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Counting Up

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Ryan stretched, leaning back into his comfortable office chair, letting out a yawn. He'd finished all his work for today, and it was dark out. Might as well hop into bed and check social media for an hour or so. He pushed himself to his feet, grabbing his phone off his desk and sliding it into his pocket. He made his way to his room and pulled his jeans off and dropped them into his laundry basket before collapsing into bed, phone now in hand. As Ryan snuggled under the covers, he swiped to unlock the device, clicking onto Twitter first, then checked Instagram, then, for the hell of it, grabbed some earbuds and clicked onto YouTube. When you're too tired to do anything else, what better to do than to watch your friends' videos, right?

Ryan shifted so he was laying comfortably propped up on his stomach, and clicked onto Nogla's most recent video. He knew exactly what it was due to the title, and it made him roll his eyes. "NOGLA THE BULLY! - Golf It" Even so, he couldn't help the small smile that tugged at his lips at he watched his friends, and himself, goof around. He went to scroll down to the comment section, but accidentally clicked the button the show the description instead. "Oops." He mumbled to himself, not wanting to scroll through it, he went to click it again so it would disappear, but a word in the first line caught his attention. It was his name. Ryan read the description raising an eyebrow, smiling harder, then chuckling and shaking his head, forgiving Nogla just little bit for all the bullying he endured.

During the recording of the video, his emotions were a literal rollercoaster. Because no matter how much he wanted to be mad or at least really annoyed with Nogla for fucking him that hard, he couldn't. Ryan loved it when his friends were happy and, well, his suffering made Nogla laugh a whole fucking lot. So fuck it, he thought, the score doesn't mean anything in the end anyway.


After a moment, Ryan hid the description again but this time, he ignored the comments and just made the video full screen so he could watch it better. He kept watching until the end of the video, then closed YouTube. He set his phone on his bedside table and settled back into bed, sprawled out in a position which was oddly quite comfortable. As Ryan's eyes closed, he caught sight of the small square on his palm with a 0 in the center of it. He'd never met his soulmate in his entire life. Maybe he would someday soon.