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what a tragedy

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One class, all together in stupidity
In fair U.A., where we lay our scene
Where romantic tensions lay,
Causing other students to sigh in dismay
From forth these tensions, lies two boys,
A pair so oblivious to another’s feelings
A pair who’re somewhat similar,
To the infamous star-crossed lovers,
With one boy’s father despising the other
And whose romance would only infuriate the man more,
Is now the multi-chapter traffic of this stage–
To which of you with careful eyes attend,
Probably praying for this romantic tension to end.



“The Cultural Festival is coming up,” Aizawa deadpanned. “You guys need to figure out what to do.”

Damn near everyone cheered at the announcement, meaning they’d get some sort of break from their insane studies – U.A. was one of the most prestigious schools in the country, and the curriculum was ruthless, so the students appreciated any sort of distraction.

“We should do a maid cafe!” Mineta suggested, drooling at the thought of the girls in maids outfits. He was promptly slapped by Tsuyu; the only other person alright with that idea being Kaminari.

“A play!” Aoyama suggested, throwing his hands in a dramatic pose. “My sparkles would look marvelous on stage!”

This suggestion was better received, which made Aoyama preen.

“Oh yeah! That could be fun!” Ochako chirped, looking at Deku besides her. “Don’t you agree?”

Deku was never one for theatre, but he could appreciate the amount of work put into stage productions. Almost everyone else was hyped by the idea, and seeing how he had no other opinion, he agreed.

“It could be.” The response brought a smile to the girl’s face, and Deku couldn’t help but smile back. There was a reason he had a crush on her during their first year. But now his eyes drifted over to the person that held his affections now…

Todoroki looked bored, but Deku could tell from the way his lips went upwards just the tiniest bit and from the way his eyes crinkled that he was amused by everyone else. It didn’t look like much, but it was progress that made Deku proud. Especially considering how their first interactions went during their first year.

“I know you’re planning on becoming a police officer. And you know my father,” Todoroki stated, standing in the opposite of the hallway. His voice matched his eyes, cold and steady. “Even now...He wants to make sure I surpass your father and you. Remember that, Midoriya.”

He was anything but steady though, Deku had quickly learned. He didn’t want to dive deeply into that right now though, it would only make his heart break again, so he simply kept his attention on how pretty Todoroki’s hair looked this early in the morning. Well, it always looked pretty, but right now it was still freshly brushed and the lighting–

“Deku, are you mentally going off about how pretty Todoroki is again?” Ochako cooed, a smug grin growing on her features as Deku’s face turned bright red. He moved his arms in a funny position to cover his face, sputtering out excuses.

“W-well, how could you not? I mean...I-I can’t go off about that out loud! Remember the time he nearly caught me doing that? That was horrific! I’m not taking that risk again! Nope! That would...that would be embarrassing!”

“Oh my god, could you shut the fuck up?” Bakugou looked back, glaring at the two for a short second before his eyes went to Ochako. “When the fuck did you get over here?”

“Kacchan! Be nice to her!” Deku scolded, getting nothing but an eye-roll. His relationship with Katsuki was an odd one, at least to other people. He had grown up with the boy, their moms being best friends since forever. It was impossible not to see each other, no matter how much Katsuki attempted to separate himself from Deku when they were younger; heck, he was even the reason behind the Deku nickname. But eventually, he accepted fate, and the two developed a weird brotherly-kind of relationship.

It seemed the second Deku took his eyes off Todoroki, the bi-colored boy looked his way. He couldn’t catch what three were saying, though he could assume it went along the lines of teasing and exasperation.

Todoroki was a little jealous, he wouldn’t lie. Even if he and Deku were good friends now, Ochako was still his best friend and Katsuki was his childhood friend. Speaking of best and childhood friends…

Momo looked at him, knowing exactly who he was staring at.

“Your pining is painful to watch, I hope you know that.”

“I do, you tell me every day.”

Momo sighed, looking over at Tokoyami, the other boy only shaking his head. Those two suffered the most of Todoroki’s pining, and every day they gently urged him to go and ask Midoriya out. But, to no avail.

They had to help the poor sap out before he dies without telling Deku, or vice versa, because those two were so fucking obvious it was actually painful.

A light bulb went over Momo’s head, and with a soft smile, she stood up and leaned over to Tokoyami, whispering something in his ear. Todoroki squinted at the two of them, not trusting whatever it was they were discussing. Finally, Tokoyami raised his voice, “If we were to do a play, what play would we perform?”

