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Communication is Key

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graperush created a group with Deku, Turbo, Half-n-Half, explosionmurder, and 9 others


graperush: ok guys, I have a plan


tails: oh no


graperush: don't worry, it's a good plan and all of us guys will enjoy it


Turbo: Why did you create a group chat without the girls?


graperush: so heres the thing…


tentacruel: oh no


tails: oh no


tapedispenser: oh no


hardboi: oh no


pikapika: what is it?


tapedispenser: Kami no


graperush: so you know how the girls changing room is right next to ours?


Deku: I don't think you should continue…


Half-n-Half: I agree with Midoria.


graperush: no its fine

graperush: so the school closes at 7 right?


hardboi: yeah…


graperush: i think that us guys should stay at school by hiding in our changing room

graperush: Shoji will listen to make sure that the coast is clear

graperush: and we will put mini cameras in the girls changing room and stick it with Sero’s tape


Deku: …


Turbo: …


Half-n-Half: …


tapedispenser: …


pikapika: that's too far, man


hardboi: …

hardboi: oh damn, I'm too late


tentacruel: I do not want to be a part of that


tapedispenser: me neither


tails: I cannot BELIEVE the utter DISGRACEFULNESS of your plan. Not only do I not want to be a part of this, I will do ANYTHING it takes to put an end to it.


Deku: …

Deku: oh damn


graperush: huh

graperush: if you guys won't help I'll just have to do it myself

graperush: but none of you will get the nice, juicy reward~


tails: meet me outside the classroom tomorrow and I'm going to kick your ass


Deku: …

Deku: oh damn


Turbo: Ojiro, I advise not to fight on school grounds.

Turbo: And for Mineta, what you are suggesting is inappropriate and I would advise not to do it. I agree with Ojiro, I will tell the teachers of your plan and put an end to it.


emobird: Also, I have no interest because I'm gay.

emobird: not saying that I would be interested if I was straight


tentacruel: same


tapedispenser: same


hardboi: same


tails: I mean same

tails: but I'm still mad


Deku: I have a better idea


graperush: oh?


Deku has kicked graperush from the chat


harbdoi: ohhhhhhhh


tapedispenser: ohhhhhhh


Half-n-Half: rekt


pikapika: ohhhhhhhh


Turbo: I appreciate that, Midoria, but how will we know that he won't carry out his plan on his own.


Deku: no, I know that he will


Turbo: But then kicking him out of the chat isn't the best option to keep him away from the girls…


Deku: trust me

Deku: I have a plan


Turbo: Ok…


tails: what is it?


Deku: so we tell Aizawa to stay at school and wait to into the girls locker room

Deku: he’ll catch Mineta in the act and will put an end to him


Half-n-Half: That's a very good idea, Midoria.


Deku: thanks Todoroki! :)


pikapika: …


Deku: what?


pikapika: nvm


Turbo: As long as there is no fighting, it is a good plan.


tails: I feel like he's throwing shade at me


explosionmurder: OH MY GOD SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!



Deku: Kacchan, we're trying to plan something out


explosionmurder: I DONT CARE


hardboi: Bakugo, come on


explosionmurder: fine

explosionmurder: what


tails: scroll up


explosionmurder: fuck you

explosionmurder: I'm in


pikapika: wow ok


Deku: well, there really has to only be one person to tell Aizawa and he'll take care of the rest


explosionmurder: ugh fine

explosionmurder: just hurry up so I dont get notifications


tails: can we start a “I want to fight Mineta" group to kick his ass out of school


tapedispenser: I second that


emobird: third


hardboi: fourth


Half-n-Half: fifth


nature: sixth


explosionmurder: SEVENTH


pikapika: wait


hardboi: why so aggressive


explosionmurder: cuz I hate him


tapedispenser: makes sense


hardboi: everyone hates him


tails: I'm pretty sure even his parents hate him


pikapika: is everyone going to ignore the fact that Koda spoke?


Turbo: I do not condone this group.


Deku: I agree

Deku: let's just let Aizawa-sensei take care of this


pikapika: ok then


Turbo: I'll go tell Aizawa right now.


Deku: it's too late

Deku: just go tomorrow


Turbo: But what if Mineta…


Deku: he won't get into the school

Deku:but just in case…


Deku has added floatmaboat, kerokero, Momo, and 3 others to the chat


pinkqueen: oooh a group chat!


floatmaboat: about time!


Momo: Oh! I think this a great way for everyone in class 1-A to get to know each other better!


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: well, hopefully not EVERYONE


pikapika: Jiro


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: yeah?


pikapika: why is your name so long


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: uh…


pinkqueen: wait omg




pinkqueen: is that from Yuri on Ice


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: yes????

canyoufeelmyheartbeat: you watch it????


pinkqueen: omg yes

pinkqueen: I was thinking of binge watching the entire series do you want to join????


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: YES


kerokero: um

kerokero: Midoria, is there a reason why you invited us to this group chat?


Deku: well, uh


explosionmurder: just scroll up


pinkqueen:I'm going to murder that purple grape motherfucker


Momo: I agree!

Momo: (although I wouldn't use such words)


floatmaboat: I'm going to beat his ass


Deku: Uraraka!


floatmaboat: I ain't fuckin around


Deku: oh, ok


Turbo: Let's not fight…


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: Iida, I understand that as class rep, you want to make sure everyone follows the rules

canyoufeelmyheartbeat: however, as a Male you dont fully understand what we're going through

canyoufeelmyheartbeat: if we want to fight him, we WILL fight him and if anyone wants to join, then by all means

canyoufeelmyheartbeat: but dont try to stop us


pinkqueen: gurl~ preach!


nowyouseeme: he won't be able to see what hit him

nowyouseeme: literally


Turbo: I understand that I cannot understand, but you still have to follow the rules. I will have a talk with Aizawa-sensei tomorrow and ask if Mineta can be removed from this class.


hardboi: Iida!


pikapika: why can't you let us fight


Turbo: I hate him as much as you all do. He disgraces UA Academy with his inappropriate behavior and I can no longer stand by it. I will get him removed if it is the last thing i do.


Half-n-Half: wow

Half-n-Half: didn't know you had it in you to hate someone


Deku: Iida


Turbo: ?


Deku: you can say it


Turbo: NO




Deku: this chat is a safe space


pinkqueen: what?


Deku: right GUYS?


pikapika: yes


tapedispenser: yup


hardboi: hell yeah!


Momo: Of course!


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: what she said…


Turbo: …


Half-n- Half: just do it


Turbo: …

Turbo: fuck Mineta


floatmaboat: YEAH!

floatmaboat: FUCK MINETA


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: FUCK MINETA!




emobird: fuck that guy


pinkqueen: FUCK HIM


Momo: fuck Mineta


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: *gasp*




hardboi: fuck Mineta!


explosionmurder: FUCK YOU GUYS


explosionmurder: SHUT THE FUCK UP


pikapika: but we're all saying duck Mineta


hardboi: come join us


explosionmurder: …



hardboi: preach


explosionmurder: NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP


pinkqueen: okok


Turbo: Bakugo is right. We have a project due in English tomorrow. I hope that you are all done with that.


pikapika: shit


tapedispenser: oh no


pinkqueen: …


hardboi: kill me


explosionmurder: really?

explosionmurder: ugh

explosionmurder: you four, meet me at my house


pinkqueen: really!!!!???


pikapika: Bakugo!!!!


tapedispenser: you're a life saver


hardboi: see? You DO have a sweet side


explosionmurder: shut up

explosionmurder: fuck you

Chapter Text

Deku: guys!!!!!


floatmaboat: great news!!!!


Turbo: Indeed.


Deku: come on, Iida this deserves at least one exclamation mark


Turbo: …

Turbo: Indeed!


pinkqueen: omg what happened


hardboi: is it about the grape thing


Deku: Iida will explain


Turbo: Yesterday afterschool, Midoriya, Uraraka and I went to Aizawa-sensei to tell him about what Mineta was trying to do.


pinkqueen: ew


Turbo: !?


pinkqueen: dont call him that


Turbo: Aizawa-sensei!?


tapedispenser: no M*neta


Turbo: Oh, my apologies.

Turbo: Aizawa-sensei believed us and stayed after the school closed.

Turbo: M*neta tried to go into the girl's locker room and he was carrying mini security cameras.


floatmaboat: Aizawa gets really mad and suspends M*neta on the spot!!!!


Deku: He was suspeded!!


hardboi: wait, were you there with him


Deku: well…


Half-n-Half: what did you do


Deku: Aizawa-sensei told us to go home and that he would take care of it, but we had to look!


Turbo: I had no say in the matter.


floatmaboat: well, Deku-kun and I wanted to look


Deku: so we hid in a room and watched


Turbo: I am glad that we did not get caught because we would've gotten in trouble.


floatmaboat: omg Aizawa was so mad


Deku: his hair was floating


pinkqueen: aw man I wanted to be there


pikapika: did you film it


floatmaboat: no


Deku: Aizawa-sensei has an unnatural ability to sense when he is being filmed


pikapika: oh ya he does


tails: I smell a story


pinkqueen: so Sero, Kaminari, Kirishima and I saw him hanging out with uh…




hardboi: we’re not allowed to say


pikapika: but they were really close, you know


Half-n-Half: a girlfriend?????


hardboi: we're not allowed to say


tapedispenser: we decided to film them so we can show you guys, so we hid in a bush


pinkqueen: the moment we hit record, he turned and started right at the bus we were hiding in


hardboi: he then jumped right at as with his hair already floating


pikapika: it was so scary


tapedispenser: he caught us and said we weren't allowed to tell anyone


Half-n-Half: but I wonder who he was with?


Deku: I'm sure we'll find out eventually

Deku: these four are terrible at keeping secrets


pinkqueen: but we've never had to keep one of Aizawa-sensei’s secrets before


pikapika: I'm afraid of what he'll do if we tell anyone


tails: so what happened after that, Midoriya


Deku: he let us go and then proceeded to throw M*neta and all his stuff right outside of the gate


hardboi: but now there's 19 people in the class


Turbo: We will have to wait until a replacement arrives.


Half-n-Half: I wonder who it will be


pinkqueen: I hope its it's someone cute


tails: same


pikapika: same


tapedispenser: same


hardboi: same


explosionmurder: they better not be cute or I'm blowing them up


pikapika: …

pikapika: jealous?


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

explosionmurder >>>> pikapika


explosionmurder: if you try any shit like that again, I'll murder you and your entire family


pikapika: omg dont kill me

pikapika: I'm sorry

pikapika: I won't do it again


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


pikapika: I'm sorry father, for I have sinned


pinkqueen: what are you talking about


pikapika: nothing


hardboi: ?


explosionmurder: ignore that dumbass


pinkqueen: ok????


tapedispenser: I'm too scared to ask questions


floatmaboat: oh! did you guys finish the English project yesterday?


pinkqueen: yup!


tapedispenser: it was all thanks to Bakugo

tapedispenser: or Bakubro

tapedispenser: as we decided to call him


harbdoi: Bakugo’s the best! we copied all his work!


explosionmurder: you all better get a good grade on that, or I'm not allowing you to copy off of my work ever again


pinkqueen: nooo


tapedispenser: we need you!


hardboi: Kami also does too, but he's too scared to type in this chat

hardboi: what did you do to him?


explosionmurder: nothing


* * * * * * *

Deku has added sleepy to the chat


pinkqueen: WHOMST


hardboi: please

hardboi: its midnight

hardboi and no, not the teacher


explosionmurder: WHY DO YOU DO THIS DEKU

explosionmurder: IM TRYING TO SLEEP

explosionmurder: STFU


harboi: can this wait Midoriya


Deku: no!!!!

