what his father and brother and Blinky told him about them. He smiled, he knew Bular killed PLENTY of them. He wanted to try and see which ones were which. It was like a nice graveyard of old, His brother would be proud of how many were here. He imagined his brother pointing and laughed at which ones he killed, how he killed them, and when. Jim would smile and ask for more information. The two loved to bond over their kills. Jim loved to bond with his brother in general.


Suddenly a blue light and fog appeared in the center of the arena. Kanjigar had manifested
“Whoa...what kind of magic is that?”
Kanjigar looked over at Jim and did his patented friendly smile
“I had just left a thing called the void. A place where the spirits of the past trollhunters exist. They watch over me and all those I encounter and aid. They give me counsel when I need it.”
“Wait….watch? Like….spying on…me?”
“no no, do not fear. They only watch me, although, I suppose they could see you. Since you are currently with me.” Jim swallowed nervously. He tried not to make it obvious, but his eyes quickly darted around, looking at every detail he could. Making mental notes of everything. If they found out….how could he ever show his face? Not just here. But the surface as well. His mind had a sudden idea. He remembered being taught of many different magical devices by Blinky. One was a scry talisman. Something that actually PREVENTED one from being watched by magical means. He would need one asap. Then again...if he was invisible to the ghosts….they would notice something was wrong...they would tell Kanjigar….he would wonder why and ask about it…
“Little one, are you alright? You look nervous?”
“i...I’m fine...i just don’t like being watched...” Kanjigar laughed
“No need to worry! Like I said, they watch me, no one else.”
“still...i am with you. They can see our interactions….”
“i think your fathers paranoia is rubbing off on you”


“a healthy amount of paranoia can save your life.”
“True. Still you have nothing to fear. If it will soothe your mind, I shall ask them to ‘look away’ when dealing with you”
‘PERFECT!’ Jim hadn’t even considered that! Still. The scry talisman would be useful. Just in case
“Thank you. That really does help me stay calm. I very much enjoy my privacy. I try to keep it.”
“Well then, I will make sure you do. However I DO wish to ask you questions. Personal ones. If there are any you do not wish to answer, I shall not pry further.” Jim was thinking of how to deal with this situation….yes...he would answer….keep up his image.
“Sure. Go ahead.”


Kanjigar asked various questions, basic things about his life. Jim answered them all in a simple way. He WAS telling the truth….just not the whole truth. He lived in a very large area deep underground with his father, close friends, his brother, and his uncles. Even though they weren’t related, they were close enough to seem like family. Jim told them about his college and his relaxed life, liking his friends (though he kept their names and traits to himself. They didn’t need to know that. Or at least, not yet) how his mother was a half troll and his father and family were all full trolls. Jim told them about his overall life. He told them no lies. Easy peasy. keeping his image lasting as long as possible.
“and that’s about it.”
“Seems like very laid back life. Enjoy it while you can little one. Comfort slips by faster than we expect. Not that there is anything to worry about of course, just some wisdom from my own experience.”
“I’ll keep a mental note of that.”

Draal headed over to a large stack of weapons, picking up an ax and readying himself for combat.
“My son and I were about to do our daily spar. Do you know how to fight little one?”
“Yes actually. My uncles, bother and sometimes even my dad taught me.”
“Oh? Would you like to spar with us?” Jim smiled. He would be able to fight both of them! Learn their moves without having to risk his life. Being able to truly study them up close.
“Yes! I would love to. Go easy on me though, I’m not that good!” Jim chuckled and walked over to the weapons. He used a short sword, it was as close to his own sword that he had. He already figured out a plan. Feign ignorance, like all other times, do only basic steps. Make sure not to show he’s holding back. If he went all out, he could be exposed in future fights. After all, if you fight an enemy once, you typically remember how they fight next time. With jim training to fight the ‘good’ trolls. He could easily be spotted by how he battled.


So they fought. He could tell the two alphas held back heavily. Jim was working perfectly. Tripping at times, using basic moves. Pretending to ‘forget’ stances and other things, making sure to show how vulnerable and weak he was to them. Not too long later he gave up. He said he was tired. He lied. He could easily keep going. But he couldn’t show his true stamina or else be exposed in the future.
“ said your family trained you...just them?”
“yeah, just them”
“you fight like a gumm-gumm.” Jim suddenly swallowed and stilled himself. The door behind them was closed, and there was no way he was about to cross that dam bridge, even with his dexterity and accuracy.
“Relax. It simply is a very old very basic technique. Do not fear, I am in no way of accusing you of being one. All trolls used it in our very early days. Your family sounds very secluded, it makes sense they would only know the basics.” Jim sighed heavier than he ever had in his entire life. His body relaxed and he already felt better.


“So, while you are here, is there anything else you would like to do? Sunlight is almost upon us.”
“ it really that late...early I mean?”
“yes” Jim’s mind was working away. The gears in his head turning. How would explain to his father of why he was gone for so long. No doubt they already discovered of his absence by now.
“Actually...i would more than love to see your heartstone...up close.”
“Ah, truly a marvel to behold. Not a problem, would you like to leave now? Or take a rest.”
“now would be preferred...uh...can one of you carry me across? I really don’t want to fall”
the two alphas laughed.


(you all know what the heartstone looks like, no need to explain it.)
Jim was wordless. He had never seen anything so...beautiful before! So full of life and energy and wonder and power. He touched the stone. It was soft and warm to the touch. It made him feel healthy and alive...too much...he felt stronger. A small black dot started to form. His ‘veins’ started to glow blue. He had his fathers ‘veins’. Jim pulled his hand back as quickly as he could. The veins in his arm faded. He sighed as he looked to see the black dot disappear.
He also saw that Kanjigar and Draal didn’t notice. He was glad. He was only wearing a T shirt and shorts. He would have easily been spotted. He looked himself over all around, checking to see if he looked or smelled any different. Thankfully he didn’t.

“Ah, trollhunter. What brings you here?” Jim noticed an old tall troll. He practically was 4 of jim combined in size and weight.
“My new friend here wished to see the heartstone. I wanted to grant his wish.”
“Mhh? Oh my.” the old troll walked very close, too close, into Jim’s ‘personal space’. The old troll started to poke and prod him, opening his mouth and moving his head around. Tapping his horns and even petting him, Jim purred at that.
“So very young. And an omega half troll? Where ever did you find him? He appears very healthy too...hmm...strange….I’ve never seen his specific breed before.” Jim’s eyes cleared up from the enjoyment of the petting.
‘did this old dude know the differences between half trolls!?’ to the trained eye, one could learn what breed of troll the half troll had in their genes, if it wasn't physically obvious.

“i found him wondering around the surface last night. I brought him here to give him a safe place for the night.”
“yeah...The trollhunter was nice to me”
“where did you come from little one?”
“uh...I really can’t say. that’s private. Just somewhere far underground and away from everyone.”
“cut off from mainstream trolls...makes wonder you are such a rarity. I can’t put my finger on it, but I think I might have seen your troll heritage before….hmmm….”
“I’m sure it’s not impoa-”
The old troll opened Jim’s mouth again and looked closer
“The teeth from the human side of him is common, but the canine and incisor's seem to come from a more carnivore variety of troll. The tongue is larger than usual half trolls, typically evolved to consume meat easier. The ability to rip and tear into meat is far easier than other troll breeds thanks to the teeth. These breeds typically require a lot of protein to stay healthy. His fur has a shiny healthy coat, well groomed, and soft too. His weight for his size is good. He needs a bit more meat though. His sensitivity to having physical contact means he has a bit more of domesticated troll in him. He appears to need more physical contact though. He seems to be lacking enough of it. Has he been properly nesting?”

“perhaps it would be best for him to speak for himself.”
The old troll let go of Jim’s mouth, Jim rubbed his jaw and adjusted it.
“yeah...i have a good nest back home...i guess I don’t get much physical contact...and I do eat plenty of protein...more you say? Well I’d be happy to take your advice. I also use a lot of very good shampoos and conditioners too. so..uh….you could tell all that just by looking at me?”
“Yes. I have been properly trained to handle any medical emergency. It also helps that I read a lot and lead the trolls in troll market.”
“’re the head troll around here? The king?”
the three full trolls laughed, causing Jim to be confused


“No no, I am no ones king”
“no. although I like the sound of master Vendel.”
“oh, so your name’s Vendel….didn’t you battle at killahead bridge? Actually come to think of it, you all did. When Deya threw all the gumm-gumms into the darklands.”
The three trolls quieted down. Jim mentally kicked himself. Did he say to much? He had no way out but a single hallway, which currently was blocked by the trollhunter and his son.
“You are good with troll history, Typically humans don’t exactly teach that, then again it isn't like your family to withhold that information probably” Vendel chuckled
“is...that...a bad thing?”
“on the contrary. It’s good to always learn about ones history. Are you the type who spends most of their time with humans?”
“yeah actually”
“that also makes sense. I could tell”
“how exactly?”


“posture, the way you speak, you base your looks more on how humans groom themselves, and the words you say”
“oh...uh...thanks?” Kanjigar put a hand on Jim’s shoulder and the two walked over to Vendel’s table
“I was wondering if we could get Jim here a pass from you, to live here. He was considering it and it would be best.”
“yes, I agree. Little one, do you get into trouble often?” Jim’s mind flashed back to all the people hes killed and eaten, to the trolls hes fought.
“Would you like to live here? I suppose I could make a quick exception, due to your rarity. It would be safer to house you here in trollmarket.”
“well hold on wait, I never said I wanted to live here! I just said I would think about it”
“The offer is on the table then. You have a very short life. Just think of it more. When the time comes to agree, simply see me here. Oh, we should get you marked.”
“Yes, to prove ownership.”
“uh...I’m sorry what?”
“Kanjigar, do you not wish to own him?”
“Wait wait wait why would he own me!?”


Kanjigar looked at Jim with a bit of a strange smile
“You most likely have never heard of this, not that it would be surprising, but half trolls are typically owned by full trolls. Like how humans own dogs or cats.”
“so...I’m your pet?!”
“only if you choose it to be.”
“Okay hold on, I’m not a dog!”
“Do not fear, the way humans own pets and trolls are very different.”
“so….lets just say I go through...whatever this is. What exactly would go down?”
“what would ‘go down’ is you are marked, a small symbol that I own you. You move in with me, I take care of you, and you go about your life In the safety of trollmarket. To come and go as you please, without being harassed by any other troll, hopefully at least. With me being your legal owner, any and every troll would have to speak to me before trying to court you”

“so...i can do whatever I want, while being ‘owned’ by you...and go wherever I want...whenever I want?”
“A simplification, but yes.”
“okay...hypothetically, if I wanted to take someone to the bone zone...i could that?”
“if you would like to ‘the zone’ which I’m assuming implies more….physical needs...yes...although if anyone would want to ‘properly’ court you, they would have to go through me. You can stay here and feel safe, be closer to your friends, and have good perks. I ask you to accept this offer. I know it will have a great impact on your life, this is no simple matter. However I insist. There is no greater honor than being owned by a trollhunter.”
“so...others have done this?”

“of course. it is a custom for trollhunters to have their own Half trolls. How would humans put squire to a knight.”
“so...being close to you….always...learning from you...watching you...knowing every secret and weakness….knowing where you are at all times...and I get to go wherever whenever without being questioned….”
“I...wouldn’t put it like that….but...i...suppose so?”
“alright, lets say I wana have sex with your son, is that allowed?”
Draal suddenly started coughing, chocking on his own spit. Kanjigar was stunned
“i…….i guess?….”
“well, looks like you just got yourself a new pet. I’m in.”
The three trolls still looked at him strangely. From the ‘odd’ questions to the….other question. They moved on and prepared the small ‘finishing touches’ for his new ‘pethood’.

“so….what’s going to happen exactly?...whats that big brand for?...uh why are you coming close to me?” Vendel held a brand and said
“Hold still now, this will only hurt for a mere moment or two. I shall put the brand on your neck. This will be permanent. For the rest of you life. Are you prepared”
“Okay so, I thought this brand was like, a painted on thing!” Jim’s back was now against his ‘soon to be new master’. Kanjigar spoke softly
“Do not fear. This will only take a moment. Although this will hurt….yes, this will show that you are mine from now until all of time.”
“okay, lets say I want to go live with my dad, go back and forth for however long I want, that’s allowed right?!”
“yes. I would never prevent you from visiting your family, unless i say otherwise for whatever reason. although i will be fair in my judgement”
“Okay but privacy is still a thing? Even from the ghosts?”
“yes. I swear on my honor. I will not force you to answer anything you do not wish to speak of, unless it would be a threat to your life”
“including my dads business and secrecy?”
“yes, Including that.”
“never ever?”
“never ever. Now, I’m going to gently hold your head to the side. You might also wish to bite down on this.” Kanjigar gave Jim a tough piece of leather from a nearby shelf.
“ getting a tattoo...except those can be lasered off, and a brand goes straight to the bone...”
“hold still. Take a nice deep breath. Now.”

Outside in trollmarket. Trolls just went about their business. Until they heard a faint scream echo through trollmarket. Most of them turned to where it originated from, the heartstone.

Jim was in tears and hot neck burned. He had broken limbs before, had deep wounds. But this, this was on a different kind of level, a different kind of pain.
“Good. Then the marking is done and all is made properly. Welcome to your new home Jim.”

Jim’s mind wanted to make a cruel laugh, one to try and hide the pain, and the OTHER…..this was part of a major plan he had in store…..watching the trollhunter..messing with him….living two lives….Jim loved this excitement. He wanted to lie, to kill when someone was just around the corner. To act innocent and ‘weak’. He had a big plan for the future. One that would end up releasing his father. Once more by Kanjigar’s own hand. The cure to the curse was here. The magic’s must be studied. If he found out HOW the curse was made. He could reverse it completely.
“come little one. I promise to always treat you right. First thing we shall do is prepare your now permanent room with proper nesting supplies.”
“sounds good...uh...I’m going to go be with my dad for a bit...Tell him the good news that I have the honor of being THE trollhunters….pet...” Kanjigar tapped his shoulder and agreed.
“I shall arrange more cloths to be brought back to our home in your absence.”
“Sounds great...i can’t wait….so...can I look more at the heartstone?”
“of course. Vendel, would you give the boy a tour?” Vendel nodded and motioned for Jim to follow. Without anyone noticing, he grabbed a small hammer and nail….



Jim had re entered the darklands. His neck was still killing him, but the pain was fading. His new ‘master’ had given him a horngazel, to go back and forth whenever he wanted. He left trollmarket to ‘tell his dad the good news’. Which wasn’t a lie. Oh how his father will get a kick out of this...He would have killed him on the spot, if not for his lovely plan. Jim had teleport back to his room, he missed it. He was eager to get back to his ‘regular life’. With a bit more...’fun’ now. He had a proper quick bath, clean cloths, and got himself dressed, all within 10 minutes. He walked out and noticed the guards gasp.
‘well shit.’ Jim thought. He did see this coming. He had his whole speech worked out though. Jim walked to his fathers throne room, along with his 4 troll guard escorts. Jim didn’t care, even now when he was older, he was escorted at times. The door opened and He saw his father visibly looked surprised
“Hey da-”


“I’m sorry i-”
“Okay, I knew you would do something like this. Please just let me expla-”
“WHAT WORDS COULD YOU POSSIBLY HAVE TO-” Everyone in the room gasped. Jim had held a very large chunk of heartstone. He chipped as much as he could, however he could only get a good fist sized chunk. Hardly crumbs compared to the actual thing. But this would be the thing to convince his father, and even relax his anger…
“Dad, let me explain EVERYTHING. Oh by the way, I’m now owned by the trollhunter, see my mark?. Now then. Let me start from the top. Please, no one interrupt me until I’m completely finished, thank you…..

Jim had explained how he would shadow the trollhunter, while still doing his usual plans, he would learn every detail of the trollhunter, including his schedule. He would learn how to break the curse and find a way inside and out of trollmarket. Only he was able to come and go freely now. Gunmar practically drooled as he looked at the stone Jim held.

“ that’s what I was thinking. Here father, for you. I can now EASILY acquire more and more and more. For you of, course. I just need to be able to do my plan to it’s fullest.”
“yes….yes I see….hmmm...this will be perfect….do this my son. I have complete faith in you. From now on however, you will tell me when you plan on leaving our home.”
“I promise. No more sneaking off. The moment I come home, I will tell you. Well….after a nice bath. Other than that, I will bring home news.” Jim Handed his father the stone. It was drained within seconds.
“i want more...”
“You will have more dad, I promise. Just give me time and let me work with as much time as I need. be Patient. that’s what we need now.”

“Patience for heartstone and the capabilities of freeing me and learning every detail about the trollhunter? Oh yes. This is a fair trade off. You have done so well my son. I am so proud of you.” Jim felt warm and happy on the inside, to be praised by his father! It was on of his most wanted things in the world!. His father even pet him. Jim felt like he was in heaven, approval AND being pet?!. There was nothing in the world he would trade for this moment. Gunmar spoke softly to a nearby guard
“Send word to the search parties. Recall all of them post haste. Blinkous, you are to send word to the changelings that my son has arrived, tell them to send word to Bular. Tell him I wish to speak to him about our ....good news”

“it will be done my dark underlord. Jim, I am so happy you are home safe”
“Thanks Blinky”


With that, the plan was set into motion, and Jim’s life was about to get a whole lot more interesting. What else could he want? To be free to do whatever pleased him, AND to have the perfect cover at all times, AND to be in such a fun amount of danger of getting caught. What more could a half troll ask for?.


“WHAT?! YOU, YOU’RE Literally GOING TO BE NEAR HIM AT ALL TIMES?! Do NOT kill him brother. He is MY prey. Understand?!” Bular snarled at Jim, who just sat smugly in his nest showing Bular his ‘signature’ he got from Kanjigar, as well as tell him the ‘good news’. Gunmar had already explained to Bular about Jim’s plan. Bular couldn’t believe what his younger brother had done. He didn’t know it if was a brilliant masterpiece of a plan, or a foolish quest that would get him, and everyone, exposed.
“I like to think of it as a bit of both, my sweet big brother” Jim laughed and he tossed a skull in the air like someone would a ball.

Chapter Text

It was a month now and Jim’s life was even better than ever. Dear old dad was happy whenever he got a nice little heartstone, Bular was jealous and that made Jim laugh, Draal was feeling awkward from all the ‘sexual energy’ Jim kept throwing his way, and Kanjigar loved him and kept him safe and gave him whatever he asked for. Jim laid on his side, watching Draal and Kanjigar spar. He ate food and watched them go. Such raw muscle and power. It made Jim purr in delight. His heat had passed but mmmhh...either one would do so well~ the father was dedicated, strong, a true leader. His son was untrained, full power at all times, act first think later. Either one would make an incredible lover~. Kanjigar only saw him as a horny teenager who was having childish crushes, something he would ‘eventually get bored of and move on’. Maybe that was true, maybe not. Either way, Jim was GOING to have one of them….maybe both… THAT was pushing it to far…..still….it was a nice thought~.


Jim hardly had to lift a finger for anything. He could go anywhere at anytime without being questioned. He loved his freedom, and that’s exactly what he got. Oh no! However, Kanjigar wanted him to be safe! Not just the usual protection but, extra! Why you ask?. A random sudden surge of murders were taking place! Three trolls were murdered and partially eaten! All within the month! Everyone was on the verge of utter panic. Thankfully dear Kanjigar soothed them. No one knows who could possibly be the murderer, it could be anyone! But who?!. Only 3 new people had been to trollmarket!. A Kubera, a river troll, and dear little Jim. Three creatures know to be VERY peaceful! No way it could possibly be one of them! Could it?

River trolls have NEVER been reported to have a single violent bone in their body, sure they would defend themselves if attacked, but who wouldn’t? the only exception was garden trolls. the two species HATED one another with a passion, however, none of the murder victims was a garden troll

The Krubera was only around for a short while, saying that he was traveling the world! Wanting to see the sights, smell the smells, taste everything new! Could he possibly want to...taste troll flesh?!

And Jim. Oh little Jim. The little one running around experiencing life like he never knew possible. Look at him! What harm could he do? He hasn’t even been seen hurting a gnome! Let alone be a murderer! When he wasn’t out and about he was always next to his trollhunters side! Or his sons. So who could the murderer be? Sure, the trolls in troll market would fight among themselves, but could that have driven them to commit….murder?! Treason?!.

Jim smiled and licked his lips. He purred at this fun new game. Watching everyone become unsettled, tensions rising, everyone suspicious at everyone else.

“Jim, it's time to leave” Kanjigar said as he finished up his daily spar
“Yes my trollhunter”
“Perhaps next time I could teach you a bit more, if you’re interested”
“that sounds nice, maybe I will! Just don’t be too hard on me!”
Kanjigar laughed, like he would be hard on such a little one? Nonsense. Jim got up, dusted himself off, then when walking past Draal he tugged on his nose ring a little
“You ready to go home big guy?~”
“Yes...” Draal brushed Jim’s hand away and tried to ignore the lustful gaze and the purr to match. Jim had gotten used to crossing the bridge now, it was like nothing to him….just as long as he didn’t look down.

“Father. Jim keeps….”
“Relax. His heart has an interest in you but it will fade. It has only been a month.” To trolls, time was very minor. Since they lived well over 1000's of years, days were seconds to them, weeks minutes, and so on. So they knew Jim’s ‘attention’ to them would only last for a tiny bit longer.

“He looks at me with that gaze and purrs”
“Relax, he does the same thing to me at times. His emotions are still developing. He is an omega, being around strong older alphas is triggering his own nature. Let it pass and think nothing more of it” Kanjigar said like he really was talking about a teenage crush, which in all honesty, was true to them.


Jim had a fresh kill between his teeth, he was starving! This was literally the first person he ate in a whole month! his head started to hurt and his body began to ache in need. it needed it's intake of life once again. He was savoring every bite. Nothing compares to humans after all. It was nighttime now and everything was pretty dark. He heard a noise coming closer to him. He was getting ready to pounce. He was too full to eat anymore. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t bring something home for later…
He was getting on all fours preparing himself to strike. Then he saw someone walk by with a flashlight. His eyes reflected against it, Jim tried to hide in the bushes and stay still. He noticed it was some random jogger. Maybe he should grab something for the road…

he heard more footsteps behind him. Larger. He then quickly picked up the familiar scent of his master. His trollhunter. He needed to leave ASAP. He quickly fished out his amulet, grabbed the corpse and make a quick teleport just in time. As fast as a blinking eye, he returned back to his home in the darklands. He took a deep breath. He LOVED cutting it close, but that was a bit too close for comfort. He dragged the body over to an open spot in his room, he would deal with it later. He was tired and wanted to sleep off his meal. He quickly bathed and then flopped and curled up in his nest. He groaned realizing he had to ‘report in’ since he was technically ‘grounded’ by his father. Jim got up, opened his door, walked down the corridor, shouted at a nearby guard to tell dear old dad and his big bro he was home and going to bed. Nothing new to report otherwise. The guard nodded and ran off. Jim went back to his nest and closed his eyes. His mind quickly did a re-cap of that day, other than watching the studly alphas spar, and his kill, he really didn’t do much…..


Kanjigar sniffed at the air. He was doing his nightly routes when he came across a familiar scent. It was his Jim's. Not only that...but blood. He worried that Jim might have gotten into some sort of trouble, he cautiously followed the scent trail until he was closer, a small flash of green happened and Kanjigar finally made it to the small area. There were chunks of flesh, a few broken and chewed bits of bone, and the heavy scent of blood. Kanjigar sniffed around more, there was no evidence Jim being around other than his scent, which was heavily dulled now from the fresh gore that stifled the air…. Kanjigar didn’t know what to make of it.

‘a fresh kill. His Jims scent. A small green flash. What happened here? like human….another poor soul who traveled alone. No matter how much I warn them, they never listen. Typical human. Well, nothing I can do now. Humans need to handle their own….hm...wait...these teeth marks….sharper….’ Kanjigar knew full well that there were no animal attacks. A cover up the humans used. They lied only to protect others. Kanjigar got up and walked on-wards into the night...


Jim woke up, his head was groggy and filled with sleep. He searched for the noise that disturbed his sleep.The loud bang on his door rapidly over and over. He yawned, rubbed his face and called out
“who is it?”
“okay….what do you want”
“what for?”
“ENOUGH! Go, I’ll leave in a few moments.” The yelling and pounding was making Jim’s own head pound. He got up, and got ready. He left in a brisk pace, knowing well that he really shouldn’t be late when dear daddy tells him to hurry his ass up. As Jim got closer to the throne room he heard roaring over and over chanting his fathers name. A few guards noticed his arrival to the front entrance, they saluted, bowed and then opened the door. Suddenly the massive noise of cheering blasted his ears. His headache grew 10 times larger. He wanted to retreat and go somewhere quiet, but he had no choice in the matter. Dad was NEVER to be ignored no matter what.

Jim noticed his father giving out another ‘heartwarming speech’ to his army. Pumping them up and making sure they are prepared for any fights that would take place anytime soon. Jim slipped past everyone by going to the furthest side of the room and quickly made his way over to the side of his fathers throne, where his older brother Bular stood. His father and brother noticed him coming up towards them, Gunmar simply turned back to his army and kept up his ‘pep talk’. Jim stood next to his brother now who leaned over and spoke into his ear
“You’re late.”
“sorry, overslept. Besides the guard-”
“failed to do his duty? He will be punished.”
“no he did it right, I just was late from my own dicking around. Late night out.” Bular just grunted in disapproval and stood back up fully.


the army roared out in cheer and chanted Bulars name.

FAR less of the crowd cheered, most of it died down, the few that DID chant Jim’s name were as pumped up as ever. Those were the smart ones.

the army roared back up and chanted Jim’s name just as loud as Bular’s or Gunmar’s.
the army continued to roar out, now chanting both the sons of Gunmar. Roughly a half hour (surface world measured of course) later the army was dismissed. Gunmar started to walk out and to one of his many ‘personal projects’ such as ‘taming’ the dangerous creatures that lurked within the darklands.

“My sons. Come.” Gunmar made an ‘annoyed’ tone.
‘uh oh, what did I do this time?’ Jim wondered in a quick panicked moment.
“Blinkous, you are dismissed.”
“Thank you my dark underlord.” Blinky bowed and headed his own way.
Bular and Jim quickly caught up to their father’s pace, a fast one to Jim, he always had to do an awkward ‘in between’ jog and speed walk.

“yes father?”
“my heart swells with pride for you. You are doing excellent work.”
“Thank you father. It is my honor.”
“the soldiers. Loyal they call themselves. Yet they follow you more than your own brother. Pathetic.”
“It’s...alright Dad….I kinda expected it”
“BUSHIGAL! They should know better than to EVER think lesser of you. It is pathetic that you assume you would be denied proper praise.”
“no. I do not consider you pathetic my son, my love will never end for you. No, what I consider pathetic is the fact that you ASSUME it. Meaning you knew it would happen. Meaning that it WOULD HAPPEN. Which it clearly has. That is no way for my ‘loyal’ followers to think. I should kill the half that dared to think lesser of you. Teach them all a valuable lesson. I’ve had to repeat myself over and over to them about doing that. Yet they do not have it in their minds at all times.”

“well, to be fair, a lot of them do, especially mine”
“yes. Because those assigned to you are the wiser ones than the ones who are disrespectful to you. When they do that, they disrespect me and your mother. I will think of a fitting punishment for those who cheered only for your brother and myself. In the meantime, Bular you are dismissed. Go about your own activities once more.”
“Thank you father. The ones in my charge will be dealt with post haste.”
“a fitting thought, no. I will be the one to punish them. I will be far more cruel to them.”
“thank you father.”

“ mean I can go?”
“no. you are to continue to walk with me.”
“okay...uh...bye Bular”
“goodbye little brother.” Bular walked off leaving Jim alone with his father. Jim always did feel a good amount of fear for Gunmar. Even being his own son, that did not mean he would not be punished. Not only that, but being an omega made Jim feel more vulnerable when he was around far more powerful alphas. He had gotten used to Kanjigar and Draal, just barely, but still. His father was by far the biggest and more threatening one he’s ever been around. It made it even more the intense because Gunmar had not spoken to his son for a stressful minute. Jim half expected to be hurt by him, something that was never done, but did not mean it was impossible. Suddenly Gunmar had stopped and slowly turned around. His single glowing blue eye was like a sword piercing into Jim’s eyes. He felt so exposed and vulnerable. Gunmar always knew Jim was like this. He tried to look calmer and less ‘i could tear you apart like I could kick a pebble.’ he is his own son. Even though he was a gumm-gumm prince, nature still wasn’t something easily changed. He didn’t want Jim to stressed out, human emotions did do a lot to their own bodies, stress kills, something Gunmar wanted to avoid. His son’s life was already short as it was, he had no desire to speed things along.

“My son.” Gunmar said in a much quieter and calmed voice, something to help ease Jim’s anxiety.
“yeah dad?”
“You are doing very well. I wanted you to understand that, I am very satisfied by your progress. I only wish your mother was here to witness your growth. You are becoming such a proper son. So strong and smart.”
“thanks dad, I really appreciate it”
“Always keep in you heart that my love for you is as unconditional as your brothers. You are...softer. Weaker, due to your human side. I should have not raised my tone as much as I did. Do not think you are to go without punishment for your actions though.

“I promise, I won’t do that again dad” Gunmar nodded and looked his son over. His heart twitched in joy at how quickly his son was growing. So few years and he’s already becoming a proper gumm-gumm warrior. A small sadness shadowed that joy however, knowing that far sooner than any other gumm-gumm, he would have to have his son’s funeral so quickly. Such a small short life. So little compared to the others. His son was a small fleeting season. He had to savor every moment he could, before he grew old and died.

It really was not that long ago since he held the small crying whelp. His heart had felt happier than it had in years. Only after did it turn cold once more when he watched his lover pass before his eyes. Only able to hold her son and name him before she left to join the dead. Gunmar grieved but he could not show weakness, besides, his newborn needed him. He took the newborn Jim back into his arms and walked away. Letting his followers tend to the body and have a proper gumm-gumm funeral. Gunmar looked at the tiny new life in his massive arms. He was shocked like everyone else when it turned out he was a half troll omega. No matter what though, Jim was his son. That would never change no matter what he was born like.

“thanks dad, I appreciate it...but...why the sudden affection? Not that its bad! Just...I’m wondering is all”
“Humans require affection. You need it as well. This is how human fathers interact with their whelps, is it not?.” Gunmar got down on one knee and hugged his son. Jim’s skin crawled and he shivered and felt like he was experiencing something that wasn’t mentally understandable. His father…...hugged him?! The closest Gunmar ever got to showing affection was giving his children praise.
“D-dad? W-what are you doing?”
“this is a it not?”
“….why though?”
“This is what humans do to show affection. I will never stop loving you son. Now, you are dismissed to do what you like.” Gunmar stopped hugging his son, got up and left. Leaving Jim feel weird and...he really didn’t know what to think…
‘well, that was….strange. Did that just happen? Or do I have a concussion’. He was used to hugs. All his life Blinky hugged and cared for him, giving him plenty of emotional support. Blinky knew well that humans needed to experience a positive atmosphere, so that’s what he always gave Jim. Jim stood there still unsure what to think. He loved it. But it did feel so...different. He folded his arms around himself and hugged. He stood there and closed his eyes, reenacting the scene mentally. He wanted this, he wanted more. Not just out of greed, but a want, a need, to be loved.


Chapter Text

Jim breathed the fresh air deeply. He walked through the halls of his old high school. It was mostly empty, only a few handful of students lingered for their own business whatever that may be. Jim walked in front of the principles office. Walter strickler it read. Jim was about to knock when he heard whispering. Slight laughter and sweet voices speaking to one another. The door suddenly opened up
“-Well I guess we’ll just have to put a pin in that, I can’t wait to see you again soon. Oh sorry! I didn’t notice you there” Barbara spoke as she opened the door and then almost bumped into Jim.

“that’s alright, no harm done.” Jim smiled as the woman nodded and left. Jim watched her leave, looking her over from behind. He stopped as she turned a corner and left.
“Please Mr.strickler don’t give me detention! I promise that fight with Steve wasn’t my fault! He started it!” Jim smiled, walking into the office, closing the door behind him while locking it and speaking to the changeling in charge.
“Haha. I think we both know for a fact that you grew out of your awkward first arrival on the surface stage not too far after you began experiencing surface life. but yes, i suppose it was Steve's fault. originally” Walt joked back. Clicking his pen closed.
“So, shes your type huh? Red heads?” Jim said sitting in a chair.
“Hair color doesn’t matter, although it is lovely. Besides, we all have our own types. You prefer to eat yours.” Jim smiled and shrugged
“Well, I’ve got a lot of my dad in me, what are you gonna do. So, what did you need to talk about? Not every day you call me over for orders. Or did you just want to visit? Miss me already?”

“No actually, staying away from you tends to help me focus on my work. Actually this isn’t an order, more of a friendly request”
“ohhhh I wonder what that could be? A changeling asking a son of Gunmar for a favor isn’t very smart, and here I thought you were smarter than that”
“Trust me, I don’t request anything important unless it’s absolutely needed. Well this is a simple request, something I think you might be interested in”
“Tell me, oh great changeling in charge of our order”

“hm, that has a nice ring to it. We are going to make a new orientation video, something updated for today’s time, the previous one is outdated too much. I was wondering if you would be interested in partaking in it, it would be a simple ‘meet and greet’. Much like how your brother did before.”
“Hmmmm, video huh? So what would I have to do, and why not just ask Bular again?”
“You would simply have to say hello in the video, smile and just say thanks for our hard work. You know, simple things. It wouldn’t be anything personal so don’t worry. It does greatly improve morale when newcomers get recognition from someone far higher up on the ‘food chain’. As for your brother….well he was very….stubborn, about partaking in the other video. I did not want to, bother him with another request.”

“yeah, we both know that means he straight up would rather tear your head off than be bothered with a dumb recording. You can say it.”
“I prefer not to speak ill of Gunmars children.”
“You all say that, but I get it. don’t want dear old dad finding out you talked shit about us. I sure hope you don’t about me at least! I thought I was everyone’s favorite!” Walt smiled and chuckled a bit
“Which is exactly why I’m asking you. Everyone prefers your….company….rather than your...brothers. You are far...easier to talk to than he is.”

“No on shits their pants around me when they come near me you mean.”
“some would put that in familiar terms.”
“sure! I’d love to go in a video! Sounds fun!”
“splendid! Then would you mind popping over to our little ‘clubhouse’ and film tonight? We had already planned on doing it, then just cutting your scene into it, but if we can film the whole thing in one take then that would be wonderful.”
“Can’t wait to see my face on the big screen! Always wondered what it would be like if I were an actor”
“i know for a fact that you are only as good as you are a liar and a violent sociopath.”
“hey, everyone has their pros and cons! And what did you honestly think was going to happen when I was raised around master liars and manipulating changelings and bloodthirsty gumm-gumms?”

Walt chuckled
“you’ve got me there. Well, come by around 7. I’ll see you there, oh and look nice please, this will be the first time anyone outside of Arcadia will have seen you . The recording would be nicer if they saw someone who wasn't blood and organ stained, unwashed, and grime covered, like potentially other important gumm-gumm figures.”
“Well I am the pretty one. I’ll make sure I look good. wouldn’t want everyone to see the video and think I’m just as unapproachable as my brother.”
“Excellent. Then I shall see you tonight. you’re excused. Do you want me to write you a hall pass?”
“I think I’m good. Might grab something to eat for later though. don’t worry, I’ll be nice and clean for tonight.”

“Just don’t get caught.”
“like I ever do”
“you cut it to close. Too many times have we had to cover up your tracks.”
“well technically that is your job!”
“I’m not here to babysit you”
“Aww, you would make a great babysitter! Alright, I’ll leave. See ya!”


“Welcome to the Janus order”. The elevator said as it stopped lowering.
“ugh. I’ll never get used to that feeling...” Jim said, walking down the now lit up hallway. Jim looked around, the familiar plain walls, the busts, the various operation rooms. Jim waved to some changelings from time to time
“heyyy chad! Nice haircut”
“Emily, haven’t seen you in a while!”
“jack! Your favorite pain in the ass is here!
“Sammy, look who’s here! Oh let me take that for you, I’m heading this way anyways” Jim smiled, he did love the various emotions the changelings had for him. The new recruits feared him and tried not to get in his way, or wondered why he was there since Jim was hardly known. the older members would smile and greet him casually like they would to any common person or secretly roll their eyes or groan that Jim was there. He really DID try to be a distraction to them, it was fun messing with them. He had visited frequently when he had down time and didn’t feel like doing much else. He would mainly walk around, talk, try to see any ‘big plans’ that were about to occur. Listen in on the various messages being sent across the world. Try to understand (and fail) the very complex systems they had set up. Things of that nature overall.

He knew his way around well enough, but the very deeper levels made him lost, it was a real maze at times. He slowed down as he smelled a familiar scent, he grinned evilly and crouched down. He snuck up next to one changeling and roared
“OTTO” the changeling screamed and dropped onto the ground trying to backaway.
“you….you scared me...yet again….” Otto’s breathing was rapid. He adjusted his glasses and stood back up. Jim LOVED to scare the polymorph. He startled so easily, and it was just fun to mess around with him. He was one of the top tier in charge, and THE most afraid of Jim. He took Jim’s status by heart. He never saw the happy fun having half troll, he only saw a son of Gunmar. Jim found it amusing.
“How’s my favorite polymorph doing?”
“b-better now that I’ve become more...awake. I’m so thankful that you consider me your favorite.” Otto dusted himself off, still shaking. Even if he WAS mad or upset with Jim, he would NEVER dare show it or speak about it. He was too smart for that. Jim could technically kill anyone he wanted to at anytime. Even though he never did. Still, everyone always remembered that fact.

“Hey so, I need you to do something for me.”
“anything for the son of mine kaiser”
“I’m totally lost. I’m supposed to be apart of the new orientation video thing...oh..oops, was that a spoiler?”
“not at all, I was heading there right now”
“cool! I’ll follow”
“This way, please, and thank you for letting me be in your company” The two walked down a few hallways. It was fairly silent, neither one of them talked. Otto had nothing to say, or was too afraid of how Jim would react. Almost all the changelings knew how Bular was, or heard stories of him. How demented he was and how cruel and dark and terrifying too. No one dared come near him if they didn’t absolutely need to. Jim though, they almost always relaxed. He was on totally different levels of being able to be near him without fear of sudden beheading just for looking at him for too long.

“We are here, please, after you”
“thanks Otto, fist bump” Otto was always socially awkward in general, let alone with Jim. He smiled nervously and did it. The room was filled with cables and cameras and a lot of TV screens. Tons of flashing buttons and dials and everything else that was needed to record and shoot things. The room was fairly busy overall. The usual broadcasts were happening along with the new recording of the orientation video. Walt was talking and looking into the camera with his usual charismatic self.

A changeling woman in a mask carefully walked up to Jim, like he was a wild animal that could kill them at any moment, which in all honesty he could, and spoke softly
“h-hello Son of Gunmar. We know you’re about to be part of the video, please, walk this way over to the other side of the room with me, we’ll get you camera ready”
“what, my pretty face not ready? Or is my fur a mess? Do I have meat in my fangs?” Jim said jokingly and kindheartedly. That seemed to visibly relax the changeling.
“I had heard that you were a bit more...approachable than your brother, not that I’m saying anything negative in anyway!”
“nah it’s fine, I try to be. You can be chill around me, just as long as you don’t mind me being annoying” Jim winked and chuckled. The Changeling laughed lightly, although Jim couldn’t tell if it was genuine or just trying to go along with Jim so she didn’t get killed.
“Lead the way, let’s get me all pretty!”

Jim felt relaxed. A few changelings were tending to him, checking him over, picking bits of lint off of his shirt, brushing his fur (which caused Jim to purr. That shocked the changelings, they all actually stopped for a split moment. A son of Gunmar….purring?...then they went back to work) and overall groomed him.
“Alright, you’re about to go on. When Stricklander calls your name you go on. I recommend just taking a deep breath and don’t worry about a thing, just relax and have fun with it” a changeling said.
“are you ordering me?! Are you honestly telling me what to do?!”
“n-no! I-I’m so sorry I swear i-”
“hahaha! don’t worry I’m just playing with you. It’s fine, thanks for the suggestions though, I appreciate it” The changeling just stood there not knowing how to react. Jim just smiled widely.
“t-thank you?...I’ll just be going if you excuse me...”
“Go ahead, I won’t stop you” The changeling nodded and left quickly.

“…...and as a very special treat we even have an heir of Gunmar himself!” Walt waves over to Jim to come. Jim walks, stupidly looking into the bright light and then blinking. He looked at Walt

“Now, I know you must have been expecting Bular. Now you must be asking yourself
‘who is this, a half troll? Surely this must be some kind of jest! A little light humor?’ well not at all! He truly IS a son of Gunmar. This is Jim, Son of Gunmar, brother to Bular. He has happily accepted our invitation to appear in our video! Please introduce yourself”

“uh, hi, I’m, well, Jim. Nice to meet you. My dads Gunmar, as was said. And uh, yeah my big bro’s Bular. Weird that I’m a part of the family huh? Well long story short, mom was a half troll, dad and her got...uh...i mean they...well you know...and then here I am! Mom died when I was born. Named me Jim, so uh, yeah...surprise! I exist!” Jim did slight jazz hands.

“Thank you very much. Now, the reason hes hardly know is because we keep it that way. To the world, Bular is the only son Gunmar has had, but this is clearly not so. Our young friend here is currently 92 years old, still just a child really, so he has yet to make a name for himself. Jim lives a regular life, going to college, hanging out with his friends, buying pizza. This is his life, also his perfect cover! He walks among our enemies, spies on them, collect notes, learns the very secrets they try to hide. He comes and goes without anyone the wiser. Jim here is not only a half troll, but get this, an omega! Yes you also heard that right! The second son of Gunmar the black, the skullcrusher, the dark underlord, is a half troll omega! Now how, is it possible that our very lord has spawned one?

Well it’s from his mothers side! At the second battle for the bridge, a powerful and loyal half troll worked her way through the ranks until she was by Gunmar’s side. Then, the two fell in love and well, Jim was born. What you see here is in front of you is a spawn of two beings so unlikely to be together that nature herself crafted him to be perfect!. A child who comes and goes freely, wherever whenever! He even walks within trollmarket itself! When not learning, he goes about his life as any normal person would. So if you see him come and go, which is something very common, simply leave him be. Maybe say hello or nothing at all, whatever is natural to the situation. Other than that, if he ever asks for anything, be it money, food, water, shelter, you are to give it to him without question.

Never forget, his appearance may fool you, but he is just as deadly as his brother. he’s also far friendlier, he likes to be greeted.”

“Yep, just say hi to me every now and again! I promise I wont bite! Haha! Unless I do”

“he’s also got a good bit of humor to him, but never. EVER forget. He IS a son of our lord. Many have treated him….with less respect than he is entitled to. let’s just say Gunmar himself ALWAYS deals with them. You DON’T want to be on his bad side. But in all honesty who does!. Well that should wrap this portion up. In summery, hes our little secret! don’t let anyone find out, just yet. You are to respect and provide for him. And don’t forget to tell him whatever he wants. He has maximum clearance. From anything minor to the highest secrets, he is allowed to be told. Well, it was wonderful to have you Jim”

“thanks, I’m glad to have done this, I bet my big brother Mr.grumpybutt didn’t do as good as I did”

“Well his words, not mine! So, any last thoughts Jim?”

“hmm...nope! Just keep doing your thing! OH WAIT THERE IS ONE THING! I doubt you get told this enough but, from me to you. Thank you. We really could NOT do this without you! Every little detail, every small little cog in the great clock of our...whatever, is important! Keep up the great work! OH and believe it or not, but my dad and brother both do appreciate what you’re all doing. Working so hard and doing so well! You could never tell, but trust me, I can. They are own way….but from me to you, thumbs up! Keep it up! Hey maybe you might get that promotion you want! I believe in you! Teamwork makes the dreamwork!...and….stuff, hang in there baby?..uh...that’s all I got, stay positive!..and...uh...keep pushing through!...every...light has it’s tunnel!...wait...reverse that. uh...yeah so fun being here!”

“Well thank you again, we all appreciate your words and time, now how about you say goodbye Jim”

“Goodbye Jim!”

“See? A good bit of humor!. Well now that our special guest has had his turn, next I’m going to talk about the politics in your area. What you can do and how to do it!.”

the camera cuts and everyone gets to work editing what they have already recorded.

“so..uh..did I do good?”
“you did splendid!”
“really? I’m pretty sure I messed up there at the end”
“oh no one will mind, although I do appreciate you giving praise to us, we never get anything like that from the...higher status. It will really boost morale around here to know that everyones work is being noticed and appreciated”
“anytime! So am I done here? I’m getting hungry. I think I’ll go get something to grab. It should be dark enough to find the good meat.” Jim licked his lips.

“Well, I suppose you should do what you will. Please try not to make a big mess”
“nah, I love making messes”
“very well. Do as you will.” Otto walked up to the two of them
“well done! I must say you did quite well. Better than...previous guests of all kinds we’ve had on here”
“Thanks Otto, I appreciate it. Alright, take me out of here, I feel like eating. If I don’t leave soon, I might have to have a bite on someone. One less changeling won’t be too bad.” Jim growls and licks his lips.


“ha...ha you r-really do have a sense of humor”
“I’m not kidding Otto. I don’t joke about my ‘eating habits’.” Jim looked serious, then smiled
“or do I?” Otto backed up a bit and waved his arm out.
“this way...son of mine kaiser...” The two walked the halls, it was the usual silence until they turned a corner and a few changelings stood in a small group.
“you go..”
“no you...”
Otto spoke up to them
“Why are you lingering around? Get back to work!”
“we uh….wanted to meet Jim, uh I mean..the son of Gunmar Jim!”

Jim smiled in surprise
“why? I’m just your daily average half troll omega son of the darkest creature. No biggie”
“He is funny” one changeling whispered. Another one walked up to Jim nervously.
“i uh...we...were wondering..if...maybe...we could get your autograph?” Jim gasped and laughed
“Me?! Autograph?! Seriously? I mean, sure, but it’s not like I really have one. This is the first time anyone’s ever asked me for something like this.”

The changeling group made little glee noises. They took out pens and paper. Jim reached for a pen then started to write.
“so...what’s your name?”
“to mark...from...Jim...teamwork makes the dream work….”
“oh my gosh I got one! Everyone at home is going to be so jealous!” the changeling Mark laughed a bit and left. Jim stood there for a couple minutes signing. He liked it surprisingly, it was neat getting this kind of attention, like he was some celebrity. After he was finished the group dispersed and went their separate ways. Otto cleared his throat
“i don’ might be willing to do….one more?”
“aww okay. Just for you!”


Apparently word traveled fast that he started to sign things. More and more changelings came up to him. All asking for his signature. Apparently being the direct son of Gunmar was something to be excited about. It’s not like Bular would ever sign anything, so getting the second son to, well it made peoples day. Jim had nothing left to do that night, he could wait a bit longer to eat, if it meant making some people’s day. He did like to see them happy little worker bees. He knew just how well having a positive work environment did matter. Jim couldn’t help but really enjoy the attention, he even let some of them pet him THAT was nice for both parties. Jim didn’t even realize that it was now 2 hours later. He did chuckle to himself, he got so caught up in his newfound fame that he didn’t even pay attention to the time. His hunger now did spike and he decided to leave, he left quickly, he decided that he would give out more ‘attention’ to the others when he came back. He did visit often, so it’s not like everyone won’t get to meet him, and hey, when you get to meet a celebrity, that’s always awesome!.


Jim had found some unlucky bastard that happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Well two. A couple drunks walking around laughing. Oh well. Parties over. For them. Jim typically never ate anything ‘spiked’ but hey, alcohol did tenderize and flavor meat. So After his meal and a half was done with, he brought back what was left home. Stored it, and got ready for bed. He had a long day, he was ready to hit the nest!. He had finished a nice hot bath. He was soft and warm and dry and fluffed up, his eyes closed and body relaxed. He was counting gumm-gumms in his head...slowly drifting off….until a sudden pounding at his door woke him up. Now he was pissed, he was PERFECT. Now it was ruined.

“Master Jim, sorry to disturb you, but I was hoping to talk to you. In private.”
THAT always meant Blinky needed to say something important that couldn’t wait. Something no one else should be hearing. Jim knew how to keep a secret. So Blinky always would confide to him. Jim got up and opened the door, he was too tired to put cloths on. Not that he cared anyways. Blinky quickly walked in while covered in a hood.
“What’s wrong Blinky?”
“ah master Jim, I do dearly apologize for the inconvenience. You father...well...he is a bit….upset at something, something involving you. I wanted you to be able to brace yourself before his arrival, which should be any moment. Perhaps it would be wise to ready yourself for his soon to be sudden appearance.”

“oh shit! What did I do!? what’s he mad about!?”
“i wouldn’t call it anger per say, more of….upset with you. Or at you, either way it does involve you. Do you want me to aid you in dressing?”
“eh I’m to tired and I really don’t care. Everyone has a dick. Not like he hasn’t seen mine before.”

“SON. YOUR FATHER IS HERE. YOU’D BETTER BE IN THERE” Gunmar yelled down the hallway. It loudly echoed into the room, booming all around Jim and Blinky. Really making it seem just how deep and powerful and foreboding Gunmar really was. Suddenly The door to his room was opened, two gumm-gumm elite guards opened it, and stood back as their ruler steeped through, along with Bular.
“Hey dad, hey bro”
“Hello little brother.” Bular said in a monotone voice.
“Why are you nude? Why are there corpses in your room? And why did I just receive word form the Janus order about you?”

“well first, I took a bath and was about to sleep. I think my heat’s coming again pretty soon. Been feeling...emotional...ya know? My ‘inner omega’ coming out. Second I was hungry and had a little dinner before coming home, and then I thought that I would just finish it later. And third, well I went to visit in arcadia, made a fun video and then signed some stuff! They think I’m a celebrity!”

“what is this celebrity?” Gunmar asked in curiosity. His son always did say things he didn’t understand. The human world had ridiculous concepts all the time. Blinky spoke up and replied
“it’s a being of great fame and well respected to the humans.”
“ah. Good. They are treating you with the respect you deserve. At least the impures know what’s good for them.” Blinky sighed slightly in relief. Knowing that at least Jim was being taken care of by their order.
“Yes, the impures have a great fondness for your son. He visits and checks up on them frequently. He helps ‘boost their morale’ in the sense that his presence causes them to work faster, harder, and more efficient. They have already grown double their usual rate within the past month. His very being is helping your army grow my dark underlord.” Blinky always did know how to ‘talk Jim up’. Making sure Jim was always seen in a positive way. It wasn’t just Jim’s neck on the line. It was also his. Blinky was his main caretaker. Which also meant that any progress Jim made was a reflection on him. Fail, Blinky is punished for not doing his job well enough. Succeed and Blinky is rewarded.

Gunmar smiled and did a purr
“good. I enjoy this. you’re doing well my son. Keep it up. Even if the impures hassle you. At least they give you the respect you are supposed to receive. Hfmph. To think, lowly impures are smarter than trained perfect gumm-gumm warriors in knowing how to treat my own son.”
“truly ironic my dark underlord. That just goes to show that the Janus order is far more intelligent as a group. Not just respecting your son because they have to, but because they want to even more so than others do. He does hold strong sway over them. No wonder they have been growing back to their proper numbers as past history once had. And their grip on the world too is growing stronger. They have already discovered many secrets that aid us. Sadly, none to aid you I’m afraid. Or at least not yet. Still they search relentlessly.”

Gunmar nodded
“good. Good.” Jim laid in his nest and covered himself with a blanket
“ need anything specific?”
“Yes. You’ve been around the arcadia post very often. I was wondering why. Now I know just how well you were doing all this time. And not even telling me for personal reward! You truly are growing wonderfully my son. I am proud of you.”
“thanks dad….is that all? I just would really like to get some shut eye….meaning I would like to sleep.”

Gunmar looked around his son’s room. He hasn’t been inside of it in a while. It has changed greatly. Gunmar liked to know what his son was interested in. even if it was useless human things like music and trinkets. Still, if his son enjoyed it, then it mattered to him. Gunmar had always thought to himself about his plans after he took over the world. He knew he would give his children their own parts to own for themselves. He had a few ideas on letting Jim have a nice little kingdom to rule and watch over. Something of a decent size to help train him for larger kingdoms. Baby steps. Let him get a feel for it first before doing something big. He didn’t want his son to be overwhelmed.

Gunmar had also thought about letting his son be in charge of the humans in his son’s kingdoms. Jim enjoyed their company. Perhaps leave some of them alive so their bards could sing for his son, like how Jim greatly enjoyed it. Gunmar never understood it. If it wasn’t a powerful booming war chant, then it didn’t matter. Human music and words sounded stupid to him. Useless. His son enjoyed it though, and that’s what mattered.

“i shall leave you to your nesting my son. If you require anything, simply ask, as usual”
“thanks dad, I’ll make sure of it.” Gunmar knew of his son’s ‘little adventures’ with his soldiers. If they weren’t virile enough to please his son, then they weren’t good enough to breed in his army. He needed only the best soldiers. So he let his son get away with it. Although, soon he will have a true mate, one he will NOT kill and devour. One Gunmar would approve of, one that has proven they are worthy of courting his son, breeding, and having whelps. Until then, his sons nature needed to be met. Blinky told him that omega humans need the ‘company’ or else they feel lonely and depressed. Another reason Gunmar let it slide.

Gunmar nodded and left, the guards and Bular followed. Blinky sighed in relief far after the dark underlord had left.
“I feared he would have been far more upset.”
“same here. So what exactly made him upset?”
“i don’t know exactly. All I know is that it had to do with those subjects. Well, whatever the case, his mind has been put at ease. More or less. Well, I shall leave you now master Jim. I hope you sleep well. Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the gnomes bite!” Blinky smiled and left.

Ever since Jim was small, he always did little things like that. Do things that human parents would do to their children. Well, it made sense, Jim needed to be raised in a human fashion. No one else really understood the little details like rhymes and stories that didn’t involve battle and murder. No one really understood the little good night’s and ‘tuck in’s’. Well, that didn’t matter. What mattered was that Jim was growing emotionally healthy. Well, as healthy as a son of Gunmar could be. Jim went back to counting gumm-gumm’s in his head and drifting off to sleep….

Chapter Text

“focus brother. Focus.” Bular grunted in annoyance. His brother was getting fidgety from watching fights. He whined and couldn’t just sit still long enough. Bular loved teaching and showing his brother how to kill, however it did become a hassle just to try and reign him in.
“I...i just...i need blood...”
“Why father gave you permission to go on another outing with me while you enter your heat is beyond me.”
“Dad knows I can’t just sit still at times.”
“You should be in your nest. Not hungry for blood.”
“I haven’t had any visitors recently~ I need SOMETHING to satisfy my needs, and violence is a good one.” The two sibling gumm-gumms watched Kanjigar fight. Killing and hacking many warriors to bits.
“We’ve seen him fight before. I’VE seen him up close! let’s just kill him already! what’s there to teach?!”

“shhh. Still yourself. it’s good to be lustful for carnage. it’s another to rush in and get killed. Even gumm-gumm’s need to watch and learn.”
“carnage is our way of life! Let me go. Pleaaassseee!”
“No. it’s bad enough you’re in heat. Let alone having you be too invested in your own cravings to focus on your defense. it’s just as important as offense.”
“you always rush in and do extreme things! You don’t hesitate or think!”
“Do not compare yourself to me. Besides, that is MY way. Not yours. I know how to handle myself. In every fight, you need to be able to know your enemy. I’ve studied them up close and from afar. I might be the type to rush in, but that’s only because I’m strong enough to defend myself.”

“hush. Yes, you can. However you let your blood lust get the best of you. You’d rather go reckless than focus on keeping yourself alive.”
“ughhhhh! Pleassee! I need something!”
“You can hunt a human-”
“NO. I don’t WANT that! I want troll blood!”
“When we get home you can hump and eat your fill. Until then-” before Bular could grab him, Jim had charged off on all fours, ducking and running through the trees. He shoved his helmet on and drew his sword. He quietly landed behind Kanjigar. What few gumm-gumm soldiers that were left looked at their leaders son, they slowly backed up, knowing dam well to stay out of his way.

“You retreat? I’ve never know your kind do such a thing” Kanjigar said with a smile, he never wavered or became over confident, still, he did enjoy the sight of his enemy possibly learning their lesson for the first time.

“nah. We don’t.” Kanjigar heard a voice behind him, quickly turning around he noticed a decent sized gumm-gumm. Covered from head to toe in dark armor spiked with green crystals.
“I’ve never seen you before. Are these your men?”
“so to speak. They belong to the sons of Gunmar.” Kanjigars mind stopped for a moment. He must have misheard….sons...plural...meaning more than one….no...that wasn’t possible, this gumm gumm was simply trying to distract him.
“You’re a bit young and small to challenge the trollhunter.”
“I love the danger. Now, why don’t we have a little bit of fun.” Suddenly the gumm-gumm soldiers were killed and Draal, who then rolled up into a ball and rolled to his fathers side, then un curled and too a battle stance.
“i thought the trollhunter wasn’t allowed to have children?. My, what a handsome one. I see where he gets his good looks trollhunter. I don’t think I’d mind laying with either one of you.”
“flattery will get you no where.” Kanjigar suddenly looked to his side, his eyes noticed something large and black charge at them. Bular had slammed into Kanjigar while slashing his sword towards Draal, who just barely rolled past it.

“What do you think you’re doing?! You weren’t….it doesn’t matter now.” Bular growled out, slowly backing his way towards his brother. Now, the four stood a good amount away from each other. Jim and Draal facing one another, and Bular and Kanjigar facing one another. The four had moved their way near the bridge. No one moving much, no one backing down.
“Aww, look how fun! Two sons and two servants to their masters fighting. Wish this would last, I want to be able to live like this for a very very long time. So, does anyone want to get something to eat soon? I’m starving! I found a nice group of humans around here. They looked tasty.”

“Silence. You shall not speak about harming the fleshbags.” Kanjigar said, shifting his gaze around without being noticed, trying to look and see what he could use to his favor.
“Hey kanjigar, real quick. The stance you use, the fourth step, did you ever figure that one out in the forge?” Jim asked with a smile, however no one could see it with his helmet on. That question made Kanjigar feel...strange….fear? exactly… was something on the back of his mind. There was no way anyone outside of watching him practice would have known that. Only a few people knew….including his son...and...Jim…...although his enemies studying him wasn’t a small fact either. Kanjigar re focused on the task at hand.

“I see you’ve been studying me for weaknesses. Smart for a gumm-gumm.”
“Hey, I try big guy” Kanjigar’s mind slowed down again
‘big guy’ only Jim called him that…
“Why did you say that.”
“why. Did you say that specifically?”
“because you’re a big guy.”
“only one other calls me that….”
“The little omega half troll?” Kanjigar tensed up. They knew about Jim. That wasn’t good. There was no way Jim could protect himself, especially against trained gumm-gumm warriors.
“by the looks of it, I think your little ‘pet’ might be a bit….in trouble. You have no idea whats happening. Funny. That makes me smile.” It was clear on Kanjigar’s face this conversation started to hit a nerve.

“what’s wrong trollhunter? Your little pet not as safe as you think?” Jim was being very smug, he LOVED this. He was so close to being caught, just by talking, acting, BEING himself.
“Silence. We speak no more.”
“aww, but I looove banter! Besides, I wonder where your little pet is now...” Kanjigar really tensed up now. Was Jim in trouble? It was true that Kanjigar had no idea where he was at. Jim always came and went as he wished, Kanjigar had no reason or will to prevent that, he was a free spirit, and Kanjigar enjoyed the youthful energy that he had. Reminded him of his own youth. These gumm-gumms….especially Bular...if they knew about where Jim was….

Draal roared
“enough! We fight!”
“Why? Afraid that if he’s gone for good, you might miss his little ‘affections’ for you?” Draal and his father quickly looked to one another. Sure, Jim being attracted to Draal wasn’t a secret in trollmarket….but that’s just it...ONLY in trollmarket. There was no way anyone else outside of it could know…
“You lie. Gumm-gumms only lie. You know nothing abo-”
“about Jim? The little innocent half troll omega who comes and goes how he wants when he wants, going to college and making friends and visiting his father and watching you train and living within your home. Funny though, what would we be able to know about Jim? I know for a fact that this very second, he’s with his brother. Doing something very dangerous.” Jim laughed as he looked at Bular who was NOT amused.

Bular was more than furious, he wanted to beat his brother to near death. He would never harm him, but he wanted to. His brother was being was more stupid that he ever has. He was always so well behaved, why do this? Why do this now?!. Bular just chalked it up to him being in heat. He knew for a fact omegas always didn’t think like they usually did when in heat. Especially Jim. Bular just tried to remain focused as his brother babbled on and on. Bular let his brother have his fun, hopefully ‘getting his fill’ so he wouldn’t be a pain in the ass anymore after. The second they had an opening, Bular was going to grab Jim and high tail it out of there, go somewhere the trollhunter and his whelp couldn’t find them, then teleport home. He would make sure their father knew what Jim had done. Then again...Jim was in heat. His father would punish him for being in a condition where he couldn’t place his thoughts properly. Perhaps it was for the best to just let Jim off the hook for this.

Jim had always said sorry and tried to make up how he acted during his heat. Always making sure he properly apologized and showed that he truly did regret it. Bular remembered this and knew Jim would do the same after this. He had always learned his lessons well, this would be no different.

“So, trollhunter. I think you-”
“AHHHHH” Draal roared and charged.
“son don’t!” Kanjigar charged with him, just trying to protect his son. Draal was furious, he had too many ‘nerves’ hit, he had to ‘punish’ them for insulting his fathers pet. NO ONE spoke ill of Jim. Sure, he was annoying at times, a bit to ‘grabby grabby’, purred to often to Draal when he was around him, but Jim had a good kind loving free heart, and Draal would never let anyone tarnish that. He secretly didn’t care about Jim as much as his father did, but he still cared deeply for the half troll omega.

Bular dove in front of Jim, taking Draals attack. Kanjigar’s mind noticed this. He wondered. Why did Bular do that? Risking his own neck to save this….small troll. Bular was always selfish, always willing to kill anyone for his own survival. Why did he…. Kanjigar focused and decided to swing at Bular who retaliated and swung both blades at him, Kanjigar dove and rolled out of the way, he threw his sword, just missing Bular as he knocked it away. Draal charged Bular rearing his ax up, readying for a powerful swing. Bular grabbed Draal’s arm and threw him into Kanjigar, knocking both of them over.

Bular looked at his brother who was just….standing there. Motionless. Bular knew for a fact that Jim would have clearly dove in and did so laughing. Then why was he motionless?. Bular decided it wasn’t important then. He grabbed his brother and retreated into the forest. He quickly pulled out his amulet and teleport the both of them home. Within an instant a flash of green light surrounded them and they stood on the ground of the darklands. Bular put his brother down and looked him over. He was worried that something might have happened to Jim somehow.

“Hey. Focus. Look at me” Jim didn’t move what so ever. It was like he was a statue. Bular gently tugged off the helmet to see Jim silently crying. Bular’s heart hurt a bit. Sure, he was a ruthless gumm-gumm. They all were, but he only cared for his father and brother. His emotions for both of them were different. With his father, he feared and respected him, wanted to please him and show he was worthy of bearing the title of being his son. With Jim, he saw a small weak creature that needed protection. Care. Bular did care for him, he didn’t want to see him hurt or suffer. He knew as well as his father did that Jim’s life was a small one. Bular wanted to make sure it lasted as long as it could. He loved his brother and wanted to see him safe and happy. Bular smiled with pride, seeing his baby brother grow up into a feisty violent gumm-gumm, he was eager to see what his brother would be like when he was older, more capable.

“Whats wrong? Tell me.” Jim’s gaze was just gone, like he was looking at nothing.
“Are you hurt?”
“what’s going on with you?”
“if you do not speak, I cannot help.”
“….” Bular sighed. The gumm-gumm way was to just brute force it. He knew Jim’s mental health wouldn’t allow that. He decided to fetch Blinky. He always knew how to handle these things. Bular lifted up his brother, slung him over his shoulder and walked to Jim’s room. Once there, he tossed his brother into his nest and went to fetch his fathers loyal adviser. Bular found Blinky and told him to follow. After the two were out of earshot of everyone else Bular explained the situation. Not hiding any details from that night.

Jim laid in his nest, spacing out. Why was he feeling this way? Why was he just...shut down?. He didn’t even notice the door open.
“Master Jim.” He heard Blinky say in a soft tone. Blinky walked over to the side of Jim’s nest. Put a hand on his head, checking his temperature. Omegas did sometimes have a fever when their heats got too intense.
“I will take it from here master Bular. Master Jim requires rest.” Bular grunted and nodded, looking once more at his brother, before turning around and leaving, closing the door s behind him.

“Is there anything you wish to discuss? Your brother has informed me of tonight’s events.”
“perhaps you became a This has happened before. Let me get you some nice cold water and a wash cloth.” Blinky walked over to Jim’s little bathroom and fetched a cold wet cloth and glass of water. Meanwhile Jim just felt….a void inside of him? Cold? Numb? He honestly couldn’t tell. The second Draal charged him he suddenly started to feel...strange. The feeling built up as he saw his brother take the attack for him, when Kanjigar started to show unease when Jim spoke of himself. Something inside of him just….

Jim suddenly felt the tense cold rag on his head. That helped to snap him out of his own head.
“Drink master Jim, this will help soothe your heat.”
“Blinky...what’s wrong with me?”
“Well other than a potential fever-”
“no..i mean...why do I feel this way?….” Jim slowly and sadly just spoke of the void within him. It was growing and gnawing, not letting up or giving mercy. Jim has NEVER felt this way before. So why now? Why all of a sudden? Why did it trigger tonight of all times?…

“Well, you are still growing, hardly an adult by human progression. Another answer could be that you’re emotions are running high due to your heat.”
“I just….i think I want to sleep...”
“very well master Jim. I do hope you feel better soon. Call me at any time and I shall arrive post haste.” Blinky smiled as he patted Jim’s head. He turned around and left, the sound of the closing doors echoed through the large room. Jim just breathed in and out….he was tired but, he just couldn’t fall asleep. He had no idea how long he just laid there in his nest. Eventually he grew tired of just laying there with no respite, he sat up and looked around his room. The ever familiar place was the same as it had been since he last decorated. He hugged himself and felt nothing. He craved warmth. Something the darklands had none to give, physically or emotionally. He remembered the ‘kindness’ his trollhunter and Draal gave him. He felt….a need….to be around them...not even sexual needs just….companionship…

Jim sighed and rubbed his horn. He finally decided what he wanted to do. So, he got up, took his armor off, bathed quickly, dressed, and wrote a note stating he was going to trollmarket. He grabbed a small bag full of a few minor essentials. A couple books, his phone, a few other pair of cloths, his amulet, some cash, and some snacks and birth control. Why the BC? Why not, hey, maybe he’ll get lucky. Who knows. He used the amulet, teleport, used the horngazel, and entered the trollmarket.


Jim laid in his trollmarket nest,….happy. The glow from the heartstone seeped into him like water to a rag. He felt amazing. He understood the joys of a heartstone now. He felt so eased, so relaxed, like a spa. All the pain and knots in him just faded away. Jim cuddled more into his nest. He had worked on it over and over, but he finally got it right. He brought his own pillows and blankets to add to them, some stuff to decorate his room with, and just did a quick tidy up in his room. It had no door, it was carved into the stone like a large cave. Small light crystals stringed across the ceiling and dropped down a bit, making the room feel a warm soft orange glow. Jim wanted to just cuddle up against the heartstone itself….

He wondered why he felt so...different, compared to the other trolls. He wanted to talk to someone who was an expert, so he went to the top! Literally. He spoke to Vendel and asked him lots of questions. He was such a wise old troll, he seemed like he had every answer to every situation. He even rivaled blink’s education. All the questions revolved around half troll information. Jim really didn’t know much about his own kind. He didn’t think it was important. He started to think differently about that. Vendel explained his ‘ins and outs’ and explained things to Jim that Jim never even knew existed. The reason he felt so attached to the heartstone was 1 because he was in heat. And 2, Vendel couldn’t figure that one out. All he said was that Jim must have come from some line of trolls that have had intense needs for heartstone in the past. High constant exposure. Jim actually laughed out loud. He understood now why he was so affected. His father was created from it, ate it, grew stronger. Jim had the same capabilities to do so, in some likeness at least.

Jim’s body naturally reacted to the strengthening and healing properties of the heartstone. No wonder Jim wanted to just be around it. His body was consuming it to regenerate itself. Jim was taught about his biology too. Since they were on the talk of ‘heat’ Vendel explained many omega things to him. His reproductive cycle, what kind of species he would end up bearing, why his constant sexual cravings were so intense, and many others. Jim was stunned to learn that his own personal body would….only be able to have a single child. Not only that, but for some biological reason of his ‘ancestors’. He is only able to bear a child with a full blooded troll. Jim didn’t mind that fact. He never was sexually aroused by humans, and he’s hardly ever seen another half troll. One thing Vendel said that
“for the well being of your species, I heavily do advise you have a child.”

His species. What did he care for? Jim was Jim. He didn’t give any thoughts to the ‘better interest at large’. Although that fact did draw in Jim’s attention. His species IS endangered. He might be one of the last few generations of his kind. He was already special enough with his status, let alone adding more to it. Half troll omega male child of Gunmar. Now adding ‘endangered’ to the list seemed silly, simply because now the list was so long, it was already long enough before. Jim was given a small heartstone necklace to wear.
“Here, this is for you. Our heartstone regenerates and grows for as long as we tend to it. It’s slow to develop, even slow to a full troll, so we don’t often use it for much, unless we truly need to.”
“thanks..uh...why am I getting this?”
“it will help soothe your young body. Your heat will only become more intense. This will keep you a do I put it….less jumpy?.”
“so….are you saying I won’t get so horny I start to hump every troll I see?”
“ could put it that way, or that you might start to rub up against everything, putting your scent on it to attract a mate. Now, you don’t have to answer, this is a personal question, just between us. What do humans say? Doctor patient confidentiality. Have you chosen a potential mate? Or even have mated in the past?”


flashes of the lovers hes had painted his mind for a brief moment.
“I’ve mated in the past, but never have selected an ACTUAL mate.”
“Your body will crave more and more attention until you are claimed by one properly. Just be prepared for that.”
“great, I’m literally going to get so horny I start to die.”
“die? no. become ill, yes.”
“So...who do I pick?”
“Well, that is not for me to decide. You must choose it yourself. My advice, pick a nice alpha that will take care of you and give you the attention you want and require.”

“so, any potential alpha studs around here?”
“i wouldn’t put it like that. But yes, there are more than enough alphas to court. I’m sure that more than a handful will be interested in you. Being such a fertile and ‘pretty’ thing. Also your rarity comes into play. Just go search around for a nice one, and you’ll find more than enough. You seem to have a good heart, I’m sure you’ll end up choosing the right one.”
“yeah, I’ve been told I’m good at choosing people. So….what about….someone close to you...”
Vendel raised an eyebrow
“no not you! I mean...someone….that you may or may not be able to court...”
“i think I know who you mean.”
“yes. You did same something along the lines of ‘breeding the trollhunters son’.”
“oh..uh..yeah..” Jim had no idea why he suddenly felt embarrassed about that fact. He was never uncomfortable talking about his sexual desires. Now? He just...felt like talking to a teacher about his body.
“May I ask, why do you wish to court him? No judgment, simply out of curiosity.”
“hes...big...strong...he has this...blood lust that really turns me on...he has a lot of potential I guess, he's protective too...he the kind that would take you to your nest and just...breed you. Make you feel amazing.”
“Well I didn’t need to know that last part. I see what you mean though. Many have tried to court Kanjigar, only one won of course. His son on the other hand. Hmm. Draal has never focused on finding a mate. I don’t know your chances personally, but you may try. I doubt his father would say no. he speaks highly of you. He truly cares for your well being.”

“why though?”
“he sees you as a beautiful rare creature, one that needs to be protected and cared for.”
“great, so I’m like some little cute dog.”
“i suppose if you are referring to those annoying canines that the humans have in their company. Then yes. Although he sees a lot of potential in you. Saying how you can turn into a very well rounded half troll.”
“Well rounded huh?” Jim smirked. His dad said the same.
“Vendel. Am I evil?”
“why would you ask that?”
“what If I did bad things. Am I bad?”
“everyone does something bad eventually. No one escapes this life pure as the day they were born. Everyone makes mistakes too. Why? What kind of ‘bad things’ have you done?”
“well I fight the trollhunter and am secretly a gumm-gumm and have eaten people and trolls and am secretly trying to eat the heartstone!” Jim made bite motions and smiled.

Vendel chuckled
“you do have a nice sense of humor.”
“What? don’t think I can do that?”
“you? Doing something as dangerous as that? In all honesty, I can’t even imagine you doing things so dangerous. You don’t have much weight on you, and you seem to be more of the….hide...type.”
“Well u guess you’re right. Would I be loved if I did bad things?”
“if depends on who loves you. If I caught you doing something bad, I might just use a spray bottle on you. I doubt you can do much.”

“okay, what if I kicked you in the gronk-nucks and stole your staff?”
“why would you do that? And I suppose you would be locked up for a bit.”
“what? No torture to death?”
“hahaha. We are not barbaric, at least not anymore.”
“Thanks for the talk… kid huh?….one mate...would it be alright if I came by more often? I promise not to rub up on everything and mark things with my heat.”

“then I suppose you may speak to me anytime you’d like.” Jim nodded and thanked him. Then headed back to his nest.


Jim was snapped back into the present as he heard his master the trollhunter and Draal come into their home.
“-It is far too dangerous. He must be moved here.”
“Father, he would never agree to that.”
“he must be supervised at least! If there are…..spies….around. I cannot afford his own personal safety to be-”
the two large alpha trolls looked and noticed Jim. Scent first, then sight. Jim smiled and waved.
“Jim. Come here.” Kanjigar said sternly.
“am I in trouble?”
“no. not in that way.” Jim got up and walked over. Kanjigar gently grabbed his jaw, moving around and looked all over Jim’s body.
“is...there a problem?”
“has anyone touched or harmed you?”
“followed you? Asked you questions?”
“not out of the ordinary.”
“have you noticed anything strange recently?”
“only this...right now...”


Kanjigar seemed satisfied enough. He let Jim’s jaw go.
“forgive me. I was worried for your sake”
“because of my heat? I know how to-”
“no. not that. I have found some...disturbing evidence, leading to suggest your life may be at risk. I want you to stay here within trollmarket.”
“how come? Danger?” Jim smiled, he couldn’t help but hide it. His thoughts turned to talking about himself when he was ‘fighting’ the trollhunter not too many hours ago.

“Yes….there….are rumors going around that...your kind are being hunted to extinction. Purposely.” Jim laughed loudly. Really? THAT was the lie the trollhunter made up.
“this is not a laughing matter little one. You are in serious danger.”
“i AM danger! I go out and beat up trolls all the time! I could take you on right now!” Jim made pretend fists and hit Kanjigars' chest lightly. That caused the alpha troll to smile. The innocence. Except that it hid horrible evils.
“little one. I mean it. From here on out, you will tell me when you plan on leaving anywhere outside of here.”
“what if I don’t want to?”
“then you will not leave.”
“oh? what’s stopping me?”
“myself. Along with my son.”
“why do I have to get permission?”


“because I want to know where you’ll be at all times. Your safety is my top priority. There is a very real threat right outside trollmarket. I want no harm to come to you.”
“Well, what if I just walk away?” Jim made slight pretend tip toeing away.
“You will not leave without my say so. That is an order.”
“i didn’t think trollhunters could order trolls.”
“no. I order you as your master. That mark shows ownership. You are to stay here where it’s safe.”
“aww, and here I thought you were a cool master” Kanjigar smiled
“i like to be this ‘cool’ master you have thought of. Know this, you WILL do as I say. Go against my wishes and we WILL have problems. I want to be more than your master, I want to be your friend. However I do not want you, or even I, to ruin our bond and our trust.”
“” Jim felt the pang in his gut come back. That word….that feeling…
“of course. I trust you, I believe you. You have yet to show me otherwise little one” the smile Kanjigar made….it made Jim’s stomach knot up. He had no idea why…

“i...i promise I will tell you before I go anywhere.” Jim said suddenly. Afterwards HE was shocked at HIMSELF. What go into him? Why had he just...said that?. He would NEVER agree to something like that, unless it was his fathers orders. Orders….not….request… Kanjigar nodded and patted Jim’s shoulder.
“good. I’m glad to hear it. Now, I can tell you’re state is...well, we do not need to speak of it if it makes you uncomfortable. You just rest up and relax.”
“would it be alright if I kinda around you?”
“ around you, spend time with you.” Jim blushes and rubbed his horn. He didn’t know why he felt so awkward. Kanjigar just smiled and agreed.

The night went by smooth enough. Jim was...clingy. He just...needed attention. Affection. This was so different though. In the darklands, he would be in his nest with a gumm-gumm wasn’t love or anything. Just sex and sleep. But here, now….being pet by the alphas, someone showing, giving, affections and nice! Jim was half asleep the entire time. Enjoying the gentle touches, talking, and overall relaxed atmosphere. He had no idea when, but sometime he had eventually fallen asleep and taken to his nest. He felt so much more peaceful than he did in the darklands. Like, such a deep painful emptiness was finally filled with warmth and light….

What was wrong with him!? He was vile, cruel, cold and hardhearted, a killer. He IS THE SON OF GUNMAR! He had cruelty coursing through his very veins! He LOVED BEING EVIL!...then why did this all feel so good?….

Chapter Text

Jim looked onto arcadia from the hill he stood at. He watched the flickering lights, the cars, the homes, the people. He felt...nothing. The emptiness inside of him still was there. He was hurting and he didn’t know why….

“Master Jim.” a voice from behind Jim said. Turning around he saw a now kneeling gumm-gumm soldier, not just some common brute, but one that was in the top ranks. Someone who actually had a visit to Jim’s nest a few times~. Jim felt numb, apathetic to the world. He just nodded and said in a similar tone to his emotions.
“The scouts have reported exactly what your information was. This confirms out beliefs that members of trollmarket have started to take up arms and train secretly, in order to defend themselves against us.”

Back during the second bridge attack, most of the ‘good’ trolls had trained to fight and defend themselves. Afterword however, they went back to being peaceful. it’s been a while, even to troll’s, although they had put away their weapons and ‘fighting spirits’. Now, they seem to be training up once more. The paranoia spreading throughout trollmarket was working well. It was like a sickness, slowly attaching itself from one troll to the next. All Jim had to do was whisper a word here, an action there, leaving little hints around, and spreading rumors and lies. Trolls were just as fearful as humans were, so it didn’t take much. Still, stoking the fires is always helpful.

Even though the rumors of gumm-gumms still ‘had no evidence or true proof’ did makes the trolls still suspicious. They trusted their trollhunter fully, however there are always the one who question everything. Those who rally behind them typically follow the same conspiracies. These ones clearly hid their actions from the trollhunter, as to not start anymore in fighting, or maybe the trollhunter DID know about these actions, but simply ignore it so no bond would break, trust wouldn’t sever and fade away. Sometimes looking the other way was for the best.

Jim just nodded solemnly to the strong gumm-gumm.
“a minor thing, though it could potentially help or hinder us. I will keep a close eye on it.”
“are you perhaps ready to leave? Day will be coming in only a couple of short hours.” Gunmar was told by Bular that Jim needed more….protection, while in his state. Bular had not spoken a word of the ‘event’ that took place a few nights ago. Still, from both Bular and Blinky suggesting it, that convinced Gunmar enough to allow one of his finest soldiers, along with a couple others, to watch over Jim. It was always good to be careful.

“yeah. let’s go home. I’m done here.” Jim took a deep breath, he turned around and looked once more to the lights below….

Jim walked through the darklands, going past the barracks for the soldiers, the various utilities like toilets and food supplies and suck, the forges that seemed to be the only source of heat around (many gumm-gumm’s tried to have any possible excuse to be around them, just to try to feel warmth for once.) and some other needed places for an army to use. Jim was off in his own world, not really focusing on anything in particular, just trying to ride out the depression he had developed. wasn’t that...well...fully….he just felt apathetic more than anything else….then again…

“pay attention little brother.” Jim blinked and looked up to see his brother standing in front of him snapping his fingers.
“Sorry Bular, I just...kinda spaced out.”
“hm...well how did it go?”
“did you hunt? Or have someone hunt for you?”
“no I wasn’t hungry.”
“did you fight?”
“no I wasn’t feeling it.”
“waiting for some poor fool to enter your nest?”
“I’m not horny.”

