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Dad, i think that you missed something

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Hawks never consider that something like this will be happen to him in his life, he hate his fate and existence in this moments so much, why everything was so unfair? Dammit, the boy is extremely cute and sexy, he do not understand why this things should be happend to him right now.

Everything starts in the first day of the week, and it's because the station select to him, one of the better and younger officials of the city, to resolve a case with another renowned police known for all of his years of relentless service, Todoroki Enji, or Endeavor, how the general public like to call him. Well, the case was not the problem, even with his complexity, his existential dilemma comes when Endeavor decide to invite him to his house after he know that the things in the house of his partner are going to better, is that why he accepted to go, even if other of the motives was that they could continue the investigation there.

Now, he did not expect that when they was walking at the Endeavor's house the sound of a ball of basket bouncing against the floor divert his attention to a little cement court -how is typical in the villages like this- in which a pretty boy with a beautiful white hair with aome touches of silver playing alone and throwing a triple which he found himself entering the basket with an amazing cleanliness and perfection putting a proud smile in his face, smile that the cop more younger found cute, and he didn't expect that the pretty boy will divert his gaze by seeing them and erasing his smile of his face leaving his features completely neutral, and less that he come low to they position without noticing how Endeavor straighten at his side turning to see the man who is now a few steps of they.



He listen how they greeted with a very serious expressions in his faces being accompanied with tones that sound like ice, but that was not what his mind register primordially how his wite face showed while his eyes alternate between the persosm in front him.



Yep, Hawks was fucked up with his new crush.