Deku: meet in the common room if you are still awake


floatmaboat: why


kerokero: there's a curfew, so we can't go outside rn


Deku: Aizawa-sensei is here and giving us permission


pikapika: be there in T-30 seconds


pinkqueen: dont talk like that

pinkqueen: and I'll be there in a bit


emobird: I'll be there


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: I'll wake Momo up and we'll be there


pikapika: Momo????


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: shut


hardboi: Bakugo went back to sleep so he went go

hardboi: I'll be there


pikapika: Bakugo?????


hardboi: Kami, its it's too early for this shit

hardboi: or late, depending on what you think


pikapika: why am I always shut down in this chat


Deku: where is Todoroki


pikapika: wouldn't you like to know


Deku: …

Deku: or Iida


floatmaboat: Iida is probably asleep


Deku: yeah, you're right


pinkqueen: !!!!!


pikapika: !!!!!!!


floatmaboat: what is happening


Deku: they made it to the common room


pinkqueen: guys!!!!!!


pikapika: its Shinsou!!!!


floatmaboat: now I'm excited!


hardboi: uh oh


Deku: what?


hardboi: Kami, Mina you know what this means


pinkqueen: oh no


pikapika: oh no


tapedispenser: why did Ojiro almost break my door to wake me up


pinkqueen: scroll up


tapedispenser: oh no


Deku: what's going on?


tails: nothing


kerokero: the person you added was Shinsou right


Deku: yeah

Deku: he doesn't have his phone on him

Deku: he’ll eventually use this chat though


pinkqueen: Kiri, hurry


hardboi: omw


emobird: I will assist

emobird: let me just wake up Shoji


Deku: the dream team


floatmaboat: I hope nothing gets destroyed by next morning

floatmaboat: I can already see Aizawa getting mad from here


Deku: just come and greet Shinsou

Deku: you too, Tsuyu


kerokero: I'm scared of him

kerokero: he mind controlled a lot of people at the sports festival

kerokero: I dont trust him


Deku: he’s nice

Deku: you just have to get to know him


kerokero: …

kerokero: ok…


pinkqueen: I can hear them coming



floatmaboat: oh god no


explosionmurder: what was that loud noise


Half-n-Half: it woke me up


Deku: Shoji and Tokoyami managed to grab Ojiro and Sero

Deku: but Sero used his tape to pull them into the common room

Deku: Kirishima just happened to be there and got caught in the tape and they all got stuck together

Deku: Dark Shadow tried to keep them from toppling over, but it caused all of them to roll into the wall

Deku: Kirishima had activated his quirk to keep from getting hurt, so he destroyed the wall


floatmaboat: we are actually missing a wall now


kerokero: I do not trust the structural integrity of this building


explosionmurder: …

explosionmurder: shitty hair


hardboi: sorry


Half-n-Half: is everyone ok?


Deku: I think so


pinkqueen: I think Aizawa-sensei is too tired to be mad


pikapika: he just facepalmed and sighed


Half-n-Half: I'll go down there


Deku: Kacchan?


explosionmurder: fuck you

explosionmurder: I'll be down in a minute

Chapter Text

nowyouseeme: what the fuck happened last night


Turbo: Why is the common room destroyed?


pinkqueen: ah

pinkqueen: you two weren't there yesterday


pikapika: scroll up


Deku: to anyone who wasn't there, Shinsou is now in the class and he is going to stay in the dorms with us!


sweettooth: perfect

sweettooth: we can have a cake in celebration


nowyouseeme: in the morning?


sweettooth: why not?


pinkqueen: I want cake!


sweettooth: I'll bring some down


nowyouseeme: yay!


sweettooth: oh damn, the common room is pretty destroyed


hardboi: shit happens


nowyouseeme: oh you're up?

nowyouseeme: I thought you liked to sleep in


hardboi: I woke up


sweettooth: do you want cake?


hardboi: yes


nowyouseeme: shouldn't we wait for Shinsou?


Deku: he will probably sleep in

Deku: it's the weekend anyway


sweettooth: I'll bake more cakes for later


pinkqueen: I'm going to die from a sugar overdose


pikapika: Sato how do you eat so much sugar without dying


sweettooth: I have no idea

sweettooth: maybe its my secondary quirk


pinkqueen: we should do a cake eating contest and who ever doesn't throw up/ die wins


pikapika: Sato shouldn't be in though because we already know that he will win


Deku: can I suggest maybe not doing that contest?


pinkqueen: no


pikapika: you're opinion has been shut down


nowyouseeme: I want to be in that contest


hardboi: me too


explosionmurder: you all are idiots


pinkqueen: you mean ya'll


explosionmurder: NO


pikapika: ya'll


nowyouseeme: ya'll


hardboi: ya'll


pinkqueen: ya'll


Deku: please stop

Deku: its hurting me too


pinkqueen: oh sorry

pinkqueen: we can't hurt our son


Deku: what?


nowyouseeme: we have all collectively adopted you as our son


Deku: we’re all the same age?


pikapika: it doesn't matter


explosionmurder: I dont see Deku as a fuckin son


hardboi: you dont have to


pinkqueen: we all know that you do tho


pikapika: it's ok Bakugo, we know


explosionmurder: you dont know anything about me


pinkqueen: oooh

pinkqueen: spoken like a true emo


pikapika: I expect that from Tokoyami or Jiro but not you


hardboi: maybe even Todoroki


pinkqueen: oh ya

pinkqueen: Todoroki is a secret emo


hardboi: hidden emo


sweettooth: anyone who wants cake, come down into the common room


pinkqueen: Kami and I are already here


pikapika: were going to eat the entire cake before you get down here


hardboi: please leave me a piece

hardboi: I have to do something before I go


pinkqueen: what are you doing?????


hardboi: getting ready


pikapika: you can come down in your pajamas, we dont care


hardboi: I do


pikapika: sounds fake but ok


pinkqueen: well save you a slice


hardboi: thanks


explosionmurder: save one for me too


pikapika: why


explosionmurder: fuck you


pikapika: that's fair


pinkqueen: should we wake up Sero


hardboi: no


pinkqueen: why


hardboi: I tried to wake him up early in the morning off and he taped me to the roof


pinkqueen: tell him there's cake


hardboi: you do it


pikapika: I'll do it


hardboi: good luck dont die


pikapika: if I die, tell my children that I love them


pinkqueen: no


pikapika: that's fair


Deku: you dont have children????


pikapika: it's a saying


Deku: no it isn't????


pinkqueen: just ignore him


explosionmurder: Deku you're a fuckin idiot


Half-n-Half: no he isn't


Deku: good morning, Todoroki


Half-n-Half: I heard screaming coming from downstairs

Half-n-Half: good morning


Deku: screaming?


Half-n-Half: I'm pretty sure

Half-n-Half: what ever it was, it was LOUD


pikapika: it wasn't us


pinkqueen: were eating cake

pinkqueen: want some Todoroki


Half-n-Half: sure


Deku: b its morning


Half-n-Half: I dont care


pikapika: see?

pikapika: the emo


Deku: no dont


Half-n-Half: I'm going downstairs


Deku: I'll go too


pinkqueen: wait Midoriya


Deku: ya?


pinkqueen: have you just been sitting in your room looking at these messages


Deku: no I was studying


pikapika: why


Deku: what?


pikapika: its the weekend


Deku: I need to keep my brain sharp


Half-n-Half: I study too


pinkqueen: of course you do, honey


Half-n-Half: what?


Deku: I've learned to ignore it


Half-n-Half: ok…


pinkqueen: where is Kiri




pinkqueen: did he die


pikapika: I'll go check on him


Deku: Sato where did you go


sweettooth: I'm baking more cakes

sweettooth: Mina and Kami are all of it

sweettooth: besides what you, Todoroki, Hagakure, and I ate


Deku: I'll go!

Deku: I'll also bring Todoroki


tentacruel: what the fuck was that


Deku: we heard it too


tapedispenser: was that Kami


pikapika: sorry guys

pikapika: that was nothing


explosionmurder: he saw a bug


pikapika: yeah…

pikapika: something like that


pinkqueen: did you kill Kiri Bakugo


explosionmurder: no


pikapika: Kiri is alive

pikapika: I can confirm


pinkqueen: well hurry up and come downstairs


sweettooth: I'm bringing the cakes


tapedispenser: I want cake!


Deku: Mina and Kaminari dont get any more cake because they ate most of it


pinkqueen: *gasp*

pinkqueen: our son betrayed us


pikapika: how could you


explosionmurder: wait you fucks ate the entire cake!?


pikapika: no…


pinkqueen: why would we do that


tapedispenser: there was cake?

tapedispenser: why didn't you wake me up?


pinkqueen: …


pikapika: …

pikapika: remember when you taped me to the roof?


tapedispenser: no?

tapedispenser: oh wait yeah lol

tapedispenser: understandable have a nice day


hardboi: I'm alive dont worry


pinkqueen: we thought Bakugo killed you


hardboi: I know, I went back to read the chat

hardboi: I was taking a shower


pikapika: that was a long ass shower


hardboi: I have long ass hair


pikapika: ok fine

pikapika: you win this time


pinkqueen: win what?


pikapika: nothing


hardboi: nothing


pikapika: there's cake!


hardboi: you guys ate the entire thing :(


pinkqueen: were sorry

pinkqueen: we didn't realize how much we ate until it was all gone


tapedispenser: I didn't get any either


hardboi: oh, you woke up?


tapedispenser: Kamis scream woke me up


tentacruel: I think it woke everyone


pikapika: my bad guys


hardboi: it was a bug


pinkqueen: I thought you were taking a shower?


hardboi: I was in the same room dont you think I heard that?

hardboi: I came out because I thought he was being killed and saw that it was a bug


pinkqueen: Bakugo was there?


pikapika: no he was in his room and ran to Kiris


tapedispenser: why do you keep questioning them Mina?


pinkqueen: idk

pinkqueen: anyway, if you dont hurry I'm going to eat all the cake!


hardboi: dont you dare


explosionmurder: bitch if you do


tapedispenser: I will tape you to the roof


pikapika: I think you shouldn't


pinkqueen: ok ok pleasedontkillme


Deku: Todoroki is going to eat everything if you dont hurry up


explosionmurder: that bastard

Chapter Text

sleepy: is everyone awake


Deku: Shinso!


tails: everyone is awake


pinkqueen: even Tokoyami


emobird: I would've kept sleeping but SOMEBODY woke me up


tentacruel: sorry not sorry


tapedispenser: is this when you normally wake up on the weekends


sleepy: I usually sleep later but someone was yelling from downstairs

sleepy: I should've been moved upstairs


pinkqueen: maybe not


sleepy: what?


tentacruel: somebody is LOUD upstairs


sleepy: ok I didn't need to know that


pikapika: what?


sleepy: what?


pinkqueen: Kaminari screamed this morning


tapedispenser: it was pretty early too


hardboi: what did you think that meant


sleepy: nothing

sleepy: I'm probably still tired


Deku: anyway, come downstairs


sweettooth: I made cake


Turbo: Be careful of Mina, Kaminari, Hagakure, Kirishima, and Sero. They have been eating cakes since this morning and they are very hyper.


sleepy: that explains the yelling

sleepy: be there in 5


sweettooth: if you guys keep eating cakes at this rate, I'll run out of ingredients and Shinso won't get any


nowyouseeme: I'll go to the store!


tails: I will too


Momo: Oh yes! I want to get some things for myself as well.