“not bloodthrist, hungry or horny? Clearly you are NOT my brother. What polymorph are you?” that perked Jim up a bit. He smiled and just tapped his brothers chest
“funny. I just don’t feel well.”
“it’s more...emotional I think.”
“i will fetch-”
“no, I don’t need Blinky. I just want to be alone...” Bular just sighed and nodded, concerned for his little brothers well being. Bular watched Jim walk away slowly past him and on his way to his nest. Bular wanted some of the guards to keep a closer eye on him, making sure he didn’t attempt anything irresponsible.

Jim laid in his nest, curled up with bundles of blankets covering him. No matter what he did, he just didn’t feel...warm...or full. He even took a few different hot baths, but no matter what it just didn’t relieve the pain. It felt like the hole was growing and little by little he was being chipped away and sucked into the void in his chest. He tried to do whatever it took to make it go away. Nothing did. Eventually that night he had called in a lover to tend to his needs. Hoping that would cheer him up. No luck, sure the orgasm was nice, but afterwards he just felt even more empty, as if another part of him left. The gumm-gumm had prepared for his own death, he was watching his master to strike. It never came. The gumm-gumm simply waited for death. It never came. The longer it took, the more he waited, the more his anxiety rose. Perhaps his master was toying with him?. He wanted to speak up, but he shouldn’t. No one speaks unless spoken to when talking to a higher up. A major rule Gunmar had placed, unless it was absolutely necessary. Perhaps he somehow was good enough that his life would be spared?


Jim simply laid on his back staring up at the ceiling. He knew the gumm-gumm next to him waited for what was clearly to come. The gumm-gumm was okay, no bells and whistles, but he was well built and was decently sized. Jim scooted over and tried to lay next to the him, he just wanted to feel physical attention. He had started to enjoy it, not sexually just...emotionally?...he couldn’t place it. The many times Kanjigar and Draal gave it to him, he felt like he was in heaven. Jim felt the gumm-gumm flinch when he scooted close and curled up on his chest.

“It’s alright. I just...want to lay on you….put your arm around me….yeah like that….just….stay with me for a while….i want to sleep with someone….guess your luck kicked in.” the gumm-gumm’s eyes were filled with shock. He didn’t know what to make of his current situation. gumm-gumm’s never gave any kind of physical interaction like this. Nothing….sensual. The gumm-gumm just felt his master slowly drift off to sleep. He soon followed. He never realized what his future had in store. Perhaps his master would kill him when he awakens. Whatever the case may be, he was….happy?. He didn’t think anymore. He had accepted his fate. It was far more than worth it to bed a son of Gunmar.

Jim stood next to his fathers throne. His body still had that gnawing feeling. It was only a few days ago when Jim made that promise to Kanjigar. Ever since then, that terrible feeling just stayed, like a stain inside of him. He tried his best not to think about anything. He did try to ‘fill the void’ as much as he could. However, he just...didn’t want his usual things. The things that made him happy.

He had sex but surprisingly it lost its appeal after two times. He was ALWAYS horny! It just died. Hunger? That died too. Wanting to be violent? He was hungry for that was the other two. He felt like the void was just turning him into a dammed twisted stain all over. Like if someone threw water onto a painting, everything just being ruined and running down, killing the image of what once was.

“Son.” Jim’s focus came back from his muddled thoughts, he looked towards his father, he couldn’t tell the expression on his face. It seemed like something that consisted or...worry?. Anger. Curiosity, and something else Jim just couldn’t figure out.
“sorry dad, did you say something?”
“you have been...different as of late. You hardly do anything. Not even leave your room.”
“yeah I just, haven’t felt the best” Gunmar stared at him, trying to read him. Trying to figure him out, like some kind of magic eye art, trying to find the hidden thing within it.

“I can summon Blinkous to tend to your...’emotional’ problems.”
“no need, but thanks dad I appreciate your concern….um...hey can I ask you something?”
“if….if you do something and….not understand why afterwards… you ever...feel different?”

“i do not understand what you say.”
“sorry I’m not really sure how to put it...i just...i don’t really understand my feelings right now.”
“perhaps it is simply your heat.”
“yeah...that probably is it” Jim said it, trying to convince his father, but honestly, he felt like he was trying to convince himself. That this would all blow over after his heat ended.

Jim told his father he was going to trollmarket
‘gather more information, keep my cover going’ Gunmar let him go thankfully.
Jim just felt a strong need to just….he wasn’t even sure. He knew the source of his problems would be solved if he went to them...right?. He waited at his nest thinking of what to say. Then ‘his’ trollhunter came into the house. Jim shot up and quickly walked over to him.
“Ah h-”
“i need to speak to you have time?” Jim rubbed his horn. He felt so...nervous….why?
“Of course, I will always make time for you. Now, what did you need to talk about? Something private I assume?.”
Jim just nodded and avoided Kanjigars gaze. The two walked into a relaxing living room and sat down. Jim’s seat was cushioned just for him.
“i...ever….well…..I tried to talk to my father but he’s not very good with emotional know you….hmm….i don’t really know how to put it….it happened….well….okay...” Jim took a deep breath and looked at his hands.

“Do you ever do something and feel….weird….about it afterwards? that’s not very helpful sounding huh? Well. I did something I usually never do recently and I’ve just gnawing thing inside of me, like its sucking me into it. I can’t get rid of the feeling.” Kanjigar started to laugh. Jim felt even worse
“no no little half troll. I’m not laughing at you. What you’re feeling is a thing called guilt.”
“what? This is what it feels like?! UGH! BLEH! I’ve never felt guilty in my life! I’ve heard about it and seen other people feel it do I get rid of this? you’re my trollhunter, you’re supposed to keep me from feeling this way! Help me!”

Kanjigar laughed again
“alright little one alright. Relax. Breathe. Take a nice deep breath. Now. I’m surprised you’ve never felt guilt before. Everyone feels it eventually. The ways to get rid of that pesky little problem and feeling, is to learn why you feel guilty in the first place. Then forgive yourself, everyone makes mistakes, its only natural. Sometimes you think something is your fault, that you could have done better or done something else. There are many times in life when you have to make difficult choices. Things that might haunt you. Just know that life isn’t easy or simple. It has a lot of ‘what ifs’ and gray areas. There is usually no one right answer. Then you have to remind yourself, you are not a bad person. No one is truly evil at heart.”

Jim laughed loudly at that. No one is evil at heart is so...ironic.
“What about gumm-gumm’s?”
“hmm….that is a...different story. Gumm-gumms are pure evil, they have no moral codes, only violence and hate.”
“is that in my heart? What if I wana hurt someone? doesn’t that make me evil?”

“everyone wonders about themselves. Hurting others is….tricky. It depends on the situation. I don’t like to hurt others, but I will if I have a good reason. As for your heart, everyone has those feelings inside of them. Everyone can grow bitterness and hate, along with wanting to be violent. what’s important is that you try to fix them at the source of it all.”

“would you hurt me?”
“i would greatly prefer not to. However, everything has punishments if it breaks what is said.”
“and If I broke your rules?”
“Well I wouldn’t harm you, but you would be punished. One more thing to know, admitting something that you feel guilty about is always for the best. For example, if you steal something that you wanted but weren’t allowed to have for whatever reason and you felt guilt. Try to fix it, go to the owner, apologize, try to see what you can do to redeem yourself. Admit to yourself that it was a mistake, that you had a moment of ‘not such good choices’ made. That you learn not to do it again and learn your lesson.”

Jim rubbed his horn again. Hearing this felt even stranger somehow….the void it….stopped growing. It didn’t shrink or go away. It just...stopped.

“so...admit guilt?”
“yes, first steps.” Jim smiled and looked Kanjigar in the eyes
“I’m the son of Gunmar, brother to Bular. I’m a gumm gumm prince and have secretly spied on everyone to gather information. I’ve gotten close to you so I can know all your weaknesses. I’ve secretly been stealing heartstone to fuel my father. I’ve actually spied and fought you before”

Kanjigr slapped his knee and laughed heavily
“oh little one, you really are funny.”
“it’s true!”
“very funny”
“it really is!”
“well, my little prince of evil, have you learned how to fight me?”
“yep! I plan on killing you in your sleep!” Jim made a little punch to Kanjigar’s chest”
“well, I better keep my eye on you then.”

“Sleep with one eye open trollhunter. I mean it! I will end you!”
“then I suppose I look forward to the challenge.” Kanjigar chuckled and pet Jim’s head, he purred in response.
“so. What guilt do you feel?”
“actually...kinda feel better now. Like my lie has been told.”

“oh? Well laughter does help. But what really is your guilt about.”
“i told you, buuut I guess to sum up. My dad and I have always agreed on stuff and had fun doing activities. But recently meeting you and making a promise to you, well it kinda goes against my fathers wishes. Then I started to feel bad and well. Here I am”

“and what is your fathers wishes?”
“that’s….actually kinda too personal.”
“then I will not pry. Well, whatever your life may be. Never forget, you do belong to me. At the end of the day, me protecting you and you being loyal to me is what matters most. That mark will be forever after all. I want you to be with your family, but if you ever feel ‘uncomfortable’ or put in a position you cannot feel good in, then you will come to me to talk. Is that agreeable?”

Jim sighed and nodded his head.

“so what now? I don’t feel any better”
“perhaps you need more time. Think on it. But do not let it consume you. If you need any advice, for this or any other matter, speak to me. I’m always willing to listen and give advice.”

“...hey….if...if you do something bad...and...afterwords….what should I feel like? I’ve never thought about it before since….well, now I don’t know what to think.”
“what have you done to consider bad?” Jim thought for a bit on what to say. He wanted to talk to someone besides Blinky about his emotions. No matter what, Blinky was always loyal to his father first. So there were things Jim had to hide. Very few things, but still.

“I’m not sure how to really answer that...but….I don’t think its ‘bad’ by my families standards. we’ve always done this with no problem...but….with this….new life, it’s just very...opposite of what I’m used to….like….this...whole inside of me that I never noticed before is getting...filled? Like a part of me that was missing is being put together. I want this….I’m….I’m afraid of what might happen if it fills though.”

“hm. Well, never fear, as long as your heart is pure and your thoughts and actions keep you from harm. It will end up being alright. You always have a home here after all. What better place to feel safe than having a nest in the trollhunters home?” Kanjigar chuckled and pet Jim again. This talk did cheer him up. The gnawing feeling actually started to let up...even if it was just the smallest bit. This...warmth...this softness….this….opposite life. It was so day and night. Jim didn’t know how to really feel about it as much anymore...

Chapter Text

Jim laid on his side. He was being pet by Kanjigar. The trollhunter and his son were talking to one another about something that Jim wasn’t paying attention to, he was too enthralled by the bliss. He snapped out of it as soon as he heard his phone vibrating. Jim set an alarm earlier to remind him of his mission fro tonight. He shot up and ran to his room, checking to make sure he would be on time, he got up, grabbed some of his things, said he was leaving to Kanjigar, who asked him where he was going.

“i need to go see my friend Toby, hes a human, today we’re supposed to meet at the museum to see some new kind of exhibit.”
“oh? Well have fun, stay safe. Check back in as soon as it turns to night.”
“yeah yeah I will I will” Jim rolled his eyes as he slung his pack over his shoulder.
“So, what new exhibit did they acquire? All those belongings are so simple to all of you, meanwhile most of us had lived through it.”

“Nice to now. And I don’t know, some kind of big door shaped thing. it’s stone and has some kind of angry trollish looking faces” Kanjigar sat up and paid deeper attention to the description.
“well, it’s a bunch of faces all over it, kinda like a giant mirror frame? Not sure how to really describe it.” Kanjigar looked off for a moment, clearly deep in thought.
“is everything okay my trollhunter?”
“yes….all will go off and enjoy your day. Do. Not. Forget. To come back home.” Kanjigar said sternly at the last part. Jim just nodded and smiled then ran out of the cave……

He walked to a dark and lonesome area in trollmarket, a small side street no one really went to. A forgotten part to a larger path. A perfect hiding place Jim always slipped into so he wouldn’t have to be worried about being seen. Jim turned his amulet and was suddenly at his true home in the darklands.

He wanted to drop his things off first before returning back to the surface of arcadia. He also needed to check in…..

Bular sniffed at the air, trying to place the familiar scent...He looked to his left to see his little brother walk past him in a fresh outfit, newly bathed, and perfectly tended to fur.
“Where have you been?.” Bular said strongly with a stern tone underneath.
“I’ve been with Kanjigar for the day, you know, laying next to him, having him pet me, listening to every detail about his life. You know, simple things.”
“he was TOUCHING YOU?!.”
“mmmh it felt soo good. He has such a soft and tender touch for such a strong troll.”
“why in fathers name would you ever let him lay a finger on you?!”
“he pets me good. Why? Jealous I can be so close?” Jim looked at his brother with an intense smug expression, patting his brothers chest to add to the ‘haha I can and you can’t!’.

His brother roared in anger.
“Do not be such a smug child!”
“oh? Why not?”
“i could easily tell father-”
“what? That I am next to him, learning about him, making sure I don’t get caught doing anything and making sure our plans go well by subliminally feeding him false information and pouring worry and paranoia into the heart of trollmarket while also getting him heartstone every now and again?” Jim blinked ‘innocently’ like he truly was a pure saint.

Bular growled while his face bunched up and twitched. He knew Jim had him beat.
“Aww, don’t worry big guy. I’ve got some good news! Just. For. You.”
“oh? And what could you possibly tell me to soothe this growing rage.”
“I told my dear trollhunter about the doorway.”
“because I have a fun little plan. Now, tonight when we go visit and set it up, we’ll simply plan an ambush. Kill him, you get his head, I go to trollmarket and wonder where my trollhunter is, Draal goes out looking for him, discovers his fathers remains. I cry and weep for my newly departed trollhunter, trollmarket mourns at the exact time while the troops deploy out everywhere since now they have no time to defend themselves, Draal is my new slave, you get to bring home a trophy, dad gets the world. Every ones happy!”

Jim did another ‘innocent’ smile. The gears in Bular’s head started to turn. Really letting the plan sink in.
“so big bro, does that sound like I’m going to betray us?” Bular started to chuckle deeply.
“You’ve done well little brother. Father will be proud of you. As am I.” Bular started to pet his small brother, who flinched at first, not realizing what was happening. Bular NEVER pet Jim before. There was nothing wrong with it, Bular just wasn’t one to show affection.

“Hm. You are soft. Perhaps rewarding you from time to time wouldn’t be so bad. Come, let us prepare.”
“you go ahead, there is just oooone thing I have left to do.”
“do not be late little brother.”
“here, give these to dad.” Jim opened his bag and handed a few large chunks of heartstone to Bular
“oh father will be pleased with this.”
“he sure will be”


“Sooo coool!” Toby said while looking at the new exhibits in the museum. He and Jim decided to go to see all the cool new stuff on display, it was all about medieval weaponry. It was also a great way for Jim to ‘say hi’ to a certain changeling.
“Hey you go check out those sweet battle flails, I’ll be right back” Jim smiled and pointed In the direction of the weapons.
“don’t have to tell me twice Jimbo! Just promise me you won’t eat anything!”
“haha, very funny, as long as you promise not to either”
“hey! Those swords look pretty good” the two always loved to joke about dumb things like that. Jim watched his best friend walk quickly down the hall and into a room. Jim’s eyes had a glint of evil in them, now he could have a ‘fun little chat’.

“hello” Jim said sneaking up behind someone.
“you know I knew you were there right?”
“aww how so?”
“i can smell your heat a mile away. Besides, you are still not the best at sneaking up on someone.”
“well dam. Maybe you can help me train?”
“you know your father has a strict regiment for your training. Anyone interfering in it will most likely die. I really rather not die.” Ms.Nomura said while not looking up from a clipboard she was holding, writing things down with a pen.

“awww, here I thought you were a fun changeling”
“i prefer a ‘living one’ instead.”
“you know, walt’s been talking crap about you again. Saying something about...oh I don’t know...being able to kick your ass.” Jim leaned on a rail and said it in a casual gossip style.
“oh really now?”
“to be honest, my money’s on you. You could totally beat him within a minute”
“well you’re money would be well placed. Alright, unlike a certain child of you know who, I have work to do”

“boring….speaking of..i didn’t just come today to see weapons. How is daddies little doorway doing?” Ms.Nomura turned serious, looking around quickly and lowering her voice
“It’s coming along well….we just need a few key components which will arrive this evening. By midnight a nice new doorway to the darklands will be opened up, a wonderful army could pass through it side by side and march onto this side of the surface world.”

“great to hear! I wish I could give you a gold star”
“i don’t know if you’re being condescending or not, but how about you give your father a good word about me. By name preferably”
“ohh NOW someone’s being fun” the two smiled at one another.
“Jimbo! Hey listen, you gotta check this out! there’s this giant-oh uh, hi” Toby ran over and noticed Jim talking to ‘the museum lady’.

“anyways, thanks for telling me about the upcoming exhibits, can’t wait to see them up close!”
“I can’t wait to reveal them, I know for a fact that everyone will enjoy it.”
“come on tobes, let’s go see the giant whatever. Oh, let me introduce you real fast. Toby this is Ms.Nomura, and vice versa. This is my BEST FRIEND. And someone that WON’T have anything BAD happen to them. Ever.”
“I’ll make a note on that. I believe I already know about you and your little...friends. I think my social circle knows about them well enough.”
“good to know. Anyways let’s go”

Jim started to walk away with Toby following right behind
“okay uh...what was that about?”
“hm? Oh, we know each other. Sorta, my dad and her interact sometimes. My dad loves history stuff, being that he lived through most of it, it’s like...nostalgia to him. So he’s in her ‘circle’. In the sense that he knows a lot of museums and all that crap.”
“so...shes not spying on us? Cause she said she knew about us….kinda creepy”
“nah, I just mentioned to her about my friends whenever I was around her and her friends. Something to chat about while I was bored.”

“okay cool, glad no assassin’s are here to take us out”
“trust me, she IS an assassin, she just won’t take you or me or our little friend group out” Jim and Toby laughed. Jim wasn’t lying.

“so what about the new exhibit thingy?”
“oh we were talking about it before, she told me it’s some….recently discovered thing. Shes installing it today and was just telling me all about it. it’s gonna blow people away when its shown.”
“really? Is it like a giant weapon or something? One time I saw this HUGE knife someone made online!”
“it’s more like a….doorway. Reminds me of when I was a little kid”
“how? You have those kinds at home?”
“sorta, but I mean just how old fashioned it is”
“why? Grandma have them?”
“HA! My grandma would be considered a rock.”
“that old huh?”
“in a way, she’s not around anymore, she died giving birth to my dad”
“awm im sorry”
“nah it’s fine, I never knew her. Besides not much to talk about, she was so full of life, she had a lot of people around her, she was like, something everyone relied on. Then when she died everyone was sad.”
“she sound’s like a cool lady”


“the coolest, well I guess it was just simple castles and stuff back then, so not much of a bar by standards.”
“Toby, you know I’m about to turn 93, remember?”
“oh shit! you’re old as hell! I keep forgetting about that, you’re pretty much my age in your species though, right? I keep forgetting you’re that old” that made Jim laugh hard
“thanks, and yeah pretty much”
“Wait, your dad is full troll….how old is he?”
“hmm….around 2000 give or take, he was born a little before the thirteenth century in Europe ”
“DAAAM! So, you’re all British and junk?”
“haha, I guess so”

Toby started to make English jokes that made Jim smile. He really wanted to keep his friends around….he wondered what they would think of him when they knew the truth….


Kanjigar left the second it hit nightfall, he made sure Jim was safe in trollmarket. He told his son to stay there just in case trollmarket needed help. Draal of course did argue, but was quickly shut down by his father. Kanjigar made sure to be quiet and unseen, just like he trained. Surprising that a troll, even his size, could be stealthy. After some careful walking out of line of sight from any of the now emerging trolls and few humans around, Kanjigar had stopped and looked at his destination that stood in front of him. The museum. He never was interested in places like these. To humans, they always contained things from an age none of them remember, to trolls, they lived through those ages, making these things seem redundant.

A human wouldn’t make a museum to a toy they bought last week, why would a troll go to some place and see things they knew well enough from living in that age. Kanjigar steadied his breathing and headed inside….

Bular huffed and grunted in annoyance. He told the few changelings that had gathered there to leave. After they finished installing the doorway. Only he and Jim should have the honor to see the army march forth. They would quickly conquer this place, the humans had no army or proper ways to defend themselves, trollmarket only had the trollhunter at the moment, and what little resistance the other trolls would put up. so it would be easy to win. Yet another section of the surface world would be claimed. This time, by the actual armies. The few other doorways they had across the world were few and far between. It took a while for the gumm-gumm soldiers to make it this far. Between needing to keep hidden, to only able to travel in very small numbers, it made them hard to defeat the trollhunter. Now, this night they would kill him. BULAR would kill him. There was no way the trollhunter could fight hundreds of gumm-gumm soldiers by himself.

Bular snorted and started to pace back and forth. His little brother should have been there by now. Then again, it wasn’t unlike Jim to be late. He always took his time. Especially during important events like this, Bular swore it was Jim trying to ‘mess with him’. Bular heard the door to the museum open, knowing this to be Jim. No one else would be there that night.

“little brother! Come here already, enough with these games! I tire of waiting.” Bular huffed out, expecting his brother to have that smug smile on his face and some ‘witty thing’ to say. At least his little brother actually bothered to show up.

“Hurry up and get in here! The doorway won’t open by itself. If you don’t hurry, I’ll just do this on my own and tell father you decided not to help. won’t that please him.”


Kanjigar quietly and slowly stepped through the museum, making sure to make as little of noise as possible, he didn’t want to alert whatever threat would be here. A doorway to the darklands would most likely be guarded heavily. They would never be so careless as to leave it unattended. Not even the most smug gumm-gumm would allow that, this was far to important to just let it happen. Kanjigar tried to keep his mind sharp and clear, however it kept looping back the thing his pet Jim had said to him hours earlier.
‘how could they even acquire the materials to construct one?! And even right here! It must have taken them ages to finally craft one of a practical size. Even longer if it were large enough to allow multiple soldiers to cross without issue.’

Most doorways had a limited amount of energy before crumbling and becoming about as useful as a common rock. Only a few beings could cross over before even a decently sized one quickly depleted its energy. A big enough doorway to have enough energy to allow an army to cross though was something only built once or twice. These doorways were also very noticeable typically, after all, a lot of magical components being moved and used was something that was easily noticeable. This one however, seemed to just appear out of thin air. The magics of the amulet would have easily detected something of this much magical influence for miles around.

Kanjigar’s senses sharped to the finest point as he recognized that familiar voice. Bular’s voice. Kanjigar listened well to what the gumm-gumm prince said. Kanjigar couldn’t believe what he was hearing...he spoke of….his brother…..he had a sibling?! What hell spawn could have possibly crawled itself out from the very dept of the darklands to seethe its toxic nature into this world.

First, the gumm-gumms attacking far more frequently, then knowledge of the doorway, and now learning of a second spawn of Gunmar….that sent a shiver down Kanjigar’s spine and fear into his heart, more so than usual. Bular was deadly enough, let alone to have a sibling to match….sibling….

Kanjigars mind started to put together pieces. He remembers Jim asking if gunmar had a second son….that it….was….a rumor...he heard….the rumor was true….it was true….what other rumors were true?…..

“-If you don’t come out of the shadows, I’m going to drag your ass out and throw you before father saying that you would rather be laying around in that nest of your all day than to do something useful.”…..

“enough games. You just love to watch me get angry don’t you?. You know dam well the trollhunter will be here any minute.”

how did they know….the rumors of a spy in trollmarket were...true… There were no changelings or gumm-gumm’s…..the only omegas to…...come there….no, no that can’t be right. They must have had some other omega hiding the whole time. It was impossible…..the things Jim said….no...nononon….no…..Kanjigar refused to believe Jim could POSSIBLY be related to gumm-gumms……..everything he said though….

Kanjigar swallowed, his throat dry and his heart heavy….Jim was so innocent, small, young….no way any kind of twisted thing like a gumm-gumm would be like that. Also the ‘brother’ to Bular must have been bigger and stronger, even for an omega….wait…..the other soldier Bular protected… was bigger than Jim was.
‘this can’t be true. It must be a ruse….his son was with Jim. There was no way Jim would leave Draal’s side. Especially during his heat….’

Kanjigar wanted to stay still, to listen, to learn. Then suddenly from behind him came a dark voice.
“hello trollhunter. Nice of you to drop by. I was afraid this night would be boring. Oh how fun it’s going to be now!” Kanjigar turned around to see the dark gumm-gumm soldier once more. Kanjigar just stood still, not letting his guard down, making sure to be aware of his surroundings.
“don’t feel like talking? But I always love to talk to you. So, how is your son doing? And that pet of yours? Is he in his nest? Nice and safe like you want? And what of your son? Is he being the good guard dog he’s supposed to be? Or did he leave your pet behind to come fight.”

almost at the second they both heard a roar as Draal rolled into the scene.
“speak of the devil.” Jim said as he quickly jumped out of the way. Then he ran to where Bular was.
“Son what are you doing here?!”
“Jim said he over heard someone say something about the doorway opening tonight while he was at the museum. I knew that meant that Bular wouldn’t be alone tonight. I didn’t want you to fight alone”
“yet you left Jim defensless at home!”
“Jim is safe father”
“we don’t know that for certain! I….We’ll talk about it later. I know you won’t leave my side, so let’s fight together.”

Bular saw his brother run into the room
“there you are whelp. I was this close-”
“to what?” Kanjigar and Draal entered the room ready to fight. The doorway was behind the two gumm-gumms. It looked almost completely built. Only missing some energy crystals that would power it.
“So trollhunter. You come again with your whelp? Fine. Better that you both die tonight together. Shame, my brother wanted to keep him as a slave.”
“no one will enslave me!” Draal roared out.
“why would he want that?” Kanjigar asked while he looked the second smaller gumm-gumm over. There was no way this gumm-gumm was an omega. He didn’t smell like one, he also was bulkier and taller than one.

“he has some sort of affection to him.”
“yeah, I do. You have to admit trollhutner, he is quite handsome, along with you~”
“oh he already knows about me. you’ve spoiled it, with your ranting on. I was running a bit late, and you just had to spill the beans.” Bular looked in shock and roared out at the trollhunter
“then you will die for certain!”
“so it’s true. That...thing beside you is the disgusting spawn of your father.”
“in the armor trollhunter~. Listen, my brother will kill you, then we will capture your son, enslave him, open the doorway, then unleash the armies and rule the world! Everyone wins. Except you, and trollmarket. And well...everyone else.”

“Enough talk.” Draal roars, Bular roars back.
“What is your name.” Kanjigar asks the gumm-gumm.
“me? Why does that matter”
“i want to know what my opponents name is. Seeing as you are a son of Gunmar, you must have some kind of title”
“mmh….hmmm….well, I have yet to make a name for myself.”
“then I shall give you one.”
“ohhhh? I can’t wait to hear it!”
“you’re new name is betrayer.”

Jim tensed up and sounded worried
“w-why would you name me that?”
“i have a feeling. Besides, you come to our side and betray your brother. I will give you a quick and painless death, and allow you to restore your honor before death.”
“Half trolls don’t have honor.” Jim said with a tone of sadness.

Another shock was sent through Kanjigar. Betrayer just said he was a half troll…..
‘merlin. Please. Let me be wrong. Please let this not be Jim. I beg of you’
“Enough.!” Bular roared and lunged forward. Jim wanted to move, but he just felt….stiff. Like he was as hard and un moving as a statue. Kanjigar noticed this and actually started to walk slowly over to him, still having his guard raised.
“please. Tell me who you are. I….i need to know. Why do you know about my private life so much?” Kanjigar said more with worry and anxiety rather than demand. Jim stood still and silent. He couldn’t move or say anything. He tried to, but he ended up just making little sounds.
“please...tell me.”

“FIGHT! KILL HIM!” Bular shouted as he swung his twin swords at Draal, slicing them across his arms that he used to block the attack. Bular jumped over in front of Jim and stood at the ready.
“what are you doing?! Do you have a death wish?!”
Jim suddenly felt his inner gumm-gumm switch back on. The lust for carnage felt soooo goood again. He tried his best to slice, then dodge, roll and stab, all while avoiding the blows of both Draal and Kanjigar. Draal went full rage, attacking, rolling, headbutting, doing everything he could to fight. Although, whenever he would target ‘betrayer’ Kanjigar would step in and send a clear sign that HE was going to fight betrayer, not Draal. Kanjigar didn’t want to hurt him, if he was who he thought he is. There has to be a perfectly good reason to this is NOT JIM.
Jim is not a gumm-gumm.
Jim is not violent.
Jim is not evil.
Jim...jokes about all of that….and always asked questions…..

“What’s wrong my trollhunter? Afraid to hurt me?”
“i don’t harm omegas.” that surprisingly stunned Jim for a moment. That was a kind tone...the same he used before, when he was talking to Jim in trollmarket…
“Wh-who said I was an omega?”
“your brother did.”
“oh yeah….”
“please. Tell me who you really are. I just want to know. I won’t kill you.”
“i doubt that.”
“i won’t.”

Jim jumped off the side of a wall and lunged at Kanjigar. The trollhunter worried about jim….
He had no choice.
He made a nasty slash to the side of Jim’s armor. Jim dropped to the floor with a thud and a groan.
“BROTHER” Bular yelled in fear. Bular threw Draal to the side and into a wall, he ran over onto all fours, picked up his brother and then left the museum as fast as he could.

“we did it father! We fought them off!...father?...are you still upset with me? I would imagine so..” Draal looked at his father, who had a worried expression.
“we have to get back to trollmarket. Now.”
“the d-”
“NOW. DRAAL. I...they won’t be back tonight, im sure. I will deal with this later.”
Draal just nodded and ran after his father who was going top speed…

“let me clean your wounds.”
“hurry...ahhh….shit stings….” Bular knew well enough on how to tend to battle wounds, knowing full well on watching his soldiers do it, watching the enemy do it, and he himself had practiced on his own wounds. Half troll and human bodies needed the proper care, half trolls were more similar than full troll bodies when it came to medical care. Bular knew he wouldn’t be able to fix Jim well enough. They needed to get back home.
“no Bular. Take my armor, go back. If I want to keep up appearance. you HAVE to let me go to trollmarket. Right now. They are already suspicious enough. My own….fault. And you as well.”
“i thought it was you not the trollhunter when I spoke.”
“next time don’t go around saying everything like that” Jim laughed but it hurt and he groaned.
“fine. Let me do the basics, then I will let you limp down there to lick your wounds like a hound.”

it was a cut right between the hip and rib cage . Bular found some antiseptic from a nearby store, gently poured it on, then dabbed some cotton balls onto the wound. Jim put his own bandages on tightly. Thankfully the cut wasn’t too deep and he didn’t need stitches. Bular helped him get out of his armor. It was painful for Jim, but he sucked it up and did it. He felt far worse pain before.
“i promise to contact you as soon as I can. Even if I have to do it through one of the changelings.”
Bular nodded, gently reached out and pet his brother.
“i….i have deep affection for you. Back there, why did you not fight like before?”
“i...i just….my heat...”
“Do not lie. That was more than your heat.”
“look, we can talk later, please don’t tell dad”
“fine. I will not mention this fight that involved you. Or at least, leave you out of the details. Now go my hound brother, lick your wounds.”
“ you too big bro”


Jim did like the petting, even if it wasn’t as good as Kanjigars.
“i appreciate you. Even if I do not always show it. When you were hurt….my fear for you kicked in. I do not fear fathers wrath for letting you die, I fear that I will loose you. You are a pain in my everything. But I….”
“you love me, aww. Thanks”
“gumm-gumms do not show or have affection. You however, you are not full gumm-gumm. You need it. So from here on out, I shall provide it for you.”
“that's...sweet” Jim smiled and patted his brothers chest
“if you need anything, ask. I will listen. Even if I do not understand.”
“i’ll remember that. I gotta go, it’s been to long.”


“father, do you panic over Jim? I’m sure he’s fine.”
“you left him unguarded. You left when I specifically told you to stay. Now this could have dire consequences.”
“how so father?”
“i...cannot explain it at the moment.”

Kanjigar and Draal practically ran through trollmarket back home. The second they entered their home Kanjigar called out
“Jim. Where are you?”
“in here” Jim said in his nest. He tried to cover his wound, he knew the smell of his fresh blood would be easy to notice, he hoped his heat would cover the scent.
“Have you been here this whole time?” Kanjigar asked sternly but with a hint of worry
“yeah, I wasn’t”
“where did you go? What did you do?”
“i went shopping”
“you went shopping?. that’s all?”
“Jim. Come over here please.”
“am I in trouble?”
Kanjigar didn’t know how to answer that. He just looked at Jim with demanding eyes. Jim grit his teeth and got up. He tried to pull down a fresh clean shirt he had over the patched up wound. Jim tried to look natural and not in a ‘holy shit I’m hurting please let me sit down and sleep for a million years and take pain killers before bed’. Kanjigar grabbed Jim’s shirt and lifted it up. It was the same spot as the wound he struck.
“Jim...explain what happened”
“i was cut...i didn’t want to tell you, I knew you would worry.”
“That’s not what I am worried about. Where were you cut?”
“at the market”
“do. Not. Lie. Please Jim.i...i just...want to understand...”

Jim looked at him in the eyes with sad and almost tearful
“i promise. I’m not lying. I want you to trust me” thankfully the pain was causing the tears...yet….beneath them…..

Kanjigar sighed.
‘maybe I’m forcing myself to think things….but why do they all add up?’
“son. Before you left, what happened.” Jim was about to speak up but Kanjigar told him to be silent.
“well, to be fair, he did mention he would pursue trollmarket...i think...”
“You think?”
“i did not listen to what he had to say. I ...rushed out of our home. I know he spoke, but I did not listen.”
“jim. Show me where you got hurt.”
“right here?”
“i meant in trollmarket.”
“ohh, yeah come on”

Jim mentally smiled. He knew an event like this might happen. He had the perfect alibi…


“here we are my trollhunter. This is where it happened. I was pushed into those swords by some big troll who didn’t see more...or DID and just didn’t care, OR was a out of hate. any way really.” the trio stood near a somewhat isolated stand. Surrounding it was a few different mounds of junk, piles of random things surrounded a large counter with a troll reading a book and leaning back at it.

“you. Goods trader. Did you see this half troll tonight here?” Kanjigar asked sternly. He had a firm grip on Jim’s shoulder. Not enough to hurt him, but just enough to keep him there.
“nope. Never seen him in my life”. The troll at the counter said with a bored expression while he read his book.
“you didn’t even look.”
“nope, never heard of him.” Kanjigar’s eye twitched. Jim spoke up
“okay, can you please look at our trollhunter and answer his question?”
“nope. Never heard of him.”
“the trollhunter. Standing right in front of you.”
“never heard of him”
“okay….” Jim looked at Kanjigar with an ‘eh, I don’t know what to tell you, this guys an idiot’. Expression.

This was all a part of Jim’s plan. He knew this specific troll never paid any attention to his customers. He knew the troll would never give any attention to anyone who tried to talk to him. He hoped the same would work on Kanjigar. It did.

Kanjigar sighed heavily. He looked at the evidence. Half trolls were looked down upon. This also wasn’t the first time someone did something to Jim. The sword had dried blood on it, however it was to dried up to smell. The Troll didn’t pay any attention and clearly didn’t even give him anything. His son heard Jim speak up about something.

It was enough to go on. But….
Kanjigar shook those thoughts out of his head. He couldn’t allow them to happen. This was enough proof that Jim was innocent.
“forgive me Jim. Tonight was….well, stressful. I thought. Well it does not matter now. Your wounds. Did you patch them up yourself?”
“yeah when I got hurt I had to go get some supplies, then did it myself. I was going to go to Vendel, but I thought I shouldn’t bother him at this time. My cut was fine enough, so I went back and laid in my nest to rest.” Jim smiled innocently. Even purring a bit to really sell the lie. Kanjigar smiled, how could such an innocent creature share the same blood as the wretched monster of a troll. Kanjigar pet Jim.

“alright. let’s get you rested up. Son, watch him and THIS TIME. do. Not. Leave. Understood?”
“yes father.”
“good. Lets go home.”


Jim purred happily as he was pet by Kanjigar as the two relaxed in their living room. Jim had taken some troll medicine, it wouldn’t work as well as human’s would, but it did work. Jim’s body was already recovering fast, the wound was almost gone, and the pain was fleeting.

The night was perfect…..well….except the end….

Kanjigar’s mind was still not at ease. From now on, Jim would not leave his side. Or his son’s at the least. Not until he could prove that the second son wasn’t Jim….

…...he hoped it to not be…..

Chapter Text

Jim was laying in the living room casually watching Kanjigar prepare to leave for trollhunting duty. Jim felt his heat fading, he was somewhat glad, now his emotions would finally start to come back ‘into place’. He hoped all his ‘regular emotions’ such as violence and sex, would finally return to him once more. However he did have one last desire before it ended….

Jim had been more ‘grounded’ in a sense. He now had to be in either Draal or Kanjigars company from now on. Jim knew Kanjigar was getting suspicious...he...kinda liked it. The fear of almost getting caught, the point of no return, the thin line to both lives coming together. It was all so...thrilling!.

“I’m leaving now, Jim you know the rules.”
“yes my trollhunter. I’ll be a good loyal pet. I hope everything goes well. Stay safe!” Kanjigar looked back at the relaxing Jim once more before departing. He hoped that his suspicions were wrong…

‘all alone with Draal. Just as I planned. let’s see if I can finally push him over the edge today~’ Jim thought with a purr and a gaze of lust in Draal’s direction. It had been a couple days since the ‘event’ at the museum. During that time Jim started to act, risque, in a way. Purposely leaving his heavily heat scented cloths around, mostly where Draal usually was most of the time, rubbing up against things, including Draal’s ax. That one he had to be careful about. Then he wouldn’t stop being as close as possible to the big blue alpha, always trying to purr next to him, get any excuse to touch him, and so on.

Jim saw the big blue alpha start to move to another room. Perfect chance. Jim got up, brushed himself a bit and walked over , stopping in front of Draal.
“hello. Please excuse me” Jim purred and touched Draal’s chest
“so, all alone. Just the two of us. For a few hours.”
“ a fact...”
“I hope you take gooood care of me” Jim got a bit closer and looked Draal in the eyes. Draal swallowed and then cleared his throat
“yes, I shall provide you with the comforts required. The...regular...comforts. Nothing else.”
“speaking of which, have you seen my shirt? I think I left it in your room by mistake”
“yes I have...placed it in your room.”
“oh? I can’t find it, will you show me? Please? It’s one of my favorite ones, I would hate to loose it”

“i...suppose I could aid you...for only a few moments.” Jim purred heavily, moved his hand down Draal’s chest a bit before turning around and walking to his room. Draal shook his head and followed.
‘focus. Stay focused’ he repeated in his head.

“see? I can’t find it. Did you put it somewhere in my nest?” Jim asked, laying down in said nest, looking back at Draal.
“i placed it….near….it” Jim laid on his back now, opening his legs a bit. Purring and looking into Draal’s eyes with the same lustful gaze as he’s used plenty of times before.
“come here. Show me.”
“i...would rather not...”
“please? You said you would take care of me. Now, come take care of me~ I neeeeed your help. I promise, it won’t hurt. It will feel very good. I can tell how pent up you are….about helping me. A big strong warrior….every once in a while. Nights get cold and lonely, even for the hardiest of hearts. it’s always nice to come home to someone. Let me be that someone~. I’m talking of course about helping you in EVERY way possible. I can sharpen your ax, clean it, polish it by running by hands softly, with firm grip. Sharping it to the finest points. Making sure its as hard as ever.”

Draal shuddered and swallowed. His eyes enlarged and his breath became ragged and heavy.
“i...we...should….not be talking….like this”
“like what? I’m only saying what I could do for you. I could help clean and tend to your kilt to. I know how leather needs tending to. Also make sure the metal parts get polished well. Prevent rust and all that. Rust happens when certain needs aren’t met. Everything needs to be taken care of. doesn’t it?.”

“ is true….”
“come here. Please? I don’t think you’ve ever even seen my nest up close. Let me show you it”

Draal couldn’t help it. He finally broke.
‘forgive me father...’ he said mentally as he started to take off his kilt….

Jim purred louder as Draal walked closer
“haven’t let an omega help you in a while huh? I’m happy to be your first in a long time.~”

(smut blocked! XD. Sorry I really don’t know how to write it. Use your imagination I guess)


Kanjigar came home later that night, he had wondered where his son and Jim were. He then smelled the air. The heavy scent of sex. Kanjigar walked over gently to Jim’s room, to see Jim being cuddled by his son.
‘finally succumbed?’ Kanjigar smiled. There was nothing wrong with half trolls and regular trolls getting together, it was more ‘frowned upon’ seeing as half trolls usually were gawked at in distaste. Most trolls in trollmarket didn’t care though. Why worry about such a minor thing when you have more important things to do?.



The next few days went...smoothly. Draal started to feel more comfortable around Jim. Not stressed out or awkward, they started to get along well. They did have sex a few more times after that, even though Jim’s heat had ended. Jim was developing feelings for Draal, something Jim NEVER did after having sex with someone….but….why does his heart feel….filled?. Like, the post sex was never...lonely anymore. Like it had….meaning?. He wanted to avoid those feelings. However a part of him wanted to explore these warm ‘unknown waters’.


Draal and Jim started to spend more time together, even when not having sex. Draal admitted he started to share feelings for the half troll. His heart had stirrings for him, and not just in his loins, but actual affection. Jim didn’t know how to respond, no one has ever said they wanted to be with him, without it being a sexual interaction. Jim felt….warm. He wanted it. He was excited for it. He felt good. Wholesome. His urges to kill seemed less aggressive. He hated that part. Where was his evil? Why wasn’t he as angry as he usually was?!.

About a week later now, Jim and Draal had started a relationship of sorts. Kanjigar told them that as long as each one made the other happy, and no drama, then it would be okay. Jim had shown Draal some ‘human dating’. Draal didn’t really understand, but he loved seeing Jim happy.

Tonight, Kanjigar had called Jim to his side. Tonight would be the very ‘first night’ of Jim’s ‘job’ as a pet. Time for the squire to attended to the knight for the night (haha).

“Jim. I feel like you’re training is going well enough, that it is finally time for you to accompany me on my patrols. Simple times, but I will teach you much” Kanjigar said with a smile and his classic cheerful tone.
“Finally do my job huh? Sounds fun!”
“it should be. However remember, any moment can change from ‘fun’ to deadly in an instant.”
“i got it I got it. Besides, all you have to do is deal with wild animals, the occasional goblin, and that sort of thing” Jim said with a ‘aye its gonna be chill! No need to get so serious’ attitude. Kanjigar’s smile faded and then his expression turned serious.

“I need to show you something. Please, let’s head out”. With that, Jim got ready and headed to the surface with Kanjigar. In all actuality, Jim was excited to do something with his trollhunter. Like ‘working with the enemy’ kind of feeling. Kanjigar walked a bit slower so Jim could keep pace. Jim looked around and checked out what he always saw, this time, it seeded to have a new kind of filter about it. The kind of ‘hey I’m a good guy now! Everyone excited?!’ type of filter. He started to imagine being the blue and gold white knight, being praised and loved and having stories written about him.

Although, the exact opposite was true. He would be feared and respected. He would be loved by the strongest. He would prove how deadly he was. His stories would consist of fear and the pure stuff of nightmares. Black and red, blood splattering silhouettes that would be on banners waving in the wind in the parts where he would rule over. Where he would go, others would bow and cower. Instead of praising and cheering. Where he would go, others would fear and stay out of his way. Instead of ganging up on him for autographs and pictures (not that he minded, he thought they were fun!).

The very steps he took would cement the ground with the willpower of the true gumm-gumm force. FINALLY his mind started to go back to his usual self. Finally shifting back to his original perspective. The ones he was MEANT to have. The ones he was raised to view. The ones that would make his father and brother proud!. He didn’t feel that...warm glow that he did when he was near Kanjigar…...just a hard cold bitter might…..not praise and admiration…

No. Fear was far better than love. Fear kept everyone in check. Fear made sure he was respected. Fear was what his father wanted, what he wanted. Fear was what gave him purpose. He loved to be Feared. To watch the ones he passed worry about him suddenly killing them. He loved to sense the tension he made in rooms. To watch others shake in nervousness. It made him feel so...big….mighty…..powerful.

His father ruled with fear. So would Jim. His father ruled with force. So would Jim. His father ruled with terror. So would Jim.

“Here.” Kanjigar said, moving back some bushes. They were in the dense wooded area, the place where so many ‘interactions’ had happened.
“It is time for truth.”
“yes. I’ve been hiding something from you. From everyone. Promise me you will keep this secret.”
“of course my trollhunter. I swear by my fathers name.”
“what is your fathers name?”
“that's...a bit private. He doesn’t like it when I tell others. Hes kinda embarrassed about his name.” Kanjigar looked at Jim. It was an innocent enough reply. Many trolls felt the same way at times.
“very well….here. I wanted to show you this.” a human. Dead. Partially eaten. Clearly a fresh kill. Jim smiled, it was his dinner after all.
“Do you know what killed this fleshbag?”
“nope. Looks like an animal attack”

“it was a gumm-gumm.”
“ha ha very funny. You told m-”
“i lied. To keep you and everyone else calm.” Kanjigar took a deep breath.
“i need to reveal the truth to you. The reason why I want to keep you safe, the reason why I lie to trollmarket and everyone else. It is time I come clean. At least, to you….”


So he did. He told Jim everything. From the first fight he had with the gumm-gumms. To the most recent. And the strange ‘sibling’ Bular had. However, Kanjigar did NOT mention his suspicions about Jim.

“huh….well...that is a lot. Makes sense you don’t want anyone to panic. Thanks for wanting me to be safe, I really appreciate it. Glad we met that night huh?” Jim chuckled, he wasn’t lying. He really was glad. In more ways than one.

“i share your joy. Now, let’s continue our patrol. I will share my wisdom with you even more so. Now, pay attention.”
“as well as keep my eyes open for any potential gumm-gumm attacks?” Jim said with a chuckle.
“that is not amusing. It could happen. You are not ready to fight.” Jim’s smile didn’t waver, he knew for a fact no attack was planned that night. Jim just nodded and the two began to talk
“hey, Kanjigar, listen. I get why you didn’t tell me or anyone else. Sometimes lying is for the best. it’s better to hide the cold hard painful truth. Let others live in a happy lie. that’s what I believe. Its nice to live a happy lie. I know from personal experience” Jim’s smile widen, while Kanjigars expression turned very serious.

‘another potential… Jim is just smart. What he said has nothing to do with the other things.’
“what kind of lie?”
“i just….it’s nice to be around people who show affection. Sometimes I like to lie to myself saying how this is my life”
“but this IS your life”
“i know, but with my dad and my family, well, they aren’t very open and expressive about affection. don’t get me wrong! They love me! They just have a hard time showing it, meanwhile everyone at trollmarket is so….open about their emotions. Its opposite of what I grew up around.”

That saddened Kajigar a bit. To hear that someone innocent like Jim came from a colder family. Another proof of his innocent life. Still, he liked to live a life of pretend. He liked to say lies ‘for the better of everyone else’. Then again, that’s what Kanjigar is doing…..

“i love you Jim. Never forget that. I love you like a son” Jim suddenly tensed up and stopped.
“i said-”
“i know what you said...but...why? it’s only been like, two and a half months since we’ve know each other”
“love isn’t a simple thing. Besides, you need a lot of it and I want to show you it. My son does care deeply for you, except now in a more romantic way.”
“i...” Jim was speechless. His father hardly ever said he loved him….at least, not in an emotional had always seemed just….plain. Factual. Like saying how the sky was blue, or rocks could be kicked. No emotion or meaning behind it. This…..this had meaning. It hurt. It hurt Jim’s heart. Like someone hitting his weakest point. He didn’t even know it existed. He felt like he was hurting so badly. Was the wound always there? Or was this new to him...he couldn’t tell. He wanted to cry….

Then out of the blue Jim was hugged. Silent tears fell from his eyes. He was too deep in his own thoughts to register anything.
“I can tell you’re emotionally stunted. You need more affection. I am gladly willing to give it” Jim couldn’t talk. The pain burned him like a sharp knife sliding into his heart. Kanjigar saw his face, his silence, how pained and confused he was.
“i believe that might be enough for tonight. No signs of anyone or any attack, they usually would have by now. Why don’t we go home. Get something to eat, take a bit of a breather.” Jim just nodded and followed his trollhunter without thinking.


He was evil. He was feared. Not loved. Love didn’t matter to gumm-gumms.

It didn’t.


It didn’t.

Chapter Text

A woman screams. The sound of it echoes throughout the darklands. Shortly after, the sounds of a crying child. The gumm-gumm medics quickly cleaned the baby up and bundled it carefully in thick and soft blankets, keeping the cold from seeping into the child.
“l….l-let me see him….” a half troll woman says. A gumm-gumm medic hands her a small half troll baby boy.
“hes so beautiful...look...look at our son Gunmar.” The large powerful gumm-gumm leader steps forwards, taking in the sight of his newborn son.
“my son. My child. Our child.”
“h...his na...ame….”
“i will give you the honor of naming our child”
“o-oh th-thank you Gunmar……..Jim….his name is Jim...”

“Jim? A human name?”
“please Gunmar...h-” suddenly she closes her eyes, her grip releases and the son is let go. Gunmar catches the crying baby.
“what is wrong?….what is wrong with her!?”

a few gumm-gumm medics check her, try to find out what’s wrong. Frantically moving around and checking her vitals, only to find out….

“shes passed away my dark underlord.”
“what….” Gunmar is seething in silent anger. However it is clear to everyone in the small cave just how extreme it is.
“t-there was nothing we could do! Shes dead my.-”
“dead?….Victoria….my love…...” Gunmar squeezes his jaw closed and holds back his anger, his sorrow. He breathes out. Looks at his mates lifeless body, then turns and leaves. He cannot show weakness. He doesn’t wish to.
“handle the body. Give her a proper funeral. Make it quick, but thorough.” Gunmar spoke in a low voice, quiet and calm. He walked out of the room with his newborn son in his large arms.

“Jim….my little Jim...” Gunmar looked at his new son. The small vulnerable life, something so weak and frail, such a tiny defenseless thing something that could never survive in the darklands. Weakness was a sin to gumm-gumm’s. This child, was his child though. He would make this one exception. While he cradled the child in his arms, he started to hum

"I was born from heartstone and you were born from me. my little whelp, you are mine. my love will keep you warm and safe. our home is dark and cold and lifeless, but you are alive and here with me. remember that i will always love you, your fathers here to guide us all.” Gunmar hummed over and over again to his crying son. He finally entered his throne room, the gumm-gumm soldiers all bowing in silence as he walked a straight path to his throne.

“my dark underlord! you’v-” Blinky stopped talking as he saw the small life in his lords arms.
“A half troll?!...and….” the scent was clear. The half troll boy was an omega.
“how could this be? Is this truly your child?”
“do you dare insult my lifeless mate by suggesting she took another?!”
“no no no! Never! I was-”
“i don’t care what you are about to say. You had better word your next sentences carefully, or you will end up like your useless brother.”
“yes my dark underlord….does your son have a name?”

“what happened to-”
“she is gone. Her body gave up the last of her own life to create a new one.” Gunmar said with a sorrowful tone.
“Jim….a small name for a small creature my dark underlord. Perhaps she meant more to that but….was unable to speak...”
“ was a creature of simple taste….Jim….a fitting name for something so small…...hmmm…..not a true gumm-gumm name…..but his mother chose it….”
“I in no way shall EVER question your judgment, I simply wish to inform you that….….it seems a bit...underwhelming for being a child of yours….”

“even if that is so, it does not matter. His name will grow and all shall tremble and respect it. Jim. A simple name that he will turn into a massive one. I like that thought. Perhaps that is what she had in mind for him. She always could think 5 steps ahead.”
“She will be dearly missed….do you require any time to mourn?”
“No. I shall mourn in my own time. Now, now is not the time. I wish to show Bular his new sibling. Fetch him.” Blinky bowed his head, gave an order to a nearby guard, then the guard quickly left…



"I was born from heartstone and you were born from me. my little whelp, you are mine. my love will keep you warm and safe. our home is dark and cold and lifeless, but you are alive and here with me. remember that i will always love you, your fathers here to guide us all.”


“Father.” Bular spoke quietly. He bowed at his fathers throne. The room was now packed full of soldiers. All quiet and waiting. Gunmar had silenced them all to await his announcement. The sounds of the darklands around them was the only source of noise at the moment.
“step forth. look upon your brother.” Bular was unsure how he felt when he heard the news of a sibling. Back before Jim was born, back when Jim’s mother first announced her pregnancy…


“father. You do not need a second child! I am all you need! Have I failed you?”
“no. you are not being replaced. And what amount of children I desire, I shall have. Do not tell me what children I may or may not have. True, you are more than strong, but this is my choice not yours.”
“yes father. I will not question you ever again.”
“good. See that it doesn’t happen. You should celebrate. You will have a sibling to fight along side you.”
“a second child of yours will be unstoppable. I shall teach him our ways and make him a true gumm-gumm.”
“that is the attitude I wish to see.”


Now Bular walked up the steps to his fathers throne.
“is your baby brother. Do not question him. My mate took me and me alone.”
“word your next sentences carefully. You might by my son, but you still follow me.”
“of course father. I would never betray you in any way! He is just….”
“my son. No matter what he is. He is my blood. Just as much as you are. You are to treat him as your equal. Do you understand?”
“yes father”

Gunmar stood up from his throne and held his child up for all to see.
“listen well and listen now, I will not repeat myself. Behold! My second son!”
the crowd roared and cheered, causing Jim to cry.
“he is my son! You are to respect him just as much as you do Bular!. He is Jim, half troll omega. And he will show everyone how powerful our bloodline truly is! Even in this of a weak creature! He will be more powerful than any other! He will become the greatest half troll that ever existed!”

The crowd roared even louder at his words. They cheered and clanged their weapons in celebration.
Gunmar lowered his arms and held his son once more. Gently putting a finger to his face and fur.
“yes my dark underlord?”
“i have no knowledge of how to raise a half troll. His mother has died and the few we have are gone above the surface world as magic hunters. What say you in this?. How would I raise my child? My mates death should not be in vain. I will not allow my new son to loose his life so quickly. He would be worthless to me until he is grown.”

“if I may. I shall aid you. I shall be the caretaker.”
“and why should I allow you?”
“I have the most knowledge of any here in the darklands about humans and their cultures. Half trolls must be raised like one of them. I can raise him properly and unlock his true potential. Far more than any goblin could do. Half trolls and humans need a lot of intense and specific things. Please, allow me to raise him.”
“i will trust you with my sons life. I don’t believe I have to tell you what would happen if he were to pass away.”
“of course not my dark underlord. You can trust me.”

Gunmar looked at his son one more time, smiled at the small thing. So pure. So innocent.
“soon, you will taste blood. Hunt. Kill. And conquer. You are my blood. Never forget that.

I was born from heartstone and you were born from me. my little whelp, you are mine. my love will keep you warm and safe. our home is dark and cold and lifeless, but you are alive and here with me. remember that i will always love you, your fathers here to guide us all.” And with that, Gunmar gently handed his son to Blinky.
“master Jim. It is time to start you life. Now, let us prepare”


many years pass.


“hmm...needs more….gravesand….” Jim was currently crouched over in his room, looking at the fresh corpse of a gumm-gumm in front of him. Jim always did practice the ‘darker’ side of magic, gumm-gumm magic. Dark and ‘mysterious’ the kinds of things that few try to dive into. Jim always did love to learn it, even if it was only time from time. His biggest goal, like many, was to break out his father from the darklands by removing the curse. Jim rubbed his horn as he looked over the corpse. It laid dead ‘haha’ center in a drawn triangle. Surrounded by hexagons and circles, Gumm-gumm writing carved into the skulls of various creatures, from humans to trolls, and to monsters all around. Almost every skull Jim could ever have were used by him. Not just in a magical sense, but for decorations as well, he was edgy like that. The current experiment he was doing was about resurrection. Humans have always talked about necromancy, little few know how real it actually is.

Troll bodies did consist of bones and blood and organs and such, much like any other creature. However when a troll dies, all of it quickly becomes stone after a very short time after death. So gathering ‘parts’ wasn’t easy. Jim watched the corpse slowly turn to stone, the texture quickly growing over it like water would from soaking into something. Jim had tried three times that night to revive the dead, for a few reasons. 1, he wanted to see how far his studies were coming along. 2, he wanted to see if it would work. 3, if he DID find out how to actually reanimate the dead, his father would be so pleased! A potentially ENDLESS hoard! Marching on wards forever, never truly falling for long. Jim purred at the idea of Gunmar giving him praise and affection for his discovery.

Jim had broken off the now stone head of the dead gumm-gumm. He looked it over and moved it around, looking at every detail he could, studying it to see if his practice made any difference what so ever. His thinking stream stopped as soon as he heard the sudden knock on his door.
“who is it?”
“ENOUGH. I get it. What do you want”
“sorry to disturb you, but your father requests your presence.”

Jim dusted himself off and left, being greeted by the gumm-gumm soldier with a bow
“forgive me for the interruption.”
“its fine”
“..may...i be the first to...praise you...for another year of life?”
“kinda just did, thanks though” The soldier bowed and he told some others to get rid of the remains of the corpse, with Jim’s permission of course.

Today was a special day. All of the darklands knew of it well. It was Jim’s birthday!. Trolls don’t celebrate such events, however they do for Jim. Reason? Short lifespan. Gunmar wants to celebrate each year his son has lived, seeing just how much he’s grown, developed, become more ‘like him’. Each year they threw a very special celebration where everyone(more or less) gets to partake in it!.


It had many names. No matter what however, it all was one thing. A massive feast and fights to the death. To celebrate, the gumm-gumms would gather up every single creature they could find and eat, cook them up and eat them. One massive feast, meal after meal after meal. If it could be eaten and was living, it was brought. Animals, gnomes, creatures, even humans (if they could be taken. They were also the ‘center piece’ of the feast). Throughout the feasting, gumm-gumms would fight to the death in a grand show just for Jim. Each one wanting to be the one to show just how deadly they could be. Showing just how valuable, dangerous, and perhaps mate material, they were. Each gumm-gumm fought and killed with all their might. Any gumm-gumm was allowed to join in, as long as they brought their ‘a game’. It truly was a massive event. Jim LOVED it throughout his whole life!. But like with every child, they grow out of it….at least Jim started to. He loved the carnage, but recently he turned his thoughts to the ‘above world’ rather than the below one. He wanted to have a party with his friends. Hangout and be reckless, celebrate how ‘humans do’ or at least some form of it. His friends knew Jim only ever celebrated his birthday with his family, so they never bothered with asking too often.


This time however, Jim was determined to be with his friends rather than family…..easier said than done…..His father wasn’t exactly the type to just ‘throw celebrations and let them go unappreciated’. Jim saying anything would end up sounding like some spoiled brat who didn’t care about what he was given.
“hey dad thanks for all the hard work, but I don’t want this and I’d rather be doing something else than wasting my time here, okay see ya!” Jim entered the throne room, currently packed to the gills with gumm-gumms. Massive tables with slabs of meat, corpses, and partially chewed on bones, covered them. Mounds of meat piled up and were being passed around and eaten. Warriors had already fought with one another, a small area set in the center for the pleasure of watching them, dinner and a show!.

Gumm-gumms cheered and booed at the fights, some taking bets on the fighters even. Jim’s ‘gumm-gumm’ spark still was dampened. He needed to reignite it. He NEEDED it. He couldn’t show weakness and hesitation. Jim smiled and giggled a bit as he saw some of the fighting gumm-gumm’s look toward him and bow, only to be bashed into by others who took advantage of their lowered guard.

“little brother” Jim almost jumped out of his skin as right behind him Bular spoke out, Jim didn’t even hear the big brute walk up to him
“easy yourself. No need to be jumpy. Happy birthing day. Come, eat, watch. Arrrg is up next.” Jim’s smiled widely as he heard his mentor’s name was spoken. Yes, both Arrrg and Blinky are Jim’s mentors. Blinky, teaching him the larger portion of his overall education, while Arrrg taught him about fighting, surviving, shaking off blows and striking back. Vengeance, anger, wrath, blood lust, some things Arrrg knew just how well they could be used, and how to use them properly. Being one of the strongest in the darklands, he had a lot of respect. Arrrg loved to ‘join in’ on the ‘fun’. Fighting in the arena on Jim’s birthday? One of his favorite things to do.

He was VERY exciting to watch! He has never ONCE been beaten. Sure, he’s been wounded horribly before, but he just turned his pain and anger into energy. He took on multiple gumm-gumms at once. He was the reigning champion of the arena. Many had challenged him for that honor, none have yet to live through that challenge.

Jim hurried along the room, snaking around here and there between the maze of tables. Gunmar smiled and watched as Arrrg literally ripped the arms off of one gumm-gumm and beat another to death with them as he also headbutt anyone coming close to him. At this point, the only smell in the room was meat and blood. Gore really. Hey, it was a true gumm-gumm event!.
“Ahhh my son! Happy birthing day. 93 years ago your mother gave the last spark of life in herself to give you life. Look how much you’ve grown since then. Such a little pathetic thing, now turned into a very experienced half troll. I’m proud of you. Now, come!” Jim felt uplifted as he felt his father say that to him.
“Happy birthing day master Jim.” Blinky hugged him as Jim had walked up the stairs
“thanks Blinky”
“Arrrg wanted me to relay the same message, he fights for you today!”
“as he does every time, thanks you two. You mean a lot to me” Blinky smiled sweetly
“now, why don’t you begin eating? You must be starving!”
“i could eat”
“we’ve brought you a treat!”

Blinky waved over as a gumm-gumm soldier pushed a human to the ground in front of the throne. The human was a man in his early 30’s by the looks of it, gagged and bound. Jim suddenly felt a twitch of...something….guilt?. He remembered this man. It was a jogger he planned on killing, before Kanjigar almost found him that night. Maybe it was fate Jim was supposed to eat him.
“We wanted the kill to be nice and fresh! So we brought him here” Jim didn’t reply as he just...stared at the man. He was just a mess. It made sense, if anyone else besides a gumm-gumm saw what was going on in the room, they wouldn’t exactly be sane either.

“is there something the matter master Jim?”
“...huh...oh uh, no no every things fine! I just...kinda like to kill in privacy”
“really? Your past experiences say otherwise”
“i mean, I well….guess I’m just not in the mood to kill in the open now, I guess I prefer some peace and quiet, really focus and enjoy it, without it being smothered by everything else.”
“ah, shall we kill him now for you?”
“ no, just, lock him up in my room for the time...I’ll deal with him later.”
“very well! It is your day, and if this is what you want, then you shall get it. You heard him, take him to master Jim’s room”

The gumm-gumm grabbed the struggling human, throwing him over his shoulder and walking away. Jim didn’t know why he didn’t just kill the man. He had no problems about it anytime before. Why now?...he DID prefer quiet and solitude usually. He just blamed it on that….hoping it was only that…
“My son”
“AH” Jim was so lost in thought he didn’t realize his father was speaking to him. Jim jumped at the loud call from his father
“s-sorry dad I just...thinking”
“hm. Well come by my side. Enjoy the show like I am” Jim nodded and quickly headed up the stairs next to his father, he sat down and suddenly tensed up as he felt his fathers large hand be placed on his head. Then he relaxed and purred even, as he was starting to be pet. This day, this moment. It was his favorite. The affection from his father, the food, the show. It was all so amazing...but...why wasn’t his ‘spark’ getting bigger?! It was just staying the same….sometimes it would nudge a little, but that was it. He wanted to be angry! Violent! Hungry!…..hungry…...Jim WAS hungry but...when he saw the human, he just...lost his appetite. Before, he would look at someone and think nothing of them, but just then….he didn’t know what he felt but...seeing them made him….upset a bit. The smallest tiniest voice told him not to….this person had a life….friends….a family…

they would miss him if he died….the mourning, the crying, the loss….Jim’s head was starting to grow these thoughts and feelings, planting them deeper into his psyche. People...matter….they have Jim does….HE wouldn’t like it if someone else were to ruin it….why should Jim do it to anyone else?…



NO. Jim shook his head a bit, trying to get those thoughts out of it
“what is wrong my son?”
“huh uh nothing I just, bad itch is all, you can...go back to it..please” Gunmar thought nothing of it and just continued. That wasn’t Jim. Kanjigar’s ‘goody goody’ side was just getting to Jim. he’s been exposed to much to him for to long. He needed this gore, this violence. He needed to feel like a REAL GUMM-GUMM AGAIN! He wanted this. He HUNGERED for this!. He watched Arrrg brutally slaughter many gumm-gumms, he wasn’t even slowed down, even with the huge wounds he had received. Jim smiled, he wanted this. To watch others bleed. To watch all this…..

His hunger was back. He felt happy. His ‘natural’ side finally peeked out again from whatever it was hiding behind. After watching and being pet Jim wanted in on the action, maybe he really did just need to be around his kind for a while. ‘recharge his battery’ in a way. Jim Jumped into the pit, grabbing someones fallen sword, he did a side slash while making his way towards Arrrg, who smiled as he saw Jim having fun. So the two did. Fighting, killing, and laughing the whole time. Arrrg took many blows for Jim, while Jim most of the finishing ones. Jim didn’t know how long it was since he went into the arena, but he felt so ALIVE. HEALTHY. REFRESHED! The gumm-gumm spark had finally returned in full volume.

Jim panted heavily, his body strained and sore. He looked around to see everyone cheering for him, his father smiling proudly, along with his brother, Arrrg, and Blinky. Jim roared out, letting all the pent up rage that’s been locked away behind whatever vault it was shoved into while being aroud Kanjigar and Draal. Everyone roared back in response. The room felt incredible, to see Jim truly sprouting into a gumm-gumm worthy of his fathers bloodline. Jim coughed a bit from roaring too loudly and cause his throat to strain from it. He walked over and dunked himself in water, similar to if someone were to bob for apples. He came back up gasping for air and laughed, he finally felt alive again! He wanted to savor this moment.

Jim cleaned the blood off of himself, or at least most of it, then went over, grabbed himself a seat and began to dig into the feast. Jim felt so relived, his hunger was back, his need for violence, his well of rage he could tap into, life was right once more. After much feasting, more fighting, both involved and simply viewing, Jim felt fulfilled, fully charged, energized one more. His thoughts turned to his friends though….the day still had a few hours left, and he wanted to finish it off with his own celebration. Jim swallowed down the meat in his mouth, wiped his mouth, got up and made his way towards his father, who was feasting himself.

Gunmar dug into the feast like any other, Blood heavily trailed down his mouth and down his neck and chest. He smiled and laughed and cheered with his army. He joked and was merry, one of the very few times anyone ever saw this side of him. He had a large mouthful as Jim walked over. Jim steadied his breath, and approached, he knew his father was in a wonderful mood. This would be the perfect opportunity to ask him. Jim had went over and over in his head as to how he should ask, or more like, how he should say it. Bular, Arrrg, Blinky, and a few very ‘top tier’ in Gunmar’s personal court sat together. Jim decided to try and wiggle his thoughts into his fathers head. Manipulate him in a sense. He’s seen changelings do it all the time to regular people and trolls, so in theory he should be able to do it too, right? Sure he did it with others, but his father? That would be nothing but a perfect miracle….
Jim stood at his fathers side and spoke to him while Gunmar had a full mouth and a pleased look on his face.
“this has all been so amazing! Even better than last year, somehow! You really do always outdo yourself. it’s ever a wonder why the smartest trolls wish to follow you. I love you dad”
“hm” Gunmar said chewing, he patted Jim on the head, which caused Jim to purr from the sudden affection, two physical interactions in the same day?! It really was his birthday!
“I will never stop being appreciative, you truly are the greatest father any may wish to ask for. I must admit though, I do feel so fulfilled every time I get to celebrate!….although there is one fulfillment that I need to start...well...fulfilling on this day...”

Gunmar swallowed and waved over to Blinky, signaling him to speak
“Send some champions to my sons room B-”
“no no not that dad..i...uh….i meant….” Jim took a deep breath, he needed to say this perfectly.
“my friends, on the surface. They always gather together to celebrate their own birthdays. I was kinda hoping I could...try that. By sorta...going up top for the rest of the day and being with them and experiencing it, it would make me very happy”

Jim spurt out the last of the sentence quickly. Blinky stopped and looked over, an expression of worry growing on his face. Blinky knew well enough that asking the dark underlord for something after already being given something was not a good idea. He had to help, he couldn’t just let Jim get punished for wanting something as simple as that, Blinky could save his own hide by convincing Gunmar to allow it, preventing an angry rage to start up before anything could ignite it.

“My dark underlord, Jim should be allowed this. Let him be surrounded by his friends from the surface. It would help him develop emotionally and mentally. It would bring him great joy! And he never has done it before, a good experience to be had. This is something so small he asks of you on the day of his birth, it would literally take nothing to allow him to have it!. He has had enjoyed himself immensely here and participated in his feast, so it isn’t as if he has no interest in this!”

Gunmar looked between his son and Blinky, clearly weighing the request in his head.
“very well. Go to the surface. Enjoy yourself with your fleshbag friends. If it brings you pleasure, so be it. You are to return as soon as you are finished, and before the sun rises on the next day.” Jim smiled and felt giddy all over. Jim flashed look of ‘thank you’ to Blinky who smiled back.
“thanks dad!”
“leave. Enjoy yourself. As I now expect you to have your ‘fulfillment’ from this.” Gunmar said in a bored and somewhat annoyed tone. He went through a LOT to throw these celebrations, and to hear his son say he wanted to abandon them to be surrounded by FLESHBAGS?!. If it made his son feel good, then fine. He will allow it. It wasn’t like he simply vanished without word either….and he did participate in the activities.

To Jim, hearing his dad say this was wonderful! Even if it really meant
“you want to leave after everything I did for you, choose to be around stupid humans than YOUR FAMILY, on this day?! This once a year special day?! IF IT WASN’T FOR ME YOU WOULDN’T EVEN BE ALIVE, YET YOU WANT TO LEAVE MY SIDE?!. Fine, enjoy yourself, but if I hear even the smallest complaint out of you, or anything less than a true heavenly day on the surface, then you will be punished.” Gunmar was suddenly surprised as his son hugged him without word
“thanks dad! I’ll be back before you know it!” Then just as quickly as it had happened, it ended. Jim ran to his room to get ready.


“oh yeah...huh...” Jim walked into his room to see the man, still bound and gagged, feebly struggling in a corner.
“totally forgot about you. Okay, so, hey HEY PAY ATTENTION. Good, now, this place, total nightmare realm huh? Nod if you agree.” The man nervously and vigoruslly nodded his head.
“you want t not be killed right? To go back home, live your life, go jogging and watch TV and whatever, right?” again the man nodded
“alright. And I’m sure the second you get freed you’ll try to tell everyone everything. Even if you promise it and swear on your life and blah blah. Look, I’m not hungry, I don’t feel like killing you, and I know for a FACT you will just end up telling everyone you can. So, I’m going to make you a deal. you’ll stay here for, what, the day, surface side time at least, then I let you go. Deal? No one dies, no one fights. No one says anything. Go it? Cause if you don’t agree, well…..i still can just kill you as easily as snapping my fingers. But I don’t feel like doing it, doesn’t mean I WON’T.” the man nodded

“hold still. I’m not letting you go, but I am going to put you right over here. You will still be gagged and cuffed and chained, but at least now you can move around and go to the bathroom, yeah. I do NOT want you to ruin my room. Ugh. Not like you didn’t ruin yourself already….well you don’t fit my size, but at least wrap this blanket around you after you have a bath, got it? Oh and make as little noise as you can. K? Cause I’m sure that you won’t want all those big burly nightmarish trolls to come charging in here to investigate it, only to find me gone and you still alive.

So, in summery. Clean yourself. Stay put. Stay silent. And do NOT TOUCH MY STUFF. I find one thing out of place, or a finger print on ANYTHING. I WILL-well you know I’ll kill you. So, I’m going to get ready and leave. Where? None of your business. Got it?” the man nodded, it was the only thing he was doing really. He didn’t have anything going on with his life at the point.


“WHAAAAT! YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME SOONER!” Toby gasped as he answered Jim’s phone call.
“Well dad juuuust told me I could, so I’m up on the surface by the hill if you wana-”
“YESSS! Like I’m NOT going to hangout with my best bud on his birthday?!”
“well I’m glad you aren’t busy”
“you know me! I don’t have a life”
“wish I could say the same”
“no you do not!”
“Being from two different worlds, constantly tugging on you, not exactly fun either. Trust me, the kind of position I’m in is nooooooooo picnic.”
“yeah but at least you HAVE things going on in your life! Wana know what I’ve been doing all day?”
“is that rhetorical?”
“no, now guess”
“EXACTLY! I’ve just been sitting here reading assignments and trying to figure out how to make my magic tricks actually work properly. I got one of them down I think...i need an assistant! Perfect time to do it also!”
“awww, do I get to wear a sequin dress and rabbit ears?”
“if you want. Speaking of, did you want to meet somewhere specific?”
“I’ll meet you at your place if that’s cool”
“totally! Come on over! I’ll unlock the door, just don’t wake Nana if shes asleep, what am I saying. Of course she’s going to be asleep, she just had a mini marathon of her crime drama shows.”
“sneak in quietly, will do. See you in 5.”


Jim felt happy that he got to hear his best friend be so excited, like a dog when their owner just gets home. Jim felt free, like he could breathe and stretch and move. It wasn’t but a couple hours left in the day, but that was all Jim needed, he just wanted to be around his friends, even if they didn’t do anything. Jim felt the cool wind blowing at his back as he made his way to his best friends house, enjoying the sounds and lights of the fading day, it seemed so much nicer out than usual. The bliss of being allowed to have something you really wanted I suppose.

Jim kicked a rock and listened to it clang against a tree while he walked along the road. He finished walking up the street and was going up to the door to Toby’s home when he saw from the corner of his eye none other than Walt in the neighbors home. Turning to look out of curiosity, Jim saw Walt eating dinner with the doctor who lived alone across the street.
“well. No the only one who’s having a good night” Jim spoke as he headed inside.

Jim quickly crept up the stairs, being sure not to make much noise, which he was excellent at doing. He did train in stealth almost exclusively. He knocked and opened up Toby’s door then getting a big strong hug from his small best friend.
“We have so much to do! So many things to catch up on! OH we should get a Pinata!”
“I’d probably just eat the whole thing” Jim laughed as he patted his smaller friend on the head.
“i can be your birthday entertainment! I bet you’ve never had a magician at one of your birthday parties.”
“the closest thing to one of those would be actually eating one”
“I’m serious, I do eat people”
“hahaha. Now, go sit on my bed and watch me make magic!”
“ohhh the great Toby will be so humble as to make an appearance at my birthday party?! What an honor!”

“hey, I promise, when I make it big, I won’t forget the little people along the way”
“funny because I’m pretty much like 2 of you taller”
“go sit! Let me just get my….aha! Now, watch carefully as I pull this ball out of my second hat!”
“you mean this one?”
“hey! Put that down! you’re going to ruin the trick! No don’t eat my props!”
“bad Jim!”

The two best friends spent the next couple hours hanging out. Magic tricks, watching things, video games, classic best friend things. Toby did feel kinda bad about not having anything better for Jim, but Jim just said everything was perfect as it was, just hanging out and being with his best friend.
“so, how old are you now exactly?”
“you’re old as shit! You could be my Nana’s mom!”
“well I could huh?”
“have you ever ridden in a wagon?”
“Toby, I’m 93, not 200.”
“alright alright old man, don’t get so upset”
“hey you made me miss the early bird special! Back in my day thing’s only cost a penny and you could still get change back!”


The two laughed to themselves, meanwhile outside Bular was watching through the window from the trees.


Gunmar watched Jim run out of the throne room, then he spoke up to Bular
“my son. Follow your brother.”
“do you not trust him father?”
“i do, but I just want to make sure my efforts truly weren’t in vain. If he does wish to surround himself with fleshbags, then let him. If he lied and wanted to go to that trollmarket, then report back to me.”
“you do not wish him down there father?”
“not now. I’ve noticed him acting stranger than usual. he’s growing softer. Weaker. I fear it is due to him being to ‘attached’ to trollmarket now. He needs to be reminded that WE are his kin. Not them. If he really is growing to soft and attached…..I’ll just have to burn out that weakness myself. I’ve come too far now for my little son to suddenly turn soft and report to the trollhunter what is actually going on in his life. He may be keeping his word on his little plan, but I am not easily deceived. Now, go, stalk him closely, but do not allow him to know of your presence for even a moment. When he returns home, so shall you. If any evidence of weakness dampening his heart is found, report it to me at once. Do not allow him to know you are watching him, let him live out whatever actions he so chooses, report to me and then I’LL be the one to handle it.”

“I will not fail you father. I will go at once”
“I know you will not fail me on this. I only fear your brother is growing too weak for his own good.”


Bular had stalked Jim from afar ever since he left the darklands. Jim seemed to be In a pleasant mood the entire time. Bular crept along the darkness, making sure to be able to keep a close eye on his smaller sibling. He listened to his Brother speak on his device, he watched his brother walk, he spied on his brother as he and that little fleshbag toy of his laughed and made merry with each other. The night had truly fallen and Jim was supposed to return home now. Bular crouched lower and backed behind large rock as he heard Jim leaving the door
“-Sorry we couldn’t get anyone else to come hangout”
“nah it’s fine, everyone was busy. I’m just happy to have spent the time with you Tobes”
“same here Jimbo, see you tomorrow?”
“I’ll try, I’m sure you will though, or at least for a few minutes, see ya Tobes”
“bye Jimbo, be safe! don’t get eaten!”
“i won’t, relax I won’t”
“you say that but another dude disappeared today! Seriously!”
“I heard, I promise to text you the second I’m about to go underground, okay?”
“okay, thanks, does make me feel better”
“Tobes, look at me, I’m more likely to attack you than something is to attack me”
“okay you have a point.”
“alright see ya”


the door closed and Jim started to walk away. Bular looked up to see the round fleshbag walk back into his room. Bular never did understand what Jim saw in fleshbags. He just thought it was just a half troll thing. Bular quietly followed Jim, His brother might be more agile and silent, but he still was not as masterful as Bular was. Everything was going as expected. Jim went to his friends house, he spent time, now he was coming home like father had told him to. Bular was relived to see his brother not defying their fathers orders, it always put his mind at ease to know just how loyal Jim still was. There were very few times Bular questioned Jim’s loyalty, but it was only ever for a good reason. His brother used plans to keep himself close to trollmarket and the trollhunter, he had yet to make any kind of plan to attack him or even do something to hamper the trollhunter from his duties. Jim also used any excuse he could to keep close to them and away from his REAL home and family in the darklands.

Bular truly loved his brother, but was afraid he might truly be having a change of heart. Half trolls were known to be emotionally fluid like humans were….he feared Jim would want to forgo their fathers love and praise, in favor of locking himself up in the safety of trollmarket and forget their plans on ruling the world.

A familiar scent stopped Jim in his tracks, along with Bulars. Bular tucked himself as small as he could behind the patch of trees he was hiding. He recognized the scent…

“Jim” Kanjigar said cheerfully
“shit..uh...hey...listen before we start chatting I reaaalllllyyy need to get home like, right now. My dad said I could only be out for a few hours and that time’s up and I really don’t want to show that I didn’t listen”
“perhaps he could wait only a few more moments for you. I wanted to spend some time with you myself, I heard that it was a certain someones birthday today”
“...where did you hear….that?”
“some gossip in trollmakret. Someone overheard you speaking about what age you would be and on what day. So I was hoping to run into you”

“well you did so yay!...i really do appreciate you wanting to see me, I do really!, but I really reaaallllyy need to go, my dad will blow a fuse if he finds out I took longer than needed because of...well, you.”
“ah, your father shouldn’t be upset if his trollhunter was simply taking some time with you”

Bular snorted hearing those words.
‘at least my brothers cover is still as strong as ever…’

“humans have a custom of giving gifts to one another in celebration for another year of being alive, so I wanted to give you one”
“that’ of you...thanks” Jim started to ‘soften up’ in tone and appearance.
“i even found someone able to wrap it, happy birthday Jim.” Kanjigar walked over and pulled out a small box from a bag he had on his waist.
“how did you know I was going to be out here?”
“i didn’t, I only hoped I would see you, looks like fate wanted this to happen”
“yeah...maybe….thanks for this” Jim took the present and then was patted by Kanjigar
“my son also wishes to see you, if you could spare the time for him”


Bular growled a bit
‘why would his worthless whelp wish to see my brother?’

“oh Draal does?...huh...i….” Jim had a hesitant look about him. He looked down at the present he held in his hands, then to Kanjigar who smiled. Jim's thoughts worked themselves backwards until he was reliving the moments of the fighting in the arena, to roaring, the feasting. These two worlds...both of them….Jim started to love both of them……...he couldn’t make up his mind on what he wanted to do….

