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Wright Brew Cafe.

September 10th




It was a busy Monday morning in the ‘Wright Brew’ Cafe. Customers seeking shelter from the early autumn breeze came inside in a steady stream, ordering hot coffees and breakfast pastries to go while they were on their journey to work. Among the bleary-eyed students and businessmen that were looking for their caffeine fix there was also the usual groups of parents coming in for tea and a chat once they had dropped the children off at school, as well as the elderly customers looking for a calm place to enjoy their crossword and a slice of cake.

 Of course, if you were looking for a calm place then the Wright Brew. Cafe would certainly not be it.

 Apollo had only been on shift for an hour and yet he had already served countless numbers of hot drinks and pastries, his movements had almost become robotic and were reduced to a mechanical process of taking order after order, caused by the tiredness setting in from a lack of sleep. Thankfully he wasn’t alone, Athena was sat on a stool behind the counter nursing a cup of tea and eating a croissant, getting up to help occasionally when there was one too many customers for Apollo to handle at once.

Trucy was probably still in the apartment above the coffee shop where her and Mr. Wright lived, but she would no doubt be bounding down the stairs soon enough, ready to help with anything needed around the shop as well as amusing the customers with the odd magic trick. Then Mr. Wright himself would make his way down, stop long enough to grab a coffee to go and then would no doubt be out of the shop and on his way to another wedding planning session with his soon-to-be husband.

Apollo glanced at the calendar on the wall; there were only two months to go until Phoenix Wright would be getting married to Miles Edgeworth- who was also the owner of the patisserie directly opposite the Cafe and a long-time friend of Phoenix’s. The planning however had been ongoing for months before now, which meant while Mr. Wright was off choosing flower types and god knows what Apollo was left to make sure the cafe remained standing.

This was considerably easier said than done. The board they set up in the staff room after one too many accidents currently read ‘It has been [1] day since the last incident’, regarding the magic trick gone wrong yesterday- when Trucy accidentally sent a plate flying off a (very unhappy) customers table. Apollo cringed at the memory of the cafe regular Ms. Oldbag shouting for a solid 5 minutes about the ‘disrespect youths had’ whilst Trucy stood apologising.

As Apollo finished yet another order, this time for a thankfully sweeter old lady, the door opened and in shuffled in the tired face of a college student Apollo knew all too well.

“Hey Polly” She sighed and stepped inside the counter where Apollo and Athena were still working at a steady pace.

Apollo tried not to roll his eyes at the nickname, “Hi Ema,” he replied before coming to a realisation “Wait, you don’t work on Mondays- why are you here?”

“Wow, pleased to see you too- and I know, but I’m hungry and my dorm is out of food” She grabbed a cinnamon roll from the display and sat on the spare stool next to Athena, who smiled sleepily at her as she sat down.

Apollo could tell this was going to be a long day.




It was just after Apollo’s lunchbreak when Mr. Wright came bursting into the cafe through the door that led to the upstairs apartment. He was hastily pulling on a jacket whilst balancing a thermos full of what was most likely coffee. Customers sat around the shop all stopped mid-conversation to see what the commotion was about, and even Apollo and Athena craned their necks at the sight of their boss making a scene. Seeing their questioning glances, Phoenix stopped and nervously scratched the back of his neck;

“I’m uh, late for a meeting with Miles and the florist,” He admitted with a nervous laugh before beginning to make his way to the door of the cafe, a lot calmer than he had entered, “I’ll be back later. Apollo, you’re in charge again” he called over his shoulder.

Apollo replied with a nod and an “absolutely Mr. Wright!” before the man left the shop and started in a slight jog down the street.

Ema sighed loudly next to him, she was now sat at one of the stools on the other side of the counter and tapping away at her forensic college work on her laptop, “To this day I still wonder how Miles manages to put up with Nick” She said with a shake of her head before smiling “It’s a good job they’re crazy about each other.” Ema had known both Mr. Wright and Edgeworth since she was young and had watched them both go from being rivals in the food industry, to friends and eventually, an item.

