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what a tragedy

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One class, all together in stupidity
In fair U.A., where we lay our scene
Where romantic tensions lay,
Causing other students to sigh in dismay
From forth these tensions, lies two boys,
A pair so oblivious to another’s feelings
A pair who’re somewhat similar,
To the infamous star-crossed lovers,
With one boy’s father despising the other
And whose romance would only infuriate the man more,
Is now the multi-chapter traffic of this stage–
To which of you with careful eyes attend,
Probably praying for this romantic tension to end.



“The Cultural Festival is coming up,” Aizawa deadpanned, “You guys need to figure out what to do.”

Damn near everyone cheered at the announcement, meaning they’d get some sort of break from their insane studies--U.A. was one of the most prestigious schools in the country, and the curriculum was ruthless, so the students appreciated any sort of distraction.

“We should do a maid cafe!” Mineta suggested, drooling at the thought of the girls in maids outfits. He was promptly slapped by Tsuyu; the only other person alright with that idea being Kaminari.

“A play!” Aoyama suggested, throwing his hands in a dramatic pose, “My sparkles would look marvelous on stage!”

This suggestion was better received, which made Aoyama preen.

“Oh yeah! That could be fun!” Ochako chirped, looking at Deku besides her, “Don’t you agree?”

Deku was never one for theatre, but he could appreciate the amount of work put into stage productions. Almost everyone else was hyped by the idea, and seeing how he had no other opinion, he agreed.

“It could be.” The response brought a smile to the girl’s face, and Deku couldn’t help but smile back. There was a reason he had a crush on her during first year. But now his eyes drifted over to the person that held his affections now…

Todoroki looked bored, but Deku could tell from the way his lips went upwards just the tiniest bit and from the way his eyes crinkled that he was amused by everyone else. It didn’t look like much, but it was progress that made Deku proud. Especially considering how they first interactions went during their first year.

“I know you’re planning on becoming a police officer. And you know my father,” Todoroki stated, standing in the opposite of the hallway. His voice matched his eyes, cold and steady. “Even now...He wants to make sure I surpass your father and you. Remember that, Midoriya.”

He was anything but steady though, Deku had quickly learned. He didn’t want to dive deeply into that right now though, it would only make his heart break again, so he simply kept his attention on how pretty Todoroki’s hair looked this early in the morning. Well, it always looked pretty, but right now it was still freshly brushed and the lighting–

“Deku, are you mentally going off about how pretty Todoroki is again?” Ochako cooed, a smug grin growing on her features as Deku’s face turned bright red. He moved his arms in a funny position to cover his face, sputtering out excuses.

“W-well, how could you not? I mean-I-I can’t go off about that out loud! Remember the time he nearly caught me doing that? That was horrific! I’m not taking that risk again! Nope! That w-would be embarrassing!”

“Oh my god, could you shut the fuck up?” Bakugou looked back, glaring at the two for a short second before his eyes went to Ochako, “When the fuck did you get over here?”

“Kacchan! Be nice to her!” Deku scolded, getting nothing but an eye-roll. His relationship with Katsuki was an odd one, at least to other people. He had grown up with the boy, their moms being best friends since forever. It was impossible not to see each other, no matter how much Katsuki attempted to separate himself from Deku when they were younger; heck, he was even the reason behind the Deku nickname. But eventually, he accepted fate, and the two developed a weird brotherly-kind of relationship.

It seemed the second Deku took his eyes off Todoroki, the bi-colored boy looked his way. He couldn’t catch what three were saying, though he could assume it went along the lines of teasing and exasperation.

Todoroki was a little jealous, he wouldn’t lie. Even if he and Deku were good friends now, Ochako was still his best friend and Katsuki was his childhood friend. Speaking of best and childhood friends…

Momo looked at him, knowing exactly who he was staring at.

“Your pining is painful to watch, I hope you know that.”

“I do, you tell me every day.”

Momo sighed, looking over at Tokoyami, the other boy only shaking his head. Those two suffered the most of Todoroki’s pining, and every day they gently urged him to go and ask Midoriya out. But, to no avail.

They had to help the poor sap out before he dies without telling Deku, or vice versa, because those two were so fucking obvious it was actually painful.

A light bulb went over Momo’s head, and with a soft smile, she stood up and leaned over to Tokoyami, whispering something in his ear. Todoroki squinted at the two of them, not trusting whatever it was they were discussing. Finally, Tokoyami raised his voice, “If we were to do a play, what play would we perform?”

The room went quiet. One, because Tokoyami actually talked, and two, because he brought up a very good question.

“How about Romeo and Juliet?” Momo suggested, “We read that for English, so we’re all familiar with the play.”

“Ooh, that could be cool!” Tooru cheered, both Mina and Ochako following alongside her.

Bakugou couldn’t agree, “The play idea is already bad, don’t make it worse by picking that shitty ass play to do!”

“Shut up! We all know you enjoyed it,” Sero snickered, ignoring the slew of slurs that came his way. Iida yelled at them both before looking over at Momo. “You’re right, I think it’s better to pick a play we’re already familiar with! Does anyone else have any objection besides Bakugou?”

“Anything works,” Denki agreed, and that seemed to be the thought everyone else had.

“Perfect! Now let’s go about deciding the roles,” Momo made her way to the front, grabbing a marker and beginning to write everyone’s name and the characters on the board. “Since I doubt any of us want to go through auditions, how about we do the ladder game?”

That only made Todoroki’s suspicions worse: he knew damn well that she’d sit through auditions to make sure the right parts were handed out. He didn’t say anything though, wanting to see through this before making a wild accusation.

Big mistake.

They all watch as Momo constructs the ladders, choosing everyone’s roles. Denki and Sero were Sampson and Gregory; Mina was Abram; Kouda was Peter; Satou was Balthasar; Shouji was Prince Escalus; Momo was Friar Lawrence; Kirishima was Benvolio; Aoyama was Paris; Tooru and Oijiro were Lord and Lady Montague; Tsuyu and Iida were Lord and Lady Capulet; Tokoyami was Mercutio; Jirou was The Chorus; and Ochako was The Nurse.

Now there were only three roles left, and Deku was sweating.

“Now it seems Tybalt will be…” Momo said while finishing the ladder, making sure to avoid Todoroki’s or Midoriya’s name. “Bakugou!”

“What!?” Katsuki exclaimed, pissed to be stuck with a speaking role, even though it was better than the other two options. “Grape-Juice can take that role! I don’t wanna do it!”

“You’re a rather fitting Tybalt, though,” Tsuyu commented, “More so than Mineta.”

Now Deku was sweating even more, and Todoroki was fully aware of Momo’s plans now.

That little shit.

“Now, for our two main leads!” Momo cheered, some of the others cheering alongside her.

“Mineta still didn’t have a role,” Deku muttered to himself, though he had a feeling Momo wouldn’t allow the little shit to be Romeo even if the ladder game was supposed to be a game of chance.

Momo began drawing the ladder for Romeo, and sure enough, it landed on Todoroki’s.

“Our Romeo shall be Todoroki!” She announced, looking right back at the boy as she did so. He was still squinting at her, wordlessly telling her to not to do what he believed she was gonna do.

Momo smiled at him, seemingly sweet, but Todoroki knew that was a tired, smug smile.

Fuck him gently with a chainsaw.

She turned back to the board, drawing the final ladder for Juliet.

“And now for our starlet!”

Mina started drumming on her table, which stirred others to join along, drawing the tension of who would take the final role. Ochako joined along in this, sending a smile to Deku, only to see him nervously chewing on his fingernails and muttering at a rapid pace.

She had suspicions that Momo was doing some of these on purpose, and she honestly wished she was. If she had to see another year of those two pining over one another, she was certain she’d yeet herself into the sun. They should at least be gross and lovey-dovey together, it was just sad seeing them be all that on their own.

Momo’s declaration set a stepping stone for that.

“Our Juliet shall be Midoriya!”

Hollers and cheers erupted while Deku’s face exploded into fifty shades of red cause oh my god Todoroki is Romeo and I’m Juliet I am going to dieeeeeee.

Todoroki’s cheeks burned a more subtle pink while he threw a glare at Momo, who was still wearing her smile.

Aizawa watched all of this go down with a sigh because even he was aware of the pining between the two boys and had picked up on Momo’s plan the second she mentioned the ladder game. Now, was he going to be a responsible teacher and insist on doing auditions to better the performance?

No, because he had a bet with Yamada that the two would be together by the end of the year and that cat patterned sleeping bag looked fucking amazing.

“So it’s all settled then? Good, you’ll start working on it tomorrow.” He announced just as the bell rang, dismissing them all from homeroom and setting everything in stone.

Midoriya Izuku was going to die before he even turned seventeen. 

Todoroki Shouto was going to shove Momo into a freezer. 

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“Izuku? Izuku!”

“My boy!”

Deku blinked, returning his parents’ concerned looks with a sheepish one of his own, “Oh...I’m sorry guys! I’m just spacing out.”

“We can see that,” Inko hummed, furrowing her brows, “Something wrong?”

Deku’s cheeks flushed because yes, something was wrong but did he really want to talk about that with his parents? No. Don’t get him wrong, they’re great, but does anyone want their parents giggling at their love life, or lack of? Not really.

Toshinori noticed the change of color, growing a teasing smile, “Ah, does it have something to do with young Shouto?”

It seems he was spot on because Deku’s blush only got worse as he squeaked out a, “Maybe!”

Inko’s worry dissolved, a smile coming across her features. She was rather fond of Shouto, despite his father’s bitter attitude towards her husband. She thought he was a nice boy and that he could treat her son well. Of course, that still wouldn’t stop her from interrogating him the second she had the chance, just to make sure her assessment was correct.

“Oh, did you two finally get together? That’s amazing!” She cheered, clasping her hands together. Inko tilted her head when Deku stuttered, “N-no...It’s, uh…”

“It’s what?” Toshinori pressed, sparing his wife a short glance before returning to his son.

“Well…” He’s screwed, Deku’s accepted that. He sighs, thinking it’s better to tell them now than later. He’d probably have to stay late at school to work on it anyways. “For the Cultural Festival, our class is doing a play, and they decided on Romeo and Juliet...AndTodorokigotRomeoandIgotJuliet–” He rushed the final part, his face turning redder than Todoroki’s hair. Deku had also looked away from his parents at some point, staring down into his lap.

Ah, that explained quite a bit.

“Oh, my,” Inko murmured, though her smile did not disappear. It seems this play might be what the two boys need to finally end up together, and from the glance Toshinori gave her, he made that conclusion as well. “Well, maybe this will be a good thing.”

“Yes, this could work in your favor, my boy,” Toshinori added, chuckling when Deku let out an embarrassed whine. They completed dinner in silence, Inko cleaning up afterward and Toshinori being called into work. Being Chief of Police was a demanding job, but Toshinori did it well. It was in this line of work that he met Inko, and though he didn’t wish to meet her in the way he did, he can say it worked out all in the end.

Deku had stayed in the dining room, now working on homework. He was nearly done with his English work when the door busted open, revealing a familiar blonde.

“Aunty! Deku!” Bakugou called out, tearing his shoes off and slipping on his pair of house-shoes because yes he was here that often to the point of needing his own pair.

“Hello, Katsuki!” Inko called from the kitchen, sticking her hand out to wave at him, though her face wasn’t fully visible.

“Hey, Kacchan,” Deku greeted back. Katsuki squinted at him, noting Deku’s quiet tone but not yet commenting on it. Instead, he simply sat in the chair across from Deku, placing his backpack on the table. He came often to work on homework, saying that, “He was one of the only few people he could tolerate while working,” even though he still helped Kirishima and the others regularly with their studies.

Though instead of pulling out work, Bakugou asked, “Are you still worked up on the festival crap?”

Deku silently nodded. That didn’t sit well with Bakugou either.

“I could force Ponytail into switching your role.” He suggested, getting a huff out of Deku. Now they were heading somewhere.

“No, no, you don’t have to.” Deku replied, his muttering returning in full force, “It’s just everyone is saying this could be a good way for me to finally confess to Todoroki. But what if he doesn’t like me that way and I’m just making a fool of myself? What if this breaks our friendship? I’ve gotten so close to him, I don’t want to wreck it or cause strain by bringing my emotions into this–”

“Look, Deku, I may not be a fucking love guru, but I can see the obvious heart-eyes Half n’ Half throws your way.” Bakugou interrupted, his hard red eyes meeting with Deku’s green. “You ain’t gotta worry about him not returning your feelings, he’ll jump your bones the second he gets the chance.”

Deku’s face just wasn’t gonna stay regular color today, huh?

“Kacchan! Don’t joke about that…” Deku pressed his two pointer fingers together, face shrouded in doubt. Todoroki wouldn’t really like him, would he? Todoroki is so smart and cool and kind and Deku is just...Deku.

Bakugou sucked his teeth at the sight, “I wouldn’t joke about that kind of shit, you fucking nerd! I’m being serious! Watch, by the end of this shitty ass play, the two of you will be all over one another.”

“Really?” Deku questioned, sounding a little too desperate for Bakugou’s liking, “I still don’t know, Kacchan.”

Bakugou groaned, taking the closest item to him – one of Deku’s pencils – and chucking it at the green-haired teen. “Yes, really!”

Deku dodged the pencil, a skill one must learn when friends with Katsuki. His head whipped to the side, eyes following the pencil as it landed on the ground. Feeling a random bout of boldness, he looks back at the blonde, takes his thumb, and bites it directly at him.

Bakugou, immediately getting the reference, glares at him, “Are you biting your thumb at me, nerd?”

“I do bite my thumb, but not at you.” Deku snickered, quickly moving out of the way as Bakugou lunged his backpack at his childhood friend.

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Todoroki watched as Bakugou and Kirishima exchanged lines, waiting till he was supposed to come in and speak. Aizawa wasn’t kidding when he said they’d start the next day, with copies of the play all on their desks when they walked in. After settling their stuff down, they immediately went to the school auditorium to work.

“I do but keep the peace. Put up thy sword, or manage it to part these men with me.” Kirishima recited, actually managing to keep a serious expression. Just as much as Bakugou was a good fit for Tybalt, he was a good fit for Benvolio. The two of them being in opposite sides was rather amusing, and the rest of the class was having too much fun with it.

Bakugou rolled his eyes, but went along with his lines, “What, drawn, and talk of peace? I hate the word, as I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee. Have at thee, coward!”

They didn’t have props in yet, so they simply moved their arms around pretending to have props. It looked pretty ridiculous, the rest of the class letting out chuckles at the scene, though Todoroki didn’t turn till he heard Deku’s giggles, because of course that’s all his gay ass is gonna care about.

It seems the scene was making Deku relax, which made himself relax. He’s looked like a nervous wreck since he walked in, obviously thinking over something. Probably this whole mess of a thing, Todoroki concluded earlier. He had yet to actually talk to Midoriya about the situation they’re in, and if he didn’t have be in this scene, he’d go and ask now.

Todoroki’s heart dropped when he saw Deku look to him, his green eyes widening, nervousness returning to his features. Fuck, he got caught staring. Fuckfuckfuck – Ojiro tapped his shoulder, signaling that he had to start talking. Had the scene progressed that quickly? Damn.

But for once, he was grateful for a reason to look away from Midoriya.

Kirishima was wearing a now concerned expression, one Todoroki couldn’t tell was fake or not, greeting him with, “Good morrow, cousin.”

“Is the day so young?” Todoroki read off, sounding more exasperated than depressed.

Kirishima pursed his lips a little, looking over at Todoroki with analytical eyes. “But new struck nine.”

“Ay me,” Todoroki deadpanned, looking off to the side where Ojiro left, “Sad hours seem long. Was that my father that went hence so fast?”

Kirishima could tell the other boy was tense, but he couldn’t address it bluntly, so we just went with the script, which thankfully worked in his favor. He stepped towards Todoroki, slugging an arm around his shoulder while he read the next line, “It was. What sadness lengthens Romeo’s hours?”

Was he really acting at this point? Kirishima seemed...genuinely worried. Todoroki continued, unconsciously letting the lines hit harder than intended, “Not having that which, having, makes them short.”

