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Ocean's 8 1/2

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The crew was all back together after being separated for almost 4 months. Debbie had specifically told everyone to split up or at least walk in inconspicuous pairs. Debbie and Lou stayed in the loft, Nine Ball took herself and her sister on a vacation in Costa Rica, Amita took a short vacation to France, met a dude but it didn't work out, Daphne and Rose paired up doing shoots and promotions, Constance hopped on a plane to San Francisco to experience their metro system and Tammy went back to her husband and kids only to find him with another woman.

Laughter again filled the once quite loft. Pizza boxes and beer bottles were scattered all around what they considered the living room. Debbie got up and walked into the kitchen carrying the paper plates to the trash. She didn't hear Lou get up and follow her until the blonde wrapped her arms around Debbie's waist and kiss her neck softly.

"Hmm hello to you to my love," Debbie said smiling and also blushing slightly.

"I never pegged you for the nervous type Ocean," Lou smirked and left a soft mark behind Debbie's ear. "They're our friends, not some strangers on the street."

"I know, I just... it's different," Debbie shrugged and turned to face her lover. Debbie looked right into Lou's ocean blue eyes and bit her lip. They had been an item before, out and open in front of all their friends and family. And since the heist they've been together again for the last 3 months, making up for lost time. 6 years they'd been apart and now Lou wanted nothing more to stand in their way.

Lou had seen other people in that time frame, but no more than 3 nights with the same girl. Debbie had used people in prison but never slept with them. She found herself in solitude more often than not, simply because she liked the quiet. But this was something different, for some reason Debbie wanted to keep it as secretive as possible. She thought if she held onto it and kept it for herself, it couldn't get away like last time. She couldn't lose Lou again. She had fought so hard to get her back.

"You know I'm not going anywhere baby," Lou whispered and tucked a piece of hair behind Debbie's ear.

Debbie just nodded and turned away. That was so unfair. Lou could see right though Debbie. She always could and still can and it annoyed yet comforted Debbie more than anything. She was always the one reading other's and she could read Lou just as well as Lou could read her, but she was okay with Lou reading her for the most part. It left out a lot of unnecessary awkward silences and small talk. Debbie walked back over to the group and Lou followed closely but not too close.

"Finally, my moms decided it was time to get together," Constance said with pizza in her mouth and still completely focused on the TV.

"Excuse me?" Debbie said too quickly and a little too harshly. Constance turned around and pointed to the back of her ear and then looked back at the TV.

"We all knew it was bound to happen Deb. You really thought we didn't see you two eye-fuckin each other durin meetins or just casually around the house. I mean, you did scoop up some of the best con artists.. except Rose over there," Nine Ball said as she pointed out Rose with her pizza crust. Rose just shrugged and wrapped her arm around Daphne.

"I mean they're out, why can't you be?" Constance said in reference to Rose and Daphne's new public displays of affection.

"I.. we... I don't need to explain anything to any of you," Debbie huffed as she turned away and walked upstairs to her's and Lou's room.

The rest of the gang give Lou a look of "I'm sorry we didn't mean to piss off your wife". She waves them off and they go back to watching TV. Lou takes a deep breath before going upstairs. Lou knows exactly where Debbie went but still checks the study and Debbie's room just in case, but also to buy herself a little more time before tackling the conversation. Lou walks into their room to find Debbie sitting in the window nook with her knees to her chest looking out into the night. Lou sits on the edge of their California king bed and runs her fingers through her hair.

Before she has a chance to say anything Debbie mutters "I'm sorry... I don't know.. I just" and before Debbie gets a chance to finish that sentence Lou is sitting across from her and shaking her head.

"Shh.. don't be. I get it. I mean, I don't" Lou said as comfortingly as she caresses Debbie's cheek. "But I do.. but I promise you, telling them, telling anyone and everything will never change us, never break us".

"I know, god I know logically. My fear is irrational. But Lou.. I..." Debbie whispered. She looked away and back toward to moon and uttered so softly, "can't". Lou just nodded and kept looking at Debbie. Her Debbie. The one she's been in love with since the moment they met all those years ago. Sure Debbie had changed a bit since getting out of jail, but she's still her Debbie. Deb got up and laid on the bed. Lou follows and instantly wraps the hardened criminal in her arms. The brown haired wonder responds by burring her face in the blonde's chest and clinging onto her for dear life. Despite being as hard as she is, Deb was weak when it came to Lou. Deb ran every single aspect of her life, she was in control 99.9% of the time, except when it came to Lou. Lou shook her to her very core and turned her whole world inside out and upside down and Deb couldn't get enough of it. Lou held Deb as close as she possibly could and hummed softly in her ear. Lou knew she was witnessing something only she and maybe Danny has ever seen. Lou also knew that despite her hard exterior, she was also a big mushy mess when it came to anything pertaining to Deb.

"I love you," Lou whispers and kisses Deb's forehead. Deb doesn't move but Lou can feel the small smile forming on her chest. Nothing but the sound of their breathing and the faint sound every once and a while of a crew member getting upset with the TV show fills their room for what seems like an eternity.

