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The Soul's Call

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"You're moping again," I ignored my friend and just kept reading the article that someone on Facebook had shared.

Power Couple of this Generation!

"Earth to Jay! Jay?" I blinked a few times as my friend waved her hand in front of my face, blocking my view of the article.

"What?" I asked, looking away from my phone and focusing on my friend.

"What's got in your head, girl? You are swearing under your breath again," I sighed and turned my phone screen off; dropping it onto the black velvet seat next to me.

"People keep shipping them. They aren't together but people won't shut up about it or back off," I complained. I watched her role her eyes as she fell ungracefully back onto the carpeted floor.

"Unless you are going to make a big public fuss about it, Jay... You can't do anything," I looked away from my friend and focused on the black phone screen.

"You're right, I just wish people would shut about them... She isn't his soulmate," My phone vibrated and the screen lit up. tomholland2013 just posted a photo.

"I'll make some spag bol for dinner, you watch a movie with him in it before I tie you to a chair and force you to watch that movie again," I nodded my head respectfully but wasn't paying attention to my friend. Not when she got up and left. Not when she threw me the TV remotes. Not when she passed me my favourite drink.

The scent of spaghetti filled the room quickly but it only made my mind wander further away from the present and further away from home. I began imagining walking down the London streets on a cool summer's morning. The footpath below my feet made small echoes that were drowned out by people chattering as they hurried around the city.

I turned into a small coffee shop and walked up to the counter. The tables were mostly empty and the shop was quiet, making it seem relaxing in comparison to the crowded London street just outside the window.

"What can I get you?" The barista asked as she cleaned the coffee machine.

"Tently Forest Berries tea please," I ordered, grabbing out my purse to pay. The door behind me opened and closed, the little bell ringing as it did before I headed over to a table having paid for my drink. It was right next to the window and when the hustle and bustle died down in a few minutes, there would be a beautiful view of the park across the road.

"May I sit here?" I nearly fell off my chair in shock of the voice but upon seeing the soft smile on Tom Holland's face I nodded and righted myself on the chair.

"Yeah, of course. Yes, it's not taken..." I chirped before closing my eyes and scolding myself mentally.

"Good to know," I smiled awkwardly at his pleasantries towards my inability to be a normal human.

"I'm sorry. I just wasn't expecting anyone, let alone you. In a good way! I mean... I- I'm happy that you're here but... I'm just, I might go before I make this worse," I stated with a deep blush on my face. I grabbed my purse and stood up to leave but he grabbed my arm and held me back.

"Please stay," I ignored the rest of his words unintentionally as my eyes focused on the slight green and black image on the exposed flesh of his hip. The rest of the image was hidden beneath his lifted shirt.

"Sorry," He let go of my arm and pulled his shirt back down, covering the image. Not really focused on what I was thinking or doing, I grabbed his shirt and pulled it back up to see the whole image. A beautiful green tree frog was being lowered to the small pool of water beneath by a spider. The image was no larger than a saucer for a cup of tea but the coloured details were intricate and stunning.

"Um..." I zoned back into the world as Tom's nervousness filled the awkward space between us.

"Oh gods, I am so sorry. I don't know what I was thinking," I stated as I let go of his shirt. We both just stayed still as the awkward silence grew around us.

"I have the same one," I whispered to try and break the silence.

"Pardon?" He asked and I hoped it was that he hadn't heard me. "Show me,"

"Okay..." I lifted my green shirt enough to show the same image just above my hip on the right side.

"Jami?! Jami!" the image of the coffee shop and Tom left my mind as I came back to reality. A bowl of spag bol being pushed into my face by my worried friend.

"Sorry, I was daydreaming," I apologised as I took the bowl and began eating eagerly.

"No shit," she answered with a sigh. I picked up my phone and opened it, the picture Tom had just posted was of him and Tessa on set. I couldn't help but smile at the picture, even Tessa was smiling in the photo.

"Go on. You're wanting to rant," my friend groaned as she put her dinner to the side and faced me.

"I just... I want people to stop shipping them together. They aren't soulmates and I hate her! She is nowhere near good enough for him! He is kind and sweet and funny... albeit he is also very clumsy with secrets which just adds another reason why they aren't together. If they were he would have already said something either by accident or on purpose but he hasn't!" I ranted as another tweet came up.

"What's it say?" I sighed as my friend inquired as to my new source of pain.

"Zendaya and Tom are so cute together. They just need to hurry up and announce their engagement," I said before throwing my phone at the couch so it wouldn't break before running to my room, pen in hand. I lifted my shirt in front of the mirror and began defacing the tattoo, unable to look at it or think about it without tears filling my eyes.