“my dad….he….i do want to see Draal though….”

Bular’s eyes widened when he heard this
‘Jim. no. please don’t be showing affection for them! Please! Let father be wrong about his suspicion!’

“My son would like to see you too. Along with Vendel I’m sure, your father would understand if you stayed here the night, it is late and we miss you”
“ is huh…… I’m sorry I really have to go, I’ll come back soon though” Kanjigar frowned
“alright, if that is your choice. Well, I shall return to my rounds, I hope you enjoyed your day and the rest of the night”
“thanks, you too” Kanjigar nodded and started to walk away. Bular watched as Jim just stared at the box in his hands, then looked up to the trollhunter. Bular was thankful when he saw Jim shake his head no and walk away….


Jim flashed into his room, he tossed the small gift box into his nest and was about to walk out the door when he heard small breathing, he turned to see the gagged man still in his room
“oh shit I forgot about you again. I’ll be back real quick, you stay there. AHHA get it? No? Ah whatever, you’re a prisoner not me. Jim left and hurried to the throne room
“Dad, I’m home!” Jim called out when he entered. The feast was over and things were being cleaned up. Whatever food was left was being given to whoever wanted to eat it. The tables were being picked up and moved away, the last remains of dead gumm-gumms were cleaned up.
“ah son, how was your ‘night out’?” Gunmar said with a small undertone of annoyance. Gunmar sat on his throne, claws tapping against the stone.

“good! I had a lot of fun! Thanks dad, I really appreciate it”
Gunmar just grunted in response.
“I’m tired, I’m going to go sleep, goodnight”
Gunmar waved him off. Jim passed Bular while he was walking out.
“oh hey Bular”

Bular watched Jim leave until he was far gone.
“Report.” Bular walked and kneeled down in front of the throne
“nothing to report. All is well, nothing out of the ordinary. There is nothing to fear. He had done exactly what he promised.”
“good. Goood.”
“the only one minor thing….”
“and that would be?”
Bular was hesitant for a split moment. His brother was about to get into trouble, how much though Bular couldn’t say.
“Jim did interact with the trollhunter, although he was clearly hesitatnt and kept stating that he needed to leave to return home.”
“acceptable. What ‘interaction’ did they have.”
“the trollhunter wished him a happy birthday, also said that he wish to see Jim stay in his company for the rest of the night. He also said that his son wished to see Jim specifically.”

“why might that be?”
“i have no idea father.” Bular did have some small clues. He remembered all the ‘lustful’ things Jim had spoken of during his heat. Bular didn’t think anything of it at the time though, Just things a regular heat would want. After his heat, why had he want to see the son of the trollhunter, or more importantly, the other way around.
“the only clues I could gleam father were that Jim’s cover is still very much intact and stronger than ever. There is no evidence of sign of a betrayal. He is loyal and devoted to you as ever. More so in fact than I once previously though.”

“Bular. Do you hide things from me for your brothers sake?”
“w-what? No father! Of course not!”
“would you be willing to risk his own life to save yours?”
“i...i do not know how to respond.”
“are you loyal to him. Or to me.”
“you of course”
“and if I told you to kill your brother, would you bury your blade into him without hesitation?”
“i...yes? Forgive me father, I was unprepared to answer such….difficult questions.”

“nothing difficult about it. You kill him if I say so. Do you agree or disagree?”
“i agree. I would kill Jim if requested.”
“good.” after that, there was a very tense uncomfortable silence. Bular wanted to speak up at the sudden and strange questions.
“have...have I displeased you father?”
“no. not you. Your brother.”
“father, I won’t have to-”
“no. you will not harm him. Just remember. If I tell you to kill, you kill. It does not matter if it is your brother or not. Your blade will taste blood. If I tell your brother to kill you, you had better stay still while he kills you. You are loyal to ME. Not anyone else. If you are hiding anything from me about him. I will learn of it.”

“yes father. I hide nothing from you”
“i know you don’t. I fear it is your brother who does.”
“if I may say so once more, he hides nothing from you”
“we shall see.”

another uncomfortable silence later Gunmar lets out a deep sigh
“perhaps I am being a bit paranoid from his departure. He has never shown any kind of hesitation or regret for his mistakes. Blinkyous was correct. He is growing still and needs to be treated as such. He still changes and moves, little things like emotional differences from time to time shouldn’t be considered a threat.”
“you have had your doubt of his loyalty?
“i will not answer that. He has failed me less times than YOU have. Yet I feel more paranoid about him. I should not have such thoughts and worries. He isn’t a full troll. Fleshbag emotions are difficult to understand. Perhaps I should try to have him by my side more often.”
“that would put you both at ease I think. Medics have confirmed he is lacking physical affection.”

“hm. I think having a day with him is far overdue. Go, you are released.”
“thank you father. I swear, I am loyal to you. If Jim does hide anything for whatever reason, I shall report it to you without hesitation.”
“good.” Gunmar does remember Jim used to always hide things from him. It was never anything serious, it was always minor things that didn’t matter, but THAT’S what upset Gunmar. The fact that he DID hide things. Jim was much younger though, Blinky told him that humans did things like these all the time when growing. It was just an emotional thing. Gunmar didn’t understand but trusted Blinky. Jim hid a gnome once in his room, wanting it as a pet, another time Jim hid things under his nest that he wasn’t supposed to have, and a few others things that Jim hid were equal in this way. Just minor things that didn’t matter in the end.

Still, Gunmar did NOT like when others hid things from him. He let it go, not without light punishment however. It was simple children’s things, but the act did need to be punished. Eventually Jim did stop hiding things and was as open as a book to his father. Now as he’s grown older and has been constantly changing, it was hard to tell if he hid things or not. Sometimes it seemed he did but truly wasn’t, a few rare times he was and didn’t even show any remorse. Now with what has been going on recently, Gunmar was a bit paranoid his son would turn on him, he did have enough resources and freedoms to do so. Gunmar tried to shake those thoughts out of his head, there was no way his son would betray him, he never once has. Bular has shown more betrayal than Jim ever had, and Bulars one and only betrayal was when he fled from a fight with a past trollhunter.

Jim did need more ‘father son time’ anyways, plus that would also set Gunmar’s mind at ease. His sweet little gumm-gumm prince, growing up so fast. How could he ever think Jim would try to stab him in the back? Still. There was a nagging feeling that something was off…..his gut never did lie to him though. Gunmar just breathed and decided to deal with the issue later. After spending a dad with his child, he knew his heart and mind would be at ease once more.


“well, I’ve decided to finally help you out of this horrible situation.” Jim said as he changed his cloths, the man looked at him anxiously, awaiting the news of his freedom.
“you want it to end, I want you to get out of my fur, so I’ve decided the perfect way for both of us is to just get rid of this whole situation. You won’t be able to tell anyone, and you won’t be able to be afraid anymore and blah blah. Point is, you’re free! Now, hold still while I unchain you. Oh and close your eyes. I promise this will only hurt for a second.” Jim walked over and suddenly sliced off the mans head.
“there. Both of us are free.” Jim felt like it would be more trouble to just find some way to let the man go than to just kill him and be done with it. Jim stepped over the body as it fell over onto the floor. He called in some guards to haul it away as he bathed.

All cleaned up and ready for bed, Jim flopped down into his nest, and got comfortable, he felt something unusually, he grabbed it and realized it was his present. He opened it to see what it was. He felt his heart slow down as he pulled out a blue necklace, with a tiny bit of heartstone in in. like a grit-shaka but a ‘kind’ version. Not teeth and dark magics. But a smooth fist looking shape holding the heartstone. It radiated warmth and calmness. Jim noticed his body lit up from it, he was shocked, something so small made him feel so….goood. He was just, relaxed. Everything negative he felt melted away. It was like he was in a hammock relaxing on a beach watching the evening sun color the skies while warm sand gently moved under his hand as he touched it.

Jim purred and imagined himself, along with his friends, kanjigar, and even Draal. Just...a nice big relaxing day. No violence or gore, no hard painful memories. Nothing, just relaxation. Jim opened his eyes and looked at his body, it glowed warm orange all over
“whoa.” It felt so...natural. So right. Like he was a piece in something that finally found its place where it belonged. It fit so well and felt so good.
He didn’t want that feeling to end. His mind remembered the cold hearted nature, the killing and eating, the violence from that day. It was soo good tooo. But it was so opposite. The two feelings clashed together. It felt like it was ripping him apart it stung so much. Jim groaned painful and dropped the necklace. He gasped and felt his body, it felt like it was burning from the inside out. The calm peaceful orange glow felt more like a painful molten brand, as if he were reliving that moment he was marked, but bodily this time.

What was going on with him…..

Chapter Text

“I just...i just feel so angry and bitter and hateful and resentful and I just don’t know why. I just….i….i can’t get it out of me. I don’t want this. I don’t want this and it hurts’s frustrating and I just want it out but it won’t go away! No matter what I do!” Jim spoke to Kanjigar. The two sat in the living room of their cave in trollmarket. Jim was tightening his hands into fists as he looked at them. He was hunched over and his mind started to race. For the past few days, Jim had been emotionally ‘unstable’. He couldn’t figure out what it was. Yes, he used his pain and anger to his own advantage, letting it fuel him in his training and fighting. Letting it flow into his movements and strikes, but this time, it was just a gross sloppy ooze within in. he couldn’t control it or shape it to how he wanted it to be. Jim never understood why he ever felt angry, he had everything he could ever want. He could do whatever he wanted, so why did he feel this way? Sure he could become blood thirsty, that was easy enough. This, this was just different. And he hated it.

“i just want it out...i...i hurt something….i want something else to hurt so I don’t have to...”
“you should never inflict pain unto others because of your own emotions. I know well enough that kind of pain you’re having. The only way to truly get rid of it, is to find the base of it and snuff it out. Usually one feels angry because they feel as if the world has wronged them, as if some injustice has been done. Usually unresolved issues boil and churn within, causing this bitterness and resentment to form and grow. You expect the world to treat you a certain way, and when those expectations aren’t met, then that’s when everything becomes worse. Bottling up emotions always is unhealthy as well.”

Jim started to tear up and his breathing became a bit unstable.
“i don’t know why I feel this way! I get what I want and I never have anything to complain about!”
“do not stifle your emotions. Being a half troll, they are even more volatile, although I don’t think I need to inform you about that. Tell me, what triggered this?”
“i don’t know...i was walking around trollmarket when...i don’t know, I just heard some random trolls talking about their parents and stuff and I just sorta...felt angry….but why? That makes no sense!”
“it sounds as if your emotions are coming from a deep rooted issue involving your parents”
“that sounds stupid. Why would it?”
“well, this is just from what I’m thinking, but perhaps it is because you don’t get enough affection. You don’t get to experience the feeling of having a mother. You don’t get to experience fatherly affection like you crave. When that is exposed, you feel like you have been wronged because of it. You get everything you want, except what you want most”

“no...that’s….stupid...i don’t care….i don’t care...”
“that sounds more like you’re trying to convince yourself than anything else.”
“would you like me to do anything? We could spend the day together, we could train, w-”
“no just. Leave me alone.” Jim got up and left, his face hot and angry, his tears just as much. He shook a bit from the talk. Usually Kanjigar or Blinky knew the perfect answer, but not now. Blinky had been gone doing something important for Gunmar, so he wasn’t a choice. So that just left Kanjigar, now though, hearing his words, it only hurt worse. Kanjigar was right. Jim never had a mother. He never knew those feelings. He hardly knew what it was like to have a real father. Blinky loved him and he loved Blinky, but it still didn’t feel….exact. It didn’t feel like it was a ‘fulfilling’ purpose.

Jim didn’t want to do anything. He didn’t feel like doing anything. He couldn’t get away from his feelings though. He wanted to hurt someone. He wanted to hurt everyone.



Gunmar walked through the doors to Jim’s room. Jim wasn’t in there, or even in the darklands for that matter. Gunmar found this a good opportunity to look at his sons belongings and figure out just ‘who he was now’. Gunmar remembers his little whelp running around, having fun and talking about ruling the gumm-gumms when he was older ‘just like daddy’. Those thoughts always gave a smile to the dark underlord, even if they were UN-realistic to how his son’s future would actually be. Jim would be a general, a ruler of his own territory, but not ruling over all gumm-gumms. That was Bular’s future position.

Gunmar occasionally poked and prodded Jim’s various things. Cloths, figures, his laptop, some nice smelling candles (Jim loved them, they helped relax him. No other gumm-gumm really understood why ‘pleasant’ scents were needed), Jim’s collection of various bones from various creatures, Jim’s armor and sword, something Gunmar was proud of when it was first forged and given to Jim as a gift for his REAL training to come into effect, the large number of books filling shelves, Jim’s college work, Jim’s assortment of magical things such as: talismans, materials, books, crystals, gravesand, effigies, and more.

Gunmar stopped and looked at the various photo’s Jim had on a shelf. It was pictures of his life at many points. School photo’s, pictures of Jim and his friends all smiling at the camera (a lot of which Jim had to crouch down to fit into the frame) Gunmar didn’t understand, all he saw was pathetic creatures, undeserving of a son of Gunmars time or anything other than being a meal. They made Jim happy, that was reason enough to let him have them. When Gunmar returns to the surface world and rules, His son may keep whoever he wants around, Gunmar promised that.

A sudden flash of green, Jim now stood in his room. Gunmar was behind him, unnoticed. Jim was humming to himself, he tossed a backpack onto his nest and walked over to a table, there, he plugged his phone in and grabbed his laptop (he had a small generator that allowed him to charge his things). Jim had opened it and sat cross legged in his nest, typing away. Gunmar had yet to move or say anything, he simply stood there and watched his son. Gunmar was simply ooking at him from head to toe, taking in the details. The smallest eye movements to the twitch of his ear. Jim looked so much like his mother… almost hurt a bit to have memories of her rise up in Gunmars head. Gunmar did wish Jim’s mother were here, to see their son. She would be so proud of Jim. Jim really did take after her in all aspects. size, weight, height, fur, eye, and skin color, the way his teeth were too. If you didn’t know any better, you wouldn’t have even thought that he was Gunmars son.

Jim moved the laptop a bit while typing, the little clicks and taps seemed to be the only sound in the room. Jim’s eyes narrowed to a point on the screen as it reflected a silhouette of someone behind him. Jim quickly pulled a knife from near his nest and hurled it at Gunmar, only to have it bounce off his arm and clang to the floor.
“DAD! I, I’M SORRY! I didn’t know it was you! i-” Gunmar walked over until he was directly in front of Jim, towering over him.
“hush. That was good of you. Although next time, aim for heart. You aimed for the dead center of my chest.”
“yes dad...uh...what...are you doing in here? Not that it’s a problem! I just...wait how long have you been in here?”
“long enough to watch you come. What are you doing with that object”

“my laptop? Oh I’m typing up a report. I have this paper due in a few days and I thought I should work on it a bit, take my mind off...things. The report is about how cultures of various trolls have impacted human society over the years. This part is mostly going to be about treaties and-” Jim talked a bit longer, Gunmar simply listened, occasionally just tuning out as he looked his son over once more.
“-that’s about it for right now though.”
“Jim. You are going to be by my side today.”
“today. You will be in my company until I say otherwise. We will be spending the day together, as one would say.”
“….time time? Like...father….son...time?” Jim’s eyes opened up and his heart beat faster.
“yes. I believe it is far overdue for you to be next to me for a longer period of time. I believe now is the time. I will show you how to rule properly. when the day comes that we rule, when I give you your own little kingdom, I want to make sure you rule it properly, and not be sloppy. I want to understand you more, I feel like you are starting to feel more like a servant than a child. You will attend my company….bond? Is that what you would call it?”
“YES! I-I can’t believe I get to be with you! joke?”
“i do not jest child.”
“sorry I now?”
“yes. Now come”
“okay dad!”

Gunmar started to leave Jim’s room as Jim practically sprang up with vigor and walked right behind him like a duckling would their mother.
‘a day with dad! A day with dad! A day with dad!’ Jim’s mind repeated happily, if he had a tail, it would be waggling like crazy. He NEVER got to spend time with his father! He NEVER got to have ‘father son stuff’. Would they play catch?! no...of course not….what would they do though!? Would they do regular father son stuff like Jim’s always seen and read?! Would they-
“sorry dad...”
“first. I want to see you fight.”
“oh, want me to get Arr-”
“no. I will be your opponent.”


Jim was now in the throne room, trying to go as fast as he could to get his armor on. He was so giddy with excitement he shook a bit, making it harder to don the armor. He didn’t want to keep his dad waiting! This is the FIRST TIME he’s EVER got to show his father the fruit of his training! The only thing that came remotely close to it was fighting Bular. The only thing Jim even knew about his dads power, was simply from stories. He’s never once even see Gunmar actually fight. Jim hooked the last bits together and sprang up and over. He quickly stopped and grabbed his sword, almost forgetting his own weapon before a fight? Rookie mistake. Jim mentally kicked himself
‘already looking like a failure in front of dad!’

“now then my son. You will fight me. And you will try to kill me. No holding back.”
“y-y-yeah! I promise I’ll try to kill you!” they both knew dam well he couldn’t. Jim didn’t come close to being anywhere near Gunmar’s power level, still, Jim knew that if he could even scratch his dad, he would be proud!.

Jim held in his breath and focused, he took his regular stance, only to suddenly let his guard down as he saw his father summon his own blade.
“whoa….” Jim went slack jawed, he had seen his fathers sword from images and from Jim’s own fabricated sword design, but never in person!. The legends and stories were true. It practically radiated might, Jim wanted to actually get hit by it, to just see it in action, to feel the pain!.
“now. Fight me. I will not hold back. If your bones are broken, that is your own fault for not being strong enough. Now. Fight.” Jim surged forward as fast as his legs would allow him to, only to suddenly be smacked away by the blunt side of the blade. Jim felt his lungs empty of air as his father landed down next to him and buried the blade into the ground, inches away from where Jim was
“get up! Will you have you life ended so suddenly?!”
“n-no dad!” Jim flipped around and with a twist, swung his blade, trying to slice it across his fathers arm. Gunmar grabbed the blade and yanked it from his sons grip, then twisting his other arm around to jab forward at Jim’s side. Jim moved away just milliseconds from being cut. He could feel the energy radiating off of it. He wanted to squirm and flee, yet he was in awe of how strong something was. Jim snapped out of it as he was punched in the gut and knocked back. He gasped for air and tried to get up. His father planted a foot on his back and crushed him.

“allowing your enemy to easily disarm you, then you have the nerve to be distracted and let your guard down right after? I thought Blinkous had taught you better than that.” Gunmar let his weight off of Jim, only to kick him aside, causing Jim to fall on the flat of his stomach a few feet away.

Jim gasped as his lungs begged for air. He felt like his body was numb already.
“get up.” Gunmar said in a deep annoyed voice. Jim tried to respond, only to be kicked again, right in the ribs.
“GET UP” with what little air Jim had, he rolled over, right before Gunmar slammed his foot down, causing the ground to crack. Jim took a sudden deep breath and ran over on all fours, did a roll, grabbed his blade from the ground, then sprang up, all in one go.
“I’m….I’m not do-” Jim didn’t get a chance to finish a thought as he was suddenly charged at by his father.

Jim tried to duck and jump, however he was grabbed by his leg and pulled back and into the ground, hard. Jim felt like his leg was about to break by the simple grip Gunmar had.
“if you weren’t my son, I would have already ended your life. Hmmm...clearly you have been slacking on your training. Or perhaps Blinkous has failed to keep you on track. Perhaps both….tell me son. What should I do to punish you? Perhaps breaking a few of your bones? It would seem a fitting punishment for you letting weakness soak itself into them.” Gunmar tightened his grip, just hairs away from snapping his son’s leg bone. Jim clenched his teeth and forgot the pain for a brief moment, he used his blade and tried to bury it into Gunmar’s arm. It didn’t work, but the effort allowed Jim’s leg to be let go of. Jim then tried to slash forward, an attempt to slice from under Gunmar’s forearm, past the armpit and towards his neck. Gunmar almost smiled, looking at his son’s efforts to stave off death. The sword just clanged off of Gunmar’s tough skin, the blade sparked from the rough contact. Jim ducked and rolled away, trying to get a good amount of distance. His leg screamed in pain, but he ignored it.

Gunmar chuckled, seeing the fighting spirit start to flare up in his son.
“Good boy. I want you to use your abilities now. Do it, let your father see how much you’ve grown.” Gunmar turned and stood patiently, looking at Jim with a cruel tint in his eye. Jim swallowed, he had a hard time controlling his own abilities. He would ‘power up’, His body would glow like his fathers. It was exhausting and just trying to hold it for more than a minute felt like he was pulling a boat uphill on a sand dune. Jim grunted in pain, he concentrated. His powers usually only came out when under extreme stress or excitement. Now he had to force it out, AND hold it steady. He whined a bit as he felt the hot tense pressure build up within him, then spreading out evenly. His form glowed dull blue, he let go of a tightly held breath and looked at his dad.

Gunmar smiled, seeing his blood ‘come forth’ into Jim. When Jim ability first showed itself, everyone was shocked. Bular couldn’t do anything like this, yet Jim could, another advantage he had. Then through the years they trained it, see how long Jim could keep it, how often, how to let it grow. Even after all this training, he strained heavily. No one blamed him, it wasn’t something easy to command.
“good my son. Good. How do you feel?”
“try to charge at me.”
“o-okay.” Jim sucked in and held a breath, just trying to move felt like he was wearing layers of heavy cloth soaked with water, adding a lot of weight all over. Jim charged at Gunmar, ready to strike. His body had started to smooth out a bit, the intense pressure easing up, just a little. Jim jabbed his sword at his father, the strike caused it to slip away and Jim tumbled forward. He was caught by the very being he was attempting to attack.

“you’re efforts are growing. I could feel it. Even if it was simply a poke. Keep holding it. I want to see how long you can keep this up. Now, attack again.” Jim swallowed and just nodded, he had to focus. Bring out his anger. His hate. Use his own pain, let it fuel his fire. His mind drifted a bit to what had happened earlier that day….that anger, that didn’t….feel right though. Not in this moment. It was like a different kind of feeling. One he couldn’t use properly. No, he had to force it. Jim roared out and swung rapidly. He wanted to let loose. He wanted to drink his fathers blood. His inner gumm-gumm finally started to rise up. Jim slashed wildly out at Gunmar, who moved away or reflected the blows coming at him.

Gunmar didn’t stop his son, he wanted him to keep going, not wanting to slow his momentum. Jim was feeling blind now, tunnel visioned as he simply came at Gunmar with all he had. He swung so hard that he buried the sword into stone as the blade was reflected off of his father. Jim was gasping and trying to pull it out. His body suddenly gave out and he collapsed. His body tried to intake air as quickly as it could, Jim breathed so rapidly his lungs burned. Jim felt like he was going to pass out. He tried to keep his eyes open. One blink, he was on the ground, another blink, he was having his father look down on his more than exhausted form, a third blink, and he felt his body being gently lifted up.
“you’re doing so good! This is the strongest I’ve seen you before.” Jim tried to speak but all he could do is mutter out weakly something unintelligible the last thing Jim heard was his fathers gentle voice.
“rest. You need it.” Jim’s mind agreed and he suddenly passed out in his fathers hold.


Jim woke up outside of his armor and in a small medical room. He looked around, trying to sit up but winced at the pain coursing throughout him. He held his ribs and curled up, closing his eyes tightly. He whimpered and started to tear up.
“relax. Breathe.” Jim opened his eyes to see Blinky standing over him, applying a salve on his chest.
“you became unconscious from your strenuous efforts. I told your father you weren’t ready to last that long. Oh well, what’s done is done.”
“where’s d-” Jim coughed and groaned. He felt like he had swallowed molten glass.
“Your father is nearby. Do not fear, you’ve only been asleep for, oh, roughly 10 minutes give or take. You lasted a lot longer than usual. However you did push yourself to far. Next time, you will be better. I think that we should simply focus on holding onto it, having your body tightening its grip on your abilities.” Blinky hummed a tune, the tune Jim had grown up with over the years. The tune hummed to him when he was having a hard time going to sleep. Blinky finished with the salve, he then laid a cold wash cloth on Jim’s head.

“there. That should ease the soreness. Now then, how are you feeling?”
“like I was liquefied internally halfway.”
“hmm, well we can’t have that happen. Well you should rest. Shall I acquire you a book?”
“no...what...what about my d-day?” Jim groaned as even speaking was taking a heavy toll.
“day? Well whatever you had planned today must wait. You are in no condition to be doing anything other than resting. Now, when you feel good enough to move, we shall transfer you into your nest. That would be better now wouldn’t it?” Jim nodded, agreeing with Blinky wordlessly. Jim suddenly felt the intense urge to just curl up in his nest and nap. Jim’s vision was becoming blurry from his body’s need to shut down and sleep. The last thing Jim saw was his father entering the room,
“dad…..” Jim called out weakly before shutting his eyes. Soon after curling up and laying on his side, Jim fell asleep.


Gunmar Picked up his now unconscious son. He chuckled, see how much effort he put into the fight. Jim looked relaxed in the grip. Gunmar gently hummed to him as he carried him out of the throne room. Gunmar spoke to a guard as he passed, saying to fetch Blinky and send him to the nearest medical cave. The guard nodded and ran off.

Gunmar gently took Jim’s armor off within the cave, looking at all the little intricate loops within the armor, everything holding the plates together, the leathers locked and stretched, the chain mail moving to fit the body. Gunmar tossed the armor to the side, humming while he did so. It was the same hum Jim heard his whole life. The one thing that always calmed him down when he was restless. One of the very first things he heard as a newborn. (I’m basing this off of the singing from the winter lanterns in bloodborne, dreaming from coraline, eerie things like that) Gunmar Finished taking the armor off, then gently placed his son onto a nearby bed, giving it extra padding first.

“you called my dark underlord?”
“Blinkous. You know my son more than I do. I don’t like that.”
“oh...uh...forgive me?”
“no. I am not upset with you. I’m upset with myself. I have ignored my responsibility of being a more active father in my whelps life.”
“you shouldn’t blame yourself, you’ve been ruling, planning, tending to things, making sure everyone is staying in line. None of that is something as easy as eating someone.”
“Jim requires a father. More love, management. More than Bular ever needed. I need to be in Jim’s life more. From now on, I am going to be participating and keeping a closer eye on him. I wanted you to know that.”
“Thank you my dark underlord. I will always remember that. Ah Jim, what has he gotten himself into now? I haven’t seen him this worn out since his abilities first bloomed.”

“i pushed him to far. I wanted to see him strong. I asked him to force his body to use energy that wasn’t there.”
“i see”
“he will be alright. He will not perish.”
“no of course not, do not even have a single thought cross your mind!. Everything will be perfectly well. He just needs plenty of rest now.” Gunmar stared at Jim as Blinky went around the cave and fetched various medical things. He started to gently apply salve to Jim’s body.
“He’s growing into a fine young man.” Gunmar just looked at the glowing patterns in Jim’s body that flickered to life every once in a while.
“one day he will be strong enough to wield even your might my dark underlord.”

“i want him to come closer to it. Faster.”
“well we can only push his body so quickly”
“i have an idea to hasten the process. I believe it’s time for my whelp to grow his powers properly.”

. ……………………………………………..

It was the next day, Jim was now nervously by his fathers side in the throne room. Gunmar had just finished up some business and finally spoke to Jim
“my son, I wanted to speak to you about your training yesterday”
“i...I’m sorry dad….I’m too weak...i didn’t...i wasn’t strong enough….” Jim felt awful as if he truly failed his father for not being a true son of Gunmar.
“no. you exceeded my expectations.”
“yes. Although I believe it’s time to help you. I can see your body is ready, strong enough to take it to the next step. At least, if only a tiny bit. I have a gift for you”
“r-really?! What is it?!”
“step forward in front of me.” Jim did as was instructed. He watched as his father picked up a chunk of glowing rock that was placed beside his throne.
“this is a piece of the heartstone I currently own. The one I draw power from. A piece of my very throne. I have endowed it with my own capabilities. I want you to eat it”

“uh...that’s great and all but...i can’t eat a rock.” Gunmar sighed in annoyance.
“i meant you will consume it, just as I consume it.”
“oh….how do I do that?” Gunmar tossed the chunk to Jim.
“focus on it. Pull the energies from it. Grow. Feed. Become stronger.” Jim nodded, looking at the chunk over and over. He closed his eyes and focused. At first he felt nothing. Then he felt a small tug, like he felt something ‘solid’ he started to pull on it. It felt heavy and slow, then he drew it in more and more. Then he felt this...hunger...within him, something he’s never noticed before. it started to feel satisfied. Jim felt like he was breathing for the first time, he felt himself grow. Soon the chunk stopped glowing and was completely drained, it was now just a regular rock

“how do you feel my son?” Jim took a deep breath. His body, his mind, everything had felt like it switched gears. It became more...solid. His thoughts changed, he started to think with a more cruel manner. Thoughts of protecting others started to be replaced with protecting himself only. His thoughts of his relationships with his friends, they were tools, toys to be played with and discarded as he saw fit. His attachment to Kanjigar started to….lessen……
Same with Draal….
Same with trollmarket….

“this’s...AMAZING! You feel this all the time?!” Gunmar smiled at his son’s excitement. His little boy was growing into a new way. He had finally started to truly develop a true connection to his bloodline. Gunmar couldn’t have felt prouder.
“yes. Soon, power like that will be as easy to use as your own sword.”
“this feels amazing! I feel so strong! I feel like….like I want to hurt something, command something”
“Good. You will grow that power and focus on it from now on. The next step in your life has just been taken.”
“i...i love you dad...thanks”
“i love you too”

THAT suddenly hit Jim harder than the rock did. Jim shivered a tiny bit. He felt so...happy. Satisfied even!.
“now. One last piece of business for the time being. Your attachment to trollmarket has been….unsettling. You have yet to harm or at least cripple the pathetic creature that merlin has ‘blessed’.”
“have yet to have a single thought as how to harm or debilitate him. I do not appreciate it.”
“I've just...wanted to keep my cover...that’s all. If anything were to somehow happen-”
“then you will take care of it. You are smart enough to know not to get caught. Or are you trying to hide something from me?”
“NO! Not at all!”
“I know you harbor feelings for them. Kill it. You will at least cripple the trollhunter for the time being. With the aid of Blinkous. I have created a little surprise. Use it on the trollhunter.” Gunmar produced a small scroll from his belt and tossed it to Jim, who opened it and began to read it.
“lets see….pinch of gravesand…powdered heartstone....ground up pixie..a drop of...creeper sun poison?...won’t this...kill him?”
“do I hear worry in your voice?”
“yes...NO! I mean...if something happens to him, the amulet won’t function, which means I can’t find out about it by being so close to Kanjigar. True I do have a good relationship with his son Draal, but if HE DOESN’T become the next trollhunter then I won’t be able to get in good with the next one, or I highly doubt it, most of the trollmarket trolls don’t like me so it’s not like the next trollhunter will just let me ‘buddy buddy’ with them. I just...I’ve got it so good with him, I’ve already learned a lot about his weaknesses, the in’s and out’s of trollmarket, and the heartstone? I won’t be able to bring you anymore of it. it’s Kanjigar that gives me enough protection to do whatever I like”

“ENOUGH TALK. I do not wish to hear you speak good will of them.”
“I’m only meant”
“i KNOW what you meant. Now, only use a drop in the mixture. That will be enough to weaken him. Now go, do as I command. Or are you no longer loyal to me?”
“NO NO I AM! It will be done dad. I promise”
“words are useless. Actions prove it.” Gunmar looked at Jim who started to feel ashamed of himself. Gunmar sighed, he was being to hard on his son.

“you are correct in your actions. However, I grow impatient. Bular had failed to protect you while defending the doorway while also letting it fall into the enemies hands. I want to see you stronger so neither of you continue to fail me.” Jim perked up from hearing that, only to then have a small thought form in his head
‘Bular took the blame for me….’ Jim felt a bit worried that Bular did that….why?
“i won’t fail. I swear.”
“good….i look forward to your accomplishment. I always notice them.” Jim smiled widely at hearing that. He really didn’t go unnoticed.
“ you think...i could have...anymore of...this? I just...feel hungry all of a sudden...” Jim gestured to the chunk on the ground. Gunmar smiled. His little boy was starting to hunger like he was.
“no. earn it.”
“i will dad”


“now then. I still desire you to accompany me. We had little time yesterday. I promise from now on, I shall be involved in your life far more often. Now, why don’t we go an attend to business, together” Jim almost wanted to pass out from hearing these words.


The day went by wonderfully. Jim watched his dad kill a few people for disobeying him, the two walked around, talked, Gunmar would occasionally pet Jim, or even hug him. Everywhere they went, the gumm-gumms would bow. Jim felt so...powerful. Being around his father, truly witnessing his might, his will, it was inspiring. Jim wanted to be even more like him.
“tell me more about these...fleshbags” Gunmar asked, he truly didn’t care, but he wanted Jim to share more about his life.
“well, they’re my friends, I take a lot of pleasure in being around them….would allowed to stay?”
“when we bring forth the eternal night, when we take back the surface world. You may keep whatever toys you desire. I promise it.”
“thanks dad! I really do like them, they make me happy...i mean if for some reason I do need to kill them, I won’t hesitate”
“Good to hear.”
“if….i wanted others...would….i be allowed to keep them?”
“yes. Of course.”
“what about certain individuals? Like….from trollmarket”
“you may have whatever slaves you want.”
“any? Sooo let’s say I want a few of them for entertainment-”
“you may have whatever you wish to own. I do not feel like repeating myself again.”
“i was sorta wanting to own a few of of them is….the son of Kanjigar” Jim tensed up as he said that, he wasn’t sure how his father would react.

Gunmar stopped walking and looked at his son
“why would you want him?”
“well he is fun to be around, plus I always get to rub it in about you know, his dad….”
“there wouldn’t be any other kind of reasoning is there?” Gunmar looked sternly at Jim.
“no! I mean, well fighting, he’s strong, and I would love to torment him for the rest of his life”
“he would be fun to keep around and make my own personal hound, like Arrrg for you”
“i feel like he would be a valuable weapon for me, it would be fun to watch just how long the son of the ‘mighty’ trollhunter would last in an arena”
“….he’s pretty violent, and if I brought out his nature more, it would be exciting to see him work, alsooooo his fathers spirit can weep as he looks upon his gumm-gumm child. The very Kanjigar that trusted me, let me into his life, watches me corrupt his son and make him a loyal hound.”
“then so it shall be. I will take his will and allow you to have your play thing.”

“thanks dad”
“i hope you do not have any other motives. Especially now that you promised you don’t hide anything from me about him.”
“i do not for a fact have any other motives”
“good. I will not allow you to be soiled by a trollmarket worm. You are to be with a proper gumm-gumm. Do I make myself clear?”
“yes father. I promise, gumm-gumms only for this halftroll! Haha….uh...yeah...” Gunmar just nods and looks more intensely at his son. The intense pressure from the glare made Jim swallow.
“now...juuust to be clear. He would be off limits...even if we...turned him?”
“yes. You are to breed with a full blooded gumm-gumm. You are to bear a child with one. No other.”
“i promise, I will only get knocked up by the biggest, most evil gumm-gumm that can prove himself.” Gunmar nodded without blinking or taking his eye off of Jim.
“i feel as if it is time for you to finally settle down. You have had enough time to sew your seeds. Now, it is time to be mated for good.”
“yes. You don’t desire to go against my wishes, do you?”
“NO! Not at all! It was just sorta...sudden”
“well, you have had your fun. Now it is time for your future to solidify. I promise, I will allow you to choose one out of what I pick for you. You will not be forced with one who you do not enjoy.”
“when am I...well you know, gonna...get one?”
“within the month.”
“WHAT?! AGAIN, NOTHING AGAINST YOU! I just am surprised it’s so...sudden”
“like I’ve already said. You have had your fun. I shall hold challenges, to prove who is most worthy. The few who survive my challenges will be given the opportunity for your choosing. I promise I will only gather the greatest this kingdom has to offer”

“i appreciate it, I promise, I’ll be the greatest little wife there will be”
“good. Your mother would be proud, she would have wished to see you wed.” Gunmar closed his eyes and tried not to let his past love come into his mind.
“ did mom prove herself? We hardly ever talk about her” Gunmar wasn’t sure how to feel about that question. It was true, he hardly spoke of Jim’s mother, a part of him didn’t want to bring her up, simply out of his own pain at the loss of his love. Another part of him felt guilty for not allowing his son to know of the greatness that was his mother.

“perhaps I should speak to you more about her. She was a very powerful warrior, one of the best. She won my favor after years of proving herself. She was cunning, resilient, powerful. She cut down anyone who stood in her way. She was one of the most ambitious I have witness in a very long while. She was her own army, in a way. I would send her to do something, and she would only ever bring the greatest victories. I would send her to do things I never thought anyone could accomplish, and she would finish the task quickly and effectively. Eventually she gained my favor and joined my inner circle. Then, one day we fought side by side. A couple years later, you were born. She had always wanted a son, to raise him, to see him grow, to teach him her own ways. I wanted to give her that. I never could.” Gunmar closed his eye again and remembered her face. Her looks. The way she would even look Gunmar in the eye and stand her ground. Normally Gunmar would have punished someone for daring to question him and his objectives. Her will though, outmatched all others.

“I wish I could have met her”
“I do too. Enough of the past. Let us move forward. Now then, tell me more about bay. And his magical powers. Perhaps he could be your court wizard” Jim laughed at the image of Toby wearing wizard robes and trying to do magic tricks.


Jim stood by his fathers throne, he was being pet and purring happily. The day went by so quickly, Jim didn’t want it to end. Jim didn’t pay much attention to what was happening. It was just some kind of report about the various positions the armies were stationed at, battle tactics and the like. Blinky occasionally spoke up to Gunmar about ideas and suggestions. Bular stood nearby, ignoring everything and sharpened his blades on his arms, secretly jealous about Jim and their father spending the day together. Arrrg was there, eating something he freshly killed and occasionally smiled and waved at Jim. Blinky would occasionally word a few ‘suggestive’ terms quietly in Arrrg’s ear.

Jim loved his little family. He wouldn’t trade it for the world, actually in a funny sense, he WOULD GET the world because of them. One day, soon enough. Soon enough.

Later that night as Jim sat in his nest, he looked at a vial in his hand. He had crafted the formula to the letter. He was going to call it something, he wasn’t sure what just yet. He had tested it out on a few gumm-gumm soldiers. Watching them, studying their reactions to it. The concoction had caused very paranoid reactions. The subjects fear levels would rise to their absolute maximum. They would swing wildly and scream at whatever they thought they saw. They would babble mindlessly and swat away something only they could see that covered their bodies. Hallucinations, paranoia, intense mental and nerve pain. No permanent damage was shown, unless given large dosages. An okay amount when introduced into the blood stream would last a few hours. Jim planned on cutting Kanjigar was a blade coated with the stuff, or perhaps poison his food.

A tiny part of his mind tugged at that idea, saying it was bad. To not go through with it…...what about the trust? The faith? The love?

Jim swatted those ideas out, his new powers kept them away from ‘tainting’ his mind.

He was more like his father now.

He wanted to be.

He didn’t want to feel ‘good’.

He would do what he wanted.

He would kill the world if he wanted.

He doesn’t feel remorse or guilt anymore, or at least pushed it far far down.

Tomorrow Jim would return to trollmarket and make things a bit...interesting.

Poison a few dozen trolls, watch them cause chaos. Use the distraction for whatever purpose he had at the moment. Then, strike Kanjigar. Or lure him into a trap…..

Chapter Text

Jim was following behind Walt closely, the two walked the hallways of the Janus order. Jim rubbed his face and groaned
“uuuughhhhhHHHHHh whhhyyy me!?” Walt smirked, clicking his pen as he wrote things down on a clip board he carried.
“because your brother was busy on a different assignment. Besides, your father assigned you to do it directly.”
“but I don’t like Usurna!”
“you’ve met her once when you were younger. Besides, between the two of us, I don’t have a high opinion of her either.”
“don’t see why we can’t just send a changeling like every other time.”
“because your father told you to start having more responsibilities. You need to learn how to keep contacts, as well as others underfoot so everyone will know YOU are in charge and will settle for nothing else.”

Earlier that day Jim was told by his father that he would meet the krubera queen to check on how things were going, if she was still loyal, and a general sense of:
‘no signs of betrayal right? You don’t want to die and I want the soldiers’.
First thing Jim needed to learn about how to rule was knowing how to keep your subjects in constant order, as well as fearful for their lives. Either absolute perfection and blind loyalty, or death. It would also be easier to contact her now with Jim having complete access to trollmarket. Usurna would arrive to trollmarket to visit with Vendel, although that was simply the cover for her meeting with Jim.

“you know what, when I do rule, you’re the first person who’s going to be killed”
“we both know that’s a lie”
“i mean it! Besides, I always did like Nomura more than you”
“ooh really? And here I thought that I was favored by you”
“nope not anymore!”
“even after letting you get those undeserved A’s”
“well, you are a changeling, you ARE supposed to give me what I want”
“yes, although your father told me that you were to earn your keep up here on the surface”
“you are no fun”

Jim sighed and rubbed his horn anxiously
“what if I mess up? This is my first real job for dad and I don’t know if I can do it right”
“all you will be doing is asking the questions I have written down for you right here, and writing down the answers she gives” Walt stopped walking to turn to Jim and handed him a paper. Jim took the paper and raised an eyebrow as he looked it over
“….a check list? Really Walt?”
“i thought it would be easier if I made it understandable.”
“what if I don’t do it good enough! What if I write something badly and get someone killed”
“do you REALLY have a twinge of remorse when having someone killed?”
“ you get what I mean!” Walt put a hand on Jim’s shoulder and gave a comforting smile
“you will do fine. It couldn’t be easier. It won’t take but a few simple minutes with her”
“why do you care so little for her anyways?”
“why do YOU”

“touche, I have my own personal reasons. You have your own”
“I’m hungry, can I eat someone already?”
“no. not until I finish helping you prep”
“fiiine, I guess I’ll just eat a couple changelings. I heard they have a somewhat imitation flavor from humans”
“where on earth did you hear that? I highly doubt we taste like that anyways”
“i heard from some gumm-gumms”
“we aren’t for eating, remind that to them next time. You know as well as I do that we need all the numbers we can get”
“that’s what I told them, before eating one, the other I let go to pass around the information”
“You truly are a saint to us changelings”
“hey, someone has to, besides, I like you guys, you’re cool!”
“suddenly I’m back in your favor?”
“everyone BUT you”
“well don’t I feel appreciated”

“I’m going to go scare someone, maybe that will calm me down”
“no you won’t. We don’t need you going around giving everyone a heart attack, especially the new recruits”
“but those are the best! They totally panic and run! Those faces are amazing! The ones who already know me are so boring now!”
“that’s because we already expect you to jump out at us”
“i miss the good old days when I would simply look at someone and they would cower for their lives”
“you mean when you were a child? Besides you going around purring from being pet and making jokes with everyone tends to have others get used to you”
“oh! I got the perfect idea! I could be your mascot!” Walt was surprised. He didn’t expect to hear that from Jim
“why exactly would you want to be in that position?”
“for fun! Besides everyone loves me!”
“you are too humorous for your own good, another reason why everyone sees you without much fear anymore”
“maybe eating a few of you will make me seem more serious”
“i thought you once said that you wanted to be and I quote: “a down to earth kind of boss who focuses on positive feedback and high fives” end quote”

“well now I’m going to start eating all of you. Then you’d take me more seriously”
“so, you want a ‘down to earth boss who kills and eats everyone and gives positive feedback while also being serious AND the mascot’”
“look man, I’m just trying to make myself cool”
“i think you need to focus on a single thing and work your way from there. Come on, let’s finish your preparations. Now, the last message we received from her-”


Jim was now underneath the bridge. He was taking deep breaths to relax his nerves. He fished out his paper that had everything he needed to be asked written on it from his backpack. He did a quick look over one last time. All the questions were simple enough. They were mostly about how many new soldiers they expected to receive, along with asking if there were any news they didn’t know about and should be informed. Since only Kuberas could survive in their kingdom, no one else could go down there and check. At this point it was just taking Usurna’s word for everything. Something Gunmar did NOT like, but he had to deal with it. She always seemed loyal and kept her word, but still. He didn’t like what he couldn’t destroy in person. Jim was putting the paper away when his hand moved a small bag, the contents were what he called ‘nightmare fuel’. Nothing clever or original, but that’s all he could think about. He only needed to deliver enough of it into the systems of a few trolls here and there as well as kanjigar, to have it be effective.

When Jim was making it, he had that small annoying voice inside of his head telling him not to do this. He tried his best to ignore it….but….He did something he really shouldn’t have. He put his own blood in the mixture. It was only a few drops, yet it was still enough to lessen the effects of the poison. He chose his own blood because it was strong enough to withstand mind altering effects due to gunmar’s abilities passed onto him. Having the tiny amount of blood in the affected systems would prevent the worse from happening. The few drops were light enough to have their scent masked by the vile cocktail, so if anyone asked, he could just say it didn’t turn out how it was supposed to.

Jim headed into trollmarket now after stepping through his portal. He already had planned on where he would poison others in a mass amount. It wouldn’t be as concentrated, but it would do the job. First, he would sneak into the glug pub, put a few drops into the main mixer, and then leave before anyone noticed. He would apply the poison droplets at other places that had the most traffic, such as some cat stands and sock vendors. Consumption would be the fastest way to the masses.


Jim was now going into the heartstone after doing phase 1 of his day. Phase 2 was now beginning……

Jim’s thoughts started to come to a halt when he walked through the heartstone’s interior. He suddenly had a hunger for it. Before, he just saw it as a relaxing rock. Now….it was like he NEEDED it. Jim had never felt this way before, his body seemed to feel cold and needy, an emptiness that needed to be filled...the heartstone….it was the only void filler….was this how his father felt whenever he was around it?!. Jim reached out a hand slowly, about to touch the walls surface

“-Jim” the voice suddenly pierced Jim’s thoughts, he jumped and looked to his left at a grumpy looking Vendel. Jim quickly retracted his hand and held it as if he was trying to hide a knife he had.
“why are you in here?”
“i you...yeah! I wanted to learn more about trollmarket and...stuff”
“and stuff? Well. That ‘stuff’ will have to wait. You might be new here, but you must have SOME understanding about politics. Humans have such intense versions of it, you must have known.”
“..I’m lost”
“yes. You clearly are. Why are you holding your hand that way?” Jim moved his eyes to see his palm faintly starting to light up in reaction to the nearby heartstone
“..uuuhhh…….” Jim smiled and shoved it into a pocket.
“no reason”
“you are a strange one. Now will do you as I say?”
“...what?” Vendel pinched the bridge of his nose
“were you not paying attention?”
“nope! I Yes? Wait what are we talking about” Jim did his best to focus, but he felt like his body was being to the heartstone’s warm surface like metal to a magnet. He had to touch it. He had to eat it!.

“please. Just leave. I have a very important guest I need to-”
“need to what?” a voice came from behind the two of them, Vendel turned around and donned a fake smile on. He started to speak however Jim couldn’t focus on listening to the conversation the two leaders began. He just stared at the heartstone, his body and mind needing to focus solely on that. He could feel the emptiness start to go directly into his palm. It started to glow blue bright enough to where it could be seen in his pocket. Jim mentally swore and then tried to calm himself. Quickly while no one was watching he took his hand out of his pocket then ripped off a part of his shirt and tied it around his palm. Thankfully it dulled the glow. He hated this. It was like having an awkward boner he was trying to hide.

“-Jim. Focus.”
“huh?” Jim sucked in a quick breath, fear creeping into him about them seeing the glow in his hand.
“i uh...huh?”
“forgive him Usurna. He isn’t very here right now. He typically is a free spirit who doesn't focus on things for very long. Children right?” Jim hadn’t noticed before, but Usurna was looking at him intensely, checking him over as if making sure he truly was the ‘son of the great and nightmare creating world breaking bane to all life Gunmar’. Jim swallowed nervously, his eyes darted quickly to his palm and back to her
“uh hi I’m Jim I’m supposed to meet you-I MEAN, like, cause I’m right here! In front of you! In the heart...stone….”
“is your palm injured?”
“yes...NO no! It’s fine”
“well, it’s nice to meet you, I haven’t seen a half troll in quite some time. I am Usurna, queen of the kubera tribe.”
“same here. I mean that it’s nice to meet you! Not that I’m a queen or anything”
“you seem to be a bit jumpy, is everything alright? There isn’t any problems or complications of any sort is there?”
“yes NO yes, I uh….so anyways about this weather right?”

Jim was mentally panicking! The glow started to go up his arm through his veins. He was tearing a T shirt! He already ripped a bit of it just to cover his palm!. He couldn’t focus on trying to hide himself, calm himself down, AND FOCUS ON A CONVERSATION, which, of course IS A SUPER IMPORTANT ONE HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HAVING…….And of course his anxiety started to kick in because of the massive fear of failing his father. Life was so much simpler just a few days ago...
Jim awkwardly just put his hands behind his back and walk backwards ‘inconspicuously’.
“weather? Are you sure your alright?” Jim backed into a shelf, knocking some things over, a couple breaking on the floor. He wanted to die
“f-fine! Everything’s fine! Why wouldn’t it be?! Nothing important is happening here! I mean, not nothing but like nothing right now, not that this probably isn’t important I mean!” Jim stumbled over a rock and fell on his back
“FUCK” he cried out. WHY WAS HE BEING SUCH A MESS?! Usurna was clearing trying to stifle a laugh, meanwhile Vendel looked like he wanted to throw Jim out of trollmarket for good. Vendel just rubbed his face.
“why don’t you go see Kanjigar and Draal”
“i toootally would but I need to tal-visit you! And meet this-FUCK” Jim tried to get up only to bump his shin on a table really hard.

“do you need help getting up?” Usurna tried to say without laughing
“no I’m fine! I just-” a large troll ran into the room
“Vendel! We need you! Somethings happening to a great many trolls! everyone’s acting crazy! They keep screaming about various things, running into each other and fighting”
“are you sure it just isn’t all you can drink glug?”
“no! I think, please come! Kanjigar is trying his best but-oh, forgive me for the interruption” the troll noticed Usurna clearing her expression back to it’s regal form. Meanwhile Jim was rubbing his shin while trying to hide his arm and stand up. Usurna cleared her throat
“perhaps you should go, your trollmarket needs you.”
“i cannot simply abandon our conversation we were having earlier”
“it can wait, I’d rather that than having trolls go into some heated frenzy”

Vendel shot an angry glare to Jim
“regain your composure.” Jim was about to give a thumbs up until he swatted his own hand away. Vendel just rolled his eyes and left. Usurna turned to the mess that was Jim.
“so. You are Jim, I’ve heard very little about you actually, i only remember you vaguely when i met you as a small child. I’m afraid you have me at a disadvantage”
“huh? Like sports?”
“i wouldn’t put it like that”
“yeah i think i remember meeting you when i was a kid, in that one place.......okay, he’s gone, we can cut the crap. Look, I have-” Jim noticed the glow spreading to his chest, up his neck and face
“-A LOT TO DEAL WITH RIGHT NOW. le-let’s hurry up and get this over with” Jim tried to cover himself up, only to end up getting his horns stuck into his shirt, causing it to rip and tear a bit.
“are you sure you are not ill?”
“I’m fine! I can toootally control myself I SAID CONTROL MYSELF- I wasn’t yelling at you I was only...I have a paper!” Jim grabbed his backpack from off the floor that fell when Jim tripped.
“okay, uh so clearly this is my first time, so yeah Gunmar’s my dad and stuff and he had sex with my mom, I mean clearly cause I’m here, everyone needs to have sex for every-that’s not the point, okay just some questions about everything, not like everything like the sky and clouds but everything having to do with us and all that jazz.”
“if you don’t mind me asking but what is your body doing?”
“I DON’T KNOW!” Jim panic shouted.
“should...i fetch someone?” the glow was now spreading southward
“NOOONONONON this is a dad thing, not the type of thing anyone else is supposed to know about! I ate this weird rock thing yesterday and now I’m glowing-oh god what if my dick glows I NEVER EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT THAT!”

Usurna looked at him not knowing what to think or say. Jim cleared his throat
“okay so...uh sorry about the dick...okay so, let’s start over. I’m Jim” Jim smiled then groaned as his full body glowed now. It was the exact same design as Gunmar’s was. If anyone else saw him at this very moment….
“so yeah I need to interview you or something...uh...ooookay this is going terrible. I bet Bular could have done this better….yeah he’s my brother, obviously if Gunmar is my father….i uh….” Jim dug out the paper and looked at it
“first question ask about the….elite centuries...the fuck is tha-UH so I’m going to ask about the elite...thingies.”
“yes….well they should be arriving within the next week, they shall meet at the disclosed location bearing the mark previously discussed with my last contact”
“…..” Jim just stared at her, then looked at his paper over and over, trying to see if there was ANY information to help ‘translate’ all that. No hints, no clues, no cheat sheets. Just questions and little boxes to take notes in.
“yes I totally know what you just said….so next question is….okay, what, no wait, WHERE are the...something turquoise?”
“are….you referring to the stones we mined?”
“….let’s say a hard maybe”
“i can assure you that if it is what you’re asking, the stones are to be delivered tonight”
“…..okay question is...uh...wha-uh...” Jim tried to read it, however the writing was smudged.
“you know what. let’s pretend none of this happened. I mean, none of this, not none of that. Wait that doesn’t make any sense. Okay so I mean-” Jim suddenly stopped as the two of them heard Vendel entering the room.

“forgive me for departing so hastily. I honestly have no idea what is wrong with them...i think they just drank some bad glug and ate some rather...questionable cats...”

Well. Jim was dead. Maybe he really should just let himself die, better than letting his dad find out just how terrible he did on the easiest thing he could do

“Vendel, perhaps we could go for a walk, I feel like it would be nice to see something a bit more open spaced, I’ve had enough closed in walls for the time being. It was good to meet you Jim, I can assure you that everything is alright and nothing will go wrong. The child was telling me about his life while you were away, now then, why don’t we see the trollhunter, I’ve been meaning to speak to him” Usurna managed to lead Vendel out of the room before he could truly even come in.
‘huh...’ was the only thing Jim thought as he was totally alone now. His body’s glow started to fade away.
“oh great NOW you decide to go down…..huh my penis does light up...does dads? Ew no never mind.”


Jim had left trollmarket for phase 3. well, 2.5. he had to make a quick stop…..

Before he left however, he did go to his trollmarket home. Both Draal and Kanjigar were gone, trying to help calm the storm in trollmarket. Jim took out a small note he had quickly written. It was a small piece of paper. It was written in trollish with Jim’s blood, fresh, to give it the extra kick of fear.

‘Jim is gone. Tonight. Meet at the Bridge. If you want to see him again. Enjoy the gift we gave trollmarket. Prepare for a fight. Only three of us will walk away alive by morning.’

Jim had formed a fun plan. His attachments really were weakening him. He needed to purge it from his system. Tonight, it would happen. The perfect lure for Kanjigar and Draal. Jim had decided to just get it over with, his life would go back to normal the moment Kanjigar died, and possibly Draal if they couldn’t subdue him. Jim would kill along side his brother. Now it was simply a matter of waiting.


Jim was in a fresh shirt, he was inside of Claire’s home. A small surprise visit. He told her he just wanted to drop by real fast to give some college project materials to her that she asked for. It was his cover for what he actually wanted to do….

“thanks! This will be a big help”
Claire’s baby brother was sitting next to the two of them in the living room. A crash happened at the other side of the house. Claire got up to check on the noise, Jim had secretly made it when she wasn’t looking with a quick hurl of a rock, he did love his fast reflexes.

Jim turned to the sweet innocent baby boy who quickly changed
“hey loser”
“well well! son of Gunmar coming into me little home, to what do I owe this honor?”
“shit’s going down tonight, just wanted to let you know. Strickler was too busy to contact and Nomura was somewhere else. So that left you since what’s her face got killed in that car accident.”
“Well don’t I feel appreciated. Coming over just for little old me”
“more importantly Claire, but you’re alright”
“alright? Brings a tear to me eye that a son of Gunmar would compliment me so!”
“i promise first thing you get to do when I take over this place, throw my success party”
“GASP! Me?! Throw one of the biggest shindigs?! What did I deserve for this honor?!”
“you don’t have a stick up your ass and you know how to have fun. Anyways, I’m about to go-” Claire was coming back into the room
“sorry, about that, a rock broke the back window!”
“huh, how’d that happen?”
“how am I supposed to know trollboy? You weren’t too bored sitting with my baby brother right?”
“nah, he’s chill. Oh guess what, he’s going to throw me my own party”

“really? Wish he would throw me one. I could use a break”
“you deserve one, sorry I gotta go, I just wanted to stop by real fast”
“no problem, thanks for coming over”


Kanjigar was in the void, seeking council. He had just finished calming whatever madness that passed over trollmarket. So many trolls were screaming about terrible fears coming to life, aggressively attacking one another, and trying to hide and flee. Whatever it was that had happened, passed within a half hour. Kanjigar felt relived when everything went back to normal and the cleaning process started. He would invest more time looking into it later, right now he needed help looking for answers…

Kanjigar had already talked about his worries over Jim and this sibling of Bular and how they possibly connected to one another, to the past trollhunters. They all gave their own input, none of them ever had to face up against whatever creature he spoke of, so they had little guidance to share. The gumm-gumm prince was taller and had a bit more bulk than Jim did, the voice was disguised and no strong sent could be made out while fighting, so he couldn’t glean any clues that way. He knew Jim was a terrible fighter as well, this gumm-gumm prince was very well trained. Kanjigar asked about what they thought of Jim. Kanjigar had made a promise to Jim about ‘keeping his life secret’ so he didn’t allow the past trollhunters to watch their interactions. Kanjigar could only describe him, and every interaction along with piece of information he had.

The trollhunters of the past thought on this. They didn’t have any true idea. Jim was an enigma. Kanjigar refused to let the past trollhunters view Jim, Kanjigar was a troll of his word. Even if it would be the death of him. Kanjigar finished and returned to the world. His son had been waiting for him to return.
“father, I have aided the others like you requested. Everything is settled down now. I also spoke to Vendel. He said he hadn’t any idea on what could have possibly caused it. His only thoughts were of the glug being a poorly made”
“no. that could not possibly be it. Nothing could have caused such madness. Come, let us return home, I feel like I need a respite.” Draal nodded and followed his father back to their home.

As Kanjigar stepped within it, a strong scent was caught. Blood. His vision honed in on a small note settled perfectly dead center in the living room. He took it and read it. He felt as if his heart stopped.




Kanjigar walked around trollmarket. His mind was in a nervous state. It was a grueling wait, the seconds ticked by so slowly. Kanjigar was growing impatient. He would show up under the bridge that night, however the sun was still up and light was too strong. He could only pace back and forth. He mentally went over every possible scene, every possible variant of what could and couldn’t happen. Kanjigar’s mind came to a halt as he heard Vendel’s voice. He was with Usura.
“there you are trollhunter.”
“yes. Here I am”
“why do you look so stressed?”
“It’s about Jim”
“did he act strangely to you too? I swear I doubt I will ever-” Kanjigar’s mind snapped into full focus
“what do you mean strangely?! How was he acting?!”
“interrupting is rude. He was just being strange and distraught today. His mind was even more scattered than usual”
“Vendel, I must know every exact detail”
“why would that matter? I hardly saw the boy anyways. Usurna spent more time with him than I did, if ever brief.”

Kanjigar turned to the kubera queen and pleaded for the answers, every detail would help
“i do not know him, I can’t exactly tell what was strange about him since I have no prior experience. He just seemed aloof, distracted, I’m sure it was nothing”
“that’s all?”
“i wouldn’t hold any information back if your acusing me of those”
“no! No I am not, something...important has come to my attention involving Jim. I just needed to know everything I could”
“other than being a bit fidgety, that was all. He is an interesting little halftroll”
“yes.” Vendel tugged on his beard in annoyance
“what importance could Jim had gotten himself into? I have enough to deal with already.”
“i must speak to you in...private about that matter. The sooner the better”
“very well. Forgive me Usurna for the constant interruptions. This visit hasn’t gone as well as I had planned”

“this happens at times. Nothing stays peaceful for long”


Kanjigar, Draal and Vendel now stood within the heartstone trading information. No one else had seen Jim other than the single interaction he had within the walls that day.
“how could any gumm-gumm possibly gotten into trollmarket?! We must keep this between us. None can know! We already had enough panic today because of them. By Deya’s grace, how could they have even tampered with anything right in front of everyone!. To think, stealing Jim just to create a trap, effective if not ruthless.” Kanjigar felt like he had failed. He could have prevented all of this. He didn’t. How could he have just let it happen!? To have someone just create such terrible madness and then have the audacity to troll nap Jim!.
“this is all my fault.”
“no one can be everywhere at once. You couldn’t have prevented this anymore than I could have.” Draal growled, he hated that he wasn’t there to protect the creature he started to grow affections for.
“i will come with you tonight father”
“i will, do not think of-”
“this is too dangerous.”
“i love him as well. He is growing close to my heart and I refuse to allow you to go into battle with no backup! Besides, the message even mentioned me, not directly but that only 3 would walk away alive.”
“this is all my fault. If I hadn’t just left Jim well alone. He wouldn’t have his life be threatened like this.”


“you did the right thing protecting him.”
“no other trollhunter has ever have this happen.”
“not everyone has the same fate befall them”
“i should have been more aware of his behavior.” Vendel just grunted and sighed
“enough of this pity party. If this is to happen you must prepare. This isn’t just about Jim, this has to do with all of trollmarket’s safety as well!….i know how much he means to you, I know this isn’t something easy, but he isn’t the only one that matters.”
“I’m sorry Vendel. You are correct.”
“i care about the boy, he’s starting to grow on me. You will get him back tonight. I believe in you and Draal. After you save the boy, we will deal with the security issue. I will look into this while you prepare for tonight.” Kanjigar nodded sadly. Whoever did this, will pay heavily.



Jim was sitting on the ground in his armor. He was polishing his blade and humming a song to himself. He along with Bular now waited under the bridge for their prey to come out. Bular was grinding his Blades against his arm
“what melody are you humming?”
“papa skull”
“who’s fathers skull?”
“no, it’s a band name”

the doorway oppened at the opposite side of the bridge, night had fallen and the two tolls stepped out trollmarket and into the surface world. Jim said in a smart ass tone
“oh good, you’ve come” Kanjigar replied in an angry stern tone
“where is Jim.”
“close by. Although you won’t ever need to see him again I can assure you that. He personally told me you failed him, he doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore. From here on out, he won’t have any connections to you or your son. Not like either of you will be alive after this, or at least you won’t be trollhunter. Draal, I promise, if you come over here and become our willing servant, I can let you see Jim, we promise we won’t even kill him!. You don’t have to fight your father. Just wait patiently until my brother sinks his blades into-”
“SHUT YOU MOUTH. You lie. Jim would never say a word of that. Where is Jim. Show him to me.”
“don’t feel like it. I know you won’t believe me when I say this, but he wants to be with his father from now on. you’ve made him soft. He needs to harden and face the fate set out for him”

“if you dare-”
“we don’t plan on hurting him. Just make him a true gumm-gumm, tonight, it will be accomplished”
“you will never enslave him”
“he wants this”
“fine. Well let’s start this up. Did you like our little gift? Dear daddy Gunmar himself created it. I thought I would give you a taste of what’s to come”
“How did you get past our wards?”
“it was easy enough. Everything has a weakness. Exploit it, and you get what you want. It was surprisingly easy to find out what it was. don’t worry, you won’t have to worry about knowing what it was. I would really love to kill you, but my brother here made me promise he would do it. Although, if it does give you consolation, I do plan on keeping your skull for myself. I make sure to take very good care of my trophies. My only real worry is that dad won’t let me keep it. So, Draal, you want to come to our side? Keep Jim safe yourself?”

“i will never abandon my father.”
“shame. I could see you be strong enough to fight in our arena for a while. You would have made me a very good hound. I wanted to see if you could even fight Arrrg.”
“the loyal hound?”
“i would rather you call him my mentor but no matter. Ohh I like that surprised look!. My fathers adviser and Arrrg both trained me. Nice right?” Kanjigar summoned his sword
“ohhh shiny! I promise, after today-” Kanjigar charged at the gumm-gumm brothers along with Draal.


Kanjigar sliced with such might that it left a tiny vacuum in the air in front of Jim’s face. Jim fell to the ground and swept his legs under Kanjigars, using the locomotion to his advantage, knocking Kanjigar down onto the ground for a brief second. Bular ran past Jim
“move! He’s mine!”
“okay fine you big baby” Jim had to roll out of the way as Draal charge at him and smashed his ax into the ground hard enough to get it lodged into it. Draal had to yank it out, in the meantime Jim had ran up and swung at Draal, only to have his arm smack Jim backwards. Jim landed onto his back with a thud, he felt dazed from the blow directly into his head. He shook it off and jumped up then dodged as Draal had rolled at him. Draal unrolled then roared at Jim and swung rapidly, going into a full berserk frenzy. Jim just laughed and quickly moved out of the attacks range. Jim tricked Draal into getting his ax stuck into the ground once move. Jim sliced up his arm cutting it deep. Draal cried out in pain and was distracted long enough for Jim to ran Draal backwards hard enough to knock him down.


“let’s see how well you do without your weapon” Jim said as he cut it apart with his sword
“cheesy.” Draal rolled at him again. Jim lept to the side at the last possible second and then cut down, causing another deep cut across the other arm. Draal crashed into the concrete slope.
“you suuuure you don’t want to join me? I promise it will be suuuper fuuun!”
“what about seeing Jim again?” Before Draal could answer he quickly rolled away. Jim first thought he was running away, something he didn’t think would happen. Only to turn around and realize Bular was thrown at him. The large gumm-gumm landed onto his brother hard. Jim’s leg felt alot of pain, he was afraid it might have been broken. Jim tried to push Bular off of him, only to get elbowed in the ribs
“…..” Bular stood up and grabbed his brother upwards, helping him onto his feet. Jim winched and gasped as his leg, although thankfully NOT broken, was in an immense amount of pain.
“Shake it off”
“oh gee, you think Bular?” Jim gasped and dove to the ground as the sword of daylight was hurled at him. Juuust barely missing inches hairs away from his own neck. Before Jim knew it Kanjigar had planted a foot on Jim’s chest, very very hard. Jim looked to Bular for help, only to see him guarding himself from Draal’s ball roll.

Kanjigar dug the tip of his blade into Jim’s neck.
“alright. Go ahead trollhunter. Kill me.”
“take your helmet off.” that surprised Jim
“take it off. Before I kill you I want to see your face”
“uh...nooo need for that”
“do it and I might spare your life.”
“might doesn’t exist except for might.”
“stop speaking and take your helmet off. That is an order.”
“ohhh suddenly I’m being ordered around?”
“DO IT OR I WILL RIP IT OFF” a small chance of opportunity rose.
“….okay….i will” Jim slowly moved his arms near his head. He unsheathed a small knife from his arm. He quickly hurled it at Kanjigar. It only cut his chin a tiny bit. But that was all that was needed.

Kanjigar’s eye’s went wide.


The world spun around the trollhunter. It looked at if everything was between the void and life. The thin veil moving and weaving patterns into the air. Kanjigar took a few steps back as his mind was suddenly assaulted by loud voices and screams. He would hear cries of pain and anguish from behind him, he would turn around to see no one. The side of his eye caught someone burning alive and charging at him, he quickly looked only nothing. Then a large shadowy figure rushed at him from the side. Kanjigar swung at the creature, only to have it dissipate.

“what’s wrong trollhunter?.” Kanjigar’s head seemed to strain to just focus on the words that echoed around him. A small voice surrounded him all over.
“what is this madness?!”
“my little gift for you~. I put a lot of effort into it”

Suddenly the entire location seemed to shape itself into the streets of trollmarket. A dark dead one. Stone corpses littered the streets. No sounds or light or any signs of life was within it. Kanjigar felt like he was being bitten all over, he itched and scratched and swatted off whatever wasn’t actually on him. Suddenly he thought he saw Jim and his son running past him. Kanjigar’s head couldn’t focus on a single thing. Everything was getting worse and worse. Suddenly the faces and voices from his past started to form around him. He thought he saw old friends try to go over and greet him. Kanjigar yelled at them to get away, it was too dangerous. Then the scene changed and Kanjigar was in a field. The ground morphing into screaming and crying faces of children. Voices around him started to clear up enough to be understood.
“you can’t save everyone.”
“you struggle for no reason”
“you always were the weakest”
“everyone feels sorry for you.”
“you won’t be forgiven”
“how could you let everyone become endangered?”
“you will be forgotten and abandoned”
“no one will want you”
“failure as a trollhunter”

Kanjigar swore out in trollish then spoke
“LIES. This isn’t real!” his vision suddenly came back to the fight, except it was cold, so so cold, everything seemed to be made out of liquids. He watched as gumm-gumms surrounded him, hundreds. He swung his blade around trying to kill them all. They would just keep coming back. The gibbering voices started back up again, only a few being made out this time.

“the trollhunter is supposed to be afraid right? Well be afraid.
“if you live a life planned for you, something you never get to choose. would you truly want to live through it?"
“a hero is a slave. they MUST do what they're told. a Villain doesn't, you're tied down at the will of the amulet, I'm not. i have my freedom to choose for myself. you don't."
“How long would you live a life, playing out a role forced upon you?” Kanjigar’s vision blurred and he watched as Gunmar came into trollmarket, his army behind him. Kanjigar shook his head hard and held it, he knew this wasn’t real! It couldn’t be.
“are you sure?. you’re just having a bad dream. You never were the trollhunter. You never had a child. you’re still all alone.”
“my will is stronger than this!” Kanjigar felt a small a hand on his arm. It was his son’s
“father. What are you doing?”
“the gumm-gumms! Why aren’t you fighting!?”
“what gumm-gumms?”
“the...the ones...where did they go!?”
“close your eyes father.”
“ aren’t real!”



Draal rammed Bular back, he then grabbed him and threw him forward, slamming him on his stomach. Then he punched Bular in the head. Draal looked towards his father who had just been cut by a small knife. Suddenly Kanjigar was moving backwards and shouting something intelligible. He suddenly started to swing his blade everywhere, spinning around and yelling at things that weren’t there. Draal looked at the gumm-gumm brother. The smaller brother was rubbing his chest and leg, trying to stand back up but was having a hard time doing so. The smaller gumm-gumm started to taunt Kanjigar. Draal rushed over to his fathers side and tried to snap him out of it.
“father! Father! Regain yourself!” the smaller gumm-gumm was having a hard time laughing through his chest pain
“he’s gone Draal.”
“father awaken from this curse!”

“hes gon-”
“YOU. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HIM!” Draal roared and slammed his fist down to where the smaller gumm-gumm was.
“i will kill you!”
“r-remember me then Draal.”
“w-why should I?” Draal now had his palm on Jim’s chest and pushed him into the ground painfully
“You fix him now or I end you!”
“no! I don’t want to! He needs this as much as I do!”


Bular woke back up, he spat out blood and looked around, he noticed his brother pinned to the ground and the trollhunter acting...strangely. His head was pounding but he knew he had to keep fighting. He wobbled up and grabbed his blades. He ran towards Draal and sliced at his back. Draal jumped back before he could have the blow connect. The sword cut into Jim’s stomach. Jim cried out in pain. Bular quickly and carefully removed the blade and tried to check his brothers wounds. Draal had bumped into his father causing them both to topple over. Kanjigar’s mind started to focus once more. He surveyed the area and realized none if that had been real. Kanjigar smelled the strong scent of blood….the same scent on the note….he got up along with his son. The two watched Bular pull something small out of a pocket in his kilt. Draal quickly charged at him and knocked him over. Bular had dropped the amulet and it fell to the floor. Jim weakly pulled out his own from his armor and was turning it on.

Kanjigar stood in Front of Jim, knocking the amulet out of his hands. He simply looked down at the weakened and whimpering creature bleeding out. Kanjigar picked up the two amulets and looked at them. Tiny fetch like objects.
“what are these?” Jim just weakly tried to grab it out of Kanjigar’s hands. Kanjigar easily swatted the gumm-gumm’s hand aside
“tell me!”
“why do you need these!?”

Bular grabbed Draal and hurled him into Kanjigar. The two knocked back. Kanjigar dropped the two amulets. Jim weakly crawled over to them. Before he could reach them Kanjigar was about to step on them.
“n-n-no d-don’t!”

“take off your helmet now.”

a loud buzzing noise and static filled the air. Green lightning sparked up and lashed out. Suddenly a massive blast of green energy shot out. Kanjigar covered his eyes, when he uncovered them the two gumm-gumm’s were gone. The only reminders, the large pool of blood, the damage done everywhere from their fight, the vile blade of the smaller gumm-gumm prince, and the small shattered pieces of the amulets……..



Jim groaned and looked around. He and Bular were in a small desert. A few trees dotted here and there. Some houses in the distance.
“where….are we?”

Chapter Text

Noten was being pushed through a park by his ‘mother’. The two stopped as a phone call had interrupted their walk. While no one was looking, Noten jumped out and ran off into some bushes nearby, he changed and now was in front of a very tired and ragged looking Walt.
“daaam, what happened to you? You look like hell”
“why I ‘look like hell’ is because something terrible has happened and everyone is rushing around trying to fix it, leaving little room for rest.”
“what’s so important that everyone is clocking overtime? We didn’t get caught right?”
“no. Jim and Bular have been missing for over a day now.”
“what do you mean missing?”
“as in we have no idea where they are. We have had no reports, no sightings, not a single word about their location. it’s as if they simply vanished into thin air. Gunmar is more than furious, he wants the world to be torn apart looking for his children.”

“geez, don’t want to be around that guy….if they’re all lost and shit, do we reallllyy have to worry so much? Everyone does remember who they are, right? Not as if those two are some of the most dangerous gumm-gumms.”
“don’t be sarcastic. Last we knew of them, they had gone to fight the trollhunter. Then they went missing.”
“oooohhh….yesh...thought he would have done better...”
“uhh nothin”
“if you know something you’d better tell me this instant, it isn’t just my neck on the line, it’s yours as well.”
“okay okay, look all I know is of what happened the other night. Jim came over to give Claire some dumb college stuff, after that he talked for me for a hot minute, he said as soon as dear daddy Gunmar breaks free and shit, I get to throw Jim’s victory party! Me! Can you believe it!? Ohhh it’s gonna be lit af!. I’m thinking fog machines, black lights, a huge-”
“enough! Does this story have a point?!”
“other than planning for something dope as shit….other than that, Jim told me ‘shits going down tonight’. I have no idea what that meant, but there’s your answer. Well….there is oooonnne small extra thing. He said he came to talk to me because apperently YOU were too busy to be talked to, and Nomura was gone someplace.”

Walt pinched the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath. The ONE time he actually went on a date, something horrible had to happen.
“thank you, I think. Well it’s something.”
“no evidence or nothin?”
“no. all we found under the bridge was dried blood which was Jim’s blood, and a large amount of damage done to the area.”
“you don’t think...”
“i would rather not think that had happened.”
“big boss is loosin his shit over his son’s huh, glad I ain’t in the darklands no more”
“your mother is coming back, if you find out anything at all, report.”



The night before.


Kanjigar looked at the scene. He didn’t know what to make of it.
“father, father, where are you?” Draal said trying to walk around, arms out feeling for anything. His eyes were blinded from the bright flash. Kanjigar sighed at his goofy son.
“blink. Let your eyes clear up.”

Kanjigar stuck his fingers into the pool of blood, he made a cup of it and sniffed it, he couldn’t identify it, nothing came to his memory other than the note. He then proceeded to look at the blade. The vile thing looked just like a smaller sword Gunmar wielded. Kanjigar gasped and suddenly grabbed his head. The world melted away and he heard screaming and crying. The terrible voice echoed around him
‘remember me. don’t wake up.’ Draal laid his hand on his fathers arm, that helped snapped him out of it. The world became solid once more.
“i...yes...thank you...”
“what happened? What hex came over you?”
“whatever happened to trollmarket..i...i felt it...i...i saw things...i don’t want to talk about the horrors I experienced...”
“you do not need to speak of it. I will not force you to.” Kanjigar shuddered. He had to stay focused, grounded into life. He bent down and picked up the sword with as little contact as could possibly be. Touching it made him feel….strange. As if he had Gunmar’s sickening Ichor start to pump into him.
“this thing isn’t natural. We must take it to Vendel. He may know what to do. My son, grab the pieces of those devices I crushed. Perhaps Vendel might also understand what those are.” Draal did as instructed. The two opened a portal back home. Before Kanjigar stepped through, he looked at the scene one last time. He touched the small cut on his chin.
‘remember me. don’t wake up.’



Vendel now looked both the blade and the pieces of the shattered amulets over very carefully. He was silent for a long time. Kanjigar and Draal had waited within the heartstone chamber, Draal growing impatient, meanwhile Kanjigar would rub his head and try to ignore the rising mumbling and vertigo.
“i have no idea what to make of these, other than the obvious. First the blade. Clearly crafted to resemble the horrid fathers, however it’s made from darkland stones and crystals, with something else lurking within it. Some sort of energy I can’t make out. I can practically feel the malice radiating within it. Now onto the amulet pieces, I did place the pieces near one another to see how they were constructed. It is very complex, even I can’t make out it’s means of construction. It seemed to resemble some sort of fetch, except more in the style of a gumm-gumm doorway. However these are clearly too small for any creature to possibly fit through it.” Draal grunted in annoyance
“there must be something to tell from them!” Kanjigar rubbed his head as it snapped back to him
“JIM!” Draal and Vendel looked at him
“we have no clues as to where he is! Let alone any evidence they even took him...the note...the blood was the exact same as the one the brother to Bular had.” Vendel was surprised to hear that.
“blood? Why didn’t you bring me a sample!”
“i didn’t think we were supposed to.”
“take this bottle. Go and fetch me some, quickly, before it dries up.” Draal offered to go, and so he went.


“Kanjigar. What is that small cut?”
“it’s nothing. I simply was hurt by a small blade.”
“you keep holding and shaking your head”
“i think I was poisoned by the very same thing that affected trollmarket”
“oh? What exactly happened?” Kanjigar really did NOT want to have to mentally relive through his experience, he had no choice…


By the time Draal came back, Kanjigar had explained everything to the leader of trollmarket. Vendel was at yet another loss. He said it clearly resembled the affects of pixies, however this was poison, pixies don’t secrete any kind of liquid so it couldn’t have come from one of them. Vendel took the blood, he did a few tests, tasting, looking, sniffing, and putting it on certain crystals that lit up different colors.
“this is half troll blood. An older type that has had little to no contact with other blood types.”
“the clues yet again point to..” Draal didn’t know how to feel, he spoke somewhat emotionless.
“i know what you’re going to say. no. it couldn’t be him.” Vendel turned around and raised an eyebrow
“couldn’t be whom?”


Both Kanjigar and Draal explained to Vendel, Every detail. Every painful possibility.
“we did not wish to say anything to anyone, we had no solid evidence the two were connected.” Vendel was silent for a long time after hearing this. He truly was at a loss. In life, there is very very few times a coincidence is just that.
“this is very bothersome. I honestly do not know what to say. The only thing that matters right now is to find Jim, bring him back here, and then….well, I will think of something. A blood test will confirm these beliefs.”
“will that truly work?”
“perhaps. Half troll blood is very similar to one another. We shall simply have to see if the two truly share the same blood. Although this does raise more questions. How would Jim simply be able to come and go? The wards prevent gumm-gumm’s from entering.”
“perhaps his human blood dulls it enough to let him slip through the wards….i once made a joke about that, back when I first met Jim” Kanjigar gasped as his headache came back. He was within the dying heartstone. It was cold and empty feeling. He witnessed Gunmar drain the heartstone. Kanjigar felt like he himself was being drained simply by being near him. He tried to leave and flee, nothing but total fear consumed him. He saw the end of the world as he watched Gunmar.

Kanjigar tried to reach for his amulet, only to see it gone. He was all alone and powerless. The dark voice whispered into his head
‘a mantle of broken trolls. A broken mantle made for trolls’
“silence! This can’t be real!”
‘you failed. You let them out. Yet again.’
“no...that was an accident...i promised I would NEVER allow that to happen again!”
‘yet you did...all because you-”
‘remember me. don’t wake up.’
“this isn’t real….it can’t be real...”
‘what makes it so?’
“because I know it isn’t!”
‘you just dream of being the trollhunter. There is nothing left. You ran away from those who needed it.’
“no...i survived...i will survive….i will wake up! This is simply a false world!”
‘pain is real...let me prove it’ Kanjigar screamed out as he felt a blade go through his chest. He tried to pull it out, only to have it sting. He felt the cold creep of death and numbness spread within him. Kanjigar turned around to see a vague shadowy shape of Jim.
“Jim is not-”
‘i am.’
“ this is a nightmare! This-”
‘don’t wake up.’ Kanjigar was about to speak, only to be muted as he felt himself turn to stone and break apart.


