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The sun had just barely begun to rise before the little blonde haired preteen began to stir in her bed, trying to fight waking up just a little bit longer. But, it was not to last, as at that precise moment she heard a knock on her door
“Kura? Princess, it’s time to get up”
“But I don’t wanna” Kura whined loudly as she tried to burry herself further into her comfy and cozy bed. Naruto chuckled at his cute and only daughter
“If you don’t get up right now, your brothers are going to eat all the cinnamon buns” he sing-songed as he leaned against the door frame, waiting for realization to finally strike.
Cinnamon buns? But they only had those on special occasions, like when they had guests over, or during holidays, or…
‘Three… two… one’
“IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!” Kura jumped to her feet, suddenly fully awake in utter excitement before rushing to hug the man in the doorway
“That it is… happy birthday Kura”
“Thank you daddy” the little blonde looked up to her father “Where’s Papa?”
“He’s downstairs, but so are Mino and Fugo. So I’d suggest if you wanted any of the cinnamon buns-” she was gone before he could finish his sentence. Naruto laughed as he shook his head before making his own way down to his waiting family.


Kura twirled and laughed as the family made their way down the street, giggling on their way to their last day of school. After today, they’d all three officially be Genin. Soon, the three of them will have their own captains, their own teams, their own missions… and becoming ONE step closer to becoming full-fledged ninja, just like their dads used to be. Sasuke smirked as he watched his little girl. So hyper, so full of energy, eager to getting one step ahead of her brothers… yup. You could definitely tell she was Naruto’s. As they made their way to the entrance, the two older men gave their three triplets the most encouraging hugs and support they could offer… while her two brothers fought to escape the embarrassing embrace, Kura smiled as she hugged her Daddy and Papa back with just as much love. Today was their last day of being little kids after all.


Seven hours later, the official graduates were celebrating with the joint surprise birthday/graduation party. While Mino and Fugo were trying to “impress” some girls with their recent upgrade in ranks (seriously, what girl wants to go out with a Genin?), Kura floated around, greeting her friends and family with warm wishes and cheer. She was just on her way to see her Aunt Sakura and Uncle Itachi when she unexpectedly bumped into someone, knocking her down on her butt *OOF* “I-I’m sorry, I guess I wasn’t looking where I was- Leif?” looking down at the girl, with arms folded over his chest in annoyance, was none other than Leif Hyuuga, the sixteen year old heartthrob, oldest of Neji and Hinata, and rightful heir to the clan line. Kura blushed at the mere sight of him. She hadn’t seen him since his own early graduation right before he left for the ANBU training camp… what was he doing back? Leif raised an eyebrow
“You’re supposed to be a ninja, and yet you don’t even have proper chakra control?” The girl blinked dumbfoundedly at the pure Adonis before her
“Uh, w-what?” Leif rolled his eyes
“Chakra… the specialized field of techniques that allows the user to sense and then gather natural energy. Most use it in their clan’s special talents, or to perform spectacular feats… like holding yourself up when being knocked into” Leif pinched the brim of his nose in annoyance “are you telling me, they let you graduate the academy and you don’t even know what chakra is? How old even are you? Six?” Kura’s shocked embarrassment transformed into that of pure rage as she sprung to her feet in one swift move
“ExCUSE ME?!” Kura put her hands on her hips, trying with all her might not to reach out and PUNCH her senior through a wall, show him JUST how much she DOES know about chakra “SIX?! DO I LOOK LIKE A BABY TO YOU?! I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW THAT NOT ONLY IS IT GRADUATION DAY, IT’S MY TWELVETH BIRTHDAY! AND OF COURSE I KNOW WHAT CHAKRA IS! Youjusthappentocatchmeoffguardthat’sall”
“Caught you off guard? As a ninja you must always be on guard, always have your surroundings mapped out in your head, note who all is in attendance, and if they can form a possible threat. It’s basic knowledge Uzumaki. You would THINK you’d already know that.”