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: I'll go


kerokero: I'm staying home

kerokero: it might rain later, so you guys should hurry


tentacruel: I'll go too


hardboi: same

hardboi: I need to buy lots of hair products because I'm running out


pinkqueen: be careful guys!


pikapika: I'll set up smash bros and whoever isn't going can play


emobird: I've never played


tapedispenser: well now you definitely are


Deku: Kacchan is pretty good at it


pinkqueen: really???


Deku: I used to go to his house with his friends and we played smash bros all the time


explosionmurder: I'll play and beat all you fucks


pinkqueen: oh now I have to see this


hardboi: I'll play when we get back


Half-n-Half: I've also never played


Deku: *gasp*

Deku: you're playing


Turbo: Oho! I am a master at smash bros!


pinkqueen: Iida!?


Turbo: I played with my brother when we were little.


floatmaboat: oh I am going to destroy all of you


nowyouseeme: Uraraka, I can't see you, but I know that you're doing that scary face that you do.


floatmaboat: what makes you day that?


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: …


floatmaboat:  :)


nowyouseeme: I am scared of that smile


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: what the fuck

canyoufeelmyheartbeat: why did everyone all of the sudden stop texting


pikapika: were playing smash


pinkqueen: are you guys done shopping yet


nowyouseeme: uh

nowyouseeme: not exactly


tapedispenser: what does that mean


Deku: did you die


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: no


Deku: then what?


nowyouseeme: so we were walking down the street, going to the store

nowyouseeme: you know, like normal people


pinkqueen: I'm getting so suspicious


nowyouseeme: now hold on

nowyouseeme: it was drizzling a bit so we were like oh no let's hurry

nowyouseeme: when Shoji randomly stops

nowyouseeme: and then Ojiro stops


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: and we were confused as to why they stopped


tails: I only stopped because Shoji did


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: and so were all stopped and the rain starts to pour

canyoufeelmyheartbeat: I was like let's g and all of the sudden Shoji just takes off running down the alley

canyoufeelmyheartbeat: and we have no choice but to follow him


pikapika: why


tails: we found a dog


pinkqueen: WHAT!?


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: Ojiro!


nowyouseeme: that was supposed to be a surprise


tails: no


sweettooth: where is it?


nowyouseeme: Momo, Kiri, and Shoji are taking care of it


tails: we still haven't gone to the store and my tail is soaked


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: were all soaked


pinkqueen: well hurry back and we'll make hot chocolate


Deku: and Todoroki will start a fire


hardboi: oh um

hardboi: can we keep the dog


Turbo: Absolutely not.


Momo: Of course!


pinkqueen: oooh


nowyouseeme: class mom vs class dad


Turbo: It is against school rules to keep pets.


explosionmurder: we literally have a teacher who's a dog


tapedispenser: Bakugo even wants the dog


Momo: But we are heroes and it is our duty to protect those in need. When we found the dog, it was cold and hungry. We gave him some food and he seemed to be feeling better, but we can't just leave him out on the street.


pinkqueen: we can't leave the dog out there

pinkqueen: its raining!


tapedispenser: we could hide it


Turbo: I agree, we shouldn't leave the dog outside. However, it is still against school rules. I advise that you take him to an animal shelter. He will be taken care of there.


pikapika: I dont think they're reading our messages


nowyouseeme: this is such a philosophical debate


Deku: I'm livin for it


Momo: I'm pretty sure you've done your research, Iida. If not, let me give you the gist of it. Most animal shelters only care for animals with quirks. This dog does not have any quirks. That takes more than half of the available shelters. The remaining ones might take him, but they will care more for the other animals. If he lives with us, he will get the utmost attention and care that he deserves.


pinkqueen: holy shit


hardboi: lay it down, class mom


sleepy: I personally would like a cat


pinkqueen: shhh it's not your time yet


tails: back off


pinkqueen: ok ok


Turbo: Fine.


nowyouseeme: yaaaay!


Turbo: But only if we tell Aizawa.


Momo: We can't tell him. He went allow it!


sleepy: I'll talk to him


Deku: Shinso, if you use your powers on him, he's going to kill you


sleepy: I expect you guys to return the favor


pinkqueen: oh shit


pikapika: do it


tapedispenser: I'll go with you


tails: wait until we bring the dog home


sleepy: no


tails: what?


Deku: Aizawa-sensei doesn't like dogs

Deku: the odds of us convincing him to keep the dog is for it to not be there


sweettooth: I mean, hell still check the dog though


Deku: just the initial convincing


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: ok


hardboi: how is your smash bros game going


emobird: its Uraraka vs Bakugo right now


hardboi: oh no

Chapter Text

SCREAMnSHOUT has created a group with goaway, muscleman, notr18, and 10 others.


goaway: why


SCREAMnSHOUT: I just realized that we dont have a group chat

SCREAMnSHOUT: and I wanted to tell you guys something


goaway: what

goaway: I'm trying to sleep


muscleman: you're teaching a class right now


goaway: I didn't sleep last night



SCREAMnSHOUT: I have a very important message

SCREAMnSHOUT: the snack machine is out of snacks


goaway: really


justarat: I was already aware of that and I am having it restocked



SCREAMnSHOUT: never mind then have a good day


notr18: well now at least we have a group chat


goaway: wait if this is going to continue




goaway: change your username

goaway: its giving me a headache just looking at it

goaway: also the author hates your name with a burning passion because they have to type out the entire name because of the n


SCREAMnSHOUT: but what should i call myself now


goaway: i got this


goaway has changed SCREAMnSHOUT’s name to loud


goaway: there


loud: you can do that?


goaway: yes


loud: hehe


notr18: oh no

notr18: dont fight in this chat


muscleman: Nemuri


notr18: yea?


muscleman: why is your name notr18


notr18: because I'm classified as a r18 hero even though I'm not


loud: how are you not r18


notr18: I'm not showing any skin!


justarat: even though you're not showing skin, your outfit is not appropriate


notr18: ugh who made that rule


goaway: the government


notr18: ugh why


loud: cuz we can't have you going around with your skintight suit

loud: think of the children!


notr18: they love me!


goaway: not for he reason you think


notr18: if I dont have a skintight suit, my sleeping has is going to go everywhere and everyone's going to sleep


justarat: even so, your outfit is unfit for children


notr18: ugh


muscleman: is there a difference if you're a r18 hero or not


notr18: I'm only allowed to go in public on certain occasions

notr18: that's why I decided to become a teacher

notr18: so that I can still wear my suit and use my quirk


muscleman: but isn't the reason why you're not allowed in public is because of the children?


justarat: we have parents sign a release form so you can teach them


loud: at least all the parents let you see them


justarat: not all


loud: what?


*     *     *     *     *


RuffRuff: Aizawa one of your students smells like a dog


pegleg: I mean considering that you're a dog, aren't you just smelling yourself


RuffRuff: why would I not know how I smell like


Bloodking: go back to the fact that one of Class 1-A students smells like a dog


RuffRuff: not one

RufdRuff: all


goaway: why would they smell like a dog


Bloodking: because your students are hiding a dog


goaway: why would they be hiding a dog


Bloodking: because you're not allowed to have a dog on campus


goaway: that doesn't mean they have one


Bloodking: why do you keep asking stupid questions


spacespacebaby: its because he knows that they have a dog but he doesn't want to get them in trouble


Bloodking: I'm going to class 1-A dorm


goaway: dont you dare


notr18: Mic stop him


loud: going

loud: aaaaaaAAAAAAA


muscleman: what's happening


spacespacebaby: Kan wants to suspend all of class 1-A and Aizawa wants to protect them

spacespacebaby: and so Aizawa is going to fight Kan and Nemuri sent Yamada to stop him


pegleg: you're new Yagi, you'll get used to it


muscleman: oh ok


powpow: what did Kan do


spacespacebaby: depends

spacespacebaby: what did you see


powpow: Yamada is on top of Kan and Aizawa is screaming


pegleg: what an interesting turn of events


spacespacebaby: if I were to guess, Aizawa convinced Yamada to go against Kan and is now going to rescue his students


powpow: what did they do


pegleg: they have a dog


RuffRuff: I smell it


powpow: alright

powpow: have fun


goaway: Nemuri wherever you are, back off


notr18: I can't do that and you know it


loud: Nemuri


notr18: what did you do to Kan


loud: he’s dead


Bloodking: no I'm not

Bloodking: Yamada won't be able to take me down


loud: Aizawa can


Bloodking: no he can't


loud: you fought him last weekend and he won


Bloodking: he cheated


notr18: Kan stop

notr18: you're not helping our point


goaway: I have beaten you before and I will beat you again


Bloodking: I'm coming for you


loud: no you're not


Bloodking: oh hell


spacespacebaby: Kan?


pegleg: Yamada did you kill him


loud: no


notr18: its it's my fault


pegleg: what?

pegleg: did you kill him Nemuri



notr18: no

notr18: Yamada had a mask on a ripped my suit

notr18: Kan is sleeping


loud: we win this time


spacespacebaby: Aizawa did you make it to the dorms


goaway: no

goaway: I'm almost there

Chapter Text

emobird: guys Aizawa is approaching the dorms




pinkqueen: WHERE IS HE


hardboi: it's ok guys he's in my room


explosionmurder: I will fight Aizawa




hardboi: wait bring a towel

hardboi: we gave him a bath


pinkqueen: aw ok


Deku: actually I have a plan

Deku: Kirishima and Kacchan, come downstairs


hardboi: why


Deku: you two fight, and we'll hide the dog


explosionmurder: do you want us to get expelled!?


Deku: playful fighting

Deku: I know you won't seriously hurt Kirishima


explosionmurder: fine


pinkqueen: Midoriya where do we hide the dog


Deku: uh-

Deku: who does Aizawa like the most


tails: Shinso


Deku: yes!