Kirishima shot him a small, knowing smirk, which definitely shouldn’t befitting of this scene but for some goddamn reason, it was, damn you Kirishima Eijirou. It was then he pointed his eyes towards Deku’s direction, asking, “In love?”

Todoroki choked, cheeks turning pink. He knew that wasn’t just from the script, that was a real question, and that led to him having questions of his own. Was he in love with Deku? He knew he really really liked Deku, but love? That was a scary word...but with Deku, it seemed possible.

This was not the best place to realize you’re in love with someone, yet here he was. A weird weight had come off his shoulders upon realizing that, yeah, my bitchass is so hopelessly in love with Deku. And he knew that now there were bigger consequences, ones that don’t follow a simple crush, but he honestly didn’t mind having his heart broken by Deku.

If it had to be anyone, he’d want it to be him.

Somehow, he managed to get through with the rest of the scene without combusting on himself. They were in the next one as well, but not till later on. Kirishima and Todoroki went to sit off to the side, but as they walked, Kirishima leaned into him again. He expected something encouraging and gentle, as this was Kirishima after all. But instead, he whispered, “You won’t talk to Deku after class, no balls.”


Did he just...Did he just use no balls on me?

Expected of Denki and Sero, shit, even Mina, but Kirishima? What the fuck. Todoroki wished he was still oblivious to slang like he was during their first year so he could feign ignorance, but sadly, he knew damn well what it meant.

So he decided to roll with it. He did want to talk to Deku, anyways.

“Bet,” Todoroki whispered back. Kirishima grew a sharp grin, giving him a pat on the back before settling down in a plastic chair just behind the side curtains. They sat quietly till they had to return to center stage, barely finishing the scene before the bell rang.

Deku sprang up from his seat, though before he could get very far Todoroki reached out to him, “Midoriya, can we talk for a minute?”

Deku blinked, ignoring both the flush he felt rise to his cheeks and Ochako’s suggestive eyebrow wiggle. What would Todoroki want to talk about? About ten million suggestions raise to his head, and he was surprised he didn’t start muttering them.

“Oh, sure!” He replied, proud of himself for not stuttering.

They stayed behind, waiting for everyone else to file out. Momo and Ochako gave the two expecting looks, while Tokoyami merely raised his brows at the two. Bakugou and Kirishima were the last to leave, with Kirishima grinning at Todoroki and Bakugou squinting at him.

Todoroki had a feeling the blonde was gonna grill his ass whenever the opportunity arose.

When the door closed again Deku drawled out, “Sooo...What did you want to talk about?”

“Ah, well,” Todoroki began, praying his love crisis didn’t affect his typical bluntness, “I wanted to ask how you felt about the whole predicament, with you and I being Romeo and Juliet. I didn’t get the chance yesterday, and I felt it better to ask you in person instead of text…”

Deku’s cheeks darkened, heart melting cause awe shoot wait he was concerned for me? The words Bakugou said last night also decided to make an appearance in his thoughts, causing just a little bit of hope to bubble into his chest before his self-deprecating ass crushed it with the assumption that Todoroki is asking cause he’s a concerned friend.

That godforsaken “f” word. Friend.

“O-oh! It’s a little embarrassing, not gonna lie, but other than that I’m alright with it! I-I enjoy working with you, Todoroki, more so than other people I’ll admit, so I’m glad you’re Romeo! I mean, I could be Juliet with Mineta as Romeo, and that would just be a disaster–” He squeaked, slapping his hands over his mouth, “I’m rambling again, aren’t I?”

Todoroki bared him a tender smile that made Deku’s heart stop. If only Deku would realize those sweet smiles were reserved for him and him only.

“It’s alright,” Todoroki replied, and it was because one, he found the mumbling to be endearing and two, it relieved him of the worry that maybe Midoriya was hating this.

“Is it?” Deku asked, moving his hands, now scratching his cheek, “Not just my muttering, but with our roles? You looked a little uncomfortable on stage, at least when you first got on there.”

Of course, he’d catch onto that.

“I think that’s just because I’ve never done something like this before.” Todoroki responded smoothly, “But I got over it. I enjoy working with you too, Midoriya, and I’m glad that out of all people, you’re Juliet. I mean, I could have Bakugou as Juliet, and that would be an actual disaster, now wouldn’t it?”

Deku’s shoulders shook when he laughed because that really would be a catastrophe, “Oof! Yes, yes that would be,” he huffed, still smiling, “If he’s Juliet, then I’m Tybalt.”

Todoroki chuckled, “Now that’s something I’d pay to see.”

They both laughed again before falling into silence, neither of them knowing what else to say. Well, that was a lie, Todoroki wanted to ask if Deku would go out with him, but did he really have the balls to do that?

“Hey, Midoriya…”

Deku looked up at him, tilting his head a little like the cute ass puppy he was, “Yeah?”

“...Do you want to practice lines together with me sometime?”

No, no he did not have the balls to do that.

Deku felt a pang of disappointment, but he didn’t know why, because usually, the prospect of spending more time with Todoroki excited him. He shoved it down and chirped, “Oh, yes, of course! That would make sense, wouldn’t it? We are the two main characters, after all!”

Todoroki wanted to bitch-slap himself for being a pussy, but sucked it up and marveled in the fact that Deku agreed, “Good, would you want to start today then? Since our scenes together start tomorrow. Unless you’re busy, then we can pick another day.”

“No no, today is good! You wanna come over to my house, or somewhere else?” Deku would hope that Todoroki wouldn’t suggest his own house, though he doubted he would. There was no way in hell that he’d want Enji catching him doing this, or with Midoriya, of all people.

“Your house is alright,” Todoroki said, shifting his feet, ready to get going, “Shall we get going then?”

Deku nodded, beginning to head towards the door, “Yeah, let’s!”

His afternoon certainly just got more interesting. Hopefully, his parents wouldn’t bring out baby photos or ask when the wedding was.

Chapter Text

Todoroki followed Deku through the front door, murmuring, “Pardon the intrusion,” and slipping off his shoes.

Deku slipped off his own, calling out to his mother, “I’m home! Todoroki is with me, too!”

Todoroki’s brows raised when he saw how fast Inko hurried in, wearing a smile. He remembers when they first met, how he marveled at how much Midoriya took after his mother, from his looks to his personality.

“Todoroki-kun! It’s so good to see you,” Inko greeted, giving her son an amused look before returning to him, “Would you like anything to drink? Eat?”

He gave her a slight bow, and even though he didn’t want either, he felt bad denying her.

“Sure, Yagi-san, thank you,” He replied with a nod. Deku watched, momentarily forgetting the look his mother gave. Todoroki always agreed to his mother’s antics when he was over, and it amused him. In fact, he found it rather adorable–

Woah there, gay thoughts, you need to go bye-bye. Well, technically, bi thoughts, but whatever.

Deku lightly shook his head then took Todoroki’s wrist, leading him to his bedroom.

“We’re gonna practice our lines for the play in my room,” He regretted those words the second they came out because the look his mother gave him was all too delighted.

“Ooh, which scene are you gonna practice? Their meeting? Balcony scene? Or the wedding one? Oh! Or the wedding night!”

Both boys turned into fifty shades of red at the last suggestion, very inappropriate images coming to mind and oh lord Inko what have you done, these are two pent-up pining teenage boys.

Mother!” Deku screeched, wishing a hole would appear below him and he’d sink in cause Jesus, y’know it’s bad when your own mother wants you to get laid, “Th-That s-scene isn't shown in the play!”

He practically dragged Todoroki into his room, slamming the door shut the chance he got. Deku began spitting apologies so fast that Shouto was certain his head would spin if it wasn’t attached to his shoulders.

“I’m so sorry about that! I know I may be making this way too big of a deal but oof that was just–”


“Where did she get that from? I mean, it’s alluded that they do it but it isn’t shown!”


“Oh god, I am making this way too big, aren’t I? I need to drop it! I’m sorry!”


Well, that promptly shut him up due to shock. Todoroki had always addressed him as Midoriya, not even Deku, so for him to call him Izuku was...kind of a turn-on–no, no, stop it.

Todoroki was surprised at himself, forcing the weird pleasure he got from that down because he still didn’t have the idea of a wedding night scene out of his head. When he was certain he wouldn’t spit out anything embarrassing, he spoke, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have–”

“Wait, no,” Izuku interrupted, shifting his hand from Todoroki’s wrist to his palm, holding it up, “Don’t be, I’m alright with you calling me by my first name.”

Oh god, his hands feel nice, Todoroki thought, though he refused to look at them, instead asking, “You sure?”

Izuku smiled, letting out a little chuckle because he realized just how much apologizing and asking for reassurance they’ve done, “Yeah.”

“Then call me Shouto,” Shouto added, and it was then that he noticed Izuku hadn’t realized they were basically holding hands. (Well, not quite, but still.) He decided to use this to his advantage. He let his bag drop to the floor and his fingers clasp over Izuku’s hand. His free hand moved to caress Izuku’s cheek. Izuku’s face darkened and he sputtered, but he didn’t say anything. He just watched him intently, waiting for his next move.

Shouto was gonna have to pat himself on the back for being able to pull these lines out of his ass, “If I profane with my unworthiest hand, this holy shrine, the gentle sin is this: My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand, to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.”

Izuku blinked, feeling the words hit harder than they’re supposed to, Is he just reciting lines? Or is this...f-f-flirting? No way. He thought to himself, once again glad he didn’t voice that. He wasn’t sure which it was, so he just went with it to see where it went.

He dropped his own bag, landing right next to Shouto’s, then spoke, “G-Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much,” The lines, even if stuttered a bit, came naturally to him. It seems even fate and his subconscious wanted him to get laid, “Which mannerly devotion shows in this, for saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch, and palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss.”

Shouto’s eyes widened a little when Izuku began reciting his own lines. Not gonna lie, he expected him to pull away and get the book out, but here he was, also pulling the lines out of his ass. Well shit, now I really can’t mess up.

“Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?” His eyes went to Izuku’s lips. He always thought they looked so unfairly kissable, being all cute and pink and shit.

Izuku, for once, caught onto something and noticed the shift in Shouto’s attention. Oh shit, shit, shit, shiiit. Of course, his self-doubt kicked in real quickly, causing him to think, He’s just looking cause we gotta kiss in the play soon, right?

Izuku, you ignorant slut.

“A-Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer,” He replied, surprised his heart has yet to beat itself out of his ribcage.

“O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do. They pray; grant thou, lest faith turn to despair.” Again, his words had a harder impact than Izuku thought they were supposed to. It felt as he was genuinely asking if he could kiss him, in the form of lines, and he was. (Kirishima would be proud, seeing that’s what the redhead pulled on Shouto earlier.)

So, Izuku genuinely responded in the same way, “Saints do not move, though grant for prayers' sake.”

“Then move not, while my prayer’s effect I take.” And this time Shouto didn’t ask if it was alright because he already knew, he caught onto Izuku’s last line. He bent down and pressed his lips to the greenette's, and he was certain the world would explode then and there. His lips were as kissable as they looked, and he felt his self-control fly out the window. 

Izuku had never kissed anyone so he didn’t have any reference, but he would still confidently say Shouto was a good kisser. It felt so nice, and as cheesy as it sounded, like they were two puzzle pieces connecting perfectly to one another. Izuku was certain he’d pull back soon and recite the next line, so he enjoyed it while he could.

But Shouto didn’t stop, if anything, he deepened the kiss, which had Izuku internally freaking out because hold on wait a minute he’s either really into this scene or....really into me? Despite everything, he still couldn’t wrap the idea of Shouto potentially returning his feelings around his head, it had him reeling. 

Shouto, obviously not a fucking mind-reader and being clueless to Izuku’s struggle, took a step forward, pressing his body even closer to Izuku’s. The shorter boy leaned back, shifting on his feet and causing him to trip on their fallen backpacks.

Wow. Just wow.


Izuku’s free hand went to grab at Shouto’s sleeve, causing him to fall back with him. Next thing either of them knew, they had landed on his bed together. Their lips were still pressed, hands still clasped together and Shouto’s other arm now caging Izuku.

This was shit straight outta shoujo manga.

Neither of them had much time to react to their situation because that was also when Inko knocked on the door and began to slowly push it open, “Boys! I brought tea and treats!”

They pulled their heads apart to look at the door, looking like deer caught in headlights. Inko was quick to catch the scene, her expression somehow both smug and shocked at the same time. She let out a dramatic gasp, prompting Izuku to speak, or more accurately, scream, “T-This isn't what it looks like!”

“You are doing the wedding night scene!”

Shouto jumped off Izuku, which gave the greenette the chance to stand up as well. He moved towards Inko, hands out, “Wait, no, Yagi-san–”

“Inko! Izuku!” Toshinori’s voice called, probably from the front door. It took a matter of seconds before the man was next to wife, “What’s up with all the yelling?”

Shouto now understood Tokoyami’s constant wish for death, but he ignored it and spoke before Inko or Izuku could stutter out something and make things even worse, “We were practicing the lines for the play when Izuku accidentally tripped on our bags. He grabbed me, causing us to fall together and land in a...rather compromising position.”

Toshinori’s lips pursed, taking a second before they fell into an ‘o’ shape, finally realizing what he meant. He awkwardly shifted on his feet, looking expectantly to the other two.

Izuku hummed, vigorously nodding his head, “Y-Yeah, and mom walked in right as we fell! So she assumed some other things…”

“Yes! I’m sorry!” Inko chirped, rushing inside the room to place down the tea and snacks she prepared for the two. She then leaned into her son, whispering in his ear, “Do leave your door open, though.”

Now it was time for Izuku to choke, understanding what she meant by that. He only nodded again and watched as his mother went to tug on Toshinori’s arm.

“You’re home early! I have some leftover tea, let’s go drink it,” said Inko. 

Seduced by the prospect of warm tea, Toshinori agreed. Though just when he was about to leave, he quickly turned to Shouto, “Young Todoroki, does your father know you’re here?”

“No,” Shouto answered.

“Good. Now, you two work hard on those lines!”

Shouto didn’t speak again until he could no longer hear Deku’s parents, “So...shall we continue?”

“Ah! Yes!” Izuku didn’t stop Shouto when he took his hand again despite the damage it was doing to his heart, intertwining their fingers together. He returned his other hand to Izuku’s cheek, then recited, “Thus from my lips, by thine, my sin is purged.”

Izuku placed his own hand on top of Shouto’s, deciding to just go ahead and fuck it cause this will surely be the closest he’ll get to receiving these touches from Shouto, right? Despite some things pointing otherwise, there’s no way…

Izuku, you ignorant, ignorant slut.

“Then have my lips the sin that they have took.” Izuku’s tongue darted out to lick his lips, giving them a sheen that should not have Shouto dying, but it did. The bi-colored boy ends up rushing his lines, as desperate as Romeo was, “Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again.”

He pushes his lips to Izuku’s and this kiss was sweet as the first. Again, Deku allows himself to enjoy the kiss, letting out a little sigh once Shouto pulls away for air because he’s as experienced as Izuku and sadly, can’t hold his breath forever.

“You kiss by the book.” Izuku chuckles, leaning his cheek into Shouto’s hand, waiting for him to pull back.

Shouto now had his entire world in the palm of his hand. He couldn’t take it anymore, he had to tell him.

“Izuku, I-”

But of fucking course, another parent has the ruin the moment, because Shouto’s phone begins to buzz. He knows exactly who it is, and he now has another reason to resent the man he calls his father.

“Shouto? Your phone…”

He has never taken a bigger, more dramatic sigh in his life. Shouto reluctantly back away from Izuku, grabbing his phone from his pocket and unlocking it, “Hello?”

“Shouto, where are you?” His father demanded, “You’re supposed to be home by now!”

“I’m not dealing crack behind the school, if that’s what you’re worried about,” Shouto deadpans, not bothering with a decent reply. He’d entered a “rebellious stage” according to his father, though the term made him roll his eyes every time he heard it.

“Don’t talk smack to me, I expect you home soon.”

Shouto was about to retaliate with another smartass comment, but he caught onto the concerned look Izuku gave him and held back.

