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A Night with Daddy

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It’s Tony’s idea of course, but the others quickly jump on board. Bruce hesitates, confessing that he’s uncertain. While he agrees it would make a nice change from the usual, and give him one-on-one time with each member of his family, it’s also frightening.

“What’s making you nervous?” asks Tony. They’re sitting around in the common area, snacking on pizza.

“I don’t know,” says Bruce. “I mean, part of the fun is the group dynamic.”

“Of course,” says Tony, nodding. “I get that. But…” he makes a face. “I don’t know. It’s like a reward. Uninterrupted Daddy time.”

Bruce blushes. “I try to give everyone equal attention.”

“And you’re amazing at that,” says Steve, giving Tony side-eye. “You know that, right? We’re not saying otherwise. This is just… extra.”

“You really want this?” asks Bruce, looking at all of them.

“Why wouldn’t we?” asks Natasha, smiling. It still amazes Bruce how different she is normally from her little self. She rises from the couch, not a hair out of place, wearing heels and a dress that hugs her curves, and sidles over to sit on his lap. She helped Pepper at some work function earlier, and looks stunning and sophisticated, different from her usual Black Widow attire. Even the weight of her on his lap is different. Her green eyes search his face before kissing his cheek. “Dada,” she whispers.

Every nerve in his body flares. “God, Natasha, don’t do that, please.” He’s instantly hard, his dick pushing into her weight. She gives him a little smirk, but then softens and rests her head on his shoulder. Clint moves to sit on his other side, taking one of his hands. “Oh no,” says Bruce. “You’re all ambushing me.”

At that moment, Thor ambles in, changing the energy in the room as he grabs a couple of slices and plops down heavily on the couch next to Steve. “What are we discussing?” he asks, stuffing his face. How he manages to still look so goddamn handsome while eating pizza, Bruce has no idea.

“Tony’s idea of each of us spending one entire night alone with Daddy. You know, when we’re little,” says Natasha, succinctly laying it all out on the table in plain English. “Bruce is unsure.”

Thor pauses mid-pizza slice, his eyes narrowing on Bruce, before glancing around the room.

“Is that…is that something you’d be into?” asks Bruce.

Thor licks his fingers. “Absolutely,” he says, blue eyes grinning, but then a moment later they turn serious. “But it’s asking a lot of you. One night for each of us, but six nights for you.”

They each turn to look at him. Having six pairs of eyes, everyone he loves, directing their not-inconsiderable attention on him makes his already sensitive skin bloom with goosebumps.

“What is it, Bruce? Just say it,” says Steve.

Bruce shakes his head, lowers his eyes. “I just don’t know why you would all want that.”

They continue to look at him until Natasha speaks. “Because we love you, dummy. As Daddy, and as Bruce.”

He doesn’t even know he has tears in his eyes until she wipes them away. In desperation, he turns to Pepper, who hasn’t spoken since Tony brought up the idea. “And what about you? Do you want this?”

Pepper sighs, shifting a little to sit up straight, still in her work clothes, her legs elegantly crossed at the ankle. She is the picture of poised perfection. “If you think Big Sister doesn’t want to ride your dick all night long, I don’t know what to tell you.”

They all laugh, and it’s pretty much a done deal after that. Steve scribbles everyone’s name on pieces of paper, and they each take turns pulling out a name. Pepper draws up a schedule, and it’s decided to keep the nights at least one week apart, with the first night to start in two days, giving Bruce time to get used to the idea and to get into the right headspace. The nights will last from seven in the evening to seven in the morning, and include dinner with Daddy but not breakfast, to ease everyone back into normal headspace in the morning. They’ll take place in one of the guest residences, apart from the Avengers communal floors and private rooms, to give the couple even more privacy and make it seem special. Pepper puts the schedule up on the fridge in the common room.

Later, Bruce is in his room and his mind gets going, over-thinking everything until Jarvis announces that Tony is there to see him. He looks up and sees Tony standing at his door.

“You know, I can feel you thinking from two floors away.”

Bruce groans. “Sorry.”

“It’s all right, pal. That’s why I’m here,” says Tony, taking his shoes off, jumping onto the bed.

“Where’s Pepper?”

“Working late. She’ll join us later.”

“I don’t know, Tony. I’m not sure I’m in the mood.”

Tony pauses as he crawls across the bed to Bruce, then Jarvis announces Natasha a few seconds before she sticks her head in. “I’m figuring someone can use a little reassurance,” she says. She glances at Tony before joining Bruce on his other side.

Bruce narrows his eyes at her and at Tony. “Did a memo go out or something?”

A moment later, Jarvis speaks again, and Bruce interrupts to say, “Oh don’t bother anymore. Let ‘em all in.”

Steve pops in. “Just checking on you.”

“Come on in,” says Bruce, resigned, but unable to keep a smile off his face. God, he loves them all. Thor pounces in a moment later, and then Clint appears to drop from the ceiling out of nowhere. “I hope you’re all not actually planning on sleeping here.”

“We’re just here to say goodnight,” says Clint, but he gets into bed and doesn’t look like he’s planning on leaving. Then, he starts giggling, and everyone starts giggling together.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you guys,” says Bruce, speaking when they’ve fallen silent.

No one moves right away, but slowly, one by one, the lean in to kiss him. They don’t all stay the night -- it sounds sexy but it’s not really that comfortable. Thor, Steve, and Clint leave, each giving him one last kiss. Natasha stays a little longer, making out with him and Tony until she also gets up to return to her room, leaving just Tony.

With a sigh, Bruce rolls over to spoon Tony into his arms. “Thanks,” he says, drifting off to sleep, only waking when Pepper slips into bed beside him.