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Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917

I'm new to this whole 'Twitter' thing what should I post????

Coolest Avenger @flying_falcon In reply to @sgtbarnes1917

Whatever you want. That's the point...

Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917   In reply to @flying_falcon

Thanks for the tip *rolls eyes*

Am I really her? @blackwidow_baby In reply to @sgtbarnes1917

Who taught you about Twitter? And why??

Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917   In reply to @blackwidow_baby

Tony said it was vital to have in the 21st century. Which is dumb. Just yell on the street corner like we did.

The OG Bird Avenger @arrowboi In reply to @sgtbarnes1917

Was that a joke? #Concerned

Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917 In reply to @arrowboi

Yes, it was a joke. We didn't yell on street corners. We ran around Brooklyn until we found who we wanted

The OG Bird Avenger @arrowboi

Man, Cap and Buck had a weird childhood.

Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917 in reply to @arrowboi

Yeah, I know. #stevesisstaringatme #heisconfused #getontwitterSteve

Am I really her? @blackwidow_baby In reply to @sgtbarnes1917

Steve on Twitter? I need to see that. #getontwitterSteve

Coolest Avenger @flying_falcon


Iron Man Rox ;) @youknowwho-Iam

#getsteveontwitter is trending. Can someone tell Steve?

Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917 in reply to @youknowwho-Iam

Already done. He's reading all this and frowning, now he's saying that he's not frowning. #getontwitterSteve He said he doesn't want to. I'll break him.


B @Bburtqa

Are we just ignoring the fact that Steve and Bucky are sitting beside each other??? #stucky #getontwitterSteve

Elisa @Elisa24


Rach @rachinwonderland

I love this #getontwitterSteve can you imagine the subtweeting!

Ryan hates Twitter @Ryanitists

Okay I never come on but #getontwitterSteve drew my attention

The Avengers @AvengersFanAccount03

#getontwitterSteve Please, we need some Cap content!!

Maddie || IA due to School @Steve_Bucky_Stan

Can Steve pleasssse come on! We need to see them interact #getontwitterSteve

I'll break him @stuckyfanOG

I AM SCREAMING OMG #getontwitterSteve


Avengers Assemble

Tony Stark Created the Group

Tony Stark added Steve Rogers, James Barnes, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, Clint Barton, James Rhodes, Pepper Potts, and Wanda Maximoff

Tony Stark changed his name to Iron Man

Iron Man - can we acknowledge that Steve needs Twitter?

Steve Rogers - no.

James Barnes changed his name to Bucky

Bucky - yes.

Steve Rogers- no.

Bucky - listen to the people. They want you to so bad!

Sam Wilson changed his name to Falcon

Falcon - dude. Get with the times

Natasha Romanoff - #getontwitterSteve has been trending for a day. Give up already!

Steve Rogers - I don't need it. I read everything you say on Bucky's phone.

Clint Barton - ew

Clint Barton changed his name to Hawkeye

Hawkeye - get with the times

Steve Rogers - did you just create this chat to annoy me into getting twitter @Iron Man???

Iron Man - no comment

Pepper Potts - I think it's a good idea. Out of everyone in this chat, Steve's the least likely to do something bad online.

Bucky - I wouldn't say that. Also, side note, we need a new TV.

Iron Man - what!!

Pepper Potts - why?

Bucky - it was Steve

Steve Rogers - no comment.

Bruce Banner - please tell

Bucky - Steve is banned from watching the news that's all I'm saying

Falcon - omg

Bucky - it was bad

Natasha Romanoff - I need to story

Steve Rogers - I got annoyed at politicians using my name for their bull shit so I may or may not have punched the TV

Falcon - wow

Natasha Romanoff - wow

Iron Man - wow

Hawkeye - wow

Iron Man - also, Cap swore

Bucky changed Steve Rogers name to Captain Ass-Merica

Iron Man - Ass-Merica?? I hate it

Falcon - I love it

Iron Man - The symbol of our nation

Falcon - I mean, we can all agree that Steve is Captain Ass-Merica can't we?