“Fine. See you soon.”

He hangs up before his father has the chance to say anything else.

“I guess I gotta go,” He muttered, “I’m sorry we didn’t get much done.”

Izuku reached for his upper arm, gently squeezing it, “It’s alright, I’m glad we got to work still.”

And my offer still stands, He thinks, not having to say it aloud because he knows Shouto knows.

“We can get him demoted, get you guys away from him!” Deku is looking at him with those wide eyes, and his heart cracks upon realizing that there are tears in them, “I know you don’t like me, but I can’t stand to hear this, Todoroki. I want to help.”

It was then that Todoroki realized that he did like Deku, liked him in a way he probably shouldn’t.

“No, no, I can handle it. That’s a big thing, Midoriya, and I don’t want to drag you into it, or potentially hurt my mother and siblings even more. But thank you...You just listening to me is enough help.”

“We can always work tomorrow,” Shouto would have a better excuse tomorrow, claiming on helping with the Cultural Festival, which wouldn’t be a lie but there’s no way in hell he’s telling him what they’re doing for the festival. He’d like to avoid that, thank you very much.

Izuku watched Shouto leave with a heavy heart, his fingers tracing his lips when he suddenly realized that Shouto never finished telling him something.

Certainly, he’ll tell tomorrow.

But for now, he’s gonna drink all the tea and snacks his mother brought while trying, and failing, not to think too much about his crush and how he misses his hand on his cheek, or how he wants to throw hands with Enji Todoroki.

Chapter Text

The banquet hall was filled with people, conversing and drinking, enjoying themselves.

That could not be said for Todoroki Shouto.

He really didn’t want to be here, but being the son of the Police Deputy Chief and planning on entering the force after college, it was hard to avoid these sorts of events. His only solace was that Midoriya was there as well.

Despite declaring the boy his rival in the hall, Todoroki couldn’t stop himself from thinking of his green curls, his matching eyes, his freckles, everything about him. Though the one thing Todoroki always went back on was the fact that instead of returning his cold glares, Midoriya simply smiled at him. That smile could put the sun to shame because of how bright it was–

“Shouto!” His father called, promptly drawing him out of his internal monologue of how great Midoriya was and effectively souring his mood even more. He didn’t let that show though, keeping his typical stoic expression.

“What?” He replied, not caring in the slightest about his tone.

His father, on the other hand, did care, “Watch that tone of yours.”

Shouto only blinked at him, signaling for him to continue on with what he wanted because he wasn’t going to apologize. It takes a second for Enji to get the hint and add, “Anyways, I wanted to–”

The DJ decided this would be a perfect time to begin speaking, and Shouto was grateful for that, “Alright! Time to break down this serious air and replace it with something more light-hearted!”

Enji scrunched his face in annoyance when a song came on and scoffed when Toshinori dragged Inko and Izuku out into the dance floor to dance. The two greenettes were flustered, but they went along with his antics and danced, grins on their flushed faces.

“Jesus, why did they ever allow that man to be head chief?” Enji muttered, being the only one displeased by the man’s silly nature. Everyone else, Shouto noted, watched with amusement. They liked that the man could be fun, that he didn’t constantly have a stick up his ass like a certain someone.

His eyes went back to Deku, who was swaying along to the beats of September (an old English song that Kaminari and Sero played at the most inappropriate times) and even though he still looked a little awkward, Todoroki’s sorry ass was still entranced by him. Dang...those hips do not lie.

Todoroki blinked, shaking his head a little. Where the hell did that thought come from?

Oh Todoroki, sweetie… 

Shouto was humming along to that song now and recalling that scene, cringing at himself. God, was he that oblivious to his own crush on the boy?

At the moment, he was walking to the auditorium with Momo and Tokoyami, who were still reeling at the fact that he kissed Izuku and yet here he was, not shining with the honeymoon glow all new couples have because they confessed their love and are now dating. 

“You kissed him, more than once, and still didn’t ask him out?” Momo sighed, sounding like the disappointed mother she was. She was hoping this play set-up would speed up the process between the two boys, but here they are, pulling this shit. If anything, they seemed to be slowing it down.

“I dreamed that I asked him out,” Shouto murmured, which only made his two friends sigh harder, if that was even possible.

“And you know what I dreamed?” Tokoyami said, flaying his hand onto his collar, “That dreamers often lie. They begot of nothing but vain fantasy, which is as thin of substance as the air. You must make this a reality, Todoroki. Be rough with love, prick love for pricking you.”

This dramatic bitch, Todoroki thought, but he never got the voice it because a particular pomeranian spoke first.

“Yo Mercutio, what the fuck are you insinuating Deku and the Polish flag do?” Bakugou hissed, coming up from behind him. Usually, Kirishima or someone else within that group would be accompanying him, but this time he was alone. Which meant…


Now, Shouto wasn’t intimidated by Bakugou by any means, but did he still want to get chewed out by him? No, no he did not.

“Hey! Earth to fucking Candy Cane!”

Shouto blinked, having returned to Earth, to see Bakugou now right in front of him. The blonde momentarily looks to the others, scowling, “Ponytail, Edgelord, I gotta talk to him for a minute, so scram.”

Momo and Tokoyami were able to figure out what this was about rather quickly, so they continued on their way, with Momo whispering, “Good luck,” on her way out. Damn, they just gonna go and leave him like that? Well, that’s is Bakugou.

Shouto spoke the first thing that came to his mouth, “Personally, I think Polish flag suits me better.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Bakugou hissed, pointing his finger out, wearing his signature glare, “I’m cutting the bullshit here and finally saying it, you better not hurt Deku, I don’t want to hear him crying about your shitty ass.”

Even though Bakugou had reassured Izuku of Shouto’s feelings, that didn’t mean he liked it. No, far from it, but of course Bakugou would be caught dead before he said he actually cared for Izuku. That wasn’t something that needed to be verbalized though, because it was obvious through his actions that he did care for the boy. 

“I don’t plan on hurting Izuku, Bakugou, so you don’t have to do the overprotective big brother act on me,” Shouto replied, but that seemed to only piss off Bakugou even more because his scowl only deepened. He stepped closer, placing his hand on Shouto’s shoulder and gripping it hard.

“You might not, but you can’t speak for your shitface of a father.”

Fuck, you got me there, Shouto thought, his jaw clenched and his mouth forming into a tight line. He should’ve expected this to come along as well, because–

Shouto couldn’t help the snort he made when Toshinori went and grabbed Bakugou’s wrist, dragging the groaning blonde onto the dance floor.

“Come on, Young Bakugou!”

–One thing that he loves to forget is that Bakugou was at that ball, and overheard his entire conversation about his father with Izuku.

Shouto never did declare his “rival status” with Bakugou like he did Izuku, though it was apparent the two had that sort of relationship. It made sense since Bakugou was also planning on entering the police force alongside Shouto and Izuku. However, neither of Bakugou’s parents were in the forces, and that’s where his similarities ended. That didn’t stop him from attending all the events and such as one of Toshinori’s plus ones.

“And if he lays a single finger on Deku, I’m going to beat his ass, and then yours,” Bakugou promised, releasing Shouto and shouldering him while moving past him, signaling that this conversation was over.

Shouto didn’t give a flying fuck about that though, “I’m not going to let another person I care about be hurt by my father,” He declared, clenching his fists, “You should know that this time I’m actually able to fight back.”

Bakugou paused for a short second, before scoffing and replying with, “You fucking better fight back.”

But what Shouto had said was finally a decent enough answer for him. 

Chapter Text

Izuku watched Shouto enter the auditorium, being the last to arrive after Bakugou. Ochako stood beside him, immediately catching onto that fact. Her and Iida have discussed the possibility of Bakugou having a “talk” with Shouto about Izuku, and she figured it finally happened.

She still asked, “Do you think Bakugou gave him crap?”

Izuku looked at her, glad that she had moved onto a slightly different talk relating to Shouto. He told her of the practice, and she proceeded to scream his ears off, pulling a rare curse to say, “Are you deadass, Deku? You kissed! More than once! And nothing happened?! How do you manage to do this!”

“Yeah,” Izuku sighed. He was well aware that Bakugou greatly disliked Shouto, and knew about Shouto’s family issues from the banquet. In fact, it was that banquet where Bakugou finally approached him on his crush on Shouto.

“Of all people, why did you have to get a crush on that fucker?”

Deku nearly jumped ten feet when Bakugou spoke, quick to avoid the question with some of his own, “How long have you been standing there?”

“A long ass time.” Which sounded like a vague answer, but thankfully Deku was fluent in Bakugounese, and could understand that meant: ‘The entire fucking time.’

He paled, brows furrowing. He wasn’t going to bother asking Bakugou to not spread that to around because he knew he wouldn’t, so he said instead, “Is it...that obvious?”

Another vague response, but Bakugou was also fluent in Dekunese, so he knew he meant his crush.


That whole thing was something Ochako wasn’t aware of, at least, the main topic of his conversation with Shouto. Despite being one of the worst liars on the planet, he actually managed to keep that from her, figuring it wasn’t his business to tell.

“At this point, you might as well start calling Bakugou ‘onii-chan.’”

Izuku let out a harsh huff from his nose, making a noise that resembled a muffled scream.

“I already have a nickname for him!”

Ochako snorted, but a twinkle came to her eyes, “You should give Todoroki a nickname, I bet he’d like it a lot.”

Thankfully before she could suggest what kind of nicknames he should give Shouto, Iida was calling for them to go on stage.



“You did so well this morning, Deku!” Ochako squealed as she sat down at their typical lunch table.

“Yeah, you didn’t stutter as much as I thought you would,” Tsuyu added, joining the brunette.

Izuku sheepishly chuckled, scratching the back of his head, “Ah, thanks, guys…” He was never good at taking compliments, even if they were well-deserving.

Ochako leaned in, whispering to make sure the subject of her next question wouldn’t hear it, “Are you hyped about the next scene? It’s your first with Todoroki!”

Izuku sputtered even though the very thought has plagued his head all day. It was different reciting them when they were alone, but with everyone else was unnerving. Especially the kissing.

Oh god, he’s gonna have to kiss him in front of everyone.

He stole a glance at Shouto, who was seated on the lower end of their table with Momo and Tokoyami. He was so casual, so content...How the hell did he look hot while eating rice?! The world was truly cruel.

Izuku looked back before he could get caught staring, whispering, “I’m gonna die, Uraraka.”

“At least with a kiss, you’ll die,” Ochako sniggered, getting a groan out of Izuku. How dare she twist his own lines on him?



Izuku forced himself to focus on other things all day, including now, watching Tokoyami dramatically go on about Queen Mab as Mercutio, and geez he was so good for the role it actually hurt. He could tell Shouto was genuinely over it by the time he had to tell him to stop.

They fell into the next scene effortlessly, which Izuku couldn’t help but find impressive considering how his classmates typically act.

Kouda and a couple of others who didn’t have roles in the current scene started it out, and then he found himself in the center stage. He listened to Iida speak, quietly chuckling at how into it he was. His class was really full of thespians, or in Aizawa’s words, drama queens.

When Iida finished his speech he stepped back, allowing the music to fill the speakers. Izuku lined up with Aoyama, pressing his palm against the blonde’s, and beginning to follow the steps they learned this morning. Instead of starting this scene in the morning, they used their remaining time picking out music and figuring out a simple choreography, much to Izuku’s relief at the time.

He can’t say he was relieved now.

He let himself focus on his feet, on Iida’s remaining dialogue, on Jirou’s sweet humming to the music, but Izuku couldn’t help but look towards Shouto when he began to recite his lines, “Oh, she doth teach the torches to burn bright! It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night. Like a rich jewel in an Ethiope’s ear, beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear.”

He sounded so genuine, like he was truly amazed by Izuku…

Izuku’s face warmed, and while he manages to tear his eyes away, his ears didn’t get the memo as he continued to listen to Shouto read Romeo’s reaction to seeing Juliet for the first time, which is unnecessarily long and extra. Surely he didn’t mean it, right?

Izuku, how many times have you asked yourself that and been wrong? Many times, you’ll soon find out.

For once, Izuku was glad for Bakugou’s yelling, as it was another distraction for him to focus on.

“This, by his voice, should be a Montague! Fetch me my rapier, boy! What, dares the slave come hither, covered with an antic face, to fleer and scorn at our solemnity? Now, by the stock and honor of my kin, to strike him dead I hold it not a sin!” Bakugou hissed, annoyed at how fucking gross Shouto just sounded. There were practically hearts flying around that fucker when he spoke.

The tidbit with the other Capulet relatives was too short, and before Izuku knew it, Bakugou was storming off stage and Shouto was leading him to the side by his hand.

Shit, here he was.

Shouto placed his hand near his lips, Izuku feeling his breath on his knuckles as he spoke, “If I profane with my unworthiest hand. This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this: My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand, to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.”

Izuku’s brain short-circuited for a second, the sight in front of him bound to up in his dreams, both wet and dry ones.

“G-good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much. Which mannerly devotion shows in this, for saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch, and palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss.” He recited, and while he thought he’d feel the burn of everyone’s eyes, the only eyes he felt were Shouto’s.

Shouto’s face was dusted light pink, the corners of his lips twitching upwards, “Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?”

Izuku grew his own small, nervous smile, “Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer.”

Shouto chuckled, something so rare for the majority of the class to hear, but something Izuku could drawl out of him so easily. The class watched on, and even though they were waiting for something like this to happen, a lot of them felt like they were intruding on something private.

Momo and Ochako looked to each other, matching grins on their faces. They could tell where this was leading to.

“O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do. They pray; grant thou, lest faith turn to despair.” This time it was Izuku who glanced at Shouto’s lips first, and Shouto took notice, rushing out his next line, “Then move not, while my prayer’s effect I take.”

He pressed his lips to Izuku’s and they instantly melted into it. Izuku was certain he’d be internally flipping his shit from having a crowd, but the kiss was a good enough distraction.

No, scratch that–it wasn’t just good, it was great.

Shouto pulled away slowly, and his brain had a short-circuit of its own. Izuku’s face was beet red, lips pink and parted, and his gorgeous green eyes were half-lidded. He must’ve liked it, didn’t he?

Tokoyami’s words from earlier rang out into his brain: “And you know what I dreamed? That dreamers often lie. They begot of nothing but vain fantasy, which is as thin of substance as the air. You must make this a reality, Todoroki. Be rough with love, prick love for pricking you.”

Fuck it. Fuck iiiiiiiiitttt. If he turned out wrong, then at least with this kiss, he can go die.

Instead of reciting his line he whispered, “Please go out with me.”

Wow, how smooth, Shouto.

Izuku’s eyes instantly widened, sputtering out, “W-what?”

Shouto inhaled a deep breath, repeating himself with a bit more eloquence, “I’m not just acting. I really like you, Izuku, and if you return my feelings, then I’d like to go out with you.”

It took a minute for that to process into Izuku’s brain, his face going blank. Shouto thought that was a bad thing and stepped back, an apology forming on his tongue.

But then an utter miracle happened.

Izuku grabbed Shouto’s collar and pulled him down, bringing him into another kiss that Shouto happily returned.

The majority of the remaining classmates and teacher didn’t even care that they picked a really inappropriate place to realize each other’s feelings, because oh my god, it finally fucking happened. They deadass began to clap and cheer, Denki even letting out a whistle, while Aizawa was dreaming of that cat patterned sleeping bag.

Any bravery that Izuku had was drained when he pulled from the kiss, steam practically coming from his ears as Ochako screamed, “They grow up so fast!”

So now the embarrassment he suspected he’d get during the first kiss had decided to visit. What a bitch.

“ that a yes?” Shouto murmured, still dazed from the move Izuku just pulled. So there was a little bit of a power-bottom in the greenette after all…

Izuku vigorously nodded, the fingers gripping onto Shouto’s clothes now shaking. Shouto took Izuku’s hands into his own, leaning in to press a kiss on the boy’s forehead, “Good.” He mumbled.

It wasn’t just good, it was great.