Another pair of footsteps were heard approaching the shop from upstairs not long after Mr. Wrights appearance, these ones considerably softer than previously. Trucy then appeared, bouncing into the shop in her full magician attire clearly ready to start entertaining some of the guests. The ones that were regulars at the shop acknowledged her with excited smiles and greetings, all fans of the young entertainer.

“Hey Trucy” Apollo called, followed by accompanying “hello’s” from Ema and Athena.

“Hey everyone!” she chimed before pulling out a pile of papers from a satchel she had around her shoulder along with a staple gun. She then skipped over to the cafe’s notice board and stapled up one of the sheets neatly among the ads and ‘Lost Pet’ queries.

“Whatcha got there Trucy?” Athena called to her. Trucy replied with a smile and passed one of the sheets over the counter to Athena;

“Flyers” she chirped as Athena read while Apollo and Ema craned their necks to read over her shoulder.


~~ Wanted ~~

Entertainers looking for a platform to showcase their talent!

Saturday Evenings from 6pm at the ‘Wright Brew’ Cafe.

Inquire within for an audition- limited places available.


“Entertainment nights?” Apollo questioned.

Trucy nodded “Yep! Daddy and I thought it would be a great way to build some popularity for the shop and it will help kickstart my magician career if I’m working actual gigs.”

“It’s not a bad idea!” Athena grinned before falling into a moment of thought “But are there really going to be many people coming forward to audition?”

“That’s where I was hoping you guys would come in- is there anyone you know that we can bring in?”

Apollo sighed, “Well unless you count Clay’s ability to name every space rock from here to the next galaxy, then no, sorry”

Then Ema, who had been in silent up to this point gave a thoughtful hum and everyone turned to her, “I know someone who I reckon would be up for it. He’s an ass with too much ego, but he’s talented for sure.” She pulled her phone out and began tapping away, “I’m gonna go see if I can find him, I’ll see you guys later” she waved as she headed out the front door. Trucy clapped her hands together with a soft cheer;

“Great! I have a good feeling about this!”

Her enthusiasm was contagious as Apollo also felt the corners of his mouth tug up into a smile and Athena gave her a high-five.

“Right, I have to go and post these around town-I’ll be back later, be good!” Trucy winked and skipped out the door, leaving Apollo and Athena behind the counter.

“I don’t know about you Apollo,” Athena said as she started to get back to work “But I think things are about to get very lively around here.”




Trucy had come back to the cafe after half an hour of posting flyers outside and was now back helping Apollo and Athena. The cafe began to slowly fill with people who were finishing work for the day and looking for somewhere to wind down. Athena was in the back, mixing up tomorrows batches of cakes while Apollo and Trucy worked behind the counter.

As the rush began to die down, the bell over the door rang while Apollo was wiping down the tables. He looked up to see Ema re-entering the cafe, however this time there was a tall figure trailing behind her.

Ema strolled over to the counter with a sigh, “Trucy you owe me one for dragging him here”

The tall figure stood next to Ema and gave a wave, “Guten tag.” Apollo was almost taken aback by the man’s bright smile and greeting, but Ema just rolled her eyes. Curious, Apollo re-joined them at the counter and Athena also popped out of the kitchen.

“Everyone, this is Klavier Gavin. Klavier-” She gestured to Apollo and the others, “This is Trucy, Athena, and Apollo”

Trucy greets him happily in return, her enthusiasm was astounding.

Klavier flips his long blonde hair over his shoulder dramatically, “I understand you’re looking for some talent to perform here, ja?” he says, and Apollo instantly understood why Ema looked like she was finished with the world for the day.

Trucy continued in her friendly manner, “Yes indeed! What can you do?”

“I’m a singer fraulein, also play guitar” He smiled brightly, and despite his obvious ego-it was attractive. Klavier’s eyes flickered over to Apollo, and he felt the blush rise as he realised he was staring and quickly averted his eyes.

Thankfully, his attention was drawn back to Trucy a moment later who hummed, “That’s great! Do you think you’d be able to come back later for a small audition? We close at half 6 today so you can come back then and show something to just us if that’s okay?”

“Absolutely! That gives me time to go and grab my guitar and prepare some music. Would you prefer covers or original songs?”