Pepper Potts - you're all children

Iron Man - but you love us

Pepper Potts - *eye roll emoji*

Hawkeye - amazing. I love you Pepper

Natasha Romanoff - are we going to ignore the fact that Steve may have just killed Bucky?

Iron Man - I guess

Hawkeye - let the people know

Falcon - too bad

Bruce Banner - I just heard Steve yelling and the both of them running around upstairs.

Bucky - your concern for me is overwhelming

Captain Ass-Merica - I only tried to kill him.

Bucky - but you couldn't

Captain Ass-Merica - I could

Bucky - we've been through this before

Captain Ass-Merica - don't remind me

Captain Ass-Merica changed Bucky's name Captain America's Bitch

Captain America's Bitch - no fair. You didn't even come up with that on your own!

Iron Man - ???

Falcon - explain

Captain America's Bitch - some lady yelled it at me when we went to the mall. It was an ... experience

Hawkeye - you two live such interesting lives


The OG Bird Avenger @arrowboi

In case you were wondering. In the group chat Bucky's name is Captain America's Bitch and Steve's in Captain Ass-Merica.

Iron Man Rox ;) @youknowwho-Iam

The group chat is a strange place.

Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917 in reply to @arrowboi

Man. That was private #rude

Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917

Also. I am not Captain America's bitch. he is mine.


Captain Ass-Merica || IA due to School @Steve_Bucky_Stan

They have a GROUP CHAT

Will @williamDASH

This day just keeps on getting better #getontwitterSteve

I'll break him @stuckyfanOG

Captain America's Bitch and Captain Ass-Merica??? I stan


Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917

Steve would like me to tell you that is his happy people want to hear from him but he doesn't know if he wants to get Twitter yet

Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917

No. A lie. He didn't tell me that, I just know that's what he's thinking so I said it

Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917

He said I was right. Ha.


Avengers Assemble

Captain America’s Bitch - I need some help

Falcon - I’m scared that it’s going to be something weird

Captain America’s Bitch - like what??

Falcon - IDK, getting rid of a body?

Captain America’s Bitch - I am offended. I am perfectly capable of getting rid of a body on my own.

Captain Ass-Merica - no killing anyone.

Captain America’s Bitch - I didn’t! Sam brought it up

Falcon - you’re a child

Captain America’s Bitch - anyway. I need help deciding what Steve’s name should be on Twitter.

Falcon - the @ or the display name?

Captain America’s Bitch - I already have the @

Captain Ass-Merica - What???

Falcon - ‘annoying old man’

Captain Ass-Merica - wait

Iron Man - oh, um, just the American flag

Captain Ass-Merica - I don’t have twitter. We’re aware of this, right?

Captain America’s Bitch - I made you an account when I made me one. We have matching @’s :) @sgtbarnes1917 and @cptrogers1918. Do you like them? I thought it’d be cute, is it dumb?


Private Message Between James Barnes and Sam Wilson

Sam - are you trying to persuade Steve by being cute??

Bucky - Steve doesn't like saying no if he thinks it’ll make me happy

Sam - that sounds

Bucky - dirty? Yeah. It should.

Sam - dude.

Bucky - it’ll work.


Avengers Assemble

Captain Ass-Merica - it’s cute. I still don’t want Twitter. Now it’s just principal.

Captain America’s Bitch - Steve!! Please. It’s fun

Falcon - it is. People can ask questions and you can talk to people about

Falcon - Idk what you talk about but that

Iron Man - you can call out politicians you don’t like.

Captain America’s Bitch - ^^^

Captain America’s Bitch - come on Stevie. We can match. Captain Rogers and Sergeant Barnes battling Twitter

Captain Ass-Merica - You’re so stupid

Captain Ass-Merica - I’ll think about it


Private Message Between James Barnes and Sam Wilson

Bucky - ;)

Sam - yeah yeah


Am I really her? @blackwidow_baby

Bucky’s way of getting Steve on Twitter is by saying ‘Captain Rogers and Sergeant Barnes battling Twitter’ in the Avengers Group Chat #getontwitterSteve

I'll break him @stuckyfanOG In reply to @blackwidow_baby

Did it work???? #getontwitterSteve

Am I really her? @blackwidow_baby In reply to @stuckyfanOG

We think.