Chapter Text

Now the romantic tension lie in it’s grave,
And the two’s affection now aware to the other,
When they were certain they’d always be deprave.
Izuku feels his first love, and is beloved,
But to someone whose father despises his own.
Shouto steals love’s sweet bait from one he should have shoved,
Which he fears his father would do to dear Izuku if known.
He swears to protect him though, and to be a good lover,
So Izuku never has to face him, so they can be open.
Izuku wants to protect Shouto as well, and promises the same thing,
Wanting to stand at his side and face his father together.
So passion gives them strength, and time for their very first date,
Tempering extremities being part of their fate.



Izuku looked at himself in the mirror, examining his outfit for the five thousandth time to make sure everything was alright. It consisted of a white button-up, a thin pastel green cardigan, dark gray jeans, and his typical red sneakers. Nothing too formal, but definitely something a little nicer than his typical casual get-up. It felt appropriate for his first date with Shouto.

His cheeks went aflame at the thought. My first date with Shouto. Todoroki Shouto. My boyfriend. Oh my god he’s my boyfriend–

“Izuku! He’s here!”

Izuku sputtered, doing a final check to see that everything looked alright before grabbing his phone and heading out. He caught sight of Shouto next to his mother in the entryway, who appeared to be whispering something to him. What it was, he wasn’t sure.

Shouto was carrying his backpack on him and was wearing a black turtleneck with a jean jacket, light gray pants, and white tennis shoes. It was a good look on him, Izuku noted. A really good look on him.

“Hey,” He greeted, a smile growing across his features. Shouto returned the greeting with a smile of his own, “Hey. You ready?”

Izuku nodded, stepping towards the bi-colored boy as Inko stepped away.

“You two be safe, alright?” Inko told them, getting a nod out of the two. Shouto politely replied with, “We will, don’t worry, Yagi-san.”

They stepped outside, the door shutting behind them. Izuku couldn’t help the small chuckle that came out of him, “You’re always so polite to my mother, it warms my heart.”

Shouto was infamous for his rude-ass mouth, but even the thought of acting like a bitch towards Inko Yagi made him feel physically ill. “Your mother is a lovely woman, ”He said, and it was then Shouto saw an opportunity, and decided to take it, “Plus, I want my future mother-in-law to like me.”

Shouto let out a chuckle of his own when Izuku’s already pink cheeks deepened in color, “Sh-Shouto!”

The said boy removed his hand from his pocket and slide it into Izuku’s, intertwining their fingers. Shouto was positive he’s had this cheesy ass thought before, but it was like his hand was made to fit into Izuku’s. Izuku, despite his embarrassment, smiled at the move.

Shouto squeezed his hand, “Don’t fret, I’m not proposing to you now. That’s not until our next scene.”

Izuku let out a high-pitched whine, causing Shouto to cough out a full laugh. Like smiles, laughs were rare with him, but Izuku managed to draw them out like it was nothing. Which the greenette would swoon over at any other given moment, but now when Shouto’s teasing him!

I gotta get him back, He thought, mind briefly going back to what Ochako teased him about on the day they confessed.

“You should give him a nickname!”

But there was no way in hell he was gonna go with the nicknames she was most likely thinking of. Well, unless, Shouto was into it--nope, nope, not the time to think about that.

Izuku pulled his lips into a pout, muttering, “Shoucchan, it’s not nice to tease. You could send me into cardiac arrest.”

Shouto’s eyes widened to hilarious proportions, thinking, boy you finna put me into cardiac arrest the fuck, because just when he thought Izuku couldn’t get any cuter, he pulls this shit on him.

“Shoucchan?” He repeats, tilting his head down in Izuku’s direction. When the said boy nodded with a nervous expression, he leaned in and whispered, “I like it.” And without really thinking, he pressed a chaste kiss on Izuku’s cheek.

Izuku’s smile returned, and he found himself snuggling into Shouto’s arm, which the taller boy gladly accepted. It was then he decided to change the topic, asking, “So, where are we gonna go?”

“The park,” Shouto answered shortly, not wanting to spoil too much of the date. He might have spent up hours looking up cute date ideas, but he eventually found something he was positive Izuku would enjoy. He was also 99.9% sure his father wouldn’t appear and kill the date, so that was a plus.

Izuku pursed his lips, pondering in his head what could happen there, and making sure not to mutter that out loud. That would be embarrassing as hell.

A picnic? Scenic walk? Feeding the ducks?

What he did let out though, was a small, “Ooh, I see.”

The paranoid gay he is, Shouto asked, “Is that okay with you?”

Izuku bobbed his head, “Yeah! I’m good with that.”

Oh thank god, I don’t have to wing any more than I already have, is what Shouto thought, what he said was, “Oh, good.”

From there, the topic changed to Izuku telling a story on what happened the one time he went camping with his mother and Toshinori, and the complete disaster that was, and Shouto was certain he could listen to his stories for a lifetime. The rest of the walk there was spent with similar stories, mainly from Izuku, since Shouto didn’t have many of his own. But he was fine with that, since talking about his family never lead to light conversation. Both of them were well aware of that.

When they got to the park, Izuku got a clearer idea of what exactly this date would consist of. There was a band setting up on a small stage and a group of people laid out on blankets, ready to watch the performance.

“A concert?” Izuku chirped, his excitement visible. The only concerts he’s attended were school ones, and while this wasn’t at a stadium or anything, it was still cool! Shouto only hummed in response, but he also gave him a smile that pierced an arrow through his soul.

Izuku let Shouto drag him to a spot under a tree, a bit more secluded from everyone else but still close enough to hear the band. He offered to help set up, but Shouto only shook his head, a nonverbal way of telling him that it wasn’t necessary. So he stood there, rubbing his arms because he was finally feeling the chill. Maybe just light cardigan wasn’t the best idea. Shouto noticed that as he laid the blanket and snacks, seeing yet another opportunity, and decided to take it.

Izuku wasn’t sure how Shouto managed to appear behind him when he was deadass just standing in front of him, but he did, and he was placing his jean jacket on his shoulders.

“Take this, you look cold.”

Oh no, he did the “here’s my jacket” move. This isn’t good for Izuku’s heart.

The greenette tried to say “thank you” but it came out as a mess of sputters that Shouto found to be too damn cute. Once Izuku managed to slide his arms through the sleeves, Shouto wrapped his arms around his waist, and pecked a small kiss to his cheek, “You look nice in my jacket.” Good one, Shouto. You're succeeding in coming off as a distinguished gay when you know you're a chaotic one. He thought to himself. 

The jacket was already a bit oversized on Shouto, so Izuku was lowkey drowning in it. The end of it reached the middle of his thighs, and the sleeves went past his fingers. He was fucking adorable, and it was then and there that Shouto was determined to have Izuku dressed in his clothes all the goddamn time.

“Gahh! A-are you trying to kill me?!” Izuku stammered, which of course, got a laugh out of his boyfriend. This affectionate and teasing side of Shouto was something he’s only had glimpses of, but now he was getting a full view of it.

“No, dear, I just enjoy teasing you.” Shouto snickered, watching Izuku’s face turn a red that could put his hair to shame at the nickname. Izuku was about to call him out for using his trick, but then Shouto was tugging him downwards onto the blanket and slinging his arm around his shoulder, and the words never left his mouth.

“Let’s enjoy the show.” Shouto murmured, and Izuku only nodded, settling his head onto the other’s shoulder.



And they stayed in that position for the whole concert, occasionally moving to grab a cracker or sip of water. Izuku’s heart sank when the singer announced that they were about to play their final song, not wanting this moment to end.

However, he was uplifted when he heard the beginning notes of it. It was an old English song, one that his parents danced to constantly.

You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you.
You'd be like Heaven to touch, I wanna hold you so much.
At long last love has arrived, and I thank God I'm alive.
You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off you.
Pardon the way that I stare, there's nothing else to compare.

Izuku didn’t realize he was singing along till he noticed Shouto’s attention had drifted to him, his brows raised. He gave him a sheepish grin, before another idea hit him, one to get back at the previous teasing.

God, only these nerds would become competitive over trying to fluster the other.

He took Shouto’s hands and got onto his feet, the other giving him a perplexed look.

“My parents dance to this song all the time,” Izuku explained, swaying their arms, “I think we should pick up the habit.”

Shouto blinked, getting the briefest flashback of the ball, of Izuku dancing with his parents, before Izuku’s voice brings him back to reality.

“The sight of you leaves me weak, there are no words left to speak. But if you feel like I feel, please let me know that it's real. You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off you.” Izuku sings, swaying the two of them together to the beat. When the chorus kicked up, he moved their hands up, allowing them to now twirl around. Shouto was letting himself be lead, cause he knew jack shit about dancing. Izuku grinned at Shouto’s pink cheeks, ignoring his own blushing face, and allowing himself to be proud of this smooth moment.

Afterall, smooth moments involving Izuku were rarer than two-headed cats.

“I love you, baby, and if it's quite alright, I need you, baby, to warm a lonely night. I love you, baby, trust in me when I say: Oh, pretty baby, don't bring me down, I pray. Oh, pretty baby, now that I found you, stay. And let me love you, baby, let me love you.” He kept eye-contact with Shouto, sliding easily into the next verse, “You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you. You'd be like Heaven to touch, I wanna hold you so much. At long last love has arrived, and I thank God I'm alive. You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off you.”

At this point, Shouto was getting the hang of it, even raising his hand to spin Izuku. The green-haired boy giggled, leaving his hand on the other’s chest as the final chorus came on, “I love you, baby, and if it's quite alright, I need you, baby, to warm a lonely night. I love you, baby, trust in me when I say: Oh, pretty baby, don't bring me down, I pray. Oh, pretty baby, now that I found you, stay.”

He kept his eyes on Shouto, the bi-colored boy now smiling alongside Izuku, his eyes crinkling and his cheeks still flushed. It was clear he was enjoying himself, and he looked so good to Izuku. He liked this boy too much...but like didn’t feel like the right word anymore.

His own eyes widened, realizing with the final line of the song, “I love you, baby, trust in me when I say.”

Holy crap, I love him. And while he knew that differed greatly from like, that this entered new waters, that this could lead to shit because of Shouto’s bastard of a father, the adoring look Shouto was giving him made him decide that it was going to be all worth it.



The two of them really were in their own world, they didn’t notice the pair of blue eyes staring at them.

If Monoma resembled anything, it was that “interesting” Miranda Cosgrove meme from iCarly. He was also attending the concert with his family, and when he looked away, spotted the two dancing like dumbasses in love from under a tree. He was quick to take out his phone and snap a zoomed in photo of the two, with the full intentions of sending them to a particular hot-headed man that he had the hopes of acquainting himself with. Plus he just gets off to causing hell for any of the students in that class.

For this story is about to contain a lot more woe, for Izuku and his Shouto.

Chapter Text

Shouto was still smiling when he arrived home, replaying the scenes of him and Izuku dancing in his head and the sweet goodnight kiss he got when he dropped him off in his head. He never understood when people said love made you feel giddy and content, but now he did.

Of course, the feeling didn’t last long. It never did in this house.


His smile instantly fell flat. What could’ve peeved the man now? He couldn’t help the nervous pace his heart had settled on, secretly praying it was over something minor, that it had nothing to do with Izuku. He slipped off his shoes and stepped into the living room, only to be faced with the sight of an extremely pissed Enji Todoroki who looked close to breaking his phone.


Shouto kept a face and voice of nonchalance, “What’s gotten your panties in a twist?”

Enji twitched, gritting out, “I want you to explain this!” And with that, shoved his phone in Shouto’s face, on his screen a clear picture of him and Izuku dancing at the park.


His eyes widened, and he couldn’t keep his face perfectly straight, his eyebrows pinched together. Who took this photo? He didn’t recognize the number, but oh lord, he’s gonna have to figure out where to dump a body when he finds out. He couldn’t keep his agitation out of his voice when he responded with, “It’s called dancing. I knew your vision would flake out, just not this soon.”

“And do explain why the hell you’re dancing with Yagi’s son, if I can even call him that!” Enji whipped his phone away, tossing it onto the couch, and moving to point his finger directly in his face, “You’re supposed to leave him in the dust!”

Shouto slapped his finger away, not matching his father’s loud voice but matching his furious tone, “I’m not supposed to do anything. I’m not playing along with your stupid one-sided rivalry. And even if Yagi isn’t Izuku’s biological dad, he’s twice the father you will ever be.”

Shouto could tell that last statement stung his father, but to be frank, he didn’t care. He would never stand for Enji to insult Izuku and his family, who were actually happy and functional, unlike his own. If anything, he was like Izuku’s biological dad, Hisashi, a piece of shit who wouldn’t know how to be a good father or husband even if it hit him upside the head.

“How dare you–give me your phone!” He held out his hand, and Shouto reluctantly gave it. Enji then smashed it onto the coffee table, shattering the screen. Shouto had to bit his tongue to state how that was completely unnecessary since he’d be the one paying for that damage.

“If you have enough sense, then you’d go into the dojo, or I’ll find that kid and drag him in there myself.” Enji threatened, and that made Shouto bristle, because he knows that he’d do it. His father may be a cop, but he was still a shady-ass bitch who had gone to unethical lengths to get shit done in the past, and he knows how not to get caught.

So he stomped his way to the dojo, and took every hit his father gave him, never wanting Izuku to be in his place.



Shouto had promised that he’d send a text to Izuku when he got home to confirm he was alright, so Izuku couldn’t help but worry when he never received it. He tried to tell himself that it was fine, that he just forgot, but those efforts were futile. He decided maybe some fresh air would calm him, so he moved to the window and cracked it open. His eyes instinctively moved downwards, eyes bulging when he saw a figure that looked very familiar.


There was his boyfriend, standing in his backyard, when it was close to midnight. Several red flags have managed to arise within three seconds.

“Ah, there’s the sun.”

Izuku snorted at the timely placed comment, and despite himself, felt his cheeks burn at it.

“Shoucchan, what are you doing here?” His hands were gripping on the side of his window.

“I’ll explain, and as much as I’d love to complete a monologue on how amazing you are under the moonlight in your backyard, though I imagine you’d rather hear why I’m here.”

“Yes!” Izuku struggled to keep his voice down, not wanting to disturb his parents despite them being on the other side of the house. Thank the Lord they got to move out the apartment he inhabited in his earlier years.

And he expected for Shouto to head around the front so he can go through the front door, but is that what he starts doing? No, instead, he starts climbing the tree next to his window, with the full intentions of climbing into his window.

What a headass, stereotypically rebel teen move to do, but Izuku couldn’t do much to stop him. Once he’s climbed into his room, Izuku noticed how worn out his boyfriend looked, and a bad feeling in his gut told him it wasn’t because of the walk here or tree climb.

He gently took Shouto’s hand, reaching to cup his cheek, “What’s going on?”

Shouto felt his heartache when he heard the concern in Izuku’s voice, and he melted into his touch. He wanted to just stand here like this, but he had to tell him, it’s a reason why he came – well, a reason as to why he came. He also came because he wanted to see him, Izuku had a way with de-frazzling his nerves.

“My dad found out,” He started, “Someone took photos of us at the park and sent them to him.”

They both knew that would eventually happen, but they wished to do so on their own terms, especially Izuku. But someone stole that opportunity from them.

His heart was already aching, but Shouto could swear that his heart broke when he saw fear wiggle it’s way onto Izuku’s features. His love’s green eyes darted everywhere, whispering, “Who? Who would do that?”

Shouto slung his arms around Izuku’s waist, pulling him into a tight hold. He didn’t speak till Izuku wrapped his own arms around his middle, “I don’t know, but I have every intention of finding out.”

“Did he hurt you?” Izuku squeaked, though he had a feeling he already knew the answer.

“He...made me go into the dojo,” He responded, pulling back a bit to see Izuku’s eyes were glassy, a sign that he was on the verge of tears, “But if I didn’t, then he said that he’d somehow force you in there instead and I refuse to ever give him the opportunity to lay his hands on you.”

Oh god, he took those hits for me, Izuku thought, guilt filling every nerve in his being. He knows he couldn’t do much in this situation, but he still felt terrible. He promised himself to protect Shouto, to be with him when Enji found out.

It was then the tears fell, and Shouto, bless his soul, was quick to swipe them away with his thumb.