Kanjigar gasped and shuddered as he came back into the real world. He looked around to see himself being restrained by his son, the two were somewhere in trollmarket.
“father! Wake up!”
“w-what happened?! Where am I?!”
“you had another vision.”
“this...this is real….”
“yes. Please relax.”
“where’s Jim? Where are you and I?”
“we must find him...or I need to. You need rest. You and I are both in trollmarket.”
“what happened to me?”
“you started to scream and flail. You started to run. I had to calm and restrain you from hurting yourself and others.”
“this poison pumps through me..i...i-”
“you need rest. let’s get you home. You should try not doing anything.”
“i can’t just leave Jim.”
“you won’t. I will search for him.”
“’re correct...this IS real. I won’t give in.” Kanjigar held his head, trying to fully wake up.
“i will have proper vigil over my own thoughts. I won’t fail.”

‘remember me’




Kanjigar held himself together. He had too strong a will to be broken so easily. He focused on his life, his family, friends, loved ones, everyone he’s sworn to protect. He focused on his training, the way of the trollhunter. He refused to fall victim to this wretched thing within him. He refused to fade back into the hellscape that haunted him. The taunting voices and nightmarish imagines at the very edge of his sight and hearing, he refused to believe them. This will not consume him. The pain isn’t real. It couldn’t be. He knew his life, he knew who HE was. He tried to stay awake. He didn’t want to rest. He remained calm and breathed. He steadied his willpower. He wouldn’t forget. He believed in his son’s capabilities, he would find Jim. He would protect those who needed it. The intense strain on mind and matter was becoming a thin line. His mind won’t fall prey to this poison. it would leave his system soon enough, as all poison’s due… least he hoped.


This wasn’t the first time his father was incapacitated. Draal could step up and do what needed to be done. He wouldn’t fail. He couldn’t. He shouldn’t. The first thing Draal did after saying goodbye to his father was to look for clues. He was nowhere near a good sleuth, but he could try. He would accept nothing less than success. He started with the note, then worked his way around trollmarket, while he wasn’t truly paranoid, he knew he needed to be more careful with who he trusted with certain information. There was a spy. He knew it now. He refused to believe anything else. Draal carefully went around and asked for any and all information possible. Between being vague, and mistrusting, he didn’t get much information. He wouldn’t give up though.

Draal inspected the scene of the fight. The blood had almost all but dried up. He checked it over to see if anything could be found. It was simply gumm-gumm blood, no clues to be had. He walked around the areas the gumm-gumm soldiers would usually fight them at, desperately hoping something might come up. Nothing came up though….. The sun was now rising, there was nothing more to go on. Draal felt like a failure, like he shouldn’t even show his face in trollmarket, or even to his own father. However he knew his father needed him right now, even if Jim needed more help. They would find him together however, Draal clearly couldn’t do this himself.


They would reunite, Draal swore it.

Chapter Text

It was night now, Draal paced back and forth in his home. He hated this situation. He felt so utterly useless. Jim was still gone, his father had yet to recover, if anything he was getting worse, trollmarket had a spy within it, there was no fresh glug being made that night, what else could go wrong?! Draal told his father he was going to search around for ANYTHING regarding Jim. Draal had already searched trollmarket high and low that day, only coming up empty handed, now at least the night began and he could go search above. He wished he knew more about Jim’s personal life, that way he could have something or someone else to get information from. Jim said he had human friends and went to college, however he never truly said WHO those friends were or what college, the only detail ever mentioned once was a male beta human named Toby. Draal would seek out this human tonight, no matter what it took, he wouldn’t stop. Draal said goodbye to his father and left. Kanjigar had done nothing more than rest all day. Clinging onto whatever strings of sanity he had left. The other trolls who had been poisoned had already recovered, so why did Kanjigar not?….


The portal opened and Draal stepped out, taking in a deep breath from the crisp night air. Now his search would start and he would-
“hi Draal” Draal suddenly stopped and looked shocked at Jim standing in front of him. Well so much for looking above.
“Jim?...JIM!?” Draal pulled Jim into a deep hug, crushing the half troll.
“easy...i...crushing...please...can’t” Draal let go and Jim fell on his knees taking deep breaths. Draal was far to eager to ask questions.
“i...okay...whew...easy with the hugs…..”
“oh ah yes! Of course! Why wouldn't you be curious!”
“oh uh..was taken! Yeah ambushed! Then I was knocked out and...well then I woke up and no one was I left! Then I came straight here! And waited for you” Draal pulled him into another hug, far softer this time
“my father and I were so worried!”
“yep! Why wouldn’t you be?”
“where were you taken?! And when?!”
“uhhh I can’t remember at this time, for either of those questions”


“i suppose that will do. Come! Father would be put at ease if he saw you!” Draal reopened a portal and waited for Jim, looking back at him happily. Jim crept over and flinched as he put his arm through the portal. He opened his eyes and finished walking through. Jim clearly looked surprised when he had taken a step onto the crystal stairway as it lit up. When they reached the bottom, Jim looked at the heartstone in awe
“that’s...amazing….soo much power!”
“are you...alright?”
“yes! I’m fine! Why wouldn’t I be?”
“...did something happen to you when you were taken?”
“no no! Nothing happened out of the ordinary! Just my usual Jim half troll omega self haha!”
“when something...intense happens….sometimes one would act differently in order not think about things...”
“what? Nooo I don’t feel bad or anything! I feel great! Here I am! In trollmarket like usual!”
“you can always talk to me, along with my father at any time”
“sounds great! Big troll, Draal!”
“hm...well if you need anything just..ask” Jim smiled nervously and nodded. The two stood there for a few awkward moments
“please..lead on” Jim motioned his arms and did a minor bow. Draal raised an eyebrow. Then he started to move, Jim following a decent distance from him. The entire time they walked, Jim couldn’t help but wander off, gawking at things here and there, talking to himself and feeling giddy. Draal just watched him in curiosity, along with concern….


“father! You will no believe what has happened! he’s here!” Draal shouted as the two entered the home. Kanjigar opened his eyes and focused.
“who is?”
“It’s Jim!”
“what?!” Kanjigar felt his mind’s fog clear up from the good news. He got up and walked over smiling widely and then hugging Jim.
“thank you trollhunter, I appreciate the...fondness” Kanjigar looked at him straight in the eyes, a very serious expression on his face. Jim swallowed and felt incredibly nervous.
“you don’t sound like your usual self. I know what’s wrong.”
“oh...uh….you do?” Jim looked slightly towards the entrance of the cave, trying to plan on how to run away.
“you are upset with me. I failed to protect you. I let you be snatched away.”
“oh! I was’t feel like that! You did fail me!” Kanjigar felt worse hearing that. Draal on the other hand looked at Jim mentally questioning why he replied like that.....
“i promise, from here on out. I will keep you closer, making sure you never leave my side”
“ohhhh noooo that’s really not needed!”
“it is. I need to prove that I can truly protect you.” Kanjigar smiled then flinched and held his head.
“f-forgive me I….I’ve not fe-felt well”
“what has caused you to feel unwell trollhunter?”
“it’s not important. What is important is that we go to Vendel immediately”
“that’s n-” Before Jim could protest, Draal and Kanjigar were pulling Jim along towards the heartstone.


Vendel looked at him, in partial relief...but also…
“Jim, come. Here.” Vendel pointed to a spot next to him.
“yes...Vendel?”. Vendel raised an eyebrow, why did it sound like a question?. Vendel held onto Jim’s arm and cut Jim’s palm. Vendel squeezed it tightly until enough blood had dripped onto a crystal that was sitting on a table
“AHH, w-why did you do that?!”
“hush child.” Draal and Kanjigar walked forward, looking between themselves in worry. This would be it. The test. The proof. Draal became too impatient. He needed to know right that moment!….even if their fears are confirmed...
“Vendel is….”
“a few moments longer and we will have our answers.” Jim felt awkward standing there as the three large trolls stared intensely at the crystal. While it was busy changing colors Jim spoke up, breaking the silence.
“is...everything alright?”
“hush. And stay put.” the crystal stopped changing colors and finally settled on one. Vendel slightly relaxed his shoulders in relief.
“our concerns should be put at ease. He isn’t what we believed” Jim felt the urge to dart out of the room but stayed still.
“...what….did you believe about me?”
“nothing child. Now then, everything is alright.”
“what exactly was that about?”
“nothing important. Now everything is fine, more or less. The test proves it to be.”

Kanjigar looked at Jim with relaxed eyes
“good to know. Do not concern yourself of this. It was simply something to put our nerves at ease.”
“what exactly was it about? And why me? I would REALLY feel better if I knew about it...was it something from an earlier date that I was apart of?”
“like we’ve said, nothing important. Come, let us leave, we have all had a very...intense few days. We could use some well deserved rest. I’ve no doubt you wish to return to your nest”

Jim slowly walked after the two large trolls as they exited the room. He did one final look back at Vendel, who simply looked at Jim curiously while he tugged his beard. Draal wouldn’t stop eyeing Jim over, trying to decide something. The staring had been noticed. Jim was nervous now, something was up, something he wasn’t told or was prepared for. He was only given such little information In such a short time…Draal turned to his father and whispered something. Kanjigar looked between the two of them, smiled, then left on his own, heading home. Draal stopped, smiled and looked at Jim lovingly
“i think it’s time we did what you requested” Jim was at a loss
“you don’t remember?”
“oh uh...maybe? Why not explain it and it might jog my memory”
“not like you to forget things such as this” Jim felt a sudden anxiousness.
“i, well sometimes, uh, I just...forgot?”
“was that a question? Well it doesn’t matter. Remember a little bit ago when you requested to spend the day with me? Do one of those flehsbag ‘dates’ you’ve mentioned before.”
“ohhh uh..yes! No I recall that exact moment! More or less..” Draal walked up closely to Jim. He growled a bit lustfully
“perhaps your would enjoy if we started it with something that had a bit” Jim swallowed nervously as Draal looked into his eyes with impure intent while pulling Jim closer. Jim tried to push back a bit and felt warmed up

“i must...uh...decline for the moment”
“decline? You never decline”
“i...uh...” Draal chuckled
“i should have known better. You prefer the chase, as usual. I’ll claim my prize once I’ve found you. Why don’t you run off now, I’ll give you a small head start. Better hurry, I don’t plan on holding back tonight”
“hahah! Yes..i shall flee now and hide from your sight!” Jim was let go, then bolted off.



Jim was now in Walt’s office. First thing he did back in trollmarket was escape the first chance he got. He had his face in his hands and groaned. Walt was smiling at his awkwardness, clicking his pen.
“he wants physical relations! What am I supposed to do?!”
“well, you’d best give it to him. Draal has never been turned down before, doing so now wouldn’t be a smart choice”
“i do not wish to be with him!”
“well, too bad. You must, you can’t hide forever”
“i can try”
“do as you wish I suppose. So far you are doing a terrible job at lying”
“am I?! How am I suppose to know how to lie about my life!? it’s not easy!”
“no one ever said it would be. Well, you need to either return, or find some other place to hide, I don’t want him tracking you and end up finding us”
“why can’t I just go home?”
“ohhhh yes, because that wouldn’t raise any kind of suspicions”
“I’m not the only one who knows about us doing this.”
“true, but if Gunmar found out our little plan, well...i don’t have to tell you what he would do”

Jim shuddered, not wanting to imagine what horrors he would experience if Gunmar ever found out about their little ‘plan’.

“how do I act more natural? it’s not like I know a lot about the way trollmarket works!”
“just stay calm, and deal with situations that arise properly.”
“easier said than done. you’re not in my position”
“true. Our chat is over, I’m going home, as should you. I suppose you could either go back to trollmarket, ooooorrr go to the darklands.”
“no other choice?”
“none what so ever.” Jim groaned and left.



It was the next morning, Jim had decided not to go to either home, instead, he decided to ‘rough it’ out in the wilderness, not the first time he’s had to resort to that. This was far better than the other two choices. Jim was now showering and getting ready for the day at Walt’s house, he was brought fresh cloths, along with music, pictures, and various other things to really help Jim out for today’s agenda. He had to visit his friends. Not an easy thing to do at the moment.
“how do I look?”
“as perfect as you were yesterday.”
“good. Here I go.”
“don’t forget how to handle your friends”
“i know I know, I studied all last night so I know every detail”
“good, now off you go. Have fun”


Jim was now with Claire and Toby. The three walked around, ate and shopped. Jim always felt weird when he was hugged or questioned about what he’s done for the past few days. He just replied he was busy. Toby looked at the clouds before speaking up
“with family stuff?”
“yyeaaaahhh family stuff”
“is it your dad and his plans?” Jim almost chocked on his food
“w-what?! How do you know about that?!”
“ us...remember?”
“sorry I uh...lost my composure for a moment”
“composure? Uh that’s fine, so when’s it going to happen?”
“….did I mention that before? Hahaa kidding!”
“oookay, do you feel alright?”
“never better my friend!”
“wait, friend?! I thought I was your best friend?!” Toby gasped and looked hurt, before laughing. Jim just smiled and wanted to run away
“ friend!” Claire huffed
“i thought I was your best friend”

“you both are!” Toby looked Jim over, trying to see if he could find anything wrong with Jim
“you sure you’re okay? you’ve been acting weird all day? you’re hiding something aren’t you?”
“w-w-whaaat no! Me? Hide stuff from you? My best fleshbag friend?”
“fleshbag? You never say that word”
“another joke!”
“ooookay, well, so when’s the whole dad thing gonna happen?”
“why not tell me what you I remember what I left off at!”
“sure that makes sense..i guess….uh so all you said was that your dad plans on moving up here and staying, we finally will get to meet him, along with your brother, your adopted uncles , and then some of your dad’s friends too. can’t wait! We finally get to meet your ‘mysterious family’”
“HAHAHA OHHH I thought...never mind. Phew! That-uh, yeah! My ka-father, plans on moving here forever. Soon. Very soon. Things will be a loooot better. What did I say would happen to all of you? I remember being mentioned at one point that you would stay”
“being mentioned?….we would Stay... Yeah we don’t plan on moving….you just said that we’d get to meet your family, we would still hangout and junk, that didn’t change did it?”
“nooo! Never! Good. Goood. I just wanted a small reminder” Both Claire and Toby now looked at one another, then back at Jim. Claire was the one to speak up after that

“is this some half troll thing? you’re acting weird and not talking like you usually do”
“Perhaps...i am known to be quite humorous at times”
“quite humorous….. Right…. So anyways-” Jim suddenly excused himself and said he had to go to the bathroom. He sped walked away and pulled out his phone.

Walt was having coffee with Barbara when he noticed his phone buzzing. Walt rolled his eyes and pardoned himself.
“so sorry, excuse me for a second, work is calling.” Walt walked a bit away before answering it
“what’s wrong?”
“help!!! they keep asking me things and I don’t know how to answer!”
“stop being so socially awkward and just deal with it. I don’t see why I have to hold your hand. You should be better at this. You said you studied all through last night, remember?”
“yes but I wasn’t expecting them to ask about you-know-what.”
“what are you talking about?”
“they know about….his father!, along with the others!” Walt moved a bit more away, making sure he was out of earshot, then lowered his voice
“be more specific. What do you mean.”
“Jim has been telling them about our lord! Along with Bular, his adviser, his mate, and ‘my fathers friends’. He told them about Gunmar coming to the surface!”
“be calm. And. Rational. They do not know anything. Jim has most likely said very vague, basic things. What person doesn’t answer questions when asked? “
“what if something slips up! I almost-”
“then. don’t. You have one job. A very easy and IMPORTANT one. If you weren’t our only current polymorph I would have assigned this task to someone else. This is the best chance to prove yourself.”
“yes. I will…..what if they ask about the holy mother?!”


“which holy mother?”
“Jim’s mother!”
“last time I checked he has never mentioned her in any detail. Just relax. Victoria won’t come up. Besides as far as they know Jim has no idea, and little interest in her.”
“what if they ask about his brother’s?”
“SHE hasn’t been refereed to in a long long time. don’t. If for some odd reason she comes up, say nothing. Or at the very least say that you don’t know. Now, is there anything else you can’t do yourself?”
“it’s not that I can’t, it’s that if I say something that wouldn’t be natural, it will affect Jim later on!”
“then just-” Barbara called for Walt
“i have to go. If you need assistance, go to Nomura.”
“does he even know her?”
“of course he does. He likes her too, now don’t call again at least until late at night. we’ll meet then.”

Jim’s phone call ended. He took a deep breath and went back to his friends.
“forgive me for that interruption”
“you had to go to the bathroom, nothing to forgive”
“how’s about we return to our merrymaking!”
“merrymaking…..okay...” the three spent some more time hanging out before going over to Claire’s for the rest of the evening. Claire’s sweet baby brother was being watched by them as Claire’s parents went out. The night began and Jim said he needed to leave. Jim said goodbye then ran off to the Janus order….


Noten, Jim, Walt, and Nomura were all in an office now with only one another. Noten was laughing loudly as he looked at Jim.
“you are the WORST at this! you’ve been a plenty good actor before, what gives with it now?”
“i never had to portray someone as important as Jim!”
“you just lay around all day and do whatever the hell ya want! How is that hard to do actin?! he’ll we could switch places and I’d be a better double!”
the Door was suddenly banged on loudly. Nomura opened the door to see two elite gumm-gumm guards standing there
“well that was unexpected”
“silence impure. We have come for the polymorph!” Jim started to panic. Walt sighed and looked at him
“what could you have possibly done?”
“i don’t know!”
“well go with them”
“what about any of you?”

the guards smashed an arm against his armor
“THE DARK UNDERLORD HAS DEMANDED ONLY FOR YOU” Jim started to shake and stood up. He made came to the doorway, only to be grabbed and hooded.


Jim was thrown to the floor and had his hood taken off. Gunmar seethed in anger as he walked down the steps to the throne.
“no i-”
“please! I can explain everythin-”
“you have 5 seconds before you beg for the sweet release of death.”
“this was an order from your son! I swear!”
“you now lie? Directly to me? What do you know of my sons?” Gunmar now had his blade summoned and tucked the point under Jim’s neck.
“if this was an order from him. Then how did he possibly give it to you.”
“your son contacted the Janus order yesterday night! He said I needed to replace him for the time being! Only to-”

The throne room door opened and through it, walked Bular and Jim. Gunmar’s eye opened in shock.
“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?” both Bular and Jim looked tired and ragged. Jim wore a baggy and moth bitten shirt, he also wore oil stained pants. Bular looked the same as usual. Only more tired and pissed off, somehow.
“looong story dad...oh hey Otto”
“see! See! I did not say a single lie my kaiser!” Gunmar retracted his sword and stepped towards his sons, looking them over as if checking to see if his sight hadn’t betrayed him.
“what happened to the two of you? Why had neither of you report to me at least once for so long?. Explain. Now.” Bular and Jim looked at one another and groaned. Jim spoke up and pointed to Otto
“let Otto go first, he did he a huge favor, he doesn’t need to die or anything” Gunmar, without even looking, waved a hand. A couple guards escorted Otto out of the throne room and to the nearest gumm-gumm doorway. Jim rubbed his face and then rubbed his horn.
“Well, our amulet’s broke first….”



Chapter Text

Jim tried to get up. He gagged and collapsed over as his stomach seemed to remember that it was cut. Bular got up and shook himself off. He looked around and tried to identify anything he could. The smell of blood drew his attention. He quickly crouched down next to his brother to check the wound. Jim gasped when Bular touched it, instinctively grabbing it.
“hold still, do not cover it up”
“it fucking hurts!”
“i know. It will hurt worse if I can’t aid you”
“oh and how do you figure?!...i...I’m sorr-”
“shhh. Do you hear that?”
“my only focus is the blood POURING OUT OF ME CURRENT-” Bular covered Jim’s mouth. The two listened as some people nearby were talking, Two adult human males came closer into earshot.
“-here, I SWORE I saw a bright green flash!”
“you’ve just been drinking too much”
“no I have not!”
“oh really? Cause I don’t see a god dam ‘bright green flash’.”
“shut it! I know what I saw!”
“I’m going to bed before the trolls come out. You go do whatever.” the sounds of footsteps faded away.
“well don’t fucking leave me out here in the dark!”
“then hurry your ass up!” the second human ran off to catch up with his friend, the sound of a truck driving off was the last thing the two gumm-gumm princes heard.

Bular let go of Jim’s mouth. Jim spat out the disgusting taste it left then said
“Bular. If die, tell dad I loved him. I want my funeral to be epic, I want fireworks and streamers and strippers and-”
“you will not die little brother. Strippers what are those?”
“people who sexually dance and take off their cloths. Believe it or not but that is a job people get hired for!”
“at a funeral?”
“yeah! Crazy right?...UGUHHH….i feeeeel like I’m….I’m going to pass out from blood loss...”
“you haven’t bled that much. Now stop complaining.”
“silence. We need to get you to a human medical hut”
“hospital. How exactly?”
“we follow those two fleshbags”
“they drove off in a truck! there are no houses close enough to get to! Let alone a hospital!”
“we go to those fleshbags homes. I will get the materials I need and apply to you what I know. Then we can go to your medical hut and get you healed properly. Why do you not just use your message device?”
“1. I don’t have it. 2. I wouldn’t have service all the way out in who knows where.”
“we shall find an impure”
“none around here”
“how would you know that?”
“unlike you, I actually check in on our changeling friends, I know for a fact that none live in the middle of a desert. At least any in the states, to my knowledge….where are we?”
“they are tools, not friends, and how should I know our current location?”
“i was being-nevermind.”

“can you walk?”
“hold still. Do not whimper.” Bular put his arms under Jim and picked him up bridal style
Jim gasped and cried
“what did I just say?”
“you said no whimpering first of all, and second THIS HURTS MORE THAN WHEN DAD ALMOST BROKE MY RIB CAGE, OH BY THE WAY, YOU HAVE YET TO SAY ‘hey little bro sorry for CUTTING INTO YOUR STOMACH!’”
“I’ve been more hurt than you have plenty of times. I’m sorry my sword cut into you that deep.” Bular held his brother close carefully making sure not to jostle him around in his arms and then started to walk.
“you aren’t as sensitive as I am! Owowowowow stop stepping on every rock!”
“i will even my footing when I can. Bear the pain.” Jim closed his eyes and tried to relax. His body was throbbing and leaking. He hated bleeding out. He loved to watch other things, but not him. It was one of his top things he hated to do (obviously). Jim tried to get comfortable, however it was extremely hard for obvious reasons. Jim would occasionally try to shift himself slightly to try and look around, only to feel the fresh wave of pain surge through him. The night had already begun who knows how long ago, so that really didn’t help to see where they were at. The two men spoke English, they were in a desert area, it was pretty barren of human life and human living, so that at least helped to narrow down where they were.

“Bular, do you know where you’re going?”
“don’t get us lost please. I don’t want to die! I never got married or had a kid or ruled my kingdom!”
“you will be able to experience those things. I don’t plan on having you die.”
“i promise, when I die, I’ll let you have my sword. Put it in my will”
“no. where is your sword?”
“ooooohhhh shhhitttt it’s with Kanjigar and Draal! The dam thing wasn’t close enough to me when our-wait why did we teleport?”
“you’re asking me? you’re the one who is the thinker.”
“guess when the thing was already halfway on when it was broken, it malfunctioned and sent us, I guess”
“you know more about the surface world. You should know this area”
“oh? Should I? Is that your reasoning? Because if so YOU’VE BEEN ALIVE A HELL OF A LOT LONGER THAN I HAVE! shouldn’t YOU have memorized the surface by now?”
“no. stop sassing me. Funny how even though you’re bleeding out you still retain enough energy to be a smart ass”
“it’s my smart ass reserve energy. Also whenever you have kids, tell them stories about me, how brave and handsome and better than you at fighting I was”
“HAHAH like you could ever best me. You will not die. Not now, not ever. You will die from old age. Father will not have it any other way. You will live as long as we can make you live.”
“haha, dad’s gonna shove his sword up the grim reapers ass just for me”
“grim reapers?”
“its a human concept of death, never mind it doesn’t matter.”

Jim and Bular stopped talking for a while. Jim’s blood flow had lessened a bit by now, still it wasn’t helping much. Jim hissed out in pain when his stomach growled.
“how are you hungry?”
“i haven’t eaten since...noon wow, that’s a long time!”
“humans need to eat so often.”
“i know, not fun. I wish I would have ate before we fought”
“you would have been too full and lethargic.”
“well now I’m hungry, I can’t hunt, and I’m still bleeding.”
“i will hunt for you like I did when you were a whelp.”
“aww such a good big brother!. there’s nothing out here but lizards and snakes anyways. Not like that will help.”
“when we arrive to the fleshbags huts, you will feast”
“does sound nice….but we can’t leave any trails or signs that we were here”
“now you sound like an impure.”
“we need to cover our tracks. I’m the thinker, remember?”

Jim went quiet again. He tried not to think about the hunger or pain...his mind actually started to think about his other hunger, the one for the heartstone….he should have grabbed some, he didn’t want to wait around though. He wanted to leave trollmarket as fast as he could. Jim was half asleep, he didn’t know how long for though. Bular broke the silence.
“you aren’t dead right? If I bring home your corpse, father won’t be happy with me, or anyone.”
“i was...sleeping...i don’t know….maybe I am dying….nice to know that when I’m brought home, you’re more worried about dear old dad’s anger than grief over me”
“i will grieve for you. Stop thinking I’m some heartless monster”
“we ARE gumm-gumm’s. Kinda are thing”
“i reserve emotions only for you and father” Hearing that caused Jim to shut up. He never expected to hear that Bular would say that. Sure Jim joked around about him being cold and dead inside, and hey, most of the time he was, but still...he loved Jim as much as their own father.
“suddenly you don’t wish to speak?”
“I’m sorry for all the shit I say to you….”
“now you start to feel sorrow? This doesn’t improve the situation. I know your little jests are only meant to prod at my nerves anyways. I don’t take anything to heart.”
“I’m sorry that I got us into this mess...”
“you couldn’t have prevented the trollhunter from crushing our amulets”
“actually I meant all of it. If I never left that night when I was in heat, I would have never met Kanjigar, and none of this would have happened.”

“fate is strange. Nothing you can do now but move forward”
“that’s...pretty smart”
“I’m no fool”
“well I mean, you’re not a deep thinker usually”
“i can’t tell if that’s a compliment or not.”
“I don’t know, it’s a fact I guess….how long have we been walking? Well, you’ve been walking for”
“not sure. I used to be able to tell distance and time by the stars. Now I can’t see them, or hardly at least here”
“well that’s a somewhat good sign”
“light pollution”
“it’s when too many lights are causing..well..light, it starts to pretty much build up and block everything else out in the sky. it’s another thing that people do that screws nature up and shit. Point is, that means a lot of lights, meaning a potential city….which is also a bad thing...”
“well, more people, more lights, more noticeable large black troll with giant swords and a kilt adorned with skulls holding dying half troll in arms while wearing battle armor, not a good thing to see. Besides, other trolls might see us and realize who we actually are, people won’t really be a threat so we don’t have to worry about some random guy seeing us and instantly knowing who we are” Bular just grunted in reply. It was another long half asleep silence before Bular said anything again. Bular walked over a small hill when he saw a small gathering of homes.
“wake up whelp. Fleshbag huts”
“ oh...wait those aren’t houses”
“what are they?”
“trailer homes”
“i thought you just said they weren’t houses”
“no there’s a diff-never mind it doesn’t matter...not many...hmm...all the way out here? Well I guess they don’t have to worry about much” Jim looked at everything and though of different possibilities
“well we have two options. Kill everyone here-”
“that’s the plan then.”
“-oorrr the second one is to scare them all off.”
“no. killing is easier, plus we need to eat. You’re not the only one who hungers”


“well, if they do run away and drive off to wherever, they’re going to talk to someone. Buuut they could just be brushed off being told:
‘those are just trolls, probably on their turf, just wanted to scare you away’ buuuut people will start to ask around about it, there’s 10 trailer homes. If we kill them-”
“which we’re going to do”
“-we will leave a huge mess-”
“my appetite will prevent that”
-with blood and broken things everywhere. Plus everyone will wonder why people went missing out of nowhere”
“humans go missing all the time. I doubt they will simply give us aid in your time of need”
“hm...maybe they will...”
“I’ll simply put you down and go slaughter, come back and get you fixed, then we feast”
“you’re still just as blood thirsty as ever”
“do you want to eat?”
“okay fine...well, guess they really got the shit end of life. Alright big guy, go do your thing AHHH CAREFUL!” Bular put Jim down, laying him on the softest and most flat part of the ground he could find. Bular stomped off and went to business. Jim closed his eyes and waited. He blocked out most of the roaring, gun firing, yelling, and overall destructive nature that was Bular. Jim was feeling cold and woozy now, he needed to eat and sleep. He was somewhat afraid of falling asleep though, not knowing if he’ll wake up again. Jim nodded off without knowing it. He woke up suddenly as he felt the sharp pain. He opened his eyes and saw he was being carried by Bular into one of the trailers.
“forgive me for the pain, I had to bring you inside.”
“it’s...fine….” Jim looked around, blood and bullet holes everywhere, the corpses of many people littered the area, a lot of damage done to the few trailer homes that were in the small place. The entire area was completely silent, except for the creaking and air whistling as it made its way through the small passageways opened up from the bullet’s punctures. Jim was laid on some bed, looked like something out of a ‘fun family road trip’ movie.


“I’ve already searched the metal huts. Nothing I can really use to dress your wounds.”
“aww, and here they wanted to go to the prom”
“nothing. Dumb joke. I’m bleeding out”
“now you’ve lost a good amount of blood at the point. I’ll hurry. I’ll sanitize your wounds then I have a a hot piece of iron-”
“oookay how about nooo AHHH IT STINGS!”
“hold still whelp”
“quiet. What do you think the sun feels like? Now, we must cauterize the wound. You might prefer death over this pain, but I don’t.”
“see this marking? The trollhunters? See this? I got branded! That was waaay more painful ‘hot metal contact’ than I ever wanted in my life. So nOOOOOOOOOOOO” Jim screamed out before having a pillow jammed into his mouth.


It was about 20 minutes later now, Jim whimpered and cried in pain as he laid in a make shift nest Bular threw together from the various mattresses/blankets/pillows and what have you, from the trailer homes. Jim’s pain was fading away slowly and at least he wasn’t bleeding anymore. The hot numbing at least covered the stinging, not like that truly helped. Bular gathered up all the corpses and ripped smaller bites off for Jim to eat. Jim tried to eat but he was in too much pain for much. He just took some pain killers (which THANKFULLY someone had) and rested. He almost always slept on his side, if he did it any other way, it was hard to fall asleep. Well he had to make do. Bular finished eating the third body when he looked over at his small brother who had stopped moving
“hey. HEY, are you dead? don’t die.”
“I’m not! I just wanted to rest my eyes….”
“you can rest after you’ve eaten more.”
“it hurts too much to eat. I want something smooth”
“fine. I’ll pour blood into a mug.”
“i want a smoothie. Something colder.”
“then I’ll put frozen water in it and put it in one of those spinning metal devices”
“i want something sweet”
“then I’ll put sugar in it. you’re being more picky than when you were a whelp!”
“….do you have any regrets?” Bular was surprised at the sudden change in topic.
“what’s this now?”
“i just….maybe I’m loopy from the blood loss you have any regrets? I have a lot.” Bular let out a low rumble
“what could you possibly regret about?”
“I’m not a good enough son.”
“father doesn’t think so.”
“i do….i feel like I’m too..weak. I can’t fight, I get emotional, I slow things down. You don’t do any of that.”

“don’t compare yourself to me”
“bad enough being a half troll. An omega on top of that? Everything sucks.”
“i mean it, i-”
“hush!. You can’t change anything, so don’t think about it. If you fill your mind with it, you will only drown yourself.”
“that’s deep, like as deep as you cut me”
“when will you let that go?”
“ohhh I won’t, I’m going to be an old old man and still complain about it” Jim smiled and laughed. Bular grinned from seeing his brother cheer up. Jim looked at his brother a bit more serious
“do you have any regrets?”
“of course. Everyone does.”
“what are they?”
“doesn’t matter, I can’t change them. No point in dwelling on it.”
“please? For me?” Bular snarled at his brother who just made puppy dog eyes in return. He couldn’t be angry at that face. Bular sighed strongly.
“fine….i regret running away at the killahead bridge fight, I regret not stopping the trolls from coming to the new world, I regret failing to fight when I was younger, I regret failing father, I regret not being able to get him out of the darklands, I regret not being able to procure victory at the second bridge battle, I regret…..not spending enough time with you when you grew up.” Jim repeated those words in his head.
“you do?”
“I’m your brother. You matter to me.”
“aww, you matter to me too...I’m not being sarcastic either. I mean it. You mean a lot to me. I’m more than sure I would have died by now if it weren’t for you…..what did you mean not spending enough time with me?”
“because I didn’t like you. You were annoying. A pest. A tick that clung to me at all times. You climbed me all over and followed me. You pulled my tail and my hair. You wouldn’t shut up! Over and over and over and over you would just talk and ask questions and talk and talk and more questions. I was….jealous of your childhood.”
“of being a kid?”
“a very small part, but I was jealous because you got attention. Mother and father never gave me that kind of attention, well, the attention you got from Blinkous I mean. I grew up alone, cold, I was hardened and pushed. I enjoyed it, But still. You were given everything, I had to fight and kill for it. If I wanted to eat, I fought for my meat. You were handed everything on a plate...i was the most jealous because you were loved more by father than I was. He gave you attention, even if it were little. I didn’t get that kind of thing. He would praise me and celebrate my victories, but he didn’t do anything else. I was an agent with a high rank, that’s how I thought of myself. Then your mother came along….i grew bitter towards her. All the years, all the breaking, all the pain, all of it I had to do by myself. All for little in return. She comes along for a couple centuries and has a few successes, then she suddenly gets to be by fathers side constantly.


Then after they became happened...i was jealous when she announced her pregnancy. I though I was being replaced. That I had failed as fathers heir. He wanted another, one who would best me. Who would do better than I ever could have. Every time I saw you, that’s all I could think about. I avoided you because I hated myself. Then when you grew up...i saw just how big you were getting, how fast you were growing….i regret not spending enough time with you. To see you every day…... It wasn’t until I really saw who you were until you were getting big enough to not need guards around at all times. That you couldn’t climb on me anymore. You had new emotions and interests, I didn’t even know you had started to train with Blinkous and Arrrg. I wanted to watch you fight for the first time. It finally dawned on me….you would never live as long as I would. I would outlive you. I would have to watch you die…. When the day came and you were old enough to hunt, I couldn’t have felt happier. That truly was a milestone in your life. Well. Now I want to make sure I be with you as much as I can, so when the day does come that you die, I will have plenty of memories to last for the rest of my life, then I could tell your whelps along with mine about your life.”
“well, like I said, no use dwelling on the past”
“i didn’t know about any of that”
“not like you would have if I didn’t tell you”
“thanks for being all, open and stuff, it makes me feel good to connect with you. I’ve always loved when you would spend time with me”
“i should have spent more”
“well, now we can. Okay, from here on out, I promise to spend more time with you”
“i will too. Now that I’ve been ‘emotional.’ you have to as well.”
“sounds fair”
“tell me. What do you think of the trollhuters whelp” Jim tensed up.
“what do you mean?”
“you know what I mean. I hope you don’t think a certain way about him. He isn’t one of us. Father would be more than furious if anything were to….. happen. As your brother I have to look out for you. I have thoughts, doubts about certain things. don’t let them become reality. If something that may or may not be real, happened, you would be severely punished. For the sake of everyone, let mine and fathers doubts be wrong.”
“i uh...promise”
“i will take that as a no. I can hear it in your voice. When something like this happens and sends you off balance, you have a certain tone. Father knows this as well as I do. He knows something isn’t ‘adding up’. Even if I don’t give him ‘specific’ details about our encounters, he has a hunch. He isn’t a fool. He knows what you may or may not be thinking.”

“exactly. I’m going to pretend I don’t know, that my doubts are not real. That we will kill the trollhunter, move on, and live in the future as we are supposed to. Once all that happens-” Bular stopped talking as he heard a sudden movement outside. Someone gasped and started to sprint. Bular rushed out on all fours after whoever it was. A shriek, the sounds of a truck engine turning on, then a loud scream and roar. The trucks alarm started to go off, but Bular quickly pounded the truck into flat metal chunks. It was a quiet couple of minutes until Bular returned with a man’s body, he dumped it onto the pile of corpses and sat back down as if nothing happened.
“where was I?...yes, the future. When we have what we set out to do. Everything will be alright. DON’T Let certain emotions or images or ANYTHING like I think, happen.”
“i….I’m tired...i want to sleep soon”
“avoiding it. Like I’m trying to…...”
“..if hypothetically...i may or may not have certain...feelings for a certain individual…..what….would happen?”
“if in this reality, father would punish you severely, he would kill the individual while you watched, and….I’m not sure. All I know is that father will cause you a lot of pain. Please, don’t let it happen…..” Bular brought out his swords and started to sharpen them on his arms.
“...when father brings you a suitable mate, you won’t have any feelings for any specific individual anymore. You are young, you are lonely, you just need the company of someone who is one of us. Father has already informed me about looking into potential candidates from my soldiers for you. I want you to pick them out yourself. it’s your matehood, not mine.”

“if...certain individuals...became one of us….”
“it wouldn’t matter. They aren’t a pure blooded gumm-gumm. Your mate will keep your mind focused. He won’t be any regular little toy you play with. He will be smart and have meaning. He will be under you, but that won’t mean he doesn’t have power over you….at least in some aspects. You are our fathers son, but that doesn’t mean it forgoes your omegahood. He will be your alpha, he will be in charge. You will become official mated, you will bear his whelps, you will be happy. You just need to wait a little longer to find one. And all these ‘if’s and ‘what’s’ will go away. Focus brother. you’re our family member. Do not throw your entire life away for some passing glances. Knowing you well enough, more than glances would have happened by now. Again, hypothetically.”
“riiight….i uh...yeah I’m tired...but...before I do sleep….what….does dad think about….this possible....”
“he tries not to. He is getting impatient. You spend too much time with ‘others’. He is afraid of loosing you, all to some sort of ‘phase’. He will be proud of you, he will forgive and forget the possible situation if it may or may not exist, as long as you keep focused.”
“y-you’re right...i...keep focused….keeeeep focused….my mate...what...will he be like though?”
“that’s for you to decide. I know a few very powerful alphas who could be the best. When we return home, I will show you them.”
“thanks Bular…..i don’t know what I’ve been feeling for a while now...”

“i know. So does father. So does Blinkous and even Arrrg.”
“you aren’t that good at hiding it. Like I’ve said. Focus, keep moving forward, everything will be put behind us. This is what our lives are meant to be. Not...whatever you may or may not imagine. Don’t throw everything away just for a few mere moments.”
“i need to….i think I don’t want to think about anything right now”
“good. You shouldn’t….think about that I mean. I know you can’t bottle up your emotions. you’ll die.”
“right, right...i uh...yeah so let’s talk about something else….”
“good. What should we speak of?”
“mom” Bular stopped, he was caught off guard. He turned to see Jim looking nervous and picking at lint from his nest
“her? What of her? you’ve never been interested before”
“well, you said you were jealous of her. I don’t really care, I just...i dunno….maybe it’s the lack of blood and need of sleep”
“hm...well, not much to tell. She was one, if not THE, strongest half trolls I’ve ever encountered. She was beautiful, she knew when to take action and how to do it. She was smart, she was quiet and mostly kept to herself. She didn’t rub it in to anyone when she mentioned she became our fathers mate, she did have a small smug attitude at times, she had a sarcastic bite when she wanted to be”
“guess I get that from her”
“yes. You do….hmm...not much else. You look almost identical, easily able to tell you are her son. Father was the most happy I had seen in a very long time. When she died…..well….no one ever mentioned her name again.”
“why? I thought she was important”
“oh she was, but father refused to speak about her. He loved her so much, and she left so suddenly. He knew he wouldn’t have much time already, yet within a few moments….he swore he wouldn’t make the same mistake again. So he makes sure to put a lot of effort into you, even more now than in the past. When your mother passed, everyone was forbidden from mentioning her, not directly, but heavily implied. So everyone avoided her as a subject. If anything ever came up about her, like the need to select someone to replace her status in the horde, she wouldn’t be named, only that her position must be filled. ‘the previous title holder is no longer within our service and a new general must be selected’.”


“what about your mom?”
“hm? Oh, not sure. I was young when she died. Everyone was afraid of her, father loved her. She was his first mate, she rubbed it in. she was a true terror among the living. She inspired fear into everyone’s hearts. When I was born, father couldn’t have been more proud. Mother didn’t take it easy on me. She wanted a TRUE warrior, something that would surpass her and father. She died on the field of battle, father was devastated. He turned cold. Harder, less...hmm, not sure how to put it. As I grew up, things only became more difficult. Then blah blah, your mother happened, blah blah, then you happened, and here we are now.”
“did dad ever be with anyone else? Cause he never did when my mom, you know, kicked the bucket”
“no. he only took two mates. I think he swore to himself that he would never again love someone else, in a mate way at least. it’s almost midnight, you need rest”
“will you sing to me?”
“hmmmmmmmm there happy?”
“fiiine...what about you? You need sleep”
“i will be fine. You sleep first whelp. You need it far more than I do. I will watch over you.” Jim nodded and tried to get comfortable as best as he could. He closed his eyes, listening to the faint noises around him, along with the hypnotic sounds of blades sharpening against Bular’s tough stone hide.
the repetitive noises helped to make everything fade away….
Bular watched his brother’s breathing slow down and his body came to a full rest. Bular moved his arm over to Jim, ever so lightly petting him soothingly.
“sleep well little brother….find yourself in the world once more when you awaken.”


Jim slowly opened his eyes and woke up to the smell of something cooking. He stretched a bit before feeling a fresh surge of pain when he moved his stomach. It was a lot less now, but still far to strong. Jim at least could walk now without being in complete pain. Jim limped out of the door to see Bular cooking the bodies over a large fire pit he made under the shade.
“good. you’re awake.”
“mmmh, smells good”
“I’m cooking these as well as salt them for you”
“Aww just for me?”
“i can’t risk you getting ill from bad meat” Jim covered his eyes as he looked around. It was very bright and sunny along with an intense heat with very little shade at all.
“great. Hey Bro you ready to take a nice long walk in the direct sunlight?”
“i will pass.”
“no need to be stubborn, it’s fun! You should really try it! The sun is sooo nice and warm”
“come eat, stuff your mouth so I don’t have to hear it.”
“well this actually is really the hell are we going to get anywhere?. can’t move these trailers without trucks, which I now see are all busted up because of those stray bullets and you going wild, even if we did have a truck neither of us can drive or fit you into one. We could cover you with a bunch of stuff, but I can’t walk, even if you carried me it’s still too hot for me to be outside of shade for very long. I don’t plan on getting heatstroke...hmmm”

“eat first, think later.”
“fine.” Jim limped over and sat down. Trying his best to stay as far away from the fire. He didn’t need anymore heat than he already has, trolls might not have a heatstroke, but he sure as hell will. Bular carved some pieces off with his sword for Jim and put it on a plate. Jim let it cool a bit before munching down. It was okay, fresh kills always were the best. After Bular had picked clean the last corpse, he snuffed out the fire and began to bury the remains. Jim offered to help, but Bular told him to rest as much as he could. The two really didn’t do much throughout the day. Jim was restless and wanted to move around, however Bular made sure he didn’t. Jim needed to conserve as much strength as possible. Jim watched his brother, how big and strong he was, how impressive his might is. Jim felt angry with himself. He spoke under his breath
“i wish I was like you...”
“did you say something?
“it doesn’t sound like nothing. Speak, or I will force it out of you.”
“fine….i wish I wasn’t half troll.”
“because I’m not like you! I can’t do the things you can easily do!. I’m too weak.”
“you’re young. Wait.”
“no matter how old I am or how much I improve, I’ll never be like you. I also don’t want to die...”
“everyone dies”
“i want to live longer though”
“no one can just ‘live longer’”
“you know what I mean. If I was full troll I wouldn’t have to worry about so many things. I could do waaay more stuff!”
“you think I can do ‘waay more stuff’ than you can?”


“you can walk in daylight without dying, you can blend in, you can do what you like without anyone batting an eye… have fathers blood. His powers I mean…..” Jim didn’t know how to feel after he heard that. It was a bit quiet for a few moments before Bular started back up
“I feel weak whenever the dam sun rises once more. Having to be locked away, imprisoned in the shadows. Half of an entire day is taken away from me. You can walk anywhere without caution.”
“so you just want to walk around, big deal! You don’t have to constantly worry about the stuff I have to worry about!”
“you are correct, I don’t, but you need to not pressure yourself into becoming something you’re not. You have your own limits, just like everyone does, even father knows his own.” Jim was quiet now. He didn’t know what to say. Bular noticed this and tried to be ‘comforting’, at least in his own way.
“you need to stop letting your troll side overwhelm you. You need to focus on your humanity just as equally.” Jim was truly surprised that Bular said that, why would he support ‘humanity’.
“because it’s half of you. You can’t push one side more than the other or you WILL FAIL. I don’t know a dam thing about fleshbags, but I know enough that you need it just as much as you need us. Blinkous told me that”
“he is smart….another thing I wouldn’t have to worry about if I were full troll.”
“well you aren’t so stop pestering yourself, you’re eating yourself alive. Relax, enjoy your other half. You need friends and stuff and….music and...uh….medicine”
“you really don’t know much”
“why should I?”
“yeah you’re right. Well none of that will matter when dad’s out”
“we will keep some fleshbags around”
“wait really? I mean I know I would keep my friends…..”
“you need them to live. We plan on keeping enough around so we can have a steady source of food, along with you having all the ‘friends’ and such you need”
“ kingdom will just end up being...some cattle ranch?”
“i wouldn’t put it like that, but, I suppose you could look at it like that”

“I don’t know how to feel about that”
“well, you can always take it up with father”
“ehhh maybe not...right away” Bular chuckled in amusement. Both of them feared their fathers anger equally
“show your humanity more. Even if none of us understand it. We like when you do, it proves your being healthy. The truest humanity and all that crap. Your emotions, thoughts, needs and desires for friends and whatever. don’t hold it back. Humans grow ill if they have receive no contact from one another, be it physical or emotional.”
“I will make sure I remember that...Bular...if...i was just a regular person...would you love me?”
“do you mean if you were born a human? Or just some regular one”
“i mean I know you would just eat me if I was some common dude, I meant if I were born fully human”
“don’t know why you would be. I think so. If you were still the exact same, but simply in a different body, my opinion of you wouldn’t change. You would still be the annoying brother who won’t stop bothering me, but I would be more weary for your sake since you would be far smaller and weaker than you are now” the two of them laughed at that
“well. let’s say I was full troll”
“i would think of you as a rival who truly would be a threat to me.”
“really? Wait I don’t right now?”
“no. you are too small to be any threat to me” Bular laughed
“well maybe I SHOULD be, I suddenly think I want dad’s throne”
“ha. it’s mine, I’m thankful you don’t wish for it. If you truly did, then I would put you in your place and prove I am the worthy heir by besting you in combat”
“i bet I could kick your ass if I was a full troll. eh, I don’t want to rule over everyone and having to be all tough like that, I’ll be chill when I have my own kingdom, it’ll be small so I won’t have to worry about every gumm-gumm trying to conspire against me for my throne of course.”
“that’s it huh? Just good?”
“yes” Jim was silent for another few minutes, then he broke the silence
“hey Bular….do you ever think about having kids?”
“no, my mind is preoccupied elsewhere with more important things at the current time than to be thinking of a mate and having whelps”
“i mean, I dunno, sometimes I do….am I going to be a good parent? who’s my kid gonna take after?, how will they be?, that sort of thing”
“this thinking is either due to your human side or omega side. Or both.”
“yeah probably...i...actually learned something about that...i guess it’s kinda bad...”
“what is it?”


Jim paused before taking a deep breath.
“well, I’m only ever going to be able to have one kid. I got this medical checkup and well...yeah. One time thing”
“hopefully you don’t die giving birth” Bular chuckled as he kicked at a trailer, watching it crumble.
“hmm. Perhaps that was insensitive”
“kinda was actually.”
“one time, one chance. Hmm….better make it count then”
“I’ll try to. Do you think I’ll be a good parent?”
“i don’t know, I know nothing about parenthood or anything relevant.”
“yeah but you know me”
“yes, then I guess you will make a good mother”
“mother huh?. hm...maybe...i hope so...”
“you don’t plan on having a whelp yet, do you?”
“nooo noo! it’s just something that crosses my mind every once in a while” Jim looked over to the distant city, then asked

“sooo when you get your own big kingdom, what are you going to do with it?”
“rule it”
“i know that! I meant like, a certain direction I guess”
“hm...rule it the same way father does ours.”
“well that’s helpful. I meant like, anything specific planned? I was thinking of making mine kinda open and fun and wild”
“that sounds like you”
“well, I mean, my kingdom will technically be a prison for humans, won’t it?”
“if you wish to view it as such”
“well no matter what, at the end of the day, everyone’s going to be locked up in my place, being taken eventually, getting eaten, that sort of thing”
“in the age of Gunmar. Your kingdom will flourish. You will want for nothing. You will live your life until your dying breath as a ruler, a true son of Gunmar.”
“that does super super sweet, guess you will too huh?”
“yes. After I inherit the throne, I will rule everywhere just as father did, if not better.”
“you think you can accomplish that? Kind of a big order”
“something I will prove I am worthy to do, that is my intent”
“Well I’m more than sure you’re going to use more...killing-fighting-eating-threatening, ways of dealing with things in your kingdom huh? I know I might make everyone just do something funny, then fight…...what if I won’t be a good king? Ruler? Whatever”
“why do you worry about that? All will follow you, or they will die. Simple as that”
“yeah but I want people to like me”
“I’m going to assume this is a human thing, this, ‘having others like you’”
“you know me, positive work environment gets things done!….speaking ooofff, I think the first we we gotta do when we get into the city is find a phone, I need to call the Janus order, give them info on our current….well...this”

“how long will it take the impures to do their job and bring us back?”
“would you relax with them! they’re great! When everything is said and done and I get my kingdom, I want all the humans, changelings, and half trolls”
“then you will receive them. Humans I understand, but why impures? And half trolls for that matter?”
“well, humans yeah like we’ve already talked about, the changelings because I like them and they like me, I want to keep them, as for the other half trolls...well we don’t have much. I want us all to finally have one place where we all belong in.”
“first ever half troll kingdom. hm. I wonder how that will play out.”
“doubt me and my ideas?”
“not doubt, only curiosity. First ever ruling half troll. interesting”
“when dad does retire, I highly doubt it will be in my lifetime, and you take over….Where does that leave me?”
“you will be my champion, as I am to father. You will serve as my second in command. You will follow my orders and be by my side”
“ohh suddenly I have to start following you huh? Call you big boss bro?”
“yes, I will in fact be your boss”
“hmmm, now I want to have the throne even more! Mostly cause that would make me YOUR boss”

“hahah, funny.”
“….when….when I do die...what will happen?”
“...i don’t know. let’s not speak of that.”
“yeah…...” Bular walked over to Jim and looked at him closely.
“Take your armor off”
“take it off. I need to properly check your wound. You also shouldn’t be wearing it, the armor will keep heat in and cook you from the inside out.”
“yeah it probably will cool me down….although I don’t have actual cloths to wear. Just my basic gear underneath”
“you will take that off as well. Fetch the cloths the fleshbags had within these metal homes”
“oh fun, shopping day….wait what are we going to do with my armor?”
“bundle it up, then I carry it on my back.” Jim shrugged off the armor with Bular helping, crying when he had to move and stretch anywhere near his stomach, the two were as careful s possible. The wound wasn’t infected, but it wasn’t something pretty. Some proper cleaning, healing, medicine, and his body would patch itself up. Perk of being a half troll!. However, it will leave a scar….
The only cloths Jim could find that actually fit him was a large baggy moth bitten shirt, and some oil stained pants. Clearly those two articles had been worn for a long time. Jim never bothered with shoes, no need really. Plus his claws didn’t exactly help keeping the shoes together.


It’s been a few silent hours. The two simply laid about all day, watching for the burning and bright sun finally set. Finally at long last, the sun had gone down juuust enough to provide shade for Bular, as long as they were careful when walking at least. Bular had bundled Jim’s armor up in sheets and tied them onto his back, then he carefully held Jim and the two walked along the large expanse of dessert and hills. Bular didn’t say much until they came across a street sign, the only one for miles.
“what does that say?”
“can’t read?”
“huh, well now that I think of it, you really wouldn’t need to read English”
“well what does It say?”
“well it just says a city’s name and how many miles. Well, time to head that way for a while.” the sun was almost gone by the time they had reached the city. Now the real problems began. Bular looked around at all the cars and humans just going about their business. A couple trolls here and there but they really didn’t stay around too long. Typically humans and trolls didn’t bother with one another, stay on your side I stay on mine type of unspoken deal. Well, at least no one argued, for the most part. Bular and Jim started to become noticed by everyone while walking. Large scary black troll carrying small half troll in arms. Large twin blades and large bundle of ‘something’ strapped to his back. Not exactly your everyday thing. Bular was getting annoyed by everyone staring. He said quietly with anger
“you are up here on the surface more often. Do something.”
“like what?”
“don’t like being looked at?”
“only when I’m gawked at like some fool’s show.”
“well not much I can do.”
“you practice magics. Use those”
“I hardly know anything! Besides, I don’t have mind control powers or anything”
“you have fathers blood. You have a fraction of his power. Use that.”
“that only gives me extra strength, barely, and I can hardly hold it for more than a minute without practically collapsing onto the ground.”
“what other magics do you know? don’t you know how to summon the dead?”
“noooo, whoever told you that is wrong”
“Father did”


“well he doesn’t have it...exactly right. I’m practicing, learning, trying. I can’t do anything! I mean, I made a gnome twitch but that was about it”
“that’s something. At least. Where are your dam medical huts? Everything looks the same!”
“hmm, look for a sign saying its one”
“like that?”
“that one?”
“no. oh wait you can’t read. Okay great….uh...well I can’t see one. Well shit...oh..OH wow. Didn’t think I’d ever see one of those again.” Jim looked at a nearby pay phone. A couple of them, very old and worn, still were functional at least
“oh shhhiiittt. We should have taken money!”
“why do you require wealth?”
“we need to pay for the call.”
“the impures provide it the wealth”
“trueeee but we can’t contact them without paying….going to have to ask for help”
“like some filth?!”
“would you rather walk home?”
“well I don’t. Alright go up to that guy”

Bular huffed and walked over to a man on a phone call. He hardly paid any attention to what was going on around him. When his phone call ended Jim polietly cleared his throat.
“uh hi” The man turned to look, only to gasp and move backwards
“no no! it’s okay! I know I know this looks really weird. Loooong story, point is, can I borrow some change? If you have any. This is my brother, we’re lost and trying to get home, we need to call a friend of ours and we’re broke” The man just shook his head without speaking
“mind if we borrow your phone? Just for like, a minute? Look We’re not going to break it or run off with it”

“w-what’s with the...skulls and swords?”
“again, long story. Point is we’re lost and need help”
“i-i’m sorry I need to go” and so the man quickly ran off. Bular started to slowly follow until Jim spoke up
“where are you going? Pay phones that way!”
“we will kill this fleshbag for insulting us for not doing as we requested. Then we take his device and wealth.”
“we CAN’T make a scene!”
“then we follow him and watch until he is alone.”
“nooo! Okay new plan.” Jim looked around, only to now notice the streets ‘for some reason’ were a lot less crowded. As if for some reason, people didn’t want to go in their direction.
“great. Okay see that guy? Run over to him DON’T actually run, just walk…..hey excuse me, sir, c-” the man ran off screaming.
“rude….okay him over there….yeah hi, DON’T BE AFRAID! Look pleaassseee just tell us where the nearest hospital is” a woman who held a now crying baby close jut pointed in a direction before moving as fast away from them as she could. Bular snarled as he walked in the pointed direction
“i should kill everyone here for not assisting.”
“they don’t know anything. Honestly if I were some rando and saw us, I would freak out too.” After a few streets (and plenty of people stepping out of the way) the brothers walked into a hospital. Everyone they walked past just stared as if the med’s they may or may not be taking was causing them to trip. Balls. A woman at a desk cleared her throat and looked at Jim, making sure not to have eye contact with an angry looking troll with weapons.
“s-sir’s there are no weapons allowed within the building.”
“don’t worry, it’s cosplay. Long story, anyways short version, can we use a phone? And a quick check up? ME not him. don’t worry.” the woman didn’t know what to do or make of the situation. She quickly just typed on her computer for a while before clearing her throat and brushing her hair out of her face and then turned to Jim
“i need your name and date of birth please. Who is your medical care provider?”
“i actually forgot. Also I don’t think I’m in the system. Not from aroudn here, clearly. Look I just need to make ooonneee tiiinyyy phone call, then I can get the info for everything and payment and blah blah.” the woman clearly wasn’t sure what she should do. Bular started to look even more pissed off….the woman decided to just let them have what they wanted.

Jim was on a cordless phone in a waiting room, he punched in the Janus order’s phone number in, now he simply had to wait. Meanwhile Bular was sitting down trying to hold himself back from going on a rampage. One child next to him kept touching him.
“stop that. I mean it. Do not make me angry.” the child didn’t care, or understand, she just kept touching him all over. Bular was about to snarl when Jim had to throw his finger at him and make a:
‘don’t you fucking dare make a twitch or else we are going to be in serious trouble, do you honestly want to wait here any longer than we need to? Then sit down and shut up!’

FINALLY after a couple minutes of waiting Jim’s call had gone through.
“yeah hey James shut it I realllyyy don’t have time, yeah its me Jim. In trouble, I’m with Bular. In…..” Jim turned around and asked where they even were at. Someone pointed to a map
“wait we’re in NEVADA?!” Jim went back to the phone
“okay we’re in Nevada. Please get Walt on the phone. NOW.” within a single minute the phone call was transferred to Walt
“oh thank-”
“listen. We can talk later. Right now. Bular and I, in Nevada, got nothing, need to leave ASAP. Get us a plane or whatever and get us out of here before-” Jim heard a child crying and turned to see Bular had pushed a child onto the ground
“of for fu-” a few very terrified guards had made their way over to the ‘now pissed off troll only holding himself back because Jim told him to stay put so they could hurry up and leave’ troll. Jim went back to the phone
“Walt. Locate us from this phone, it’s in some hospital. Get someone to meet us out here, NOW. Oh and get Otto on the phone real quick, I need to ask him to do something”


Shit hit the fan pretty fast. Currently Jim was riding on Bular’s back as the larger brother ran through the streets fleeing from a few dozen cop cars chasing after them. Back at the hospital Bular lashed out and Jim had to hold him back. Thankfully no one died. But a guard was horribly wounded. So now the two had to flee from the cops who were called on them. Bular just wanted to kill them and be done with it. Jim of course told him that he COULDN’T KILL THEM BECAUSE HE CAN’T KILL AN ENTIRE CITY OF COPS. After all, if one dies, someone else is just going to come after them. So flee they did!. Nothing says brotherly bonding like bounding down streets in a high speed police chase. Bular huffed and roared as he smashed things aside and jumped here and there. Jim just wanted to go home. He was tired, he was hungry again, he wanted to wear comfy cloths, he wanted a nice long hot bath, and he mostly didn’t want to get arrested. In all honesty that really wouldn’t matter since the Janus order could just wipe everything from the records. Still, Jim didn’t feel like going through an entire process. Bular had climbed up a small building then crawled around and crept past some other buildings. The sounds and lights of the police cars started to fade away in the distance. Bular and Jim finally had some breathing space. Now the two just sat in a dark corner between buildings and waited. Knowing the Janus order, they wouldn’t take long to find them, the huge mess they made would also help to show where they ended up.

Bular was seething with anger. All he wanted to do was go home with his brother. Then all these fleshbags had to ruin it by being in there way. He couldn’t wait until he killed and ate most of them, then herded the rest into Jim’s future kingdom to be punished for their crimes of not complying.
“you’d better have made that call count dear brother.”
“i did. Thankfully. Why did you attack that guy?!”
“the little fleshbag whelp started it!”
“A CHILD, YOU GOT MAD AT A-you know what I really shouldn’t be surprised.”
“i didn’t want to keep getting touched and drawn on.”
“then you had to make a scene because you made a child cry!. Then, oh yeah, you MAULED A GUY”
“he started it!”
“YOU STARTED IT! it’s in the past. doesn’t matter now. Great. Juuuuust great. Instead of just getting picked up at the hospital, now we have to wait until everything dies down, which won’t be for a very very long time. what’s worse is that now no one has any way to contact us.”
“…..the whelp started it”
“Bular. I honestly would eat you if I could”
“HAHAHA try it whelp. Try to slay me.”

the two sat still and just listened to the city around them go by. The brothers hadn’t heard a police siren in a while now. Jim fidgeted with his shirt a bit while he quietly spoke up
“hey….back at the trailer homes, you said you were jealous because you didn’t have dads...blood and junk.”
“yes. What about it?”
“if I could give it to you, I would.” Bular looked his over curiously. Jim seemed quieter, introverted, something he never usually was.
“why speak of this all of a sudden?”
“I don’t deserve it. you’re stronger than I am. you’re the one who’s more like dad, you could actually use it. I feel like it’s wasted on me”
“don’t be so oppressive to yourself. A gift isn’t wasted unless the one who receives it doesn’t use it. that’s your birthright. Not mine. Nothing will change the fact that I don’t have it and you do.”
“don’t you want it though?”
“i will admit. I have many times in the past been jealous of you for having something I didn’t even know father could pass on. you’re right. that’s exactly what I thought. All the things you said. Nothing can change it though, so don’t worry about it. You don’t need to poison your mind with negativity. Perhaps I am more deserving of it than you are. Maybe I SHOULD have been the one to be born with it. No matter what though, it’s yours and nothing will change that. Maybe fate gave it to you for a reason”
“why would fate care?”
“fate is strange. Believe it or not but even father fears it. it’s something that can’t be controlled. Things happen no matter what, there will always be something outside our control and that’s what father fears. Being vulnerable to something he can’t fight. Perhaps fate gave you those powers to make up for your weaknesses” Bular chuckled. He he noticed his little brother start to smile, Bular was glad that it worked.

The two turned as they noticed flashlights pointed at them, a group of people were walking towards them. Bular got up and drew his swords
“Bular do-”
“quiet. Still yourself.” before either could do anything a woman quietly called out
“we’re from the order!” Bular simply gave the woman a leer. Jim got up and walked over to her. Bular growled at the action.
“Brother, why do you trust her?”
“because 1, we have no choice, 2, no random civilian would know where we are, or walk up to us. And 3, I’m tired and hungry and at this point I’m willing to leave with anyone who offers me a hot bath and a sandwhich.” Bular sheathed his twin blades and walked forward. The small group of changelings explained that they tracked them down, and are going to bring them somewhere safe until they could arrange a way to get the brothers to the nearest doorway. Bular was skeptical about going with them. Even more so when a large black van pulled up to them, opening it’s back to let the brothers in. Jim trusted them, so Bular would too. Jim was smart, he knew the changelings more than Bular did.

The brothers sat in the back for who knows how long. It was getting stuffy and boring. Jim felt like he was going to pass out right then and there from exhaustion. Finally the van stopped and the doors opened to reveal a decently sized home they were parked in front of. The area around them was far enough from the city and in the less developed areas. Only a few other homes dotted the area. A couple changelings told them that they will be staying here for the night. A changeling, ironically, named Jim would house them until the preparations would be completed. Jim laughed to himself, he would have made some smart ass comment, but he just wanted to head inside and crash. The door opened and the two entered the home. It was basic and plain, not something to really be interested in. It was clear the changeling was both part nervous and excited. He introduced himself and reached out for a handshake. Bular just leered at him. The changeling quickly retracted his hand and tried his best to stay calm. Jim shook his hand.
“I-I can’t believe it! I get to meet both of you In person! And house you!? This truly is a great honor! Even if it was simply because I was the only one who could house you at this time” Jim smiled tiredly and asked where the bathroom was, he needed hot water right then and there. The changeling showed him and then asked if the two needed anything. Bular said he was hungry and wanted to eat someone. He stared with intense hunger at the changeling, who feared for his life. Pretty much everyone knew that the second son, Jim, was far easier to approach and talk to. The changeling tried his best to look busy so he wouldn’t have to be near Bular anymore than he had to. At least without Jim around. After a half hour, Jim finally came out of a nice how shower. He already felt a lot better, although his wound was still hurting, the hot water made it worse for a short time, although the pain was worth it to be clean.

Jim was now eating a nice large meal the changeling Jim had made for the brothers. Bular sloppily ate raw meat like the true gumm-gumm he was. Jim actually had table manners, which the changeling was thankful for. After the food Jim asked about where he was going to sleep, he was shown a nice spare bedroom, small but at least it was comfortable. The changeling offered cloths for Jim to wear, sadly everything was way to small to use. So he stuck with his current cloths. Bular slept outside under a large gazebo. The morning went by well enough, the changeling left to go do his regular ‘daily’ job. Bular was bitter that he had to stay inside and wait. He hated to wait. Sure he could be patient for most things, but that didn’t mean he liked it. Jim laid around watching TV, Bular would occasionally watch too, but he found it tedious. Too many people doing too many things. Even IF they showed fighting and killing, it was mediocre to him, he COULD EASILY do far worse. That afternoon the van drove up to the home and a couple changelings told the brothers that they had arranged a way for them to get to a doorway, however the nearest one would take all day to get to since they had to drive. It was the only thing they could do on such short notice. So they did! An entire day of long grueling hours, being stuck in traffic almost the entire time. Finally by nightfall they came to a secret under ground facility. It was under the surface just far enough to go unnoticed. The large doorway had to be re powered before it could be used. More waiting. Bular was terribly pissed off now. The entire day of just waiting. He needed to kill something as soon as he could to finally let out all that pent up energy. The changelings there were scared to approach and talk to the brothers, the ones who DID talk all wafted over to Jim, he didn’t mind, he was just tired from having to sit around all day. He did some meet and greets, signed some stuff, and took pictures. Bular found this aggravating. These impures wasting his brothers time for little things.


Bular let it go. It was what Jim wanted to do, also it wasn’t like they had much else to do. Finally after an hour of waiting the doorway charged up and the brothers were sent into the darklands...they made their way around the giant maze of a realm, passing by some patrols who were sent out to frantically search for them. The gumm-gumm princes had finally been found!. Jim and Bular told them the search was over and to call back all remaining parties. They handed Jim’s armor over to a patrol, telling them to bring it to an armory to fix it up. Then there they were now entering their fathers throne room…


“-that’s about it dad.” Jim finished speaking with a yawn and a stretch.
“show me your wound.”
“it’s pretty healed up at this point, so no need to worry about it really, if that puts your mind at ease” Jim said calmly as he lifted up his shirt. Jim and Bular had lied about who truly inflicted the wound. They pinned that onto Kanjigar. Gunmar looked it over, he felt a strong anger building up inside him, the trollhunter had scared his child. Not just some small thing, or one to show off and be proud of, but one that would forever mark his body as a sign of weakness. His son already bore the trollhunters mark on his neck, now he bore the trollhunters scar on his belly. Gunmar wouldn’t tolerate this. He wanted Kanjigar to suffer. He wanted it now. The only relief he had gained was that his son’s had returned alive, as well as Jim breaking the mind of the trollhunter from the poison. At least the trollhunter would suffer now. Being eaten alive by living nightmares for the rest of his life. Endless mental torment that lasted every moment.
“Jim, go to a medic.”
“I’m ok-”
“DO NOT SPEAK BACK.” Jim flinched from the sudden boom. Gunmar relaxed himself, he shouldn’t lash his anger out onto his son.
“okay dad...” Jim held his stomach and walked off. Gunmar watched his son slightly limp away. He turned to Bular
“my son. You failed to protect your brother. Yet again.”
“i beg for forgiveness”
“and why should I give it? you’ve allowed him to be hurt before, but now he has something that will forever bring shame to him. He doesn’t deserve that. Yet you let it happen.”
“i did let it happen...” Bular regretted his action. He wished he could go back in time and prevent himself from hurting Jim by mistake.
“i understand he is impatient. That he yearns to fight. He hungers for blood. However from now on, he is not allowed to engage with the trollhunter, at least in battle. I will tell him that myself later. I want you to remember that. This is your doing…..” Gunmar closed his eye and calmed his anger. It was his son’s fault, but it was the trollhunter that had caused all of this to happen in the first place. He deserved the punishment, not either of his sons.


“my son. I will allow this to be forgiven. You protected your brother when he was vulnerable. You brought him back safely. You tended to him when he couldn’t tend to himself. For this your reward will be forgiveness. Do not let it happen again.”
“thank you father. I do not deserve this.”
“leave. You are dismissed. Do as you like.”
“thank you father” Gunmar just nodded and turned around and walked back to his throne. He would have to consult with Blinky later about how he should handle Jim. He shouldn’t be punished, but he needed to be. The wound was punishment enough, but Gunmar still needed to show his armies that weakness is not permitted. No one goes without punishment, not even his own spawn.


Bular had left through a doorway and headed to Arcadia. This doorway was a few hours away, but that didn’t matter much when Bular just ran on all fours. He needed to do something before the night ended…

Bular was now walking the halls of the Janus order in Arcadia. The changelings around him would stay as far away from him as they could. Bular didn’t see the point in keeping these disgusting creatures around after Gunmar seizes the world. Jim wanted them. Fine. He could have them. Bular stopped and turned to one changeling. She was thankful she wore a mask, so didn’t dare look Bular directly in the eye. Bular said in a dark and aggressive tone
“where is stricklander?” the changeling managed to squeak
“in his office!”
“show me.”

the changeling practically darted away, making sure she was just close enough to be followed. Walt sat in his office writing papers and replying to E-mails. His door was knocked on, he politely invited them in, he didn’t expect to see Bular shove his way past the door and the changeling.
“ah, what an unexpected surprise to what do-”
“silence. I don’t wish to waste any more time here than is needed. You will spy on Jim and report to me your findings.”
“spy? Exactly what-”
“you will report to me everything he says and does. Where he goes, what he does, how long he does it.”
“Jim won’t appreciate me spying on him.”
“i don’t care”
“he will find out. he’s far smarter than you might imagine”
“if he does find out, you tell him to speak with me.”
“i do work for him-”
“i am first heir. I outrank him, no matter what he commands. You. Work. For. me.”
“very well. And everyone wonders why Jim is so loved”
“do not mock me impure! My brother might have grown some sickening fondness for your kind, but I haven’t. You are a tool to be used and discarded. Never forget your place. If I had my way-”
“you’d what? Kill us all? Oh yes, that certainly wouldn’t upset your father. All his time and resources poured into us, all just to go to waste suddenly.”
“ENOUGH” Bular slammed his fists onto the table, breaking it apart. Walt managed to grab his mug of tea at the very last moment.
“do as you’re told and serve your purpose. that’s the reason we created you. Report back to me everything you learn. He trusts you and will say things to you that he wouldn’t say normally to anyone else. You can get the information I need from him.”


“information for what?”
“doesn’t matter”
“it DOES matter, how else will I know what to look for?”
“all you need to know is that he is doing something that from here on out can NOT be continued.”
“being a bit traitorous to you brother”
“i have my reasons. I won’t stand for what he is currently doing any longer.”
“as you command. I shall report to you and your fath-”
“no. only to me in secrecy.”
“hiding things from your father? Now isn-” Bular grabbed Walt’s throat and squeezed.
“there are more important things going on than you realize. I’m going to make sure they end once and for all. My father doesn’t need to waste time thinking about these matters. I’m seeing to them personally. You serve me, you do it right, you live. There are more than enough of your kind to easily replace you.” Bular released his grip on Walt and let him drop to the floor. Walt rubbed his throat and held back his anger.
“as you command.”

Chapter Text

It was the next day. Jim and Bular stood on top of a bridge watching a celebration down below them in a huge field. Jim paced back and forth grinding his teeth in anger. Bular was simply polishing his twin blades and occasionally cast his glance down below, showing little care.
“dear brother. You are going to ruin your teeth.”
“i don’t care.”
“without them you won’t be able to eat anything.”
“I’ll deal with that problem later.” Bular knew just what was happening at the moment. Down below was a praised and famous champion among the horde. One of the top 5 most distinguished, one who truly made a name for himself. Jim hated him. Whenever anyone would speak of him, Jim would grow spiteful and bitter. Jim was truly jealous of the champion.
“You can’t just keep doing this. The bitterness is going to kill you.”
“why can’t I be better. Why can’t I be stronger. Why can’t I go out and hunt. Why can’t I do what he’s able to do. Why can’t I endure more pain. Why can’t I shrug off wounds like he does. I hate this body. I hate this so much it hurts.”
“we’ve been over this plenty of times. You can’t rush yourself anymore than you already do. Nothing is built properly within a day. It took me centuries to-”
“i don’t care about you! You aren’t as small as I am! I hate this body. I want to be full troll.”
“you keep forcing yourself beyond you limitations. you’re only doing more harm than good.”
“I’m improving too slowly.”
“i hate him. I want to be like him. I want this poison out of me.”
“your humanity isn’t poison.”
“it is.”
“i want to be able to kill things on my own without nearly dying! I want to be seen as dangerous as he is! No one respects me because I can’t do anything on my own! I’m not good enough! I want to be recognized and feared! Not just from being Gunmar’s son! But being a deadly creature! I want everyone to see me and know who I am! I want their approval! I hate this!”

“if you want to go out and hunt, then do so.”
“NO. I can’t! You know I ALWAYS have to have others around me because DAD KNOWS I CAN’T SURVIVE ON MY OWN AND HE’S RIGHT!”
“EVEN IF I DO GO OUT AND HUNT, THEY WILL JUST LET ME DO THE KILLING BLOW. You KNOW that! Whenever I drag anything back here, everyone just sees it as
‘oh he’s come back with them’ I want to come back WITHOUT HELP! My body has this hot numbness in it, I hate it. I want others to speak of me in a good way and NOT JUST OUT OF FEAR BECAUSE OF DAD. I’m so tired of being seen as the ‘little child who needs tending to’. I want EVERYONE to appreciate what I do! I hate that I have to be held back because this stupid fucking body won’t let me do what I want! I GOT CUT ONCE AND I WAS INCAPACITATED FOR DAYS BULAR! YOU get cut and you just walk it off! I COULDN’T EVEN MOVE TO GET THE AMULETS! I bleed too much, I can’t EVEN USE THE ONLY THING I’M GOOD FOR BECAUSE I’M TOO WEAK TO EVEN LAST LONG ENOUGH TO HOLD IT. I want to do what he can do. I want to stop feeling so terrible. I want to be known and respected. I don’t want to get help anymore. I don’t want to live like this anymore. I want to be an alpha, I want to be a full gumm-gumm. “

Jim punched a large rock on the bridge. He gasped and held his hand
“IT FUCKING HURT AND I DIDN’T EVEN CRACK IT. WHY AM I SO WEAK. I’M TIRED OF BEING HELD BACK BY EVERYTHING. I hate my emotions. I don’t want these anymore. I don’t want to feel attached. Why can’t I just do what he does. What EVERYONE DOES.” Jim started to feel hot tears roll down his face. His breathing was ragged from the mental frustration. No, it was far worse than that.
“see? I can’t even control my own emotions. I want to be recognized. I want to be seen. I want to be appreciated. I want to contribute to everything and be known, not just because of who my dad is!. All this effort isn’t doing anything. No matter how much I practice, I just can’t fight well enough. I don’t want it ‘one day’ I want it now…..i thought if I learned some kind of magic, it would help me push past my limits, that I could do SOMETHING. It doesn’t help…...i want others to come and beg to be in my presence. I want-” Jim stopped talking as Bular had hugged him. Jim just growled and cried while his body shook.
“brother, I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry. I don’t want to just keep repeating myself. Clearly it doesn’t help. You must stop repeating yourself. You can drown yourself in as much of these feelings as you’d like but it will never change anything. You can see him as a champion, but not matter what, he is just some common gumm-gumm. Your life is far better than his is, and will always be. You will be recognized, just not right now. One day all will do as you’d like. You are appreciated, even if you don’t know it.”

“who exactly wants me around? If I wasn’t our dads son, I wouldn’t even be worth looking at.”
“that isn’t necessarily true. Your mother was living that life until she rose up. You can become far greater than any other in the horde. Even father knows to be patient, so must you.” Jim shuddered and sniffled, he leaned more into the hug, which Bular took as a sign to hold him closer.
“when am I going to get better?”
“in the future”
“i hate that I don’t know an exact date.”
“well, no one can tell the future. Do you think father doesn’t feel the same way about his escape?”
“huh...i...yeah...i guess so.”
“he hates the waiting. But it’s what he can only do. So he does. You must do the same. Nothing will force it faster, no matter what you do. Keep up the training that’s been specifically created for you. Then and only then will you grow stronger.”
“i guess the only way I’m going to be useful is if I finally grow my blood, power, thingy whatever. Yeah...I’ll grow it until nothing withh hold me back. I’ll even be more powerful than dad!”
“that will make you a force to be truly feared. Mastering fathers blood, It will show everyone exactly what you want. You will get respect the more you practice and perfect it. Only time will allow you to grow perfectly. Better than father huh? I don’t think I’d mind seeing if you can actually do such a feat” Bular looked down at the celebration. He chuckled
“i think I know a way to take all that hate and bitterness out of you.”
“you could take him as your mate, then use all that emotional energy while you two are alone”
“ha! Yeah right! Everyone would just count it as another victory for him. And if we had a kid? don’t even get me started on how smug he would be.”
“well, at least father wouldn’t mind having another strong gumm-gumm to bear his blood”
“….thanks for...this...”
“Do you feel any better?”
“...not really….ugh….I’m going to go eat someone.”



Jim had left through a doorway, a specific smith who forged the amulets the brothers owned said it would take a while to recreate such complex devices. So the brothers now just came and went through whatever doorways they could go through. Thankfully there was one near(ish) to Arcadia. Walt had insisted on helping Jim get around with his car. Technically Jim could run faster than it, but he didn’t want to just tire himself out all the time. The ride was nice, although Walt had asked strange questions the entire ride. Jim just didn’t put much effort into thinking about it…….

Jim was currently digging into a fresh kill. He was too busy thinking things than to actually savor the kill.
‘first thing I need to do is eat more. That will give me a nice strong boost of energy each time. Vendel did say I needed more meat in my diet….Vendel….shit I need to visit them, knowing Otto he probably would have not made much sense to everyone. Great, now to go repair whatever damaged he might have caused. Still he did me a big favor...’ Jim winced at the pain of his stomach being filled.
‘fight through the pain. Ignore it. Get used to it. No weakness. No weakness.’… Jim finished up what he could shovel down without wanting to vomit back up. He put little effort into hiding the body, he didn’t care at the time, to hell with getting caught, he had more important things to attend to….

After cleaning himself up and making sure he didn’t stink like gore, he walked through trollmarket on his way ‘home’.
“heeeyyyy guess who’s back! Your fa-” Jim was suddenly rushed at by a big hug from Draal.
“OWOWOWOW please let go!”
“i have so many questions! First, are you injured?”
“yeah...i got hurt the other day fro-it doesn’t matter.”
“second question, where did you run off to?! I searched everywhere I could!”
“run off to?” Jim was genuinely curious. hadn’t yet talked to Otto about what happened when Jim was gone and replaced.
“yes! Do you not remember what we were doing?”
“noooot really...”
“you were bit….off. So I wished to take you on the fleshbag ‘date’ you spoke of. I thought we could start it off with a little ‘physical contact’. You declined” Jim mentally flinched
‘awww shit! I would never had said no!’
“i remembered how much you enjoy the chase. So I gave you a head start to hide from me. I was excited to claim my prize when I found you~.”
‘PHEW that was close...good thing he just thought that I wanted to be a bit playful...’
“However I couldn’t...i began to worry when I could not locate you. Now you are here!”
“ohhh yeah..uh sorry I left you high and dry...i had to...go back to my dad! He needed help with some stuff. Stupid me, totally forgot! Sorry about that”
“I’m glad you are safe here now. You had been acting a bit strange though...” Jim smiled but mentally screamed. Draal grew a sad expression.
“i just assumed it was from when...well you were taken...”
‘PHEW….wait what?...OHHHH right..i was ‘trollnapped’….fuck what did Otto say?!’ Jim cleared his throat.
“soooo uh...i did? Sorry I guess I was a bit off did I describe it?” Draal looked worriedly at Jim
“you said you were ambushed, then knocked out. You said when you woke up, no one was around so you managed to flee. You waited under the bridge for me”
“YES! Now I remember! Partially….yeah it wasn’t fun...i just..i dunno, I can’t remember. It was a dark and soundproof room and, well it doesn’t matter lets move on!”
“yes. We no longer need to speak of it. Come! Father will better seeing you once more!”
“oh? Wait better?”
“yes...he still has yet to recover...”
“wait...he...still hasn’t?!”