Iron Man Rox ;) @youknowwho-Iam In reply to @blackwidow_baby

I think my suggestion of calling out politicians will tip him over

Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917

Yeah, if Steve does get Twitter be prepared for a lot of fighting… sorry @PepPotts

Pepper @PepPotts In reply to @sgtbarnes1917

Sometimes I wish I lived far away from you lot

Iron Man Rox ;) @youknowwho-Iam In reply to @PepPotts

Sorry Peps, love you!! #shesmybetterhalf #byalot

Pepper @PepPotts In reply to @youknowwho-Iam

Love you too. #iamthebetterhalf ;)

Iron Man Rox ;) @youknowwho-Iam

Wait! How does @sgtbarnes1917 already have ten million followers? It took me a year to get that many!

Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917 In reply to @youknowwho-Iam

The people love me.

Iron Man Rox ;) @youknowwho-Iam In reply to @sgtbarnes1917



Chad Brown @ChadBoiB

#getontwitterSteve just so he can tear apart the dumbass liberals

Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917 In reply to @ChadBoiB



Senator Micheal Massey @MichealMassey

#getontwitterSteve I’d love to see what he thought about certain policies and we all know that all his interviews and scripted and #fakenews.

Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917 In reply to @MichealMassey

I’m sure you’d love to hear his opinions on some stuff - doubt you’d like his opinions though.


Brian Dale @senBrianDale

Steve Rogers supports an all American marriage. One man and one woman. The idea that he supports anything else is #fakenews

Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917 In reply to @senBrianDale

I’ve known Stevie for a long time and I can assure that he believes everyone has the right to get married to whoever they want. Has done since the 20’s.


Captain Ass-Merica || IA due to School @Steve_Bucky_Stan

Liberal!Cap?? The only man I trust

Pumpkin Spice Boi @friskymisky

I have chosen the right man to stan #Capsaliberal

TayTay @TayyTayy

A liberal Cap? It’s more likely than you think

Spicy @emily456

Honestly it makes me so happy to hear that Captain Rogers supports same-sex marriage. Especially during the 20’s.

Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917 In reply to @emily456

Yeah, he got beat up a lot because of it. Don’t ever say Steven Rogers won’t fight for your rights.

Adam @adamandsteve

So does this mean that @sgtbarnes1917 is a liberal as well?

Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917 In reply to @adamandsteve

Hell yes!


Avengers Assemble

Captain America’s Bitch - Steve they think you’re a conservative.

Captain Ass-Merica - What??

Falcon - ??

Captain America’s Bitch - Chad Brown said you would ‘tear apart the dumbass liberals’ and he isn’t alone in that train of thought. Guess they think cause we’re old were conservatives?? Anyway, thought I’d let you know so you could deal with it how you see fit. And if that’s getting on twitter and telling them off yourself, I wouldn’t complain. Also, there are senators and stuff talking about how you’d support them and their policies. And Brain Dale said you’re homophobic and support ‘all American’ marriage.


Private Message Between James Barnes and Sam Wilson

Bucky - ;)

Sam - is it true?

Bucky - yeah

Sam - that sucks

Bucky - yup. But it should make him want to get on sooooo

Sam - you can deal with the homophobes if it means getting Steve on Twitter?

Bucky - been dealing with homophobes longer than Twitter’s been around


Coolest Avenger @flying_falcon

The idea that Cap is against same-sex marriage is laughable.


Avengers Assemble

Captain Ass-Merica - maybe I will get it


Private Message Between James Barnes and Sam Wilson

Bucky - told ya

Sam - you know him creepily well

Bucky - ha probably


Iron Man Rox ;) @youknowwho-Iam

I think Bucky just convinced Steve to join #getontwitterSteve


Avengers Assemble

Pepper Potts - Please don’t make too much damage. The PR team have already sent me a dozen emails complaining about today. Just, remember that everything you say online can and will come back to bite you. And that people will screenshot everything so they will be able to bring it back even if you delete it. Don’t say something you wouldn’t say on camera - and Tony, don’t say anything. Ever.

