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Charmed Next Gen

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Over at the Halliwell Manor, in San Francisco, Piper yelled to her kids from the stairs,

"Wyatt! Chris! Melinda! Get down here your cousins will be here soon and they do not need to know what slobs you are!"

Leo orbed in "im not late am I?" He asked

She hugged him breathing "No. I'm so glad you could come down" they stood at the base of the stairs embraced for awhile and kissing.

The kids ran down.
"Ew" scoffed Chris crossing his arms, 14 year old sass in full swing.

"Daddy you're back!" Melinda yelled running to him.

He picked her up although she was probably getting a bit old for that at 11, smiling.

Leo hugged her and Wyatt as he clapped his father's shoulder.

"Good to see you Pops"
Wyatt said with a kind smile before going down to clean up the living room. He missed him a lot but wouldn't show it, he didn't want to make things harder. Although he was only 15 he tried to be strong in a kind of "man of the house way", although Piper definitely protected them and worked and was well, 1 of the most powerful witches ever. But he hid his emotions for them.

"Chris...You gonna say hello to your father?" Piper asked as Leo set Melinda down.

Chris smiled fakely and waived saying
And then joined his siblings in the living room.


Piper was about to yell at him for being rude but Leo sighed
"Its ok Piper. I don't blame him. He can't understand"

She sighed too "well I don't always understand it either but I live with it" she remarked quietly

Leo lightly chuckled "I know honey. So what can I do?"

They went to the kitchen to finish setting everything up for the Halliwell lunch.