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Cosmic Request Shop (Requests in progress)

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Rules before requesting:

1. Don't repost, plagiarize, translate or copy any ideas, storyline, plots, etc. that you see here or you will be reported. People work hard on these ideas, and you should respect that. Thank you.

2. You MUST fill out a “request form” that you can send below in the comments section. But if you have any questions, please let me know.

3. As the author, I have the right to deny any request on the basis that I do not have knowledge of your specific request or if it for some reason makes me too uncomfortable to write. I will let you know if that's the case and we can hopefully work something out.

4. No double requesting until after your request is fulfilled.

5. Make sure to subscribe before you send in your request so you can know when your request is posted, or feel free to give me your Tumblr account below and I can message you when your request is filled. Leaving kudos is entirely optional, along with bookmarking but both are very appreciated!

We will only be taking a few requests at a time as to not overwhelm ourselves, so please don't get discouraged if we don't select your request right away. Chapter fics also will not be posted on the same story thread and will be posted as their own story.



What I'm open to:
Please feel free to request a chapter story, oneshot, etc. of any genre, idea or ship. I prefer writing boyxboy/Yaoi, specifically Bakugou/Kirishima (my otp), though I'm open to yuri, hetero, and OCxCanonCharacter. If you have any questions about your ship/pairing, or plot, then please let me know. I don't mind answering any questions you may have. Pretty much any plot/scenario is open, quirkless AU, fantasy, idol-life, Preg/Mpreg, futurefic, adulthood, AUs, etc. I also prefer to write about class 1-A, but I'm open to other characters as well. Any ratings are welcome!
If you are wanting to use an OC, then you must fill out a separate application for them along with your request form, so I know who I'm writing about.

What Requests I Won't Accept:
- Non-Con/rape scenes (excluding brief mentions of past abuse or implications, which are both okay)
- OC x OC
- Pedophilia
- Crossovers/Characters of other fandoms
- Just straight smut in general (I might remove this later on, but right now I need a bit more practice in the smut department. Some of it is alright tho, so you can request it still but not too detailed or PWOP)
- I will not write any story revolving around Mineta as a main character.
- Incest is a big no
- Heavy abuse (let's not glorify that)
- I prefer not to write about OCs, but I will accept a few requests of them.
- Certain dynamics if I just can't get into it, but I'll try to give most pairings a shot.
- Dabixanyone or Hawksxanyone (I love both of these characters, they're both some of my favorites, but I'm not comfortable enough with their personalities to write about them just yet.)



Request Form/Application -
Story idea/Scenario: (Please be detailed here. I need at least a full sentence about your idea. Specifics are welcome, the more I know, the better. If you have an AU, then please give me a description on the universe.)
Story length: (oneshot, chapter fic)
Characters personalities: (just a brief explanation, list of traits, etc. so I know how you perceive them and I'll write accordingly)
Extra info/anything else I should know:

OC Application -
Family life (if pertains to story):
Quirk: (if pertains to story)
Extra info:


Everyone, please give a warm welcome to SatanUiAgi for signing on as the second author of this request shop! The both of us will be writing these request together so make sure to show her some love! :D