Jim felt then heavy pang in his heart.
‘this shouldn’t have happened. Why did he do that? w-’ Jim breathed in deeply and steadied himself.
‘no. this was weakness eating it way back inside his heart. Ignore it.’
“take me to him.”


Jim felt another heavy pang as he saw Kanjigar sitting in a chair, slumped over, eyes glazed.
“father. Jim has returned” Kanjigar grabbed his head and breathed painfully between his teeth before straining to talk.
“good….good...Jim..” Draal went to his fathers side and placed a cold rag on his head. Jim felt the sudden urge to something. He had to fight those urges back. This wouldn’t happen anymore. He was going to kill this ‘affection’ once and for all. He needed to focus on his future. Jim spoke under his breath.
“this shouldn’t have lasted this long...” Draal looked over to Jim
“did you speak Jim?”
“….the others who had this done to them, when..... how long did it take them to recover?”
“others? How did you know about them?”
“uh..i heard a rumor! And seeing…..this…… uh, I assumed the rumors were true!” Draal looked a bit skeptical.
“i had heard no rumors being spread...well, that doesn’t matter. The others recovered within a half hour”
“but Kanjigar...hasn’t….and it’s been...” Jim rubbed his horn. He felt like his head was splitting in two. One part of him told him to just leave. The other told him to stay and help fix what HE did.



Fuck it.



“hey Draal, go get Vendel I need to ask him something, I’ll watch Kanjigar” Draal nodded and left. The second he did Jim rushed around and got whatever he could use to make a ‘remedy’. He knew how to make it, why couldn’t he figure out how to unmake it?. He hardly had anything to work with. However he did have one of THE most important things he needed….
Jim made a mug of some strong tasting and smelling glug. He needed it to mask the final ingredient. His own blood.
“you’re killing me Kanjigar. You just haaaad to run into me that night. You just haaad to make me start wanting to be the ‘good guy’. You just haaad to make me start having morals. This is fucking stupid.” Jim said quietly to himself as he grabbed a blade and cut his palm. Just enough to draw out a decent amount of blood. Jim groaned through his teeth as he squeezed his palm into a fist, letting the fluids leak into the mug. Jim quickly mixed It all up, then patched his own hand. It would smell like fresh blood. He would deal with it later.
“ooookay, here you go big guy, drink up. that’s it, drink the whole thing. God I hate you. Why the fuck do you make me want to help people!? You and your fucking son make me want to ‘better myself’. All I’ve wanted to do with my life is get to my dads approval and do right by him. I would get my own mate, I would get my own kingdom! I would have a kid and live happily ever fucking after. Now I’m falling in love with Draal and I don’t want it to go away. I blame this on how amazing at sex he is….there, Nice and empty. Alright, my blood will start making its way into your system and start thinning out the poison. By tonight you should be up on your feet like usual! You stupid sack of helpful shit. I wanted to be just like my dad but noooo now I have the intense urge to just throw my amazing life away to come here and be ‘nice’.

I don’t want to! I want to be dark and evil and-oh god am I goth?. Whatever, point is I was about to live the best fucking life but you and Draal had to go and ruin it. I was going to be a king! Dad would be so proud of me! His little gumm-gumm growing up! My brother would show me more of his love! HE NEVER GETS EMOTIONAL! Do you even realize how amazing that is?! I was going to get hitched to some handsome bad ass warrior and have a kid and I’d live with my family and love them. How do you think dad would feel if he saw me doing this?!...oh shit can the other troll ghosts see me?! Fuck It I’ll deal with it later.

This would kill Blinky if he saw this! LITERALLY! My dad would think he failed at his job and KILL HIM FOR IT! ALONG WITH ARRRG! I try to be a good son so dad would approve of him too! he’s practically my adopted dad/mom/whatever! And Arrrrg too! They love me so much and raised me and UGH I HATE THIS. Now my stupid heart wants to make a future here. Living all ‘goodie goodie’ with the random dumb trolls, get married to Draal, have a kid, raise them to be some good troll to protect others. OH and let’s NOT forget a SUPER BIG PART OF BEING A PRINCE, everyone BOWS to you! Everyone’s AFRAID OF YOU!...well more or less for me….STILL! Everywhere I go, others bow and or cower! Here? Well here all I fucking ever get is the occasional push, or being spit at, or talked behind my back, or haha BEING DISRESPECTED IN GENERAL!. If a gumm-gumm would have done that oooohhh they would have been killed on the spot! And here, I CAN’T kill whoever I want whenever I want! Because it’s ‘bad’. Oohhhh and how could I forget the changelings?! They are my FRIENDS! I LIKE THEM! They like ME! Bular wants them to all die, and I HIGHLY DOUBT dear old dad will want to keep them around after he’s done with them! Ohhhh and one really really really fun thing that would happen when I got my kingdom, THE HALF TROLLS WOULD HAVE SOMEWHERE TO GO! Somewhere to LIVE somewhere they could stay at without feeling like they were outcasts! Some place we could FINALLY belong!. I was going to do that! Whhhyyy did I have to leave my nest that night?! Why can’t I just sit down and do the right thing….is THIS the right thing?! I don’t know! I am so fucking torn it huuuuuuurts. I feel like-”

“J-jim?” Jim suddenly shut his mouth as he saw Kanjigar come back ‘into reality’
“heeeyy big guy. How are you feeling? Wow my blood worked faster than I thought...” Kanjigar’s eyes opened a bit more, like his body finally went from ‘hibernation mode’ to ‘on’.
“h-huh? Where are we?”
“nothing. Oh we’re home….my home...ugh...”
“what’s going on?”
“long story short, this little gumm-gumm prince threw his whole fucking life away just for you and your handsome dumb as shit son.”
“f-forgive me I still can’t seem to hear properly..what did you speak? Is it about gnomes?”
“noooo. Not gnomes. Just a dark little prince screwing himself over just because he wants to screw Draal.” Kanjigar rubbed his head and face, then tried to stand up, only to collapse back into his chair.
“Eaasssyyy big guy easy. Relax until my special magical blood finally helps snap you out of it.”
“no not snape you dumb piece of trollhunting shit. You just haaaad to give me affection and make me feel good inside, like the dad I always wanted, the TRUE kind that hugs you and gives you love for no reason and surprises you with gifts! You just haaaaad to say you cared about me. Well guess what? I’m starting to return the favor and I despise it!”
“i-i don’t understand….what about fatter gnomes?”
“well at least on the bright side you don’t know what I’m talking about. Kinda makes me feel better to let this all out, like I finally have this nasty thorn pulled out. Listen. You can’t try to be my dad, no matter how warm and friendly and loving you are...not the cold...emotionless father I have already. Someone who ignores you most of your life until you’re considered useful to him….not like I wanted to be held and told stories and taken to parks and go bowling and shit like that. Not like I wanted to have a fun day out just...spending time together. Not like I wanted a brother who didn’t ignore me my whole childhood. Not like I wanted to have a bunch of friends instead of just either being surrounded by guards who ignored you unless you needed something, or by your caretaker who just made sure you didn’t die for the most part. Not like I wanted to have someone else be with me instead of growing up in the cold hard bitter darklands alone. Yeah, Blinky was there and would hold me and hug me’s just his job, sure yeah he loves me but no matter what, he WORKS for my DAD. The second I do something bad, he reports it, or its his ass on the line!. I never had friendly fatherly bonding. I never got to celebrate fathers day. I never got to have a birthday party like the other humans got to. What I got Instead was a giant gore feast. I love it, but still….sometimes I just want to….have something quiet….i think dad hugged me like, 5 times over my entire life. Meanwhile you hug me and want to listen to me whenever-”


Jim heard Vendel and Draal start to come in. Jim didn’t realize that he had started crying. He cleaned himself up as quickly as he could and washed the blade off before putting it back. Jim cleared his voice
“h-hey guys” Kanjigar started to register things more clearly, like everything was finally started to focus and load properly. Draal rushed over to Kanjigars side.
“father! you’ve woken up! At least more than you have!”
“ head feels like it’s been split in two” Jim shook his head and quietly said
“tell me about it...” Vendel looked at Jim who wasn’t paying much attention
“you wanted to speak to me?”
“hm? Oh uh yeaaahhhh! I uh...wanted you to know I’m sorry for how I acted with the whole ‘royal visit’”
“apology accepted.” Vendel looked at Jim and squinted his eyes a bit while he tugged on his beard
“you are Jim correct?” Before Jim could reply, he almost jumped out of his skin when he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was a worried Draal.
“Jim, were you crying?”
“you wept for my father didn’t you”
“do not be ashamed of it...are you bleeding?”

The next few moments completely phased out of Jim’s head. One moment he was in the room with the small group. The next he was walking through trollmarket. The next he was standing in the heartstone having his hand fixed. The entire time Jim just mentally checked out. He just didn’t know how to feel. It felt like everything had exploded and made a big sloppy numb mess in his heart and head. He couldn’t think, he couldn’t feel, he just wasn’t there. Jim started to come back when he felt his shoulder being gently shook
“will you please leave the room for a moment?” Jim just nodded and walked out.




Vendel had asked for Jim to leave for some….troubling news.
“i wanted to wait to tell you Kanjigar, until you got better I couldn’t have this sully your mind. Or make it worse at least.” Kanjigar had felt like he was blessed. The entire mental fog lifted and everything seemed so clear, like he had forgotten what reality was like.
“Well I’m here, now then, what’s so important?” Vendel grumbled a bit before gently placing some crystal shards on the table
“these. Back when we tested ‘jim’s’ blood, we were far too eager to receive the answer. I hadn’t noticed until much later that the test confirmed something entirely different.” Kanjigar and Draal looked at one another, as if they were about to hear the date to the end of the world
“what would that be?”
“the tests did in fact confirm it wasn’t gumm-gumm blood. It was changelings blood.” Draal and Kanjigar had become utterly silent, until Draal finally broke it
“impures had been wiped out. How could this even be a possible result?! Jim is clearly not one! No impure can take the form of a half troll!”
“perhaps I should explain. changelings take the form of humans. The ones which became their familiar. However there is word of a very rare breed that could take the form of anyone. The blood tests confirmed it was a changelings. The Jim you know may not be the Jim we know. And before you ask, yes, I know the differences in blood very well. There is no possible way these two had any similarities. Even if the rest died, there is at least one alive right at this moment.” Draal growled out in distress.
“no wonder he was acting so strangely….that couldn’t have been him….how many times had that...thing replaced him?! No wonder the gumm-gumm’s knew so much about us. About our lives. The take his form while he isn’t here and spy!” Kanjigar took a calm deep breath in and slowly let it out.
“this Jim...the fake one...the truth of the matter is that this truly is a fact. They know about us too much. Jim is too much a carefree spirit. I will have to keep him here. It he doesn’t leave us, he can’t be replaced…..this Jim now….” Draal felt like a cold grip was around his heart….was he falling for some impure?! Or the real thing...which had he been with!? And for how long?! Which one was HIS Jim…..did the real Jim even share the same romantic intent?

Draal wanted to...he didn’t know what he wanted to do. He needed to have some release from this pain.
“i must know if this thing is here among us now. I shall fetch-”
“no need. I have one right here. Bring, well you know. Hold him still. And let’s hope for the best.”
“and if the worst outcome happens?”
“then there is one less changeling in the world. The real Jim would eventually come back”
“what if the real Jim is long gone….” Kanjigar turned to his son who looked devastated.
“Don’t think ab-”
“what if he hasn’t been here for a long time. What if that thing simply replaced him long ago.”
“we can’t think about that. I sha-”
“no. I will bring...whoever that is back here. I will hold him steady. If this truly is….then I will be the one to kill it.”



Jim hugged his knees as he sat in a dark less known place in trollmarket. He just focused on the ground. He had simply counted all the cracks over and over. Trying to just have something else on his mind.
“you. Come with me. Now.” Jim looked at Draal who looked remorseful. Jim couldn’t tell why…
“what’s wrong Draal?”
“come.” Draal had practically forced Jim up and hurried the two along. Jim would try to talk to him, only to get silence, or the very least, a grunt, in reply. Jim walked into the heartstone now, he looked to see two judgmental trolls looking back at him. Draal now stood behind Jim. Holding him tightly in place. Jim started to panic. He had no idea what was about to happen. Was he caught?! Did they find him out?!. Vendel walked over slowly then suddenly poked him with the horseshoe all over.
“uh...whats...going on?” Jim giggled as it tickled him. The trolls showed what looked like intense relief on their faces. Draal relaxed his grip, and turned it into a hug. Kanjigar looked Jim dead in the eye
“i know I’ve said this plenty of other times. I know I’ve let it slip. But I mean it. From now on, you are to never again leave my side, or at the very least Draals.”
“if you don’t mind m-”
“i do mind actually. This isn’t something to be discussed.”
“what about my dad?”
“no. you belong to me. I didn’t want to have to throw my weight around before. Now I have no choice. I shall speak to him directly if I must” Jim almost burst out laughing at hearing that. He just imagined his dad and Kanjigar sitting down having a casual chat about Jim while they sipped coffee.
“this isn’t a joking matter.”
“what’s wrong exactly? Did I do something wrong?”
“no. it’s simply something that affects you too drastically.”
“my d-”
“i do not care anymore. I swore an oath to protect everyone to my best capabilities, this oath overturns my promise I made to you. If you wish to see your father, you must be escorted.” Jim almost laughed again. The image of him coming to the darklands with Draal, holding hands and talking before being dropped off with a hug and a kiss.
“Jim. don’t take this lightly.”

“s-sorry Kanjigar.” Jim really was In a tight spot, and not just because he was being lovingly hugged by Draal. He didn’t have his amulet. The only way home was if he went through a doorway. The only One close enough would take at least an hour to get to and come back from, so he couldn’t just ‘pop In and out’. He couldn’t stay too long in trollmarket without causing his father to think….things. He couldn’t just go to the darklands for too long before Kanjigar might think….things. He couldn’t just...leave….hmm...maybe in the day….

Jim’s mind started to process the information and form plots and ideas around it.
“okay. So….i gotta stay next to either one of you from now on….alright...i can live with that”
“glad to see you compliant. Now then, I need a nice long walk. I feel my body weaken from lack of activity. I need to stretch myself.” Jim tensed up a bit as he felt it. The hunger within him. As if his body finally realized he was near heartstone, it started to stir with want and need. His body started to faintly glow. Jim had to leave asap.
“Heeey Draal let’s hurry up and get out of here like, riiight now.”
“hm? Why the sudden rush?”
“i feel bad for leaving you that day and I want to try again today, right now, while we have time!” Kanjigar smiled and told them to leave and have fun. Draal let go of Jim and cheerfully said
“i suppose so” Jim smiled widely and started to quickly leave the heartstone. He nearly gasped in shock as he saw his sword and the pieces of both amulets in an opened chest under the table. He held his breath and forced himself to keep moving. He would return to it. After the two had left, Vendel spoke quietly to Kanjigar.
“we need his blood.”
“what for? We already know he isn’t a changeling”
“yes. But when we originally did the test, we wanted to see if know what...was in fact, Jim. We test his blood. We will have our answer.” Kanjigar looked at the floor.
“i had almost forgotten about that….it must be done. Wait why can’t we use the rag he bandaged his hand with?”
“it wouldn’t enough. The test needs a more direct dose.” Kanjigar looked out towards the entrance of the heartstone.
“then it shall be done.”


It was a couple hours later now. Jim purred and moaned. He was currently stuck on Draal’s knot in their home. The two had just finished having sex. Jim was on top of a now blissful looking Draal. The two had gone on a nice ‘date’. Or at least the troll equivalent to one. Since it was still day, Draal couldn’t leave. So, the two just stayed in trollmarket. They talked, bonded, and fought (the show of power and battle craze really did get Jim ‘in the mood’.), they even ate food (well, Draal did at least.) and then went home to take their date to a nice physical end. Throughout the date Jim slowly felt better, his mind coming to a more peaceful side. His anger and bitterness seemed to just wash away in a soft tide. He felt...loved, fulfilled, happy!. He had forgotten his hunger for the heartstone, his need for gore, his overall gumm-gumm nature. Thoughts of his family and their views were pushed into the very back of his mind. The talk he and his brother had seemed to be forgotten. The only thing that mattered to him now was the pleasant present (haha). The sex somehow felt better than ever. He felt so...sensual, it felt so ….meaningful. He felt like the pleasure was not just being derived from the sex, but from an emotional connection. Something Jim had never experienced before. This time was the very first time Jim felt a warm safe glow post orgasm. he’s felt good plenty of times in the past, this time was different. It didn’t have the selfish touch previous encounters had. When Draal first saw Jim’s wound he had terrible worry, Jim eased it out of him by saying it was his fault. He and his brother were helping their father move some big metal things around, Jim wanted to prove himself he was stronger than he used to be. It failed. He accidentally dropped what he was holding and fell onto it. he’s mostly fine now, nothing to worry about. So Draal made sure to be careful around that part of Jim’s stomach.

Jim ran his claws lightly over Draal’s chest. He knew Draal loved this, especially post sex. Draal closed his eyes and enjoyed the absolute euphoria he was drowning in. Jim looked at how relaxed Draal was, Jim felt intensity just as much as he did. He was thankful Kanjigar was gone, the two could just be like this forever, or at least Jim felt like he wanted that. After a few minutes of this, Jim was ready to just lay down and sleep. The knot was still as hard as ever so he couldn’t pull off. Jim just awkwardly moved his hips and legs around so he could at least lay on Draal’s chest. The entire time he shifted Draal hissed through his teeth. It was….pleasurable, and painful due to his soreness. After Jim had laid down and got himself comfortable, Draal put an arm around him and started to rub his back. Draal spoke softly as to not ruin the mood.
“Jim, I need to know the answer to my question, I don’t want to ruin the mood with it however...”
“mmmhh, go ahead big guy, I doubt anything can ruin this~”
“how do I ask this….hm….when we first bred, during your heat...”
“how...I’ve been wondering have I yet to impregnate you?” THAT woke Jim up.
“oh..uh...that’s birth control”
“birth control? You can control when you have children? I did not know half trolls could do such a thing” Jim laughed at that thought, it would be a useful ability to have
“nooo, that would be awesome though, no see birth control, well to make it simple it’s these little pink pills I take, it was made by humans to prevent pregnancy”
“ah...i have another question...”
“the two of us have grown...fond of one another..a great least I have...uh….have you ever considered a life here...with…. me?”

Jim’s teeth felt numb, he started to feel anxious from the question. It was hard to answer the question especially since Draal was LITERALLY INSIDE OF HIM.
“i….” Jim did think about it...he couldn’t lie...he couldn’t admit it however...he didn’t want to get Draal’s hopes up…...what exactly was Jim even doing right now!?
“forgive me Jim...i shouldn’t have spoiled the mood.”
“no it’s….alright….why do you and your dad care so much about me? I mean, he sees me like a….son….” that word felt sickly warm in his mouth.
“you like me, clearly, I mean, you’re LITERALLY knotting me right now. But why the constant need to protect me? Why needing to constantly watch me? Why, well, everything” now DRAAL didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t just say they suspected him to potentially be a son of Gunmar. He couldn’t just say how they want to watch him at all times to make sure he doesn’t get replace by a changeling.
“i...cannot say.”
“Draal. Listen. If you want to keep doing whatever this… You have to be truthful. I don’t like being lied to.” (ironically.)
“you must speak with my father. Only he can say.” Jim closed his eyes. His mood was ruined. He wanted to at least salvage whatever was left.
“can we just stop talking? I just want to sleep. Hopefully on you, instead of leaving.”
“yes...i will stop speaking.”

soon the two eventually fell asleep


………….elsewhere. That night…………

Bular kicked the door open to Walt’s office. The door cracked and broke off it’s hinges.
“fantastic.” in stomped a very angry Bular.
“do NOT give me any kind of sass or patronize me or I WILL end your life.”
“very well. I shall-”
“hurry up and speak so I may leave this den of filth”
“I’m trying to. there’s not much to report. Today Jim called for a ride, I gave him one. We spoke little, he didn’t seem interested in anything. His mind was elsewhere. The few things I could get out of him was simply that he wanted to eat someone. I don’t see why he has to keep his hunting grounds here, the more people that ‘go missing’ the more the city grows paranoid. Thankfully it’s large enough to not be able to pinpoint any specific area. When they DO, well we make sure to undo their work just enough to not be noticed.”
“these are his grounds. They are special to him. So, that is all you have to say?”
“yes, actually, one last thing to note is that when he left, he didn’t say goodbye-”
“and? How is THAT note worthy?!”
“he always does, let me finish. Please. He didn’t say when he wanted me to pick him up and drive him back. He hadn’t sent me any kind of message all day. That was that last time I had contact, no one else was contacted either, we’re a bit...worried. Seeing as what just happened, we have our fears.”
“fear only for your own lives. hmm. I think my brother needs to have a talk with me.”


the next morning, Jim had woken up and headed to the bathing areas. He REFUSED to go out in public looking, and smelling, like a mess. He would rather use the troll baths, as horrid as they are. Jim at least had his own small supply of soaps and extra cloths in his room with him, so he grabbed those and went off. Draal had come along, seeing as Jim now HAD to be next to them. At least a nice semi hot shower happened. Jim was cleaning himself along with Draal. Until Draal had some perverse thoughts. He started to wash Jim off. Sensually working his hands all over his body. Jim did enjoy it...but he needed to hurry up. He shouldn’t have stayed as long as he did. His brother had grown suspicious, and worse, so had his father. After Jim had finished off and got dressed he said he needed to leave. Draal said not without himself for company of course, Jim at least had some excuses.
‘i need to go to college’
‘i need to check with my father’
‘i need to see my friends’

Draal had agreed, only because it was day!. The moment dusk fell, Jim HAD to come back home. Jim agreed. Well, he’s good at managing things...more or less. Two lives plus his own. Easy peasy right?. Just play both sides, don’t get caught, time everything right, make time for friends and school, niiice and simple! At least he didn’t need a day time job. Kanjigar would learn Draal had agreed to this and be furious. However he couldn’t stop Jim from going out in daylight. Besides, they DID have plenty of gaggletags. And if they DID catch this impostor ‘Jim’, they could just kill him, and would no longer have to worry about Jim being replaced. Jim had called Walt that morning to get a ride, Walt was able to slip out of work, thankfully. Jim entered the doorway and made his way through the darklands and into his room. While he passed a guard, he said to go pass on the message that he’s home and for his dad not to worry. The guard nodded and ran off.

Now, Jim was taking a nice hot actual bath. He moved his hands over his form, imagining it to be Draal’s touch instead of his own. He fondly replayed the night before in his head. Truly enjoying himself while relaxing. He was in his own little world, the one around him melted away and with it, his worries. Suddenly his door was burst open. Jim screamed in fear from the sudden loud noise, made all the worse do to his head spacing out. Bular angrily slammed the door shut behind him. He growled at his brother and stomped over.
“i just heard of you returning home. i thought we had talked about this.”
“my bat-”
“NO. DID YOU FORGET SUDDENLY?! DID YOU HIT YOUR HEAD?! It hasn’t been more than a few days since we had our little ‘chat’ remember!? You are supposed to stop being ATTACHED.”
“okay cool it! I have no idea-”
“oh? don’t you? Then explain why you left to go to Acadia yesterday and didn’t come home until now.”
“okay, first I went to eat, which was amazing by the way. I still felt crappy. Then I went to visit my friend-”
“the round one? Hmm, I somehow doubt that.”
“admit you went to trollmarket. Admit what you actually did.”
“-i did go to trollmarket f-”
“save it. I am this close to telling father about this little ‘adventure’ of yours. I wanted to talk sense into you and have you listen! I don’t want to see you punished! I don’t want you to suffer simply because you’re confused!”
“- I only went to trollmarket to try and find my sword, and the amulet pieces”
“and yes another lie. Well, if this is the truth, I don’t see any proof”
“i couldn’t get th-”
“of course you couldn’t. Stop going to trollmarket.”
“you k-”
“no. you CAN stop. You just refuse to. When we rule you don’t need to worry about ‘blowing your cover’. The moment the trollhunter AND his whelp DIE, Is the moment you no longer have to pretend. You can go back to living your life with the little fleshbags, go to your education thing, and have your fun in the sun.”

“if you let me just explain-”
“no. I do NOT wish to hear any more words that spill from your mouth unless they are plans ACTUAL PLANS to kill them.”
“tonight I’m going back. I’m going to get my sword, AND the amulet pieces. I’m going to bring home as much heartstone as I can. You can either let. This. go. OR tell dad about what I’m going to do. You can tell him I didn’t come home last night and, yes, I DID stay in trollmarket AFTER visiting my friend. Now, I have a lot of things to worry about, and I don’t need anymore stress from you.” Bular roared out and tried to look as intimidating as he could, alpha style. Jim flinched and whined, he was covering his head and cowering. Bular saw how vulnerable Jim was and calmed himself down.
“I’m sorry. I care so much for you. I don’t want anything to happen. We are so close! don’t loose sight! we’re almost there! Everything is at your feet! don’t kick it away!.” Jim just stared at the his brother. Bular felt bad about what he did. Before leaving he calmly and quietly said
“I’m sorry for that. Starting from the moment you return from trollmarket once more, I’m going to be by your side. You will go nowhere without me.” He gently closed the doors behind him and left.

‘and then there were three...’ Jim groaned and slipped under the nice hot water….
Bular shouldn’t have let his anger get the best of him. Jim didn’t deserve that, and even if he DID he shouldn’t be punished like that. Bular feared greatly for his brothers sake, he just wanted Jim to realize his actions before he made a huge mistake, the kind that can’t be forgiven. If he wanted to reach his brother and pull him out of whatever mind set he’s currently in, he would have to do it a different way. A more ‘emotional’ way. Something healthy to humans. Bular had the wonderful idea of them bonding. Do activities, grow closer. Let Jim truly open his eyes to Bular’s words. What should they do? They really didn’t do much together come to think of it….


Bular decided they would hunt. They would kill and eat together. Bular would tell stories of the past when he set out and killed trollhunters, hopefully THAT will spark up the passion to end the trollhunters life, along with his whelp. Jim always loved to hear his stories. The two would train together as well, Bular had been meaning to do that for a while. Just the two of them, Bular could see just how much Jim is improving up close….Jim said he wasn’t developing fast enough. Another reason Bular wanted to train with his brother, see if his brothers words were true or he was just being dramatic. What else could they do?...Bular didn’t like the fact that he had no idea about Jims personal life. He wanted to start to truly learn about his brother. Yeah, they could bond over that. Over Jim teaching him things. Speaking of knowing his brothers life better, it was time Bular started his investigation, first on his list. Meeting his brothers friends……

He knew exactly the first one he would meet. He knew where he lived after all. It was a good start.

Chapter Text

Toby was walking home, it was a sunny day. He and Jim were supposed to walk home together, but Jim said he needed to do something real quick and that he’d catch up in a bit. Toby didn’t mind too much, he was enjoying himself, and listening to music always made things go by faster, it was a far walk but he could manage for a bit. A small distance away in the forest to his side was a large black troll stalking him on all fours. First keeping out of sight, then slowly crept closer and closer. Toby was completely oblivious to the lethal creature making its way towards him. Bular had decided to ‘become more approachable’ by leaving his swords and his skull decorated armor back at home. Now he just looked like any plain old dark prince of Gunmar wearing basic cloths. Toby hummed to himself and was doing little dances from time to time, until he slowed down and nearly had a heart attack from seeing Bular. He paused his music and wanted to bolt. He couldn’t outrun something like that, but he COULD at least run away in daylight. Bular called out in a dark voice from under the shade of the trees
“human Toby.” Toby could only squeak out
“h….hi?...t-that’….”. Bular just silently looked him over, memorizing him. Toby was frozen in fear from the powerful silence, like a deer in headlights.
“i don’t see what he sees in you. Then again I’m not him.”
“my brother.”
“you’re Jim’s brother?!” Toby was now more freaked out than ever. He honestly never would have expected THAT to be his best friends brother. Yeah, Jim’s said he was big and burly and tough, but THIS was NOTHING like he had imagined.
“oh...uh...yeah...i...see the family...resemblance...uh...he’s not here….i...i need to go”
“stay put.”
“yes large troll dude!” Toby was afraid to move even a single muscle
“do not fear. I do not plan on eating you. My brother has forbidden me from doing so.”
“hahahHHAHAHhah! Ooookay, nice to know! I really need to go”
“i know you. Yet you do not know me.”
“yooouu doooo?”
“I’ve heard about you. My brother speaks highly of you. He wants to keep you around. You should be thankful. If it weren’t for him, you might very well have gone ‘missing’ by now. Like all the rest” Toby started to just laugh awkwardly, truly not wanting to be alive in that very moment
“HHHhahahahHAHAHHhahaha! I….uh...thanks?”
“come closer.”
“I'd rather the sunlight...its warm and bright and makes me feel safe..”
“come closer. I will not ask again.” Toby saw Jim heading towards them at a running pace. Toby had never been more thankful to see his best friend in his whole life
“OH LOOK IT’S JIM!” Jim stopped in front of Toby, guarding his friend from Bular’s intimidating gaze, or at least tried to. Jim growled out
“what are you doing here?!”
“i wanted to see your friends.”
“okay, first of all NO. Second GO HOME”
“do not tell me what to do little brother. I was speaking to the human Toby. I want him to come closer so I may study him better”
“you’re freaking him out! Go home!”
“have you forgotten about our talk yesterday?”
“don’ as you said least right now...we will talk about it later. Just please, not right now.” Toby was more than curious of what was going on, but far more afraid to draw attention to himself by doing literally anything.
“fine. I will not keep by your side for the time being. We WILL talk about it later. i didn’t even see you arrive this morning like you said you would. What happened? I hope you didn’t displease father.”
“i didn’t. I told him and...did….what I said I would do.”
“yeah, good, now go”
“I want to learn about your ‘human’ side more. Stop hiding the whelp and bring him to me already”
“no. go home. You want to know? Fine, Bular this is Toby, Toby this is Bular, my bigger brother who’s full troll and needs to leave”
“you are being more emotionally unstable than usual. What happened since last I saw you?”
“i don’t have to tell you. Dad already knows. It doesn’t matter anyways, and as for my emotions, just chalk it up to an upcoming heat. Leave!” Bular looked to Toby with a spine chilling gaze
“convince my brother to let me stay.”
“uh...Jim...I...uh….” Jim growled out
“keep him out of this.” a glow slowly started to creep up Jim’s neck through his veins. Bular noticed this, another ‘out of place’ thing. He knew this happened to Jim when intense moments sprang up, or when he forced it to happen. Either something changed this or Jim was trying to ‘intimidate’ his brother, something he’s never done before. Another oddity. The biggest thing that drew Bular's attention, was the color of the glow. It was always blue Jim's whole life, now, it was orange. The color of heartstone to be exact.
“walk away Bular. Go home. you met him, you saw him face to face. Now go home. Please. We can talk about you being more in my life later.”
“fine. I’ll leave this spot.” Jim watched his brother creep away into the trees. After a small amount of time Jim picked Toby up and started to quickly walk away.
“uhhhh so...that...was your brother huh?...nice...guy”
“Shut it Toby no one asked you to talk…....i...sorry I just..i didn’t mean that...a lot’s happened today and….” Jim started to get choked up
“it’s alright Jim, everyone has shit days that make them feel terrible, I know you’d never actually mean anything like that”
“you have no idea….ignore my brother. If he tries to talk to you or even be near you, call me. don’t talk to him. I made him promise not to hurt you or anyone else….uh...i meant...”
“ooookay thanks….so...why would he hurt me?”
“long story. I told you, my brother likes violence. He sees humans...never mind. Point is don’t listen to him. And DON’T go out of sunlight. He doesn’t plan on doing anything but still. You don’t need to have a panic attack”
“thanks for defending me...he said some weird stuff….”
“like what?”
“well something going ‘missing’ if it weren’t for you-”
“OHHH THAT ASSHOLE. I SWEAR I’LL KILL HIM. He doesn’t need to be let’s just go to your place, have fun. And forget this happened.”
“i...don’t mind meeting you’”
“Toby. I’m not going to get offended if you talk shit about my brother”
“suddenly all the things you told me about your family are making more sense”
“trust me, he was being friendly”
“really? Wellll I’d hate to be on his bad side”


“eh I could kick his ass for you don’t worry about it”
“thanks, you can put me down now”
“no. not until we get to your house. I have feeling we might need to be faster.”
“he’s not going to follow us...right?”
“in actuality, he might.”
“fun...he scares me”
“i know, pretty obvious, no offense. Trust me no one besides our family isn’t scared of him”
“are you going into heat soon?”
“nah, I just said that to get him to stop his questions”
“why does he want to meet me?’
“oh yesterday he said he wanted in my life more. Guess he started with you”
“why me though?! What did I do?!”
“you’re my best friend! Makes sense since you are one of the most important ‘human’ things for me. anyways don’t wooorrryyyy I got you!”
“aww thanks Jim”




Bular crept behind a large rock surrounded by thick trees as he watched his brother carry his friend away. Bular felt like he failed. He should have done better. Now his brother was mad at him, and wouldn’t even explain himself. Bular stopped following them for a bit and left. He had others he could find out about. As he turned around and walked away, for a split moment he thought he saw a horn. Turning towards it, there was nothing there except trees. He assumed it was just a branch..…




Kanjigar left that day to check up on things, mostly Jim. Jim said he needed to go to class today, he really was putting it off lately, Kanjigar let him leave, he didn’t want to hold Jim back from doing human things, they made him happy. Kanjigar wanted to make sure he would be safe and guarded. He doubted anything would happen to Jim in such a public place, especially in direct daylight, but still. From now on Kanjigar also carried a gaggletag. It was a nice quiet day, nothing out of the blue, as far as Kanjigar knew (rhyme haha) although he hardly ever traveled during the day, few trolls did. He stopped suddenly as he came to a horrific sight.

Jim was carrying his friend on his back while they talked

However nearby was Bular watching them, crouched down and following for a bit. It didn’t take long for Kanjigar to realizes that he wasn’t wearing armor and he wasn’t carrying his twin swords. This would be the perfect chance to strike! To kill him! End this once and for all!. He couldn’t do it. Jim and his friend were too close. He didn’t want to risk their lives, as well as anyone else nearby. Kanjigar hid as Bular started to move away, taking a moment to look in Kanjigar’s direction, before leaving for good.




Jim and Toby now sat in Toby’s room, Jim collapsed onto the floor, tossing his backpack aside. He was so tired. Emotionally, physically, mentally. Toby noticed how beat his best friend was.
“sorry I weighted you down”
“whaaat no! Trust me you hardly felt like a rock. My day’s just been hectic. Now I can just hangout with you and relax”
“wana talk about any of it?”
“nooooo not right now....well….okay so it’s a bunch of family drama and...a bit other stuff….so last night I went out and did something I needed to do for, a few people...and myself….. The next morning I came back home and felt sick from the night before. Anyways I was super happy I could just go to class again, ignore everything and just be ‘normal’ for a little bit, besides I’ve been missing a bunch of it”
“oh yeah I know, so….uh sorry if I’m being annoying about asking this but, will you finally tell me more about your family? Now that I’ve met your ‘wonderful’ brother.”
“sorry family secrets are taken to the grave. Although yeah I guess you can know a little bit now, you met my brother and survived, not many people can say that”
“okay, haha and everything, but he wasn’t serious about killing me right? And you just said ‘and survived’. Like, trolls don’ those sorts of things anymore right? I mean they haven’t in forever but...right?” flashes of Jim killing and eating people came to mind.
“nope. And all that stuff he just jokes about….he’s...old school troll style. He NEVER leaves home so he doesn’t learn anything ‘modern’….....he doesn’t like being around others for very long, he gets annoyed. He’s pretty much always pissed off and grumpy. Anyways he’s super old, like, over 1300-”
“dads waaayyy older, but yeah, not much exposure to the world, so he has...dark thinking. I get it, my dad and our uncles and… too. Still, don’t think anything of it. If he says he will kill you or something around that subject, just forget about it.”
“he said you told him I was ‘forbidden from killing’”
“yeah another joke. The whole ‘all my friends are off limits, no one will kill them except me’. So relaaax, you’re only ever going to be killed by me”
“i honestly don’t know if I feel better about that or not. Okay but like, you two don’t really look the all”
“trolls don’t look as close to their parents as humans, or half trolls do. That and we have two different moms”
“ohhh, yeah that makes sense...duuuh….wow I feel dumb for asking that” the two boys just laughed
“well, I like that, let’s just be dumb for a bit and ignore life and the shit storm it can become”
“real quick, were you...glowing earlier?”
“nah, that was just, the light I guess. How would I glow Tobes?”
“yeah I was scared out of my mind, probably just thought that out of pure wetting myself terror, I didn’t of course” Jim just chuckled and sat up. The two played video games and talked. Then worked on some school stuff, and overall be ‘normal’ for a bit.




Kanjigar watched Bular leave out of sight before moving out of his hiding spot. Kanjigar was conflicted. Either go after Bular, or follow Jim and his friend. He had to choose his job over his heart. Kanjigar tried to follow Bular, but always seemed to loose him. Eventually he wasn’t found for a while, Kanjigar just decided to stop searching, thinking the dark prince must have gone somewhere else for the day. Well, at least he could now do what his heart told him to. Kanjigar watched Jim and his friend be with one another from the shade looking up into the window, enjoying each others company. Jim, smiling and laughing along with his friend. He seemed so, innocent, normal. How could he possibly be a monster? Then again, Looks are deceiving. Still. Jim seemed to be just a normal civilian, having no relations to anything he’s been thought of. Kanjigar felt relaxed, his mind a bit more at ease, seeing something so simple as this. His thoughts assuring themselves that this was Jim, not whatever he thought of. Kanjigar did say last night how he wanted to take more of an interest in Jim’s life, along with his son. Kanjigar didn’t stay for much longer before leaving to return to trollmarket, hopefully tonight he might get better answers from the night before.



“ooooohhh CRAP! I didn’t realize it was so late!” Jim looked outside to see a very beautiful sunset, something that spelled doom for him though.
“time flies when you’re having fun I guess”
“i gotta go! I need to do some stuff”
“like family stuff?”
“uh….speaking of family...does it have to do with your brother? What was his name? Bult?”
“Bular. Haha Bult, yeah sorta” Toby’s phone buzzed, his eyes went wide open as he saw his messages
“speaking of speaking...Jim...”
“look...” Toby turned his phone to Jim, showing a few texts from Claire, one of them being a picture of Bular with their little friend group.
“life never gets easier…..stay here, text me later, or I will. Either way don’t leave. Also don’t loose my progress on that game, I didn’t grind this whole time to loose it all” Jim ran out of the room quickly
“wait! Wait! Jim! you forgot….your bag…..guess I’ll tell him later.”



Bular remembered the images of Jim’s friends from the various photo’s in his little brothers room. He had no idea where to look for them. He knew Jim went to school but he didn’t know where. The only clues he had was the images of the scenery in the back of the photos. Bular spent hours searching, it took a lot longer for him since it was bright daylight. Bular tried to stay unseen, however sometimes it was unavoidable. People gave him fearful stares and wide berths, Bular enjoyed their fear, however he couldn’t truly enjoy it AND focus on his task. Finally after annoyed hours of daylight, it started to wane and die. Now he could REALLY search. It took a while longer but he finally found them at a small park. Easy parts over. Hardest part, conversation. How do humans do it? Not like he could ask one before he killed them, gumm-gumm’s didn’t have casual conversations. What did they talk about? Bular just made a small growl in his throat and moved forward. He would think of it on the spot. Bular walked from behind a tree and approached 4 human females and 2 human males.
“humans. Which one of you is the human named Claire” everyone went slack jawed at the sudden appearance of the large black troll standing fully upright. No one said anything, fear made silence, the only noises to be heard were that of the city around them.


“well? Speak up. I won’t ask again.” everyone looked to Claire who cleared her throat
“you looked bigger in the pictures.”
“excuse me?”
“pictures. I’ve seen all of you in them. All of you will speak to me. I do not feel like being interrupted by my brother this time.”
“I’m going to need more to work with than that...”
“you don’t know who I’m talking about do you? Hmfph. I doubted as much. I am Bular, son of Gun-.” Bular stopped himself, humans always shared information so quickly. It spreads faster than their illnesses, he didn’t want Jim to be killed by the trollhunter if he somehow found out.
“nothing. I am Bular. You all know my brother. He knows you. I wanted to learn more about his life on the surface world. So I will speak to all of you. What is it exactly? Casual conversation?. I already tried with the other human in your group, topy?”
“human names are all the same. So, speak to me.”
“I don’t really know what to are you feeling? I would also like to know who exactly your brother is...please”
“well you know my brother already. What shall we converse abo-” Bular stopped as he felt a small hand on his arm. At his side was a delirious Eli. He tapped and felt the rough surface of Bular’s arm
“soooo cooooool”

Bular turned his attention to him, the moment he did, Claire pulled her phone out and took a picture, quickly sending it to Toby wondering who he was.
“you have gronk-nuks for approaching me without my permission.”
“is that a good thing or a bad thing?”
“why are you groping me?”
“you’re sooo cooool! I’ve never even seen a troll up close! You really are made of stone! And you’re warm too! It feels like I’m touching the ground! But living!” Bular found this mildly amusing, such a tiny insignificant thing praising him, even without being forced to. Steve quietly spoke through his teeth
“okay Eli, that’s enough, stop that before this large troll gets angry”
“sooo cooool. Can you eat rocks?! Do you eat cats? Is it true that trolls actually live in boxes? Do trolls hate flowers?” (get the references?)
“you are such a tiny creature. How do you even exist?”
“your eyes glow! I just noticed! That’s so cool! Can you see in the dark?! Do you have heat vision?! Your horns are amazing! Your teeth look so cool too! Is it hard to brush your teeth? Is your tongue made of rock too!? Do you really have organs? Are THEY made of rock? Is it true trolls can be over a million years? YOU HAVE A TAIL! THAT’S SOO COOL! It looks like an alligators! These things on your arms look like fins! Can trolls swim? Or are you all too heavy? Would you drown if you sank like a rock? Did trolls really eat people? Do gumm-gumm’s exist? A lot of people debate online about them ever existing! People think that trolls use them as an excuse so they could get away with it! Do you know about them? Do you have internet? Do all trolls live underground? Can you drink lava? If you have sex, is your jizz like, cement? You have a lot of scratches everywhere! When rocks do it’s because they’ve had a lot of exposure or friction done to them, is that why you have them? Whoa you have claws! Is it hard using them? Do you scratch and break things easily? Can they retract like a cats? Oohhh cool! You can make cats noises! Can you roar like a lion? Can you really just eat garbage only? Oohh coool! You have a mane like a horses! Can I touch it? Is it like cables? Does water hurt you? Do you get cold?”
“you speak so much for such a tiny thing. You speak more than my brother did when he was a whelp”
“your voice is sooo coool! it’s so dark and scary! it’s like someone put a voice editor in your throat! is it true sunlight hurts trolls? I mean, it’s kinda common knowledge but is it true though? What do you do on a regular basis? I mean, are you like people where you have a lot of jobs or hobbies or activities or are you just kinda not doing much? Why do trolls collect trash? Do trolls have pets?”

Bular was suddenly knocked to the ground. Jim had slammed into him. Jim breathed heavily and looked murderous. Bular chuckled as he got up.
“getting stronger, that wouldn’t have happened if I had my guard up however.”
“you said you would go home!”
“i said I would leave that spot.”
“why didn’t you go home?!”
“i told you, i wanted to visit your friends. I spent my hours in this wretched daylight just to search for them. The only clues I had to their whereabouts were from the pictures in your room”
“i JUST said I wanted to visit them. I told you I’m going to be more involved in your human affairs. I thought a good start was to meet these human friends of yours. They mean a lot to you, so now I must know them. I would eventually. When father walks the surface once more. Why not start now?.”
“i don’t want my two lives to least not yet. I just want to have a normal life!”
“because I don’t want everyone to treat me like….you know”
“like a son of our father?” Eli let out a sudden and loud gasp
“YOU’RE BROTHERS?!” Jim groaned and smiled awkwardly
“surprise….heh...” Bular huffed out
“I thought humans enjoyed boasting about royalty. I suppose it makes sense since you want a ‘normal life’.” Eli gasped again
“YOU’RE A PRINCE?!” Jim did another groan and awkward smile
“surprise….haha….” Bular gave Jim a questioning glance
“yes. My brother does not vie for the throne as I do, which fits me perfectly. what exactly have you told them about our lives?” Jim cleared his throat and growled angrily in troll
“look. don’t ruin this for me! I don’t want them knowing anything else! All I have ever said about my life is that I live with my father, my brother aka you, my uncles Blinky and Arrrg, and a few ‘friends of the family’ far far underground. A place where none of them could survive.”
“hm. that’s a bit general isn’t it?”
“don’t speak in English!”
“you really don’t want them to know much, do you?”
“alright, I will not interfere with anything else. This is your life.” Bular looks around at everyone, all in a stunned silence with a mixture of confusion and fear on their faces.
“you humans better expect to interact with me more often. I will be.” Jim growled out with a more intense look
“fine. I will depart. hm. Being around so many humans for so long has made me hungry anyways. Why don’t you come eat with me? I’m sure you’re hungry. I don’t see how you manage to be around them for so long without wanting to eat.”
“no, and you get used to it. Now leave! And don’t….just….don’t be anywhere near here.”
“not enough blood in the air for me here anyways. Do not forget, father doesn’t like it when you’re out this late. Return home soon.” Bular grunts before turning around and walking off.


When he was far gone Jim groaned loudly and rubbed his face then his horn.
“whyyy did you do that….” Jim turned around and cleared his throat.
“i know you all must have a million questions. I can’t answer them for...personal reasons. Yes, I’m a prince. Yes that was my brother. But listen very very carefully. I WILL be KILLED if ANYONE finds out about this. that’s the biggest reason I never said anything. You know how human leaders argue over territory and politics? Well trolls do it, except with more killing and less talking. Point is, our family isn’t….liked….very much. Which is why we are far far away and stay hidden. At least for the time being. Yeah my dad is going to come move up here with my family and friends, but that won’t be for a while. I think. Lots of family issues and drama and all this old history crap. I might be almost 100, but my dad is literally from the dark ages. Like, castles and horses and stuff in Europe. My brother is too. Lots of old… ‘beliefs’ and arugments and grudges. Looots of terrible things. Like, horrific things. History changing things for trolls and possibly humans at one point. They never come up top for….those reasons. Only recently have things gotten even more complicated. Hence why my brother suddenly wants to be in my life more. Anyways point is. No one say anything. At all. To anyone. If anything, let’s just pretend none of this evvveeerrr happened. No pictures, no videos, nothing. Like I said, I WILL be KILLED. None of you were supposed to find out about any of this later on when things were...safer for me. You never met Bular. You don’t know about my status, you don’t know anything other than from what I’ve already told you. Okay? let’s just go back to being normal. don’t think about it, even though It’s probably impossible to just ignore, but I really really really need you all to.”




It was later that night. Jim laid on his back in Toby’s room. He, Claire and Toby hung out without talking about much. Claire shared her ‘experience’ with Toby and he shared with her his own. Jim thought that was fair, he already knew about Bular, might as well know the other stuff from earlier. Toby was upset. He felt hurt, his best friend hid so much from him. They told each other EVERYTHING! But Toby understood how ‘intense’ things apparently were for Jim. After a few minutes of very quiet and basic talk Jim sighed heavily and said
“Alright. you’re both my best friends, I know you both won’t say anything. You can ask questions. I most likely won’t answer, but certain things you are allowed to know now.” Toby couldn’t hold himself back when he heard the ‘green light’ to ask questions.
“troll stuff I can’t say. But it’s super super old. Not many know about it anymore. Good for us I guess.”
“trust me, if you saw my dad, Bular wouldn’t look that scary.”
“i...I’ll talk to him about that.”
“loooot of work and danger. No thanks.”
“pretty much”
“well, like I told you back when I first did, I wanted to just, experience a normal life with humans. I grew up pretty much alone. No friends or anyone to talk to. I wanted to know what it was like, having no one know you or treat you like if they looked at you wrong they would be killed. I wanted friends who treated you for being you, not for being a prince”
“well, trolls don’t use money, but I get what I want when I want it so, yeah?”
“its underground so, its rocks? Like a bunch of caverns. As for my dads friends….yeah….they follow and serve us”
“can’t really say, it’s pretty big, I guess? it’s hard to actually tell since it’s all underground and nothing is really measured”
“okay BUT SERIOUSLY THAT WAS YOUR BROTHER?!” Jim laughed at that. He really was used to just seeing Bular as Bular. From the outside, it truly must be a strange sight. Jim stopped as he had a sudden thought. All this talk about his family, his lives, his brother. All the shit he’s been through within the past 3 months. he’s had it.
“Toby. Would it be cool if I just stayed here for the night?”
“like a sleepover?”
“i guess, yeah”
“TOTALLY! Wait won’t your dad and, well, family get mad? don’t you need to like, rule a kingdom?”
“no, that’s my dads job. And honestly, I don’t care. I need me time. I’ve been through so much shit within the past three months, can’t say it, but it IS about family drama. I need me time. And me time includes you time, you too Claire. I’ve not been able to just, hangout and be normal! That was the whole point of coming up top!”
“Exactly! I never get to spend nights with friends, hangout late at night, go places, go to movies, ANYTHING! Well, I’m an adult and this is my life. I’m choosing this and I need a break before I crack. I don’t care if Bular or my dad or Kan-...i don’t care what anyone thinks!”
“this is gonna be sweet!”
“okay, I do need to make a quick phone call, I’ll be right back.” Jim left to go outside and pulled out his phone. Toby realized Claire was still in the room
“oh uh, Claire do you wana?”
“no thanks, but thanks for asking. I actually should get going, I may not be a princess, but I know my mom will kill me if I stay out too late”
“she still super freaked out about the disaperences? Wait, duh, shes the mayor.”
“yeah, exactly. Believe it or not but my mom is even more paranoid for my safety than anyone else. don’t tell anyone I said that”
“i won’t”



“Welcome to-”
“yeah hi Gloria, shut up real fast, it’s Jim, I need to talk to Walt, or just leave him a message for me actually. Tell him I’m staying up top for a while at my friends house. No one bother me. I don’t care who thinks what or who says what. This is my choice. I need a break because I feel like I’m going to crack. Everyone leave me alone. Okay bye.” Jim ended the call and took a deep breath. He looked to the stars and let it out.

‘fuck what’s dad gonna think, he’s gonna be pissed, and what about kanj-no.

No one matters.


No one except me right now.

Wait, fuck. I don’t have anything!. Not like I can just swing by my room and take what I need. hm...i could just sneak into trollmarket and grab my things there. Yeah… and out before I’m even noticed. Leave a note. Ohh I bet Kanjigar will freak out the second he sees it. Ugh, He’ll probably go looking for me. Maybe I should just tell him where I’ll specifically be at. Yeah, that will prevent any further suspicion. Just watch out for him...shit...Bular’s gonna be on my ass. Whatever, I’ll doge him like the plague. Not like Toby’s gonna be mad if I do, if anything he’ll be thankful we do.’ Jim made a quick plan of action and set it out into the world. First, he ran into Toby’s room saying he would be right back while he grabbed his backpack and took off. Then he went under the bridge and made a portal, then ran through trollmarket going unnoticed, going through the darker less used parts of the markets streets. Then he came into his second home. He opened his backpack and started to stuff a lot of things into it as quickly as he could, things that wouldn’t fit he would just carry. He couldn’t bring that many things, so he brought essentials.
“Jim” Jim grinded to a halt hearing Draal’s voice behind him.
‘shit shit shit I didn’t want to be seen!’ Jim smiled and quickly said in one go
“heeeyyy Draal. Okay look I’m trying to be quick so listen. I’m going to stay at my friends house for the night and I really don’t want to be bothered by anyone, I get it, I’m supposed to be ‘watched’ but I really really need a break and I’ve been through a lot recently, with, uh, well doesn’t matter. Point is I feel like I’m going to snap and I need to be with my friends and try to be ‘normal’ in a human life. Anyways I’m just grabbing some stuff then I’m heading over there to relax, if for some reason either you or your dad need me, please don’t bother me, but if you do. Here.” Jim just as quickly as he spoke, pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down Toby’s address then handed it to Draal.
“there, that’s the address to my friends house, so you will know where I am and don’t have to worry about going out and looking for me or watching me. Okay gotta go bye!” Jim finished stuffing his bag and grabbing other things, he ran out. Draal was just confused about the situation, he didn’t even get a single word in. He looked at the paper in his hand
“I can’t read human….”



Bular was furious. It was late now and he watched Jim and his human friend in their room. He wanted to go in there and...he wasn’t exactly sure. About a half hour earlier from that moment, Bular had entered Walt’s office in the Janus order, demanding a report. Only to be told the message Jim had sent. Jim KNEW he was supposed to come home, instead he decided to ignore their fathers demand and do whatever he wanted. Bular knew exactly where Jim would be at, he knew which human was his favorite, he knew how protective Jim was of him. Fine. If he wants to defy their father, then he can. HE will be the one to face their fathers wrath, not Bular. Jim would face the consequences of his actions alone. Bular snorted and decided to leave. No point being there and getting caught.


Kanjigar looked into the window at the sight of Jim and his friend, he couldn’t read human, but he knew where Jim’s friend had lived and it also matched the letters and numbers on the note Draal was given. He was a bit...worried when Draal told him what had happened. Earlier that evening when Kanjigar had returned home, Draal explained what had occurred. Kanjigar knew he needed to check up on them, especially because of what happened that day. He had yet to find any new trace of Bular since that moment. Still, Something nagged Kanjigar in the back of his head. Something he couldn’t place. He pushed it aside for the time being. He wanted answers from Jim, proper ones. However he didn’t want to interrupt Jim’s ‘normal’ time as Draal had said. Jim needed this, so he would allow it. If Jim felt like he was going to ‘snap’ then Jim would get the comfort of his friend without interruption. Kanjigar felt content for the time. He knew where Jim was, he knew he was safe, he knew he wouldn’t leave that spot. If he did come across Jim, he had the gaggletag and the information. Kanjigar turned and walked away, only to stop for a brief moment as he heard movement. He turned towards the noise, only to discover nothing. The sounds of the wind moving the trees and the cars driving late in the night were the only sounds around, other than a few bugs and birds. Kanjigar assumed it must have been nothing. He walked away from the house, going in the opposite direction Bular headed….

Chapter Text

‘and then there were three...’ Jim groaned and slipped under the nice hot water….

A few minutes after Bular had left his room, Jim got out of the tub, no longer feeling relaxed. A shiver ran down his spine, not from the cold world around him, but an internal cold. He felt heavier than usual, less solid somehow as well. His head hurt and he just wanted to sleep whatever it was off. No nap came, he laid in his nest for at least an hour, hardly falling half asleep, before deciding to get up and do something else. Jim tried to kill time by doing whatever else would come to mind, no matter what though, nothing could stop the slow creep of anxiety growing inside of him. He had to end this, today instead of tonight. He had to end the life in trollmarket for good. The sooner the better. It started to hurt just to think about it, that he had to get rid of something he started to love. In a minor way it reminded him of a little gnome he kept as a pet for a month in his room when he was just a small child, until Blinky found out about it and had it killed. Jim was devastated for a while after that had happened. His one and only friend had been killed. The gnome was vermin though. A lower life. Something undeserving of his time and affection. At least that’s what Blinky told him. What made that a fact though? What evidence said that? It was just a thought. Nothing physical to prove it. It lived as much as Jim had. What made it any less than him?. Jim almost forgot about his little pet, it seemed so long ago, which in all technicality it was. Jim cleared that memory from his mind, he didn’t need to be reminded of it. No point in that memory.
‘no more wasting time. Just, get it over with.’ Jim breathed slowly trying to steady his emotions from rising up.


Jim had told his father his plan, Gunmar didn’t make much of a reaction. Actions speak louder than words after all. He honestly didn’t know if Jim would go through entirely with the plan, or if he would ‘fail’ in some proportions. Jim always did technically keep his word, so he couldn’t be blamed when he didn’t ‘fully’ deliver his promises to every detail spoken of. Jim left and made his way to trollmarket. Jim’s stomach started to churn, his anxiety rose. He wanted to turn back and hide instead of moving forward. No, he had to do this. He already promised his father his connections would die tonight. No turning back. How the hell was he actually going to do it? He didn’t even think this far….he had no idea why! He always had details and plans fully made! Even on the spot!. His mind formulated plans, but something in him told him to either not go through with it, or make a new one. He was stalling, a part of him knew that.
‘remember what Bular said. Easy peasy. Just end this, you’ve broken bones before, you’ve had to have them put back into place, hurts bad, but feels far better after. This is the same, right? Just end this life to put your ACTUAL one back into place. Draal and Kanjigar, they’re too small. Like the gnome. Something he had affection for but, had to kill those feelings off. It was the logical thing to do. Your head will go back to normal. No more thoughts or anxiety. Stop growing attached. You only need yourself. No one else truly matters. Except for Dad and his rule. No hesitations to anything he says. Think of how proud he’ll be! Everything won’t just go back to normal, it will be even better!. What if he never escapes the darklands….what if none of that happens in my entire life...what if doing this was a mistake...what if I never even needed to kill this life off. Am I making a mistake? no. no dad….no…’re a gumm-gumm.

No emotions. Dad will be so happy! Dad will approve! I’ve wanted this for so long! it’s right there! He even said he wanted to be with me more! So did Bular! My biggest dreams are coming true! And what, I’m going to throw away it all for some trollhunter and his son?. They don’t matter! They won’t! you’ll forget them just like you did the gnome. you’re Gunmars son, this is what you’re supposed to do! Hell you don’t even need to kill them! Bular will do that! You just say
‘oh hey I’m taking off forever, see ya!’ AND THAT’S IT! Grab the heartstone shit, your shit, and leave! it’s so easy! Too easy even! Dad wants this so I want this! that’s how it’s been, that’s how it will always be! If dad wants it, I want it. No debate. Besides, like he always says, mom didn’t give up her life just for me to fail him, become useless, turn traitor. I’ll be in charge of my own place! Everyone will shit their pants when I come around! that’s fucking awesome that you’re going to be that scary! Plus all your friends, and the parties, and everything you get to have! It will be like regular life, but a whole fuck ton better! you’re evil, your a prince! you’re above everyone else! No one will glare or give you shit ever again! No restraints, all respect. There. Now I feel better. let’s get this shit over with and head home!’

Jim heard a voice behind him
‘aw fuck here it comes.’ Jim turned around to see Draal
“I wanted to formally apologize for...last night. I didn’t this morning. I should have.”
“it’s alright, I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did”
“Thank you for your forgiveness. How has your day been?”
“good, I’m actually glad to be back”
“I’m happy to hear that, I’m also happy to be in your company once more”
“same here”
“i was wondering if and I could have...another ‘date’ like yesterday?”
“i would love that!”
“although I am curious, why are you back so soon? Not that I’m complaining”
“oh, I uh finished up what I needed to do”
“shall we go then?”


Yet another wonderful day happened. Jim felt happier than ever. He didn’t want the rest of the world to come back to him, he just wanted to spend time with Draal. Still, whenever he looked at the heartstone, he felt like his heart had a hole in it, and that hole began to bleed out. He tried to forget about it, at least for the few brief moments he could. No matter what though, his mind always turned to what he was supposed to do. To end a potential life he wanted, but was never supposed to have. He remembered what he had to do. Throughout the day Jim’s mind wouldn’t stop making excuses…....
‘okay, just….one last thing….okay now this is the last thing….okay, this is it…...okay one last thing to make him happy….why do I care if he’s happy?… final time I have sex with him...we’ve both earned it...he is really good too….okay but nothing after that!..well...i am tired...maybe...just...sleep for a tiny bit...that’s all…..maybe..just...cuddle….then I leave!’
Jim was now held at Draal’s side and a bit under him. Jim felt so relaxed, so at ease. Everything else just melted away. He was thankful Kanjigar left them alone all day, it didn’t take anything to convince him to go do whatever else for the entire time. Draal was caressing Jim’s head, causing Jim to want to live in that moment forever. Nothing else mattered. He was the happy, fulfilled, satisfied, his mind intent on wanting to keep this forever….….Jim just wanted to tuck himself more into Draal and ignore his mission. If he’s going to end this, then he wants to at least have the final moments be incredible.
“i promise this isn’t any kind of questions like yesterday..but...i really want to finally know who you are. Please, will you finally open up more about your personal life?”
“you know me already big guy~”
“no. I really don’t. I want to know more about you and your other life.”
“hmm? Oh~ well, my school is nice and my friends-”
“no not them, although I do wish to speak of this another time. I want to meet your father, your brother, I want to see your family” Jim’s mind came to a dead halt.
‘and there goes the bliss again. God dammit.’
“not. Not now, things at home is...stressful...please...drop it for now...i really just want to finish enjoying myself with you. Please, let’s just talk about this later, and just enjoy this bliss”
“i will, as you wish.”


It was later on, Kanjigar had let the two have their fun. Now, he needed to be serious. They needed to test Jim’s blood. He told Jim that he and him needed a bit of ‘personal time’. Jim was worried about what that might mean, but he couldn’t exactly say no. Kanjigar let Jim bathe and clean himself up before they continued. Jim was led into the heartstone where Vendel was waiting. Vendel sighed
“let’s get this over with” Jim tried to back up a bit, only being stopped when Kanjigar was right behind him.
“no need to be nervous. we’re just going to do a simple blood test.”
“to check if something is...correct. Now, hold still, we just need to prick you.”
‘shit shit shit shit!’
“i uh….kinda am afraid of blood loss-”
“well, steel your nerves.”
“oookay, OW” they cut his palm and let the blood drip onto some crystals.
‘fuck fuck fuck a blood test?! What the fucks this for?! Oh shit, they’re gonna find out I’m a gumm-gumm won’t they?’
“now to wait. Here, let me patch your palm up”
‘FUUUUUUUCK, OKAY, okay I have a few moments. What the fuck am I going to do?!...distraction...then….FUCK I DON’T KNOW!’ a troll ran into the heartstone
“we need you trollhunter! Vendel you two!” Vendel looked up, irritated
“what why?”
“there’s been a terrible gnome outbreak!”
“why do you need my help?”
“they have acquired heartstone!”
“ugh. Fine. Jim, you stay here. Do NOT move.”
“you got it!”
‘HOLY FUCKING SHIT, WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF LUCK IS THIS?!’. Jim watched the three larger trolls leave.
‘okay...okay...okay idea….fuck the test finished. Okay, no biggie….oh...OH I CAN CHANGE IT! Even if it’s just a tiny bit...yeah...yeah...I’ve done blood magic before...i can change this….’ Jim ran over and looked at the test. He knew that he could do a very subtle difference, just enough to make it seem like a common blooded half troll, at least enough of one to not raise suspicions. He needed common regular troll blood though….. he quickly ran out of the heartstone and manage to sneak around. He found a sleeping troll, with a small knife, he managed to cut deep enough to dribble some blood onto the test crystal. Just as quickly he fled, just in time for the troll to wake up to see the small cut, without noticing anyone nearby…

Jim set the crystal down once more in it’s spot. He focused and chanted a little spell. The crystal changed into a different color.
‘okay...there….good….now to-’ he heard Vendel and Kanjigar re enter the room, Jim quickly stepped a bit always and acted ‘casual’
“heeey guys, how did the gnome thing go?” Kanjigar sighed
“wasn’t as bad as we believed, and it wasn’t heartstone, it was just some kind of amber. Honestly, some trolls can’t tell simple things apart.” the two large trolls walked back over to the table and checked the test. Vendel was visibly relieved. Kanjigar looked at him
“no. everything is fine.”
‘FEW IT WORKED! Way to go me!’ Jim smiled and relaxed.
“sooo, can I go?”
“yes, let’s go back home.”


It was late at night, Draal and his father were off doing something far away. Jim had managed to convince Draal (which is now clear to Jim that he’s the type to cave in, so now he’s the ‘go to’ one to get what he wants) to let him just walk around trollmarket for a little bit, stretch his legs, have some breathing room, some ‘self’ time. Draal agreed, knowing that everyone needs personal space at times. Jim had sneaked into the heartstone, no one was around, a rarity but it was all you can drink glug night at the glug pub now, so everyone would naturally be distracted enough for Jim to do his work.

This was it. This was the end of his trollmarket life.

Jim felt anxious, his body trembled a bit and his heart raced. He felt like he was being slowly pushed towards the end of a cliff, afraid of falling off of it. He had to. He had to do it.

Jim stood in the heart of it all. His breathing rapid and uncoordinated. He reached a shaky hand out to stuff the amulet pieces and his sword into a large bag he brought with him. Then he swallowed and turned to face a wall. He walked over and cautiously placed a hand on the surface every so gently, ever s lightly. It felt...soft….warm….safe….he started to just...feel at everything was going to be okay. Then, it happened.

His body started to glow.

Dark draining tendrils started to reach out and make its way through the surface, eating the heartstone from the inside. Jim felt such an incredible rush! This was 100xs better than eating someone! He started to uncontrollably giggle. His heart beat fast with adrenaline! He felt waves of energy flow through him, almost to the point where he was afraid he couldn’t keep it going without hurting himself. He felt so powerful! So strong! As if he could fight and kill the very world!. Suddenly Jim started to rip chunks out of the heartstone wall. Digging his claws and hands into it, as if it were pudding, and tore out chunk after chunk, draining each piece of it in his hands. He watched his veins practically bulge out from all the consuming he was doing. Each piece he finished draining, he would simply let it fall out of his hands, all while he replaced it with another. His mind was a flurry of energy and thoughts, far too quickly for him to even understand. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself, to no avail. His giggling only intensified and his body wouldn’t, no, couldn’t stop shaking in absolute pleasure. After draining the last chunk, he watched it fall to the floor and shatter. Then he just started to look at it. He actually noticed the floor was practically no longer visible from the shattered remains littering it. His giggling started to slow down as he examined his work. His attention turned to the actual heartstone wall. It was horrid. It was like a nasty splotch, some kind of infection from an open wound. His giggling finally ceased, he started to actually SEE what he’s done. His body stopped vibrating, all the feelings of power started to settle and vanish. His heart….actually…


“I’m a parasite.”


His mind started to form thoughts of what he had done, no longer in a positive light, but a much darker one. Jim looked around, the glow of the rest of the heartstone was fine, but the closer to his little feeding frenzy, the more decrepit it looked.


“I…..I did this….” Jim didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt like...he wanted to cry. He moved his sight back down to the floor where the drained husks of the former hearstone now resided. His thoughts turned back to what he had done. Looking back at the infection he created, he began to think. Why?.

‘I did this. Why did I do this?. It’s just gone now. It won’t ever come back. It can’t grow. It can’t live. This gave life, helped others thrive and live. I took it away. Why?. I’m a parasite, aren’t I?. That’s what they do. They feed off others to survive while giving nothing in return. I’m alive though. My life matters. I need this to live. Others need this more though….don’t they?. I took advantage of others. For my own benefit….no...that’s how life is. The strong survive. The weak are eaten. that’s how nature is… I natural though?. I don’t belong here. Do I. I’m not natural. I’m just some...mistake. I wasn’t born naturally….my kind shouldn’t exist...i shouldn’t exist...should I?. Dad exists, my mom existed, I was born. I deserve a place in the world. Right?. Dad wasn’t natural either…..he was made artificially….he’s a parasite…….that’s how life is, it evolves, it changes. Everything kills something else to survive, I’m doing the same. I’m following natures truth. Am I just protecting myself so I don’t die? isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?. Everything exists without a purpose, but I do. Dad gives me a purpose, I was made for a purpose...i should live. Dad tells me what I should be doing. Dad is always right…….i don’t...need I?….nothing is born with a purpose. I was. My brother was. My dad was. We all were made for a purpose. We all were made because of someone’s actions. We were all born on earth. doesn’t that justify this? It doesn’t…..does it.’ Jim noticed tears dropping onto his hands.


‘we are parasites aren’t we. This is just self gratification. We take everything away because we only know how to do that. We don’t want to change. We want to live how we want to live. This is selfish. I’m killing others for my own self interests. I don’t belong here do I?. My kind doesn’t belong anywhere. Am I doing the right thing?. There is no right or wrong thing though. Morality and law are just fictional things we create out of our own thoughts and ideas. Things are only right or wrong in someones own eyes. Do I want this? Dad wants it. So I do….do I?...I live because he lets me, because I’m supposed to….should I?. Why can’t this thing inside of me just leave! I don’t want to keep feeling this way!. I can’t make it go away. I want this don’t I?. I….i love this….why can’t I have this?. I’m not supposed to. This is wrong to my father so it’s wrong to me…..I’m alive for him, because of him….do I deserve my own life? Am I worth it? My family are the only ones who want me….Draal and Kanjigar want me… one else does though…..I don’t belong here. This isn’t my home. I shouldn’t be doing this, I shouldn’t be here. I don’t know what I want anymore. I can’t understand the voices in my head anymore. I’m just here to die aren’t I? I’m just living for my father, I’m not living for myself, am I. I’m just going to die one day and be nothing. My dad’s practically immortal, I’m just a tool. I’m just going to break and be useless to him. How do I know my efforts will actually do anything? I don’t now when dad’s going to get out, I don’t know if he’s going to get out while I’m alive. I’m being useless. I’m nothing. I’m just eating something else to sustain myself. I have nothing to give back. I want this don’t I? This makes me feel good! I want this! I’m just being selfish though. I’m just taking what’s not mine, only because I want it. I just...i want dad to love me...he says he does...only because I’m doing what I’m supposed to. He cares about me, right? Does he really though. I can’t fix anything. This is it. There is no going back. I’m in too deep now. I can’t turn around and change things. I….i want to...don’t I?….i want a different life….mine is filled with a single cause. I need this to live, so dad will let me live. Everyone serves him, or doesn’t live. Why am I any different? I….’ Jim took a deep but shaky breath. It was too late to turn back. He couldn’t. He kept reminding himself that there was no way now. He could only move forward. Keep going. No point in looking back and blaming himself. He didn’t want to. This is what he WANTED. Why should he REGRET THIS?! He loved this! This feeling, this power! He felt amazing! He wants to keep doing this forever! Heartstone was there for the taking!.


Jim grabbed a chisel and went to work….


Jim now had a massive amount, nearly an entire wall was carved out. He managed to get rid of the ‘infection’ evidence. Now, it only looks like an entire wall shrunk for no reason. He kept reminding himself this is what he wanted. He ignored all other voices. He can’t go back. This is what he wants, this is what his dad wants, this is what he wants. No regrets, this is what he wants. He slung the huge sack over his shoulder and started to walk away….

He was now in a dark pretty much forgotten part of trollmarket, not a single living being in sight. He dropped the bag and hid it, there couldn’t possibly be anyone who could find it now. He forgot one last thing, he knew if he didn’t go grab it he would regret it. Jim sighed and rubbed his face and his eyes. He could only imagine how red they must be. Of course, like his usual luck, he ran into Kanjigar, literally, after turning a corner and trying to make his way past someone.
‘well fuck me. Why?. Do I deserve to get caught? Maybe I do. Maybe I shouldn’t even be living. Ticks, fleas, bedbugs

(OOC: honestly irl those things are fucking scary. Look them up if you want, you might regret it though, well, they freak me out at least. Well all parasites do in general. Something about something inside of you or feeding off of you is horrifying to me. Anyways back to the story!)

ringworms, everything gets killed so they can’t bother the host anymore.’
“hello Jim, where is my son? are….you okay?” Jim doesn’t know why, but he just suddenly collapsed into Kanjigars chest and wept.
“i don’t know anymore. I don’t know what I want anymore. I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t want to feel anything. I just want everything to stop. I just want all these thoughts and emotions to go away. I can’t make them go away. I try and try but nothing happens. I feel like something is yanking me from one side to the next. I just….i need to talk to my dad….” Kanjigar comforted him with hugs and pets.
“I’ll let you go to him. But I want you to return as soon as you can. I want to be apart of your life more, along with my son, he might have already told you that however. I won’t ask you questions right now, but later I will.”
“i...i...i need to do things...i...i want to go back to school….I’ve been putting it off.....i want to do fun things again...i want to see my friends….i don’t know if that will help though”
“if you want to do more human things again, you should. If it will make you feel better”


Jim departed from Trollmarket, saying his goodbye to Kanjigar, he managed to ‘accidentally’ go too far away from sight while the two started to leave to the entrance so Kanjigar could escort Jim to his other home. Jim grabbed his belongings first, and then everything else. He was quiet. His mind was silent. He realized that after eating heartstone, his emotions skyrocketed. He still felt how extreme they were, but he managed to keep himself from going off. He didn’t say much when Walt picked him up and drove off to the doorway. Walt of course tried to get Jim to talk, say anything, but Jim said he really didn’t feel good. So Walt didn’t pry. The two actually had a hard time fitting Jim’s stuff into the car, but they managed. Jim now finished walking through the doorway and into the darklands. He first went to his room. Cried and fell asleep. He would deal with everything else later.


The morning had come. Jim felt better, although he still felt that...intense...feeling at the edge of his mind. He first noticed, his body was glowing. Very brightly. He had no idea why. He tried his best to make it go away, now, he had to actually ‘turn it off’ something he found out was difficult. He felt like he had to push something large into a spot where it wouldn’t fit right. Finally he managed to do so, after a while that pressure seemed to go away. Now Jim had bathed and gotten himself ready once more.
‘hhm….fuck it. I’m doing it. I don’t care what anyone thinks or says. I’m keeping my heartstone life. This makes me happy. I’m going to be happy. I can live both lives, I’ve already been doing that. It’s just a bit more difficult to lie about, no problem. I’m a good liar.’
He took a few deep breaths, grabbed the heartstone bag, along with the amulet pieces, and headed off. Before he went to his fahter, Jim stopped at the gumm-gumm blacksmith who forged the amulets. He was shocked to see them once more, and promised to finish repairing them as quickly as possible. Now, Jim had entered his fathers throne room.
“hey dad...I’m home...” Blinky was the first to speak
“welcome home, master Jim” Gunmar spoke
“Bular told me of your plan.”
“well? I expect that you did so.”
“i did. Like I said I would.”
“Good. Good. Where is-” right as he was about to ask, Jim showed the large amount of heartstone he took.
“ dad...this is all I could carry. I made sure to bring back my sword and the amulet pieces too. so...yeah” Jim tossed the bag up to Gunmar who then picked it up with hunger and awe in his eye
“mmh, very good my son”
“I….I’ve been….i don’t know about my life anymore.”
“i...” Jim started to whimper and cry
“I don’t know anything anymore! I feel awful! I feel like I’m sick and I can’t get better! I can’t understand my life or who I am! I don’t know what I want or when I want it! I mean, yeah I know why I’ve been told and what to do and I’ve been doing it but my life seems to just have constant bumps now and I don’t know what I should be doing! I’m doing what makes me happy and yeah it does but now...I don’t know! I’m going to die! And then I’ll be gone! Will it even matter?! Do I even matter in the world?! I don’t know anymore! I try and….i don’t know how to explain it! Sometimes it’s easy but now it’s not! Its been difficult and I’m not fully sure why I suddenly feel like this but it’s happening! I mean I have my friends and my school and my fun and whatever else I could possibly want but now, everything feels like nothing at the same time! I don’t know what I should be doing! Should I be living one thing or another! I’m so conflicted and I hate this! I hate how I can’t even decide my own life! My own choices! Now I don’t know what I regret and what I don’t regret” Jim started to pace back and forth, the more he talked the more his body glowed. It was very noticable.

“and it’s not like I have some power to go back and time and fix my mistakes! Sometimes I have these moments where I replay those moments over and over and sometimes I cringe at those thoughts and desperately wish I could have done it differently except I know I can’t but then why am I so bothered by them!? Why can’t they just stop! My mind is split up in so many directions at once and I have these voices in my head complaining about one thing or another, and I feel like no matter what I do, I can’t do it right! what’s right and whats wrong?! I don’t know! Everything seems different than what they do and used to be and are and will be and everything! I mean, why am I even here?! What if I’m not here but somewhere else! Am I even myself still!? Am I just becoming someone else?! How do I know for sure this is me now! Am I just changing myself and still being myself but without being myself?! Do I REALLY want this or that or both or sometimes I can’t have anything and everything at once and I’m so confused about what matters to me and what doesn’t. Do I even want to keep doing what I want to do?! Does this make me happy and why does it and why does this NOT make me happy and why does it.”



Jim took a long deep breath then continued





Jim took another deep breath








Jim took another deep breath




everyone in the throne room was just staring at Jim flabbergasted. The guards, Gunmar, and Blinky all quietly unsure wtf they just heard and are trying to figure out this mad episode Jim is going through in front of all of them. Jim was glowing as bright as a light bulb by this point he was practically hard to look at directly.



“SHUT THE FUCK UP DAD I’M NOT DONE TALKING” Jim slammed his hands over his mouth right after saying that. Everything became dead silent.
“i….i don’t know why I said that...i….I’m so confused...i...i need...i can’ this...i need to be normal...i need to be normal….” Jim started to mutter and just left the room. Everyone was still confused as fuck except now everyone was terrified for what Jim just did. He talked back to Gunmar. Yelled at him to be silent. Without even turning or raising his voice he just said plainly
“Blinky. Explain.”
“ believe he’s going through an existential crisis. it’s something humans go through, they question their lives and the very nature of life itself and the purpose of all things, including their own value. it’s all very confusing and stressful to them and it’s known to sometimes be caused by intense shifts and strains on emotions and possible depression although those two are not entirely linked and can be two different things.”
“hm. Strange. He glowed heartstone color. I'll look into this personally when he returns”



Jim was beyond emotionally tired, he just now stood in front of his college waiting for Toby. Their class would start soon and Jim was thankful. Even though after his ‘episode’ and yelling at his dad, which he was now TERRIFIED of going back home, he left early and was at the school for at least an hour waiting. He didn’t want to sleep, or eat, or feel. He tried to stay calm and clear his head. His body would occasionally ‘flicker awake’. After class, Jim noticed his body start to light up, he said he would meet up with Toby on their walk home while he rushed to a bathroom stall to try and calm himself down. After a few minutes of soothing his nerves he walked away. The sun was nice and warm at least. He was hoping today would just be nice and happy and relaxing, for the most part at least. Nope. He almost had his heart stop when he saw Bular talking to Toby.

Chapter Text

Jim laid his back in the little makeshift nest he had in Toby’s room. The home was silent and still from the deep night. Jim had a hard time sleeping though, he tried his best, but it didn’t work. He looked at himself, contemplating how much of a monster he really was. The sharp nails on his feet scrapped against the floor occasionally as he couldn’t sit still. His sight slowly trailed up his body, from his nails, to his digitigrade legs, to his stomach and chest, then looked at his hands and arms. He touched his claws together and then felt the palms of his hands. His dark blue body looked almost as black as Bulars very own from the darkness in the room. Jim ran his hands over his face, through his fur, and touched his horns. He closed his eyes and concentrated, it really didn’t take much effort anymore for him to glow. Actually, it was almost difficult now to keep it down, like trying to walk on ice. Jim watched as the glow spread throughout his body, lighting him up from his veins. The glow had become a very warm orange, exactly like the color of heartstone. Jim looked himself up and down a few more times, memorizing every piece. Jim felt warm, too warm, almost sickly, right on the verge of becoming painful. It almost felt like he had a fire inside of him, the heat pushing itself outwards and through his veins. He closed his eyes and breathed, turning himself off. He tried to stay still, hope for sleep to come. It didn’t. He was tired, but it just didn’t take. Eventually he opened his eyes again and scanned the room, remembering everything easily. The sounds and scents were familiar to him and almost gave him comfort. The memories of him coming here and hanging out with Toby throughout all the years they’ve known one another started to form in his mind. It was nice but had a bitterness to it that Jim couldn’t identify. Jim had always wondered what Toby saw in him, why was he so nice? Why did he like Jim?. Sometimes Jim wondered if it started out only because Toby didn’t have any friends, the only reason he even spoke or connected to Jim. Toby truly was the very first piece of Jim’s ‘human’ life. Jim always wondered what it was like to be a full troll, as well as human. It would be nice, if he were human, not having to worry about anything he has to worry about currently. To have some simple, normal life. No one would look at you weirdly or in disgust. To have anyone accept you no matter where you went, well, hypothetically since humans don’t always get along with each other.