“I-I don’t want you getting hurt over m-me,” Izuku sobbed, now feeling worse cause he’s crying when Shouto was the one that was beaten. The said boy almost muttered that it was worth it, but he had a feeling that wouldn’t make him feel any better. He simply let out small “shh’s,” whenever he tried to sputter something out and gently swayed his boyfriend, allowing him to cry into his shirt.

Once Izuku was reduced to sniffles, he murmured, “What if you get caught sneaking out?”

Shouto shook his head, “I swiped all the keys to my room and locked my door and window before I left. I also waited until I knew for sure he was asleep. I’ll leave early enough in the morning.”

He blinked, realizing that he hadn’t asked if he could stay the night. He opened his mouth to ask, but Izuku sighed, “Okay, that’s good.”

The green haired boy stepped away, only to examine his boyfriend. He was wearing sweats and a hoodie, “Do you want some pajamas?”

“I’ll be fine,” Shouto answered, and with that, Izuku took his hand and lead him to his bed. He sat down first, scooting all the way to the wall. He then opened his arms, which Shouto could tell was an invitation.

“Come here, Shoucchan.” Let me return the favor and comfort you.

Shouto fumbled to take off his tennis shoes, but the second they were off, he fell into Izuku’s arms. The exhaustion was really kicking his ass now, and his eyes drooped instantly.

Izuku was glad he was able to do something for Shouto, pulling the covers over them and settling in, one hand rubbing Shouto’s back, and the other gently in his bi-colored locks. With a hoarse voice, he began to softly sing, “Put your head on my shoulder. Hold me in your arms, baby. Won't you squeeze me once?”

He huffed in amusement when he felt Shouto squeeze him, and continued to sing, “Show me that you love me too. People say that love's a game, a game you just can't win. If there's a way, I'll find it someday. And then this fool will rush in.”

Shouto felt his consciousness slip, the lullaby being the extra push he needed to soundly fall asleep.

“Put your head on my shoulder. Whisper in my ear, baby. Words I want to hear, baby, put your head on my shoulder.” Izuku’s voice faded, catching onto Shouto’s soft snores. He pressed a small kiss to his head, “Good night, Shoucchan.”

I love you.



Izuku felt fingers run through his hair, but his body was heavy with sleep and his eyes were glued shut. A small kiss was pressed to his forehead, and a moment later, he could faintly hear the click of his window.

Shouto looked back to his sleeping boyfriend, murmuring, “Good morning, Izuku.”

I love you too.

Chapter Text

Izuku has seen Bakugou mad plenty of times. Being his friend, it was unavoidable really. He has seen the boy raging, has seen him cursing up storms, has seen him break punching bags with his anger. However, he had never seen Bakugou so angry to the point he was silent.

And that was truly terrifying.

For context, they were on their way to school when Izuku decided to tell him what had occurred last night. He was the only person he could really tell in full detail, because he was one of the few people who actually knew of Shouto’s home situation. The amount of stuff he could tell people like Ochako or Tsuyu or Iida was limited.

So he revealed in everything, and now Bakugou was shaking with fury, his eyes forward and mouth zipped tight.

Izuku flinched when he finally did speak, “I am going to rip Todoroki Enji to shreds.”

Mainly because he threatened to harm Izuku, though oddly enough, he found himself also pissed at the fact that Shouto got beat. Maybe it was because of the sudden respect he found for Shouto’s determination to keep Izuku safe, he wasn’t sure.

This only freaked Izuku out more, because despite his demeanor, Bakugou would never physically lash out on an authority figure, and Enji was the fucking Deputy Chief of Police.

“I am also going to destroy whoever the hell sent those photos,” Bakugou added, glancing down at Izuku, “Do you have any idea on which asshat did it?”

Izuku shook his head, his face scrunched into one of frustration, “No, I don’t. I don’t think it was anyone in our class, they all looked genuinely happy when we got together.”

He didn’t really think, or want to think, it was anyone in his class. As cheesy as it sounded, they were like a little family, and the thought of one of them doing something like hurt.

“And I wouldn’t even know where to begin.” Izuku sighed, tightening his grip on his backpack straps. “Only lead I have is that he said it was from a number he didn’t recognize.”

“Despite me wanting to say it could be some fake ass bitch in our class, I doubt it’s one of those fools either,” Bakugou admitted, which brightened Izuku’s spirits a bit. Kacchan is good at reading people, so if he says so, then it’s gotta be true, he thought.

“Maybe I should start asking around during practice? Or in the class chat?” Izuku muttered, placing a hand onto his chin, “Maybe it wasn’t even someone at school, maybe one of his coworkers?”

“I’ll ask Shitty Hair if he can hit up 1-B, he’s friends with that one dude with the big ass eyelashes.” Katsuki grumbled, “Most of them have created this weird rivalry in their heads against us, especially that one blonde weirdo. We can start at school, but if we get nothing from there, then try out someone from the force through your dad.”

Izuku nodded, thinking that was a good place of suspects to start with. God, this was such a mess, and he didn’t want to end up involving his dad into this.

Shouto was having similar thoughts in his head as he ran a list of suspects in his head while sitting in the front of his sister’s car. He concluded that it wasn’t anyone in their class, Thankfully, he wasn’t caught sneaking back into his house. Well, at least by Enji.

Shouto quietly shut his window behind him, and just when he thought he could let out a sigh, he heard footsteps tapping next to his door. He quickly dove for his bed and barely threw the blankets over himself when the door creaked open, revealing Fuyumi.

“Where on Earth were you, Shouto?” She asked, though she had a feeling she already knew where he was.

He ended up telling her everything, knowing that she would never rat him out to their father. He rarely verbalized it, but he was really appreciative of her.

As they pulled closer to the school’s entrance, Fuyumi gave him a glance, “Don’t go starting a fight once you find out who it is, alright? You’re on thin ice with dad, and you can’t make it worse by getting into trouble.”

All he was able to say was, “I’ll try, but I can’t make any promises,” because he really couldn’t promise that he wouldn’t start throwing hands the second he discovered who it was.



“Are you serious!?” Ochako gasped, her expression of shock quickly morphing into one of spite, “We have to find who did this!”

“We were planning on that, Round Face!” Bakugou huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. He and Izuku didn’t share every detail with them, just what they needed to make sure they understood how dire the situation was.

“We should run by the numbers in our class group-chat and see if they match-up!” Iida added, “It would be the quickest way to eliminate suspects in our class!”

Tsuyu looked over the three of them, stating, “You guys really do yell too much.” She then looked back at Izuku, “Though I do agree with Iida, we should check the numbers in our class group chat and see if they match. What was the number?”

Izuku blinked, before admitting sheepishly, “I didn’t ask, actually...I was a bit more concerned over trying to comfort him at the moment…”

For once, timing was on his side, because the second he finished speaking Shouto entered the auditorium with Momo and Tokoyami. Both of his companions having worried expressions of their faces, making it clear to Izuku that he told them what happened as well. Izuku excused himself from his group and walked towards Shouto, noticing the resting stony expression he was wearing.

But Shouto’s mood was instantly lightened when he saw Izuku walking towards him, instantly reaching out for his hand when he was close enough. With dusted cheeks, Izuku gave him his hand, asking, “You okay?”

“I am now.” He replied, having forgotten that they were in public till Tokoyami let out a whistle at the smooth reply. Momo took Tokoyami’s elbow and moved away from the two, approaching the group Izuku left so the two could have some space for a second.

“We talked about how to find the person,” Izuku murmured, “The idea of running the number through the class group chat came up if you wanted to try that.”

“That’s a good idea.” Shouto hummed, before sucking his teeth, "I didn't write down the number though." Not that he really thought it was anyone in his class, seeing how happy they were at the two of them getting together. 

Izuku’s eyes widening, biting his bottom lip out of nervousness, "Well, we could still try? See if you recognize it?" 

He pulled out his phone and opened the chat. After he went to the list of people inside it he handed it to Shouto, letting him look at it. After a minute, he shook his head, “I don't think so, but as I said, I didn't write down the number," noting the way Izuku's face fell, he admitted, "But if it makes you feel better, I don't really suspect that it was anyone in our class that did it." 

Izuku let out a short sigh of relief, “That’s good, neither do I.” 

The greenette moved to grab Shouto's hand, intertwining their fingers together. The move made the bi-colored boy blush, which in turn made Izuku a little haughty because hah, now he's the smooth boyfriend and not Shouto. “Come on, let’s go and tell them before Aizawa comes and makes us start practicing,” Izuku said, tugged at their hands, intertwining their fingers together. Shouto only nodded, following walking alongside him.

“Well?” Ochako questioned, tilting her head and folding her hands in front of her.

“It’s not anyone in the class group chat,” Izuku confirmed. Shouto, having faith that he wouldn’t sound too much like a flustered mess when he spoke, added, “So it has to be someone from another class or maybe someone from the force.”

Momo hummed, commenting, “Well that’s not surprising.”

Tsuyu tapped her lip, her gaze going to the other girl, “Momo, you’re close with Kendou-san from 1-B, aren’t you? Maybe you could ask her.”

“A wonderful suggestion, Asui-san!”

“Iida, please call me Tsu.”

Izuku let out an amused huff at his friends, going on to say, “Kacchan said he could ask Kirishima about Testutestu, so now there are two links into 2-B.”

Shouto looked to Bakugou, brows raised. Bakugou narrowed his eyes at him, clicking his tongue, “Don’t look at me like that, I wanna beat this bitch as much as you do.”

“I didn’t say anything,” Shouto replied in defense, though his voice revealed slight hints of teasing. Bakugou opened his mouth to say something, but whenever people do that, do they ever get to actually say what they want? No, no they don’t.

“Oi! Don’t stand around idly, start rehearsing. We didn’t get to start the balcony scene, so we gotta head from there.” Aizawa called from the entrance of the auditorium, which sent the kids into a scurry for the stage with their books and tech-booth, including the little group.

“I’m sure giving your dear Midoriya a loving monologue will make you feel a bit better.” Tokoyami joked, getting a short eye-roll from Shouto, even though he wasn’t wrong. Shouto looked down at Izuku, and wanting to get back at him, leaned in to whisper, “I'm sure you'd like that a lot, wouldn't you, babe?” Once again, he got to enjoy the sight of Izuku blushing and the gratification of being the smooth boyfriend this time. 

Izuku squealed, giving Shouto’s chest a light slap before he moved behind the small podium that they were they using as the balcony. Shouto smiled briefly, before heading to his own spot on the stairs leading to the stage, and once everyone was in their spots, he began, “He jests at scars that never felt a wound.”

Izuku stepped right onto the podium, awkwardly placing his elbows down and the book between them. His face was still red from Shouto’s comment, and they only got redder when Shouto began speaking, trying his best not to look at him.

Shouto slowly moved up the stairs as he recited Romeo’s monologue, and once on stage, began moving his way towards the podium, “As daylight doth a lamp. Her eye in heaven, would through the airy region stream so bright. That birds would sing and think it were not night.”

The bi-colored boy raised his hand towards his boyfriend, who was now resting his cheek on his hand, “See how she leans her cheek upon her hand. Oh, that I were a glove upon that hand, that I might touch that cheek!”

Izuku couldn’t help the small giggle that came out of him, God, Shoucchan reciting Romeo’s silly lines really is too amusing. After a moment of silence, he realized it was his turn to speak, oh crap, sputtering out, “A-ay me!”

Shouto chuckled, “She speaks. O, speak again, bright angel! For thou art as glorious to this night, being o'er my head, as is a wingèd messenger of heaven. Unto the white, upturnèd, wondering eyes of mortals that fall back to gaze on him. When he bestrides the lazy-puffing clouds, and sails upon the bosom of the air.”

Time for the most iconic lines, Izuku, “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” 



“Kan-sensei said they might be in the auditorium,” Monoma muttered, carrying a small stack of papers that he was sent to give to Aizawa, “They’re doing a play he said! I bet we could do a better one.”

He stopped when he got to the doors of the auditorium, one of them kicked open already. Instead of immediately going inside he stood at the doorway, deciding to watch for a minute and see what kind of play they were doing. He wasn’t disappointed with what he saw.

“Deny thy father and refuse thy name. Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and I’ll no longer be a Capulet.” Izuku continued, Shouto following up with, “Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?”

“Oho, this is too good,” Monoma whispered, a light bulb popping above his head, “I wonder if his dad is aware of this?” He slowly pulled out his phone, and instead of taking pictures, he hit the record button.

“'Tis but thy name that is my enemy. Thou art thyself, though not a Montague. What’s Montague? It is nor hand, nor foot, nor arm, nor face, nor any other part belonging to a man. O, be some other name!” Izuku was getting into it, his body relaxed and stammering at a full stop, completely unaware he was being recorded.

Tsuyu stood with Ochako, peeking from the stage curtains to watch the rehearsal. Moving her eyes for a second, she caught Monoma at the front with his phone out. She tugged on Ochako’s sleeve, and once she got the girl’s attention, pointed to the door. Ochako’s eyes widened, hands balling into fists. Neither were aware it picked up Kaminari’s attention till he muttered, “Lmao, what the heck is he doing?”

He pulled out his own phone and snapped a photo of Monoma, which prompted Ochako to ask, “Kaminari-kun, are you going to send that to the group chat?”

“Yeah,” He replied, already typing up a caption for the chat, “Why-?”

“Good.” Ochako replied curtly, patting Tsuyu on the shoulder before storming off, quickly getting on the stage only to get right off through the other set of stairs. It caught Shouto’s attention as he was speaking, “Call me but love, and I’ll be new baptized. Henceforth I never will be Romeo.”

Izuku noticed the swish of the curtains behind him and shift in Shouto’s attention, but kept on talking, “What man art thou that, thus bescreened in night, so stumblest on my counsel?” His confidence began to head downwards, and he was curious as to what was going on.

kaminari: attached.jpg
kaminari: y’all we got ourselves a stalker
kaminari: i’d ask how we should handle this but it seems uraraka is gonna do something


Bakugou, sitting in the seats since he didn’t have any lines for the next couple scenes decided to sit in the auditorium seats instead of hanging around backstage. Kirishima was next to him with his phone out, brows raised when he read what Kaminari texted.

Bakugou was watching Ochako move, following to see where she was headed. His brows furrowed, the frown he permanently wore only deepening.

Kirishima turned his head to see Monoma at the door, “Aye, look,” Kirishima said, only for Bakugou to ignore it because he had already seen the shady blond. Kirishima could tell with one look that something deeper seemed to be happening, but things hadn’t been explained yet, so he was damn near clueless on what could be going on.

Monoma placed his phone down when he saw Ochako wave her hand in front of it, now blocking the camera from seeing, all while wearing the most passive-aggressive smile he has ever seen that girl wear.

“Monoma-kun! What are you doing?” She asked with a tilt of her head.

Her question followed up by a pissy Bakugou, who had moved from his seat and was now standing behind the girl, “Yeah, what the fuck are you doing here?”

“I had some papers for Aizawa-sensei,” Monoma began smoothly, deciding to keep quiet on his true intentions for the moment, “And was ultimately deciding that your play is going to be trash.”

“Like your bitchass could do any better,” Bakugou spat back, instantly defensive even though he hated Romeo and Juliet with a passion.

“Why were you recording it then if it’s going to be bad?” Ochako added, raising a brow at Monoma, “Besides, no one gave you permission.”

“For reference,” He answered vaguely, completely disregarding her second statement. And for other reasons I’m sure you’ll hear about soon, He thought, and when he caught sight of Aizawa looking their way he pushed past the two, “Aizawa-sensei!”

Bakugou and Ochako shared a look, wearing matching frowns. They didn’t want to jump to conclusions (well, Ochako didn’t want to, Bakugou had already made that leap), but they had an unsettling feeling in their gut that he wasn’t being truthful.

“And the place death, considering who thou art, if any of my kinsmen find thee here–” Izuku finally looked away when he heard Monoma, catching sight of him handing their teacher papers while Ochako and Bakugou shot him looks from behind. When Izuku finally looked, so did Shouto.

“What’s up with them?” Shouto murmured, only getting a shrug out of Izuku.