Iron Man - rude

Hawkeye - Pepper laying out the truth

Captain America’s Bitch - As the kids say; I stan.

Iron Man - You’ve been on Twitter for a day and you already know what stanning is. How?

Captain America’s Bitch - I PM’d a fan and asked for her help. She’s very nice.

Natasha Romanoff - that’s what I did when I first got it as well

Hawkeye - same

Iron Man - is it some kind of spy thing then?

Captain America’s Bitch - I was never a spy.

Natasha Romanoff changed her name to GreatestSpy

GreatestSpy - I wanted to know what people were saying about me after New York and I didn’t understand.

Bruce Banner - I prefer to stay away from Stan twitter. Freaks me out

Iron Man - I’ve seen some things

Hawkeye - the fan art?

Iron Man - it’s impressive. I bought a T-shirt of me and Banner once.

Captain America’s Bitch - fan art?? Hang on.

Bruce Banner - I may have a travel mug with the logo on it and all our ‘symbols’ around the bottom. It’s cute.

GreatestSpy - I have a jumper with me and Clint

Hawkeye - One time I saw some art of me and Tony

Iron Man - say anything else and I’m deleting you from the group

Hawkeye - you don’t want to hear about the yoga-like position we were doing?

Iron Man has removed Hawkeye from the chat

GreatestSpy - he’s complaining on our private chat.

GreatestSpy - begging to be let back in

GreatestSpy - says he’s sorry

Iron Man - Fine

Iron Man - only if he doesn’t talk about our fan art anymore.

GreatestSpy - told him the rules

Iron Man has added Hawkeye to the chat

Hawkeye - I was in the downward dog and you were on top

Iron Man has removed Hawkeye from the chat

GreatestSpy - is it rude to block your boyfriend on the private chat?

Iron Man - Yes

Pepper Potts - No

Falcon - ha. It’s happened to you two before.

Iron Man - No

Pepper Potts - Yes

Falcon - Amazing

Captain America’s Bitch - I’m back. Fan art’s interesting. There’s a lot of me and Steve. People ship us which is cool.

Bruce Banner - You’re literally together

Captain America’s Bitch - they don’t know that do they?

Captain Ass-Merica - what’s shipping?

Iron Man - old man. Go to sleep old man, it’s already nine pm!

Captain Ass-Merica - I’m going to bed but we won’t be sleeping

Iron Man has removed Captain Ass-Merica from the chat

Captain America’s Bitch - HA! Fair.

Captain America’s Bitch has added Captain Ass-Merica to the chat


Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917

Good night everyone. Bedtime for old people ;) - Don’t worry, I’m going to try and convince Steve to get on Twitter #getontwitterSteve


Captain Ass-Merica || IA due to School @Steve_Bucky_Stan

Please Do!!!! We need #stucky content #getontwitterSteve

I am Will @will-i-am

#getontwitterSteve is still trending with over a million tweets.

I'll break him @stuckyfanOG


Captain Ass-Merica || IA due to School @Steve_Bucky_Stan In reply to @stuckyfanOG

Either they’re in the same room or they message each other in bed and I am dead

I'll break him @stuckyfanOG In reply to @Steve_Bucky_Stan

These guys I swear to god!!

Captain Ass-Merica || IA due to School @Steve_Bucky_Stan In reply to @stuckyfanOG

Girl, I am dead because of them #stuckyisreal


Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917

Good morning everyone

Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917

What to tweet??

Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917


Bucky Barnes @sgtbarnes1917

Anyway, here’s something to start our mornings off right! Steve Rogers in his natural habitat



Breaking News CNN @CNN_Offical

Twitter back up after two hours. Reports are saying the picture that James Barnes posted as the cause of the crash.