“Okay, FIRST OFF… youweren’tsupposedtohearthatlastpart” she mumbled as he rolled his eyes “SECONDLY… this is a party, Leif… a PAR-TY. You DO remember what a party is, right? And not ONLY is it a party, but just about EVERY notable ninja and their families are here, hence, I already KNOW everyone here. THIRDLY, Aunt Sakura and Baa-chan Tsunade have been training me with chakra since I could walk. FOURTHLY, how do you know I didn’t fall down on purpose? It made you stop and talk to me after all, didn’t it? And lastly, that’s Uchiha-Uzumaki to you, Hyuuga” she smirked as she folded her arms across her little chest. Leif pinched the bridge of his nose
“Please tell me that’s not the best excuse you could come up with… seriously? I wasn’t born yesterday Uzumaki. You DO remember that I’m four years your senior, right? Also, you gave away it was an accident when you mumbled that I caught you off guard” Leif smirked. Kura chose to ignore the last comment
“Just because you graduated early DOESN’T mean you’re anything special or anything… it just shows you’re good at academics… BOOKWORM”
“And chakra control, and thai-jutsu, and Byakugan, and fist palms, and summoning jutsu-”
“I’m just saying… if you’re going to list one quality, list them all… although that’s not even a fourth of my list” he looked down his nose at her with a smirk “Yours however, you can… what? Stand on your feet?”
“Why you-”
“Oy, what’s going on?” Mino asked as he made his way over to the scene that suddenly had everyone’s attention
“Nothing really. I only came to meet up with the parents of the new Genin I’ll be leading starting tomorrow, as well as determine just what I’m looking at before our official meeting tomorrow”
“You? A Captain? HA! I’d like to see the poor sorry saps that get a kid like YOU for their leader” Kura snapped
“Poor saps you say, eh?” Leif smirked knowingly
“Hey Leif” Fugo stated as he threw his arm around the older Jonin’s shoulder “that’s YOUR little brother taking a bath in the punch bowl, right?” Leif looked from one brother, to the next, to their only sister
“I still find it hard to believe you three are supposed to be triplets when you’re still so short in comparison. Not to mention you look nothing like them” Leif directed at Kura before he turned to fetch his one of many little brothers from the punch bowl
“It’s called fraternal triplets, Baka” Kura pouted as she avoided his mere sight
“Oy. I can’t understand what you like in him Kit, he’s a jerk in my opinion” Mino glanced down at his sister
“Don’t call me Kit. And what makes you think I could EVER like some low Baka like him?”
“Oh puh-lease. You’ve been drooling over him since you were four”
“I have NOT!”
“Have so”
“Personally, I’d have to agree with Mino… he IS a jerk” Fugo added “actually, he deliberately walked into you. I saw him. He waited until your head was turned then he stepped out in front of you.”
“Well then WHY didn’t you say anything?” Kura asked
“I figured he was probably going to ask you out or something” both boys smirked at their sister’s ever red growing face
“W-why would you think that?”
“It HAS been your birthday wish since we were four for him to notice you, hasn’t it?” Fugo asked with a Cheshire grin. If it were possible for her to get any redder, she’d look like a tomato
“It really doesn’t matter, now does it?” Mino asked with a shrug “The fact is, as your older brothers, it’s our job to ward off or scare any and all potential boyfriends from our sweet little sister before they even have a THOUGHT of breaking her heart” Fugo nodded along in agreement, offering a fist bump to the other
“ExCUSE ME?! I’m sorry, but do I LOOK like a damsel in destress?! I can take care of myself thank you very much. Let’s not forget who got you two down from that ‘oh so tall’ tree” she smirked, seeming to have the upper hand “If I needed your help, I’d have asked for it. As it stands, I can choose perfectly well who I will or will not date… and when!” her brothers frowned
“Okay, first off” Fugo started “that ‘oh so tall’ tree was twenty feet high… and we were SIX”
“You shouldn’t have climbed so high when you couldn’t control your chakra yet” she stated matter-of-factly
“Second” Mino picked up “we never said we’d choose WHEN you’d date… we said we’d make it to where you’ll NEVER date by scaring off every boy that so much as looks at you… Leif included if need be”
“I can deny him myself, thank you!” she growled
“Oh… so… you would have denied him if he really DID ask you out?” the two asked in unison… she hated when they did that
“UGH!!!!” giving up, she turned and stormed back into the crowd. The two chuckled at her retreat
“She didn’t say no” Mino stated lowly
“But she didn’t say yes either” Fugo finished


As is tradition, after the party, the triplets said their goodbyes to their guests and fathers before splitting off for their respectable sleepovers. So while Mino and Fugo went home with Uncle Sai, Aunt Karin and the twins (Genkei and Hiroyuki), Kura got to go home with Aunt Sakura, Uncle Itachi and Sadi (Dezyen and Ita both being out on their own missions).