Deku: take the dog into Shinso’s room


sleepy: wait I didnt agree to this


Deku: please

Deku: if he talks to you, use your quirk


sleepy: fine

sleepy: but I'm not using my quirk


Deku: ok


tentacruel: wait Tokoyami where are you


emobird: on the roof


tentacruel: why


emobird: because I want to

emobird: why not


tentacruel: you know what, never mind


tapedispenser: at least he saw Aizawa before he got here


Deku: is everyone in Shinso’s room


pinkqueen: theres me, the dog, Kami, Sero, Shinso, Ojiro, Shoji, and Jiro


Deku: everyone get out


pikapika: why


pinkqueen: were all having a party


Deku: Aizawa-sensei will get suspicious if everyone is in a room

Deku: hes already suspicious enough to be coming to our dorms at night


pinkqueen: you right


tapedispenser: SCATTER!


Deku: wait Ojiro


tails: hm?


Deku: stay with Shinso


tails: ????


sleepy: wait why


Deku: just study or something


tails: ????????????


sleepy: ugh fine

sleepy: whatever


pinkqueen: party downstairs!

pinkqueen: everyone come besides the four of you that have to be doing something


emobird: how about me


pinkqueen: you can stay on the roof as our lookout


emobird: roger


pikapika: Sato bring the cake


sweettooth: you just want more cake


pinkqueen: yes, but theres a reason this time


sweettooth: fine I'll start baking a cake


hardboi: doesn't it take a while to bake a cake


sweettooth: i have perfected the best method for baking cakes in the least amount of time


Half-n-Half: hold on a sec




sweettooth: I have Todoroki blast his fire on the cake


pinkqueen: but wouldn't it get burnt?


sweettooth: almost every cake I made last time was made using this method


pinkqueen: oh that's chill


tapedispenser: wait Kiri


hardboi: yee?


pikapika: arent you supposed to be fighting Bakugo


hardboi: in a bit

hardboi: were getting ready


pikapika: how?


hardboi: were messing up the yard a bit


tapedispenser: ok

tapedispenser: were watching


hardboi: ???


pinkqueen: dont worry about it

pinkqueen: you'll get cake after


hardboi: ok??????


emobird: hes here


pinkqueen: Music!!!


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: I'm right here


emobird: Bakugo and Kirishima are fighting


sleepy: we hid the dog


tails: were going to be watching a movie


pinkqueen: aw


tails: what


pinkqueen: nothing


Deku: everything is in place

Deku: everyone act normal


sleepy: theres nothing normal about any of us


floatmaboat: DEKU!!!!


Deku: huh!?

Deku: I got some Kacchan vibes there


floatmaboat: you forgot about Iida!


Deku: what about him?


floatmaboat: yes freaking out and he said hes going to tell Aizawa!


Deku: Iida no!


Turbo: I’m sorry, Midoriya. It must be done.


Deku: hes going to take it away!


Momo: There has to be a logical way to settle this.


pikapika: please dont have a sophisticated argument in this chat, you'll ruin the vibe


pinkqueen: since its split, why dont we ask Todoroki


Deku: why?


pinkqueen: hes out unofficial tie breaker in case class mom and class dad get into an argument


Deku: where is he?


pinkqueen: I thought you would know


Deku: no????

Deku: I haven't seen him since this morning


pinkqueen: uh then were’s Tsuyu


floatmaboat: shes with me


pinkqueen: what does she have to say


kerokero: we keep the dog and dont tell Aizawa


pinkqueen: boom


Turbo: Is this democracy?


tapedispenser: yes


Turbo: Fine. Majority says that we keep the dog, so I will not tell Aizawa-sensei about him. However, if I am questioned, I will not hesitate to tell him the truth.


floatmaboat: what if you weren't questioned directly?


Turbo: Then I guess I will not have to answer as long as there is someone to cover for me.


floatmaboat: then Momo, Tsuyu, and I will hang out with you


Turbo: I have no problem with that.


floatmaboat: yay!


Deku: wow Uraraka! that was a brilliant plan

Deku: couldn't come up with a better one myself


floatmaboat: thanks!

floatmaboat: d(-_☆)


Deku: (*^_^*)


pinkqueen: our sunshine kids


Deku: what!?


pinkqueen: nothing, nothing


tentacruel: I've just been watching the madness unfold


nowyouseeme: where are you?


tentacruel: on the roof with Tokoyami

tentacruel: I'm the one who spotted Aizawa

tentacruel: I've been watching you guys from the window


pinkqueen: creepy


tentacruel: Midoriya told you to act natural


pikapika: we are


tentacruel: no you're not


Deku: come on guys


sweettooth: we’ll make a cake down here


pinkqueen:  yes!


tentacruel: they look like they could be on a TV show


kerokero: I mean…


floatmaboat: no

*      *     *     *     *


pikapika: where is Aizawa


pinkqueen: we made like 5 cakes


sweettooth: 3 of them failed


nowyouseeme: hush


emobird: uh


explosionmurder: dont you fuckin dare


emobird: …

emobird: he left


pinkqueen: why?


emobird: I'm not allowed to say


tapedispenser: makes sense


pinkqueen: so is the dog safe?


emobird: I think so


pikapika: I'll go get it


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: can we name the dog?


floatmaboat: ya!

floatmaboat: I hate how we keep calling him the dog


nowyouseeme: Dango!


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: what


nowyouseeme: idk I just want some dango

nowyouseeme: Sato can you make some dango


sweettooth: sorry no


nowyouseeme: ugh


Momo: How about Sakura?

Momo: I had a cat named Sakura when I was little and I liked the name. I thought it would work for a dog.


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: yes


hardboi: no


pikapika: I agree


kerokero: and I thought that he was a guy


pinkqueen: wait how did we find that out


sweettooth: who started saying that


Deku: I believe that it was either Ojiro or Shoji


tails: not me


tentacruel: I heard it from somewhere else


tapedispenser: WHOMST




canyoufeelmyheartbeat: wait Koda it was you?




pinkqueen: that makes sense




nowyouseeme: well now we need a different name


hardboi: we need a manly name


nowyouseeme: no we need a cute name


tapedispenser: I agree with Kiri


Momo: Well, I agree with Hagakure-san.


hardboi: oh shit Sero were screwed


tapedispenser: damn


nowyouseeme: does that mean we get to give him a cute name


Momo: Yes.


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: did you have to capitalize and punctuate that


Momo: Of course I did. It is a complete sentence, after all.


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: I'm sobbing


Momo: Do you need me to come over and comfort you?


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: no


pinkqueen: well anyway

pinkqueen: we need a name!


Deku: what if we ask Aoyama


floatmaboat: where is he


Deku: idk


kerokero: wait why


pinkqueen: cuz someone so flamboyantly gay should have a professional opinion on what to name a dog


nowyouseeme: are you stereotyping Aoyama as a gay


pinkqueen: uh…


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: I take offense to that


tapedispenser: I mean you're a stereotype gay too


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: no I'm not!

canyoufeelmyheartbeat: stop stereotyping me!


Deku: oh god what's happening


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: Sero, you're probably gay too

canyoufeelmyheartbeat: you would know how it feels to get stereotyped


tapedispenser: I'm not gay

tapedispenser: leave me out of this


nowyouseeme: guys stop!!!!


tapedispenser: shut up Hagakure!


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: shut up


explosionmurder: ALL OF YOU SHUT UP


hardboi: Baku no


tapedispenser: ya BaKU

tapedispenser: I know you're gay

tapedispenser: the way you look at Kiri


pinkqueen: Sero!


hardboi: sero…


Deku: Kacchan?


explosionmurder: fuck

explosionmurder: YOU


tentacruel: guys he’s mad


emobird: angry!!!!

emobird: run!!!


pinkqueen: shitshitshit


emobird: guys he’s going to ddufjof


tentacruel: he got Tokoyami

tentacruel: oh god he’s coming for mendifuegdo


kerokero: um did I just hear Kami scream


pinkqueen: yes???


floatmaboat: what's happening


pinkqueen: Kiri I'm coming!


Turbo: We will go investigate the scream that we think is Kaminari.


pikapika: haha

pikapika: no need


Turbo: Are you sure?


pikapika: yea

pikapika: I think we have bigger problems rn


pinkqueen: Kami come outside

pinkqueen: quick


pikapika: omw


floatmaboat: what's going on downstairs?


kerokero:who's there?


sweettooth: Hagakure and I are hiding behind the counter


nowyouseeme: Bakugo and Sero are fighting


Momo: Can you stop them?


sweettooth: no


Momo: Please convince them to check this chat.


nowyouseeme: how?????


floatmaboat: throw a phone at them


nowyouseeme: it's going to get destroyed


floatmaboat: just do it


sweettooth: I got this

sweettooth: Momo start typing


nowyouseeme: holy shit

nowyouseeme: he just yeeted the phone at them and it hit Bakugo in the head


floatmaboat: oh man


nowyouseeme: I mean it worked

nowyouseeme: they stopped fighting


Momo: Everyone please calm down! I'm not sure how this happened, but it's clear that there's been a great disagreement between Sero, Bakugo, and Jiro. In my opinion, it doesn't matter what sexuality you are. I'm pretty sure that the rest if the class agrees with me. Jiro and Sero, I understand that you two were defensive because you were identified as a member of the LGBTQ+ community even thought you do not identify as such, but I do not think that it was right of you to take it out on others. Bakugo, although you were also wrongly identified, please don't take it out on the others violently.


floatmaboat: that was beautiful


pinkqueen: I also want to add that


pinkqueen: you better get your asses out here and apologize to him


sweettooth: look guys I'm sorry

sweettooth: uh, its Sero

sweettooth: me too -Jiro

sweettooth: Bakugo also apologized but hes going outside to apologize to Kiri


nowyouseeme: we can have a cake party?

nowyouseeme: play smash and stuff


Deku: that's a great idea!

Deku: also is Tokoyami and Shoji ok?


emobird: yes


tentacruel: Bakugo didnt hurt us, only kicked our phones away


explosionmurder: I'm going, but if you make Kirishima cry again, I'm going to murder you


hardboi: I'm fine guys


floatmaboat: let's have a big sleepover!


pinkqueen: ya!


sweettooth: sounds good


kerokero: are we all just going to ignore Kaminari’s scream


pikapika: it was a bug


tapedispenser: again?


hardboi: wait the same one


pikapika: yup

pikapika: I'm the only one to encounter this and I hate all of you


sleepy: wait


pikapika: ya?


sleepy: not you


hardboi: oh

hardboi: later


sleepy: alright then


nowyouseeme: are we all going to ignore that


explosionmurder: yes


nowyouseeme: ok then

Chapter Text

goaway: kill me


loud: what happened?


goaway: I'm not allowed to say

goaway: but I'm never going back to those dorms ever again


notr18: did you catch two of them making out


goaway: I wish

goaway: cuz then at least I just have to bleach my eyeballs

goaway: not this time


spacespacebaby: I'm very scared


goaway: at least you weren't there


loud: do we need to go and get a midnight snack for you


goaway: ...yes


loud: meet at the gate in 5 min


notr18: aw


loud: what?


notr18: so romantic


loud: we've been doing this since we were in high school

loud: it's not romantic


spacespacebaby: no it's pretty romantic


pegleg: I agree


notr18: you've literally never been on a date


pegleg: I've seen enough sappy romantic movies to know when something is romantic


notr18: fair enough


loud: but it's not like that


notr18: it totally is


loud: stop

loud: it's not


pegleg: its not time yet


notr18: fine


bloodking: wait but what about the dog


goaway: what about it?


bloodking: did you get it


goaway: it doesn't exist


justarat: Kan, just leave him alone

justarat: he will deal with it tomorrow

justarat: obviously something happened to scar him


bloodking: ugh fine


notr18: wait what happened though


goaway: never again




bloodking: alright fine


powpow: anyway

powpow: Thirteen, are we ready for the USJ training?


spacespacebaby: oh!

spacespacebaby: yes we are! I just need to secure the area to make sure the students will be safe


muscleman: and I am supposed to go?


spacespacebaby: no, it will only be Aizawa and I


muscleman: can I go?


spacespacebaby: well you'd need to maintain your muscle form and its unnecessary


muscleman: oh ok


justarat: we dont want you going to locations outside of the school for security reasons

justarat: we dont want our students being attacked


powpow: you can hang out with us


notr18: yeah! let's party without them


spacespacebaby: wait no dont have a party without me…


notr18: aw wait no I didnt mean it like that

notr18: uh-


RocknRoll: we’ll have a teacher party where we talk about how to be teachers


spacespacebaby: um ok


notr18: and when you get back we can have a real party!


spacespacebaby: yay!