Jim looked over to his best friend who was sleeping deeply. What did JIM see in Toby? If Toby wasn’t his first friend, his first connection, would they have ever even been friends?. Would Toby have just ended up as someone Jim ate. Why doesn’t Jim just eat Toby? he’s right there, he’s always been right there, right next to Jim’s side. The craving for humans started to rise up in Jim, his feral attitude hungry for someone. Toby did always smell good, he had plenty of meat on him. Bular always questioned why he has kept the human around. Jim’s eyes narrowed, his mouth did water. He was a gumm-gumm, this is what they did. Jim didn’t move, he didn’t break his gaze either. A car drove by, the light reflecting off of Jim’s eyes, making them seem blood red and bright. Jim’s mind remembered the feeling of his first consumption, how euphoric it was, how intense it was. He remembered Bular standing next to him smiling at how his little brother was growing up. Everything else around him seemed to be a big blur as his mind concentrated on the food he was digging into. It was like nothing he’d ever eaten before. It made him feel...full...alive...strong. Like taking a deep breath after holding it for so long. The blood so sweet and savory, the meat soft and tender, the bones nice and hard, but broke easily with some effort to snap them. Jim chewed and gnawed on them, making sure to take in every flavor. After that ‘meal’, Jim no longer saw anyone as anyone. He saw everyone as potential food, prey for the predator.

When Jim made friends with the others, he didn’t see them as potential food anymore, or even humans, he only saw them for who they are. Just like he see’s Toby for who he is. Jim was hungry but Toby meant a lot more to him than just a single meal. That was his human side telling him to be loyal, wasn’t it?. His human side wanted to have friends and connections. It always made him feel good when he could be around Toby, or Claire, or any of his friends for that matter. Jim had made himself a mental promise, he would guard his friends from everyone and anyone. He always made sure it was Clear to EVERYONE that they. Belonged. to. Him. If anyone was going to kill them, it would be him. No one else would have the privilege.

Privilege. That was a strange term to use.

Belonged to him. That was another strange thought. They were Jim’s property. He owned them, in a way. Well, he would own them, along with a great many others, when Gunmar took the world. Jim would keep his friends safe, he would keep them by his side. He couldn’t say the same for most others however….

….his hunger was getting to him. He hadn’t eaten for a bit, his addiction was starting to tell him to feed it. Jim quietly got up and walked to Toby’s bed. Jim just looked at his sleeping friend. Jim sighed
“goodbye Toby. I’ll be back soon. I promise I’ll keep you safe. I plan on keeping it. No matter what. No ones going to hurt you.” Jim knew he didn’t want to eat Toby, he was his best friend! But...he did need to eat. Maybe that might settle his nerves enough to sleep. The thoughts of feeding, and his best friend, crossed for a few brief moments but, his need for Toby’s friendship overpowered his need for feral feedings.

Jim was quiet, he left the home, he would return soon. He just needed to find someone to satisfy his needs….

Jim moaned as he dug into his new food. Jim made sure to hunt as far away from Toby’s house as he could. He didn’t want Toby to get into any kind of crossfire, Toby didn’t deserve it. He didn’t deserve the burden of being friends with a monster. Jim’s thoughts shifted rapidly between his friend and his hunger, in a sick moment, he imagined it was Toby he was eating. It only lasted for a few bites but Jim snapped out of it and spat out what meat was in his mouth with disgust. He ran a bloodied hand over his horn. Why did he just think that?! What is wrong with him?! Jim just stopped altogether and sat there, the heavy scent and taste of gore was numbed by his inner conflicts. Jim didn’t know how much time passed as he just sat there. Long enough for several cars to drive by, the lights from them had lit up the corpse as they passed. Now, Jim wasn’t even thinking. His head was gone. Emotionally shut down. He was taking too long. He needed to finish and leave. He took a few shaky breaths before going back to eating. He closed his eyes and tried to focus on the taste. It just wasn’t the same. He felt terrible...but….he couldn’t tell if it were disgust or…..disappointment. The high he felt was gone, he hardly felt satisfied. His belly was fully but he didn’t FEEL like his needs were met. He was hungry! He wanted more! But he was stuffed. He NEEDED to kill! Consume! Do something!. The thoughts of killing a few more people made a slugs pace through his mind, but he decided against it. He ate, he took from the world what he needed. He didn’t want to be a parasite anymore than he had to be.


Jim cupped several hands of blood and drank it. Trying to give his needs the flesh it desires by doing something that wouldn’t stuff him anymore. Thankfully it did. He got up, buried what little remains were left in a shallow grave he quickly dug, then left. Like it never happened. He felt tired now, maybe from being full, maybe from the emotional weight finally breaking him. Either way, he was happy he would be able to return and sleep. Jim stopped and groaned. He was covered in...well..person!. He couldn’t just go back! Only thing around here to clean him up was some water fountains. Jim thought maybe he should just go home. Bathe. Get yelled at. Punished. He didn’t care anymore.


he couldn't just let Toby wake up and suddenly ‘poof’ Jim’s gone. Toby deserved a good life. Jim wanted to make sure he had one. Jim had the small voice in his head saying that he was trying to live vicariously through Toby. Maybe that was true, maybe it wasn’t. No matter what though, Jim was jealous of Toby’s life. At least, the part where he could just be a regular human. Not a freak who shouldn’t exist. Just some small blight on the world slowly growing bigger and bigger to consume it. Jim wanted to be better! He didn’t know how to though. He saw, and he read, and he watched, and he even participated in ‘being normal’, but it never took for very long. Why wasn’t he allowed to do what Toby could do? Or anyone else for that matter! Fate wasn’t kind to him. Or maybe it was. Maybe this was some kind of punishment for even existing. Maybe he was tantalus in troll form, always trying to reach out to humanity, but always having it just beyond his reach. Maybe Jim did something bad and was somehow reborn to atone for his sins in some way. Maybe he was a human who did something horrible and now wants to get it back. Jim was too tired to think anymore. Everything hurt, everything was sore. He just wanted to go to some dark corner and be numb to the world. Good thing he didn’t drink, he would have ruined his liver by now.


Jim had walked to a water fountain and drank from it, swishing the clear fluid around and swallowing down the gore in his mouth, the meat stuck in his teeth, the blood dried around his lips and mouth. Cups of water, splashed onto his face, his fur was too thick to really get wet, or at least it would take too long to soak it. At least his mouth and face were clean. The rest of him was a mess. At least his torso was. Shit. He forgot all about his cloths. He was only wearing a basic T shirt and some shorts. He could just eat the shirt and ditch the shorts someplace, hide them well enough so no one could find them.

So there he was. Running around in only his boxers through the cold night, sneaking around and heading for a small stream near Toby’s house, it was the only ‘shower’ he could have without ruining Toby’s. His body shivered as he now stood naked in the stream, washing himself off and shaking like a dog. He didn’t feel much from the cold, he was used to the cold in the darklands all his life, so this was nothing. Jim made a small giggle, the strange sight of him just walking around wet and in his boxers, imagining what anyone else might think if they saw him. He slipped into Toby’s home, dried himself off with a towel then tried to eat it, only to feel like he was on the verge of barfing from being too full, then slipped into some cloths before collapsing into his nest. He decided tomorrow he will take a real shower. He looked over to see Toby, still sleeping and quiet. Not knowing what horrors Jim just committed. Jim seemed to go full circle. Now there he was, looking himself over once more, like how he did before he left almost two hours ago. He groaned and looked over to Toby once more. He whispered


“I’m sorry for wanting to eat you Toby. You don’t deserve to be around a monster like me. Why do you care? I wouldn’t care if I were you. you’re too good for me. I shouldn’t have ever come to the surface. I just ruin everything I touch. You deserve so much, I don’t deserve anything. I just take and take and eat and kill. I give nothing back. What am I going to even do to the world? I’m just going to lord over people, who are going to just be cattle. I don’t do anything to help anyone or make lives better. I only ruin them. I ate someone tonight Toby. I killed and ate someone. I’m a monster. I don’t want to be like this but...i HAVE to...i feel like I’m being ripped apart by so many things. I just want to drown it all out. I feel like you are the only rock in this shit storm of emotions I have right now. I promise, I’ll never hurt you. I’ll never eat you. I’ll protect you with my life. you’re probably the most important person in my life, well, top 5. I need you so much Toby. I feel like I’m going to die. Okay that sounds really weird. You’re my best friend, you’re pretty much my real human contact in the world, yeah we have all our friends, but still. You were my first friend. That means a lot to me. I’m sorry for being a monster. I wish I could be normal. I want to make sure you have a great life. I don’t know how, but I’m going to make sure we can both be happy and be friends still. Even if we for some reason stop being friends. I won’t hurt you. I wouldn’t want a friend like me……...I’m tired now. Goodnight Toby.”



Jim was tired, he hardly was able to sleep. He sat down at the table next to Toby while his Nana hummed and went about her own business
“-sound cool Jimbo?” Jim snapped out of his half awake state
“huh? Sorry I wasn’t paying attention”
“that’s okay, I said do you wana take a walk? I feel like I need to stretch my legs, come back, hangout, play video games, then TV or movies or whatever, then tonight we actually go to the movie theater since you actually can tonight! Gonna be fuuuun!” Jim smiled and felt a warmth of joy wash over him, a small amount at least
“yeah, that sounds great”
“you okay? you’ve hardly touched your breakfast”
“yeah I’m fine, just not really hungry, stomachs kinda upset from last night I guess” Toby smiled, threw a grape into the air and caught it in his mouth, looking back at Jim with an eyebrow wiggle. Jim laughed and felt himself perk up more. Today’s a new day. All that matters is their friendship. Every other part of his life can be left alone. At least, for the time being.


“-and then I was being chased by this giant marshmallow, weird right? Then the dam exploded and suddenly I was on a train watching a movie” Toby talked about his dream happily as he jumped from rock to rock. The two walked along a stream in the woods, ignoring life and getting away from everything. Nothing but the peace and quiet of nature. It made Jim feel relaxed.
“so, you have any weird dreams Jimbo?”
“nah, not really. I actually can’t remember them if I did have one last night”
“so, how’d you sleep?”
“eh….not...that great”
“yeah, I usually have trouble sleeping anywhere that isn’t my bed. Welp, we’re here!”
“here where?”
“here here! This is a place I used to love to play at when I was a kid. I would just splash around, throw rocks, yell at birds, pretend to fight giant robots, you know, kid stuff”
“well, I never imagined myself fighting giant robots, didn’t exactly have those kinds of things back when I was a kid”
“oh, yee old year of Ad.1”
“haha, I’m not that old!”
“you are an old man, my best friend who’s an old man” Toby sat down on a large rock, he pointed his foot over to one next to him.
“alright, there. Happy?”
“so, what are we going to do now?”
“well, look at our reflections”
“oookay. Kinda dull”
“nah, just. Look.”
“so, what am I looking at?”
“your reflection. And also mine”
“ooookay. Yep, that’s us”
“you wana know what I see?”
“a fish?”
“well that too. But I see myself, and my best friend. I do see we’re two different species, buuuut that doesn’t matter to me. No matter what, you’ll always be my best friend! I like you for who you are. Not what you are or what you do. Everyone has problems, some not as big or sever as others, but we all go through stuff.”
“thanks, same to you I guess, sorry I don’t really know what to say”
“that’s fine!. Well, like I said, no matter what. we’ll be best friends……...”


“a lot of stuff is starting to connect. I uh...well…...please stay here okay?”
“oookay, I promise I won’t run away or leave” Toby took a deep breath and looked at their reflections.
“i want you to relax alright?”
“okay, all relaxed”
“I’m...kinda a light sleeper….” Jim’s eyes started to slowly go wide. His heart pounded faster.
“it’s...well...i...yeah. I….i don’t think any less of you Jim. But...i...kinda do want to talk about it….you know me, I know how to keep a secret. No matter what. Besides, nothing bonds two people like sharing a dark unspoken thing haha! even though we're going to talk about it” Jim started to feel numb again. He fucked up. Like he always does.
“i eat people Toby…..I’m a monster”
“I’m not here to judge you Jim. But I want to understand...”
“i….i come from this kind of troll who….well...we….eat people. I have to Toby. Or else I’ll die. I’m not being over dramatic or anything. I mean it. I will die if I don’t eat.….when….if I go without eating...i….i feel like I’m getting weaker. I feel like I’m getting sick. I feel like my body is screaming at me and won’t leave me alone. I... I know this is going to happen. I know how my body is going to...well...and...i wish I could stop. I don’t want to be a monster anymore.” Toby spoke calmly and….helpful
“I’ve seen you eat plenty of other things, those...don’t help?” Jim shook his head no.
“’s...kinda like getting a new battery? Like, you run out of juice and recharge?” Jim nodded yes.
“I’m sorry..i….i don’t know what happened...recently things have just...” Jim started to choke up. He noticed he was suddenly being hugged by Toby.
“i...i really don’t know what to say. Not everyday your friend tells you they eat people….so….all those disappearances ….”
“….well, mostly...some people actually did disappear and I don’t know why, other’s….” Jim wasn’t sure if he should even bring up his brother. Well. he’s too far gone anyways.
“my brother. We….eat people.”
“and you don’t want to anymore”
“no….i want to stop but I can’t….I’ve tried every other kind of food, meat, everything, even cats. None of yours don’t worry. But nothing helps. my body just relys on it so much….i don’t even know myself anymore.”
“have you...always...”
“huh, really? People have only started to go missing like, 5 months now”
“well, I didn’t always hunt-uh….well...not here….only...recently...”
“well, people do the same. We do the same with animals….but...i...I’m here for you. I don’t know how to feel about this. No matter what, you’re my best friend. So, hunting grounds huh? Like a lion?”
“i guess so yeah”
“a lion prince huh? Sounds familiar” the two chuckled at that.
“ taste like? I mean, like, people think about that all the time right? Some people say we taste like pork, that one guy from japan said we taste like fish or something.”
“it’s...hmm….no?’s...hard to describe. it’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever eaten. Its the greatest flavors and tastes and textures and you get this huuuuuge high from it and-uh...i...shouldn’t be….talking like this...”
“how often do you need to...ya know...”
“it used to be like, once in a while. Now, I don’t know, my body’s started to tell me to eat like, at least once a week.”
“i noticed a lot of people, well, most of them..were assholes...and...did bad stuff….was….that on purpose?”
“yeah...i...try to go for people who aren’t good people...”
“thin the herd I guess? Haha...well...yep this is awkward. But I don’t think any less of you. we’ll be friends to the end. And then you can eat me when I’m dead” Jim suddenly snorted out laughing
“well I mean, I’m dead! You gotta eat! Why not?”
“you’re so ridiculous...i love it”
“well, I mean, I probably taste good right?”
“maybe! You might! Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!” the two laughed for a good while before things got quiet again. Toby let go of Jim, then put a hand on Jim’s back
“so...if you ever need to….battery needs to recharge...just...come talk to me first...or...after….well when you clean up I mean...point is. I want to be there for you. If you feel like you’re going to snap. I’ll be there for you. We don’t have to talk or do anything, we can just hangout”
“that….actually makes me feel a lot better. This whole conversation actually. bunch of stuff is off of me.”


“glad to have helped! So….thanks for, ya know, not eating me”
“you mean a lot to me. I’ll eat you last”
“phew! Oh good, I was afraid you would eat Claire last” Jim started to crack up
“trust me, you’re last. Save the best for last I guess”
“never thought in my life I’d be joking about my best friend eating me...Jim….you might be a monster. But you’re my monster. That won’t change. If I can help be your ‘human’ side, then I will.”
“thanks Tobes.”
“so...the whole thing with your brother saying I’d go missing….”
“he actually was joking about that. But yeah I did technically say you and our friends are on my menu, no one else gets to eat you guys”
“ honest...if out of our entire friend group, who’d you eat first?”
“I’ve….honestly thought about this before…..i want to say Shannon, she seems the softest”
“I know you said you can keep a secret...”
“i can, and I will. Even if the po po gets me. Besides, even if I did say it, no one would believe me aaaannd you’d prob eat me for ratting you out”
“all of that is very true”
“bleh! no. too old”
“phew! That’s nice to….anyone else you’ve thought about...recharging...”
“honestly, it’s kinda come and last night….i felt like I was going on empty...head started hurting and brain went...stupid. So, I just took whatever I could find. Some poor guy jogging at like, 1am. Who does that?”
“yep! Judging for someone jogging at 1am while you ate him”
“hey he practically asked for it!” the two laughed more.
“so….after you do it….do you feel...bad?”
“i...used to not….like at all...i just saw people as potential food. Like….walking steaks or chicken nuggets. But then, well, I started to see people as...well...people. You actually helped me do that. You and Claire. both of you showed me that everyone has thoughts, and emotions, and don’t know...sometimes I do”
“wow...helped all of humanity huh?”
“i guess so!
“so...all of those times I told you to be careful cause...”
“yep! I told you I was the most dangerous thing around.”
“and then you ate everyone”
“yeah pretty much”
“is it weird that this is super casual now?”
“nah, at least I don’t think so”
“so, you’ve never been like, just prepping me to eat right? Like someone ‘turning me into the perfect meal’” Jim laughed loudly
“no! If anything I’ve been helping you avoid it!”
“so...if I have any more it weird if I ask?”
“uh….i don’t...think so...i mean. it’s all out in the open now. Why not? You know my darkest secret, you saw my brother, you know I’m a prince. you’re LITERALLY the one person who now knows about everything. there’s literally nothing left to hide….well...ooone thing….wana see a cool trick?”


Jim closed his eyes and breathed. He let go….
“whoooaaa! that’s so cool! Wait, so you DID glow!”
“yeah...neat huh? it's super weird though, i used to glow blue now...i glow orange. I don't know why”
“so, is this like, just a glow stick thing or helps you hunt or something”
“ppffft! No! it’s just….i don’t know how to explain it. My dad can do the same thing, my brother can’t though. But this kinda...makes me stronger? Like, I feel stronger and faster. But it’s really hard to maintain and it makes me suuper tired after”
“like some final form power up? That’s bad ass!”
“yeah, I guess it is” Jim ‘powered down’ and smiled at Toby. Weirdly being super supportive. Then again, that’s how Toby was
“so… feel good big guy?”
“battery all charged up?”
“yep! Good to go for the next few days or whatever”
“so….does it like, help spread it out if you eat other stuff?”
“sadly, no. that just makes me not be hungry like, well, what food does, then my….well….when I need to recharge, that’s a different...hunger.”
“good to know….so...those fangs and sharp nails and claws...all...from your dad?”


“eh, more like mom, I actually take after her, pretty much in every way, except for the glowing, that’s like, literally the only aspect of my dad I have”
“thanks for everything Jim, being my best friend, not eating me, protecting me, and everything. If anything I don’t deserve you! you’re amazing in your own ways, I was just the quiet overweight looser no one wanted to talk to. Then here comes this awesome looking dude who’s right next to me, awkward as all hell, and I thinking ‘oh shit do I have a shot? He doesn’t know me or anyone else, maybe he doesn’t know how much of a looser I am!’ and I asked for a pencil, you ate it-”
“i thought that was like, some human gesture!”
“-and we talked and well you know the rest”
“i kinda...clung onto you like a tick”
“hey, I didn’t mind! I loved that I finally got a friend! I still love every bit of attention I get from you! Why do you think I’m always pumped when you say you can hangout?”
“well, if more people knew you, I’m sure you would have a ton of friends”
“eh, people suck, you eat them, good enough for me”
“wait you’re glad I eat people?”
“well, the shitty ones I mean. Okay, like, the whole ‘no one truly deserves to die’ but, people are terrible, you make them go away, and I just...kinda ignore it and we be best friends. I mean, I do find myself weirdly okay with this, I think somewhere in my head I’m freaking out so much I feel calm. I don’t know, it’s kinda like...hmm...well, having the most dangerous thing want to protect you, not zero in on you like a hawk to a mouse”
“well, you never know! I might get hungry and too lazy to bother with hunting, and hey! you’re right in front of me!”
“hey no fair! You promised!” the two laughed more together.
“our friendship is weird. I love it.”
“i love it too Jimbo. So, at least now we have even more stuff to talk about, so now that I know all three of your ‘big mystery life’ pieces, can I get the rest of the info?”
“yeah, nothing else to hide. Family, prince, and eating people, the big three!. Well you know how the whole ‘no one knowing if gumm-gumm’s are real or not?’”
“you’re a gumm-gumm?! Eli was totally right! Shit I owe him money now”
“THE most hated and ‘kill on sight don’t ask questions’ tribe of trolls. So, dear old dad wants to leave our kingdom. Thing is, he has this magic spell curse thingy on him, if he leaves, boom he insta dies, no revives or plus ones. So, he’s waiting for us to find something to break the thingy. Then he comes up top, and we all live together as one big happy people eating family.”
“so...that’s it?”
“yeah pretty much….i mean...I’ll be honest….there’s prob going to be a big nasty war…..humanity….well…”
“oookay now THAT’S freaking me out, let’s just go back to our casual convo of you eating me”
“one quick thing, I don’t know when he’s getting out. No one does. So hey, it might not be until like, a 1000 years from now, or tomorrow. Anytime really”
“well that puts my mind at ease. One day wake up ‘oh look the end of the world, anyways Jimbo you wana play this new game?’”
“HAHA! Basically. Well, you’ll live with me, if that helps ease yourself”
“and everyone else?”
“live with me”
“that’s...let’s not go there.”
“cheerful. Anyways so yeah, eating me” the two laughed yet again. The day was weirdly going well so far.


“Jimbo I do gotta make them suffer?...”
“no, I try to be as quick and do it as painless as possible. I’ve gotten really good at it, wana see?”
“i mean, I’d be dead”
“ahaha! True”
“so...when you get….running on low...what happens exactly?”
“oh..uh...well...i...kinda go everything goes back to normal”
“has there ever been a time where you couldn’t recharge? What happens?”
“well, there’s never been a time when I couldn’t so, I’m not sure. I might take a bite out of you”
“eh, You’ve bitten me before”
“yeah by accident! And not to kill!” there was a strange but comfortable silence. Both of them looked at their reflections for a while. Toby looked at Jim and asked
“so...have you ever eaten a troll?….can you do that?”
“yeah actually I have, a few times”
“how? Can you eat rocks?”
“noooo, see when trolls die, they have flesh and blood, rock hard, but edible. So I eat up, then I’m done. Thing with trolls, after they die, their bodies quickly become stone, so it’s kinda like a race to the finish”
“oh, neat. What do trolls taste like?”
“meh. Like, people, 10/5. trolls, 3/5. they’re, okay. Very tough, but really filling.”
“huh I just realized. Are you a cannibal? I mean, you’re not a human or a troll. So, you’re technically not eating your own kind and that’s like, the def of a one. Buuuut you are half and half, so are you half of one?”
“huh…..good question, I dunno. Maybe?”
“so...this morning when you didn’t really eat, were you still full?”
“ohhhh yeah, I am stuffed! Usually after a person I get suuuper full. Sometimes I can’t even finish a whole person”
“oooohhh THAT’S why a lot of them are just really…..messy…’s weird that I’m glad I know all this stuff...kinda like...bumping around in a dark room you don’t know, suddenly someone turns on the light, it hurts you eyes for a few moments, but you can see clearly now”
“sooo, anymore questions about my diet?”
“so, you have TOTAL control? Like, you won’t just randomly snap and go feral? I love you Jim, you’re my best friend, but I reeaaaalllllyyyy don’t want to die yet, I’ve never even had a girlfriend! Promise you’ll at least let me kiss a girl before chowing down on me”
“i promise, and yes I have TOTAL control. I’ll be honest, I don’t know what happens if I don’t eat. I can easily prevent it cause...we’re in a city. But still. So juuust in case, let’s make some code word or something to help me snap back into reality”
“okay! How about ‘oh my god Jim please no don’t eat me I don’t want to die’ sound?”
“funny. A bit too wordy though, how about….just Jimbo? Try to remind me of my life and how you’re friend not food. At least yet, I still want you to get a big plumper before I dig in” the two chuckled and relaxed. Jim sniffles and scratches his chest
“this is weirdly therapeutic to me”
“Well I’m glad to help, any time any place”
“So, want to keep walking?”
“actually that was kinda just to get you out here”
“well it worked!”
“so, let’s head back and hangout, sound cool?”
“totally!...just… one can know...not Claire, not our friends, not the neighbors, not even the mailman”
“not the mailman?! But I tell him everything! I dunno if I can keep it from him”
“Well, guess I’ll just have to eat you both” the two laughed and made their way home.



In the darklands, Gunmar sat on his throne, angry, hardly holding it back. He demanded Blinky come to his side at once. The moment Blinky had rushed over Gunmar have practically roared out
“why hasn’t my son come home?! You know about these ‘exstin cris’ EXPLAIN!”
“believe it or not but there is nothing to worry about, Bular has informed me that Jim is staying in one place. At his friends domicile. He's growing is all. He needs do humans put it....stretch his legs?..hmm....well, no matter what, he just wants to spend time with his friends, he feels too much pressure as of late. He needs to have breaks. We don’t want him to break mentally or emotionally. He can only take so much. let him have this. he has been through so much in such a short time. This is just like his...mating habits….once he’s sown his seeds, he will relax and no longer do these sorts of things.”
“hm….fine...i shall withhold my anger.”
“this is all perfectly natural for the growth of the human mind. Like I said, once he’s gotten it all out of his system, he won’t act up like this any longer. Just let him get it alll out”
“hmmm….you are correct. I forget he still is growing. I will let him have this, you have yet to fail me, so I will put my trust in your words”
“as I’ve never failed you before, your trust is placed well upon me”




3 days.

It’s been three days since Jim had stayed at Toby’s house. He’s never been happier, or at least, this sort of happy. The kind of happy only his human life can provide. Jim hasn’t felt more human in a very long time. He started to feel fulfilled, warm, the stress of life melting away. He wished he could live like this everyday. The only things that ‘spring up’ from his ‘usual life’ was Kanjigar or Draal coming to check up on him. He says he’s fine and he’s been here the entire time. Both are relieved to always hear that. The last death was far far away from this home, so there was no possible way for Jim to have been involved. And of course, they would touch and tap him with the gaggletag, Jim didn’t fight it, he liked that he eased their minds. Plus it did also give him more extended time to have fun, which he was willing to do anything to get it. Toby loved that Jim stayed over and just, was around! For a long time he hadn’t seen Jim, or really hear from him. Sometimes Jim would pop up, then leave for a while, then come back for a bit. This truly was the most time he’s probably spent with Jim continuously, uninterrupted. On Jim’s gumm-gumm side, He was surprisingly left alone. No news or visits or anything at all! It was almost too good to be true. He didn’t have to plan or hide his lives. No stress about that whatsoever. Jim did go down to trollmarket to get more of his things, bedding, clothing, soaps and deodorants, classwork, hes almost taken nearly half of his stuff to Toby’s. Draal was actually worried he might have left forever. Jim always told him he was just having a little ‘break’ from life. Draal was happy Jim was happy. It wasn’t Toby Jim got to spend time with, it was all of his friends! Their group actually did, well, normal human things! Go to places and eat, talk, hangout, go to the movies, go to parks, go to the mall and shop. A lot of them asked where Jim got his money from since he didn’t have a job, Trolls don’t use money, and they also lived underground. Jim said he had some connections from traders, trade from trade from trade, eventually brought in actual human money, so he managed to get some since a lot of it they didn’t need. When in actuality he would just stop by the Walt’s office/home, get a bunch of cash, and leave. Although he did have to do a small ‘check in’ and answer questions. Mostly of ‘what have you been doing? How do you feel? Where have you been? Are you still staying at your friends home?’ and the like. Like all things nice, they get replaced by something bad…..


Jim and Toby just played video games like usual. Having fun and working together along with fighting each other online. Jim started to get a headache. He suddenly dropped the controller and held his head
“WOOO! ANOTHER KILL! Aww who’s on top now Jimbo? Your half troll ass just got owned by a human!” Toby turned to his best friend, only to see him groaning and holding his head
“you okay Jimbo?’
“yeah, my eyes are just hurting, getting a headache”
“let’s take a break, my eyes are starting to hurt too. Happens when you stare at screens for too long” so they took a break. Then Jim’s stomach started to growl.
“wana order some burgers from our fav place? We can head down there, or have them deliver” Jim felt a frog in his throat and butterflies in his stomach. He started to feel anxious but he couldn’t understand why. He nodded yes, eating will help him. So the burgers were delivered and they ate! After a few bites, Jim suddenly felt very ill. Not only that, but he actually vomited.
“whoa! You okay Jimbo?”
“b-b-burger….m-might not h-” Jim managed to make it into a trash can this time. After a few dry heaves he finally felt better. His body was hungry and shaking now.
“you okay now big guy?”
“yeah, I th-think I’m good now”
“wow, your burger must have had something real nasty in it. let’s sue them”
“nah, I don-t-t f-fell like t-that….shit I’m sorry for hu-hurling all over your floor. I-I’ll clean it up” so, Jim cleaned, Toby helped even though Jim said he didn’t have to, it was Jim’s mess, only right if Jim was the one to clean. Toby was persistent in wanting to help, so no use fighting it. Nana learned about this and made him some ginger tea, something to help ease his stomach. He thanked her and did actually feel better. About and hour later, it kicked in. the hunger, the pain in his stomach. The headache. His chest was rising and falling quickly.
“you need me to get you something Jimbo?”
“n-no I….” Jim’s eyes went wide. He realized what was happening.
“i...i...n-need to….recharge..”
“oh...shit really?”
“….I’ll just be here for you okay?” Jim nodded. His insides felt like fire was burning his intestines. Why was this all happening all of a sudden?!
“have….fun?” Jim’s expression and demeanor suddenly changed. He was….calm. Had an intense stare. He was in hunt mode.
“you’re not eating me...right?”
“no...I’ll be back….i promise to clean myself up before coming home.”
“okay….I’ll...see ya” Jim nodded and left through the window….

Jim somehow felt….better...just….out hunting. The pain seemed to ease as his entire body concentrated on hunting. What luck. A man just snatched a woman’s purse. How cliché. No one was chasing him. All except Jim. He followed the man until he was far far away from anyone to see. Jim made a little noise, drawing the mans attention. Then, quickly jumped at him, and dragged him into the forest, making sure to prevent any cries for help. The purse being dropped to the ground....


Toby was tired of waiting. When Jim first hunted while at Toby’s home, it took Jim two hours to hunt. Toby was afraid something might have happened to Jim, what if he got caught? What if he got hurt? Sure he was big and strong, but still….even if Jim was….recharging, Toby at least wanted to know he was safe. He said goodbye to Nana and left on a new bike Jim bought him as a thank you gift for letting him stay over. The sun was just about to set, giving Toby at least a small amount of time to look. Toby had assumed Jim would have done his business in the forest, however he had to be around actual people, so he rode around Arcadia for a bit. He came upon a police officer talking to a woman. Before he went past them, the office asked to talk to him
“yes officer?”
“hey, have you seen a tall man running around? He just mugged this woman and we’re searching for him”
“oh no I haven’t”
“if you see any suspicious activity report it please. Oh and stay out of the woods, we think he ran into it. He dropped her purse for some reason. doesn’t make sense if you mug someone, run down a few streets just to vanish” Toby swallowed. He knew what had happened. Toby cleared his throat after looking at the forest.
“y-yes sir, will do! I uh, gotta go now” Toby turned around and biked back a bit from where he came from, he could start there…

“Jim? You out here? I know I probably shouldn’t be out here but it was getting late and I began to worry, if you can hear me just...sorta...say you’re alright...” Toby now had been searching for at least ten minutes, it had become night so things got a bit difficult. Of course even if he WANTED to turn back, he had gotten a little lost. Oh well, just keep going in one direction and eventually you’ll just get back to the city, or a road. Soon after he heard some noise. If this were a horror movie, he would have been dead. Thankfully the monster wasn’t planning on hurting him.
“I know this is really stupid, but it was getting late and I kinda got worried you might have gotten caught or something...uh...just kinda...say you’re alright for me..okay? that you?” If Toby wasn’t as loyal as he was, he wouldn’t have done this for anyone else. Well, maybe he would have, he was supportive like that. Toby had went through some tress, using his phone as a flashlight. He found Jim alright. Currently, face in a chest cavity, purring as he ate. Around him wasn’t just a single body, but three. Toby listened to the tearing and cracking
“J-jim” Jim looked up in a daze, he started to recognize Toby. He growled and shouted for him to leave
“yep yep yep! I’m leaving, you were gone for a while and I was afraid something might have happ-”
“LEAVE” Toby left as quickly as he could from hearing that command.


Jim started to climb through Toby’s window to his room
“well, I’m allll better now! Nice and recharged fully, I feel great! So, want to continue playing?” Jim smiled but noticed Toby just sitting on his bed not really paying attention.
“Tobes? You okay?”
“oh uh...hi Jim….”
“what’s wrong Tobes?”
“oh...just...kinda...what happened. I can’t get it out of my head”
“get what out of your head?”
“what about it?”
“ people. Not one.”
“oh...uh...i...sorry..i carried away...hey let’s play something else! Why don’t we doo...uh...this one….I’m really sorry Tobes...i promise I didn’t mean to yell at you...i...i just didn’t want you to see me like that.”
“well….yeah...probably shouldn’t have gone to you...” Jims voice and expression turned to concern
“Why did you? If you knew what was going down?”
“i was worried about you. You took a long time and I was afraid something bad might have happened, well, to you. So, I went around and checked. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t caught or anything.”
“Tobes...i….” Jim rubbed his face then ran both hands over both his horns.
“i am so so so sorry. I did NOT mean to take that long..i...i got carried away and….i just...kinda lost myself...well uh...then you came along and I panicked. I didn’t want you to see me like that. I didn’t want you to see the monster I am.”
“honestly, I didn’t know what I expected. Not like killing and eating people is pretty. I knew it, but I looked for you anyways.”
“i want to make it up to you. Name it and it’s yours”
“stay with me longer, I honestly want to just pretend this didn’t happen. Yeah, it’s nightmare fuel but I think drowning it out with friendship might keep the demons at bay for a while” Jim smiled, but it became sad
“you think of me differently huh? you’ve seen me. What I really am.”
“I’ll be honest. When I see you, I see what I saw. But I see past that and remember WHO you are. Yeah maybe that...and yeah you’ve def changed when I look at you. But everything else overpowers that. You aren’t the monster you think you are. At least that’s what I see. you’re too focused on that part. Focus on the good you. The kind everyone wants to be around, the kind that everyone loves. there’s a reason people want to be friends with you, you think that just happened for no reason?”
“thanks Tobes. Well, you’ve officially seen me eat. Well, now that I will haunt your dreams, why don’t we drown out the demons with dumb shit”
“’ve finished? Like...allll charged up? Don’t need to head back out again tonight?”
“yep! I’m stuffed! No need to worry. Got my fix, got my charge, got my health back, completely satisfied, none of that stuff is on my mind what so ever”
“Good to know! Yeah lets put this night behind us”



2 days.

It’s been two days since the ‘recharge’. Toby and Jim were a bit...concerned after hearing the news from their favorite couple. Eli and Steve had planed to go on a camping trip out in the woods for fun. The city was restless as in one single night three people went missing, only one’s remains were found, so badly damaged, they couldn’t even identify the corpse. The police had fully issued a small curfew to prevent anymore incidents until they could find whoever or whatever was doing this. Jim’s eyebrows nit together.
“tonight. You both want to go out, tonight?” Eli showed Toby and Jim a small map he drew
“yep! Going to follow this trail, look for fun stuff, and then camp out!”
“what if you get caught, you don’t exactly want to get arrested”
“nahhh we’re going to be far enough away! And besides, it’s gonna be fun!”
“I’m going.” the other two boys looked at the now stern Jim
“it was kinda supposed to be a date thing...”
“don’t care. I’m going.”
“are you afraid of the incidents? I know I know, trust me, Steve is the one who talked me into doing this, but we’ll be fine! We have plenty of things to prevent anyone from getting murdered” Jim and Toby looked at one another, Jim almost made a grin, he turned back to Eli
“yeah, I know for a fact nothing like what happened two days ago will happen to you”
“oh? How?”
“beacaaauuussseeee this big strong half troll will make sure nothing bothers the two of you”
“well, except for you...” Toby decided to speak up now
“I’ll go too!”
“well, if Jim and I hangout, then no third wheel to interrupt you!
“ it might be good to be in better numbers….”
“let me run this by Steve” Jim cracked his neck and said
“why don’t I do it?”




The four drove for a while until they came to a small clearing. It was nice. Cozy and a decent size. They set up two tents, one for the best friends, one for the couple. That night they had set up a small campfire, told ghost stories, went night walking, which Jim of course had to constantly jump out at everyone to scare them for fun. Now they had started to talk while sitting around the now lit campfire.
“-anyways so suffice to say, I’m no longer banned from the card shop” Jim was eating a very burnt marshmallow Toby had given him. Jim talked through the goop
“nice” suddenly they all heard a voice behind them, turning they noticed a large troll. Jim was thankful he had already swallowed what was in his mouth, or else he would have choked from surprise

“oh uh h-hey, what uh...what are you doing all the way out here?”
“i needed to be more vigilant. So I expanded my area. I noticed a light and smelled smoke, I feared something might have caught fire, so here I am. it’s very pleasant to see you” just then, Jim started to get a headache….
“y-yeah you too”
“who are these humans? In your company?” Jim’s stomach suddenly felt empty, starving even.
“m-my f-friends, That’s T-Toby, Eli, and Steve” the inner burning started to flare up.
“It’s nice to meet you all”
“O-oh uh, everyo-one this is Kan-j-jigar”
“are you alright Jim?”
“yeah! Totallllyyy fine!, uh yeah so guess what guys, he’s the t-trollhunter” suddenly Eli gasped and suddenly went over and felt the armor and talked quickly, just like he did to Bular.
“online not many people believe you exist! This is amazing! you’re like, a cryptid!”
“I’m a what? You seem rather ecstatic”
“can you fly? Can you turn invisible? Are you fire proof? Whooaaa cool sword! Can it shoot laser beams? Can it cut through anything? Can you-” Jim’s stomach hurt and he rubbed his horn. Oh no…. Toby noticed Jim’s...episode. He walked over to Jim and whispered
“already? I thought you said only like, once a week, and you just had one two days ago”
“i-i-i k-know but I don’t k-know why I h-have to”
“-ohhh you’re horns are soo cool! they’re almost as cool as Jim’s brothers!” THAT got Jim’s attention.
“oops! I wasn’t supposed to….” Kanjigar raised his brow and looked to Jim who was holding back his pain as much as he could.
“i didn’t know that your brother had met them. I wish to meet him as well”
“ohhh uh...thing is...he really isn’t around, he only came one time to check on me” Eli giggled out
“yeah, I only met him once, it’s weird to have known Jim was a prince all-oops!” Eli covered his mouth and looked sorry at Jim, who would have looked daggers at Eli, except he was in too much pain. Kanjigar frowned. Another thing he didn’t know, yet his friends did? Well, they are his friends. But still..
“a prince?”
“well shit Eli.” Jim took a deep shaky breath and steadied himself, ignoring the pain as best as he could.
“yeah….thing is Kanjigar. that’s why I’ve been sooo secretive about my, well, family life. My dad’s kingdom is suuuper tiny and pretty much forgotten. Pretty much anyone could easily invade and take over, dad really doesn’t want to give up the throne. So, he makes us all keep quiet, makes sense. So yeah, that’s why I had to be quiet. ELI wasn’t supposed to say anything. SAME WITH MY BROTHER. NO ONE can know anymore about ANY DETAIL. Sorry, I’m just a bit grumpy that my friend opened his mouth. Well, at least it’s to someone as trust worthy as you are, my trollhunter” Jim made the best smile he could muster up. Kanjigar returned the smile
“ahhhh that makes sense. All the secrets and going back and forth, you’re just trying to protect your fathers throne. I promise I won’t say anything. Tell me, what is your kingdom?”
“it’s really unknown, for that exact reason”
“I’d like a name at least”
“it’s...the...uh..glorb tribe!”
“glorb? I’ve never heard of them before, hm, truly must be old and hidden. Well I will not pry any deeper. Thank you for sharing with me, even if it was only because of loose lips. Well, I won’t keep you from having fun.” Jim smiled, Kanjigar said goodbye and headed off. When he left Jim swallowed down his anxiety and pain, only for it to come back up tenfold.
“we have plenty-” Toby laughed awkwardly and ‘saved Jim’
“hey well, better to have more than less! Jim, I think it’s a great idea for you to go do that. Just, you know, hurry and come back, and everything else” Jim swallowed down a the feeling of throwing up and ran off into the woods as fast as he could.

It was only about a minute later when Kanjigar had come back
“oh jim I wanted to ask you-Jim?” Toby saw him and tried to smile a ‘please don’t ask about Jim, he needs to go eat someone before he dies’
“ohhh uhh heeeyyy”
“Kanjigar. No matter, where did Jim go? I need to ask him something important, and a bit...private. I was hoping to take him aside for a few moments, where did he go?”
“he uh….went….” Eli was too excited to see the big guy again
“he went to the city to get more smore materials! Can you stay and talk more?! Oh and take pictures?! Steve grab my phone”
“oh, well I will find Jim and escort him through the woods. It is dangerous out. Please be careful” as Kanjigar was turning around Toby shot up
“hes toootally fine! You can go back to your...uh...thingy, Jim’s going to be alright, let’s just let him relax! Like he wants to, he’s fast and will be riiight back.”
“i must see to his safety. Thank you for-”
“NOOO! uh...why not here! Until he gets back! Then you two can talk and we can all roast marshmallows and have fun!”
“please do not interrupt me. Yes, that does sound enjoyable, but I must see to his safety. it’s not safe in these woods. Perhaps I shall once We’ve returned”
“realllyyy shouldn’t gooo..uh...what about us! We might need protection!” Kanjigar sighed. This human was starting to irritate him.
“yes. But no troubles have happened anywhere near here. I must go guard-”
“NO. I must leave. I shall return with Jim. Goodbye. Stay safe. Oh and your mellow is on fire”
“wh-AHH” Toby pulled it back and was blowing on it, by the time he looked up, the large troll was gone.
‘pleaaassseee Jim don’t get caught! Please get your fix and hurry!’


Jim was digging into a fresh kill.
“soooo goooooood” he moaned through a mouthful. He was savoring every bite. His body seemed to finally become silent, his headache left him, and overall, he felt better, no longer on the verge of breaking down. Jim was in total bliss. He needed more. He just didn’t feel satisfied, even though he was starting to get full again. He thought about drinking more blood…
“Jim.” Jim’s world came crashing down around him. Time had froze. His heart stopped beating. Life seemed to become completely nonexistent. Standing in front of him was Kanjigar.

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To a troll, a human life is as fleeting as the sun, rising up early, aging progressively, and then setting, all within such a short amount of time. Humans have no grand perception, they can’t have the wisdom of thousands of years, even if they learned, history is slowly broken down, parts made up or forgotten, some of it lost or lied about as well. Trolls, roughly, lived alongside humans. Mostly keeping to themselves as the human world was too fast, too chaotic to handle. One day you wake up and a city is born. You come up to the surface after a few days and suddenly an entirely new empire has risen. it’s said that love, is timeless as it is powerful (cheesy right?). No matter what, it will always make it’s way into others no matter what time, place, or who it is. The world is ripped between chaos and order at all time. Nothing truly stays still for very long. Except love. Love and the creations it makes.


No one knows when Half trolls started to come into life, born from two things that shouldn’t have ever thought to come together. Throughout history, Half trolls seemed to just start existing. Love and life, shared together and entwined through physical forms to create something altogether new. Altogether…..unnatural.






A stain on the world.


No one ever asks to be born or made. Life forces us into existence to live out our days until they end. Some live simply because they must. Some live because nature pushes them forward, a biological fear of death. Some simply fear death, they wish to prolong their lives to avoid it as much as they can purposely. No matter what the cause or thought may be, everyone lives and dies eventually. Born from the world and die on it. Never truly leaving or moving as the world is always the world, no matter where you go, you’re still on the same surface as everyone else. Life itself is a mystery. No one ever knowing the ‘true’ answer to everything, everyone speculates and have their opinions, but no matter what, we’re all the same. So what about those that aren’t? Those that are debated if they truly are naturally or not. Life forced them into creation, yet they have no true will of their own. Shackled to someone else at all times, for safety, slavery, servitude, or fear of all else. it’s nice, to be around the strong, someone who can protect you, provide for you, keep you safe. Who wouldn’t want that kind of thing? But what do you give up in return for this? How much are you willing to pay to get what you want?. Almost all trollhunters have had a ‘pet’ half troll. A squire to a knight. A butler to a master. A home taker for the home maker. it’s nice, to be next to someone strong enough to keep you safe, keep you alive and protected. At the cost of your own free will? But a lot of times, those who aren’t born to serve chose to do so willingly, the perks are great, the job is difficult at times, but no matter what, Everyone seeks the chance of love. Of a warm tenderness, something and someone to come home to. Someone to share your victory with. Love comes in more types than anyone realizes, sometimes its romantic, sometimes its platonic, sometimes its the love for someone you care for, sometimes its a love for family, sometimes its a love for your neighbors, sometimes its a love for friends. In the end, everyone wants someone, even if just for a short while.


Most half trolls are forgotten in history, ignored or banned even. Very few times do others see half trolls as something beautiful, something wonderful, instead of a sickening offense to nature. Half trolls were created through love, or rough balls deep bed breaking orgasm inducing pleasure. What? Did you really think I’d type something without fucking with it? XD

Half trolls are considered a mistake, something that cannot be undone. Some places forbid the existence of their kind, some forbid them from reproducing, some consider them less than trolls or humans so they are raised to simply serve. The most famous of half trolls have been recorded by being owned by a trollhunter.

One of the most famous half trolls, was a male beta named Angus. He belonged to Deya, and together they had won countless fights, battled impossible odds, overcame any obstacle in their way, adventured to places unexplored and unknown. He was praised as a hero for aiding Deya, even if he never had direct credit of being a hero for himself. Then something terrible happened one fateful evening, the final day of Angus’s life. While the two battled scores of gumm-gumm’s Deya was about to be killed by a creeper sun poisoned dagger. He took the blow for her and died. His body limp and lifeless as it fell to the ground, only to shortly turn to stone. Out of pure grief and rage, Deya slaughtered the remaining gumm-gumms. She mourned for his loss for the rest of her life, she truly loved the half troll as the greatest friend and ally she would ever know. He was finally praised as a hero in death, sacrificing himself to save his trollhunter. Some argued though that this was his job, not just from being owned and serving a trollhunter, but by simply BEING a half troll. His life was worth far less than that of his ‘superior’, it should have only been natural for him to willingly sacrifice himself to save the ‘better beings’. Deya would lash out at any who dared speak of him that way. He was a hero plain and simple, she made sure everyone knew. From that story, many eyes had become open, or at least more aware, of what half trolls could be. However this wasn’t for the right reasons. They saw half trolls as how USEFUL they could be….

HELPFUL. When you applied that word to a half troll, it typically was demeaning. A ‘modern’ term to use to make it seem less like servitude, even though it was quite in fact the same. Half trolls are meant to be helpful to those they serve. With no one real place to go, most half trolls just wander aimlessly, trying to find someplace where they could just belong. They don’t have their own culture, history, or traditions. Half trolls were, and still are, just a tag along to another culture, history, and traditions. In today’s world, it’s considered something of a higher status to own a half troll, simply because of their rarity. If a half troll was lucky, they wouldn’t be sold or bought like merchandise, instead you would hopefully be ‘recruited’ by someone else, giving a good home for work. Protection for servitude and the like. Nothings truly changed throughout history, except that fewer and fewer are existing. Many started to think they went extinct.

One day. Someone will be born to help them. Hopefully. Until then, the half trolls live in the shadows of others, wishing for a better existence.



(Just so you have an understanding. The tune to the music, is based on the winter lantern singing from Bloodborne, Lullaby for Mergo from Bloodborne, Dreaming from coraline, the huntresses humming from dead by daylight)


In the darklands. Devoid of anything ‘pure, good, kind’. Nothing is innocent within these horrid caverns, or at the very least, it doesn’t last for long. The weak are killed and punished, the strong survive and live. The simple rule. The only true rule. The caverns, twisted and distorted. Hate and spite crawls through the atmosphere like the energy radiating from the crystals. Death is always lingering in the air. Life can only survive for so long without being torn apart and changed. An endless cold, a harbinger of ill fate to those that it sinks its teeth into like death, except death is merciful in those vile lands. The cruelest gather together, out of command, slavery, fear, or willingness. Everyone, lead by a single despot. He makes himself known that none escape his grasp within his kingdom. None dare speak against him. His word is law. None are stronger than him, thus he is the rightful one to rule.

Deep within a certain cavern, a small lullaby is hummed. A small music box plays out a bittersweet tune. Deeper within the heart, guards line themselves along the hallways, bowing down as their leader makes his way past them. A large opening with powerful doors are pushed inwards. A tiny figure is laid within a crib in the center of the cave. The hum and the music box came to a slow stop. A hooded figure tended to the infant within his crib. Stopping to turn around and bow to his dark underlord. Gunmar simply walked past him. wordless as well as expressionless. The large powerful figure now loomed over the infant, blocking out whatever small light was shown upon him. The tiny, innocent infant, so small and helpless, so vulnerable, so weak. Typically it would have been torn apart and fed on by now, however this infant was unique. He had the blood of Gunmar coursing within his tiny veins. The second heir. The second son. Gunmars son.

Gunmar spoke softly but strongly
“Blinkous. What is this metal contraption slowly spinning above my son’s crib?”
“Its called a mobile my dark underlord. It spins softly above to relax and soothe him into a more peaceful state. Humans had thought of these.”
“what are these things on it?”
“various objects, differently sized and shaped to help the whelp have his first comprehension of how things are different.” The dark underlord reached his arm into the crib, gently putting a claw onto the whelps small body. The whelp grabbed the claw, touching and holding onto it. Gunmar smiled and felt a warmth within him grow. The small whelp, so small and innocent, looked up at his father with large round blue eyes. Gunmar slowly moved his claw up and down the whelps body, watching the whelp laugh from the sensation.
“he is doing wonderful my dark underlord. Only a month old and he’s already starting to understand his different senses. I think he’s starting to develop taste, he’s reacting differently to certain things.”
“good. This pleases me Blinkous. You are keeping him healthy and alive”
“just as promised”
“yes. You did. Where is Bular?”
“i do not know. I believe he is within the training grounds, although I am unsure for certain.”
“tell a guard to fetch him.”
“consider it finished.” Blinky bowed and rushed out the twin doors
“Jim. My little Jim. If only your mother could be here to look upon you. You won’t let her death go to waste. You will serve me wonderfully. Faithfully and with absolute obedience. I will love you, I will protect you, and you will prove your worth my time and effort. You will be a wonderful son, I can tell. You will follow in my footsteps. You will do as I command. You will have a life of nothing but the best. You will kill, you will thirst for blood. You will sew only death and carnage into the world. You and your brother, my two dark champions. You will be raised properly. You will become the greatest half troll in history. You will show the world, that even a weak and pathetic thing like you, can become the mightiest of warriors with my blood. Jim. My little Jim. Oh Victoria, I would slay half the world for you to just be here to see our son for but a brief moment. I won’t let his life go to waste. The fruit you bore from your death, will become an even greater warrior than you were. He looks so much like you. I can practically see you in his eyes.” Gunmar started to hum softly to the whelp

"I was born from heartstone and you were born from me. my little whelp, you are mine. my love will keep you warm and safe. our home is dark and cold and lifeless, but you are alive and here with me. remember that i will always love you, your fathers here to guide us all.” the large doors opened and the first son stepped into the room.
“you summoned me father?”
“come here. Good. Now look inside. Tell me what you see.”
“i see a whelp, smaller than usual ones.”
“what else”
“i see a half troll”
“what else”
“an omega”
“is that all you see?”
“i see him giggling as you touch him”
“i see him drooling on you now.”
“disappointing. I had thought you smarter than that”
“what have I done to-”
“you cannot even recognize this whelp as your brother. You cannot recognize this whelp as my second son. You cannot see what potential he has. You also don’t see how cute his little horns are.”
“i will not forgive you. Not until you fully accept this whelp as who he is. He is my second heir, meaning if you fail me, he will inherit my throne.”
“yes father. I understand. I will accept him as my brother. I will not fail you anymore.”
“good. Good. I remember when you were a little whelp, only, by now you would have had your first kill.”
“why hasn’t he?”
“he is much like a fleshbag, he needs time to grow and mature”
“how long?”
“Blinkous says it will take many years”
“will he survive that long here?”
“he will. If not, Blinkous will no longer be my adviser, and then tormented for the rest of his life. Death is too swift and merciful. He must suffer as I would.”
“i will guard my…….brother…... with my life.”
“as you should. You will grow a fondness for him, as he will you. When the time comes and he becomes useful, I will give him direct orders, until then, Blinkous is in charge. You, along with everyone else, will do as he says if it is needed in raising your brother.”
“i fully understand father. I will make sure to inform everyone.”
“no need. I will myself. Would you like to touch him?”
“i….fear my strength would harm him”
“mine does not. You will touch him, at least for a moment. I want him to see you, to feel you, to understand you”
“yes father.

Gunmar pulled his arm away, the little Jim whined a bit from the sudden departure. Bular reluctantly reached in and did as his father did
“lighter. Good. Cute, he likes you”
“he’s drooling on me”
“he will do that.”
“he is so….tender….this land is too harsh, too rough for him.”
“do you think I don’t know that?. I will make it so that this land softens, at least here, as much as it can. My whelp, as well as Blinkous, is to be guarded at all times, except during his private times. Then they are to remain nearby.”
“what will happen when you need to call upon your adviser?”
“Blinkous will not leave my sons side. He will take my child wherever he goes, departing only for brief moments when need be.”
“father I must ask….why Blinkous? Why not a goblin? They have far more experience tending to human children”
“i would not allow such a filthy smaller creature to touch and raise my son. Blinkous knows humanity far more than any gumm-gumm, and I will not let my son be raised by an impure.”
“what of the other half trolls? Surely they would know how to tend to their own kind”
“no. they must search the world for any way to release me. The impure control and cover our tracks first and foremost, the rest search, the half trolls are too weak to fight along side my perfect army. They are also the only ones able to walk in daylight and among humans without drawing suspicion, or at least, far less. So they will search, for their entire life. That is all that they are good for.”
“i understand father”
“why do you question Blinkous’s capabilities?”
“i simply fear he may not be able to raise him properly”
“or is It that you fear he may raise your brother against me? Blinkous is far too loyal, and too smart, to do such a thing. His brother hid things from me and formed his own agenda. Blinkous will not. Thus I chose the smarter of the two. I do not need two Galadrigal in my kingdom.”
“does he not mourn for his sibling?”
“he did, however loyalty to me is far more important than anything else. Remember that. If loyalty is questioned, then they are replaced. I have two sons now.”
“i would rather take my own life than to have my loyalty seem questionable”
“good. I would rather keep both sons. How cute, Jim’s chewing on your claw”
“i can barely feel his fangs.”
“they will become deadly, as he will, in time. That is all I called you for, you may take your leave”
“thank you father”
“as a final note, you are above Jim, being the first born, so if he ever acts out of line. Punish him. Not severely, and not until he is grown enough to take one. Human whelps have no concept of loyalty or even basic things, until they are far older. I highly doubt he will be able to do anything for a great while. The worst he can do is soil himself. Or cry. Never forget, I do love you son. I will not harbor anymore love for you than I do Jim. You are equal to me.”
“equal? I am older and stronger and-”
“and have served me well. I understand how you feel. But you are both my dark spawn, I will not favor one over the other, except in certain missions. He will be far less able to attack something head on than you can. And he will become far smarter and able to think things far better than you could. At least that’s what Blinkous informs me, I have known firsthand how intelligent they can become, so I believe him”
“you think me a fool father?”
“no. you are smart. He will simply have more creativity and a better outlook on the bigger picture, the entire plan, and form his own ways to improve it, much like his mother did. He looks so much like her, Doesn’t he?”
“forgive me father, but I cannot tell, he has not grown enough for me to be able to notice her features.”
“understandable, I knew her features far better than you have. Now you may truly depart.”
“thank you father, I will never forget your words”

Bular took his arm out, having the little hands let go of his claw. He wiped the drool off and left. Gunmar stood there, looking upon his second son and the warm happiness swell inside of him even more. His little Jim. He will love Jim, and guide him, and have him become the greatest half troll in all of history, past, present, and future. Gunmar lowered his arm into the crib once more, letting the half troll gnaw and drool on his claw.

"I was born from heartstone and you were born from me. my little whelp, you are mine. my love will keep you warm and safe. our home is dark and cold and lifeless, but you are alive and here with me. remember that i will always love you, your fathers here to guide us all.”


Time passes

Bular and Gunmar walked among their armies, checking on their numbers as well as a reports from the higher ups.
“father, you allowed him chose the hound as his mate? Arrrg is far to powerful to be wasted on Blinkous. He is small and weak and-”
“and has a higher intelligence than almost all others. His intelligence combined with Arrrg’s ferocity, blood thirst and strength, will create perfect hounds for my armies. Able to think and plan around the enemies strategies, able to overcome obstacles when needed, able to do quick decisions and change plans when needed. Their whelps will be my best.”
“when do you plan on having them spawn?”
“the future, while I would enjoy having their whelps join my ranks, which I no doubt will rise quickly and prove themselves, the only whelp Blinkous needs to focus on right now is mine. His full and absolute attention. No distractions, nothing else to worry or think about, except my orders and wrath.”
“i understand now father. Once again your foresight is far better than mine”
“which is why I lead and you need to learn. When the time comes and I do retire from the throne, which is nowhere near in the current future, you will need to understand and think like I do. Jim will as well. Study, learn, grow, improve. You have a heavy advantage of being older and more experienced, do not waste it if you wish to inherit my throne.”
“i will remember that father”


Time passes

Blinkous hums, cradles, and rocks little baby Jim in his lower arms while he uses his top to write things, give commands and write letters. Occasionally Jim will make a little goo or noise Blinky would rock him more or gently pet him. After a while, Blinky was finished with his business and retired to Jim’s room. The room was now polished and cleaned out. Sharp stones and crystals, removed or reduced in size, or buffed until they lost their sharp edges. The crib was still in the dead center, the room now had various toys and soft human food lining the shelves that were against the walls. The human books they could find from the surface world were placed neatly in a pile nearby. Blankets folded neatly near the crib.
“there we go master Jim. All tucked in for a nap. Sleep now, I will return to check on you later. You rest and dream of your enemies suffering.” Blinky wound up and started the small music box on a table next to the crib. Blinky also spun the mobile gently. Jim’s eyes slowly closed as he fell asleep.

Time passes

Gunmar grunted in annoyance, Jim wouldn’t stop crying.
“Why does my whelp cry?! Calm him Blinkous!”
“I’m trying my dark underlord, please be a bit...erm….quieter. I think he might be hungry or cranky.”
“then leave and go deal with him. he’s giving me a headache.”
“i will depart, thank you”

Time passes

Gunmar sat on his throne, bored as usual. A small battle had just finished for his amusement. As typical, the two warriors didn’t have much excitement to offer. His strongest were scattered around the world, fighting and conquering, defending and taking lands. Gunmar felt something suddenly hit the side of his head and bounce off of it. He turned to see his son sitting on the ground next to him, looking up at his father.
“do not mind your son my dark underlord, Jim’s learning to throw things. he’s very good at it, he’s been throwing various things all over the place. He actually hit a guard on the back of the head with a rock. Poor thing fell over the edge of a bridge and died.”
“hm. A pity.” the ball bounced off of Gunmar’s chest this time. The ball rolled back to Jim as he stared at his father. Gunmar’s face made a slight grin.


Time passes

Bular was returning from the training grounds. He pushed open his doors to walk into his room when he saw little baby Jim gnawing and slobbering all over the handle of one of Bular’s blades as he sat on Bular’s stone bed, only covered by a few skins of different creatures..
“what!? how did you get in here?! Stop doing that!” Bular rushed over to his bed and pulled the sword out of his brothers mouth. His brother pouted and whined
“no. you are NOT to do this! Stop looking at me like whelp. If you weren’t my…...ugh….brother. I would have eaten you by now. Yeah, that’s right. I would have! Stop looking at me like that. Already on my nerves? I feel a strong bitterness to you, knowing you’re going to be doing this to me for the rest of our lives. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!” Bular picked Jim up by his fur and looked into those tiny eyes with a scowl and a growl. Jim returned the gesture with the tiniest growl.
“what a weak thing. Trying to intimidate me. How do you carry fathers blood? This must be some mistake. You are a HALF TROLL and an OMEGA. This shouldn’t be a thing! Look at you. I could take one bite and you’d be in my stomach. You would have been torn apart within this kingdom by now. How have you lasted this many months?. Well. You will never inherit fathers throne. You may somehow be some, mistake. But I will own fathers throne when he retires. Maybe if you somehow in some strange way, prove yourself capable of even the smallest thing. I might make you my servant.”

Jim squirmed a bit in Bular’s grasp growling and trying to scratch his brothers face. He kicked with his little legs to get momentum to swing lightly. Bular chuckled and found this amusing.
“well, You try and kill the biggest threat. Even if you have no chance. I like that.” Jim just growled again and scratched and bit at the air
“such a tiny whelp that wants to attack me. Why? You are hardly anything. You could never possibly harm me in any way. Yet you strike out and struggle. Hmmm...maybe you are a gumm-gumm. A tiny tiny weak one, but one no less.” the doors behind Bular opened
“ah master Bular, greetings”
“Blinkous why is this whelp in here?”
“i put him here”
“why?! He was drooling and chewing on my sword”
“well that’s dangerous, you shouldn’t leave it out in the open”
“because you’re his brother. No matter what, you share the same blood.”
“i am nothing like this...tiny….whelp.”
“no, but you are still related”
“why. Did, you put this…..ugh….brother….in here?!”
“you hardly, if not at all, see him. He needs to learn your scent, learn who you are. Aww he’s trying to attack you. he’s been trying to attack everyone as of late. He even clawed and chewed on your fathers arm.”
“get him out of here! Never bring him back.”
“then visit him more. Let him know who you are”
“i want nothing to do with him.”
“well, that’s awful for you then.”
“here. Take this pelt and do something with it, wrap it around him I don’t care, it has my scent on it and that will get him away from me.”
“very well.”

So Blinky took both Jim and the pelt and left. Jim looked back and made a tiny growl and bit the air. Bular made a small grin at the little aggressive whelp as it left.

Time passes.

Blinky laid Jim down in his crib. Turning on the mobile along with the usual lullaby. Behind him he heard a low intense growl. Suddenly his neck was nuzzled.
“Not now Arrrg.”
“leave whelp. Visit me.”
“not visit in long time.”
“You know I am to take care of him”
“take care of me” Arrrg nuzzled into him deeper with more force, almost knocking Blinky off his feet
“would you stop that!”
“no. whelp get all attention! I want some!”
“if I do not take care of master Jim, it will be my head, along with yours! Turning to stone and smashed by the dark underlord himself. And that’s IF he’s feeling merciful.”
“need mate. NOW! Pent up!”
“we will later!”
“no! Not later! Always later!”
“do you mind? Give me a few more minutes and I’ll tend to your sexual needs!. Stop being jealous that I’ve given him my full attention instead of focusing on you”
“back from arena. Pent up.”
“you always do get too riled up after killing. Go wait in our room. I’ll be there shortly.”
“fine. Dumb whelp.”
“do not insult master Jim!”
“stupid smelly whelp”
“do you want to be killed?!”
“dummy gross half troll”
“leave! Or else I WON’T return to our cave!”
“ugh! Fine. I go and wait.”


Time passes

Gunmar sat on his throne, watching Blinky approach while he held baby Jim in his arms.
“My dark underlord. Can you believe it? Your son is almost officially one whole human year old!”
“hmm. He’s hardly grown”
“it takes time”
“as you always say.”
“he truly won’t live for very long”
“what is THAT supposed to mean!? Is that a threat?!”
“nonono! I merely mean that half trolls have such tiny lifespans!. The oldest has only ever been around 800 years and that’s from old age. While we live for thousands.” Gunmar’s face slowly turned to surprise and…..fear?. It has fully dawned on him, his second son. Won’t last long. The love of his life, died to give him life. Now he will die so quickly. Hardly lasting more than a few good moments to trolls.
“799 years left.”
“only if he’s as healthy as possible, and dies from old age”
“hmm. He will die from old age. I shall see to this, as will you.”
“of course my dark underlord, I’ve kept him this safe and healthy so far, I will for the rest of his life.”
“799. hmmm…..i need to make sure he won’t be forgotten. My son. Dying so suddenly.”
“we still have many years left, of course if the proper requirements are met and fate let’s him, we shall make sure he truly will become the greatest half troll in all of history, past, present, and future”
“we will celebrate. Every year on the day of his birth, we will celebrate.”
“ohhh! How exciting! Truly everyone will remember him! And entire day, dedicated to celebrating the day of his birth! He truly will not be forgotten, even from this simple gesture”
“no. it will not be simple. It will be extravagant!”
“what shall you plan my dark underlord?”
“hmm...a feast...the greatest!.”
“ohhh how enjoyable!”
“all will attend, all will fight and die and kill and feast in Jim’s honor!”
“oh that is wonderful! Everyone will truly remember Jim!”

Time passes

The gumm-gumms roar and cheer. The fighting, the feasting, the celebration. It was massive and everyone knew know just who Jim was. Truly. Bular, Arrrg, Gunmar, and Blinky sat at the very nearest to the arena. Watching the gumm-gumm warriors fight to the death. Arrrg had just finished a few rounds, tired and hungry, he’s earned it. Blinky held Jim up to the table, about to give him a soft chunk of human. Bular swallowed his bite and said in a somewhat annoyed tone.
“why are you feeding him that? He cannot consume it. it’ll just go to waste.”
“master Jim is old enough to not choke. He will just suckle on it for a bit, it’s good for him to finally get his first taste of flesh, and it being human too!. Here you go master Jim” Jim took a little bite and started to gnaw and suckle on it. Drinking the juices. Some of it dripped down his little chin.
“aww, he enjoys it”
“he’s just sucking the flavor out of it.” Gunmar swallowed and turned an angry gaze to his firstborn
“enough!. Your brother has his first taste today on the day of his birth, do not ruin the festivities with a sour attitude. He will have what he wants. Blinkous is correct. He is old enough not to choke and should have his first feeding. Even if it simply is the juices. It still is feeding him. Now do not complain, there’s more than enough fleshbag to go around, even for your gluttonous appetite. Good my little Jim, sate your new growing appetite.” Little baby Jim looks around as well as listens. The carnage, the gore, the fighting, his family feeding on humans. His life is growing. Ever so slowly. The tastes are making him more hungry than he was used to.

Time passes

Little baby Jim was rocked and cradled in Blinky’s arms.
“there, all nice and snug. Warmly bundled up and ready for our little walk. Yes, we are!. Oh master Jim, these darklands are our home, you will grow and learn to love it here.” Blinky was now being escorted by a little more than a dozen guards.
“see this place? Now you’re out in the open! These are the darklands, our home! This is your first time outside of our inner sanctums. it’s so big isn’t it? Everything you see is ruled by your father. One day when you’ve grown, you might rule it someday too! Oh well, you would have to convince your brother for the throne, something I strongly doubt he is willing to give up. Well, you never know what the future may hold.” they were all suddenly stopped. Blinky irritably spoke
“what is the meaning of this? We shouldn’t be exposed for too long, his little body still can’t handle the intense cold of this-”
“forgive us, but we have spotted rebels up ahead.”
“wonderful. Forgive this master Jim, it happens from time to time. Do not worry, your father will get rid of all of them, he will! Yes he will!”

Time passes
Blinky holds Jim in his arms as he stands next to Gunmar’s throne. A soldier walks up the steps to make a report. Jim wiggles free of Blinky’s grasp. Makes a little growl, and runs on all fours to the guard, headbutting him in the gronk-nuks. The soldier toppled over and groaned, then fell down a few steps. Jim did a little growl, ran around in circles, then headbutted his fathers shin.
“what is this now?”
“your son has started to headbutt things. he’s been doing it all day, so many soldiers and their poor gronk-nuks. He seems to always go for those for some strange reason.” Gunmar looked down at his small son, headbutting his shin and making little growls. Gunmar smiled at the little aggressive acts.

Time passes

Bular walks into his room. Sets down his swords and starts to break some bones apart. He hears a little growl nearby. He turns his heard, listening, looking, and sniffing. Not noticing anything he goes back to what he was doing. Another little growl. Once again, he searches and finds nothing. Then another growl, the same cycle happens a couple more times before he slams his fist on his bed and gets up
“WHATEVER IS MAKING THAT NOISE, STOP. NOW.” a sudden little skitter happens at the edge of his vision, he picks up his sword and gets ready to end the noisemakers life.
“come here, and I will end your life quickly and painlessly.” he suddenly feels something wet and sharp come into contact with the tip of his tail. He swings around, not seeing anything. He feels something small and tingly up his spine. Bular tries to touch and feel, having a hard time doing so. The little growl comes from the top of his head. He quickly snatches and pulls it down in front of his face
“What, you?! What are you doing in here?! I told you to never return!” Little Jim just looked at him with a bored expression before slowly spitting out a crystal, letting it drop to the ground with a wet clink.
“did Blinkous put you in here? Well, answer me! Oh, you cannot speak.” another crystal lazily falls out his mouth.
“why are you eating those? Spit those out. If you die in my room within my grasp father will kill me for thinking I killed you.” Jim suddenly made a strong spit and hit Bular’s eye directly with a crystal.
“ACH. How dare you! You little-” another spit. Jim started to giggle
“Stop that you annoying useless hunk of flesh!” Jim started to twist himself so he could face Bular’s hand, then bite and lick his fingers
“stop that! Those are not for eating.” Bular shakes Jim off, he lands with a plop onto Bular’s bed, Jim shakes his body and runs around in circles growling, before headbutting Bular in his gronk-nuks. Bular gasps sharply and falls to his knees.
“you finally admit you’re his brother.” Gunmar’s voice suddenly sounded
“Your brother had scampered off. Blinkous was elsewhere when this happened. So I followed his little trail of groaning soldiers to your room. To find his groaning brother.
“h-how l-long wer-”
“here long enough to see him spit crystals at your face. Amusing.”
“not for me.”
“get up, you should have stronger ones than any common gumm-gumm, as I do. Little Jim has been running around all day headbutting everyone as he has been for the past month. Blinkous said his energy is starting to grow. Good.”
“why did he come here of all places.”
“he hardly knows you, for a reason I have no idea why.” Gunmar growls a bit in his voice.
“you have more than enough time to set aside and visit him. Or at least tolerate his presence.”
“yes father.” the two watched Jim run around on Bular’s bed, growling and making little noises before tiring out and falling asleep shortly after.
“He’s learning you’re like him. Your scent, your looks, your voice. he’s starting to recognize things, as Blinkous has explained. He can’t figure you out. Fix that.”
“yes father. I will make sure he understands who I am”
“good. Look at him, his little horns are growing sharper, along with his other features.”

Time passes

It was now Jim’s 5th birthday. He suckled on a piece of soft human meat. Looking around and experiencing the same birthday ‘traditions’ his family had made. Everyone was excited when that day finally arrived, at this point everyone knew who Jim was, even if they didn’t care about him. Few gumm-gumms truly care about Jim, while the vast majority simply enjoy he exists because of this fun holiday they get to have!. Gunmar ripped a chunk off of a body, chewing on it, overlooking his kingdom’s feast and holiday treat. He went through a whole lot to plan and set everything up. Everyone was thankful for his efforts, they made sure to openly express it at all times. This day was one of the very few days where Gunmar gave his soldiers a break. They were more than overjoyed when they finally could have a day to relax and not worry about being killed by someones wrath, knowing Gunmar was more or less calm and happy throughout the day.

Little Jim’s eyes looked at the two largest beings. His brother and his father. He felt like he was safe and happy around them. Jim closed his eyes, tuning out the roars of cheers and boos, the wails of agony from death and praise of victories, the crunching and chewing, the tearing and ripping. The grumbling and mumbling, everything was gone now in Jim’s mind. He drank the fluids pouring into his mouth and knew.


He wanted more.


No one knew what the future of Gunmar’s second son would have in store. They would wait. They would see. They would experience what will come.


Jim, sweet little baby Jim.

The life of the unknown.

He was unique and powerful. He would show the world.

What the second son of Gunmar could do.

He wanted more.

Chapter Text

Once more. Deep within the heart of the darklands. Lives a small life, growing and growing, becoming more vicious and gumm-gumm like every day. Every week. Every month. Every year….

Bular walked down a dark corridor and into his room. He heard little giggles and growls as he did.
“ugh.” he groaned lightly in disgust. He placed his swords down and heard the noises again.
“you’re irritating me.” the noises sounded again.
“come out and leave already. I don’t want to have to throw you out. Again.” Suddenly Jim out from a corner and jumped at Bular’s face. The larger brother just pulled off Jim who was gnawing and scratching him, trying to attack him as much as he could.
“little whelp. You annoy me. My brother. I can’t wait until you’re old enough to take the hint of stop. Bothering. me.” Jim growled and gnawed Bular’s arm.
“if you’re going to do this. At least do it upwards, it itches there and your scratching and biting will help.”

Time passes

Bular growled in annoyance. Currently he was trying to sharpen his weapons and tend to his armor at a forge. It was hard to focus, due to a small gumm-gumm brother of his doing his usual scratch and gnaw, except now, mixed with headbutting. Bular’s shins and tail took the hits Jim was dishing out. Frequently Bular would have to push Jim away with his foot, just to have Jim run over and attack him once more. Some soldiers giggled a bit from the cute display. Bular pointed his sword at them and snarled
“feel any kind of humor out of this and your heads will roll from laughter.” they stopped and quickly fled. Jim climbed up Bular’s back and chewed on the tips of his horns. Bular just grabbed him from the fur, extended his arm, and dropped his brother onto the ground. Only to have it happen again.

Time passes

Jim is now 20 years old and was starting to stand on his own two feet. He was clearly having a hard time doing so, but he kept trying. Each time he failed, he fell onto his butt and pouted.

Time passes

Jim sat in front of Gunmar on his throne. Blinky had rushed the whelp into the room for some ‘exciting news’
“now Jim, do what you were doing earlier…...come on… can do it……...please?…...”
“what exactly is this supposed to be?”
“a surprise! Although he isn’t wanting to do it.”
“yes. Apparently. Now take him away so-”
“ohh he’s doing it my dark underlord!”
“what exactly is my son doing?”
“he’s trying to say his first words!”
“his first word is gu?”
“come on master Jim, you can do it”
“he’s saying your name! Well, somewhat. His first word is your name!”
“My name is not ‘gumr’.”
“he’s trying his best, and this show’s he’s growing!”
“Gumr. Gumr. Gumr.”
“Good job master Jim!

Time passes

Gunmar tapped his fingers on his throne in annoyance. Reading from a list his adviser had just handed him. Everything on the list must be brought from the surface down to the darklands.
“why is this list so long Blinkous?”
“He’s growing, his needs are becoming more...complex”
“why does he need this much of food, and all different?”
“humans need a large variety of things to be healthy, if they lack one or another, they will become unhealthy”
“first, he needs to only eat a specific thing. Then he needs to only eat a little. Then he needs to eat a lot. Then he needs to have more food choices. Now he needs even more specific things?!”
“afraid so.”
“succumb to illness. Poor diet. Not enough growth. Having to have very specific things. Having to have a certain amount of things at certain times. Surviving the climates. Needing proper sleep amounts. How do humans live with all these requirements?!”
“they have mastered to gain them, more or less”
“fine. Give them the list and have them fetch everything from it. Do whatever it takes to keep him from dying.”
“of course”

Time passes

Jim was standing on his legs, one hand being held by Blinky while the other plays with a crystal. Both stood by Gunmar’s throne. Jim just tuned out the current death screams from someone failing his father. He was too interested in the glowing crystal in his hand.

Time passes

It is Jim’s 30th birthday. He sat on top of the table, reaching out and chewing on various chunks of meat, only the ones Blinky had given him, the softest ones. He occasionally looked up at the usual sight of fighting and feasting. His eyes wondered over to the large gumm-gumm he’s always seeing around the four armed gumm-gumm who takes care of him. Currently the large one was ripping the head off of another, then smashing the head into another ones chest. Jim just went back to chewing and looking at the food in his hands.

Time passes

Gunmare snorted and then looked at the various objects currently being carried and constructed in Jim’s room
“why does he need all of this?”
“he now requires his own personal utilities. Toilet, bath, sink. As well as shelves for his new books and educational games.”
“what happened to his crib?”
“we’ve gotten rid of it, we have no need for it any longer. He is growing and now requires a proper nest of his own”
“what happened to that space over there”
“we removed a chunk of the floor in order to help construct the utilities”
“and how exactly does this all work?”
“a few different changelings have helped us in working out blue prints and other such diagrams to show how to properly craft indoor plumbing”
“and that little machine that’s making the hum?”
“it’s called a generator my dark underlord. It produces electricity, it’s something humans have used to help fuel and control things, as well as power them. We will need it from this point forward. it’s specially designed to convert the crystal energies into electricity.”
“hm. What else is changing about this place...i can’t tell...”
“oh quite a few things. Those over there are being moved over here. That space is removed to fit those into that spot. Those lining the wall are going to be moved to the other side.

Time passes

Bular snorted in anger. He stood in front of the throne.
“why do I have to?” Blinky leads Jim down the stairs and over to Bular
“because, you hardly spend time with him. He needs your affection and company.”
“why must he stay with me ALL DAY though”
“to make up for the fact that you’re hardly ever around”
“i-” Gunmar snarls and looks directly into Bular’s eyes
“you will do this. You need to spend more time with him. Something you have been failing to do.”
“father, he is...annoying….he always-”
“i do not care what he always does and doesn’t do. You are his brother. You will treat him as so. I will not repeat myself again. If Blinkous says he needs you to visit him, then you will. No fighting, arguing or hesitation.”
“surely I can’t spend every waking moment with him!”
“no, I do not expect you to. I DO expect you to put time aside for him. From this point forward, you are to spend quality time with him once a week.”
“yes father. What am I to do with him though? He hardly can walk on his two legs for very long, he still can’t talk much, he can’t do much.” Blinky put Jim’s hand into Bular’s and said
“you will do simple things. He enjoys attacking you”
“yes. I know. He only attacks me.”
“oh no, he attacks your father just as much. Actually, more, since you’re hardly ever around him. He also attacks me, as well as Arrrg. Although, we find it to be rather cute.”
“he crawls all over me. he’s doing it now!”
“then let him crawl on you. See? He just wants to lay on your head.”
“so I’m to simply wear him like a helmet?”
“not for long. You can also sing to him, tell him stories, simple ones he can pay attention to, you can sing rhymes to him, he really enjoys the one about the gumm-gumm eating the liver, you can play ball with him, he enjoys tossing it around. You have more to do than you think. Be creative as well.”
“fine.” Bular huffed, turned and walked out…

The big burly black bull troll now walked along the darklands. Jim occasionally gnawed on his horns, or pulled his fur, dig his small claws and nails into his head.
“that is my name.”
“oh great. Now you’re speaking. Keep quiet. Take a nap. I don’t care.”
“why don’t you just take a nap like you always do?”
“those are our names.”
“shhh. Go to sleep already.’
“yes. That is us.”
“that is our father. it’s Gunmar.”
“770 years left to go. If we’re ‘lucky’. I don’t see what they see in you. You are a small weak thing. You shouldn’t exist. All this time and energy, wasted on you. You are a tiny, fleeting thing, that can’t even live without so many different things. Take one away and you’re one step closer to death.”
“yes. I was born before you to ‘our’ father Gunmar. I was made, I was perfect for us. Meanwhile here you are, some mistake of fate. Two of the weakest things combined. How our fathers blood made you I will never know. I blame that witch who seduced our father. When she died, I was glad. Our father wouldn’t have to be distracted anymore. But then you had to survive, didn’t you?”
“yes. Jim. Always remember. I get the throne. I get to rule. I get everything. You, a half troll and an omega, will serve me, IF you’re lucky enough to survive any sort of ‘accident’. If something were to happen to you while I am anywhere NEAR the area, it would be my head. I don’t need to kill you directly. I know you’ll end up dead. Being too weak to survive here.”
“those fools. My fathers favorite hound and his adviser. Arrrg should be mated to someone stronger, better. My father gives that omega too much. He thinks himself so clever and wise. So intelligent and tactical. Using fancy words to sway our fathers vision. We shouldn’t be waiting around, wasting out scouts and troops by searching for things that probably don’t even exist. The moment the amulet is destroyed, the moment our father can cross over. I highly doubt it’s powers could reverse whatever curse that afflicts our father, even if it was the thing to create it.”

“troll...hunt...r...” Bular stopped dead in his tracks
“what did you just say?”
“how do you know that word?”
“wait you can understand me?!”
“wonderful. you’d better not repeat anything I just said! If I am to die for thinking these thoughts, I will take you along with me!”
“great. Now I have to be careful even around you.”
“you’d better not talk!”
“are you threatening me whelp?!”
“you’re threatening to talk to our father who would kill me?!”
“are you trying to say you’re going to replace me?!”
“you ARE saying you’re trying to replace me!”
“you want to play ball? Wait. Are you black mailing me into spending time with you?!”
“are you that smart enough already?!. You won’t get away with this you little-what am I doing? I’m arguing with a whelp who can’t even talk or hardly understand me. No one will understand you. you’ll forget this tomorrow. What am I going mad over?”

