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The Devil's Spawn

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Lucifer smiled as he walked down from his penthouse to the bar.  Things were finally starting to go his way.  He and the detective were on good ground again.  She knew everything, and after a few weeks of her coming to terms with everything, they were giving a relationship a shot.  Things were the best they’d been for him in a long time.

Currently, Lucifer was preparing to interview bar tenders.  His last one quit a week ago, which left him in need of another.  It was times like this that he wished Maze still worked for him.  He found hiring people boring, plus, he knew that anyone who passed an interview with Maze would fit in at Lux.  It was a good way of weeding out the idiots. 

Lucifer’s thoughts were interrupted when he heard the door open.  He looked over to see a young girl who looked around fifteen or sixteen enter.  She had dark shoulder length hair and brown eyes.  She certainly looked too young to be in a place like Lux, which intrigued Lucifer.

“Lucifer Morningstar?” the girl asked.

“The one and only.  Here for a favor?  I don’t usually get asked by someone so young, but I might consider it depending on the request,” Lucifer said.

The girl chuckled.  “Who’d be stupid enough to make a deal with a dude named Lucifer?”

“You’d be surprised.  Besides, I always honor my deals.  I may cash them in, but I honor them.  So, what is it you’re after?” Lucifer asked.

“A job.  I’m your interview,” she said.

Lucifer raised an eyebrow in surprise.  “Really?  Aren’t you  a bit young.”

“I’m older than I look,” the girl said before pulling out an ID and sliding it across the bar. 

Lucifer picked it up and laughed.  “Well, whoever you got to do this is good.  You can’t even tell it’s a fake, but we both know it is.”

“Does it matter?” she asked.

“That depends on many variables.  So, your name is Grace Sapphira.  Your parents religious nuts then?” Lucifer asked.  Both names were in the bible.  It was unlikely that was a coincidence.  The girl’s parents were obviously a little too into Lucifer’s old man. 

“My grandfather thought it would be funny to give me a heavenly name.  It’s said that my father was the Devil,” she said.

Lucifer’s features hardened a bit.  He wasn’t all that pleased with the reverence.  Normally he found sayings like that humorous, but not this time.  “That is entirely impossible!”

“Whatever.  By the way, I go by Sapphira.  Grace is too goody goody.  Plus, it pisses my grandfather off when he hears me reject the name he gave me,” she said.

Lucifer’s demeanor changed, and he smiled.  “Good for you.  What about your parents?”

“My mother’s dead and my father dumped me on my grandfather when I was a baby.  So, he’s just your garden variety deadbeat,” Sapphira said with an edge to her voice.

Lucifer scowled.  He hated deadbeat fathers.  He was all too well reminded of his own father, who rejected him the moment he became difficult.  “So, your parents are gone, and you’ve run away from an overbearing, religious nut of grandfather.”

“Something like that,” she said. 

“How old are you?” Lucifer asked.

“Look at my ID,” Sapphire responded.

Lucifer smirked.  “Clever way to avoid the question.  I don’t care what is on this card.  Tell me how old you are.”

“Sixteen,” Sapphire answered after a minute.

“I see.  Technically, it’s illegal for me to hire you,” Lucifer said.  Chloe would certainly have a fit if she found out he was hiring underage kids to work in his club.  But he wanted to hire the girl.  She reminded him of him.  The child was abandoned by her only parent and forced to live with an overbearing guardian.  He knew what both those things were like.  Plus, he sort of liked her personality as well.  He was sure she was a spit fire. 

“Technically,” she agreed.

“Your ID does say twenty-one, even if it is a very convincing fake.  Who am I to disagree with proper documentation.  Come back tomorrow night at six.  I’ll try you out,” Lucifer said.

“See you then,” Sapphire said before heading to the door.

Lucifer watched her leave.  Something about her was very familiar.




Lucifer let himself into  Chloe’s apartment about an hour later.

“Lucifer!” Trixie’s voice exclaimed before running to him.

Lucifer awkwardly let her hug  him for a moment before pulling her away.  “Hello, Spawn.  Aren’t you supposed to be with your father tonight.”

“Dan’s on his way,” Chloe said as she walked into the room.  “Monkey, you need to go get your bag.”

Trixie nodded and ran towards her room. 

“You know, if we’re going to be together, you’re going to have to get over your fear of my daughter,” Chloe said.  It was slightly funny to watch him shy away from Trixie after finding out who he really was.  The Devil being afraid of a nine-year-old was  hilarious.  However, it was also troubling since they were in a relationship.  How could she be with Lucifer if he continued to push her child away?

“I’m not afraid.  The Devil is not afraid of anything,” Lucifer protested.  The idea that he was frightened of the girl was absurd.  He just preferred not to be around children

“Sure.  Did you find a bartender?” Chloe asked.

“Yes.  I’m not certain how it’ll work out, but for the moment, I have one,” Lucifer said.

Just then there was a knock at the door.  Chloe went to open it and found Dan there.  “Hey.  Trixie, Daddy’s here.”

“Daniel,” Lucifer greeted.

“Lucifer,” Dan said back.

Trixie soon came running out.  She hugged her mother and then latched onto Lucifer again.  “Bye, Lucifer.”

Lucifer shied away.  “Goodbye, Child.”

Trixie grabbed Dan’s hand and the two left.

“Not afraid, right,” Chloe said to Lucifer.

“I am not afraid of your offspring!” Lucifer said firmly.  He was not afraid.  He’d just made a promise to himself many years ago that he would never allow himself to get close to a child, not ever again.