“-Then they started teasing me, saying that I like the Baka Hyuuga. I mean, can you believe that? Me… liking that… that…”
“Precisely! Ow.”
“Sorry Kura, but if you want this braid to sit overnight, you’ll have to stop trying to pull away” Sadi smirked at her younger cousin
“Yeah, yeah… but seriously, can you believe them?”
Actually… I can”
“WHAT?!” Sadi sighed as Kura turn fully to face her, her expression showing full shock… it wasn’t often either of them actually AGREED with either of the other two of the triplets “Sadi, how can you say that?! He’s a complete JERK! He DELIBERATELY walked into me at my own party, knocking me on my butt, THEN he preceded to EMBARRASS me by making fun of me and pointing out my flaws. I mean, just WHO does he think he IS anyway?!”
“Fine, I’ll tell you… Leif Hyuga. Sixteen years old. First born to parents Hinata and Neji. Heir to become clan leader. Graduated the academy when he was only seven years old. Master to almost any jutsu you give him. Four years under Uncle Kakashi’s personal training, five years ANBU black opt, three of which he was captain. Long hair, bright eyes, and heartthrob to nearly every girl his age and younger… Oh, and he’s already chosen his future bride since the week after she was born. Now, as for who that girl IS, however, no one knows for sure, as the only the boy himself knows, and he refuses to bring it up. Thus allowing young girls across the nation to hope it turns out to be them… However, what we DO know about her is that she’s beautiful, smart, well taught and trained and a capable shinobi… thus crushing about half of those girl’s dreams. But it’s said, that come her eighteenth birthday… he’ll purpose to her, and court her until they’re ready for marriage” The fifteen year old smirked
“Well, it’s a good thing I don’t qualify” Kura smiled. Sadi’s smirk fell
“How do you mean?”
“Well… based on what you stated… she’s smart, trained, and beautiful. Knowing Leif, he’d only marry a girl who, like him, probably graduated early. And I graduated with my age group, so… scratch one”
“Okay, who said you weren’t sma-”
“Two, she trained, and you and I BOTH know what happens whenever I get near a stove, let alone a washing machine. All in all, I’d suck at being a house wife. I’d have to start training from scratch if I wanted to do that”
“Okay, we can work on that if you want, I just don’t-”
“Oh, and let’s not forget, she’s beautiful-”
“Okay, STOP it RIGHT there!” Sadi jumped to her feet as she looked down at her younger cousin “I can’t tolerate you DOWN grading yourself anymore”
“But I-”
“Nope! Shush. Now you listen, and you listen good… We both know I’m no ninja. But as I started being a teacher’s aid at the academy five months ago… I’ve seen your marks… Kura, you ranked top of the class, in EVERY class, even above your brothers, which is a feat in itself”
“That’s for sure”
“As for training… Lady Tsunade and Mamma have been training you since you were in diapers, remember? It’s how you even learned to walk. Heck, I remember watching you half walk, half crawl up to the ceiling before Pappa had to come get you down… Kura, you were two!”
“That doesn’t really prove any-”
“Oh yes it does. My own mother, the Slug Princess, a MASTER of Earth Style Justu, couldn’t even master it until she was ten years old, Kura… TEN! And as for your looks… are you really going to make me point out how that long, flawless golden hair, and stunning deep dark eyes has already captured the attention of more than half of your school’s boys? Not to mention quite a few shinobi’s… add in the fact that you already have a slight hour glass figure, and already wear a cup A… what boy wouldn’t be interested?” Kura pouted with her arms crossed
“If that’s true, then WHY hasn’t anyone come up and had the guts to ask me out, hm?”
“Two words for you… Mino and Fugo” Kura’s jaw dropped
“You’re kidding” Sadi shook her head, trying to hold back her laughter
“I guess they meant it when they said they’d stop ANY boy from getting close to you.”