Bloodking: when is class 1-A going


spacespacebaby: next week


powpow: why


Bloodking: we're going the week after that


goaway: hah


Bloodking: what

Bloodking: I thought you were on your date with Yamada


loud: it's not a date!!!!


notr18: well…


loud: IT’S NOT A DATE!!!!!!!!


pegleg: Nemuri


notr18: okok


goaway: I just had to rub it in your face

goaway: bye


Bloodking: hey! get back here


goaway: no


Bloodking: wha-


loud: leave us alone!


Bloodking: but hes the one that attacked me first


notr18: not really


powpow: definitely not


Bloodking: ok fine



harboi has created a group with explosionmurder, tentacruel, and emobird




tentacruel: …


hardboi: so we all agree not to talk about that right


emobird: yes

emobird: if I can erase that from my mind, I would


tentacruel: yeah…


explosionmurder: if you fucks say anything about this I will murder you and your entire family


emobird: oh I am definitely not going to tell anyone


tentacruel: I don’t want to think about that ever again


hardboi: w

hardboi: what about Aizawa


emobird: are you ok


hardboi: no


tentacruel: I'm pretty sure he’s scarred now

tentacruel: I don’t think he’s going to tell anyone


emobird: I think he knows better than to tell anyone


explosionmurder: he better


Hardboi: get out of this group

Hardboi: so we can pretend this never happened


emobird: k


tentacruel: roger


emobird has left the chat

tentacruel has left the chat


explosionmurder: are you ok


hardboi: no

hardboi: can you come over


explosionmurder: ok


explosionmurder has left the chat

hardboi has left the chat

Chapter Text

Hey guys! Just an update, I finished my oneshot and it is now uploaded. Although I'm done with that, I can't promise another BNHA Group Chat chapter in a while, so you can read my oneshot or keep rereading this one if you want. (or you can read other people's but I didn't write those)

Anyway, the earliest I can promise a chapter is winter break (which is in like three weeks I'm sorry!), but if you want a smaller chapter before that (maybe a villain's group chat oho!) make sure to let me know and I''ll try to do that so the wait isn't too long.

Sorry for the long wait, but I'll get back to writing as soon as I can!

Chapter Text

pinkqueen: aaaaaa I'm excited!

Momo: This is going to be a great learning experience for all of us!

canyoufeelmyheartbeat: you seem excited, Momo

Momo: Of course! We are going to learn a really important part of being heroes! We will be using the skills that we learn at USJ for the rest of our lives.

Turbo: I agree. This is going to be the best learning experience for all of us.

tapedispenser: hey but do you know what comes before and after

Turbo: No?

pikapika: LONG BUS RIDE

Half-n-Half: it's not going to be that long…

pinkqueen: LONG BUS RIDE

explosionmurder: you fucks better not be loud

emobird: you know it's going to be loud

explosionmurder: ugh

Deku: it'll be fun!

explosionmurder: shut the fuck up

floatmaboat: do we get to choose our seats?

Turbo: I believe that Aizawa-sensei will be choosing our seats for us.

explosionmurder: I dont want to be with any of you extras

hardboi: come on, open up

explosionmurder: no

hardboi: :(

pinkqueen: aw Baku we know you love us

explosionmurder: no go away

pikapika: we love you Baku!

tapedispenser: <3

explosionmurder: FUCK OFF

pinkqueen: <3<3<3<3<3

tapedispenser: <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

pikapika: <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

hardboi: <3

explosionmurder: A

explosionmurder: a

explosionmurder: a

floatmaboat: I think you broke him

pinkqueen: haha

sleepy: everyone get out the bus is here

pinkqueen: WOO

tentacruel: Ojiro where are you

tails: I'm already downstairs

tentacruel: your door is open

tails: can you close it

tentacruel: uh…

tails: huh?

tentacruel: nothing

tentacruel: I'll tell you later

pinkqueen: Kirishima!

pinkqueen: where are you

hardboi: coming

tapedispenser: why are you rushing us

tapedispenser: no one is even on the bus yet

hardboi: Aizawa isn’t even there yet

pinkqueen: but Iida was rushing us

pinkqueen: and I mean, everyone’s already here

Turbo: It will also be easier to board the bus and there will be no chaos in doing so. I believe that this way would be most convenient.

floatmaboat: is no one questioning why the bus is here but Aizawa-sensei isn’t

floatmaboat: isn’t the teacher usually the one to get there first

pinkqueen: he probably overslept

Deku: is All Might coming with us?

explosionmurder: no

explosionmurder: shut the fuck up about All Might

pinkqueen: dont be so mean

explosionmurder: shut the fuck up

pinkqueen: <3

Turbo: Aizawa-sensei has arrived.


pikapika: YEE

Turbo: Is everyone here?

canyoufeelmyheartbeat: yes

Turbo: Where is Hagakure?

Turbo: My apologies.

pinkqueen: woooooooow

pikapika: rude

Turbo: I am so sorry, Hagkure.

nowyouseeme: it's fine

nowyouseeme: I mean, I'm INVISIBLE

Turbo: You being invisible doesn't excuse my actions. I cannot excuse myself from my horrible actions. Let me make it up to you.

Deku: um

Deku: Iida, we're all on the bus

floatmaboat: you're the last one…

Turbo: Oh, I am terribly sorry!

explosionmurder: HURRY THE FUCK UP

hardboi: stop it Baku

Deku: I mean

Deku: Iida shouldn't look so close at his phone when he's typing

Deku: he'd be more aware of what's happening around him

pinkqueen: all that doesn't matter now!

nowyouseeme: ROAD TRIP!!!!!!

canyoufeelmyheartbeat: can someone remind me why I'm sitting next to Bakugo

tapedispenser: some kind of seating chart?

pinkqueen: yeah that Aizawa made on the spot

Turbo: What are you talking about? I didn't think there was a seating chart.

tapedispenser: Kirishima and Bakugo were sitting next to each other but Aizawa moved Kirishima

tapedispenser: we don't know why

pinkqueen: it got quiet all of the sudden what is this

pinkqueen: we're supposed to be having fun!

pinkqueen: OK Kirishima spill

hardboi: WHAT???

pinkqueen: I mean you're the one that got moved

pinkqueen: what did you do that made Aizawa-sensei move you, huh?

hardboi: uh…

Half-n-Half: why is everyone on their phones

Half-n-Half: we're all sitting near each other



hardboi: RAISINS

pinkqueen: wait

emobird: uh

emobird: who loves MCR?????

canyoufeelmyheartbeat: I do!

Half-n-Half: I have listened to a couple of their songs

tapedispenser: he IS a secret emo

tentacruel: Sato did you make a cake

sweettooth: no

tentacruel: thats a bummer

kerokero: what happened to what we were talking about before?

floamaboat: obviously something that isn't supposed to be known yet

Deku: I think its best to leave everything alone

Half-n-Half: why is Bakugo so quiet

Half-n-Half: never mind

explosionmurder: fuck off

Turbo: Uh…

Turbo: I am not sure what happened, but we will be arriving at USJ in a few moments.

Turbo: Remember to get all of your stuff from the bus and get off in an orderly manner.

Deku: why are you texting that?

Turbo: I have been made aware that it is the only way to properly communicate with everyone.

pinkqueen: you right

Turbo: Also, Mina is playing very loud music and I'm pretty sure the people sitting in the back wouldn't be able to hear me.

sleepy: I just wanted to sleep

pinkqueen: lol no

sleepy: ugggghhhh

tails: um guys?

Deku: hm?

tails: Todoroki is asleep

sleepy: how

nowyouseeme: yeah he's been sleeping after the last thing he typed

Turbo: We are here!

sleepy: rip sleep I guess

Deku: someone please wake up Todoroki

pinkqueen: look at how big the building is!

Momo: Wow! Everything is magnificent! It's very similar to my house!

canyoufeelmyheartbeat: Momo what were you doing during the bus ride

Momo: Listening to your conversations and looking out the window!

Momo: I did not think I could contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way, so I decided to stay out of it.

nowyouseeme: trust me

nowyouseeme: no one actually has anything meaningful in our conversations

pinkqueen: don't let us stop you from joining our conversations

Momo: Thank you! I will try to keep that in mind.

Turbo: Everyone please get off your phones! We need to show the utmost respect to Thirteen-sensei! They have spent a lot of time preparing this training for us.

pinkqueen: do we have to give up our phones?

Turbo: As long as you are on it, there is no need.

pikapika: you're on it

pikapika: haha got em

pinkqueen: Denki!

nowyouseeme: hey can someone hold my phone

nowyouseeme: I don't have pockets

pinkqueen: sure

*      *      *      *       *

(I feel like I had to add this divider here because shit's about to go down)

Turbo: Anyone who was separated from us! Please let us know where you are! If there are any villains near you, take care of them first. Please, be safe.

Chapter Text

pikapika: uh… guys?

pikapika: what happened?

pikapika: oh shit


pinkqueen: where did you go?


floatmaboat: is everyone ok?


kerokero: Midoriya, Shinsou, and I are alright

kerokero: we got teleported to the shipwreck zone


pinkqueen: teleported????

pinkqueen: so that’s what that purple smoke did


floatmaboat: you guys, come back here


Deku: there’s a lot of villains


floatmaboat: oh then be careful


hardboi: yo, guys


pinkqueen: you ok?


hardboi: ya

hardboi: Bakugo and I got teleported to some kind of ruin place

hardboi: we’re making our way back


pinkqueen: okok


floatmaboat: what happened to Kaminari?


nowyouseeme: omg Todoroki is so cool guys

nowyouseeme: I don’t think he knows I’m here


emobird: Koda and I are going back


tails: I’m coming back


pinkqueen: is anyone with you?


tails: no?


pinkqueen: just making sure


Deku: is that everyone


pinkqueen: I mean something happened to Kaminari


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: it’s fine guys

canyoufeelmyheartbeat: some guys attacked us and Kaminari’s phone got zapped

canyoufeelmyheartbeat: Momo is with us


pinkqueen: hurry back!


floatmaboat: make sure you gugsgSHAFSUDJYIUKI


Deku: Uraraka!!


kerokero: what happened?

kerokero: is anyone going to respond?