Time passes

Bular was sharpening his Swords on his arms. A ball taps his foot. He kicks it, only to have it roll back to him. It was another one of his ‘spending time with Jim, your brother needs this as much as you do, disobey my order and you will be punished son’ days. With Jim being old enough now to not be taken care of so much, Bular didn’t have to keep an eye on him every second. Only every other second.
“yes. We are. Whelp.”
“hmpf. What makes you say that?”
“oh, thinking of replacing me?”
“okay now I don’t understand your meaning”
“maybe you aren’t as smart as I thought. Not yet at least.”

Time passes

Jim was running around in the throne room. He had been energetic all day and couldn’t sit still. He was aggressive and agitated, he would attack anyone who came too close, including his family. Bular leaned against a wall and sharpened his swords, he didn’t pay much attention to the little growls of anger and annoyance. Blinky was touching a fresh scar on Arrrg’s arm, enjoying the story of how he got it. Gunmar, bored as all hell, watched his child run around and around and around, like some gnome hopped up on grave sand. Then it happened. Jim tripped and fell, hitting his head he shook it off but made a little roar in anger. All the anger, frustration and energy in him finally released. Like the final pressure to a water balloon. His body glowed bright enough to be noticed by everyone, he slammed his little fists down, making little dents and cracks in the very ground he ran around on not just moments ago. He roared louder, thrashed around and attacked any rocks near him. Then, suddenly he stopped glowing and passed out. Falling asleep quickly while the others try to let it set in.

Gunmar heard the little howl and looked over. His full attention was now on his glowing son. Blink gasped out from seeing this,
“my dark underlord...”
“hmmm...” Bular was stunned to say or do anything. None of them have ever seen Jim even make a scratch on the ground, let alone to dent and crack it. Gunmar got up, walked over to his son and started to cradle him. Looking him over in his arms, trying to find any reasonable explanation as to what just happened.
“my dark underlord, I imagine he just gained a small fraction of your strength, for but a brief moment at least...”
“my son. Just became a lot more...intriguing. From now on, I want a report every time he does this. What caused this, where, and when.”
“of course my dark underlord”
“i want you to pay close attention as well Bular”
“yes father….i...can’t do anything like that myself...”
“No. no you cannot. Yet this one can….hmmm….”

Time passes

Bular has come home from a typical ‘walk’ around the darklands. The first thing he always does when having to spend time with his brother, is having the whelp on his head as he walks around, until he falls asleep. Then Jim would wake up sooner or later, then want to climb and attack his brother, then play ball. Then Bular would have to figure out something that they could both do together. Difficult as it was, he would find something eventually, even the most minimal thing to do that they both could do.
“aww, master Jim’s asleep on your head. Hes kicking in his sleep”
“yes. How amusing.”
“well don’t disturb him”
“oh? So now I just wear him like a helmet once more until he awakens?”
“yes. You know you’re supposed to”
“ugh. Blinkous, I am curious, why does father not spend enough time with him, as I do?”
“your father is very busy. He also spends time with him when you aren’t around. What do you think young master Jim does when he isn’t with you?”
“bother someone else?”
“he is taught, he is played with, he is watched and given the proper toys to have fun with. We have to replace them frequently, he typically always eats them”
“I’m tired of this whelp climbing all over me like I’m some entertainment for him.”
“you are”
“i am not!”
“keep your voice down. Yes. You are.”
“If you weren’t my fathers little pet adviser-”
“oh? You would have me disposed of? Yes I quite see that being beneficial to you.” Bular growled, then stopped as he felt Jim yawn and start to chew on his horn in his sleep
“silence Bular, you’re disturbing him. Now, run along. Enjoy your day”
“smug little-”
“what was that? I surly hope I am allowed to speak nothing but pleasant things about both of you spending time together”
“nothing. Go about your day. Blinkous.”

Time passes

It’s now Jim’s 50th birthday. The celebration as usual is going. Jim has started to walk entirely on both legs, as well as able to form actual sentences. He was smart and old enough to start learning more about being a true gumm-gumm…..


Time passes

Bular stood in front of his fathers throne.
“you called me father?”
“Jim is old enough to start needing to eat more. From now on, he will truly taste human, not just cooked and torn to pieces. He isn’t old enough to hunt, so you will hunt for him. You will go above and bring back kills for him to consume.”
“why not others father?”
“because I want a family member to do it. If I could, I would. I cannot, so you WILL. You now have the responsibility of bringing home fresh kills for him to eat, he will grow his hunger, his appetite for humans, his thirst for blood.”
“he won’t finish an entire human.”
“then you may eat what’s left over.”
“what if I hung-”
“then HUNT. Feed yourself enough, I don’t care. I’m telling you to hunt for him. Bring him home a fresh kill, not a SINGLE bite in it, and let him feed. Then if your gluttonous appetite isn’t satiated, you may eat what he cannot.”
“i will hunt for him father”
“good. It is YOUR responsibility to hunt for him. If he hungers, you will feed him. Do I make myself clear?”
“yes father. Whenever his hunger for humans arises, I shall set out and give him his food.”
“good. Now you may go.”

Time passes

Bular watched Jim dig into his first full corpse. It was...cute. His little mouth and teeth tearing into it, him finding out what he enjoys most out of it all.
“your very first taste of a fresh kill. Be prepared for more brother. Father has tasked me to hunt for you when your hunger arises. Whenever you feel the need to feed on humans. Tell me, and I shall bring home your food.” Jim nodded, his mouth stuffed
“you’re enjoying yourself, aren’t you?” Jim nodded more. a small smile started to form on Bular’s face
“it tastes good doesn’t it?” through his mouthful, Jim tried to make a smile. Bular realized he was fully smiling himself….
Time passes

Bular snarls in annoyance. Standing in front of his fathers throne, he has just been told to finally introduce Jim to their ‘subjects’.
“i hate that den of filth.”
“they need to finally learn of him. Who they will now begin to serve. You will do this.”
“why can’t Blinkous? Or anyone else!”
“YOU WILL DO AS I COMMAND. Blinkous is busy elsewhere. YOU are his brother. YOU are the one currently going about the surface world as my dark champion. Unless you have suddenly decided that you no longer wish for this position?”
“NO! I, no. I will do as you command father”
“Good. No more hesitation next time.”
“yes father...”


Bular left the darklands little Jim riding on his brothers shoulders. He had to lay down however, being too big to just ride as he usually would. Like a koala or an ant eater, etc. He had a blanket covering him, always folded tightly enough to keep him nice and safe, along with being warm enough to travel the darklands far longer than he could have before. His vision was almost completely blocked, except for a tiny bit between the folds around his head. His tiny little voice spoke in curiosity
“Bular where are we going?”
“someplace I hate. A den of filth.”
“because it is un natrual.”
“oh. Why are we going then?”
“you need to be introduced.”
“to who?”
“you will see little brother. Now HUSH.” Jim became still and quiet he saw a flash of green light, he closed his eyes. Suddenly he felt a cold wind, but it was farm warmer than that of his home
“where are we?”
“the surface.”
“yes. Now hush.”
“can I see?”
“not yet little whelp. HUSH. Stay still. we’ll be there shortly.” Jim relaxed himself. He breathed in the air. It was so...fresh! It wasn’t stagnant at all!. His brothers scent always calmed him, but he felt better with the air around him. It wasn’t bright, but his eyes could easily adjust to the dark. What he saw through his little fold were lights. He heard the sounds of many things around him, the small chattering of voices, that sounded so much lighter and pleasant, not rough and deep. The occasional bright flash happened and a strange whoosh was heard. Then a small creak, followed by a few thumps.
“open the elevator impure.” a clink and clunk could be heard. Then Jim felt the strongly disliked feeling of falling, except very slowly. A ding was heard
“welcome to the Janus order.”. click after click after click was heard. Until it was silent. It suddenly got very bright.
“hush. Speak when I tell you to. Right now, be silent.” the sounds of heavy thuds echoed everywhere. The occasional gasp followed by his brothers deep growl. Jim felt them turn, over and over again. Then after a while, he heard a lot of mumbling. Then silence and then a mans voice. In the same soft style as earlier.

“Ladies and gentlemen. We have all gathered here within our base of operations for an extremely important, as well as memorable, event. Everyone as well as all places have been kept in the dark about the news I am about to share with all of you. Us who have gathered here, have the privilege of knowing this terribly important secret, something that shall NOT be shared or spoken of, even to our other brethren. Only those here may know, those that come here, shall have our secret shared with them. Other than that, NO ONE is to speak of this secret.. Now, as you know, our great dark underlord has had his son Bular, his champion, the one who works his will into this world directly. The dark son who has served him as much as we have-” Bular snarled silently
“they are nowhere as equal as I am. They are beneath my very foot. If they even dare think of us, or any troll, as equals. They are dead wrong. Which will cause them to be dead.”
“-and to also never forget about that moment within that week. And with that, the very reason we have gathered here tonight. Bular, please step forth.” many gasped and murmured out before Bular roared out for them to silence. Walt casually and calmly continued speaking
“Bular has come here, not just for any regular mission, not just for any mundane assignment, not just some basic information needed to be share, but for one, if not THE, greatest secret we are now being told. Many years ago, a half troll woman rose through her ranks, doing as commanded so well, she was able to work beside our dark underlord himself! After a while, they fell in love. And with that.


A child was born. Yes, I can tell by your shocked expressions that this clearly was not something you had expected. Many years ago she gave birth, sadly due to unforeseen complications, she had passed away. From her life sprang another. One who bore a child of Gunmar, she will now be considered a holy mother now and for all of time. Just as well as Bualr’s mother. Whom we must NOT speak of, never forget. Now, Bular and his younger brother are here with us. He, who will now be shown to us. He who we will serve from here on out, listening to his every word, his every command. Just like we do for Bular. Just like we do for Gunmar. Bular has brought his younger brother with him, taking him from the darklands to the surface we call home. He will be introduced to us here and now. Believe it or not, but he’s in this very room with us. Yes, I know, you all look around and wonder just where he could be. He is right in front of us. No he is not invisible, but he is here. Now, Bular, please show us. Jim.

Jim suddenly felt his brothers grip lift him up and put him on the ground. Jim slowly took the blanket off. The lights above hurt his eyes and he couldn’t see the audience below. He looked around and saw to his left, his brother, large and annoyed as ever. To his right, was a strange looking man. He wasn’t a troll, he wasn’t a gnome, he wasn’t any creature he’s ever seen before. The man spoke once more and gestured towards Jim
“everyone. This is Jim. The second son of Gunmar. No, this is no joke. This is the truth. As strange and impossible as it seems, it is in fact the truth. And omega half troll. Born from our lords blood. His name is Jim and from here on out, he is our superior. Jim, would you like to say hello?” Jim’s small voice shyly said
“we will always make him feel welcome, accepted, loved. Yes, he is cute, but we should not speak of such a thing. We wouldn’t want to offend anyone now would we?. We are to show and treat him with just as much respect as we do for Bular. He may be small, he may not look like it, but no matter what. He is and will always be, a son of our dark underlord. Never forget, we work for him. Jim, if you ever need or want something, you can ask anyone of us, okay?”
“Bular, why don’t you show Jim around a bit”
“fine.” Bular picked Jim up, wrapped him and put him on his back. As the two walked out the strange man spoke once more
“now, if anyone has questions, which I’m sure yo-” a door closed and the voice was cut off
“Bular, who was that?”
“an impure.”
“why did he look like that? I’ve never seen a troll like him”
“he isn’t a full troll. And he takes the disguise of a human.”
“like what we eat?”
“because he’s supposed to. it’s his job.”
“so he always looks like that?”
“not always. Impures can switch between their troll form and their human one”
“why can they do that?”
“we did dark rituals to create them”
“why did we?”
“to work for us. They are below us. Even below half trolls. Only slightly, but still. Alright little whelp. Time to come out.” Bular grabbed Jim and undid the blankets, setting him down and letting him walk.
“keep pace. Or try to. I don’t want to have to stay here any longer than I need to.” Jim was amazed by it all. Even though it was just white corridors and lights, it was still like nothing the young gumm-gumm had ever seen.
“close your mouth and start walking. Come, we have to go talk to the impure in charge. First we must walk to his office and wait for his arrival. They should be finished with their little speech soon enough”
“who is that?”
“the impure stricklander.”
“the strange man who introduced you to everyone.”
“why are we going to him?”
“he needs to meet you. Truly understand the new flesh and blood that is above them.” as the two walked, Bular had to constantly tell Jim to hurry up. Jim couldn’t help it! All the sounds and sights and smells and people! Everything was sooo new!. He would get strange looks, sometimes fearful ones, like he might kill them at any moment. Sometimes curios ones, trying to understand just who and what he is. Sometimes glaces of affection, he was very adorable after all!. The sounds and lights coming from strange looking objects, like desks Blinky uses for Jim education. They made beeps and boops, hums and tings. They flashed and changed color, as well as occasionally moved around. All the strange people wearing strange masks went about their business, writing on paper or pushing buttons, talking about something Jim had no idea of, and everything of that nature. Finally they had come to an office door, Bular nudge, a bit too strongly, Jim inside with his foot.
“go sit on that chair.” Jim nodded and sat on a chair next to the desk, hardly fitting into it. Bular grumbled in the back of his throat, he hated waiting. One of his MOST HATED things. Jim just sniffed and looked around at the large office. It was filled with various things and statues, carpets and drapes. Swords and masks, and a painting of Gunmar on the back wall. Jim perked up as he heard the door open behind him
“excuse the wait. I had to finish up-”
“hurry up and get this ‘meeting’ over with. I don’t want him to be around you impures for any longer than we need to be. you’ll get your foul stench on him, and I don’t feel like carrying him around all day having to endure it.”

Walt held back sarcasm and spite.
“very well.” Walt went to the shy looking Jim and bent down on his knees, becoming eye level. Then spoke in a kind warm voice
“hello Jim, like I said earlier, my name is Walter stricklander. You may call me Walt for short if that’s easier”
“all of this must be a lot for you isn’t it? Being in a totally new place unlike any you’ve ever been in before. Being surrounded by people you don’t know and all the strange sensations you’re currently experiencing” Jim nodded his head a little in reply
“you don’t ever have to be afraid or feel uncomfortable here okay? we’re all going to be nice and try our best to make you happy, now and forever. I’m always here to talk to if you need anything at all. Even if you just want to sit in here to have a place to relax, get away from everything else if you’re feeling overwhelmed.” Jim did another little nod
“i know I’m a stranger to you, and that’s always very scary to meet someone you don’t know, but I’d really like to know you more, and you know me. I want to always make sure you feel safe and comfortable, not just here, but all the time. I want you to always know that I’m here to help you with whatever it is that you need. Remember, I want to make sure you don’t have to feel shy or nervous to talk to me okay? I’m going to be in your life a lot, and I really want to be someone you can trust, someone you can rely on, someone to always be there for you no matter what it is.”
“like Blinky?”
“Blinky?” Walt turned to Bular who said in an annoyed tone
“the whelp never could say Blinkous. He just called him Blinky, the name stuck and now he just calls him that, not that we care.” Walt turned back to Jim and made another friendly smile
“yes, just like Blinky. I want to make sure you also have fun here! If there is any kind of toy or coloring book or anything at all that you’d like, tell me alright? I might be able to get it for you”
“might impure?. You WILL get whatever my brother demands.”
“Bular. I’m trying to be calm and gentle with Jim. This is how humans comfort children.”
“continue then. Hurry up and finish.”
“as I was saying Jim, whatever you need, whatever you want, whatever help you need. Talk to me, never feel like you can’t alright? And if I can do anything to make you feel better, no matter what it is, you can ask me, okay?”
“it’s very nice to meet you. I look forward to seeing you more, anytime you want to see me, just ask alright?”
“here. Before you go, I got you a little gift. it’s a little troll stuffed animal I made just for you. It looks like a troll doesn’t it?”
“yeah it does! This is for me?”
“yes, just for you”
“thank you! I really like it!”
“I’m glad”
“it’s so soft”
“i wanted it to be. Now, we’re all done here” Bular picked Jim up, wrapped him, and put him on his back as fast as he could.
“finally. We can leave. Great. Now you’re going to stink of impure. you’d better have Blinky was that when we return home.
“goodbye Walt”
“goodbye Jim, goodbye Bular”

Bular picked up his pace and stomped out of the Janus order.
“I like Walt”
“he is beneath you. Never forget.”
“he’s nice to me”
“he’s supposed to be.”
“i want to see him more”
“the less you can interact with any of these impures, the better.”
“he does not seem mean or bad”
“when you’re older you’ll understand.”
“he gave me a present”
“yes. Now the stench of impure is on you. Blinky will bathe that little doll along with you.”
“it’s really soft. I like it. It looks angry. Like you are”
“angry? hm.”
“he smelled strange, they all did”
“that’s what impures smell like. Foul.”
“it did not smell bad”
“something you’ll learn to hate.”

Time passes


Bular was walking around the darklands with Jim. Until….

“Bular. I have to go potty”
“why didn’t you go at home?”
“i didn’t have to then”
“well don’t go on my head. We’ll go to the nearest one. Hold it.” finally after a few minutes they came to one. A gumm-gumm solider latrine
“alright. Hurry up and go.”
“i can’t go when others are nearby”
“are you joking?!” Jim just shook his head.
“fine.” Bular went inside, after a few moments he came back out
“there. everyone’s gone. Hurry up and go.” Jim scampered in. afterwords Bular heard his little brothers voice again
“There’s no where to wash my hands”
“why do you need to?”
“I’ll get sick if I don’t!”
“then spit on them”
“then pee on them”
“then I’ll spit on them”
“EEEWWW!” Bular chuckled. He started to enjoy being around his little brother….

Time passes

Gunmar walked into his throne room. His eye focused on someone sitting on his large throne. It was Jim. As he approached, he noticed his son not paying attention, he was playing with some of his toys.
“clang clang clash..whoosh! Oh no, watch out for the spears! Wilhelm nooo! Swoosh! Ting ting! Quickly soldiers march! You go over there, you go over there. Ba ba boom! Crash! Oh nooo! Throw the spears! Ting ting, cut off their reinforcements. No retreating! Fight to the death! I command you to march! Impale them on your weapons! Oh no we need more…..” Jim stopped and looked up as he noticed his father now standing next to him. Gunmar said lightly
“what are you doing on my throne?”
“oh hi dad! I was just playing gumm-gumm leader. I was pretending to be big and strong like you and was telling the soldiers to kill the enemy and I was leading them to victory and collecting the enemies skulls”
“how...playful. Now, off of your fathers throne. Never be on it again.”
“yes dad!”
“run off and do something”
“yes dad! Bye!”. Jim gathered up his toys in his arms, hopped off and walked away cheerfully. Gunmar sat down and watched his son leave. He smiled, his little child pretending to be a warlord, just like his father was.

Time passes

Jim is older now, too big to ride on Bular anymore. Now, he walked around with his older brother, his longer legs helping him move around faster. Bular was more annoyed than ever. His little brother wouldn’t shut up the entire time they walked around.
“and why don’t I have a tail?”
“Because you don’t have one.”
“why are our horns different?”
“because they are.”
“why don’t I look like you if we’re brothers?”
“because your mother was different than mine was.”
“how come I’m not big and strong like you are?”
“because you are a small whelp who won’t be quiet.”
“why are my legs different?”
“be quiet already!”
“why are our fangs different?”
“…………...why is my fur different?”
“i missed when you were a whelp on my head. All you did was chew on my horns. Not talk on and on endlessly with endless questions.”
“how come I did ride on your head?”
“because you were too small to get around.”
“……...why isn’t my skin black?”
“shut up.”
“why isn’t it as hard as yours?”
“shut up.”
“why are my nails different?”
“shut up.”
“why are you so tall?”
“why don’t my eyes glow like yours? I mean, they do when light reflects on them but-”
“I AM TRULY WILLING TO THROW YOU OVER THE EDGE OF THIS BRIDGE. AT LEAST IF FATHER KILLS ME, I WILL FINALLY KNOW PEACE AND QUIET!” Jim was silent for a few minutes. The only sound was the steps of them walking, echoed throughout the darklands. After another few minutes
“hey Bular why-” Bular sighed and just tried to tune it out. Mentally he said
‘well. It was a few nice minutes. Once I inherit the throne. My first command for him is to be silent for the rest of his life.’

Time passes

Jim was playing in his room, not a care in the world. His ears twitched as he heard tiny steps.
“hello?” he called out, looking around his room. No reply came so he went back to playing. More tiny steps.
“hello?”. No reply. More tiny steps
“hello? You can come out, I promise I won’t eat you” Jim’s eyes widened as he saw a tiny little figure come out slowly behind his toy chest.
“are you...a gnome?” the little creature chattered
“ohh wow. I’ve heard about gnomes! you’re the very first one I’ve seen!” the gnome chattered a bit in reply.
“do you want to come over and play? I won’t hurt you. I’d LOVE to have my first friend! My brother’s always busy, and when we do spend time together, he’s always grumpy and doesn’t want to play. dad’s too busy all the time. Blinky plays with me but it would be nice to have a friend play with!” the little gnome came over. Jim giggled
“You’re so small! you’re small like me! everyone’s always so big around here. Oh! Are you hungry? Here, I have some food if you want. I already ate the rest of my human, but I have some celery. I don’t really like it, it smells weird.” Jim got up and returned with the food, he gave it to the gnome who accepted it and ate it quickly
“what’s your name? My name’s Jim!” the gnome just cooed and made little noises
“hmmm, I don’t understand you, but that’s okay! How hat? Cause you have a little hat” the gnome didn’t argue
“so, what do you want to do! You can stay in my room if you want to, I don’t mind, it’s really big and it would be nice to have a friend in here! I don’t have any, I pretend I do though! But it gets boring being all alone. I mean, I have my guards escort me anywhere I want, sort of. But they don’t talk really.” Jim picked up a little toy and put it next to little hat. Then he held up his own. The two played together and had fun….

Time passes

Jim was crying in his nest. The gnome he’d know and loved, his little friend, little hat, was just killed. The friendship lasted for a month. Then Blinky found Jim playing with the gnome and promptly had it killed.
“master Jim, it’s vermin! It could have gotten you sick. Also, you are far too important to give anything like that your time and affection. Now, it will be all right.
“h-h-he w-was m-my fri-friend”
“nothing like that will ever be your friend. Only things that actually matter will be your friend. Now, why don’t we do something to take your mind off of this disgusting little thing.”

Time passes

Jim walked around a bit. He was supposed to be near his guards, but he liked to sneak off. It was more fun to explore without anyone telling him no! Although it was strange. Every time he returned, he always had new guards...the others seemed to have vanished...oh well, it’s probably nothing! it’s not like they’re failing to do their job by watching over Jim and then be punished with death, right?. Running and jumping and tumbling, until Jim slipped and fell, landing onto his chest. He wasn’t injured thankfully. He coughed up some dust and moved his cloths out of his face. When he looked up and around, he was surrounded by goblins.
“oh uh sorry, I was running around and-ohh are you goblins? you’re the first one’s I’ve ever met! My name is Jim! My dad is Gunmar, who are you?” the goblins mumbled and spoke to one another, looking to each other for answers.
“ohhh what are you saying? Are you speaking goblin? Ohh can I know! Can you teach me?” one of the goblins smiled and nodded…

Time passes


Jim had to sit and wait. He, Walt, and Bular, as well as a few trolls Jim’s never seen before, all stood in a cave. Jim was taken here, being told he needed to meet someone important, although they didn’t tell him much after that. Jim didn’t even know where they were! He was taken to some cave deep deep down, outside the darklands. He was bored. He was getting tired of playing with the toy he brought. He wanted to go home. Finally something was happening! The trolls stood up straight as they hard some movement coming from a corridor on the other end of the cave. A few trolls Jim’s never met before along with a shiny troll lady came to them. Walt spoke up with his usual cheerful style
“ah, queen Usurna, a pleasure to see you once more”
“yes. Hello to you Bular”
“Usurna. let’s get this over with. I’m supposed to be spending time with my brother and I don’t want to have to take longer than needed.”
“understandable. So, where is this brother of yours?” Bular Nudged Jim forward with his foot.
“hello, I’m Jim”
“him?! THIS is your brother? The second son of Gunmar?”
“do I hear disgust in your voice? Father deals directly to those who mock our blood.”
“No! No not at all! I was just...caught off guard...the second son is...a half troll omega….truly a surprise. I had imagined he’d be more and your father”
“well. He isn’t. Everyone’s had the same reaction. And to be perfectly honest, I’m getting tired of it. you’ve seen him, so I expect you won’t have any similar reaction ever again.”
“no, I will not. Yes..hello, Jim was it?”
“yes I’m Jim”
“it’s..nice to meet you. I am Usurna, queen of the kubera tribe”
“whats that?” Bular snorts and nudges Jim with his foot
“the whelp doesn’t know about anything outside of our home. Hence why you’re meeting him. he’s old enough to start learning who he’s going to rule over.” Usurna gripped her staff tighter

“yes...rule...over….well, It’s nice to meet you Jim.”
“you’re very shiny and pretty”
“Well, thank you for the compliment, you are small and...erm...cute” Bular looked at her with an intimidating glare
“i would advise you not to call him ‘cute’ from this moment forward. Many have. Many shouldn’t.”
“thank you, Bular, for you advice, I shall not repeat that term.”
“that feeling, and that look, shouldn’t exist any longer after this meeting. Like I’ve said before. Everyone has the same reaction. I don’t blame them. I had it as well. Except I learned to get over it, something I make sure to tell everyone. Something both father and I expect of everyone. Do I make yourself clear?”
“yes. Crystal clear”
“good. Jim, she is one of the many subjects who our father rules over. she’s the ruler of her tribe. The glowing trolls you see, those are called kuberas. They live deep deep down in the world.”
“like in the darklands?”
“deeper than that.”
“oh, that’s really deep”
“yes. Alright, We’re leaving.”
“but we just met her”
“exactly. You and I have to go, we’ve spent too long away from our home anyways. You know father doesn’t like you away this long. Usurna, you’ve met him, you’ve seen him, you understand who you’ll be ruled by, we’re done here.”
“yes. I suppose so. Goodbye to you all”
“goodbye Usurna!”
“goodbye Jim” Walt, Bular, and Jim left the cave and walked a bit before Jim said
“i have to go potty”
“now? can’t you wait until we get home?”
“fine. Go find some corner and hurry up!” Jim ran off! Then got lost. Well, at least he found somewhere quiet. After he was done he was figuring out a new way back. Until he saw the glow of the kuberas through a small crack in the tunnel he was in. he was about to call out until he heard his name
“-Jim. I can’t believe I have to be beneath something so pathetic! Something so weak and small! When I heard Gunmar had another child, I wasn’t exactly jumping up in down in joy. Bad enough one of them is running around, but two?! I strongly doubt he’ll even be any use to his father, maybe only good for bearing whelps, other than that I see no benefit to keeping him around, other than being a potential servant, which I doubt his father would allow him to become. At least this whelp can’t possibly cause me any potential harm. Surprised he’s even lived this long without being torn apart. If he wasn’t Gunmars son I’m more than sure he would have been sent to some brutal training camp. If he’s lucky, he would have instead been sold to the highest bidder at some auction. One of the last of his kind, he would most likely be worth a fortune. Although I do wonder who Gunmar will wed him to. No doubt only the most brutal and gore crazy warrior in his army-”

Jim stopped listening and moved away. He started to cry. He always did hear this. He wasn’t dumb. He heard stuff like this all the time. He knew that he was small. He knew he was weak. Everyone always talked like this about him. Usually he would tell someone and they’d take care of the ‘bad mouther’. no. not this time. He promised himself, from this moment forward. He wouldn’t just report them. He would let them be around. He would WANT them to be around. He will grow up, he will show everyone. Just how strong he is. Just how mighty and terrifying he can, no, WILL become. Then, no one will say anything, other than praise. He will show just how wrong everyone is. One day. Soon. He will train, he will bleed and break, he will become the strongest and fear inspiring thing, even more than his brother was. Then he would TRULY show everyone just how ‘weak and small’ he is. He would stride into a room and everyone will pee themselves. Everyone would bow to him and beg that he not kill them. He will show just how much of a true gumm-gumm he really is. He has gunmar’s blood. And he won’t let it go to waste. Jim cleared the tears from his eyes and bore a brave face. He would take to heart those words she spoke, that they all speak, and he will remember them everyday of his life. Not to have self pity, but to remember why he grows strong. To prove them wrong!.

Bular was angry, his little brother was taking far longer than usual. He was about to walk off to go find him, only to see his little brother return, with...confidence?
“there you are! Why did you take so long?”
“doesn’t matter. let’s go home.” Bular was taken back a little by the sudden strength in his brothers voice, he was always so shy and little. This was different………..did peeing really make him feel this better?

Time passes

Jim is 60 years old now. He is bigger and stronger and more brave than anyone would have imagined. Way back when he was younger, he demanded he begin training to become a proper warrior. Everyone was shocked by this sudden need to grow stronger. Gunmar was proud, his little son’s gumm-gumm spark was igniting. Blinky was right, he truly did just need time to develop. Once again, his adviser has proved himself in disposable. Jim was still always the type to have fun and go crazy at times, but he was dedicated to growing and becoming better overall. Blinky had taught him everyday. From math to science to history and all kinds of different educational courses. Blinky had created a perfect time table on what to be taught and how to be taught it. Starting off small, then getting more advanced over time. Then, he was big and strong enough to start his training to become a warrior. However, he couldn’t be taught the usual gumm-gumm way, that was too rough on him. He needed his own personalized training. Something Blinky came up with. Gunmar didn’t understand it, but his adviser had yet to fail him, so he allowed Blinky the tools to do whatever he needed to teach his son. It started off as simple sword swings and foot placements. Then to learn different fighting styles, and then his actual training. It was hard. Painful. Difficult. He loved it. The memories and voices of mockery, it fueled him, drove him forward. The desire to prove everyone wrong always managed to force himself to take more and more. Eventually he was strong enough to train with Arrrg himself. They would play fight and have fun. Then make sure his training overall was enjoyable. Always rewarding and praising Jim whenever he did a good job. Something Gunmar didn’t understand

“he isn’t being punished for his weakness. Why is that?”
"humans need constant affection and praise, in order for them to grow emotionally healthy. when a human is upset, it could cause serious problems"
"how so?"
"it's all very difficult to explain. in summery, emotions strongly affect a humans overall health. a healthy mind and emotional state, means physically healthy as well, to a degree at least. Hence our training. We do not punish him, we aid him, we give him ‘positive reinforcement’. Meaning that when he does a good job, we give him praise and make him happy. If we were to punish him every time he did something wrong, he would be too focused and afraid of doing the wrong thing, that he cannot focus on doing it correctly. When he has fun and enjoys himself, it makes him WANT to do it better, keep going, push forward. I’ve done this all his life, and so far, look were he’s come. Truly the fruit of my labors. And he’s still growing, he will keep growing for many years, hundreds even. So as usual, I advise you to wait my dark underlord. Wait and watch, it might not look like much right now, but he will grow faster than you could imagine. He is still a child, never forget. He may look and act like an adult, but he still is growing. He will keep changing physically, emotionally, mentally, we must not punish him for acting out during certain times. We need to let him grow and move. If we cage him, he will become mentally and emotionally unbalanced. As long as we keep it balanced and healthy, he will always do the right thing. Give or take. He still makes the wrong choices, but he learns. He remembers.”

the two watch Jim as he ran into Arrrg and tackled him, the two laughing and having fun.
“Arrrg truly has grown a strong fondness for him, as have I. He knows it, and he wants to keep it, so he makes sure he keeps up in our training. Which comes back to the praise and affection. it’s all one big cycle really.”
“hm. Good. Good. Continue what you’re doing.”
“of course my dark underlord.”

later that day, Blinky was walking around looking for Bular. Finally finding him and telling him, Gunmar requests him.
“oh and while you’re heading that way, could you deliver this spear, Jim needs it”
“why does my brother need a spear?”
“for his training of course”
“yes, he’s quite the fast learner”
“what training specifically?”
“physical of course! Learning to fight! To kill! To gain blood lust! Like any true gumm-gumm!” Bular was stunned. A sad grip started to form on his heart
“i wanted to be there to watch his first lesson. When did he start?”
“oh about 3 weeks ago”
“3 week?!. I really have been lacking in his life.”
“yes. I did tell you back when he was just a new born that you truly should be involved more. He won’t be alive for that long. Hardly a millennium, if that”
“he really won’t live for that long….”


Later that evening he and Jim were called before the throne, talking and sharing information. Then entire time, Bular looked Jim over. Memorizing each part of him. He truly had grown. Bular never even realized it….his life was so fleeting….only now is it setting in….no more climbing on his more carrying him more constant questions...he hasn’t even walked the darkland with his brother for a few years now. he’s hardly even truly LOOKED at his brother for years now...Bular was told he no longer needed to be forced to spend time with his brother at least once a week long ago. Bular though he could finally have a break from the annoying whelp….

That night when Bular walked the darklands, he felt a small emptiness inside..
Nothing on his head, or climbing on his back. No one walking next to him, or talking to him.
He truly was alone.
It finally dawned on him.
He was truly alone….

Time passes

That night. Their father had told Bular that Jim was old and strong enough to finally hunt for himself. Bular told Jim who was as excited as can be. Now, the two were out on their hunt. Bular was going to kill a human first, showing his younger brother ‘the ropes’. Then he was to kill someone himself.
“focus on what I do brother.”
“alright” the two hid in some bushes, Jim had no idea what anything was! He heard about it and read about it at times, but experiencing it was different! Although he wasn’t allowed to look or pay attention. He watched his brother slowly crawl towards a man. Then he lunged at him, bit his throat and dragged him deeper in the woods, near Jim. Bular killed the man quickly by tearing out his throat and decapitating him.
“there. Like that. Another is coming.” Jim swallowed, he was nervous! he’d never done anything like this before! Jim watched Bular hunt in the darklands all the time, but it was nothing like this!
“ahh, help! Please! I’m hurt bad!” Jim cried out. The man stopped and looked
“please! Someone! Help! It hurts!” The man came into the forest. Then, Jim jumped him from behind and grabbed the mans throat, biting into it. Jim could feel the euphoria of the hunt hit him. The man dropped to the ground and writhed. Jim thought he would feel eve better! Except...he didn’t….when he fought, he fought bigger things, stronger things in the darklands. Now….this creature was so small, weak, defenseless. It wasn’t enjoyable. It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t fair. He didn’t have a fighting chance. Jim decided to just put him out of his misery, not let him suffer anymore…

Bular chuckled and grinned, looking over his brothers work.
“Trickery. Then an ambush. You did well. Hmm...a bit on the small side. But that was whats available. Good job, father would be so proud if he could see. Now, dig in. nice and slow. Really enjoy your first kill. Love it. Remember it forever. Savor every bite. You may kill over and over, but this, this will always be your first kill” Jim did. He enjoyed and memorized every chunk of meat. He couldn’t finish it all though, he was still young in troll years, so Bular finished the rest after he ate the his own kill. Jim just wanted to lay down and enjoy his buzz. Bular wanted him to, however the trollhunter always lurked around every corner, and Jim was far too young, too weak, too unprepared to fight an enemy like that. They had to leave….

Gunmar smiled and chuckled even. His son’s had come home, back from Jim’s first hunt. His son looked like he was in bliss, still coated in gore.
“You really are my son. Go enjoy the rest of the night. you’ve earned it child. As for you Bular, you did good work teaching him.”
“thank you father” the two sons spoke at once….

Time passes

Gunmar looked a bit….annoyed. He spoke to Blinky on his throne
“and why do you think that?”
“he needs it. he’s been needing do humans say it...’stretch his legs’. He needs to finally experience the HUMAN side of him. Remember how I said he needs to have balance? Well, it’s time to start focusing on that side of his life.”
“he truly needs this?”
“yes, without any doubt, I can say he does”
“you have yet to be wrong. I trust your word. Very well. Hmmm...i wish to speak to the changeling in charge there, stricklander. As for you, you go and tell my son the good news, as well as prepare him.”
“i shall, thank you my dark underlord. This will make him very happy. Ecstatic even!”

Chapter Text

Jim sat in Walt’s principles office, eager and happy, a constantly large smile. If he had a tail, it would be wagging furiously.

“Now Jim, we need to establish some ground rules. That means rules you follow to the letter. First, your father has placed me in charge of you. Meaning I will watch over you, provide you with what you need, and keep tabs on you. You are to report to me when I call you, or if you need something. Obviously you have been allowed to come and enjoy the surface among humans for as long as you’d like, with the condition of going home every night. Your amulet you’ve just received will let you travel back and forth. Simply turn it clockwise until the big troll face glows, then you will re appear in your bedroom. Do NOT show or talk about it in anyway to anyone. NO ONE is allowed to know about it as well as us. The Janus order, your father, your mother, your brother, Blinky and Arrrg. NO ONE. If anyone asks, just say you live deep underground with your family and a few close friends. You cannot talk about it for personal reasons. Usually people will back off from asking about it further, however some will try and ask for more detail. Just be strong in your words, calmly and rationally. Just tell them it’s very private and personal. Now, humans are VERY different from the ones you’ve, well, eaten. They interact far differently than trolls do, especially gumm-gumms. Humans are strange in their own way, not everyone acts the exact same, but there is a common way people typically talk. you’ll pick up on it quickly, you’re very smart. Do NOT mention you eat humans. If anyone does for some reason ask about your diet, simply say you enjoy vegetables, like you do, and the only meats you DO eat range from chicken to pork to steak to fish and the like.


Oh and don’t mention horse. No one enjoys talking about it and typically frown and feel disgust for it. Everyone will notice you act different and strangely, don’t worry about how they feel, you’ll soon adapt to modern human life soon enough. Do NOT mention how you’re a prince or who your father is. Just say he’s a very private troll who doesn’t like information shared. Do NOT mention how you’re a gumm-gumm. I highly doubt anyone will ask about your troll linage, if anyone does ask for some strange reason, simply tell them you are unsure. You take after your mother almost completely, because she died giving birth to you, you don’t know. I know for a fact many will ask why you behave strangely, say this is your first encounter with humans, you’ve lived only with trolls underground your whole life, so this is your first time to ever visit the surface. Oh and don’t look directly into the sun, it’ll hurt your eyes. Hmm let’s see. I think that about does it, if anything new comes up, I’ll tell you. Oh wait one more thing! Call people by their name of course, but just in case call them humans, NOT fleshbags. One last thing, do NOT mention anything magical unless it comes up, even so, keep it to the very basics. I can’t believe I almost forgot. Your powers, do NOT show them, do NOT talk about them, try your best to avoid it from coming out or doing anything. Now, you ready?”


“are you nervous?”

“a little, but I’m more excited than nervous! Ohhh what if I make a human friend! Do I eat them?”

“nooooo!. Treat them as a friend would. You will learn about that soon enough. Just talk, be kind, listen to them, and you’ll pick up on traits of how to interact with others. Well, let’s have you start you’re new surface life! Class is starting and I’ll introduce you to your first and main class”


“Class, may I have your attention please? Steve stop throwing things. Now then, You will all have a new student joining you. His name Is Jim and he’s very excited to be here. He is new to all of this, it’s the very first time he’s ever gone to a public school. He’s been educated within his home for his entire life up to this point in time. He is in fact very different from me and you, please treat him like you would anyone else, this is his first time interacting with others outside of his own family. He’s lived a very secluded life. He might act strangely, but that is perfectly normal for someone who’s had no contact with others. Now then, Jim, why don’t you come in and kindly say hello” Jim swallows, steadies his breathing, and enters through the doorway. Everyone gasps and mumbles. Meanwhile Jim has the biggest smile on his face, he’s also bouncing a bit on his toes.

“yes, he’s very excited. As you can clearly see, he isn’t human. He is something called a half troll. Now does anyone know what that is? No? Well I’m not very surprised. A half troll is just that. Half human half troll. It dates back centuries of human and troll interactions. When two people love one another very much, one troll and one human, well, half trolls were born. Their numbers are very few and extremely rare for biological reasons, so please treat Jim as if he were a regular human. Jim why don’t you have a seat here in the front. Well I’ll leave you now, goodbye and I hope everyone enjoys their day.” Walt walked out of the classroom, murmurs and whispers about Jim started up Jim turned around
“oh, if you’re talking about me you may just talk to me directly! Or is this a human custom?”
“how did you hear us...”
“deduction, you began whispered as I entered the room as well as examining me with your oculus dexter and oculus sinister, or it could also be said oculus uterque”
“your eyes. do...humans no longer use Latin? Or pig Latin?”
“oh, well if you had questions about my nails or my horns you could ask me directly”
“how did you know I was talking about that? I was ultra quiet”
“oh I could hear it easily. What do humans say as an can hear a leaf drop from across the room? Oh and you don’t need to be afraid! you’re starting to produce a stimulus in expectation that I could possibly bring you physical harm to your soft flesh body. You’re currently seeing me as a potential threat and your flight or fight response are activating causing you to be having a hard time mentally debating on what to do in the present situation while interacting with me as I’m currently In your company. you’re observing my natural weapons of my sharp nails, claws, horns, and fangs and afraid I might use them to bring bodily harm against you.” everyone in the class went slack jawed and staring, unsure what to make of the current situation at hand. Jim just smiled wider, thinking he did a good job explaining himself.

The door opened up and Coach walked through it
“okay class settle down I don’t want to hear how any-HOLY MOTHER OF-”
“w-when Walt said I was getting a new student I….I didn’t think...uh...okay well...class please pull out the algebra books from under your chairs. Turn to page 47 and do it. I’ll be writing some of the questions on the board to help explain and understand how to do the problems, if anyone has any questions don’t be afraid to ask them, this stuff is hard I totally get it, believe it or not but I wasn’t exactly good at math myself. Totally shocking right? well-”
“Human instructor, I’m finished”
“y-you’re. Finished? With the entire page?”
“yes, would you like to observe my work?” Coach nervously went over and took the book, he looked it over and checked the correct answer sheet.
“how did”
“i did it like anyone else would have, I viewed the problem and solved it, then wrote it down as instructed.”
“wow you almost got every answer correct, you missed like, three! are...a smart one”
“my previous instructor was very keen on teaching me about mathematics as well as, historical accuracy from the time periods of both humans and trolls dating back to around when the first Ziggurat was constructed by humans during the Mesopotamian period around the third millennium before common era and on wards to the present day and current events. I was also taught the fields of each science Acoustics, Aeronautics, Agronomy, Anatomy, Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Bacteriology, Biochemistry, Biology, Bontany, Cardiology, Cartography, Chemistry, Crystallography, Ecology, Embryology, Entomology, Enzymology, Forestry, Gelotology, Genetics, Geochemistry, Geodesy, Geography, Geology, Geophysics, Hematology, Histology, Horology, Hydrology, Ichthyology, Immunology, Linguistics, Mechanics, Medicine, Meteorology, Metrology, Microbiology, Mineralogy, Neurology, Nucleonics, Nutrition, Oceangraphy, Optics, Paleontology, Pathology, Petrology, Pharmacology, physics, Physiology, Psychology, Radiology, Robtics, Seismology, Spectroscopy, Systematics, Thermodynamics, Toxicology, Virology, Volcanology, Zoology,


And lastly I was taught philosophy, I enjoy learning but I get headaches when I do too much after a while, I’m not the best at it, but I try my hardest and make sure to study and understand what I can. I’ve been taught it’s okay to fail, as long as you keep practicing. At least when applying this to educational activities. Sadly I have yet to learn about art and cultural studies of the surface world, which is the main reason I came here, along with experiencing human interaction for the first time!. I am very excited to learn about humans along with my own humanity!”

EVERYONE went slack jawed once again and silent once more. Coach was baffled and had to blink a few times, he didn’t even manage to register everything. Jim just kept his cheery demeanor.
“is something the matter? Should I give the same response in return?”
“no….wow kid, you should be the one to teach the class”
“i should? I’ve never taught or led anyone before”
“that was...kinda just a saying”
“yes it was a saying because you said it”
“no not like….okay uh, class, let’s just….continue working. Jim you can just...uh….draw or read a book”
“should I read and finish this one?”
“no just….wait till later”
“as you instruct”


It was later on in the day, it was time for PE!

(fuck I hated it. Did anyone else?)

Jim didn’t really have anything that would fit him, so he just wore basic shorts and a T shirt. Coach had everyone line up for a mile run

(absolute HORRID THING. My high school class of 9th and 10th, thankfully 11 and 12 didn't’ have to do it, anyways we had to run one every Thursday! Maybe other schools did it, maybe not. Point is I HATED it.)

“Alright class listen up. you’re going to do three laps around the field. Stay within the lanes and do the best you can. Now on my-” Jim had taken off, in less than two minutes, he had run three times without even being hard of breath or sweating.
“i...didn’t even blow the whistle...”
“oh, was I to await your final word? I had assumed that was my signal to run”
“wow you are fast.”
“yes! My physical education was also taught, except by a different mentor who is the mate of my previous instructor.”
“okay...uh...class...just….do your best….Jim, why don’t you as much as you like for ten minutes”
“as you instruct.”

after a few minutes, Walt had come to the field to check on things, he went to Coach’s side and started a conversation
“so, how goes things with Jim?”
“that kids a monster. I-i mean not like, a monster monster, I meant like, he...well...look! he’s doing laps within seconds practically! And today in class, he had explained things that I couldn’t even understand! He talked about math stuff and science and, you should have been there.”
“yes, I know his family personally, he has been home schooled by an excellent teacher”
“yeah he said he was mates or whatever”
“yes, Trolls call their significant other their mate”
“huh. Well I have to do the next activity now, you going to stay and watch?”
“for a few brief moments yes”



“alright everyone listen up, today you’re all going to be lifting these weights, now I want you all to work your way up until you find your limit, everyone has one, eventually you’ll manage to work past it and keep going. Little by little, now don’t forget to stretch and drink plenty of water-” the sound of metal clanging happened nearby, the class looks over to see Jim lift the entire shelf of weights
“like this instructor?”
“kid that’s over 400 lbs and you just lifted the thing like it was nothing. How strong are you?!”
“well it depends on the activities, I can flip a troll who’s over 700lbs by shifting my weight around. My current record for a dead lift is about around 400lbs, I can bench press around 550lbs, and um... that’s all I can think of right now”
“Kid you’re almost as strong as the worlds strongest people.”
“oh my dad and physical training mentor are a LOT stronger than I am. I think my dad can lift a house”
“Well, not a modern home, I think, I’m not sure. He hasn’t been here on the surface for…...hhhmmm before the Bubonic plague….i remember him complaining about it when that happened...spoiled meat and all that.….hmm...i think he hasn’t been to the surface since a little bit before the thirteenth century.”
“how old is your dad?!”
“hmm...let’s see...well when he was born during the wa-certain events took place that I cannot speak of for personal reasons. Hmm….i think possibly almost over 2000 years old, give or take” Once again the class was silent and slack jawed. Always something new to surprise them.
“okay uh...i...if your dad is that old, how old are you?!”
“ohhh, well I’m only 87”
“oh I know it is surprising how young I am to be able to come up here without supervision. I was allowed to after my mentor convinced my father I needed to spend time among humans to satisfy my human needs.” Walt walked over and cleared his throat

“Jim, put those weights down gently, thank you. Yes, it is….alien to all of you to learn all this, but troll culture and human culture are two very different things. Jim is really quite young, it’s very hard to do measurements compared to humans due to their capabilities of living well over 600 years, troll lives can reach lifespans of thousands of years. Roughly Jim is around all of your ages. Half trolls take both sides of human and troll. He can walk in daylight for example, something no troll can do. However the human side of him needs human interaction, hence his ‘human needs’. Hes reached the age where he is allowed to interact with others now without worry that something may happen to him.”
“yes! And one day I will be strong and big enough to serve my father properly!”
“Jim. Remember the talk we had earlier about speaking like that?”
“anyways, don’t think much of what he just said, it’s just a troll way of saying he’s wanting to do good for his father to be proud of him. Half trolls also inherit troll strength, as you’ve just witnessed, trolls keen senses and many other things. The human in Jim is, well, just that. Human ambition and intelligence and psychological patterns and emotions, and well, you get the picture. Half troll emotions are very...extreme at times, so if he gets very sad, it might not be over much. Still please interact with him just like any other human.”

someone spoke up and asked
“why are you here telling us this?”
“Writers block and needing to explain the current situation. Anyways, I’m here to check up on Jim from time to time. I know his family personally and from that we’ve set up an arrangement of sorts, I won’t go into the personal details but in short, he’s here to stay and enjoy the companionship of other humans”
“Jim’s lived underground his entire life among only full blooded trolls, he needs to start embracing his humanity so his mental and emotional growth can develop properly. He has both human and troll needs, he’s had plenty on his troll side, but none on his human. it’s somewhat like a balancing act, too much on one side can be...damaging. If anyone else wants to know more about biology, go to the library. Well I’ll leave you now that I’ve checked for the time being-Jim spit that out”

everyone turns to Jim who started to chew on a weight, he spat it out and let it drop to the ground with a heavy clang.

“one more thing to mention. Trolls typically eat many things, their stomachs can break down literally any material. Jim’s can as well, to an extent. What we consider objects, some trolls might consider food-Jim don’t lick that” they turn to Jim who was licking a punching bag
“my point is, Trolls can eat anything, Jim might get hungry, if you see that he’s eating something he shouldn’t, Don’t chew on the baseball bat Jim, Tell him not to. He needs to study human living and common culture, He’ll pick up on it soon, he’s very smart.” Walt finishes as they all turn to Jim who’s currently trying to shove a football into his mouth
“spit it out. Only eat food. Human food.” Jim takes the football out of his mouth, a long strand of drool connects as he just smiles and nods at Walt.




Jim sat in his next class reading a book. Next to him a plump kid took a breath and whispered to Jim
“hey, could I borrow a pencil?” Jim smiled! Someone was talking to him! A regular human conversation! Jim took out a pencil, and then ate it slowly while smiling. The human just looked in shock. Jim swallowed and felt bad, did he fail?!
“did you not want me to eat it?”
“no I uh, kinda wanted to write with it”
“oh...sorry….i thought it was some human custom. Here let me get you one” The kid noticed Jim open his backpack STUFFED with pencils
“why do you have so many?!”
“to eat! They are good, and sometimes I eat them by accident. So I thought it was best to have plenty”
“well, good enough reason I suppose” Jim smiled as he handed the pencil over
“I’m Jim”
“I know, trust me the whole school knows about you pretty much. you’re not really….”
“yeah...but that’s okay! But yeah word about you spread around like a virus, you’re going to get a lot of attention, maybe good, maybe bad. Point is, you’re pretty easy to notice”
“oh good! I want to learn all about humans and my humanity!”
“well, you’re going to learn for sure here”
“oh yes! is my first human conversation! A real one! With a human I don’t know!”
“Really happy to do something like this huh? Well life has a lot of things to try”
“oh! I want to try them all!...oh...wait….I didn’t ask for your name”
“it’s fine, my name is Toby”
“Toby. Wow, my first male human name I’ve been told!”

Toby giggled at this, such a simple thing, but so wonderful to Jim.
“did you want to do more human conversation?”
“later, after class”
“ohh! I’m so excited! This is my first full human interaction! I can’t wait to tell my family!”
Toby gave a warm smile, hoping this would be the one to be his first friend.


The class had ended and Jim couldn’t wait to talk to the new human Toby. The two met in the hallway, Jim was getting a LOT of looks, but he didn’t even pay attention to any of them.
“Hello human Toby!”
“Hey Jim”
“ohhhh hey! Whats that?”
“It’s another way to say hello”
“ohhh! Hey, hey hey hey!”
“hey” Jim couldn’t sit still from all the fun and excitement he’s experiencing
“so what human conversation should we have?!”
“well, we can just talk about whatever you want”
“my first human choice! Okay, uh, um, erm...hmmm….so many choices! Ohh! don’t you love the sun?! it’s so warm and bright! Although it hurts when I look at it, Walt told me not to, I couldn’t help myself, it’s just so bright and big!”
“you’ve never seen the sun before?”
“No! today’s my first time!”
“how have you never seen it?!”
“I live under the surface of the earth. Deep down in the dar-undergound.”
“so, like, in caves and stuff?”
“yes! And crystals and, uh, yeah!”
“is it boring?”
“not really, well sometimes yeah”
“well uh, welcome to the surface”
“thank you! Wow my first human welcome!”
“my class is about to start so I gotta leave, I think yours is down the hall”
“oh...” Jim started to feel sad. His look clearly visible
“hey it’s okay buddy! We can talk again later”
“W-we can?!”
“yeah, I like talking to you”
“ohh I share the same emotion!”
“well I’ll see you later”


It’s Jim’s next class now, He’s sitting in his desk, happy for so many things. The sounds of little clicks on peoples phones could be heard. Before he knew it, it the class had ended, a part of him was sad and disappointed it had ended, but then he perked up when he remembered he still had a lot of school left! He made his way around until he bumped into a girl talking to some others.
“oh! I should have paid more attention to my environment”
“no it’s fine”
“wow, my first conversation with a human female! I had my first male human conversation a little bit ago! This is wonderful!”
“uh, thanks?” Jim just smiled at her
“so, your name is Jim, whats your last name”
“last name? I never previously had a name before this one”
“no I meant your full name”
“my full name? it’s just Jim”
“you don’t have your parents name?”
“why would I own my fathers name? And I don’t know my mother, she died giving birth to me”
“oh I’m so sorry to hear that”
“why are you sorry? You didn’t do anything that would have involved yourself”
“it’s just a polite thing to say is all”
“oh!, well I’m sorry I ever met you!” one girl behind them snorted. The girl talking tried to figure out what to say properly
“uh, well, you shouldn’t say that to others, it could offend them. Saying I’m sorry is just something to be said after something bad happens”
“ooohhhh, I think I understand. Ohhh wait I need to know your human female name!”
“it’s Claire, Claire Nunez”
“hello Claire Claire Nunez!”
“no, it’s just one Claire”
“wait your name is one Claire?” both girls behind them started to snicker
“no. my name is. Claire Nunez.”
“ohhh a single Claire, okay! I’m sorry for mistaking your name. I shall punish myself severely with a cats o’nine tail when I return home” Claire looked mortified at that
“please don’t do that! it’s okay! Really!”
“don’t worry! I was joking!”
“oh, uh... so, you’re….different, which isn’t a bad thing! The way you talk and act is a bit...strange, but you’re going to fit in soon”
“what am I fitting into?”
“it’s just an expression, saying you will soon belong here like the rest of us”
“yes! I am happy to hear that! I can’t wait until I know every human in the world like I plan!”


“everyone, like, each individual?”
“yes! First I will start with this school, then the city, then the state, then the country, then the continent. Then the other ones, and eventually I’ll have known everyone!”
“well that’s, a big dream to have”
“Yes!” Jim just stared silently at her for a few awkward moments before speaking up
“i like your fur! it’s colorful!”
“oh uh, it’s hair and thank you for the compliment”
“hair? Ohhh, trolls have fur, I have fur! See!”
“yes, I see”
“do you want to touch it?”


Jim bent down a little, Claire reached out an awkward hand to feel how coarse and thick and long it was. Jim started to purr from being touched.
“did...are you...purring?”
“yes. I like the physical contact! I purr when I’m happy!”
“like a cat?”
“i think so, I don’t really know many cats, maybe after I know all humans I’ll know all cats”
“oh, uh well I hope your dream comes true”
“Me too! So how did you change your furs color? Hairs color I mean”
“you died!? And came back?! How?!”
“no no, it’s called hair dye, it helps change the color of your hair, there’s a lot of different colors too”
“ohhh I want to try! Will you help me?”
“oh uh...maybe?”
“ohhh my first human maybe!”


Claire couldn’t help but giggle a little bit. Jim leaned into her personal bubble and started to sniff her. Claire pushed his head away gently
“please, don’t do that”
“oh sorry, I thought humans knew each others scents, you smell so good! Oh! did you want mine?”
“no thank you, we don’t really do that anymore, well, much, uh and It’s shampoo, and conditioner. It cleans and makes your hair smell nice”
“ohhh! could I use it on my fur?!”
“i don’t see why it wouldn’t work”
“ohh okay! Ohhh I like your claws! they’re so small and round!”
“they’re called nails, and thank you”
“They’re purple! How did they turn that color?”
“nail polish”
“ohhh you polish your nails and they change color?”
“no, it’s this thing you apply onto them that changes them, kind of like painting them.”
“ohhh! Will you paint my claws?”
“my second human maybe in one day! This is amazing! Oh! What are those small metal plates in your hair? Are they tiny armor for your head?”

Claire laughed out loud, then covered her mouth and cleared her throat
“no, they’re hair clips, they help hold your hair together”
“wow! Hair clips! I’m learning so much during this human conversation! My second real human conversation! I didn’t expect I would learn this much in a single day!”
“wow you’ve really never been here huh”
“where do you live?”
“ohhh under the surface of the earths crust”
“ did travel a long way...huh?”
“yes! I came here to learn about my humanity!”

The bell rang signaling the next class
“I gotta go, it was nice meeting you”
“wow! I share the same affection!” Jim watched Claire walk away until he walked away himself.


The bell rang once more, it was now lunchtime!. Jim walked around and followed his nose until he found Claire once more
“hello human female Claire!”
“oh uh, hi again”
“i found you!”
“yes, you did. I didn’t think you’d know where I’d be, not that it’s a bad thing! Just surprising”
“oh, well I followed your scent!”
“my scent?”
“yes! My sense of smell is as good as a trolls!”
“so you smelled me, from halfway across the school?”
“do you smell...everyone?”
“yes! I just find what I want and follow it! Ohhh I need to see the human male I met! I need to leave for the time, I will find you once more female human Claire! So we may speak again! Goodbye!” and as fast as Jim came, he left. One of the girls in the group spoke
“wow, he’s such a weirdo”
“be nice! he’s just...different”
“He’s super weird! it’s cringy and he smells weird”
“well, he’s never been around humans his whole life. If I suddenly met trolls, I wouldn’t know what to say or do. we’re totally alien to him. Well he just smells like….basic soap and..troll fur I guess”
“what? We aren’t little gray things”
“no, Alien just means something not living here, something or someone who comes from a different place”


Toby sat down by himself at a table outside. He was taking out his lunch when he looked up to see Jim right in front of him suddenly
“hello Human male Toby!. Oh wait, hey!”
“hey...where did you...come from?”
“in what meaning? From my birth? From my home? From the school?”
“i meant like, I looked down for a few seconds and suddenly you’re in front of me without making any noise”
“ohhh! I’ve been training to be quick, silent, and efficient!”
“ time maaaybe not give me a heart attack”
“nonono! it’s just an expression people use, I mean yeah they do exist and people do say it. But most of the time it’s just exaggeration”
“ohhhh! I am very relieved that my human male speech ‘buddy’ is healthy”
“more or less, yeah” Jim just smiled and starred silently
“oooh uh, so yeah, how are you?”
“I’m wonderful! Wow, my first human question of my emotional status!”
“I’m glad you like talking to me”
“i share the same emotions!”
“not many people talk to me”
“oh? But you’re amazing to talk to! You know so much!”
“well not really, you just never talked much before to humans”
“ohhh that is correct! Still you’re being an excellent source of experience!”
“thanks, I like hearing that”
“shall we speak more?”
“yeah, if you want”
“ohhh! The sky is sooo blue! The clouds are so white, I know a few different types of them from my studies! But to see them in real life is amazing! Ohh! Am I going to see rain?! Am I going to feel it?!”
“i don’t think it’s going to rain right now, maybe some other day”
“wow! What is that!”


Jim suddenly and quickly walks towards the street to a speeding car
Toby had to run as fast as he could to stop Jim from getting hit by a car
“whoa! it’s almost as fast as I am!”
“don’t walk into the street!”
“but those humans are”
“that’s because they can cross the street”
“i have the physical abilities to do the same”
“no I mean, when that light turns green, it tells you when you can cross WITHIN THE LINES! And when its red, you have to wait”
“wow, you’re really tall, Just looking at you up close for the first time really”
“and you are plump and short!” Jim leaned down and started to sniff him, Toby giggled
“what are you doing?”
“learning your scent!”
“to know it! Do you want to know my scent?”
“uh, no thanks, not now.” Jim stopped and smiled at Toby
“what should we do now?! I’m excited for anything human!”
“well, let’s eat lunch and then if we have tiIMM-” Jim had suddenly picked up Toby and ran back over to their table, within seconds
“we can converse while you eat! Oh! I should eat too!”
“yes!” Toby pulled out his food, suddenly Jim leaned in and started to sniff it
“what is this!?”
“okay, please leave it alone, HEY DON’T LICK! it’s mine! it’s called a burrito”
“wow! My first time seeing human food!”
“yep. So, what do you typically eat?”
“oh I eat huma-uh….steak! And chicken! And pork! And fish! And the like!”
“oh, neat. So what’s your favorite food?”
“oh! it’s huma-uh...steak! it’s very good, especially fresh! I like it when it’s bloody and tender and tasty!” Jim licked his lips and remembered all the yummy times he ate humans.
“bloody? Oh, uh, cool. I can’t eat it like that or I’ll get sick. So, what are you having for lunch?”
“oh uh….my pencils and...hmm...I’m not sure, I was told to try human food when I was here!”
“oh, well, if you have money we can go get you something to eat”
“money? Oh like this” Jim pulled out a huge wad of 100 bills.
“HOLY SH-where did you get this much?!”
“oh I was given this by I….i don’t know what to call him. He advi-helps my father, he mostly raised me, and he’s a part of my family, but not blood related”
“so like, an adopted uncle?”
“oh...yes! he’s my adopted uncle. He helped let me come to the surface! he’s also the one to educate me.”
“he sounds very important”
“so uh, you should put that money away. People might try to steal it, or threaten you for it, or try to take advantage of you for it. People sometimes pretend to like others if they have money. Those are fake friends, not real ones. They won’t like who YOU are, only for your money”
“ohhhh, I shall kill and consume the false friends”
“! Haha! Human humor! Or troll humor!”
“oh, okay yeah. Just remember that.”
“can we fetch myself food?”
“yeah let’s get going”


“so Jim, whatcha gonna get?”
“oh I have no idea!”
“want me to help?”
“yes! read me the words!”
“you….you can’t read English?”
“No! I know latin, but my previous instructor told me it was best if I learned to read English here! So It helps me understand my humanity better! he told me to learn ‘modern common’ English. Apparently it changes frequently so it was best I learn it while I was here!”
“ you doing your schoolwork?”
“oh! I’ve been writing latin!”
“you really are...unique”
“So are you!”
“okay, uh well, you’ve never had human food right?”
“none at all!”
“you said you had chicken and..well I guess that technically doesn’t mean...uh okay, do you like spicy stuff?”
“ohhh! I don’t know! what’s spicy?”
“oookay, let’s get you some basic stuff...”



Jim was digging into food after food after food after food. Eventually he spent an entire crisp 100 bill. Toby just watched the feeding frenzy, Jim just stuffed himself within such a short time, he could have won any eating contest.
“That was amazing! AHHHH THE SPICY HURTS!” Toby snorted and laughed a lot
“yeah spicy i-”
“nooo! don’t cut your tongue off! Just drink milk, it-” Jim had bolted into the main school building. He skidded to a halt when he smelt Claire. He quickly followed the scent to see her and the other two girls, along with another one, all sitting and talking. Jim ran over
“oh, uh, okay, what’s wrong?”
“ohhh! you’ve never had spicy food?”
“oh, uh you can find some in the lunch room, th-” Jim bolted off.

Everyone in the lunch room went about their business, until the door suddenly burst open and the sound of nails scraping on tile and the sight of a half troll running and suddenly leaping over the counter, grabbing milk cartons and started to chug them. One after another. The sight was strange and difficult to understand. All noise stopped, the only sound was now the swallowing of milk and deep breaths in between drinking. After who knows how long, Jim finished and turned around.
“i had eaten the spicy. I was told milk helps. It did!. Thank you humans for your help” Everyone watched silently as Jim calmly jumped back over the counter and casually walked out of the room.


Jim went back to Claire and her friends
“Greetings female humans! The spicy is gone now! My life is saved, thank you for informing me”
“i was prepared to amputate my tongue, I’m happy I didn’t have to!”
“y-you….were going….to cut off...your tongue?!”
“yes! Weakness must be purged so we are far stronger!”
“...oh….uh….okay..” Jim looked at her, his eyes started to relax a bit as he looked her over
“ohhh I just realized, you have female breasts!” the girls suddenly choked on their food and just stared at Jim.
“interesting! Is it as squishy as I’ve heard? may I feel?”
“WHAT? NOO! You...don’t know what boobs are?”
“human female breasts, no. I’ve been completely raised and grown around male full trolls. The human male and female sex is unknown to me. I want to learn it! Do you also have a vagina?”
“ooooooooh okay, I think I understand. You really shouldn’t be talking like this to anyone, it’s….rude.”
“oh, I’m sorry I ever spoke to you!”
“still...not like’re...getting there though”
“oh, I’m sorry I ever interacted with you?”
“no. not that either.”
“hmmm….i think I need to learn more through human interaction. So, DO you have a female vagina?”
“yes. I do. No you cannot see it.”
“how did you know I was about to ask such a thing? Can you read my mind? Can humans read minds?!”
“’s….i just assumed you would ask that”
“oooohhh, your assumptions are correct!. OH NO, I LEFT THE HUMAN MALE TOBY! I MUST RETURN! GOODBYE HUMAN FEMALE CLAIRE AND OTHER HUMAN FEMALES WITH BREASTS AND VAGINAS!” Jim darted off his usual speed. Oh of the girls just started to laugh so hard she fell over.

“Mary, that isn’t funny. He just...doesn’t know...”
“not funny. He really just needs help understanding...well...everything.”
“he did say he’s only ever been raised around dude trolls. Have any of you ever seen a troll?” the girls shook their heads no. Claire looked at the door Jim ran through.


Toby was packing some stuff up that he pulled out, once again he looked up and suddenly Jim was there
“you need a bell of something”
“why? To make noise?”
“how will I be able to be silent if I can be heard?”
“it’s….never mind, uh so, hows the ‘spicy’?”
“ohhh it’s gone! I found the human female Claire and she told me where to find milk!”
“YES! she’s very interesting! She even told me about her female genitalia!”
“whoa whoa whoa hooooold on. She told you about her...stuff?”
“yes! She admitted she had one! Although I didn’t ask any further questions. I asked if I could feel her female breasts, she said no to that though”
“ooooooookay, whhyyyyy did you ask those things?!”
“to learn! I’ve never seen human genitalia, both female and male. I was curious!”
“you’ve never seen….don’t troll ladies have...them?”
“yes, I assume. I’ve been completely raised by full male trolls.”
“so their...ding dongs, aren’t the same as humans?”
“ding dongs?”
“you know...the third leg”
“humans have a third leg?”
“no! The….penis”
“ohhh. Yes they are similar except troll penises have a knot at the base. I often imagine them!”
“I’m sexually attracted to them. When I go into my heat, I like to have fantasies of having sexual intercourse with one! I pleasure myself to them! I am eager to do so for the first time! dad said when I became just a little bit older, I can take a mate! Or at least, breed one!”
“speaking of male penis’s, may I see yours?”
“alright” Jim sat there smiling his usual full happy smile.


“sooo...want to talk about anything else?”
“hmmmm….i do want to know what sexual intercourse with a human male is like! Would you-”
“so….aaannnnyyyytthhhhiiiinnnnggggg else?”
“hmm….does male genitalia-”
“anything else other than...that stuff”
“ohh, another subject, alright! about-ooohhh! You have metal in your mouth! I just noticed this!” Jim suddenly came close and looked into Toby’s mouth
“you have armored teeth? Does it help eating? Or attacking?”
“attacking, no. eating, it kinda prevents me from eating a lot of things. These are called braces. Lots of people get them, it helps fix teeth”
“woooooow! I wonder if-” the bell rang and Jim was mixed, he didn’t get to talk more like he wanted to! But more school to be had!
“ohhhh! Goodbye human male Toby!”


It was after school now. Jim was sitting in Walt’s office, well, bouncing in his chair really.
“i had so much fun today! I learned so much! When can I start eating them?!”
“NO. you may NOT eat them. No one can start suddenly vanishing, or else too much suspicion will be placed on you. No one at this school is to be eaten. Do you understand?”
“yes Walt I do”
“well, I’m very glad you had a lot of fun today”
“i can’t wait for more!”
“and you will have it, as long as you keep behaving well. This is now your future”
“i love it! I can’t wait to see what happens!”
“well, you’ll simply have to live in it and wait. Great things are going to happen to you. Enjoy every moment you get, I’m sure you won’t regret coming up to the surface”


Jim was home in the darklands now, happy as can be he rushed to the throne room as fast as he could.

A high ranking gumm-gumm bowed at the throne giving a report to Gunmar when Jim came in.
“-the changelings have yet to find the stone. However we are coming closer to it. They have found the area it potentially is within, yet do not know it’s exact location. They shall start searching the moment more of them arrive and gain more foothold within the nearby human settlements. As for-”
“we shall finish this report soon. Go back to your post.”
“yes my dark underlord” with that, the gumm-gumm bowed once more and left as Jim ran past him.
“I’m happy you’re happy. You may still attend and do whatever you wish, as long as you do as we agreed, along with the impure stricklander.”
“yes! I won’t fail!”
“so, how many did you eat?”
“none! Walt told me I couldn’t, if they started to vanish when I arrived, they would suspect me of being connected”
“hm...well at least the impure knows how to prevent you from being discovered. You may take your leave now.”
“thanks dad! Oh and thanks Blinky!”
“you are quite welcome master Jim, I as well am filled with joy that attending a more human life is helping to nurture you”

Chapter Text

The second day of Jim’s school life. Once again he sat, bounced really, in a chair in Walt’s office.
“Soooo excited to start again!”
“good to hear, now today I want you to try something new, it can be anything. I also want you to make a friend, it can be anyone, you don’t have to rush, but I do want you to interact with someone, get to know them more”
“ohh I did that yesterday! I talked to the human male Toby! And the human female Claire!”
“oh? Well then this should be a bit easier for you. Keep talking and getting to know them, tell them about yourself, minus the parts we discussed that you are not to mention.”
“ohhh! Like what should I talk about?”
“your favorite color, maybe what you enjoy most about the surface world so far, maybe something new you learned today, simple conversation really. Whatever feels natural in that moment”
“i understand and shall do my best!”
“good to hear. Class is about to start, want me to walk you there?”
“no! I can do it!”
“such a big smile on your face. Blinky and your father must be happy that you’re happy”
“they are! Okay, I have to leave, goodbye Walt!”
“goodbye Jim, enjoy yourself”


Coach blew his whistle. The class was now in the gym lined up.
“i want all of you to climb these ropes! I want you all to be made of iron!”
“human instructor, I’m not made of iron, I’m partially made of flesh and stone”
“stone? Alright well, It’s just an expression...uh...what’s your last name”
“i had no previous name before my current name”
“trolls don’t use family names?”
“not that I am aware of. We usually go by titles. Gunm-uh, such as skull crusher, the deadly, the deranged (get it?), stone slayer, the drinker, the proved, hide Skinner, carcass feaster, marrow chewer, horrors bane, living weapon, death bringer, the corrupt, murder frenzy, beast tamer, will breaker, organ harvester, bone collector, flesh wounder, blood glutton, limb ripper, the war crier, tooth gnashes, scar maker, the living gore, the dark blight, life’s end, mortals scream, meat agony, the black, blood mist, the one who ends all hope, nightmare manifested, the horrific, the brutal, blood painter, the one who bathes in blood, the carver, meat cleaver, the one who suffocates light, deaths messenger, the dead one, rises from the depths, born of agony, darkness follower, the suffering, the punished one, the horrific memory, the brutal hunter, the executioner, the spiteful blade, hateful avenger, slaughter lover, the one drenched in gore, and so on.”
“i...think I’m gonna hurl...”
“hurl what?”
“nothing, ugh I didn’t think trolls had such….dark names...”
“ohhh no no! that’s just SOME of them, many different trolls have many different names. Those are just some of them”
“okay… you have a title?”
“no! I have yet to make one for myself, you must preform a feat in order to get one. I WILL make one, one of these days!”
“anyways let’s all get back on track. I want everyone to...focus on those ropes. All of you will climb them and ring the bell at the top. Got it?”

Jim walked forward, looked at the rope, jumped, pulled on the rope once to gain momentum, rung the bell, then flipped himself onto the beam.
“like this?”
“why am I still surprised….uh...kid...where did you learn that?!”
“oh, well my physical training included learning how to scale rocks and rough stone sides. Thankfully my claws and nails provide me a natural advantage to it”
“of course they do. Okay uh, Jim exercise you want. Everyone else, climb the rope and ring the bell.”

the class did as instructed, a lot of them didn’t focus too much on it, putting their attention onto Jim, who was gripping and climbing around the support beams, then when he was done, landed gracefully onto the floor that was strangely quiet.
“kid how did you not just make a sound?”
“oh, my training also consisted of me being stealthy and efficient. I put the pressure upwards into my legs and forelegs, it was painful at first but I started to endure the pain to the point where it no longer effects me. The same with broken bones and wounds.”
“that’s…..alright uh, go, drink water or something. Just, don’t bother the other students, they need to focus”
“as you instruct”


Jim walked outside going to his next class, from the side of his eye, he noticed 4 people interacting, until the sound of a locker slamming drew his attention.
“-that’s why!” three people stood in front of it laughing. Jim stopped and watched, curiosity getting the best of him. One of them looked to see just watching from the other side.
“stop staring weirdo and keep moving.”
“i was curious”
“yeah well beat it”
“beat what?”
“because I said so!”
“you can’t command me”
“yeah I can! you’re just some freak who should go back underground. Anyways what were we talking about...ooohhh yeah” the person speaking turned back to the locker
“what the hell were you saying again?”
“I’m telling you! gumm-gumm’s still exist! there’s proof!” Jim’s full attention was now focused on this ‘event’.
“what the hell are those things?”
“certain trolls who eat people and want to invade the world!”
“ohhh spooookkyyyyy. And where the hell did you hear that?”
“speculation! And evidence online!”
“ooohhh some weirdo online thinks-hey I told you to get lost freak!”
“why is that locker speaking? And why about this specific subject”
“doesn’t matter, want me to kick your ass?!”
“i don’t want this”
“then leave!”
“i wish to stay. You are starting to become very aggressive and hostile to me” from the locker the small voice started up again
“wait, weirdo? Is that the new half troll guy?”
“SHUT YOUR MOUTH NERD.” Jim walked over a bit more
“ohhh there’s someone IN the locker. Why?”
“because I put him in there”
“because I wanted to!”
“huh…….i smell...sexual arousal...”
“is it from the human inside?’s from you...every time the human inside speaks, you produce more”
“yes you do”
“you want to fight?!”
“not really” the human punched the locker then walked over to Jim, who was still calm and curious.
“I won’t say it again, leave, this doesn’t involve you”
“it does now, you’ve initiated me into this conversation quite some time ago, thus I am now a part of this….event? What should I call it. Encounter?”


By now a lot of people have gathered around them
“I’m going to count to 3, then I’m going to beat you until you beg for mercy. that’ll teach you not to interrupt me”
“i strongly advise not to engage me into a fight”
“this truly is a warning to you”
“i strongly think you should reconsider your choice, it is wise to prevent physical altercations”
“3 time t-” the human swung a fist, only to have it be easily caught in one of Jim’s hands.
“what the-” Jim then pulled him lightly in the opposite direction and the human CRASHED into the lockers on the opposite side of the human in the locker, as easy as flicking an insect off of you. The lockers dented as easy as tinfoil would from the intense impact. The human gasped and fell to the floor. The entire crowed gasped in fear
“i did warn you. I was raised to never show mercy and to kill my opponent at the end of the fight. You are my opponent. And this is a fight. Thus I must end your life now”
“w-w-w-hat?” the human coughed out, dazed
“however, now that I consider it, this wouldn’t truly work as I am on the surface, unless this is ALSO a human custom. Is it?”
“so I WILL end your life?”
“n-no! I m-meant n-no!”
“oh, then is this the end of the fight? I didn’t really do anything over than move you to the other side”
“m-move m-me?!”
“do you want me to use my actual fighting capabilities?”

“n-no!” Jim looked towards the locker with the human inside. He casually walked over to it, the other two humans next to it ran away from him. Jim ripped the locker door off with a simple tug and tossed it to the side
“hello human”
“h-hi! y-you’re n-not going to hurt me r-right?”
“no, why would I?”
“ Steve...”
“Steve? The male human over there that was aggressive to me?”
“yeah...him… help me out? GENTLY!”
“of course!” Jim pulled Eli out as gently as someone would handle a kitten
“t-thanks Jim for helping”
“it wasn’t difficult to take you out”
“i meant with the fighting...”
“well cause...he stopped bullying me”
“ohhh you’re an omega! No wonder he was becoming sexually aroused. I read that others interact aggressively towards someone else if they do not fully understand their own feelings, or try to mask their intent”
“oh...uh...huh...” Jim remembered what the small human said, his expression became serious
“where did you read about the gumm-gumms being real?”
“oh uh, online. People have been wondering about them, people talk and share evidence of them trying to take over the world!”
“how would they acquire such knowledge?”
“speculation. Some people think trolls are secretly plotting against humans, that’s why they hardly interact with us, some people think they still eat people and gumm-gumms never existed, that’s just an excuse they made so they wouldn’t be blamed”
“ah. I see. will have to show me this later. I am...curious….OH I NEVER ASKED! What is your name human?”
“it’s Eli”
“hello Eli! it’s nice to meet you!”
“it’s nice to meet you too” suddenly the doors slammed open and coach yelled

“WHAT IS GOING ON OUT HERE?!” Jim smiled and turned to him
“oh hello human instructor!”
“whats with this group? Why are you standing over Eli? Why-HOLY-PALCHUCK” he ran over to help check on Steve
“What happened?!” Jim said casually
“oh, the human male alpha named Steve was placing this human into that locker. He was then harassing him. I was curious and stopped to watch, he initiated me into the conversation. I noticed he was producing sexual attraction pheromones to this omega. I mentioned it and he became aggressive to me, he initiated a fight with me and I put him over there. I was going to end his life like I was taught, never allow your opponent to live after a fight, but it isn’t human custom to do so, he even agreed to it so I believed him. I helped take the human Eli out of the locker and started to initiate a conversation with him, then you came”
“come on Palchuck let’s get you to the nurses office. I hope you didn’t break anything”
“oh I didn’t, it wasn’t enough force and pressure on his body to do any kind of harm other than..uh...what’s the term...knock the wind out of him?. I know because I’ve broken many bones, including my own”
“you’ve broken bones?! With how strong you are?! How?!”
“oh simple, by my training and self infliction”
“y-you broke you’re own bones?!”
“yes! I was curious to know the sensations. I’ve broken my right foot, my left forearm, and two ribs. As well as given myself a concussion. I’ve also Burned myself, made myself bleed, although I really hate that one, I’ve poisoned myself, and exposed myself to freezing temperatures. it’s really interesting! I was thinking of trying to increase my abilities to hold in my breath longer by staying underwater, and potentially drown. However this would have killed me, thus I chose not to do such a thing. I was also wondering about electrocution, however this would also cause me to die. it’s also very useful. If you experience something, you build up a tolerance for it, eventually nothing harms you and you’ve successfully purged the weakness out of your body. it’s what I was taught. Weakness is a sin and only the strong may survive by law of natural selection. The more you endure, the stronger you become. The stronger you become, the more you have proven yourself as the superior being on the food chain, thus your right to rule over others weaker than you”

Everyone stared at him in horror. Jim kept his calm casual happy demeanor. Reacting as if someone had told a good food recipe to try at home. Someone mumbled out
“holy shit….that guy’s hardcore...”
“is that a good thing or a bad thing? I can’t tell by the context”


Jim sat in Walt’s office. Not really sure what to feel. Across from him sat Walt. Deep in thought and clicking his pen as usual, in an almost hypnotic fashion. it’s been like this for a couple minutes now. Right after the ‘event’ happened, Walt was informed and then Jim was sent to his office. Now Walt tried to think of all of this, trying to think of how to handle this situation.
“Jim” Walt finally spoke after a being silent for so long. Said half troll looked up innocently into Walt’s eyes

“I’m honestly not sure what to make of this. Or how to handle this. You were only trying to do what was natural. You didn’t know any better. You did speak a bit too much about our...lives. Things of that nature also shouldn’t be brought up. Along with ‘titles’ as you’ve already spoken of. I know how eager and excited you are, however things of your gumm-gumm nature must be held back. You must be punished for what you’ve done, although this isn’t typically something that should be punished for. You truly didn’t know any better and you gave Steve plenty of warnings not to engage you. He also has a history of being...aggressive….to others. You didn’t harm him in any way, which I am very proud of you for holding back as you did, however you did damage school property, something I will clear up easily so no need to worry about it. Situations like this must be punished in human society, I will not though. Instead, you will learn about this, do not make the same mistake again, and move on. you’re trying your hardest to fit in, and I understand how difficult it is to do so. This entire place is all very new and alien to you. I highly doubt anyone will be bothering you now with a more ‘aggressive’ attitude from that….display. I know for certain it will now be even harder for you to fit in. do not give up however. So, I will ‘give you a punishment’, you will say you’ve had it done to you, and we move on.”