“Ugh, I’m SO glad I’m gonna be on my own team without them… I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love them, they’re my brothers, but… they’re so over protective, they’d destroy a pebble if it looked like I could step on it… plus, it’d be nice to just… be myself, you know? To maybe try and make new friends and comrades, and… who knows… maybe since my brothers won’t be there, I can actually TALK to the opposite sex”
“Or you could start secretly dating one” Kura blushed… hard. “Oh, common… we JUST finished talking about this… with your brothers out of the way, there’s nothing holding you back from a potential relationship. Right? I mean, you’re beautiful, strong, independent, head strong, smart, and… common, let’s face it. You’re pretty much a young girl version of Uncle Naruto, only difference is you have Uncle Sasuke’s eyes and delicate skin tone… you’re like… the perfect combination of both, and… common, let’s face it… I think we both know that pretty much half of Konoha’s women are crushing on at least one, if not BOTH of your fathers” Kura laughed
“Yeah right, like they’d ever have a chance… I honestly don’t believe there’s woman alive that could snatch either one of my fathers… I swear, they’re so in love, sometimes I feel sick from all the sweetness and cutesy-wootsying” both girls laugh at that “Well, we better be getting to sleep. Tomorrow starts my first day as part of a Genin team… gosh I wonder who my captain will be… maybe Uncle Kakashi, or uncle Yamato, or Uncle Sai, or-”
“Or Leif-sensei~” Sadi smirked as she tucked herself into bed. Kura glared at the fifteen year old
“Sadi, I swear, if you jinx me, I will personally hand over your diary to my brothers… AND give them the number to the newspaper publisher” Sadi stiffened up before letting out a nervous laugh
“Okay, okay, just kidding here. You’re not going to have Leif-sensei… it’ll be… Iruka-sensi… just think on that, k? And leave my diary out of this” Kura laughed
“Okay, okay. Goodnight Sadi”
“Goodnight Kura”


*Tap* *Tap* *Tap**tap*
Kura stirred in her sleep, trying to ignore the constant tapping… but it wouldn’t stop. The girl sprung to her feet and threw open the window “What?!” then she blinked in complete awe, for flapping right before her was the biggest and most beautiful butterfly she’d ever seen in her life
“Forgive the intrusion Kura-chan, but your captain has required me to inform you that you are to be meeting at training ground 3 in three hours” Oh… so she was a summons… oops
“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap, I just-”
“No need to apologize little one, I quite understand how ones love for sleep can effect one’s attitude… you should try waking my master”
“Uh… who IS your master?” the butterfly shook her head
“I’m afraid I can’t tell you that. As he gave us direct orders to not speak his name for the moment” He?
“Oh, well… can you tell me YOUR name at least?” the large butterfly smiled
“Very well. Thank you Memengwa-sama for the wakeup call. I hope I can meet you again later”
“It was a pleasure to meet you little pupa”

Kura had just finished her warm up of five-hundred pushups, five-hundred sit-ups, five-hundred jumping jacks, and an hour and a half of meditation (that Loanna had taught her back when she was six), when she heard them. Her eyes shot open… no… it CAN’T be… why are they HERE?!
“Hey lil sis, long time no see, eh?”
“Mino… Fugo… what are you doing here?” she asked with a strained/irritated smile as she rose to her feet
“We’re here to meet our new Captain, of course… didn’t the butterfly tell you?”
“What do you mean… butterfly?” suddenly her eyes widened as her jaw dropped “No”
“You got it sis” they both said in unison, smirking all the while
“No… noononnnononoononno NO!!!!” she started pulling at her hair “You two can NOT be my teammates!” the boys frowned
“That hurts sis” Fugo stated
“And after we went through all the trouble of begging to be on a team with you” Mino finished
“Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!” both boys faces suddenly turned super serious
“Did you really think that we’d leave our pretty little sister to be paired up with some low life dirty pigs?” Mino asked
“At least this way you know your teammates actually like you for you and not your pretty looks” Fugo stated
“Because like it or not sis, we love you” Fugo answered
“In fact, no one can love you or take care of you as much or as well as we do” Mino added
“Ever” they spoke in unison. Kura was fuming.