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: I think something’s happening over there


Deku: what if the portal guy went back??


kerokero: then we have to hurry and regroup


Turbo: I have called the teachers. Please just hold out a little longer.


floatmaboat: I sense that Deku did something dumb just now


kerokero: I got it too


tentacruel: he's fighting the strong bird thing that All Might was fighting


floamaboat: oh my god


pinkqueen: is everyone else over there?


tentacruel: yes


pikapika: w

pikapika: what was that


floatmaboat: did All Might do that


tentacruel: All Might punched the bird thing and it flew into space


pinkqueen: rip


floatmaboat: is everyone OK?


harboi: Deku punched the thing and I think he broke his arm


floatmaboat: oh my god


harboi: I mean everyone else is OK


kerokero: honestly I wasnt expecting that much from Midoriya


floatmaboat: I mean same

floatmaboat: but still


Turbo: Everyone, please gather outside of the building. The police have arrived and they want to make sure that everyone is okay.

Turbo: I've already told them about Midoriya.


pinkqueen: what about our training?


Turbo: I am not sure. Until Aizawa-sensei wakes up, all we can do is wait.


pinkqueen: I hope Aizawa is OK


Momo: He did everything he could to protect us. Now that he is in the hands of Recovery Girl and other healthcare professionals, I'm sure he'll be alright. For now, we should worry about ourselves.


pinkqueen: true dat


hardboi: we're heading back



*      *     *      *      *       *


pikapika: why is it so quiet


pinkqueen: after all that, how can we be loud?


nowyouseeme: now I kind of miss Aizawa's grumpy face looking back at us through the rearview mirror


tapedispenser: same


kerokero: don't you guys think its weird?


floatmaboat: what?


kerokero: how did the villains know that we were going to be there?


Half-n-Half: they also said that All Might was supposed to be there

Half-n-Half: how did they know that


pinkqueen: ohhh conspiracies


nowyouseeme: it was the government


emobird: I second that


tails: but isn't UA part of the government

tails: why would the government tell the villains where we were


nowyouseeme: …


emobird: …


tapedispenser: rek


tentacruel: okay but the question still stands


floatmaboat: maybe when the media people tried to get into UA this morning


kerokero: if the League of Villains did get their hands on that information, they might have more for future events

kerokero: we have to keep our guard up



pikapika: Aoyama where were you?


glimmer: ☆。゚+.(人-ω◕ฺ)゚+.゚


pikapika: w

pikapika: uh ok


Momo: We should get something for Aizawa-sensei as a thanks for saving us and putting his life in danger.


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: thats a great idea


pinkqueen: I'll put it together!


tapedispenser: what kind of thing would he like though


pinkqueen: we could do a gift basket and put some little things and we just need to decide a main thing

pinkqueen: and of course a letter


sleepy: get him a cat


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: ok no


tapedispenser: another sleeping bag


pikapika: how about the one with legs


nowyouseeme: what


pikapika: have you not seen


pinkqueen: no???


pikapika: image


pinkqueen: oh my god??????


tapedispenser: its perfect


nowyouseeme: its amazing


tails: wait guys 

tails: think about it for a bit


tentacruel: we're going to have to go to class and deal with him like that


pinkqueen: so?


hardboi: it'll be funny


tentacruel: and distracting


emobird: I don't think they care


sleepy:let's just get him a cat


pinkqueen: what's with you and the cat?


sleepy: he likes cats


pikapika: hmm mm

pikapika: thats not too bad of a plan


nowyouseeme: how are we going to do that

nowyouseeme: they don't allow pets on campus


sleepy: they also don't allow villains but look what happened


nowyouseeme: I see your point

nowyouseeme: let's get a cat


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: we are NOT getting a cat


nowyouseeme: why not


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: are you serious


nowyouseeme: yes?????


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: you can't just buy someone a CAT as a present


sleepy: but he likes cats


Momo: I think a cat would be a great present. Aizawa-sensei needs the company. Maybe we can take care of it.


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: god not you too


kerokero: I say no cat


pinkqueen: ok how about this

pinkqueen: put C if you vote for the cat, S for the sleeping bag, and N for none


pikapika: C


sleepy: C


pinkqueen: S


tapedispenser: S


Turbo: N


pinkqueen: aw no fun


nowyouseeme: C


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: N


pinkqueen: Jiro I trusted you


Momo: C


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: Momo why


Momo: I like cats


floatmaboat: S


kerokero: S


floatmaboat: oh my god


kerokero: what?


floatmaboat: nothing


tails: C


hardboi: S


Half-n-Half: S


pinkqueen: !!!!!!!!!

pinkqueen: are you guys seeing this


pikapika: yes???????


tapedispenser: hooooooooly


harboi: *single tear rolls down cheek*


nowyouseeme: I'm so proud


Half-n-Half: ?????????


pinkqueen: don't worry about it


emobird: S


explosionmurder: N


pikapika: aw why


explosionmurder: this shit is stupid


pikapika: :(


sweettooth: S


tentacruel: C


nature: C


pinkqueen: Oh!

pinkqueen: Koda


nature: ?


pinkqueen: you should talk more on the group chat


nature: (ó﹏ò。)


pinkqueen: aw its ok that you're nervous


nowyouseeme: you can trust us


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: you don't have yo if you don't want


pinkqueen: ya!

pinkqueen: just know that we will be here to support you


nature: ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ


glimmer: C


pinkqueen: oh my god Aoyama


glimmer: ( •̀∀•́ )✧


pikapika: well now what


pinkqueen: huh?


pikapika: its tied


nowyouseeme: oh no


kerokero: Midoriya did not vote


floatmaboat: um well yeah he's at the HOSPITAL


kerokero: I know that

kerokero: I'm saying that he should be the tie breaker


pinkqueen: but then we have to wait


Half-n-Half: what if he doesn't want either


pinkqueen: we'll deal with that later


Half-n-Half: …


floatmaboat: well I guess we wait


Chapter Text

floatmaboat: guess who’s alive!


Deku: hey guys


pinkqueen: Midoriya!


Turbo: Are your arms alright?


Deku: it doesn't hurt anymore

Deku: I'm still on some kind of pain killer btw and I feel loopy


pikapika: um well

pikapika: we've been waiting for you to get your phone so we can ask you a question


Deku: um

Deku: ok?????


pinkqueen: scroll up


Deku: I say we get the cat

Deku: then he HAS to let us keep the dog


floatmaboat: where is he by the way?


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: oh yeah it's been a while


tails: oh he hangs out in my room


emobird: I think it's the tail


pinkqueen: aww


tails: I can bring him out

tails: he just follows me


hardboi: come down to the common room


tails: omw


nowyouseeme: you guys are missing the most important thing

nowyouseeme: we're getting a cat!!!!!


pinkqueen: !!!!!!!


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: I thought you were against the cat


pinkqueen: well I preferred the sleeping bag but I liked the cat idea too


floatmaboat: but where are we even going to get a cat


pinkqueen: …


nowyouseeme: …


hardboi: …


tapedispenser: …


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: did you really go through this without a way to get a cat


pinkqueen: uh

pinkqueen: Momo! Help us!


Momo: I can get us a cat from a neighboring pet adoption center.


pinkqueen: yay!


nowyouseeme: you saved us!


tapedispenser: we need like a bow or something


pinkqueen: if you use your tape I'm going to rip your elbows off


tapedispenser: I would never

tapedispenser: and please don't


nature: (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


pinkqueen: ????


nature: I'll buy a bow!!!! \(≧▽≦)/


nowyouseeme: my heart is melting


pinkqueen: we should get a bow for the dog


tapedispenser: he's a boy though




hardboi: it will still be very manly




hardboi: hm

hardboi: you're right

hardboi: but that's how I measure the quality of something

hardboi: it doesn't have to be manly by society's terms

hardboi: like Momo, you are very pretty and you are one of the most manly person I've ever seen


Momo: Thank you, Kirishima-kun.


pinkqueen: I accept your rationale

pinkqueen: what about you Sero


tapedispenser: uh


pinkqueen: defend your words


tapedispenser: I can't

tapedispenser: I was just dumb


pinkqueen: amend your ways


tapedispenser: forgive me father for I have sinned


pinkqueen: what did I JUST  say


tapedispenser: forgive me mother for I have sinned


sleepy: what did I just wake up to


nowyouseeme: Mina's lessons on why gender stereotypes are bad


sleepy: ok????

sleepy: hey Midoriya, I'm glad you're ok

sleepy: I would have tried to save you but I know my quirk isn't good for combat


floatmaboat: oh my god

floatmaboat: Shinsou you have to be my best friend


sleepy: ??????


floatmaboat: everyone's so suicidal they just keep jumping into fights without thinking


Turbo: I do not!


floatmaboat: ok true

floatmaboat: but you are definitely the type to do that


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: Momo wouldn't


floatmaboat: true


nowyouseeme: let's make a list of people who would run into a fight without thinking


pinkqueen: ok well the four that was dumb enough to fight the main villains obv


tapedispenser: Midoriya, Bakugo, Kirishima, and Todoroki


hardboi: well I was there only because everyone else was

hardboi: my quirk comes in handy for defense


floatmaboat: so I'll put him under "will think about it but highly likely to fight"


pinkqueen: wait are you actually making a list


floatmaboat: yes and I'll put it up in the common room

floatmaboat: the categories are "will not fight if not required, will fight but will think first, and will jump into a fight without thinking"


pinkqueen: can I go to your room to help


floatmaboat: sure


Momo: I will as well!


floatmaboat: so Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki are under will fight without thinking and Kirishima is under will fight but think

floatmaboat: ideas for others?


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: Momo under will not fight


nowyouseeme: I disagree

nowyouseeme: she gives off the vibe that she would but she would think about it because she is Smart™


floatmaboat: I'm going to make it so you can move the names because I feel like we'll change over the year


nowyouseeme: sounds good


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: put her under won't fight for now


nowyouseeme: I feel like Jiro is under won't fight


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: fair

canyoufeelmyheartbeat: and Hagakure is under won't fight


floatmaboat: k got it

floatmaboat: I'm definitely under won't fight


kerokero: me too!


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: I agree with both of those


hardboi: I know who are under won't fight

hardboi: Koda, Shoji, Sato, Iida


tapedispenser: and Shinsou

explosionmurder: I know who are dumbasses and will fight without thinking


pinkqueen: oh?


explosionmurder: Kaminari, Mina, Sero


pinkqueen: hey!


tapedispenser: you're under that category too


explosionmurder: takes one to know one


pinkqueen: oof

pinkqueen: speaking of

pinkqueen: where's Kami?


tapedispenser: idk I haven't seen him


tentacruel: I heard him leave some time ago


pinkqueen: hmmmm


explosionmurder: and I disagree with invisigirl


nowyouseeme: excuse me?


explosionmurder: Jiro will definitely fight but she at least has the decency to think


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: hmmmm

canyoufeelmyheartbeat: I mean I guess


explosionmurder: same with frog girl


kerokero: kero?


floatmaboat: Tsuyu would never!


explosionmurder: well you're wrong


Deku: I actually agree with him


floatmaboat: WHAT?????