The room went quiet. One, because Tokoyami actually talked, and two, because he brought up a very good question.

“How about Romeo and Juliet?” Momo suggested, “We read that for English, so we’re all familiar with the play.”

“Ooh, that could be cool!” Tooru cheered, both Mina and Ochako following alongside her.

Bakugou couldn’t agree, “The play idea is already bad, don’t make it worse by picking that shitty ass play to do!”

“Shut up! We all know you enjoyed it,” Sero snickered, ignoring the slew of slurs that came his way. Iida yelled at them both before looking over at Momo. “You’re right, I think it’s better to pick a play we’re already familiar with! Does anyone else have any objection besides Bakugou?”

“Anything works,” Denki agreed, and that seemed to be the thought everyone else had.

“Perfect! Now let’s go about deciding the roles,” Momo made her way to the front, grabbing a marker and beginning to write everyone’s name and the characters on the board. “Since I doubt any of us want to go through auditions, how about we do the ladder game?”

That only made Todoroki’s suspicions worse: he knew damn well that she’d sit through auditions to make sure the right parts were handed out. He didn’t say anything though, wanting to see through this before making a wild accusation.

Big mistake.

They all watch as Momo constructs the ladders, choosing everyone’s roles. Denki and Sero were Sampson and Gregory; Mina was Abram; Kouda was Peter; Satou was Balthasar; Shouji was Prince Escalus; Momo was Friar Lawrence; Kirishima was Benvolio; Aoyama was Paris; Tooru and Oijiro were Lord and Lady Montague; Tsuyu and Iida were Lord and Lady Capulet; Tokoyami was Mercutio; Jirou was The Chorus; and Ochako was The Nurse.

Now there were only three roles left, and Deku was sweating.

“Now it seems Tybalt will be…” Momo said while finishing the ladder, making sure to avoid Todoroki’s or Midoriya’s name. “Bakugou!”

“What!?” Katsuki exclaimed, pissed to be stuck with a speaking role, even though it was better than the other two options. “Grape-Juice can take that role! I don’t wanna do it!”

“You’re a rather fitting Tybalt, though,” Tsuyu commented. “More so than Mineta.”

Now Deku was sweating even more, and Todoroki was fully aware of Momo’s plans now.

That little shit.

“Now, for our two main leads!” Momo cheered, some of the others cheering alongside her.

“Mineta still didn’t have a role,” Deku muttered to himself, though he had a feeling Momo wouldn’t allow the little shit to be Romeo even if the ladder game was supposed to be a game of chance.

Momo began drawing the ladder for Romeo, and sure enough, it landed on Todoroki’s.

“Our Romeo shall be Todoroki!” She announced, looking right back at the boy as she did so. He was still squinting at her, wordlessly telling her to not to do what he believed she was gonna do.

Momo smiled at him, seemingly sweet, but Todoroki knew that was a tired, smug smile.

Fuck him gently with a chainsaw.

She turned back to the board, drawing the final ladder for Juliet.

“And now for our starlet!”

Mina started drumming on her table, which stirred others to join along, drawing the tension of who would take the final role. Ochako joined along in this, sending a smile to Deku, only to see him nervously chewing on his fingernails and muttering at a rapid pace.

She had suspicions that Momo was doing some of these on purpose, and she honestly wished she was. If she had to see another year of those two pining over one another, she was certain she’d yeet herself into the sun. They should at least be gross and lovey-dovey together, it was just sad seeing them be all that on their own.

Momo’s declaration set a stepping stone for that.

“Our Juliet shall be Midoriya!”

Hollers and cheers erupted while Deku’s face exploded into fifty shades of red cause oh my god Todoroki is Romeo and I’m Juliet I am going to dieeeeeee.

Todoroki’s cheeks burned a more subtle pink while he threw a glare at Momo, who was still wearing her smile.

Aizawa watched all of this go down with a sigh because even he was aware of the pining between the two boys and had picked up on Momo’s plan the second she mentioned the ladder game. Now, was he going to be a responsible teacher and insist on doing auditions to better the performance?

No, because he had a bet with Yamada that the two would be together by the end of the year and that cat patterned sleeping bag looked fucking amazing.

“So it’s all settled then? Good, you’ll start working on it tomorrow.” He announced just as the bell rang, dismissing them all from homeroom and setting everything in stone.

Midoriya Izuku was going to die before he even turned seventeen. 

Todoroki Shouto was going to shove Momo into a freezer.