“Why you little-” she gritted out
“You may as well just forget about any other boys from this point out” Mino shrugged
“In fact, I’d go so far as to say that any plans for marrying anyone else, should just go out the window now” Fugo nodded to himself
“Agreed Kit. I mean, it’s not like we’re even gonna let any guy get between us and you”
“Heck, you might as well just consider US your husbands”
“Because we’re never handing you over to anyone else” they stated together… Kura paled
“Fugo. Mino. Stop picking on the girl and get your butts in gear” Kura’s eyes widened as she spun on her heels… her heart dropped
“Leif-San, what are you doing here?” one of her brothers asked. Kura couldn’t think, let alone speak as Leif continued walking towards them…
“I believe I’m here to meet my team of Genin” No… no noonononnononno! NO! To have her brothers on her team… was that not ENOUGH torture on her poor little mind, and now, add to the mix, Leif seems to be claiming he’s here, in THIS VERY SPOT, to meet his supposed team
“This is MY training ground, where MY Sensei will be training ME and my two, UNRELATED teammates! This isn’t funny anymore, all THREE of you just need to GO BACK TO YOUR OWN TEAMS! JUST WHO DO YOU GUYS THINK YOU ARE, HUH?!” Kura demanded
“I believe” Leif started “that they are your two comrades, as determined by the Hokage himself. And as for me” just them Memengwa landed on his shoulder “I’m your Captain until further notice” Kura screamed before she fell to the ground in faint.


“Way to go, Hyuuga… you broke our sister”
“I did no such thing. Her reaction just simply shows-”
“It simply shows that the mere sight of you is too ugly for her to stand… you scared our sister!”
“Not cool man.”
“Do you really think we’d let you, or anyone of your kind, near our little sister?”
“My kind?”
“… I’m sorry, but I was under the impression that I was supposed to be training the Uzumaki triplets, and it was to my understanding that I was only training one female… I guess, according to your own hypothesis, I was wrong”
“ch, of course we’re male”
“And the only males our dear little sister will ever need. Ever.”
“Heck, we’ve already purposed to her.”
“We will be her husbands”
“We will take care of her every whim and need. So neither you, nor any other even stand a chance”
“In fact, we don’t even need you. We can train ourselves”
“… I see… and, correct me if I’m wrong, but I did overhear her, quite loudly, reject your proposal, correct?”
“A minor setback”
“She’ll change her mind”
“I see… and are you sure the reason she fainted wasn’t because the idea that sibling incest repulsed her so much, she’d willingly give up her life?”
“Why you-” Kura’s hand shot up, catching her brother’s fist. The three males standing over her looked down at her in shock
“Fugo, don’t make me put you through a wall” she stated as she started to sit up, glaring at the hands that, reluctantly retreated from their offer to help her. “All of you, shut up, will you?” she ordered as she steadied out her balance as she stood “I’m fine”. Leif folded his arms across his chest
“Mind telling me why you just dropped out of nowhere then, if you are, as you say, fine?” Kura glared at the oldest of the group
“I’m sorry, but how would YOU like it if your SISTERS declared THEY were going to marry YOU?! THEN you had to deal with your teammates suddenly BEING said SIBLINGS, when you were SO SURE that you would FINALLY have the freedom to stand on your OWN TWO FEET to make a NAME for YOURSELF, BY YOURSELF, just for, Woops, they pulled the rug from under you! Now add in the fact that the most egotistical high and mighty JERK in ALL OF KAHONA just so happens to be your SENSEI!” She huffed as she finished her rant, all three boys looking at her
“Well, as for my sisters declaring they’d be my wives… who to say they already haven’t?” Leif smirked, causing the only girl there to roll her eyes “Number two, all of my siblings happen to be years under me, so that is not an issue… it’s not my fault you were born a triplet with two brothers, so don’t take it out on me” said brothers looked like they wanted to say something, but warning glances from both their Captain and sister shut them up quickly “And finally” his expression dropped as he took on a serious tone “Don’t call me Sensei. I’m only four years your senior. I’m not here to teach you, I’m here to train you to better your abilities, so don’t make me out to be some ancient old man like Iruka-Sensei. You will refer to me as Captain. Understand?”
