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Rest and Relaxation

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Chapter One

  “Yoongi! Do we have any milk?” Hoseok shouted as he pulled a bowl down from a cabinet. “Yoongi?.. YOONGI?!”

  “Ah, what?” The man in question shuffled into the kitchen, heading towards the table with laptop in tow.

  “Milk. Do we have any?” Hoseok tried again, shifting through the silverware.

  “Why do you need to ask? Why don’t you just look?”

  “Well you were just at the store, and Jin was wondering if he should get some while he’s out.”

  “Ah. Well, I didn’t. Slipped my mind.” Yoongi opened up his laptop and started skimming through some emails Bang PD had sent him. He wondered why they even bothered going on a vacation for a week, especially if Hitman was going to give him stuff to work on anyway.

  “Thanks, I’ll shoot him a text.” Hoseok finished pouring his ramen into his bowl and picked up his phone. The vacation house they were staying at didn’t have great reception, since it was practically in the middle of the woods. It was beautiful and homey, a gigantic log cabin that they felt lucky to have wifi in. The home was almost like a split level, having a main floor with a living room, family room, dining room, kitchen with a breakfast nook, and access through the kitchen to the garage. On the other side of the house was where their bedrooms were, split with three up a few steps and three down a few steps. Very spacious and comfortable. Hitman said they could use a break to relax and regroup, so they were taking a few days away from the bustling city.

  And they had no milk.

  Taking advantage of the time off, Jin, Namjoon, Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung had all taken a big shopping trip into town, since their current residence was barren of food and supplies. Yoongi naturally wanted to stay back and Hobi thought he could use company, even if he would never admit it.

  Smiling to himself, Hoseok put his phone down and glanced at his fellow bandmate. I wish he’d take some time to himself, he thought as he walked over to the table. Yoongi was clearly focused on something work related, as per usual. That didn’t stop Hobi from pestering him a bit though, telling him things the members had done earlier that day. Yoongi didn’t want him to feel bad however, so he just nodded half listening, half reading.

  “So then Jin turned to Kookie and was like-”

  *Knock knock knock*

  Hoseok almost pushed his bowl onto the floor from turning so fast. Were the guys back already? That was a record. The doorknob jiggled a bit and he let out a sigh, getting up and making his way towards to door. No one knew they were out here, it had to be them. Must’ve forgotten their keys. He swung open the door ready to tease the other members, but stopped suddenly. Standing there were a few men, dressed in all black. They had a professional look to them, almost as though they belonged to an orchestra or the like. All but one kept their heads bowed.

  “Hello,” one of the men said, smiling subtly to him, “we are here for the service call we received about solar panel installation.” Hoseok let out breath he didn't realize he had been holding.

  “Oh, I'm sorry, you must have the wrong addr-" Hobi cut off his sentence midway as one of the men readjusted his belt. There was a gun. Tucked away, but it was there. He snapped his attention back to the man who spoke, whose smile had spread a bit wider.

  There were armed strangers in front of their isolated vacation home. Immediately his mind froze, but surprisingly his body reacted, spontaneously reaching behind the door to slam it shut. Before even making sure it closed he ran towards to kitchen, shouting at Yoongi to follow him. Yoongi hesitated slightly before seeing the look of sheer panic on Hobi’s face. Quickly, he shut his computer, abandoning it as he followed the dancer. They sprinted down the hallway ducking into one of the bedrooms. Hobi pulled Yoongi into the closet, trying to hush his shuttering breathes.

  “Hope, what’s going on?” his hyung asked in a hushed voice.

 “I don’t know, but someone’s here.” Hobi’s voice was barely a whisper as he tried to make the least amount of noise as possible. This was trouble. He almost felt like it didn’t happen, but he knew by now that those people had made their way into the house. He didn’t lock the door, there was no time, and now they were stuck.

 “Who?” Suga pushed, following the other’s lead and making his voice as quiet as he could.

  “I don’t know. They were in black, with their heads down. And guns. My God Yoongi, they had guns!” He buried his face in his hands, panic beginning to set in. This couldn’t be real. That had to be his imagination. Problem was he didn’t even see things like that in his imagination when he was a child, so why would his mind act up now? He pulled his hands away and frantically started searching himself for his phone. Wait.


  It was on the counter. He had put it down on the counter.

  No, no, no, nononono- His mind started racing, he had no way to contact anyone.

  “Yoongi. Yoongi, do you have your phone on you?” The desperation in his voice made Suga’s heart drop as he finally realised this was not some dumb prank. This was not some stupid concoction of Jin or Taehyung’s. This was real fear in his friend’s voice. And real fear in his as well.

  “It’s charging. In my room. Fuck…” He looked down, not knowing what to think. The only thing the two of them could hear was the sound of their hearts beating a mile a minute as they tried to even out their breathing.

 The heavy echo of boots interrupted their thoughts. They exchanged nervous glances at each other, Yoongi beckoning Hobi to bury himself deeper in the clothes. They waited, hearing multiple pairs of shoes shuffle through the house. It wasn’t very loud, but all of their senses were on hyperactive mode, listening for the tiniest abnormality. And they were sure these strangers were doing the same thing.

  Deep in thought, Yoongi was trying to think of a way to make it out of cabin and into the woods. Hobi is fast, he can run faster even if I can’t. He’ll get out and get help, I just have to find a way to do that. If we wait until these people are on the other side of the house, we can make a break for the window and- his thought was suddenly cut off by one word that carried through the wooden walls.


  Their eyes snapped to each other.