“I shouldn’t have done that.”
“do not be too hard on yourself, like I said, you didn’t know any better. But from now on, you do. From now on wards, if for whatever reason, someone tries to attack you. I want you to just block it or prevent it, WITHOUT causing something like this to happen again, and after it happens, walk away and ignore them, even if they threaten you or get in your face. Do you...understand Jim?”
“I’m not mad at you, I just want you to know for future reference. Now, you should embrace that you will find it even fit in, however like I said, don’t give up. So, you still have half a day left, go enjoy it, and if anyone talks with ill intent to you, I want you to ignore it. Humans will say very hurtful things and do hurtful actions. Some will try to get under your skin metaphorically. They will mock and ridicule you. However, I want you to ignore it like I’ve stated. Think of this as a human kind of training. you’ve done so with physical pain, now it’s time for mental and emotional pain. Build up a tolerance and show that you are unaffected by their words and actions”
“I’ve done the same thing with others calling me weak and pathetic for being a half troll. I can learn to endure and ignore it. I promise, I will do better from here on out”
“good to hear, now, I will think of a fitting punishment, whatever I do come up with you have to believe you truly had it inflicted upon you”
“lie? Well that’s easy enough”
“exactly. So, off you go, oh wait. Here, a hall pass. Show this to your teacher or a hall monitor to prove you talked to me instead of roaming around when you weren’t supposed to”


It was lunchtime now! Claire and her friends were hanging out eating food, then she noticed Jim walking around and sniffing. She assumed he was about to come over. When suddenly, he reached into the garbage can and started eating out of it. Mary gasped
“ewww why is he doing that?!”
“well trolls do eat trash right?”
“so gross! he’s going to have nasty garbage breathe”
“i...should do something...” Claire took a deep breath and walked over
“hi Jim”
“oh! Hello human Claire!”
“it’s nice to see you again”
“i share the same feeling!”
“uh….you shouldn’t be eating out the garbage can”
“because people think it’s...unsanitary and could get us sick.”
“ohh okay! I was taught all about sanitation, to prevent my own illness.”
“thank you. If you want food, you should just go get some elsewhere, do you have money?”
“oh...ohhhh….ooohhhhh okay! I was wondering why all you humans kept placing your things within these. I thought maybe you left them for others to eat”
“no no...we..throw things away when we’re done with them”
“ohhh okay!”
“so...would you like me to help you buy food?”
“ohh yes! I would love if you would help me! I can’t read english”
“no, but I can speak it!”
“oh uh, are you having a hard time with school?”
“no! I’m having a fun time!”
“i meant with classwork”
“ohhh, yes, I don’t understand any of it, except math. Math is universal and will always be as such. So that’s easy for me! Well, I still don’t understand some of it and have a hard time doing others, but I am good with the rest!”
“what have you been writing on your other assignments?”
“latin, I was told you don’t use that anymore, but you still say words and write it at times, I am confused about it. So far I’ve not gotten any complaints, so I assume that I’m doing it correctly” Claire pursed her lips and knit her eyebrows. He was so innocent It was hard to blame him for what he was doing…
“so Jim, why don’t we go get you some food. Is there anything you want in particular?”
“ohh anything! I want to try everything! I don’t like the spicy, so I don’t want that right now”
“how about something sweet”
“yeah, do you not know what that is?”
“no, I’ve never had human food before I came here, I don’t know what sweet is, I know what spicy is though!”

Claire grabbed her things and said goodbye to her friends, who wanted to know why she was going to help him, to which she replied it was a kind thing to do, help him get settled into the new world. So now, the two are going from food truck to food truck, Jim buying lots of different types of food, trying all of them at once. Claire was bewildered on how Jim ate so much in such a short time. She assumed it was a troll thing. Afterwards the two made their way back to school. Claire had to reign Jim in from wandering off, and also helped explain to him whatever he asked about, and how things worked, from cars, why people drive them, how roads work, what concrete was, and things of that nature. She didn’t know if she should have been shocked or not when Jim asked about grass and trees. Jim KNEW about them when he came up top to watch his brother hunt, and then himself, but it was night and he never paid much attention to the foliage. Now that he was actually out and about in daytime, not focusing on hunting, he can actually just look at them and learn. Plants were a mystery. Except vegetables since he ate those all the time, but not how they were grown or where they came from.
“wow! The world really does have so much! I didn’t even think it would have this many things! I mean I’ve read and researched everything of course from my history lessons, as well as science, but to actually experience everything, to take my time and focus on everything, it’s amazing!” Claire was glad she could be helping Jim understand their world, at least these parts. Jim watched as something flew through the air
“that’s a bird”
“it’s growling at me. Does it want to fight?”
“nooo! that’s just chirping. Birds do that a lot.”
“ohhh. What are those beasts humans are with?”
“those are called dogs. they’re pets”
“pets? I like to be pet!”
“no, it’s a different kind of pet. it’s an animal that a human has domesticated and keeps nearby. A creature that the human loves and takes care of. Like cat’s are another one for example”
“oHHHH I know about cats! They don’t taste very good though”
“yeah I don’t like it, also it gives me hairballs and get’s stuck in my-uh..”
“’ve...licked them?”
“yes! Exactly! Licked...yeah...”
“why did you lick a cat?”
“where...did you lick a cat if you live underground?”
“ohh’s a long story...point is, I licked a cat!” Claire almost burst out laughing from how Jim said it with such excitement. Claire held back, while Jim just smiled at her.

After their little adventure, they went back to school. Jim thanked her for everything she’s done, she replied that she was happy to help. They departed and continued their classes. After a few classes, Jim was walking around enjoying the warm sunshine and preparing for his next one. Then he heard a familiar voice and followed the sound to it’s owner.
“-What’s wrong chubby? can’t fight back?”
“please just leave me alone” Steve had Toby up against the lockers, threatening him. Jim didn’t like this.
“awww why what are YOU going to do about it hm?”
“you what?” Toby stopped and looked behind Steve, to see Jim walking over to them
“what are you staring at-”
“human Steve. I don’ like how you are being so aggressive to him” Steve practically dropped Toby and backed up into the lockers within a second. The others around them started to notice, wondering if another fight was about to happen.
“i don’t like you doing this. I’m asking you politely to stop”
“y-y-yes J-jim I will”
“good, he is my...what did you call me...buddy?….he is my buddy and I will protect him. Friends do that right?” Toby nodded furiously
“y-yeah okay Jim, I’ll back off.”
“thank you” Jim did his usual smile, glad he resolved the issue without need of violence, just as Walt had said. The bell rung and everyone headed off quickly. Jim went over to Toby and smiled his friendly smile. Toby grabbed his backpack off the ground and gave an equally warm smile
“buddy? So we’re friends?!”
“yes! I thought we were”
“well, I guess not officially. we really are!”
“yay! My first ever friend!”
“mine too!”
“oh, gotta get to class! we’ll talk later!”
“see ya”

Toby was so giddy as he made his way and thought
‘my first friend! And he’s a total bad ass! Ahhhhhh! All these years of waiting are totally worth it!’


Claire was getting ready to walk home from school. The sun was bright and shiny and everything was going great. Then she saw Jim. Looking directly into the sun.
“owowowowowowowo OH HI HUMAN CLAIRE!”
“are you...looking at the sun?”
“yes! it’s soooo bright! And warm! But it huuuuurrts! But I can’t help it! I’ve never seen anything like it! I know what fires are, but this is amazing! Owowowowow” Claire giggled at the goofy innocence
“you are going to hurt your eyes doing that”
“ohhh sooo brightt! Owowow! Yes I know! But if I am to overcome pain, I need to endure it! Owowow”
“well, this isn’t something like….breaking...bones...this is something no one can ‘train’ for”
“ohhh okay! Sooo bright...sooooo briiight! Owowowo” Jim finally moved his head, whined in pain and rubbed his eyes
“waaah! My eyes don’t want to look anymore!”
“well it will do permanent damage if you keep looking”
“like a scar?”
“not exactly. So, what do you have planed for today?”
“planed? Hmm...i don’t know. My dad said I was allowed up on the surface until night, then I have to go home. But then the next day, I get to come here again! isn’t it strange how our planet revolves around the sun? But we don’t always see it at all times even though it’s right there! I know our planet turns, but still”
“oh, well that’s always nice to have something to look forward to. So what’s your home like?”
“yeah, lots of caves and caverns and dark abyss’s that if you fell into you would die. Also lots of crystals and rocks. OH AND-actually I can’t say that….I was told to say that anytime my family or life is brought up, I’m only allowed to say basic things. I understand, my family is..private about our lives. So, I shall not speak about any detail. Except for the basics of things”
“oh uh, well okay, good to know” Jim smiled silently in reply.
“uh, Jim, would to come over?”
“to where?”
“my house, just for a little bit. I would really like to get to know you more. You seem nice”
“like, like a friend?!”
“YAY MY FIRST HUMAN FEMALE FRIEND! OHH WHAT SHOULD WE DO FIRST?! We can’t watch the sun, but! do humans do?”
“lot’s of fun stuff, I’d like to show you”
“I’d LOVE to be shown! Ohhh this is the second day of the rest of my life to experience everything on the surface! I’m soo happy!”
“I can tell. Well, uh, let’s go to my house”
“ohhh yes yes! Where is it? Oh! Should we walk there? Or run there?”
“is that a yes? Well, if we DO run, you can be on my back while I do! These cars are almost as fast as I am!”
“’re...faster than a car?”
“yes! Climb on my back and I’ll show you!”
“well...always good to try new things...”


“so this is what a human house looks like?! Wow! Its sooo different than a cave!” the two had arrived to Claire’s home. She was blinking and trying to adjust her hair. They really did travel faster than a car, well, one going at a decent speed.
“wow...we got here in like...4 minutes!”
“we did?’
“yeah….it’s even faster than when I get picked up”
“put I did pick you up”
“no its a saying, never mind. Well, let’s go inside.”. Jim looked all around, sniffing and moving and trying to memorize every detail
“wow! This is what a human house looks like!”
“um, this might sound a little mean won’t..pee on anything right? Like, to mark territory like a lot of animals do”
“huh? Noo! don’t worry we don’t!”
“sorry, I just wanted to make sure”
“it’s fine! We actually poop! I think first I’ll do it here”
“I’m kidding! We use the bathroom like anyone else! Although we don’t have indoor plumbing and it’s more of a large public thing. You find a vacant hole and go!”
“oh...that’s...better than in a corner!”
“oh don’t worry, I have my own personal indoor plumbing! I have a bathtub and sink and toilet! My dad let me have one”
“oh well that’s great to hear! Speaking of, I should show you where ours is if you ever need to go. You know what, let me give you a little tour...of a ‘human’ house”

So the tour they went! Jim was impressed and commenting on every little thing! Even the staircase
“it’s just a staircase, they don’t have those where you live?”
“Well, it’s more like carved out stone, but not this accurate! Or made of wood! Ohhh what are these? They look like frozen reflections!”
“those are called pictures. Its this thing where...huh I honestly don’t know how it works”
“but you do it? How do you not know-well I guess I deal with the same things. I don’t know how my amu-a certain personal object, works. Ohh what’s this? It looks like a big picture! Did you color this? When I was younger I used to color pictures”
“no, it’s a painting it’s-please don’t lick our walls’
“oh they taste strange! Ohh what’s this!”
“that’s our second story.”
“Story? You haven’t told me a story”
“no, it’s just what the next floor of a building”
“ohh a corridor!”
“these are our bedrooms, do you know what those are?”
“yeah! Sorta. With caves, it’s everything in the same..well..cave! Yeah, sometime we carve out and make certain rooms, but that’s about it. Most trolls don’t use doors either, I have one for my cave, I like it!”
“oh please don’t go in there, that’s my parents room”
“ohh it’s neat! it’s so small in here. Ohh what’s this one?”
“that’s a spare bedroom, my parents have been talking about having another child, but so far nothings planned. “
“ohhh what’s this room?”
“this is my bedroom”
“what are these little markings here?”
“oh, those are height differences. We started them when I was a little kid, every time I grew we’d mark it, to see how much I’ve grown through the years”
“only 16? wow! My cave wall would have a LOT!”
“why? aren’t you 16?”
“nooooooooooooo. Trolls, mature verryyyy slowly. They can live for THOUSANDS of years!”
“that’s so long!”
“i know right?! Humans live such small tiny lives, most trolls don’t bother, after all. What is that saying? why be friends with a gnat?. Hmm, or something like that.”
“what about half trolls?”
“well, we live for a few hundred years, but that’s about it. We usually only live to be around 600, typically. Our oldest recorded is slightly over 800. we mature much faster than trolls, but far slower than humans. I’m actually 87 years old”
“wow! You ARE old! You look really young”
“I’m roughly 16 in human years. But because we develop and age so long, it’s always really hard to make comparisons.”
“that would make sense. So, 87 years underground”


“yes!. 16 years for you above ground!”
“this must be hard on you. Being somewhere so different, so...opposite with what you’re used to”
“honestly. I do have a tiny bit of worry. I know I won’t ‘fit in’ like you said. I know everyone will look at me and treat me differently. I’ll never be ‘normal’. But that’s okay. I love myself, I don’t want anyone to change that. I grew up around a lot of people whispering things. My kind are…..frowned upon...we aren’t...typically treated well. Most trolls consider us mistakes, abominations, heathens, mutants, ugly, deformed, a stain on the world. That sort of thing”
“wow...that….must be really hard for you”
“it was...well...still is...but I always let that drive me. I like hearing it. I dedicated my life to changing their views. I’m GOING to prove that we aren’t those things. That we ARE good enough to exist. I’m going to prove myself to everyone how wrong they were for calling me weak and pathetic.”
“I’m so sorry to hear that others have called you those things. I’ve had a really good life, so I couldn’t know what that would be like”
“I’m so sorry for hearing your voice”
“uh...not...exactly like that. you’re trying, and you’ll improve”
“ohhh! what’s this? Ohh it’s soft!”
“oh, that’s my bed, do trolls not use beds?”
“not exactly. Mostly just sleep on rocks, sometimes they might use skins and hides or something. They really don’t need them. Trolls only require 3 hours of sleep every 24 hour period”
“WOW! I wish I only needed 3 hours. I could do a LOT more”
“how long do humans need?”
“well, what we should be doing is getting 8 hours”
“that’s so long! That almost takes half a day!”
“yeah, I know. So how long do half trolls sleep for?”
“5 hours. Although I don’t sleep in a bed”
“oh? Well do you sleep on rocks?”
“no, I have a nest”
“a nest? Oh that’s cool. Like a bird or something”
“omega trolls builds nest to sleep in”
“you’re an omega?”
“oh, I didn’t know, you’re the first person, troll, half troll, uh, anyways. you’re my very first experience with that life.”
“and you are mine! To humans I mean! Well second, my first is the human male Toby!”
“hm, don’t know who that is, he must be nice though”
“yes! He called me his ‘buddy’ he said that meant friends! My first friend!”
“well, I’m your second now. So, what do alpha and beta trolls, half trolls, look like?”
“Well, there’s a LOT of different troll tribes. Each tribe lives a specific lifestyle along with certain areas they claim and each look different. Half trolls inherit their species through their troll parent, or half troll parent. Although the mostly inherit their looks from the half troll. Our species is very very rare, we can ONLY breed with full trolls. So others of my kind and humans can’t conceive. The only other way our kind are born is when a human breeds with a troll. that’s heavily frowned upon. Not only that, but human and troll conception is VERY DIFFICULT. The eggs and sperm just have a hard time connecting, along with being able to fully develop.
‘two worlds that should NEVER mix. At least in that sense’. that’s the main reason very few beings like us. We are LITERALLY the creation of the most hated thing.”


“that all sounds complicated and difficult for your kind”
“it is, I’ve actually never seen another one of my kind”
“oh? Do you ever get lonely? I know that if I never saw another human in my life, I’d feel lonely”
“hmm, not really. I guess I’m so used to me being me, I never really think about it. OH ANOTHER THING about us, is we’re usually slaves. Or servants. Either way, very very few of us are free and without some owner or master. Since we’re considered weaker and smaller and overall worse than a regular troll, many use us as servants or helpers. They say we are created to serve our betters”
“wow...that...sounds you...have to do anything like that?”
“no. my father doesn’t allow it. Although, sometime in my life I am to wed to another, but thankfully, he’s going to let me choose who I want, as long as I have a child, that’s all he truly cares about”
“does you?”
“..uh….yes...he...does….in his own way….”
“and you said your mother died giving birth to you, do you have any other family members?”
“only my brother, he’s older, I think over 1200 years now...i can’t really remember, my dad, my adopted uncles, and that’s it.”
“wow. 1200? well you did say you were raised around male trolls”
“yes! I am the only half troll in my family! Ohhh what’s this! It smells soo good!”
“that’s my lipstick-no don’t eat it!”
“it tastes good too! It tastes...strange….i like it! Ohh what are these?”
“that’s the rest of my make up, please don’t eat it!”

“will you help me learn English?”
“like, speaking how you do, also how to read and write it!”
“whooaaa what’s this thing?! I can see outside? Ohhh it’s smooth!” Claire watched as he walked to the window, sniffed it, and then started to lick it
“please don’t lick the window”
“twa wah?”
“it’s called a window, it’s made of glass and it let’s you look outside. You can even open it. See?”
“whoaaa I can stick my head out of it! Ohhh it’s like I’m outside! Ohh I never really paid attention to these glass portals! I saw them around but I never really LOOKED at them!”
“glass portals? that’s funny”
“whats funny about it?”
“that you find such simple common things like this amazing. I guess I really do take for granted the things I have in life”
“ohh what’s this? THERE’S TWO OF ME?! AND YOU?!”
“no no, it’s called a mirror, please don’t lick the mirror, it’s a glass object that you can use to see your reflection”
“ohhh wow! So THIS is what I look like! Ohhh you collect human skulls too?”
“oh uh, no not really, I just bought this cause it looked neat”
“you can buy skulls?”
“well, not REAL ones”
“oh uh, yes! that’s what I meant! I collect fake ones as well….ohhh what are these colorful images on your wall?”
“posters. Imagines of things you like that you can decorate on your wall”
“they look strange. Are they preparing for battle? They have decorated their faces like that. Also their armor isn’t going to be very effective, it’s so revealing. The spikes won’t be of much use either. What weapons are they holding? I’ve never seen those kind before” Claire started to laugh at just how funny these things were. She would have NEVER seen anything like he does, so in comparison, it’s funny.
“now, that’s a band, and those are just outfits they wear when they preform”
“band? They don’t hold something together”
“no, a band is a modern term, it means a group of people who sing together”
“ohhh like a gathering of bards?”
“yeah sorta”. Jim’s ears started to twitch and move, he sniffed at the air and moved his head around
“who’s that talking?”
“huh? I don’t hear anyone”
“outside, front of the house, two people, one male one female, older, they are mates, they’re entering the door” right after he said that, the sound of the door closing was made.
“how did you...know all that?”
“my senses”
“just from hearing and smelling?!”
“yes! I told you, I have the senses of a troll”
“wow. Trolls have amazingly strong senses. you’re kind of like a blood hound”
“no no, I...i think we’re thinking of two different things”
“we are?”
“blood hounds are a dog breed that have a very strong sense of smell”
“ohhhhhhhhhhh okay. I thought you were talking about a species of beetles that siphons the blood out of you by melting your flesh with their acidic saliva, then turning your blood into a mist like form where they then breathe it in to feed themselves. They are VERY annoying pests. Like your mosquitoes are. I thought you were calling me one, it is a VERY insulting thing. It means that you are a small weak and annoying creature”
“ I really wasn’t calling you sound dangerous...mosquitoes don’t do anything like that”
“no but they spread illness that kills millions over a short period of time”
“huh..i..guess you’re right...oh shoot my parents! I have to go talk to them. You stay here”


Jim watched Claire run out of her room and down the hall. Jim sniffed around, something AMAZING was downstairs. He couldn’t help himself. He HAD to taste it!.

“-it’s in the back seat, just grab it and AHHH” an adult woman screamed as she saw Jim come down the steps, he just walked past her and into the kitchen. He started to follow the smell until he came upon a blender.
“CALL THE POLICE, CALL ANIMAL CONTROL, CALL ANYONE!” Claire ran back into the house after hearing all the noise
“nonono mom it’s okay! that’s Jim!” the three family members watched Jim as he stuck it into his mouth and started to chew on it.
“No Jim! you’re going to cut yourself! don’t-” He took bite after bite.
“That things eating it like….chips!”
“no no! I just bought that!” Claire went over to ‘the monster’ and took the partially eaten blender.
“stop eating this please. Okay uh, introductions! Mom, dad, this is Jim...he’s the new transfer student I told you about yesterday” through a crunchy mouthful Jim said hello.


The four sat down in the living room. Claire’s parents across from Jim, as far away as they could go. Jim just happily munched on a broken piece of an old computer they were going to through out, focusing only on that really.
“so, that’s the story of...well...Jim...he’s harmless...even though the horns and nails and claws and fangs say otherwise….he’s very sweet once you get to know him”
“he’s eating our garbage. He ate the blender! he’s paying for a replacement.”
“trolls pretty much can digest anything. Half trolls can too...well, somewhat. To us, it’s garbage. To him, it’s like a cheeseburger or something.”
“is he...purring?”
“he does that when he’s happy. He also says he likes to be pet and groomed. He really doesn’t know anything about, well, here. Just the surface in general. He asked me what trees and grass were.”
“he’s so… looking..”
“his fur is long, thick and..coarse...but..he said he’d really like to try things, like shampoo and conditioners, hair dye and haircuts and that sort of thing. He really is part human, he needs this in his life. He is half”
“he’s eating the wires like noodles”
“yeah, he likes it...better than having him dig around in the trash can...he did that today...I’ve sorta been helping him with things”
“well, he needs help and he seems nice, I don’t mind being his friend. Besides It would be cool to know about troll things. An entire race living underground for THOUSANDS of years! All over the globe! don’t you think that’s cool? Like an entirely different world!”
“ aren’t...getting...close to him are you?”
“What? NO! I’m just his friend”
“well...i...suppose...if he’s going to be your friend...then he must be’ve never brought home any kind of….trouble makers before...”
“he’s great once you get to know him, even I’m still learning and it’s fun!”.
“well uh, it’s nice to meet you uh….are your favorite things to eat?”
“..hmm?’s humans...tastes good...”
“humans?” Jim snapped full attention and looked up
“No! I meant..uh...humus! Yeah, It tastes good!” Claire looked over at him with a smile
“i didn’t know you liked humus, I didn’t think you tried it before”
“uh yeah! I uh, did! At least, I think I did?. When I was eating all that human food, one human was talking about humus in the food, I don’t know which one though, so I think I like it!” Jim started to itch and scratch his fur.
“uh you don’t have...fleas...right?”
“what? Noo! I don’t have them, or any parasites. The only parasite that needs to be fed is my desire to eat all of you! Haha!” the three just looked a little...unnerved
“oh sorry, troll humor. I didn’t know it would make you uncomfortable”
“trolls don’t really eat humans though...right?”
“noooo not for...Huh, I’m not sure how long. History says it’s been roughly a thousand years, give or take. We mostly just eat whatever we can find, or cook, or just stuff in our mouths. I really like a well cooked nyarlagroth. Although raw is good too”

“I’m sorry...i...don’t know what that is”
“really? There kinda common. OH WAIT never mind! You don’t live in the dar-underground. Uh okay hmm...they are these….imagine if a worm and an angler fish had a child. And that child was as big as a...hmm...bigger than those long gray cars that a lot of people get in and out of.”
“bigger than a bus?”
“is that what they’re called? Ohhh. Why do humans go into them just to come out somewhere else? And why do they all do it? Do they take turns?”
“a giant worm thing bigger than a bus sounds...terrifying!”
“oh no, you get used to them. They are sort of like...hmm...umm….they are like the rat. they’re everywhere and are annoying, and kill us frequently, but we deal with them, mostly by either farming them for their young, meat, and eggs, or creating armor and weapons, along with building supplies out of their organs, skin, and chitin. All you need to do really is slice their bodies open, although, if you impale it’s brain, it kills them a lot quicker. Usually the brains are highly valued. Personally I don’t like the taste. it’s too chewy and slimy and then goes to waay too gooey and liquid like. I prefer consistency when eating. A few of my tribe members have learned to tame them, making them sort of like how dogs and cats are to you! Once you get to know one, they can be pretty friendly. They also travel quickly, eat and dig tunnels, so they’re helpful as well. Also when their bodies start to decompose, they produce and melt into this sticky slime, it’s really fun to play with! It doesn’t taste too good, and has a strong adhesive effect, so it’s more fun to make things with them.” Jim smiled widely and warmly, like telling about a nice fun childhood memory of watching sunsets in the summer. Meanwhile Claire and her parents look mortified.

“what’s wrong? Did I say something bad? I try not to say bad things to humans, I want you all to like me! So I always am on my best behavior! My dad said that as long as I’m good and doing what I’m supposed to and getting good grades, I’m allowed to stay up here for as long as I want! Well, he has this rule that I need to come home every night, but other than that, I can do whatever I want!”
“oh….that’s….very….uh Claire, can we talk in private for a moment”
“uh….sure….Jim, don’t listen alright?”
“why would you ask him that? we’d be in the other room.”
“he could hear us. He literally can hear a pin drop from across the room. He actually heard you both outside, before you even came into the house.”
“don’t worry Claire’s parents. I promise I won’t listen!”
“ you know Spanish?”
“uh, not really. I didn’t really focus on the history of Spain. It didn’t interest me. Although the renaissance does! A lot of interesting things! Also a lot of human nudity! Although I didn’t get to see or even understand much of it. Human male genitalia doesn’t make me sexually aroused, only male troll genitalia does, I wonder why. Then again, I’ve never seen a human male’s genitalia in person”

“no, Jim, I meant the language Spanish, so you like boys? Well that’s..a load off my mind, I’m sure Claire-”
“mom, that’s not nice.”
“ohhhh uh no Claire’s parent, I don’t know that language. Do you know trollish?” Jim started to speak it in for a little bit, smiling, then slowly understanding they couldn’t, so he switched back to English.
“No we, don’t. Claire, let’s go talk in the other room. don’t break anything”
“i won’t Claire’s parent!” so the family left Jim all alone. He was happily looking around and sniffing more, taking in the details and enjoying his day in a human house doing human things. In another room was the sounds of them talking in a language he didn’t understand, but by their tones he could figure out that it was stressful and anxious. Jim thought he shouldn’t bring it up next time he sees them.

When the family came back, they saw Jim licking the wall. Jim stopped mid lick and looked
“owha hwo yahu”
“Uh, Jim, please don’t lick our walls”
“okay Claire’s parent!”
“you can call us Mr. and Mrs. Nunez”
“okay Mr. and Mrs. Nunez!” Claire had to ‘step in’
“Jim, she means my father is Mr. Nunez, and my mother is Mrs. Nunez”
“ohhhhhh you’re both different. Okay! Sorry, I still don’t understand how last names work”
“you don’t have a last name?”
“no trolls don’t do that sort of thing”
“Well then how do you know who your family is?”
“oh oh that’s easy Mrs. Nunez! We can just tell. Scent, looks, attitude, features, it’s all really easy actually!. Although I’m having a hard time with humans. You all look the same, thankfully most of you don’t smell the same. So I can find out who’s who. Sort of. it’s still difficult”
“Well, you’re...trying...I’m sure our daughter will help you understand everything, along with others.”
“huh? Shes not our daughter. she’s yours and your mates daughter”
“yes mates! Your significant other! The one to bear whelps with you! ohhhh you didn’t actually meant...okay never mind! Human is still difficult to me..uh English I mean, troll is easiest since it’s what I learned first! I only started to learn English about...hmm...20 years ago”
“20 years?! How old are you?’
“yes. I am very young I know”
“that’s not very young”
“to a human. Trolls can live for thousands of years, while half trolls can live around 700 years.”
“i...suppose that is young to your...kind….” Claire tired to make things a little less awkward
“Jim, let’s go up to my room, you said you wanted to paint your claws and your nails, why don’t we”
“Jim’s curious about human ‘colors’. Like my hair stripe and nails. Just to clarify”


“Now we let it dry. You have to hold still okay?”
“okay!” Claire had just finished, Jim had picked out a nice color of purple.
“ohh can we change my fur’s color today?”
“not today, It takes a long time.”
“okay! Wow! This is amazing! What are we going to do next human Claire?”
“you can just say Claire, same with others if you want. that’s your first lesson I suppose on how to talk ‘modern english’”
“ohh okay! so...just...Claire?”
“yes just Claire!”
“so...not human Toby, just Toby?”
“exactly, you’re already getting the hang of it!”
“Thanks hum-Claire. Will you teach me more right now?”
“sure, we have time!”



the sun was setting and Jim was looking at his newly painted claws and nails, he wasn’t as impressed as he thought he would be. Oh well, he tried it! He might not have liked it too much, but it’s always good to try new things! Especially human things!. For the past few hours Claire was teaching Jim how to read and write ‘modern English’. He was picking up on it at a reasonable pace, which was good. They stopped as they heard Claire’s mother call her daughter, telling her dinner was done. The two went downstairs, Jim focused on the smells while Claire was talking to her mother in spanish. After a minute or two, Claire kindly asked Jim
“Jim, would you like to stay for dinner?”
“hmm...dinner? what’s that?”
“its when you have food around this time.”
“ohhhh okay! In the dar-at my home, we just eat whenever we’re hungry. We don’t have any truly planned meal.’s getting late….dad did say to come home at night...but….i am going to try more human food! And he did say I should embrace my humanity more! It won’t last that long, it’s only eating. I’m sure he’ll understand. Sure!” Jim sniffed everything as the family sat down at the table setting out the food. Jim would touch and lick everything, they had to tell him to stop.
“whoooaaa a chair!”
“you don’t have chairs in your home?”
“no, we do, it’s all just rocks. Or carved stone. Oohhh it can move! Oohhhhh it makes noises!” Mr. Nunez spoke in a small irritated tone
“yes it does. it’s also scraping the floor. Something I really don’t want to have scratch marks on it. I’m also worried about those very sharp nails on your...feet? haven’t been putting too much weight on them, have you?”
“oh yes! Well, no. I learned how to put more weight on the back so my nails don’t dig into anything. I usually only use my nails when I need to climb or kill something”
“kill? Like, end somethings life?”
“yes! In the dar-at my home, there’s a lot of fighting and arguing. You need to learn how to defend yourself or others will take advantage of you. It truly is survival of the fittest!” Mrs. Nunez spoke in a worried tone
“ don’t plan on attacking anyone here?...right?”
“nooo! don’t worry, I don’t plan on ending any of your lives”
“that’s a relief. Although I meant in Arcadia”
“ohhh no! I was going to end the human Steve’s life, but I was told you don’t end each other’s lives after a fight. I was taught to never show mercy and to always kill your opponent at the end of the fight. BUT I was told not to be aggressive to anyone or attack anyone even IF THEY are aggressive to ME. I was told to simply defend myself verbally, and if I need to prevent physical assault I am to be doing non lethal moves that simply block or prevent any actual pain to either myself or my attacker”
“That’s...good to hear...Jim do you know about the city’s laws?”
“not really. I was told to not do many things, so I won’t do them, other than that, I’m confused by human customs, I wasn’t supposed to...hmm….how do you humans say it? ‘add more to my palate?’. So I’m learning only a small amount at a time”
“It’s more to your plate. I’m the city council woman. It’s my job to make sure everyone follows and obeys the laws. That includes you”
“ohhh it’s nice to meet the warlord!”
“I-I’m sorry, warlord?”
“oh, are you the queen? Ruler? Despot? Taskmaster?”
“None of those….how do troll politics work exactly?”
“well, there are many different tribes of trolls, each have their own customs and laws. Most of the time it’s whoever is strongest gets to rule. Although many will follow a leader if they are wise and able to tend to others”
“that’s….well, here we vote for who we want to lead us. I was voted and so I lead the city. Do you know what voting is?”
“it’s when you chose to do something when asked a choice that affects many”
“oh good so you do”
“yes! So as the...what did you counkel woman? So how do you order others? By force? Or by having something others want”
“city council woman. No, I help-” Claire made a big clap
“you know what, let’s not talk about politics. He means no offense, he truly doesn’t know. Like he said, shouldn’t put too much on his plate. Speaking of, here’s yours Jim”
“ohhh! Human food! What is it?”
“it’s chicken enchiladas”
“this doesn’t look like any kind of chicken I’ve ever seen. Is it supposed to ooze?”
“no no, there’s chicken inside of it”
“ohhh. How did you put an entire chicken in this?”
“no, it’s just pieces of cooked chicken, just taste it” Jim nodded and grabbed a handful and stuffed it in his mouth sloppily
“no no Jim, we use silverware...not...make a big mess”
“oh sorry...ohhh it’s soo good! It has so many things I’ve never tasted!”
“It’s authentic mexican food”
“ohhhh….i thought you said it was enkilates” Claire snorted and giggled, Jim looked so happy, as a big strange of cheese was running down his face
“when you eat human food you use silverware. Like this.”
“ohh okay!”
“no no! We don’t eat the actual forks!”
“but you were putting it in your mouths and chewing”
“i was chewing on the food on the fork”
“ohhhh. This is really good!”

Mrs. Nunez clearly had annoyance in her voice, although Jim didn’t pay attention to it.
“so. Jim. Do all trolls have these kind of….table manners?”
“what’s table manners?”
“I’ll take that as a yes.” Jim continued to munch happily, as well as sloppy, way.
“so, Jim. What are your parents like?”
“oh my mother died giving birth, my father is big”
“I’m sorry to hear about your mother, your father is...big?”
“ohh that’s right! I’m sorry to ever have met you, and eaten your food, and especially been in your house!”
“excuse me?!”
“nonono mom, dad, it’s, he doesn’t mean. Okay, yesterday I told him that saying I’m sorry is a polite thing to say to someone. he’s trying to be polite. Although, he’s still learning. Jim, it’s AFTER something bad happens to someone”
“ohhh okay!, oh but yes, my father is big”
“not much of a description”
“...uh….sorry I….I’m not supposed to really talk about him, or my brother, or my adopted uncles, or my dads friends...I’m supposed to keep everything secretive. For personal reasons”
“So, what can you tell us of your family members”
“my brother’s bigger and older than me, he’s full troll and comes from a different mother. He takes after our dad. uh, I’m saying too much again. Sorry, I’m just really happy someone actually wants to get to know me. You both, Claire, and the human-uh, I mean, Toby, are the only humans I’ve ever talked to. Well, directly like this. Oh well Walt does, but he’s not a-he doesn’t really count I guess”
“you know your principle at least. That’s good”
“yeah, I’ve known him for a long time”
“yes he’s-he wor-hmmm how do I say it...he’s a friend of my family. he’s known my dad for a really long time”
“huh. Has he?. I’d like to talk to him about this”
“I’m sure he wouldn’t mind!”
“yes. I would think not.”
“I’m done! Is there anymore?”
“no. there isn’t.” Jim really paid attention to her, along with her husbands expressions. Jim grabbed his horns then growled out
“UGH! I FAILED! UGH. Why couldn’t I have done things differently?! I could have! Ugh. Bad Jim! Bad Jim!. I COULD HAVE DONE THINGS RIGHT BUT I MESSED UP. IT WAS JUST EATING. WHY DIDN’T I DO BETTER?! WHY DIDN’T I REALIZE IT BEFORE!? I MADE A FOOL OUT OF MYSELF! NOW THEY SEE ME BADLY! MY DAD WAS RIGHT, I CAN’T BE A HUMAN! I’M NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO BE A TROLL, I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO BE A HUMAN EITHER! I SHOULDN’T HAVE COME HERE, DAD WAS RIGHT, I SHOULD HAVE JUST STAYED HOME, IT’S THE ONLY PLACE I BELONG!” he stopped speaking and started whispering, holding his head close to himself and closing his eyes. Claire put a hand on his shoulder and spoke in a kind and quiet tone
“it’s alright. Things didn’t they usually would have, but this was your first time doing this kind of thing. You might not be a human, but that doesn’t mean you’re not good enough to understand your own..human in you. You didn’t make a fool out of yourself. You shouldn’t feel like your home is the only place you belong. This is all so new and different for you, this is only your second day here. You just have to keep trying. I don’t know about what your dad said but you could belong up here, if you just learn things. Everyone needs time to adjust when they do something different.”
“s-so. I’m okay? Being here?”
“oh...I’m….sorry….for all this….”
“it’s okay. See? You just used I’m sorry correctly”
“huh...i...think I understand it now”


After helping to clean up, not just himself but the mess he had. He said he was sorry again for what he did and how he acted. He promised to control his emotions more. He just gets extreme at times. It was a half troll thing. He told them that his father didn’t want him coming here because he didn’t think he should, Jim said his father was just worried about him and his well being which is WHY he should have stayed home, his father truly loved him and just wanted to make sure he would feel safe and good while on the surface. It was late and he needed to go home, he thanked them for everything they’ve done, shown, and given him. They asked how he gets home, if he lives underground. He said it was personal and private, but it was safe and quick. They didn’t pry. He said his final goodbyes before heading home….

He felt a lot better now. After he told his father about his day, minus the ‘explosive’ part, he took a bath and soon went to sleep. Hoping that the rest of his life here would run a bit more….smooth.

He had his doubts. But he was sure that somewhere in the back of his mind, his future would only be good, no matter what.

Chapter Text

The third day of Jim’s school life. He truly at this point bounced in his chair more than he actually sat still.
“I really hope today is going to be even better than yesterday!”
“I hope so too. I do need to speak to you about a few things before class starts.” Walt clicked his pen closed and turned to a more serious expression. Jim’s cheerful attitude slowly dropped
“is...did...what’s wrong Walt?”
“i spoke to Mrs. Nunez this morning. She told me about shall I put this...visit to her home yesterday.” Jim started to worry, his excitement had all but ended
“ in trouble?”
“no, I just wanted to talk to you with a more serious attitude so you’d understand this. I’m very glad you gave minimal information yesterday regarding your family. That was very good of you. Now, I know you were are on your best behavior yesterday during your visit to their home, but to them, it wasn’t very...hmm….acceptable. Humans typically are a do I put it in terms you would understand….sensitive to certain reactions. Licking and chewing things for example, it’s not tolerated by most people. I know you were excited and you meant no harm at all, you truly only had the best intentions, I am very proud of you for that. But please re-frame from licking everything from now on, as well as chew, alright? That includes eating things that aren’t human food, even if it smells very good. If you truly wish to consume something, ask first, alright?”
“okay Walt, I promise!”
“the next thing I wanted to speak to you about was your….well….hmm...when you felt overwhelmed and stressed.”
“oh?...I...I...forgive me....”
“It’s alright. Believe it or not but Mrs. Nunez actually wanted to make sure you felt better”
“s-she did? She wasn’t mad I ruined her dinner?”
“she was a bit...peeved...however she was mostly concerned for your well being. Having breakdowns like that is something to worry about. She just wanted to make sure you felt better”
“oh, well I do! I have to thank her for that!”
“that would be the kind thing to do. I want you to learn from what you’ve experienced, and make sure not to do it again. Just like your other training, it’s okay to fail, keep persevering and eventually you’ll learn how to do it properly. I had explained to her that I know your father, I’ve been interacting with him for many years now. I cannot share any information for personal reasons. I wanted to make sure you knew what I said, alright? So if anyone asks about my connection to you, that’s what I’m telling them. It isn’t lying, it is the truth. However you know we can’t reveal who we are or the ‘full truth’ to anyone at anytime.”
“don’t worry, I understand. Someone called it half lying once”
“i like to call it, vague answers. Something you’ll learn to do a lot here, at least about your personal life. Now, for the more important thing I wanted to discuss with you was when you felt overwhelmed. there’s nothing wrong with it. I’m not mad or upset with you, just so you know. I just want to make sure that when you do feel like you’re getting stressed and overwhelmed, I want you to excuse yourself and go somewhere to have privacy. That way you can calm down and give yourself a nice little breathing break”
“okay Walt, I will.
“good to hear. Class is starting soon”
“oh! Before I go, I’m eating somewhere else, no where close to here”
“good to hear! As long as no one in Arcadia goes missing, no one will suspect it’s you.”
“why would they anyways?”
“because, you know as well as I do that half trolls are looked down upon. One shows up and suddenly people start to vanish? everyone’s going to be looking at you and blaming you.”
“ohh okay! thanks for telling me”

It was gym class. To no one’s surprise, Jim was doing things perfectly, and as easy as walking itself. In his math class, he did everything almost perfectly, still had a hard time with certain things, especially the parts where you had to read English to explain it, but he did his best. His next class was the class with his new friend human Toby! Jim wanted to talk, but the teacher had to tell him to focus on the work. After the class, Jim talked to Toby for a little bit before their next class started. Eventually it became lunch!


Claire was packing up her things from her locker. She closed the door to see Jim standing right next to her. She almost jumped out of her skin
“GAH. Jim, You scared me!”
"I found you and wanted to talk before I find the huma-Toby! he’s my male friend! My first friend! And you’re my second!”
“oh uh, sure. First I need to go find my other friends and talk to them for a little bit”
“ohh okay!” Claire started to walk away, only to notice Jim walking behind her.
“uh, Jim?”
“yes hu-Claire?”
“are you, following me? Not that that’s a problem, I was just curious”
“oh, uh, okay, I guess that’s okay”
“ohhhh I almost forgot! Yesterday...umm….hmm..”
“oh yeah. We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to”
“it’s okay. I just wanted to tell you that sometimes….that...happens to me...i get overwhelmed and...well that happens...”
“it’s okay, everyone has a stress limit, you reached yours when things got too intense for you. Like I said, that was your first try, it’s going to be better, and okay!”
“speaking of, Walt told me that your mother contacted him about me”
“she did? Oh I’m sorry! I didn’t think she would. I didn’t mean for her to embarrass you!”
“I’m not embarrassed, I just thought that was kind. Walt told me that she asked if I was alright”
“oh, well that’s sweet of her. I’m glad you’re feeling better”
“me too. I didn’t think eating would be so stressful. Is it always like this?”
“no not at all, like I said, that was your first time, you can only ever improve from here on out.”
“you sound like a few others that tell me that. They support me a lot and they mean a lot to me
“I’m really happy to hear that you have people like that in your life”
“me too” Jim silently smiled at her with his classic warm friendly smile
“so...uh...let’s go”


Claire was talking to her group of friends as Jim was behind them looking at Claire’s backpack. He felt it all over, trying to understand the material it was made out of. His instincts told him to lick it, but he remembered what Walt told him. He felt over the little metal ‘handles’ and tugged on them, he heard a strange noise and continued to tug. Eventually her backpack opened up, his curiosity got the best of him and he looked inside. Shortly after, he stuck his hand in and felt around at the various items…

“-I’m just saying C bomb, you know what and who is following you around”
“not nice, he’s my friend”
“yes, he’s really nice-”
“uh, C bomb, he just opened your backpack, now he’s sticking his hand in it”
“no! No no Jim, don’t do that”
“oh, I was touching this and I felt the little metal handles. It started to make noise and then I was curious and looked inside, I’ve never seen of heard this before, I like it!”
“You’ve never seen a zipper before?”
“is that what they’re called? No, I only know about buttons. they’re on the pack I use to put on my back, also it’s a different material than yours, which also made me even more curious! I wanted to lick it but I remember Walt told me not to lick things that aren’t food. Oh! And I know about strings! My clothing around my waist has them, did you want to see?”
“No, Jim I don’t”
What are those little long purple wrapped things?” the girls behind them started to laugh hard
“yeah C bomb! What are they?”
“quiet Mary!. Jim, don’t focus on them, doesn’t matter right now. Please don’t go through my stuff again, okay?”
“okay! At my home, no one hides anything, everything is out in the open. I thought humans did the same”
“not all the time. Next time you want to go through something, you have to ask for permission first, form the person who owns it”
“ohhh okay! May I have permission?”
“no, not, now. Speaking of. I need to go do something, I’ll be right back. Just, stay here and wait, okay?”
“okay!” Jim watched Claire leave, his ear twitched as he heard someone’s voice. He turned to see the group of girls looking at him. One of them spoke
“soo, Jim. You like Claire a lot”
“you follow her around a lot?”
“yes, sometimes”
so, do you like like her?”
“i just agreed to the question of me liking her”
“but do you LIKE like her?”
“I’m confused”
“do you find her attractive?”
“I’m not sure, all humans look the same to me”
“do you want her to be more than a friend?”
“there’s more?”
“yes, do you want to go out with Claire?”
“What would we be going out of?”
“i meant do you want to date Claire?”
“what’s a date?”
“you know, be in a relationship with her, her being your girlfriend”
“i am in a relationship with her, yes she is my girlfriend”
“sooo you think you’re dating her?”
“i suppose, I’m confused though”
“do you want to kiss her?”
“what’s kissing?”
“when you like a person and you put your lips together”
“ohh, I guess I would like to try that!” Claire came back and walked over to them, she had a bad feeling suddenly, looking at her snickering friends and poor innocent Jim.
“Hey Jim, do what we told you”
“oh okay!” Jim leaned into Claire’s face and tried to kiss her, she quickly leaned out of it and pushed his head away
“what are you trying to do!?”
“kiss you”
“because I want to try it”
“why though?!”
“because I was curious about kissing you”
“where did you learn about kissing?”
“oh, she told me”
“MARY not funny!”
“what it’s suuper funny!”

“Oh! Claire, I want to be more than friends with you! I should date you, I think, and you’re my girlfriend. At least that’s what I understand”
“whhaaat?! C bomb you HAVE to admit it’s funny!”
“yes Claire?”
“what do you consider me?”
“my girlfriend”
“as in, I am a female, who is your friend”
“yes, that’s what I just said”
“and you only tried to kiss me because you were curious, not for a romantic gesture?”
“i was curious, should I have done it to someone else? No I didn’t mean anything courting wise”
“no. courting?”
“yes, doing various things to see if another wises to become your mate”
“Jim. we’re only going to be friends. Okay?”
“i thought we were already friends. They said there was more, and I wanted to be more than just a friend”
“not in a romantic way?”
“no, I don’t find you attractive at all. I’m sorry if I think you don’t look pretty. Am I saying that right?”
“no you’re not. MARY quit laughing!”
“I-I CAN’T BREATHE!” Jim looked worried at her
“should I fetch medical assistance?” Claire was very annoyed. If it were ANYONE else, she would have punched them for acting like this to her. Because it was Jim who had NO idea about any of this, she wasn’t going to be mad at him. Besides, he just got bad information. Something he does NOT need.
“Jim, when someone means more than friends here, it means you’re mates with them”
“ohhhh okay! Claire I don’t want to be your mate”
“good. I don’t want to be yours either. I only want to be friends”
“i thought we were friends? Did I do something bad?”
“no, I was just making sure you knew. Mary. Apologize. Right now.”
“Jim, I’m sorry you’re so gullible!”
“what’s that?”

“fiiinee C bomb. Jim, I’m sorry for laughing at you”
“you were?”
“maayybeee. So, is there any girls you DO like at this school?”
“No, I haven’t spoken to anyone about friendship”
“but do you like like someone here?”
“no. I don’t find humans attractive”
“But if you had to pick a girl, who would it be?”
“for being my mate?”
“uh...Claire? Shes the only girl I’m friends with, I only know here so if I were to chose who I would want to be mates with that had to be a female, it would be here. she’s nice and I trust her” Claire gave Mary a nasty glare
“knock it off. Besides, he likes boys”
“ohhh does he? you’re gay?”
“I’m not gay, I’m Jim” Claire took a deep breath, she knew she needed to clear things up, she didn’t want Jim to be anymore confused, or mocked, or anything bad to happen to him really.
“Jim, here, when someone likes Boys, they’re gay”
“ohhh, so you’re gay? You like boys”
“no, when a male likes a male in romantic and sexual ways, he’s gay”
“ohh, so I’m gay Jim?” Mary burst out laughing again.
“Claire, I’m even more confused now”
“it’s okay, Don’t think about any of this right now, okay? We can talk about it later. This is more...tricky and complicated. We still need to work on the basics, alright?”
“okay! I’m sorry I don’t find you good enough to be mates with”
“no, Jim, still not in the right way. you’re getting better...a little...Mary!” at this point Mary literally was on the floor
“is that female Mary okay?”
“she’s fine.”
“she said she can’t breathe, and she appears unable to function properly, is she broken? Is she suffering? If she is suffering, I find it best to quickly end it’s life so it no longer has to endure the pain. I can be quick about it. Hold still human Mary, this will only take a moment”
“JIM NO! she’s alright! she’s laughing”
“what’s that?”
“you...don’t….know what laughing is”
“not that I’m aware of, that’s never happened to me before”
“rolling on the ground?”
“have you ever found something funny and laughed?”
“yeah, like a good joke or watching something do something that the watcher finds humorous”
“hmm, I don’t think so”
“wow, okay, uh, I have to show you something funny sometime, so you can laugh”
“okay! OH speaking of letting me experience something new, today will you trim my fur?”
“sure, I’m sure my parents won’t mind, at least, I don’t think so. Just, no licking or anything, okay?”
“i promise”


The bell rang, signaling the end of school. Jim found Claire as soon as he could, he was excited and thrilled to try another new thing! As the two walked out, Claire explained that her parents were picking her up, Jim asked why her parents would pick her up, to which she explained that it was a more modern term and how it’s used. As her parents pulled up, the two walked to the car.
“Hello huma-Mr and Mrs Nunze!”
“Hello to you too Jim. it’s Nunez”
“you just need...practice”
“oh! I wanted to thank you for asking about my well being! I am very grateful you cared so much for me! I thought you might have resented me for failing to...uh...hmm….make a dinner right?” Mrs. Nunez gave a tender smile
“you’re quite welcome” Claire took a deep breathe and started to speak in spanish. Jim looked at the clouds overhead while he waited to be involved with the conversation again. The sound of tension was heard in the voices, along with worry. After a minute of talking back and forth Claire ‘pulled’ Jim’s attention back to her
“So, my mom and dad said you can come over, if you make sure to be...careful...and if you get upset, have a break. Oh and no messes”
“ohh okay! Walt told me that same things! Except he said them a bit differently”
“Well I’m glad”
“so when should I start running?”
“oh, uh actually, did you want to try and ride in the car?”
“i don’t understand”
“in the car, did you want to ride in it?”
“ohhhhh okay! How do I do that?” Claire tried not to laugh, she opened the back door
“just, sit inside”
“ohhh okay!….okay now what?”
“now we drive”
“ohh we’re moving!. How? It doesn’t have legs? Does it?” Jim moved his head and the sudden sounds of scraping was heard
“ohh! My horns are touching the top!” Mr. Nunez tapped his fingers on the wheel and looked peeved
“yes. They are.” Jim moved his arm and the window started to lower
“AH! OH NO! CLAIRE I MADE THE GLASS PORTAL GO AWAY?!” Mrs. Nunez looked in the mirror
“glass portal?”
“like I said mom, he really doesn’t know anything. Here Jim, see? It goes up and down”
“ohhhhhhh!” Jim kept pressing the button, watching it rise and fall Mr Nunez tapped his fingers more
“Please stop doing that. you’re going to brake it”
“okay. what’s that? Why is there a moving giant pair of flat fangs? And why are they so high up? Is it some war trophy from an opponent? And who was so large to have them?” now Mrs. Nunez tried not to laugh
“those aren’t fangs. Thse are teeth. that’s what humans have. they’re fake. it’s just to help show that it’s where a dentist works”
“ohhhh. what’s a dentist?”
“it’s someone who takes care of your teeth”
“how can they take care of your teeth if they’re inside of your mouth? Do you swallow them? Or can you remove your teeth?”
“no. you go there for a checkup. Clean, and check your teeth to make sure you don’t have any problems or damage to them.”
“ohhh, like post battle damage?”
“are all trolls….rough and tumble?”
“If you’re asking about us being violent, now, well, most of us are. It really depends. Like for example, if two trolls get into an argument, they bash heads together and who ever isn’t knocked unconscious is the one who’s right. Do humans do the same?”
“no they do not. That sounds very...dangerous”
“it is. don’t worry, I don’t usually get into arguments, and even if I did here, I wouldn’t bash my head against yours. It would be an unfair advantage due to my horns and harder skull. Also since you said humans don’t do that, I won’t. I’m trying to follow human customs, not trolls”
“well I’m very glad to hear that”
“ohhh this car is almost moving as fast as I can?”
“as fast-are you faster than a car?”
“he is mom, trust me”
“i do trust you." "You aren’t digging your nails into anything, right?” Mr. Nunez them mumbled
“bad enough you’re already damaging the roof.”
“oh, I didn’t mean to damage it”
“how did you hear that?”
“remember dad, I told you Jim can hear a pin drop from across the room. He can hear pretty much everything”
“ohh look a flying dog!”
“no Jim, that’s a bird remember?” as they drove along, Jim had a constant stream of questions about every little thing and every detail. It truly was getting on everyone’s nerves. Claire tried to keep calm and remember how Jim is. They arrived at the Nunez home and got out of the car, right before Jim made a huge scrape with his horns
“uh oh”
“yes. Uh oh. Claire will you open the door please while I look at this..uh oh.”
“oh oh I can do it!”
“wait Jim no!”

Jim grabbed the handle and pulled. The entire door broke off it’s hinges and fell flat
“ooops. These doors are a lot lighter than at my home. Then again, my home is made of rock and crystals”
“crystals? I hope those are worth a fortune to pay for all these damages. Do trolls even use money?”
“is it? Or are you being sarcastic? I can’t tell by the context” the four went inside, after Jim picked up the door and put it back into place. He even bent the hinges to go the correct way, completely fixing the door
“ohh I fixed it!”
“well, that’s one less problem”
“ohhh you said I had to repay you for the blender. here’s my money, I hope it’s enough.” rifling through his bag, he pulled out the massive wad of hundreds. All three Nunez just stared at it in absolute shock
“where….did you get that?”
“oh! I was given this to help me when I’m here. I was told these pieces of paper were traded for goods and services, I’ve only spent this on food. I think I can spend it on other things”
“yes….yes….you can….you just...carry that around with you?”
“yes, I need it”
“all that? At once?!”
“yes, I’m supposed to use it. Why would I put it someplace I won’t be able to”
“can I...see that for a second”
“but you’re seeing it now”
“i meant, can I take it for now? I’m not taking any. I just want to count”
“okay” Mr and Mrs Nunez counted it in shock.
“Jim this is 1200$. where did you get this?!..did...did Walt give you this?”
“oh no, he didn’t bli-someone personal to me did. I can’t talk about it for personal reasons. But my father has a deal with someone, who has a deal with someone and all of them trade, and eventually it leads up to the surface with more trading, and so human currency is collected. Although we really don’t have any need for it, so I can just take as much as I want”
“Jim, you need to only take a little at a time. You do not want this to get stolen”
“who would steal it? Usually no one steals anything because they are too smart to do such a thing or have punishment upon them”
“which is?”
“of course it is. Just, keep this a secret, don’t show anyone else this, unless you can completely trust them.”
“ohhh Toby told me about the false friends. I said I would eat them. Although that was a joke. I do know others would use me for this. I’m smart enough not to let that happen”
“good to know. I’m taking 200 for damages.”
“okay.” Jim heard something open and close, he looked into the kitchen and saw the fridge. Naturally he went over to it for an investigation
“Ooohhh what’s this? Ohh it’s cold! And there’s a light in it! And food!” Claire went over and closed the fridge door
“it’s a refrigerator. It keeps things cold so they last longer”
“ohhhh neat! Usually we just eat everything, there’s usually nothing left over”
“it’s going to take a while if we want to do your fur”
“yes! I want to try doing that! Although, I appreciate what you did to my nails and claws, but I don’t really care much for the paint anymore. Can you change them back?”
“sure, I’m happy you tried it, even if you didn’t like it.”


“that’s the third hairbrush.” Claire groaned, reaching for another one. The other three had broken easily, just trying to properly brush the knots out of Jim’s fur
“if you want, I can just soak it, that usually helps”
“okay, uh sure. Yeah that might work. Hmm, also a good chance for you to try shampoo and conditioner.”


one quick hot shower later. Jim’s fur was still thick, but it brushed easy now
“ohhh my fur’s so soft! And it smells so nice! What is it?”
“that’s called an apple. Well the smell is like how a real apple smells. Okay, all brushed out. Do you have any particular look you want?”
“look? How do I change my look?”
“i meant the style of your fur”
“ohhh, I can do that?”
“yeah. Did you want it a certain way?”
“hmmm, I’ll trust you to do it. Do whatever you want”
“i think I have something in mind”


“okay, it’s been a tough hour. But I think it’s worth it. Alright. I have a mirror in front of you. I want you to open your eyes now and look”
“okay” Jim’s eyes went wide in shock. His fur, usually thick and long, was now shorter and styled. He gently ran his hands over and through it.
“you said you wanted to embrace your humanity. So I thought you’d want to look more human, or at least, have a little more. What do you think?”
“i…..i love it….” Jim’s expression started to fade into a more gloomy one.
“is...everything okay Jim?”
“yeah...i….i really love it. I just, it feels weird. Like, I belong here now. Or at least, I fit in more. I was so used to the way I looked and acted before. Now I’m really becoming different. I LOVE it, I just...i don’t know, I guess I’m scared. What if I loose myself. I don’t want to forget who I am and become someone else.”
“Jim, you won’t. I can’t understand how you feel, I’ve never been in a situation like this. But I’m always here to support you. don’t think of loosing yourself, you’re gaining more OF yourself. you’re not replacing anything, well maybe your fur style, but you’re still you”
“yeah...i am...aren’t I?...i guess I’m just so used to living full troll, and suddenly surrounded by full human, I just feel...strange...i don’t really belong in any world. But I’m here. I just, I guess a part of me still hasn’t fully realized just how different things are. Past all the excitement and joy, I just feel lost and scared. I don’t know how anything works, or how to interact with others. I’m trying, and I DO want to keep trying! But it’s just so...different. My entire life, the way I act and talk and live and interact and just, know my environment. it’s just so opposite”
“i couldn’t imagine what that must be like, but no matter what, I’m your friend, and I’ll always be here for you. Same with your other friend Toby”
“Toby. I feel awful about him.”
“he is my first friend. I hardly have spent time with him. I just got so excited because you have been showing me such new and amazing things, that I’ve ignored him. I talk to him at school, but I want to be around him, be with him more, have him show me other things”
“tomorrow you can. Just talk to him, spend the day with him, like you do with me. This doesn’t mean I won’t be around or that we’re suddenly going to stop being friends. you’re just going to talk to someone else and explore more of the world. I’m not going anywhere, this part of the world will always stay here, and you can come back and enjoy it just as much as the rest of the world”
“yeah….i guess I can….thank you Claire. you’ve helped me so much. I don’t know how I’d be alive if it weren’t for you”
“you’re welcome Jim. I’m always here for you. I’m glad I can help you. You’re an amazing person, people will understand once they get past how you look and what you are. Just like everything’s new to you, you’re new to us. You don’t understand things, and we don’t understand things about you. People are afraid of what they don’t know or understand. Once they do, they’re not afraid anymore. Once people start to get to know you, you’ll start fitting in a lot more”
“thank you Claire. I’m sorry to have caused you so much trouble. Like that?”
“close. Although, I don’t consider it a bad thing. you’ve made my life more fun, and exciting! Now I get to understand an entirely different world through you. Just like I’m teaching you about human things, you’re teaching me about troll things”
“if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them”
“same for you”
“thank you Claire, I’ve never gotten support like this where I live. I have Bli-someone, but he hasn’t ever spoken like this to me”
“Trolls aren’t big on emotions are they?”
“no, they really aren’t”
“but you are”
“yeah. Being a half troll your emotions are really extreme. So I never really got help or anyone who understood me. You do though”
“i try to. You really have the same emotions as humans do, you’re a lot more alike than you like you are”
“yes. I’m excited for you to start experiencing more”
“and I’ll always have you by my side?”
“always. Although you understand that I won’t LITERALLY be next to you the entire time, right?”
“don’t worry, I actually do. I really love my fur. it’s so much lighter now! And it looks so human! I feel scared, but I’m more excited than fearful!”
“good to hear!”
“I’m sure I could convince my parents to let you try dinner with us again”
“oh...uh...i...I’m afraid I’ll mess it up”
“I can teach you. Just watch and copy what we do”
“if I’m allowed to, then yes, I want to try again” the two smiled at one another through the mirror.
“oh about dying my fur, let’s do it some other time. I want to enjoy my new look first before getting a new one”
“whenever you want, we can. Speaking of, sometime soon, I’m going to take you cloths shopping”
“what’s that?”
“you and I go out and shop for cloths for you”
“I’m wearing cloths”
“true, but we can look around and you might find something new you’d like to wear. there’s LOTS of different styles and outfits. I have a very strong feeling you’re going to want to try a few of them”
“that sounds fun!”


That evening, Jim was allowed to stay and eat, he ate well and did almost exactly what he was shown, he was still sloppy, but he was improving. When he returned home, His father, along with his brother and Blinky, were shocked to see what had happened to his appearance. He explained that he wanted to have his fur cut and that his friend made it look more human, he really loved it and can’t wait to continue doing more human related things. They were happy he was happy.


Although in Gunmar’s heart, a tiny little part of it worried that the surface might cause him to loose his son. Maybe not now. But maybe one day. One day his son might get a little too comfortable on the surface and wish to stay for whatever reason. Leave their home, and live elsewhere. He didn’t want to loose his son.

No matter to whatever

No matter to whoever

He won't loose his son.

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Jim ripped a hunk of meat off of a bone. After eating what was in his mouth he continued his conversation with his brother
“-then it didn't taste that good, it was interesting though! From now on I’m actually going to try and SEE things, FEEL them, UNDERSTAND them. Like glass portals! I always saw them but I never LOOKED at them, does that make any sense?” Bular swallowed his mouthful and licked the blood around his mouth and said with a grumpy tone
“well, maybe if you were in my position”
“if I were in your position I would have eaten them all by now”
“they all do smell sooooo good! My mouth waters sometimes just looking at them, watching them move around and talk. I like to watch them run around, stretch, and do everything in gym class. It makes my stomach growl sometimes.”
“then just eat them.”
“Walt says I can’t”
“you are above the impure. You take no orders from him.”
“technically I do now, he is the one in charge of me while I’m here. Dad told us both that. Also he’s right, I don’t want anyone to just instantly blame me if something bad happens. The more I fit in, the better. Then I can eat them, well, not for a very long time at least. Mmmhhh I would love to make that place my new hunting grounds. Soooo many of them smell sooo gooood. When I’m just walking and being outside, I can smell sooo many of them! So much food everywhere! It makes my mouth water! I can’t help but lick my lips! I just want to take one! But, I’m smarter than to do that. I rather fit in and enjoy my new human life far more than just eating a few people. Besides, there is just sooo many new human things to do and try! It helps me ignore my hunger! And the human food! Sooo goood! it’s not even close to eating them, but their food is still amazing! You should try it. I ate this thing called and enkalate, or inkage, it’s a hard word to say, but it has chicken in it and its covered in stuff and wrapped in stuff and it’s on a plate! I tried to eat the plate, but I was told not to, so I didn’t. Also forks and spoons taste really good! I ate one by accident, and then ate another on purpose, but lied about it, saying it was another accident. I think Claire’s parents are starting to like me”

“lowly fleshbags, hardly deserve the attention and time of a son of Gunmar.”
“well I like them and that’s all that matters to me. Speaking of mattering to me, you’ve hardly looked at my fur since yesterday!”
“you looked strange.”
“i look more human now! I’m going to fit in more!”
“you constantly smells like fleshbags and now look more like one, I’m afraid I might try to eat YOU next. I bet you taste like one now. Practically soaked to the bone with their taste from being exposed so long.”
“you try and eat me, then I’ll tell dad, and then I’ll try to eat YOU! I’ve always wondered what troll tastes like, plus I do love you! I bet you’d taste amazing!”
“i doubt your fangs and claws could even pierce my hide.”
“they’re strong enough to pierce solid stone now. I might take a bit when you aren’t looking”
“we both know that I never have my guard lowered”
“you DO have to sleep like everyone else”
“oh? Now THAT gives ME the idea to take a bite out of you when YOU sleep” the two brothers laughed with one another. To them, morbid things like this are just fun jokes to them. Bular looked down at Jim’s food
“You’d better hurry up and finish. you’ve only got a couple hours left before your...whatever...starts. And I DON’T want you going there stinking and looking like a human corpse.”
“oh? You care about my appearance?”
“no. I just don’t want you to get into trouble with the impure.”
“are you sure you’re my brother? You are Bular right?”
“be quiet. Before I shove your face into your food to silence you.” Jim smiled and felt warm inside, besides the fresh kill going into his stomach, but the warmth that his brother loves him. Or at least, is starting to slowly show it. Or at least, Jim hopes…


Jim showered, brushed, and flossed his teeth. Along with changing his cloths and just overall getting ready for school!. Sitting in Walt’s office for the regular ‘morning check in’
“-I even ate today before coming! So I wouldn’t be hungry for them”
“well, that’s good to hear. As long as your appetite is sated, you won’t feel the need or hunger to start eating the other students”
“mmmhhh I’d still love to though! Soo many tasty humans!” Jim licked his lips happily and imagined everyone he would eat. He even made a mental list of which ones he would start with. At least a gumm-gumm can dream, right?
“remember. DON’T eat the other students. I don’t care how much your mouth waters or how much your stomach aches for them. DON’T eat them. Unless you suddenly have the urge to completely stop your new human life.”
“NONONONO! I want to keep it! I haven’t tried so many things!”
“then DON’T eat them. I’m proud of you for not doing it”
“when can I start eating?”
“never. Not a single student should go missing. Or any civilian for that matter.”
“maybe in the future, years from now, you might be able to start doing it. Once you’ve settled in and no one truly cares that you’re among them now.”
“ohhh! I can’t wait! In the meantime I’m going to try every human thing!”
“good. I had yet to mention that I like how you’ve styled and trimmed your fur”
“my friend Claire did it yesterday! It makes me look more human! I love it!”
“I’m glad you do, and yes, it is styled as one. that’s another small step you’ve taken into fitting it.”
“i even bought shapoo and conterer yesterday! I washed my fur this morning with it! Although it doesn’t taste good, but it makes my fur sooo soft and yummy smelling! Claire said it was like an..uh...aple?”
“Apple. Yes, it does smell like one. Today I want you to try an actual apple today, alright?”
“ohhh yes! I saw the image on the bottle so I’ll know what to look for!”
“good. I’m also happy you didn’t lick or try to eat anything you weren’t supposed to yesterday”
“I’m trying my best! I won’t fail!”
“Good to hear that attitude. Your father would be very proud. Now, time for the ‘bad’ things to talk about. Your work”
“I’ve gotten it correctly right?”
“not...exactly. You haven’t been writing in English”
“I’ve been writing in latin”
“yes. I know. How is it that you don’t know it but can speak it? Blinky told me he was the one to teach you, at least in some sense”
“audio. I was always listening to words and phases, as well as it helped to teach me to communicate. All my family can speak English too, but they can’t read or write it. Oh wait, you already know that from dealing with them”
“yes I do, I was worried about this actually. I want to help teach you how to read and write it”
“okay! Sounds fun! Oh and my friend Claire has been doing the same!”
“hmm, between the two of us I think you’d do best. Now, head on to class. If you need help reading, please ask someone else to help you, if you can”


It’s been a couple classes now, Jim was walking along going to his next class, slowing down from hearing some familiar voices
“whatever nerd. Just, I’m, uh, stay away from my locker!”
“i was wondering about...uh….you’ve not really been near me since...”
“shut it! I just don’t care about being near you! Nerd!”
“i wanted to sort of tal-”
“nope, don’t have time for you, or your dumb face, or...uh...words!..i...mean like….I’m probably hanging out behind the school for...a bit after...uh...don’t run into me four eyes! Or whatever, move it I have to get to class”
“okay. Bye Steve”
“whatever! Ugh!” Eli just watched him awkwardly walk away. When he turned around he saw Jim right behind him”
“why are you yelling?!”
“because YOU were yelling! I thought that meant some kind of hello”
“No! You just scared me!”
“oooohhh. Why was that alpha talking to you?”
“oh uh...ever said those things...he’s been acting weird around me”
“which things? I’ve said a lot of things to him”
“you know...when I was in the locker...i heard it...very clearly..”
“you were in the locker for a good amount of time, I spoke to him a lot”
“ know...”
“i do not”
“the sexual arousal pheromones?”
“yeah….anyways ever since then he’s been avoiding me, he hasn’t even really talked to me or bully me, which I’m thankful for, but I kinda want to know about the whole...”
“the reason for that is because he’s sexually aroused by you. I don’t know about humans, but alpha males typically try to stay as close to the omega they wish to become mates with as much as they can. Also interact with them, although I don’t know if humans wrestle and fight one another to see who’s better at combat, typically the alpha is, but it’s just a fun tradition”
“no, we don’t fight here. he’s always bullied me”
“call me names, push me around, put me in lockers, made me give him my lunch money, that sort of thing”
“is this a human courting tradition?”
“romance? No not at all”
“he clearly wishes to breed with you. Are you going to have his whelp?”
“wha-? Nooo! Breeding isn’t going to be a thing! he’s not even been nice to me once!”
“you should do some sort of act to show him your true feelings. If you do not wish for this, tell him to back off, alphas are stubborn, some will leave, while others don’t. so a nice bone breaking is a good sign to get your point across”
“oh...uh...I’m not going to do that, humans don’t….well he doesn’t really want to talk face to face...maybe we can exchange phone numbers and just text”
“i don’t know what that is, but I’m going to assume it’s some form of speech aid. You should. How do humans say no?”
“a lot of ways. I just want to know why he’s doing that, that’s all”
“he’s sexually aroused by you, as I’ve said many times”
“no, I mean, I know that, I’m just wondering why...”
“he’s sexually attracted to you”
“yeah but why!”
“i don’t know. You are sexually attractive to him for some reason. It differs a lot. With troll alphas, it’s common to be attracted to someone who knows how to kill and fight. Although repairing and creating weapons and armor is another way, not as much, but still an attractive feature. Another is how fertile they are. Another is how many trophies they can collect, although the alpha is the one to typically collect them and present them to their mate, or the omega they wish to be mates with, in order to show how able bodied they are, as well as ruthless and bloodthirsty. Oh and an omega with nice fangs. Those are always a nice feature”
“humans don’t really do any of that stuff. Why are fangs an attractive feature?”
“they just are. Alphas find them interesting. And pretty. Each alpha has their own ideas on how to court an omega, perhaps your alpha is trying to court your through abusive means, although he shouldn’t be doing that. Not even troll alpha’s would do that, no matter how brutal we are, we never harm or be violent to their potential mate, unless they are in combat, But they still won’t fight to the death”
“hmm...I’m not cute or anything...why would he like me..”
“cute? What makes you not cute?”
“you know, how I look”
“how you look has no effect”
“humans do. If you look good, then you have a chance, if not, then you don’t.”
“trolls have no concept of beauty, look wise. We only enjoy what I’ve described. We don’t care about one an other's appearances. The fangs are just an add on feature, not a totally direct thing to focus on”
“i really wish humans were like that…...not the violent part! But the concept of beauty. Well, besides texting him, I really don’t know what else to do. No I won’t break his bones! Hmmmm….well this is nice to talk to someone about it. I’ll think of something, thanks for talking to me Jim”
“oh! I didn’t get your name”
“It’s Eli, we've met once before. the fight and all...”
“i forgot! not a problem now! Hello Eli!, how did you know my name?”
“everyone does, or at least almost everyone. you’re pretty talked about that I think about’re a troll!’
“half troll”
“still, can you answer my questions about trolls?”
“No! Wait, I mean, I can’t answer personal things, but I can give you things like trolls get hurt by daylight, most of them live underground, except there are a few different tribes, like there are these river trolls that live in very deep rivers. that’s just one example” the bell wrong signaling the start of the class”
“oh! I’m late! So are you! Okay, bye Jim! Thanks for talking”
“you’re welcome! Goodbye!”


In many of Jim’s classes he would hear others whisper a lot, or little ticks and taps on something. He wondered what many things were. He wanted to ask, but he preferred to focus on his work. Many things he heard he couldn’t register. People talking about who’s with who. Who wore what. who’s lying to who. What others are doing after school. How much they hate their moms for not letting them go to the movies late at night even though it’s a school night.


Lunchtime! Jim had to focus. He wouldn’t ignore his first friend today! He needed to be with him! It wasn’t fair to him! Toby would get his full attention today. Not Claire. Jim told himself this over and over in his head, the first thing he did was rush over to where Toby usually sat at lunch, only to stop as soon as he smelled Claire. He wanted to thank her again for what she did for him AND he needed to do something. He could make one quick stop. So with that in mind, he went to her. Once again, Claire closed her locker only to see Jim right next to her
“Hi Claire”
“hello. Jim. Please, next time. Say you’re there. Or something. People typically don’t like when someone randomly appears next to them”
“i didn’t appear, I walked”
“i meant-never mind doesn’t matter.”
“I wanted to thank you again for all that you’ve done for me. I just wanted to say that before going to my first friend Toby. He usually is near the front of the school at lunch”
“you’re very welcome Jim”
“oh! Will you show me where the bathrooms are? I have to go now”
“you don’t know where they are? Why am I asking, you just told me. I should be asking, you just, hold it until you get home?”
“yes, at my home, there’s very few places to go, so holding it is something you learn”
“oh uh, that’s, yet another thing I’ve learned about trolls. Okay, well, follow me”
“okay!” a brief walk to the nearest one, everything was fine until Claire decided to go herself, only to walk in and then notice Jim was behind her
“Jim! You can’t be in here!”
“why not? isn’t this the bathroom? Although I don’t see a bath”
“not all bathrooms have actual baths-we can talk about it later. Right now, you need to leave”
“i haven’t gone yet though”
“this is the girls bathroom. Okay?”
“there is a bathroom, right next to this one, that’s for the boys. We have separate ones”
“it’s because-look I can’t explain it right now. Point is, go over, and go there”
“okay!” after the little educational talk, Jim went. He found it somewhat interesting that all of the toilets were like the one he had. He also wondered why there was very long flat ones against the walls. He decided he would figure it out later. After he went, he waited for Claire outside, wanting to thank her again and just remembered something he was supposed to do.
“Claire! Thank you! Although I saw strange ones, they were flat and on the wall, how do males use them? Do they just stand up and-”
“those are only for peeing. Only guys have those.”
“okay! Good thing you told me! OH! I almost forgot, here” Jim sat his backpack down on the floor, digging around in it until
“i took your hairbrush yesterday, I thought it would help with my fur this morning, it did! I didn’t need to use it again, so I need to return it”
“that’s where it went?! I was looking all morning for this!”
“you’re not...mad at me...are you?”
“I’m….Jim, next time you want to use or take something, you have to ask the owner, okay? You have to really remember this”
“okay! I will! It really helped my fur, how do I get one for myself?”
“later today I can show you where, it’s at a store-”
“OH NO! I FORGOT ABOUT TOBY! I HAVE TO GO!” Jim suddenly dashed off down the hallways and out the door
“he got his fur all in this. Well, at least he returned it. OH Jim! You forgot-Great he already left. Better go give this to him. Why is it stuffed with pencils?! Does he horde these things?!. He said Toby was near the front of the school..”


Jim came up from behind Toby after rushing over to him
“oh wait, hey!”
“Jim! don’t sneak up on a guy! You could kill them from fear!”
“that’s physically impossible, unless the fear causes a heart attack from intense stress-”
“i uh, didn’t actually mean that, i-anyways, hey Jim, how’s it going?”
“i feel bad about you.”
“it’s about our friendship” suddenly Toby was very worried
“what….about it?”
“I haven’t spent ANY time with you! I’ve been spending so much time with Claire-”
“wait, you’ve been WITH Claire?! How?! Why?!”
“she’s nice! she’s been helping me! Oh! Like I was in her house and she showed me around, it was my very first human house I’ve visited! And-”
“you WENT to her house?!”
“i just said that. Anyways then I met her parents! And then we ate dinner after she changed the colors of my claws and nails. The dinner wasn’t just good. It was yummy! But a little overwhelmed….OH! Then I was invited over again! I even got to ride in those moving things! I saw the giant teeth and the flying dogs! Then I learned about making the glass portal go up and down and then when we went to her house again she trimmed and styled my fur! See!”
“oh yeah, I wasn’t sure, but I knew something was different about you. It looks good buddy! BUT YOU GOT TO BE WITH CLAIRE?! LIKE, CLAIRE CLAIRE?!”
“it’s only one Claire, she told me that, and yes! she’s very smart, she’s helping to teach me about human things and how to read and write english! We were in her room and she showed me the morr! The glass that makes two of you!”
“yes! It was interesting! Her makeup tasted-”
“you ATE her makeup?!”
“wow, you’re lucky you’ve been around Claire!”
“I am thankful for her help, and she said she’s always going to help me too. OH I that’s right!.” Jim took Toby’s hand, then put it into his mouth and started to chew on it gently with a loving smile
“uh...what….are….you doing?...ugh it’s all slimy and hot! Don’t lick my fingers! it’s rough and almost feels like a cat’s tongue” Jim took it out with a frown
“i thought that was a human custom for liking someone. I heard that when a boy likes another boy, they put a body part of theirs into their mouth.”
“whoooaaaa okay, first, don’t...listen to that...second...ew half troll slobber. why is it so sticky and thick?! it’s like glue! Third don’t do that to ANYONE okay, that’s not...uh..just forget about doesn’t matter. Fourth you like me? Like...that?”
“like what? I like you! You’re my boyfriend! Mmmhhhh you taste like human!”
“whooaaa okay hold up, first, I am human and why’d you lick your lips and smile? second-” a MASSIVE crash suddenly happened a few blocks away. The sound hitting Jim like a brick to the face, if he wasn’t half stone that is. Jim’s heart beat fast, adrenaline
racing through him, and fear swallowed him up. Within moments Jim had run and hid under a nearby parked car.
“Whoa what the hell happened over there-Jim!”


Claire finally came out of the building and walked around in front of the school, looking around for Jim. It really shouldn’t be that hard to find a tall non human who stuck out like a black stripe drawn on an all white paper. She finally found him talking to someone, who Claire assumed was Toby. Suddenly she heard the massive crash and watched Jim dive under the car. She ran over as she saw Toby squat down by it
“-ey It’s okay. Did the noise scare you? it’s alright to come out now. Nothing can hurt you” Claire squat down right next to Toby. Looking underneath to see a scared Jim, eyes constricted, a feral look to him.
“whooaaa you’re Claire!”
“yes, I am”
“uh I mean, uh, hi, it’s nice to meet you”
“likewise, I’m guessing you’re Toby”
“yep! In the overweight flesh...haha...uh...Jim, it’s okay, come on, you wana go get tacos? You like those, not the spicy ones though”
“it’s okay Jim, the loud noise is gone” Jim’s heavy breathing and low growling slowed down to a stop, his eyes went back to normal.
“it’s okay. You wana come on out now?”
“yeah...I’ll be okay..right?”
“yes, I promise” and with that, Jim crawled out from under it, and shook himself off, like a dog.
“did you get scared from the car accident?”
“ accident? Did they fight?”
“no it was more of a crash. The loud noise scared you?”
“ my home, there isn’t many loud noises like that, and when there is, we know what to expect and see it coming. This was so sudden and loud, I panicked and fled. I feared my life was at stake so I took cover and prepared myself to fight to the death”
“well, thankfully that wasn’t needed”
“yes, I am thankful too” Toby patted Jim on the arm and said gently
“let’s go get tacos and take our minds off of this, that’ll calm you down. Right?”
“yeah, eating would be nice”


Claire tagged along, making Toby nervous but excited. A real GIRL! Next to him! WANTING to talk to him!!!. the two watched Jim go through food like it was air. He was happy and had clearly forgotten all about the loud noise. After finishing up his taco, Toby cleaned his hands up and turned to Claire
“So, wana trade Jimformation”
“you know. Jimformation. Information about Jim. he’s been around you a LOT, which Is awesome! I mean, cause like, you’re super nice and awesome and pretty-i mean like, yeah everyone is and you are and-uh, yeah he’s been hanging out with you, super nice that you’ve been helping him”
“i was really worried a