“UGH!!!” Kura turned and stormed away towards the village
“Where are you going?” Mino called out


*knock* *knock* *knock*
“Who is it?” the lazy Hokage called out from his spot behind the large desk, lowering the small orange book to peer at the door
“Oh, Kakashi-oji~” The Hokage’s lone visible widened in slight fear/shock… she only ever called him that whenever he was in DEEP trouble, a habit she seemed to have picked up from her Slug Princess Aunt… Uh-oh… this can’t be good. He quickly swallowed his fear and put on as calm a demeanor as he possibly could
“Come in” the door opened to reveal the blonde girl, practically skipping her way into his office, a bright smile on her face… he’d updated his will recently, right? “Ah, Kura. What a pleasant surprise. And to what do I owe the pleasure of one of my favorite nieces?”
“Cut the crap Kakashi” she giggled
‘I’m going to die’
“Can you please tell me what happened with my team?”
“Eh? What do you mean?”
“Why are my brothers on it?” Kakashi was suddenly very glad he’d decided to wear the dreaded Hokage hat, as he felt the sweat gathering on his forehead that would SURLY give his fear away if she could see it
“Ah, well… to put it simply… they forced my hand”
“Oh? And how did they do that? Pray tell”
“… it would seem that they threatened to… ehhm… dismember any boy that happened to join your team”
“I see… so in other words… they scared off any other potential partners for my team, making all available shinobi refuse my company, is that correct?” she was still smiling… Kakashi nodded cautiously “Another question, if you will” Oh boy, this can’t be good… “Why is Hyuuga my Captain?” for that Kakashi blinked in confusion
“Is there something wrong with Leif?”
“Hm? Oh, not really… other than the fact that he’s a low-dirty, no good, egotistical, two-faced JERK!” she smiled brightly “So I’ll ask again… why was he put over me?” the fire in her eyes was making his inner-Kakashi cower in fear
“Actually… he asked for your team” there was an awkward silence that fell between them
“What? Why?” Kakashi shook his head
“He stated that if he was going to become a teacher, then he was only going to teach the best. And according to your school records… you ranked top of class in every class… Originally I’d had you set up with two other girls… Mii and Tracence, but seeing as how much of a heartthrob he is, he refused to work with three girls at once.”
“So you chose me?”
“HE chose you… he’d chosen to inform me that he had caught both Mii and Tracence sneaking around the Hyuuga compound, trying to gain information on him from his sisters… he then informed me that even if they ranked among the top in their class, if he was so easily able to catch them, then they clearly weren’t actually ready to become Shinobe, and he refused to teach them… YOU however, he quoted as having promising potential, and, seeing as how you not only ranked top in every class, but also that you’ve been trained by both of your fathers, your Aunt Sakura-chan, your uncle Itachi, Tsunade-sama Lee, Gaara and Loanna, thus, you know your stuff, as he stated… add onto the fact that you were not one of his ‘fan girls’ as he called it… he stated that you were the only female he would even consider training” Kura stared at her ‘Uncle’ as she absorbed everything he clearly just stated. She shook her head
“I don’t care if he chose me. Or if he’s supposedly the Best! Give me a New Team! NOW!” she slammed her hands down on his desk so hard he could swear he heard the wood crack. He looked from the desk to the girl and… were those WHISKERS glowing on her unblemished cheeks?!
“I’m… afraid I can’t do that”
“WHY NOT?!” she demanded. All traces of her smile gone
“All the other teams have already been determined, and as it stands… there is nowhere else for you
“If it’s really that much of a bother to you Kura, we can always pull you out for a yea-”
“OH HELL NO! DON’T EVEN FINISH THAT PHRASE KAKASHI-OJI! I’VE WORKED TOO DAMN HARD TO LET SOME PUNY LITTLE BOYS GET IN MY WAY!” she fumed as she huffed. Kakashi sighed… he hated doing this to her, she WAS one of his favorite little nieces after all, but his hands were literally tied in this
“… So you’ll stick to the team assigned to you?” She pouted as she folded her arms across her chest, the supposed ‘whiskers’ or whatever they were, disappeared as if they were neve there… huh…
“Fine” she huffed as she left the building… Sadi better have found a new hiding spot, because forget her brothers… Kura was gonna publish Sadi’s diary herself!