Deku: she would fight to protect those she cares about


floatmaboat: …


kerokero: …


explosionmurder: stfu Deku


Deku: I?????

Deku: I'm defending your point??????


explosionmurder: I don't need you to defend me


Deku: your defense was literally "no you're wrong and I'm right"

Deku: that's a terrible defense!


floatmaboat: ok you two stop

floatmaboat: and I agree with you

floatmaboat: right Tsuyu?


kerokero: yeah


floatmaboat: ok who's left


Momo: Ojiro, Tokoyami, and Aoyama.


nowyouseeme: oh Ojiro definitely under will fight


hardboi: yeah he really wanted to fight M*neta the first say of this group chat


pinkqueen: ugh

pinkqueen: sensor more


hardboi: M*n*t*


pinkqueen: more


hardboi: M*****



pinkqueen: more


hardboi: what????

hardboi: ******

hardboi: is that what you want


pinkqueen: more




pinkqueen: perfect!


tapedispenser: anyway yeah

tapedispenser: Ojiro under will fight but think


Deku: Tokoyami and Aoyama under won't fight


floatmaboat: oh?




floatmaboat: I understand Aoyama but Tokoyami????

floatmaboat: he would fight


Deku: no

Deku: he uses his quirk for more aesthetic purposes than fighting


pinkqueen: oof called out

pinkqueen: but true


floatmaboat: oh and where is Aoyama?

floatmaboat: he's never on this chat


tails: he's in the common room

tails: hold on


glimmer: Hi! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


nowyouseeme: why aren't you ever on the chat


glimmer: I muted it


pinkqueen: big oof


glimmer: you guys talk too much


floatmaboat: aw but we miss you!

floatmaboat: you should talk more


glimmer: I don't want to unmute it


floatmaboat: you don't have to as long as you join the conversation sometimes




Momo: The board is complete! We will put it up in the common room!


pinkqueen: yee yee it looks cool


Momo: I will be back momentarily. I will get a cat and we can give it to Aizawa-sensei.


floatmaboat: we should also make a card


pinkqueen: we have to track down all the guys


nowyouseeme: I think we just have to find Kaminari


pikapika: I'm going back to the dorms


tapedispenser: where were you?


pikapika: I had to talk to Aizawa about something


pinkqueen: hurry up we have to put the present together

Chapter Text

muscleman: Is Thirteen well?


RocknRoll: They are going to be fine. They said that they're used to accidents related to their quirk, but I worry that the damage is too big.


muscleman: How about Aizawa?


notr18: he's been sleeping ever since he was put in the hospital

notr18: Mic has been complaining to me ever since and I think my ears are bleeding


loud: i'm sorry!


notr18: no you're not


loud: …

loud: i'm just worried

loud: what if he doesn't wake up?


notr18: i'm going to punch you


powpow: was anyone else injured besides those two and Midoriya?


justarat: I don't believe so.


Bloodking: but isn't anyone wondering why those villains attacked


justarat: We're working on it.


pegleg: and I assume you're not going to give us any information


justarat: Of course.


Bloodking: are you going to at least talk to Thirteen and Aizawa?


justarat: We will try to ask them, but I'm not sure if they know anything.

justarat: We're also getting Inui to scout the area for any signs of forced entry.


muscleman: But from what I heard, they warped inside.


notr18: they did jam our communications

notr18: maybe they cut a cord or something


RocknRoll: but to get to the cords, they'll have to go through security


muscleman: So it's probably one of the villain's quirks.


Bloodking: there were a ton of villains, so it wouldn't be a surprise if one of them had a quirk that could jam communications


powpow: are you guys forming a new detective team or something?


notr18: *gasp*

notr18: we should totally do that


loud: did you just type gasp


notr18: i'm going to make special suits


Bloodking: please don't

Bloodking: it's going to be a skin tight suit


loud: oh please no


notr18: go back to sleep


loud: I wasn't sleeping


notr18: I'm going to put you to sleep


loud: ugh


muscleman: I do not mind.


powpow: of course you don't, your hero suit is a skin tight suit too


muscleman: …


notr18: huh I've never noticed

notr18: why doesn't he get restrictions on where he goes?


powpow: it's not inappropriate


notr18: excuse me?????

notr18: I see the bulge


loud: ok I need you two to stop


muscleman: please


notr18: ugh

notr18: society is so sexist


RuffRuff: Kan has a skin tight suit too


loud: wow called out


notr18: wait a sec


powpow: ?


notr18: not as impressive of a bulge


Bloodking: …


notr18: and I thinkfkughoxflhijdlfhnjf


muscleman: Yamada??


loud: I had to put her down

loud: oh no she's going to kill me

loud: okhfiihjsiudfgaieufhoidfh


muscleman: I think someone should go check on them.

muscleman: I don't want Aizawa getting hurt with them fighting in the room.


pegleg: I'll go


powpow: I felt the sigh


pegleg: it's been a long day


Bloodking: I think I'll head off to bed then

Bloodking: there's nothing left I can do to help them


RocknRoll: Yagi you should sleep too

RocknRoll: I feel the restlessness coming from the screen


muscleman: I feel terrible though. If I had arrived a little bit earlier, I could have saved them.


powpow: hey don't talk like they're dead!!


bulldozer: Yagi, when they signed up to be pro heroes, they knew the dangers. They also jumped into the fight on their own in order to protect the students. As for you, you did your job perfectly, making sure that no one else got injured and everyone was able to get out. Don't beat yourself up over something like this.


muscleman: Thank you, Maijima.


bulldozer: No problem. You should rest.


muscleman: …

muscleman: fine


justarat: Everyone else should rest too. It's been a hectic day and we don't know what the next day has in store for us.


powpow: Ecto, are they okay?


pegleg: Nemuri knocked both of them out


muscleman: I'll help you take them to their rooms


pegleg: thank you

*     *      *     *     *      *     *


loud: screw you Nemuri


notr18: it's your fault


loud: it was not


powpow: please

powpow: it's 3 in the morning


loud: are they awake?


chikuwa: Thirteen has been awake for some time.

chikuwa: Does anyone know where their phone is? They want to chat.


notr18: oh I have it

notr18: be right there


spacespacebaby: hello everyone


loud: Thirteen!

loud: you ok?


spacespacebaby: I've been better


notr18: I'm staying with them


Bloodking: what happened?


spacespacebaby: I had just explained the USJ facility to the students when a portal opened up. Many villains popped out and started fighting. Everything got very confusing, but the portal, who was a man with a portal quirk, used his quirk to use my quirk against me. Everything was a blur after that.


powpow: did anything feel off before they attacked


spacespacebaby: no

spacespacebaby: if I felt that anything was off, I would have evacuated the students immediately


loud: hm


notr18: something's fishy but I don't know what it is


powpow: I think we have to leave it to Nezu and his team


notr18: No!!!!!

notr18: the Detective Alliance will never give up


loud: Detective Alliance?


notr18: come up with a better name then


loud: uh

loud: Pro Detective Agency


notr18: no


loud: ugh this is hard


notr18: see?


powpow: you two are terrible at this


loud: we'll ask Aizawa when he wakes up


notr18: how is he?


chikuwa: still sleeping

chikuwa: he's in a stable condition though, so don't worry


loud: *worrying intensifies*


notr18: wow and you criticized me for typing gasp


loud: shhhh


spacespacebaby: I know you are all worried, but you should rest.


loud: I don't want to


notr18: I'm going to knock you out again


loud: ugh fine

Chapter Text

Bloodking: did you guys really wake up at 3

Bloodking: you guys are idiots


loud: hey shut up


Bloodking: did you even sleep?


loud: …


Bloodking: I'm telling Nemuri


loud: no don't


notr18: too late


loud: were you even asleep


notr18: …


Bloodking: as I said

Bloodking: idiots


loud: I'm going to Aizawa

loud: I can't handle this anymore


chikuwa: Midoriya just woke up and went back to the dorms

chikuwa: Aizawa should wake up soon


notr18: I'm going to town to get some stuff


powpow: can you get some snacks the pantry is empty


notr18: ugh ok


powpow: thank you


pegleg: I'll come with you if you need help


notr18: no it's fine


bulldozer: have you three gotten any sleep


powpow: I don't sleep


pegleg: oh my god


powpow: and the other two obviously haven't slept


loud: I was worried!


notr18: he would want us to not sleep for him


bulldozer: that's a terrible excuse


notr18: …

notr18: well it doesn't matter it's a new day


chikuwa: it will matter and you'll feel the effects


notr18: ugh whatever

notr18: I'll be back in a few hours don't do anything stupid without me


loud: can't promise it


powpow: you guys really need Aizawa around don't you


loud: yes

loud: he is the voice of reason


pegleg: now I understand why he's tired all the time


justarat: Please get some rest. We will have a meeting once Aizawa wakes up and I want everyone to be in top shape.


powpow: wait

powpow: Sports Festival!!!!!


pegleg: god no


powpow: what?

powpow: you don't like the festival?


pegleg: I don't like how excited you get


RocknRoll: didn't he jump off the roof last year


powpow: …


pegleg: WHY did you think that was a good idea


powpow: …

powpow: look ok


pegleg: no don't

pegleg: you don't have a good enough excuse


chikuwa: I had to heal you for a week!

chikuwa: If you do anything like that again I will throw you out of this school during the Sports Festival season.


bulldozer: are we in charge of setting up booths again


justarat: That will be covered during the meeting.


spacespacebaby: please don't put me in charge of the sweets booth again


RocknRoll: were the children bullying you?


spacespacebaby: no


notr18: I'll fight the children


spacespacebaby: please don't


notr18: I won't stand anyone bullying you


spacespacebaby: I'm not being bullied…


notr18: I will crush them

notr18: that is a threat and a promise


powpow: just go back to shopping


notr18: I'm on the bus I have some time to kill


loud: If anyone harms Thirteen I will end them

loud: they're too precious


spacespacebaby: I once scared you by having Aizawa put red eyebrows on my helmet


loud: we Do NoT hAvE tO TaLK abOuT tHaT


notr18: I have a video


loud: no


notr18: haha look at him.mp4


loud: :(


powpow: they were terrifying to look at though


spacespacebaby: It's a mechanism that Aizawa and I came up with because sometimes people didn't take me seriously


loud: you're all laughing now but wait until they sneak up on you with that


not18: I feel threatened


loud: you should


Bloodking: Aizawa has a delivery.


loud: ???????


chikuwa: Is it his students?