"I think I need to go apologize.." Debbie utters. Lou runs her hand down Debbie's back.

"You don't have to tonight babe," Lou mumbles in between kisses on Deb's forehead.

"I know, but this may be the only time I feel comfortable enough to do this and I don't want to ruin it," Deb said as she slowly slid out of the Australian's arms.

"Do you want me to come with you?" Lou asked as she sat up.

"If you want to babe" Deb shrugs as she runs her fingers through her hair. Lou nodded and walked with Debbie downstairs but again, not too close to not draw any suspicion even though most of the crew have already figured it out. Constance was the first to look up when she heard the light steps of her mother walking down the stairs. She didn't look at her but she looked at Lou and Lou nodded back.

Debbie stood in front of the TV and Lou picked up the remote and turned it off. The gang groaned slightly but more because it was the episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Ross, Rachel, and Chandler are trying to get Ross's new couch up to his apartment. Lou stood behind Debbie just in case Debbie needed her but also because just in case Debbie fucked up she could step in and just say the damn thing.

Ocean cleared her throat and said, "I believe I owe Constance an apology... so... I'm sorry for snapping earlier."

"Thanks mom," Constance said and then gave her the reassuring half smile.

"I also would like to address that I...." Debbie starts to say as she takes Lou's hand in hers and squeezed it tight. "we... are indeed dating again. And that is that," Debbie sighed like a huge weight was lifted but immediately it was filled with anxiety, not because she didn't think they would approve, but more because again, she wanted this for herself, and like a wish, if you said it out loud, it may never come true. Or in this case, last long.

"Congratulations! We are all so happy for you" Tammy said as she got up to hug them both. Tammy felt a little sting in the back of her heart. After all, she and Debbie were once a thing too. It was short, it was sweet, but Tammy truly never got over the Ocean. To be honest, no one really gets over the Ocean. Her waves are just too strong and once she pulls you in there is no going back to shore.

"MOMS!" Constance yelled and clapped her hands together. Nine Ball and Amita smiled at them and nodded in approval.

"Finally, now we won't be the only couple in this group," Rose said as she kissed Daphne's cheek.

"I know, we were feeling a little lonely over here," Daphne said smiling and snuggled up closer to Rose.

"Well thanks guys, it means a lot," Debbie said with a smile. She turned back to Lou and kissed her softly yet lovingly.

"Alright now, you two go get a room," Amita said and covered her eyes. Lou just laughed and lead the brunette back up the stairs. Debbie followed without hesitation.

As they were at the top of the stairs Debbie yells down, "Goodnight children. Don't stay up too late." The girls just waived her off and Lou laughs and leads them back to their room. Lou lets go of Debbie's hand and begins to undress. She puts on a pair of blue silk boxers and a white camisole. Debbie sat on the bed and watched intensely as her women got undressed and redressed.

"Hmm... you know those are going to come off in about 30 minutes right?" Debbie said while smirking

"Yes, but that's only because I like you to have a little challenge," Lou said smirking back and laid on the bed. She laid on her side facing Debbie, stunned by her sheer beauty all she could do was bite her lip trying to hide her ear to ear smile.

"Hmm like what you see Blondie?" Debbie said teasingly while raising her eyebrow. Of course, Lou liked what she saw, she more than liked it. She was in awe of it. She couldn't believe how such a perfect woman existed, let alone existed in her life, or called her baby.

Debbie stood up and slowly began to take her clothes off, one article at a time. She let the leather jacket she borrowed from Lou slide off her shoulders. She purposefully bent over in front of Lou and took off her high heels. She slowly took off her white blouse and wiggled out of it slowly to tease the Australian even more. All Lou could do was just watch and lick her lips. Debbie turned around to face her lover again and fumbled with the button on her jeans. She could hear Lou growl a bit in frustration that she couldn't just rip them off herself and that her woman was taking so long. Debbie giggled and shimmed out of her jeans. Once they were off she crawled onto the bed and flipped Lou onto her back. She straddled Lou's waist and very slowly began to take her bra off. Lou tried to hurry up the process but her arms were immediately pinned down and Debbie shook her head.

"No no my love, you touch, and the show stops," Debbie whispered. Lou growled again deeper but did not argue. She definitely did not want this show to stop so she puts her hands behind her head and just smiles up at her gorgeous beauty. Debbie then slowly stands above Lou so her center is above Lou's face. She dances a little and sways her hips side to side. Debbie plays with the lace waistband of her thong and slowly slips it off her and drops it down onto Lou's face. Lou bites it and inhales Ocean's scent. My god, no matter how many times Lou smelled this, it never ceased to turn her on.

"Calm down there babe, this is only the beginning" Debbie whispered as she took Lou's underwear and threw it somewhere across the room. She gently lowered herself onto Lou's face and Lou has to use every ounce of strength she has not to pull Debbie down onto her and eat her out like this is going to be her last meal. Debbie laughs as she watches her partner struggle to hold it together.