When Monoma left Aizawa turned to Ochako and Bakugou, who was still staring at the door where he left, “What were you two interrogating him about?”

Ochako answered with a half-truth, “He had his phone out and we asked why he was recording us, that’s all.” Bakugou stayed silent, keeping his arms crossed over his chest. Now Aizawa could tell he wasn’t getting anything more out of them, so he only sighed and dismissed the two with the wave of his hand.

Izuku reached out and tugged on Ochako’s wrist when she got back on stage, whispering, “What’s up?”

Ochako looked between him and Shouto, replying with, “Look at the class group chat after rehearsal,” before resuming in her spot next to Tsuyu behind the curtain. While with Bakugou, Kirishima asked the same question as Izuku, only to get the shorter response of, “It’ll be explained later.”

Shouto and Izuku shared another look, but they couldn’t do much now, so they went on with practice.



Izuku pulled out his phone the second the bell rang, Shouto looking over his shoulder. What they saw was Kaminari’s initial texts, and then the responses of some of their classmates.

ashido: yoo what??
sero: o shit now bakugou’s going up with her
kirishima: what is going on??
jirou: yikes that dude again
hagakure: oh my god bakugou & uraraka-chan look ready to throw hands
sero: rip monoma

“Looks like we have some explaining to do,” Izuku murmured, concerned that Shouto had yet to say anything. After he got a look of his expression, he was even more concerned. His boyfriend’s face had contorted to one of pure agitation, and while Izuku couldn’t deny and say that he himself wasn’t suspicious and irritated with Monoma because he most certainly was, he didn’t want to confront him just yet. He wanted just one thing to fully confirm their shared suspicions.

Look at Izuku, not rushing into something for once in his life.

The green haired boy leaned up and pressed a kiss on Shouto’s cheek, ultimately breaking his expression, “We’ll figure this all out, okay?”

Shouto let out a short hum, but Izuku figured it was better than no response at all. His eyes widened when Shouto leaned down to return the kiss, right on his freckles.

“Yeah, we will.”

And they would swear not by the moon, but by themselves, that they were going to get this shit straightened out and live the cheesy happily ever after that Romeo and Juliet didn’t have the chance to live.

Chapter Text

“Kendo has nothing,” Momo sighed as she slides into her chair, lunch on top of her desk. The class collectively decided to eat lunch in their classroom instead of the cafeteria, so that they could explain what was going on (not explaining everything of course) and so Shouto and Izuku could sit together without the chance of photos being taken. If anyone became suspicious of the unanimous decision, they could always excuse it for needing to work on things for the cultural festival.

“Tetsu too,” Kirishima added. “Said Monoma avoided the question when asked. I think he might be onto us.”

Izuku leaned onto Shouto’s shoulder, having scooted the desk he was sitting in closer to his boyfriend’s, making it able for him to give him as much comfort as he could. But despite his words or touches, Shouto was still tense, and Izuku had a feeling Shouto might try something he if caught a glance of Monoma; something Izuku wanted to avoid for now.

“We gotta go full-on Sherlock mode!” Mina exclaimed, getting a few “yeah’s!” from the rest of the group. “And kick the ass of whoever tried to bring U.A.’s cutest couple down!”

Yeah!” The majority of the class collectively cheered, Izuku’s face becoming flushed at Mina’s comment.

“C-Cutest couple?” He squeaked, rubbing his face into Shouto’s shoulder in hope of covering his face, only resulting in coo’s from the girl’s and a small smile from his two-toned boyfriend.

As chatter filled the classroom again, the topic alternating from how to catch the person who took the photos and the play, Shouto leaned in and whispered, “I’m gonna see my mom after school today...I want you to come with me, if you want to.”

Izuku’s eyes widened, stammering back, “R-Really?” He had never met Todoroki Rei before, with the woman being placed into the mental hospital for burning her son before his mother and he got deeply involved with the police force. All he knew of her was what Shouto told him: that she was a soft woman, one who was regretful of what she did to her son. In all honesty, she sounded pleasant, but his anxious brain thought of something. Something he didn’t want to think of but had to ask in order to calm his nerves, “She won’t tell your dad, will she?”

Shouto’s face pinched in resentment before giving a simple answer, “No, he never visits her, there’s no way she’d be able to.” The most he did do was send her flowers on a regular basis, but he never had any other form of communication with her other than that; not even phone calls or letters.

That gave Izuku some relief, but the expression Shouto wore twisted at his heart. With his signature soft smile, he said, “Then I’d love to meet her.” He hoped that would lighten the other’s mood. And from the way his face relaxed, Izuku could tell that it worked.

“We’ll head straight there after school then,” Shouto hummed. “There’s a little boutique close to the hospital we can stop by first to pick up some flowers. After all…”

With the way he drawled out his words, the greenette had a feeling that he was going to say something that was going to either make him squeal or blush or, knowing Shouto, probably both. Dammit, he still hadn’t gotten him back for the last time Shouto made him blush by calling him babe!

“I want your future mother-in-law to like you as well.”

Though I have a feeling she’s going to love you despite that, Shouto thought, letting out a chuckle as Izuku’s face flushed, a high-pitched groan escaping his lips, reacting exactly like he expected himself to react.



 Izuku keeps telling himself that he shouldn’t be so nervous, yet here he is, being so nervous. His right hand held the vase of pink carnations, while his left hand was being held by Shouto; he couldn’t lie though, the spicy floral scent of the flowers and his boyfriend’s warm hands did provide him some solace.

Shouto didn’t stop by the secretary desk, already knowing the route to his mother’s room by heart. Stopping right before her door, he turned back to Izuku, asking, “You good?”

Izuku gave him a timid smile, replying with, “I will be.” (What a good attitude to have, Izuku.) 

He tugged Shouto’s hand forward, indicating that he wanted to continue. And with that, Shouto knocked on the door, opening it when a soft, “Come on,” was heard.

Inside was one of the most beautiful women Izuku had ever seen. Gray eyes, white hair cascading down her back, and soft facial features. Even in pajamas, she managed to look elegant, which sounded odd in theory but trust him when he says that’s the case. It was clear now where Shouto received his 'princely' appearance from, as his face resembled her's more so than his father's. 

“Ah, Shouto,” She greeted, her gray eyes immediately moving onto Izuku Her eyes were dim, but curious and warm, the complete opposite of her husband’s cold glares, “Let me guess, is this Midoriya?” Rei asked, glancing at their connected hands for a brief second before returning to Izuku’s face.

“Yes,” Shouto answered, nodding towards Izuku. “This is Midoriya, my boyfriend.”

“I figured,” She hummed, a smile creeping onto her features, a smile that resembled Shouto's, Izuku noted. She nodded her head towards him, “I’m so happy to finally meet you, Midoriya-kun. Shouto speaks a great deal of you, so I’ve always wondered what the boy who captured my son’s heart was like.”

Shouto flushed at his mom’s statement, thinking, god I was that obvious even to my own damn mother? Izuku also blushed at Rei’s words, but they filled his little heart with joy. Call him a pathetic romantic if he heard this, but hearing how much Shouto cared for him always made him happy.

Izuku bowed, or, bowed as much as he could with his hands full, greeting her back with, “I’m happy to meet you too, Todoroki-san!”

Rei noticed his struggles, addressing the flowers, “Oh my, are those for me?” Her gracious voice had hints of playfulness to it, added by the lighthearted smile she wore.

“Who else would they be for, Mom?” Shouto replied, and while the words of the comment could come off as sarcastic, the way it said it made it more mellow. He was playing along with her,  showing how comfortable they were with one another and how far they’ve come from the shit Enji put them through. Izuku was honored that he was allowed in their bubble, and now even more determined to protect either of them from further harm caused by that man.

“They could be for Midoriya-kun,” Rei countered, but she still reached her hands out to accept the flowers. Izuku did so, and the second she got them she asked, “Are you fond of flowers?”

“I-I am,” He stammered, scratching his cheek with now free hand. “My mom likes gardening them, so we always have some in the house.” He often helps her out with the garden as well, and he could envision himself picking up the hobby when he’s older.

Rei raised her brows but wasn’t surprised about that fact. Maybe it was the fact that he looked like a walking plant and gave off the vibe of someone who keeps succulents in their bedroom. Yeah, probably that. “Take note of that, Shouto.” She said, not looking at him as she placed the flowers onto the bedside table.

Shouto huffed through his nose, but a smile came onto his features nonetheless, “Noted.”

And from there they fell into easy conversation, Izuku’s stutters disappearing and his responses becoming more confident; he even joined Rei when she teased Shouto over something. The room had this calm but fun ambiance, and Izuku wanted to lather in it forever.



 Fuyumi was never one to sneak around, the fear of being caught by her father was intense, but she was sick and tired of sitting on the sidelines. She had to do something, so she plotted something. A simple idea, one that if failed, wouldn’t be too obvious that it was planned, at least in the beginning part of it. But it was completely dependent on if Enji reacted how she needed him to.

And so far, it was going as planned. She had already grabbed a bug from outside and placed it in the bathroom, and was now waiting for her father to do what he did every day he finished working out in the dojo: sit down on one of the couches in the living room and check his phone, to see if something came up with work. The second he plopped down she tiptoed closer from the hallway, trying to catch a glimpse of what his password was without him noticing.

Eight, two, one, seven, five, six, She thought to herself, tracing the number onto the skin of her wrist as if she was trying to write it down.

The second he unlocked his phone he turned around, getting the feeling that he was being watched, He caught sight of Fuyumi and furrowed his brows at her, asking, “Do you need something, Fuyumi?”

She clasped her hands together, doing her best to play it off cooly, “There's a bug in the bathroom and I can't kill it.”

He sighed, clearly not happy but seemingly falling for the excuse, standing up and placing the phone on the coffee table. He gave her another look as he walked off, one that screamed, You’re a grown woman, Fuyumi, how can you not kill a fucking bug? 

Fuyumi stood there for a second, marveling at how easy that was. Albeit, it wasn’t a complex plan by any means, but still! She softly knocked on the wall to prevent herself jinxing herself and quickly grabbed his phone, pressing the password code (thank god it wasn’t one of those phones that required fingerprint or face ID, or she’d be screwed) and immediately going for the messages. She scrolled through them, checking the contents before quickly going to the next conversation. When she found the one with the pictures, she took out her own phone and opened the camera, recording herself going through the messages, making sure that every text sent was caught. When she was done, she exited out of the text messages and placed the phone down. She was back in her original spot by the time he returned. 

"Thank you, dad," she said, mentally sending an apology to the poor bug she placed a death sentence on. 

"Yeah, yeah." He grunted.

Fuyumi gave him a brief nod before declaring, “I’m going to go surprise Shouto and Mom and head over there.”

After hearing his simple reply of, “Alright,” she went off, grabbing her purse and slipping on her flats, making sure she didn’t let her urgency show. She had gotten what she needed, she couldn’t afford to let him suspect her now.

It was only after she was on the sidewalk and out of sight did she begin to walk quicker.



 “Midoriya-kun,” Rei began, her light tone shifting into something more serious. It wasn’t a heavy sort of serious, one that would choke him to death, but it still sparked his nerves. Before he could go into a mental tangent on what she was going to say, she continued with, “Forgive me if this sounds like it’s straight out of a romantic novel, during the scene in which the main character meets their lover’s mother, father, sibling, or some close relative or friend, but I do genuinely mean it when I say you’ve given me a good impression.”

Izuku blinked, not expecting the tangent on romance novels whatsoever. But putting that aside, little bubbles appeared in his stomach at the thought that he succeeded in giving a decent first impression. “Oh, thank you, Todoroki-san! You have no idea how much that means to me.” He gave her a nervous smile, one that she returned.

“You seem very kind. Don’t prove me wrong, okay?” She added, her smile growing when Izuku nodded.

“I won’t let you down!” He promised, clenching his fist and shaking it to emphasize the promise.

She gave her son a quick glance before looking at Izuku again, her tone returning to something more teasing, “And please take care of my boy, because even though he likes to appear all suave and serene, we both know he’s a bit chaotic.”

Hey,” Shouto retorted, causing the other two to erupt into giggles.

“Oh honey, you’d throw hands with the air if it caused something to go into Midoriya-kun’s eye and you know it,” Rei argued, covering her mouth in a poor attempt to cover her chuckles. Izuku blushed again but still continued laughing alongside her. 

He flushed because dammit, he really could picture himself doing that. Ignoring the fact that his mother had just "roasted" him out (as Kaminari would say), he was happy to hear that she liked Midoriya. Even if he knew that she would, hearing it from her mouth made him feel much more content. 

Izuku and Rei stopped giggling when a knock was heard on the door. Rei tilted her head, asking, "Who is it?" 

"It's Fuyumi!" Her voice had a sense of urgency to it that made all their brows raise up, which would've been a funny image had the situation been different. 

"Come in," Rei said, concern now lacing her voice. 

Fuyumi hastily entered, immediately saying when the door clicked closed, "I hate to intrude on this first meeting, but I found out who did it." 

"What?" Rei questioned. 

"How?" Shouto and Izuku said in unison. 

Fuyumi dug out her phone from her purse, explaining as she did so, "I checked through dad's phone when he wasn't looking and recorded the messages. I would've sent you the video, but your phone is gone, so I figured that I could just show it to you now and send it to Izuku while I'm here." 

She pulled up the video and handed it out, Shouto being the first to snatch the phone. Izuku moved to see, as did Rei, who was confused about the entire situation; she got an idea of what was happening as the video progressed, though. 

Monoma: I figured you'd want to see this. 

Enji: Who is this? 

Monoma: Monoma Neito! I'd appreciate it if you remembered the name, Deputy, for I aspire to go into the police force as well. 

Enji: I see. Thank you. 

Underneath that conversations were even more pictures, one of their practice from this morning with the question: Did Shouto know that they're performing Romeo and Juliet? Or that he's Romeo and Midoriya is Juliet? However, it seemed that Enji had yet to see those yet, as he didn't send a response to it. 

Izuku's face had turned blank, the information he just read sinking into his brain. Shouto's face on the other hand quickly twisted into one of anger, his grip on Fuyumi's phone tightening. 

Seeing that her phone was about to be decimated in Shouto's hand, Fuyumi snatched it back. "Do you know the person who sent it?" 

"Yes," Izuku murmured. He couldn't say he was surprised to see it was Monoma, but he was still disheartened by it nonetheless; he never said he liked the rivalry Monoma set between their classes, he always wanted to get along. And the fact that Monoma would out Shouto like this not only because of that stupid rivalry but also because he wanted to get in good standing with Shouto's father only pissed him off. He was definitely going to let Fuyumi send the video and confront him about it tomorrow. 

Well, if Shouto didn't beat him to a pulp first. 

Chapter Text

“Send me the video, please.” Izuku murmured to Fuyumi. The woman gave him a short nod, and after swapping contact information, he had the video in his phone gallery. He knew he had to send it to the class group chat, and he would, but right now...Shouto looked as if he was about burst into flames with how furious he was.

Izuku quickly wrapped his arms around the other’s middle, hoping that the embrace would help him in some shape or form.

Shouto looked down at the boy, the boy he’d defy the stars for, and found himself taking comfort in his arms once more.

Rei watched the scene, not daring to make a sound in fear of ruining the moment. She had gotten the impression before that Shouto was smitten, but now it was clear that her baby was in love. She wished she could stomp out of these hospital sheets and confront Enji herself, so she could ask him how dare he try to tear this sweet couple apart.

She looked down at her hand, staring at the ring that circled her finger. It was pretty piece of jewelry – a silver band with small diamonds decorating the middle, while on the top laid a snowflake, the center of it having a pretty light blue jewel. She remembered being in awe when she first saw it, the combination of her favorite color and season; but now she wasn’t sure why she continued wearing the ring after all these years. Maybe it was because it reminded her of a simpler time, or because she didn’t know anything else than that. But now the meaning behind it had been tainted.

Maybe that could change.

There wasn’t much discussion after that, and eventually, the time for them to leave came about.

“It was nice meeting you, Midoriya-kun,” said Rei, wearing her heavy heart on her cheek as she added. “I’m so sorry you two have to go through this.”