Bloodking: yes

Bloodking: I am trying to sleep tell them to go away


chikuwa: send them to the medical center


Bloodking: I'm too tired for this


loud: I will accept the gift in his place


chikuwa: oh boy


powpow: ??????


chikuwa: Come get the gift Mic.


loud: !!!!!!!!


pegleg: what is it?


loud: they got him a cat!!!!!


powpow: a what


loud: do you not know what a cat is

loud: hold on

loud: cat???????.jpg


notr18: awwww


powpow: no I know what a cat is but aren't animals not allowed

powpow: what are we going to do with a cat?


notr18: keep it!!!


powpow: that is beside the point


loud: do you not like cats


powpow: well…

powpow: I do but


notr18: no buts!


powpow: Nezu?


justarat: I think he deserves it honestly.


loud: Keep the cat!!!!


powpow: but we can't have animals…


pegleg: we have Inui it's the same thing


powpow: no it's not he's sentient


notr18: are you saying this cat is not sentient


powpow: no…

powpow: I just…


RocknRoll: you should just give up I don't see you winning this


powpow: …




notr18: what happened to sleeping


Bloodking: They want to keep their dog that they're illegally owning.


justarat: We may have to update our animal policy.

justarat: I feel that I've been a little unfair especially because I am an animal just like them.


Bloodking: fine then I'll go back to sleep


loud: Aizawa is awake!


pegleg: the power of cats


loud: he just saw the cat

loud: he's crying omg


notr18: nooooooo

notr18: why while I'm away


loud: look at them.jpg


powpow: awww


loud: you going back on the cat thing


powpow: I guess


loud: come over it's a party!!!!


chikuwa: no


loud: ok no more party I've been kicked out


pegleg: the power of Shuuzenji


notr18: wow I felt that no from over here


goaway: they got me a cat


loud: are you still crying


goaway: …

goaway: no


notr18: what are you going to name it


goaway: I don't know what gender it is


spacespacebaby: coughgenderisasocialconstructcough


goaway: what?


spacespacebaby: what?


notr18: well it's a black cat

notr18: what about Midnight


goaway: no


notr18: fair


loud: how about Jellybean


goaway: why


loud: cute name


goaway:  no


spacespacebaby: space


goaway: no


powpow: kitten


goaway: what no


pegleg: your naming skills are too bad


powpow: :(


chikuwa: Korokke


goaway: hm 

goaway: maybe


pegleg: a food?


chikuwa: I name things based on food


powpow: now you're username makes sense


RocknRoll: I say we use that name temporarily until we can come up with a better one


goaway: I'm fine with that


loud: what's wrong with Jellybean?


goaway: everything


justarat: Aizawa are you okay?


goaway: yeah

goaway: just covered in bandages


justarat: We are going to have a meeting about the Sports Festival.


goaway:  ok


chikuwa: not yet he needs to rest


justarat: Okay. Just let me know when. It's almost the date and we need to figure everything out.


notr18: can we just do it over text?


justarat: huh?


notr18: it's easiest


justarat: I guess so

justarat: but I will need to get ready


notr18: I'm busy now anyway so another time


loud: k

Chapter Text

kerokero: how did it go


Deku: He loved it!!!!!


pinkqueen: and now do we get to keep the dog


Deku: we have to wait on that


nowyouseeme: guys??????


pikapika: huh


nowyouseeme: the Sport's Festival?????


tapedispenser: uh oh


pinkqueen: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck


explosionmurder: did you guys seriously forget about the Sports Festival


pikapika: no


pinkqueen: why would you say that


explosionmurder: you guys are pathetic

explosionmurderL you know there's a giant ass calender in the common room right


tapedispenser: calendars are for chumps


hardboi: what sporf estival


pinkqueen: what


sleepy: ignore him

sleepy: I accidentally gave him too much medicine


explosionmurder: you WHAT


sleep: I misread the label


explosionmurder: why the HELL were you giving him medicine


Deku: wait I can explain


explosionmurder: of course you're in on it too


Deku: Shinso and I were studying in my room and Kirishima barged in

Deku: he had a high fever and was really out of it


sleepy: so I gave him some medicine


explosionmurder: and you gave him the wrong amount?????

explosionmurder: fuckin fight me you twig


hardboi: im a twink


pinkqueen: no you're not honey


nowyouseeme: I bet he would top Kami


pikapika: what is this slander


Deku: Kacchan, Shinso has some serious muscles he's not really a twig


explosionmurder: doesn't matter I'll pound him to dust


sleepy: naivety will get you nowhere


explosionmurder: shut up Socrates I'll kick your ass


sleepy: you underestimate me


Deku: wait please don't


floatmaboat: not to intrude or anything but Deku you would totally fight Bakugo if given the chance I don't think you're allowed to stop them


Deku: fair


harboi: wait I top??


pinkqueen: uhhhhhh


tapedispenser: hell yeah you do


hardboi: i like top bunk


pinkqueen: ok someone needs to put him to bed

pinkqueen: I'll go


pikapika: our sunshine boy needs sleep


nowyouseeme: I'll bring a cooling pad for his forehead


tapedispenser: I'll bring some water


hardboi: sleepover!


pinkqueen: no we don't want to get sick


hardboi: aw

harboi: what about Bakugo


pikapika: I think he's going to fight Shinsou


hardboi: but Shinsoo gave me juice


explosionmurder: WHAT

explosionmurder: how much did you give him


sleepy: uh


Deku: …

Deku: bye


sleepy: wait no


Deku: BYE


sleepy: WAIT NO


explosionmurder: one of you fucks answer me or I kill you both


Deku: ok Shinso have fun


sleepy: …


explosionmurder: spill


sleepy: so I gave him the liquid stuff right


explosionmurder: go on


sleepy: and I opened the cap

sleepy: and he

sleepy: …

sleepy: tookthebottlefrommeandtookaswigofitbeforeMidoriyaandIcouldstophim


explosionmurder: …


Deku: oh no


floatmaboat: oh shit


explosionmurder: say that but slower this time


sleep: do I have to


explosionmurder: if you value your life


sleepy: I feel like you're going to kill me anyway


explosionmurder: true

explosionmurder: but I want everyone to know that I have a VERY valid reason


sleepy: …

sleepy: Kirishima took the bottle from me and took a swig of it before Midoriya and I could stop him


kerokero: run Shinso!!


sleepy: I'm going to fight him


Momo: Please go outside.


sleepy: yes ma'am


Deku: I can feel Kacchan's anger from here


pikapika: rip Shinsou


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: wait Kirishima's gay?


pinkqueen: is that really what you got out of all of this


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: Bakugo always fights people it's nothing new


pinkqueen: true

pinkqueen: and also do you think I got anything from his rambling?


tapedispenser: we can ask him later when he wakes up


Deku: how is he?


pinkqueen: sleeping


pikapika: hopefully he doesn't get negative side effects from drinking all that medicine


nowyouseeme: how did he even do that I hate the liquid stuff

nowyouseeme: he even called it juice


pinkqueen: ew


pikapika: at least we have evidence

pikapika: now we can mock him for the rest of his life


tapedispenser: if he doesnt die


pinkqueen: he won't die

pinkqueen: he has a strong stomach


tapedispenser: is that part of his quirk


pikapika: I've witnessed him eating a shoe


floatmaboat: what?


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: was he high on medication


pikapika: no he was his normal self


pinkqueen: I swear sometimes he acts like a stoner without actually taking any drugs


tapedispenser: sometimes?


pinkqueen: most of the time he's a ball of sunshine


pikapika: well if he's the sun then he's high off of all the helium up there


pinkqueen: …


tapedispenser: …


nowyouseeme: …


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: what?


pikapika: helium is the most abundant element on the sun

pikapika: and if you inhale too much you can get high off of it

pikapika: well not actually high but it's a lack of oxygen


pinkqueen: why do you know this


tapedispenser: and why do you not know information that we actually need in class


pikapika: its not important


Deku: not important?


pinkqueen: that fun fact is not important


pikapika: rude

pikapika: you guys are just jealous that I know that and you don't


pinkqueen: not really


emobird: they're done fighting


Deku: oh hey!

Deku: are you on the roof again


emobird: yes


pinkqueen: who won


emobird: take a guess


Deku: Shinso


pikapika: Shinsou


pinkqueen: Shinso


nowyouseeme: shinso


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: Shinsou


tapedispenser: you guys are mean

tapedispenser: I'm putting my vote on Bakugo even though I know he lost


explosionmurder: fuck you guys


sleepy: it's too easy


explosionmurder: fuck you too


sleepy: he gets riled too easily

sleepy: easy to take advantage of


explosionmurder: i'm going to sleep


pinkqueen: Sato!!!


sweettooth: yes?


pinkqueen: celebratory cake!!!


tapedispenser: you just want an exuse to eat cake


pinkqueen: of course

pinkqueen: but I think it's for a valid reason


pikapika: I second the call


pinkqueen: we'll save a piece for Bakugo and Krishima


explosionmurder: fuck you I don't want any


pinkqueen: okkkkk ;)


nowyouseeme: should we make a coming out cake for Kirishima?


tapedispenser: but did he come out?


pinkqueen: I think he just correlated twig and twink in his head

pinkqueen: then he started talking about bunk beds


pikapika: …


pinkqueen: can you even make a rainbow cake Sato?


sweettooth: I made one for my sister when she came out


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: why don't we wait until we ask Kiri first


pinkqueen: good idea!


emobird: …


tapedispenser: cake eating competition!


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: no


Momo: Please do not. I don't want anyone else feeling sick.


tapedispenser: anything for you Momo <3


Momo: Oh! Thank you.


tapedispenser: I can feel the glare

tapedispenser: I uh-

tapedispenser: I didn't mean it in a romantic way


Momo: Oh! No worries. I do like men anyway.


pinkqueen: !!!!!

pinkqueen: Sato!!!!


nowyouseeme: the rainbow cake is on!!!!!!


sweettooth: already on it


Momo: Oh?

Momo: I did not think this was a big deal.


pinkqueen: of course it's a big deal!!!

pinkqueen: we get cake!!!!!!


nowyouseeme: rainbow cake!!!!!!


pinkqueen: !!!!!!


nowyouseeme: !!!!!!


Deku: Congratulations, Momo.


Momo: Please. There is no need to flatter me. I've been comfortable identifying this way and my parents were very supportive. They told me that it was okay for someone to be this way.


pinkqueen: what do you identify as?


Momo: Lebian.


pinkqueen: well now we celebrate two things!

pinkqueen: that means more cake!!!!


Momo: Please don't overindulge for my sake.


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: congrats Momo


Momo: Thank you!


canyoufeelmyheartbeat: …


pinkqueen: come downstairs to make and eat cake!!!!!


floatmaboat: on it

floatmaboat: also congrats


Deku: well it's almost Pride month

Deku: we have to have a proper celebration for Momo and…

Deku: uh

Deku: just Momo


glimmer: and me~


Deku: and Aoyama


floatmaboat: really the one time you join the chat and it's about gay


glimmer: it's always about gay with me honey

glimmer: that's how I work


floatmaboat: ok but honestly?

floatmaboat: fair


pinkqueen: cakes are ready!

pinkqueen: hurry your butts down before I eat all of it


floatmaboat: coming!


glimmer: I want some of that cake