"You may only, and I mean only touch with your tongue" Debbie whispered and poked Lou's nose. Then she gently sat on Lou's face. Lou began to lick Debbie's folds and immediately she notices how wet her brunette is for her. Lou smirks and moves over to licking Debbie's clit.

"Oh baby" Debbie moaned and bit her lip. Lou smirked even more. She knew exactly how to get Deb off. She's studied this woman, every inch of her body she knows like she knows how to ride a motorcycle. Both came second nature to Lou and despite the almost 6-year gap, nothing about Debbie's body has changed, or the way it unwinds and crumbles with pleasure.

Lou alternates between kitten licking Debbie's clit and sucking on it roughly. Lou also knows how rough Deb likes it. Deb still loved the dirty rough talk, the spanking, begging, being tied up, calling Lou "Daddy" and being completely submissive. Lou loved it too, being in control for once in their relationship, but she never took anything too far and would die if she were to ever hurt Deb.

"Baby please," Debbie whined. She wants more and Lou knows it but Lou isn't ready to give it up just yet.

"Hmm, that wasn't convincing enough Ocean," Lou said nonchalantly.

Debbie looked down at her lover pleadingly and whispered oh so sexily, "Please daddy.. make me cum".

Immediately Lou begins licking and sucking as her life depends on it which causes Debbie to let out a loud moan. She blushes bright red and bites her lip because of how uncharacteristic that is of her. She isn't the loud one. Her body does most of the talking with how it twitches and reacts to being touched. Lou is the loud one, yet right now in this moment all she wants to do is be loud and never stop being loud.

"Baby, they can't hear us. They're drunk and watching TV. Please be loud for me this once. Let me hear about how I make you feel. How I drive you insane. How good at this I am. How well I know the one and only Debbie Ocean" Lou whispered seductively.

Debbie shook her head but she couldn't help but moan again when Lou stuck her tongue inside her and began fucking her that way.

"Oh my god baby! Oh OH!" Debbie moaned and whimpered in pleasure. Lou did not stop for a second and just kept going.

Debbie kept rolling her hips back and forth on Lou's tongue and Lou pushed deeper and licked faster. Lou could feel Debbie's legs start to go and that's when she knew her lover was close to her climax. Debbie also knew she was close but she didn't want this to end quite yet so she slowed down her movements. Lou pulled her tongue out and went to town on Debbie's clit. Not many people knew this, to be fair probably only Lou knew, not even Claude, but Debbie could only truly get off with clit stimulation. Whether that was just her clit being stimulated or her insides too, but it had to involve the clit in some fashion.

"Oh fuck. Lou.. Lou... Lou baby!" Debbie practically screamed Lou's name and the shaking became uncontrollable. Lou didn't even flinch, she knew she could gloat all she wanted after she was done. Lou swirled her tongue around Debbie's swollen clit and made sure to suck it every now and then. Her tongue danced around it, worshiped it and flicked it to make Debbie's hips jerk.

"How good am I?" Lou says with so much lust in her voice.

"Oh so good Lou. You're the only one who gets me like this. Who can make me fall apart. Who can..." Debbie's words are interrupted with moans and a handful of cuss words.

"Lou... I'm.. I'm gonna!" Before Debbie could even finish her sentence screams of pleasure came out instead. The wave of pleasure took over her body and her brain turned to absolute mush. She almost collapsed on top of Lou but Lou caught her in time and held Deb close to her. All Deborah Ocean could do was lay there and twitch. She had no control, no brain function. Lou, the one and only Lou Miller did this to her, and just about did this to her every time.

After Deb was finally out of the orgasms bliss she opened her eyes and was met with Lou's shit-eating grin. She couldn't muster up any strength to smack it off Lou's face but she could roll her eyes long enough to get her point across. Lou just laughed and pushed some of the hair out of Deb's face. Deb laid her head on her baby's chest and listened to her heart beating.

"Not bad Ocean, you got some pipes on you," Lou teased even more. Debbie wasn't even mad, she wanted to be loud and Lou caught her. She knew how much Lou loved it when she was and at this moment, all she wanted was to make Lou happy. She had spent almost 6 years making her unhappy and now, that was all going to change. Debbie was going to do everything and anything to make sure this worked.


Early the next morning Lou slowly got up out of bed and slipped out of the room to find herself a drink of water. She walked downstairs and into the kitchen. She poured herself a glass of water and looked over at all the girls except Rose and Daphne asleep on the couches. The other two must of either gone home or sneaked off to their own room for some of their own fun. Lou quietly walked passed the couches only to be stopped by the voice of Constance.

"You really know how to make a girl scream Miller," Constance said half asleep yet with that smirk of hers.

"Tell Debbie you heard her and I will make sure you never hear again Con," Lou said playfully and patted the girl on the head.

"Night Mom," Constance said and then rolled over and fell back asleep.

"Night kiddo," Lou said and walked back up to her room. She slipped into the room and closed the door behind her. She leaned up against the door and took a minute to admire the sleeping beauty tangled in her sheets. Lou smiled to herself and knew that this was worth waiting for and she was also never going to let anything happen it. She loved Debbie, and despite all the pain, the last 6 years caused, she knew she had a lifetime to heal.