“We’ll figure it out, Todoroki-san.” Izuku sighed, but his eyes carried a determined gleam that gave the woman faith that they would follow through with their word. She grimaced at the formality he spoke with though, and figured that needed to change.

“Oh please, call me Okaa-san.” She hummed, a small smile gracing her features when she saw the blush that came across his face, followed by delight.

“I-If you’d like, Okaa-san,” Izuku replied

Rei’s smile grew, now turning her attention to Shouto, who wore a smile of his own because of the, admittedly, cute ass dialogue between his mother and boyfriend.

“Shouto,” she motioned her hand for him to come closer to her. When he did, she took his hand within her own, slipping something into his palm. When he looked down to see what it was, he was shocked to see it was her wedding ring. He gave her a curious look, asking wordlessly what this meant.

“Now this may be rather early,” she whispered, making sure that Shouto was the only one that heard her. “But I want you to give this to him. It is no longer special to me, so make it special, dear. Special to the two of you.”

Shouto stared back at his mother with wide eyes, realizing that aw shit I could propose to Izuku way earlier now . He whispered a small, “Thank you,” before slipping the ring into his pocket. He pressed a kiss to the top of her head, and then went back to his place at Izuku’s side.

Rei watched them leave, her fingers tracing her now bare finger. The anxiety over the whole situation still bubbled in her chest, but for now, she focused on the content she felt over the ring now being gone and symbolizing what it was meant to represent: love.



 The video made its way into the group chat, and the entire class collectively saw red.

ochako: well, looks like i’m throwing hands with the fucking deputy chief

iida: I don’t approve of the language, but yes, I shall also be participating in throwing of hands.

mina: and monoma too, finna jump his ass first thing in the morning

sero: ^

kaminari: ^^

kirishima: ^^^

tokoyami: I̵̛͚̠ ̶̜̪͝ṡ̸̳̚h̴̖̹͛͝ã̷̞͕͑ĺ̵̪̖ḷ̶̓̄ ̸͉̼͊͘b̴̠̒̓r̷̯̻̎i̷̹̤͌̐n̸͈͇̍g̴͚̓ ̵͎̯̽m̶̩̹̌ÿ̷̪͔́ ̸̞͌ͅs̷̘͆w̸͖͙͐o̵̡̺͘͠ȓ̶̪d̵̤̓̓.̷̙͛̿

jirou: as much as I want to cut a bitch, don’t do that

me: pls don’t i don’t want you expelled

tokoyami: B̵̯͎̈ÿ̷̟ ̵̢̏m̸͔̌ý̷̖͊ ̵̘̂͠h̶͕̾͘ë̸́̍ͅe̵̖͂̽l̷͎̪̐̚,̸̱̿́ ̸͖͇̋I̸̳͔͐ ̶̨̘̋c̸̳̏a̸͓̓ř̴̪e̵̟̊ ̶̻̠̈́̊ǹ̵̨̳ȯ̶̡̹t̵͚́͊.̷̙̐̋

momo: This whole ordeal is extremely upsetting, and what’s adding to it is the fact that Bakugou hasn’t said anything.

kacchan: if that blond bitch and the flaming dumpster fire disappear, then you know why


kacchan: kacchan yes

ochako: ^

tsuyu: ^^

mina: ^^^

tokoyami: T̷̻͂ḧ̵̯̽o̷̱̎u̴̲̒ ̶̨̚ẇ̶͇ï̷̦l̷͓̬̆t̵̗̘͂ ̸̮̑t̸̲͛u̶̖͛t̸͓̲̉͘ȍ̸͇ŕ̷̯̣ ̷͔̚m̴̞̗͝e̵̪̬͊̚ ̵̥͙̇f̸̣͖͒ŗ̶̂õ̸̹̚m̸͍͓̃ ̸̯́͠q̴̨̞̑u̷̖̅̾a̷̹̕ŗ̵̛̥̒ȑ̵̖͠ẻ̴̗̚ĺ̸̲̱i̵͈̊n̴̦̄̌ḡ̸̜͝!̵̖͎̇̇

tokoyami: M̷̹̩̈́ͅỹ̴̨͍̮̖̈́ ̵̧̮̽̈́̚b̶̖̖̣̼̓l̴͇̫̜͂̏͊̚ä̵̱́̾̕͝d̵̮̖̐͌ê̷̦ ̴̧̲̮͋͋ḧ̶̳̺̀ų̷̖̦̄̑ň̵̥͓͚̑̎̔ĝ̴̡e̴̻̅̐r̷ͅs̴̨͔̜͍͗̃͝…̶͉̹̯͛͐͒

Izuku watched as the entirety of the class made threats to both Shouto’s father and Monoma, and as much as he wanted to remain a pacifist...the idea of cutting him up sounded very appealing. Sadly, he couldn’t even take much enjoyment in that idea because he was too nervous on Shouto’s wellbeing. Enji had been notified of their roles in the play and knew he wouldn’t be fond of it whatsoever.

He tried to get Shouto to go home with him, and Fuyumi even encouraged the idea, but Shouto insisted that things would only get worse if he didn’t return home. Izuku couldn’t argue that no matter how much he wanted to, and that made him feel worse. He wanted to protect Shouto, wanted to prevent any more harm coming his way, but so far it feels as if he’s done nothing more than add to it.

He shook his head – his emotions were all over the place, and it wasn’t going to help his lover whatsoever. No, he’d have to believe in what he told Rei, and continue doing what he’s been doing for Shouto: provide comfort through touch and words.

So when he heard the sound of pebbles being thrown against his window, he didn’t hesitate to scramble over to it. His heart lurched at this sight of Shouto, looking just like he did the other time he came around late at night. He didn’t freak out like last time, he simply unlocked his window and motioned for the boy to come inside. Once Shouto was inside, Izuku pulled the boy into his arms once more, murmuring, “Do you want to talk about it?”

Shouto had placed his head in the crook of Izuku’s neck, shaking his head in a wordless no.

“Want something to drink? Eat? Pajamas?”

Shouto shook his head no once more, and Izuku didn’t press it any more than that. He led the taller boy into his bed, tucking the both of them in under the thick comforter. He combed his fingers through Shouto’s hair, humming and softly singing the words to some Disney song.

The last thing Shouto could recall before sleep fully enveloped him was Izuku’s sweet voice singing, “So this is the miracle that I've been dreaming of…” and himself nuzzling his cheek against Izuku’s.

He didn’t recall himself saying, “So this is love,” while sleeping.

Which left poor Izuku to fend for himself with his hormones, taking in a deep breath and thinking, Oh fuck me sideways with a blowtorch...speaking of a blowtorch, he is rather warm…it’s nice…

And before Izuku knew it, he was out like a light.



 Inko had a lot of questions when she saw Shouto sleeping in her son’s bed, ranging from is he okay? to oh god did they do the wedding night scene? Regardless, she couldn’t deny how adorable the sight was. Deciding that it was better to ask those questions once they woke up, she decided to take the opportunity that was presented to her and whip out her phone. Immediately going to the camera app, she proceeded to take about a dozen pictures of the two of them asleep.

Izuku, much to his horror, fluttered his eyes open to see his mother with her phone out. He didn’t have to ask what she was doing. He knew damn well what she was doing.

“M-Mom!” he squeaked, trying his best not to wake up Shouto, who was still soundly asleep in his arms. Wait – Shouto was still here.


“Shoucchan!” He shook Shouto’s shoulders a bit, “It’s time to wake up, gotta get going.” He almost added before your dad finds out, but then that would add even more questions to Inko’s list, and he didn’t want to go about discussing his boyfriend’s personal life with his mother without him.

Shouto groaned, very against the idea of waking up but knowing he had to, even if Fuyumi said she’d cover for him in the morning. He didn’t want her to get in trouble with their dad. So he reluctantly lifted his head and propped himself onto his elbows. It was then he noticed that the door was open, and standing by it was Inko. Oh fuck, he thought.

“Good morning, Yagi-san.” he blurted in a sleepy, monotonous voice.

Izuku repressed a sigh, thinking, Gods bless my boyfriend.



 The collectively pissed attitude that their class shared was putting Izuku on edge. He was already jittery from trying to explain why Shouto was in his bed this morning, and the fact that Shouto was still there so late; even when he reassured that he didn’t get caught.

Speaking of Shouto, he was gripping his spoon so tight that it looked like it was going to snap. They had decided to eat lunch in the cafeteria so that they could get the chance to confront Monoma since that’s where he typically ate.

“Target sighted. Dead Bitchass at 2 o’clock.” Mina deadpanned, pointing her fingers to the blond in question. The lucky bastard was casually conversing among his peers, not a care in the world. Like he didn’t throw the first punch to try and sabotage the town’s newest and cutest couple ever. The monster.

Shouto and Izuku both instantly stood up, followed by a couple of others, but Izuku held out a hand to stop them.

“Let us handle it first.” he murmured, waiting until they were seated again before he walked off with Shouto.

“Monoma-kun!” Izuku greeted, though it was a bit strained, letting his true feelings show. Shouto didn’t address him, but the tight, infuriated expression he wore did little to conceal his anger over the situation.

“Now what do the star-crossed lovers of Class 1-A want from me?” Monoma replied, sneering at the two of them.

Before Izuku could answer, Shouto hissed out, “Did you or did you not attempt to collude with my father to both destroy our relationship and cheat your way into the police ranks?”

He knew the answer already, but he wanted the fucker to admit it himself.

Monoma raised his brows, deciding to play dumb for a second longer, “Now what on earth are you talking about? Those are some rather bold accusations.”

Izuku huffed through his nose, not hesitating to pull out his phone and reveal the video that had his conversation with the man. Monoma watched it, his expression not changing in the slightest. Those that were sitting around and not-so-subtly listening along peeked a look, the range of reactions varying. Kendo had the most prominent one – one of disappointment.

“Well, I’ll be damned,” Monoma hummed. “But what are you going to do about it?”

“Beat your ass so badly–” Shouto began, taking another step towards Monoma, only for Izuku to grab his arm and coax him back. This was not the time to be pushing the rules, for if Shouto started a fight, then he’d get into deeper shit with his father.

Izuku didn’t want to pull the father-card completely, so instead, he said, “This isn’t fitting of a future police officer, Monoma-kun, and I can assure you All Might wouldn’t like it very much.”

“Oh, maybe not,” Monoma answered, resentment clear in his voice; it gave Izuku a clue as to what his reasons were for doing this. “But while Todoroki’s dad isn’t in the highest position, he still has quite the say. Not to mention, I don’t think causing a huge fuss over this will do Todoroki any good, now will it?”

Monoma didn’t know the full extent of Shouto’s relationship with his father, but he still wasn’t wrong and that pissed them off even more.

“But why, Monoma-kun?” Izuku whispered, his face pinching in distress.

Monoma rolled his eyes, as if Izuku had just asked the dumbest question that could ever be fathomed. “Well, Romeo over here has already managed to point that out. Other than because of my dislike for your class, I wanted to be a bit ahead when I enter the police force. Because not everyone conveniently has a dad that they can piggyback off of.”

Izuku flinched at the implication, “I do not piggyback off my dad!” he defended, face flushing hot.

“Oh really? You don’t?” Monoma laughed out, squinting his eyes at the boy. “Because you just used him to argue your point, and besides, how else would your puny self get into the police force? You’re built like a twig, trip over your own feet, and cry at the dumbest things! No one is going to take some twinky crybaby cop seriously!"

He didn’t realize how loud he was getting, the members of Izuku’s class now being able to hear every single insult Monoma was throwing at Izuku. And once Izuku’s hurt expression came into view, then it was fucking game over.

Shouto’s fists were shaking, wanting to sock Monoma so goddamn badly for insulting and upsetting his boyfriend. And just when he was just about to go ahead and say fuck it–

Monoma was cut off with a fist to his jaw. And it wasn’t Shouto’s.

Izuku froze in terror while Shouto unlocked a whole new level of respect for Ochako.

“Whoops, my fist slipped.” she spat, completely unapologetic. No one has seen her so furious before, but the other members of their class were delighted at the sight

“Hell yeah, Uraraka!” Bakugou cried out, quick to join her and send another punch to Monoma just when he stood back up. Other members of the class followed after him, all wanting to get a hit at Monoma.

“He’s much more fitting of a future policeman than you are, Monoma! Insulting him over his physical appearance and using ‘twinky’ as an jab‒of all things, really‒is completely unacceptable.” Iida added, hitting the top of Monoma’s head with one of his signature hand-chops.

“And being a ‘crybaby’ just means he’s compassionate, which is something that people would rather see in a cop than a complete jerk. ” Mina retorted, sending a slap to the blond’s face.

“Monoma, the love I bear thee can afford, no better term than this: thou art a villain!” Tokoyami declared while sending a kick to Monoma’s kneecaps.

It was Momo that pulled Shouto and Izuku back from Monoma, allowing the others to take their place. Izuku had attached himself to Shouto’s arm, conflicted on whether or not he should try to stop them. What he said and did were terrible, and as upset as he was with Monoma, he didn’t want his classmates getting in trouble‒

“Baby, it’s going to be alright,” Shouto whispered to Izuku, who didn’t realize he was muttering that whole spiel out loud. “Believe me when I say that, okay? It’ll be alright.”

And he wanted to, he really wanted to, because it’s what he’s been telling Shouto and what he promised Rei, but these sort of violent delights have violent ends.

Shouto knew that Izuku didn't enjoy this as much as he was, and knew that despite his words, their triumph would die like fire and powder. So he merely pressed a kiss to Izuku’s head, now taking the role of the comforter, the one that Izuku has been taking these past couple of days. The shorter of the two happily consumed it.

The members of Monoma’s class watched the whole scene, hesitant to act because he heard the entire thing. He was their friend, part of them, but...even they couldn’t deny it, that was fucked up of him to do and say, and the majority of them weren’t huge fans of the other class either. They weren’t the only ones who were unsure of how to react. Other members of other classes and even the few teachers that were watching over the cafeteria were clueless on what was happening, and even more so how to control it; shit like this was so uncommon that now that it’s finally happened, they aren’t sure of what to do.

“What’s going on here?!” bellowed the voice of Sekijiro Kan.

That got their attention.

It was almost comical how the lot of them froze in place at the sound of Class 2-B’s homeroom teacher. Several of them mid-yell and others mid-punch. Bakugou shamelessly took the opportunity for getting in one last cheap shot at Monoma during the diversion.

“They jumped me! Out of nowhere, and for no reason!” Monoma accused before anyone else could get a word in edgewise.

“Bullshit! You know damn well why this happened, you B-rate bastard!” Bakugou snapped, fire in his eyes. A couple of cries from their classmates arose, agreeing with Bakugou’s statement. For the next few minutes, multiple voices spoke, all trying to explain why and what happened.

Kendo huffed in annoyance, climbing on top of one of the lunch tables in order to make herself stand out more. Cupping her hands next to her mouth, she spoke loud and clear over everyone else’s voices,  “Monoma exposed Midoriya’s and Todoroki’s relationship without their consent, all to acquaint himself with Todoroki’s father, who doesn’t seem to approve all too greatly of the relationship. He then provoked them even further with mudslinging Midoriya, and everyone knows how protective they are of him.”

Monoma sent her a betrayed look. “Kendo, you traitor!”

She merely glared at him. “You shut up! You’ve crossed the line of petty classroom rivalry and have begun meddling in their personal lives for your own personal gain – I wouldn’t tolerate your crap before, so there’s no way in hell I’m going to stand for these low-level insults and conspiracies!”

“Yeah!” Testutestu cried, moving inside the crowd surrounding Monoma to grab the blond from the ground, shaking his shoulders only when he was on his feet. “I think I can speak for everyone in our class when I say that you’re our friend, Monoma, but we can’t and won’t accept this. Outing someone’s sexuality and relationship, and then insulting them when they confront you about it...that just isn’t cool man, under any circumstance.” He spoke in a soft, but serious tone that highlighted his disappointment. Seeing that he didn’t have his class’s support, there was a crack in his bitter expression.

“Why are all of you yelling?” came the tired voice of Aizawa.

“Look at what your class did!” Kan hissed, pointing at the scene before them.

Shouta Aizawa lazily turned his eyes towards the Problem Child. Then the Problem Child’s boyfriend, the Greatly in Need of Help Child. Then to the rest of his chaotic demonlings that made up his homeroom class: some defiant, some uneasy, and some proudly bearing the grin of no regrets . He quirked an eyebrow as a handful of them flicked their eyes from him to Monoma, and back at him again. It wasn’t that unlike the shit-eating smugness his cats wore with honor whenever they brought home ‘presents’ for him. He wasn’t sure whether to be worried about such an uncanny parallel or preen.

“Are you going to do something about this?” Kan sputtered.

Aizawa wasn’t an idiot. While he didn’t know every detail of course, he had overheard them enough from the previous day to know what must’ve been revealed; not to mention, the unpleasant feeling he got from Shouto’s father every time he had to interact with him added to his understanding of the situation.

Now, this wasn’t to say that he wasn’t going to chew them out and punish them later for fighting on school grounds, when they clearly should’ve taken this off-campus. But for now...

“I didn’t see anything. You deal with this,” Aizawa drawled out, zipping himself up in his yellow sleeping bag and rolling away.

Standing up was such a chore anyway.



 Toshinori was just getting comfortable at his desk when his phone buzzed. Curious, he reached for it and unlocked the device to view the new messages from his wife. A bright smile wormed its way across his face when he opened the app. He was not disappointed by what he saw.

Over half a dozen priceless photos of their precious teenage boy snuggled up with his longtime-crush-turned-boyfriend in his room.

Toshinori barely held back a snort when his phone buzzed a second time with another small burst of pictures. This time of the lovely young couple featuring Izuku bright scarlet and very much awake to realize his predicament and that his mother captured it on camera. This was the wholesome content that he lived for. The sweet moments he served and protected on the force to preserve not just for his family, but everyone in his jurisdiction.

Those pictures really did brighten his mood, and he went about the day with more pep in his step than usual. When the afternoon came about, the door of his office opened, revealing Enji.

Toshinori looked up from the paperwork he was reading through, greeting the other man with a smile, “Ah, Deputy Chief! To what do I owe the pleasure?”

Enji, of course, didn’t return the smile. Not that Toshinori expected him to. “It’s come to my attention that both our sons have been fraternizing very closely of late,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest.

Toshinori knew this had the potential to go sour, so he tried to play it safe by not mentioning the extent of their relationship,  “A wonderful thing, wouldn’t you say? My son adores your youngest and having him as a close friend. He’s a fine young man, that one. I’m thrilled they get along so well together.”

“I’m going to be blunt here, Yagi. I don’t like it, I don’t approve, and I want all ties between them severed .”

Toshinori’s smile faltered.

“And why is that? Why encourage bad blood when there’s no need?” he replied, trying hard to keep his tone light and cordial.

“Because my son does need something of this sort in his life–”

“Everyone needs friends, Enji–”

“–especially with that boy of yours, if I can even say that.”

Toshinori blinked, easily catching the venom in Enji’s voice. His smile was diminished, the corners of his mouth barely turning upright.

‘If you can even say that’ ?” Toshinori repeated, finding it even more difficult to remain civil now that he has spoken of Izuku in such a way.

Enji, to his credit, was a ballsy sort of bastard. “Well, he isn’t your real son, now is he?”

“Biologically, no,” Toshinori gritted through his teeth. “But in every other way, he is my son. He is my child in all the ways that matter.”

“You can tell yourself that,” Enji responded, sending that infamous glare of his. “But still, it is that connection to your name that I do not want my son to have. He is supposed to surpass you and that little gremlin — though if I’m being honest, I don’t think it’d take much to get above him — not get all lovey-dovey.”

Toshinori huffed, letting his agitation become more clear in his voice, “Oh what’s in a name, Enji? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet! That sort of thing doesn’t matter, and the fact that you’re disapproving of the two of them simply because of this one-sided rivalry you’ve instilled with me is ridiculous! And so are you, a grown man, calling a sixteen-year-old a gremlin!”

“Well that’s what he is!” Enji began raising his voice, as if being louder would make him sound just a tiny bit sensical. “Face it, Yagi, he is nothing more than a sad charity case that your soft, pathetic little heart fell for, and it’s rather stupid that you allow that boy to think he could ever survive long in the police ranks–”

Toshinori could no longer tolerate this slander against his son. He stood up from his desk, standing at his full height and looking down at Enji.

“I believe it is rather stupid of you to speak so poorly of my son in my presence,” Toshinori began, speaking in a harsh and intimidating voice he reserved for the cruelest of criminals. “But if you wanted to piss me off, then you’ve succeeded. Just know that any fight you pick with me or my boy is a fight you will lose. 

Enji squinted, hating with all his heart that he had to look up at the other man. Curse him and his giant genetics.

“Is that a threat, Yagi?” he hissed, though he couldn’t lie to himself, he was happy to have finally gotten a rise out of Toshinori. He should’ve insulted that broccoli-looking boy earlier.

“It’s a promise.

The tense silence was brought to an end by Toshinori’s ringtone loudly announcing ‘A PHONE CALL IS HERE!’ The police chief huffed and pulled out the device to answer, turning away from his subordinate. What he heard on the other end of the call made his face go white.




 Toshinori was a bullet on foot and behind the wheel as he floored it to his son’s high school.

A fight between students? And his boy was at the center of it? Was he hurt? Why was there a fight to begin with?

So many questions but no answers. The principal on the line only informed him of the nature of the event, that parents were being called and for him to come to the school in person in order for him to explain what transpired.

Toshinori made a beeline for the office the instant he parked and threw open the entrance doors. Once he made it passed seven archways that nearly decapitated him in his sprint through the halls – they never made these damn things tall enough, honestly – he reached his destination and only just refrained from kicking the door off its hinges as he would in a raid.

His breathing heavy, Toshinori surveyed the room. The principal, the mysterious individual known only as ‘Nedzu’ (the subject of his origins of which had lead to many a debate the true answers of which Nedzu himself neither confirmed nor denied) sat serenely at his desk with the same, ever-present calm smile on his face. The kind that both comforted and made you uneasy. Somehow.

“Ah, Yagi-sama! Nice to see you again.” Nedzu greeted, as if everything was just fine and dandy when everything was definitely not fine and dandy.

“I came as soon as you called! Is everything all right?” Toshinori shot off, turning towards his child and swooping him close. “Izuku, my boy! Are you hurt at all?! Is Young Todoroki injured either!?”

Izuku exploded into crimson as his face was smashed firm against his father’s rigid twelve-pack. “Dad! I’m fine! You’re crushing me!”

Oh my god, why do you have to do this in front of Shoucchan! Like I really need more reasons for everyone to treat me like the baby of our class!

Shouto felt his own cheeks dust pink as his eyes glittered at the tender sight. So precious…I’m totally going to tease him for this later.

“My love, both boys are just fine. Not a scratch on them,” Inko soothed, placing a soft hand on her husband’s back. “I know. I fussed and checked over them both thoroughly when I arrived here earlier.”

Izuku groaned against his father’s ripped chest with his remaining air supply at the memory. Unlike his father, his mom had all but strip searched them for even a paper cut on their persons. Shouto merely smiled, happy to have someone so similar to his own mother to show such concern and care for him the way she did.

However, he was morbidly relieved when Izuku prevented her from having them partially undress to check for injuries. Had he not, they would’ve found the other scars. The old and the new.

“Ah, there was quite the fuss over those two,” Nedzu said as if they weren’t aware of that at all. “The two weren’t involved in the actual physical fighting, but they were the reasons behind it. From what I was told, a child in their opposing class named Monoma exposed the two’s relationship to Todoroki’s father for personal gain, then proceeded to insult Midoriya in front of him and his classmates. Uraraka threw the first punch, and that’s when other members of their class began to join in, set on defending the two’s honor.”

Inko and Toshinori listened with rapt attention, faces slipping back into more serious expressions.

“We’re not entirely sure how we’re going to go about punishing them for starting a fight on school grounds, even if said child seemed to deserve it.” Nedzu went on, “We considered the usual punishments – suspension, expulsions, canceling their participation in the Cultural Festival, but the teacher himself vetoed the ideas, claiming to have something better planned out for them.

Both Izuku and Shouto shuddered, knowing that whatever punishment Aizawa was going to be much worse than any of the options presented.

“Well, I’d certainly like to have a word with this young man’s parents.” Toshinori declared.

Nedzu nodded, clasping his hands together, “That can certainly be arranged.”




 The four made their way to the car, both respective couples side by side. Shouto leaned his head against Izuku’s the second he got the chance, surprisingly exhausted from such a long meeting. All of their parents got called, including his own. That encounter did not go particularly well.

Shouto watched his father stormed into the office, letting his fury be known. His arm moved towards Izuku’s, the underlying fear that Enji would come and get his love surfacing for a moment. He was unaware that Izuku made similar moves, had a similar fear – except for Shouto’s safety instead of his own.

“What is the meaning of all of this, Shouto?!” Enji hissed.

“No, no, Enji, don’t come in here throwing such a fit,” Toshinori said, his voice tight, expression quickly switching to something more hostile. Shouto had never seen Izuku’s father act in such a way, and from the shocked look on Izuku’s and Inko’s face, they haven’t either. Or at least, not in a very long time.

Something must have happened between the two.

What that was, he still wasn’t entirely sure. He didn’t have the time to really to think about it till now, since the rest of the meeting was just as extreme, especially when Monoma’s parents came around. They demanded the punishments that Nedzu mentioned and threatened to sue the school, which riled up the students and a few parents, but Toshinori and Aizawa managed to convince them otherwise.

Aizawa, in particular, promised to not only grill their asses but cited a rather specific punishment: they would spend detention cleaning up the school, which didn’t sound too terrible since students staying after to do so was a common practice – but, it would only be them cleaning the monstrosity that was the U.A. building. And not just for every day, they would also be the ones to clean up after every school event, including the upcoming Cultural Festival.

Oh, and this would be for the rest of their high school careers.

Who knows if that was really enough or if it was overkill, but it seemed to satisfy Monoma’s parents.

Shouto was given some satisfaction when Toshinori declared that it’d be rather difficult for Monoma to rise up in the ranks now after the shit he pulled. Enji too got many glares and comments from the majority of the people present, but the real cherry on top is when Shouto had managed to escape with his love’s family after Toshinori insisted that Enji return to work with a smile so threatening that Shouto was certain it was going to be present in his nightmares.

“So, apart from the fight, did you both have a good day?” Inko asked, trying to bring an air of normalcy back into their day.

Shouto felt compelled to be honest to this woman, so he answered truthfully, “Not really.”

Inko’s brows furrowed, a new wave of worry filling her form. She was a compassionate woman, and she’s always held a soft spot for Shouto, especially now that she’s gotten the full understanding of how he feels for her boy.

She noticed those soft gazes, the gentle touches throughout the entirety of the meeting, the ones Shouto gave and the ones her boy gave. She also noted the shift of their expressions and body language – the flashes of fear, the tilted elbows, ready to shoot out and cover the other at any moment. It was concerning to her, but as much as she wanted to find out, she didn’t want to upset Shouto.

“Well, would you mind sharing why that’s the case?” She asked.

Again, Shouto was honest with her, “The past couple of days have just been stressful with Monoma and my dad.”

Izuku slid his hand into Shouto’s, intertwining their fingers together. The green haired boy had a feeling that his parents might raise concern over Shouto’s relationship with his father, and honestly, he was hoping that they would. He wanted that fucker taken down, and he knew his parents could do it, but that was up to Shouto on whether or not he wanted to reveal that.

As if Toshinori could read Izuku’s mind, he said, “That’s understandable. Speaking of your father, I had a concerning conversation with him in my office.”

“I’m sorry for anything he said,” Shouto immediately replied with, and it twisted at Toshinori’s heart that his automatic response was to apologize for his father. “I know he won’t say it himself,” Shouto added.

“Oh, there’s no need for that.” Toshinori murmured, turning around in his seat to give Shouto a gentle look. “Never apologize on his behalf, alright?”

Shouto straightened his head to give him a nod, and that made a faint smile grow on Toshinori’s features.

“What did he say, though?” questioned Inko.

Toshinori turned back around, answering his wife, “That he didn’t like Shouto’s and Izuku’s relationship, which I expected.” His face hardened when he said the next part, “He also made some rather insulting remarks about Izuku, as well.

Shouto squeezed Izuku’s hand hard when the said boy himself could only sigh at that fact. It was just the day to talk shit about him, wasn’t it?

Inko gripped at the steering wheel, her worried features turning to one of tranquil fury. “Really, him as well? If I knew of this while we were at the school, I would’ve given him a piece of my mind.” She said it with such a venom that shocked all three males in the car, and Shouto began reevaluating who he was more afraid of: a pissed Toshinori or a pissed Inko.

“Oh believe me when I say I did so, dear,” Toshinori huffed.

The Yagi household was in sight, so Inko kept quiet, wanting to finish this conversation inside the house. Less than a minute later, she had parked the car and was unlocking the door, the other three right behind her.

“Let’s sit in the living room,” Inko suggested, and they merely nodded in response. Izuku and Shouto took up one couch, and Inko and Toshinori took another one.

“Now, did he say anything else, love?” She looked to Toshinori, deciding to tackle that first. Inko was usually so expressive and emotional, so for her to sound this calm…

Shouto had made up his mind. He was definitely more afraid of her than Toshinori.

“He made comments on how Izuku isn’t my ‘real son’ because we’re not biologically related.” He answered. He wasn’t sure he was going to mention that before, but now he realized it was better to be honest, especially seeing how she was right now. She was definitely the calm before the storm, and he hasn’t seen this sort of anger in her in years.

Inko let out a humorless laugh, “Like he knows what it takes to be a father.”

Shouto and Izuku both made sounds that resembled a choked snort. Toshinori let out a small ‘ooh’.

“Got that right,” Shouto murmured.

Inko caught onto that comment. She turned her attention onto him, stating loud and clear, “Now Shouto, I don’t want to press you into saying something you don’t want to say, but if there’s anything you want to reveal about your father, we’re all ears.”

That motherly concern seeped back into her features as she reached to grab Shouto’s free hand, adding, “Because as premature as this may sound, you’re a member in this family too, alright? And we really care for you. We don’t want to see you hurt by such an awful man.”

Up until now, Shouto was still unsure about whether or not he was going to tell Inko and Toshinori. Even after revealing this situation to Izuku, he was still so used to concealing everything for the sake of protecting his father’s reputation. It was all he’s ever known. But the soft, genuine look in their faces, and Inko’s words are what broke him.

It also made him understand that loving and warm families that aren’t toxic, that handle whatever comes to them with care and support, that aren’t broken and wounded exist in this world. It was something he always knew, but now he was able to comprehend it – and now he was also realizing that he was finally part of one.

His face crumpled, and for the first time is God knows how long, he cried.

Izuku was quick to wrap his arms around him and cradle him as his mother would, and Shouto let him, merely wrapping his own arms around the other.

And then he told them everything – the abuse his family suffered, especially what he and his mother went through, how it messed up his mother to the point of harming him, and how he’s taken hits for Izuku when Enji threatened to hurt him. He also mentioned how it was getting better with his mother, but that as long as Enji continued acting the way he did, it would never be fully resolved.

“The only people that know all this that isn’t related to me are Izuku and Bakugou.” Shouto finished, nuzzling his face into Izuku’s shoulder. Izuku was on the brink of tears, but he didn’t let them fall, he only tightened his hold on his love.

Toshinori and Inko had known that something was wrong in the Todoroki household, but to hear it confirmed alongside the fact that Enji threatened to harm their boyIt made their hearts ache and their blood boil.

For now, however, Inko merely stood up and made her way over to the two boys, wrapping her arms around them and holding them as tight as she could. Toshinori was quick to follow in their steps.

“Thank you for telling us, Shouto,” Inko whispered, feeling that bulge in her throat, “I’m so sorry for all that you had to go through.”

Her and Toshinori were certainly going to do something about this, mark their fucking words.