“Anything is good, whatever’s easiest for you!”

Trucy and Klavier fell into a smaller conversation about technicalities for a few minutes before they wrapped it up. He exchanged numbers with Trucy and said goodbye before turning to Apollo and Athena and waving to them also, his eyes lingering on Apollo for a moment longer than strictly necessary before turning and heading out through the front door with a smile, bell ringing as it closed.

Apollo felt a presence beside him and looked to see Athena leaning into him with that smug grin he knew so well;

“He was cute, don’t you think Polly?” she suggested innocently, but Apollo knew exactly what she was implying.

“Another word Athena and I’m putting you on pot washing duty for the next week”

She laughed and walked away with a shrug, “I’m just saying” she winked before grabbing the mop and heading out the counter to start cleaning the floor instead of interfering with her co-worker’s love life.

Apollo had a bad feeling about this.

The number of customers in the cafe began to slowly die down as Apollo and Athena began closing down. Athena mopped and cleaned tables while Apollo cleaned the coffee machines and cake trays. Trucy was in the back, prepping more cake batches for tomorrow; despite being only 17 nearing 18, she had picked up a lot from her father and was excellent at baking.

By half six, the sun had begun to set outside and Apollo said goodbye to the remaining patrons. As he was about to lock the door behind them, a familiar face appeared at the door.

He was wearing the same shirt and ripped jeans as before, but this time there was a heavy guitar case with him also, “Good evening,” he greeted with a smile.

Apollo hesitated at the sudden arrival, “Oh hi, Klavier, right?”

“Ja, are you ready for me to come in? If not, I can wait it’s no problem”

Apollo realised he was still stood in the doorway, blocking the entry, “No it’s fine come on in, I’ll go grab the others.”

Klavier walked in behind Apollo and hovered in the middle of the room while Apollo gathered Trucy and Athena. Trucy bounced out with excitement and clapped her hands.

“Great to see you back Klavier!” She pointed to an area in the corner of the coffee shop that had been cleared of tables, “I was thinking that would be a good place to set up if that works well for you? There’s sockets in the wall if you need them”

“Looks good fraulein! It will only take me a few minutes to set up so carry on with your close by all means”

Trucy smiled, “Sweet! Apollo could you get Klavier a drink while Athena helps me take the trash out?”

As she turned back around, she gave a look to Athena that suggested they had been planning on setting him up with that question. Apollo fought the urge to sigh and looked back at Klavier who was looking at him with an amused glint in his eye.

“What can I get you to drink?”

He smiled softly, “Just a water would be fine, if it’s no trouble”

Apollo nodded dumbly and walked back behind the counter where he filled a glass with ice and water. He wasn’t sure what was making him feel so on edge, but he was pretty sure it was standing 10 feet away from him.

He carried the glass over and sat it down on a table next to Klavier, who was tuning his guitar.

“Ice as well? You are generous,” he said lightly to Apollo, who was slowly coming to the realisation that he should definitely consider a career change. Somewhere that didn’t involve interacting with over-confident boys who have pretty smiles. Like a morgue.

Words at this point failed him, so it was just as well that Trucy and Athena chose to come back at that moment. Klavier looked away from Apollo at their entrance;

“I believe I’m about ready to go!”

“Great!” Athena cheered “Time to see if the boy can sing”

Klavier laughed and sat on a stool with the guitar on his lap, “For now I’m just going to sing a cover, and I’m sticking with softer songs to fit with the vibe of the coffee shop.”

“That’s great, go when you’re ready!” Trucy announced, in true showbiz mode. Her and Athena sat on chairs a few tables away while Apollo stood a little further away, leaning against the coffee shop counter.

There was something intriguing about Klavier, and Apollo wasn’t so sure what was getting him so worked up over it. He was good looking that was for sure, but he also seemed to have an ego the size of a bus, and that was after knowing him for less than a day. Maybe he was just overthinking all of this, Trucy and Athena’s looks and hints were influencing him. Yep, that had to be it.

The room fell quiet, and all eyes fell on Klavier. Then, he started to play.

Apollo recognised the song, it was in his own collection (After all, everyone needed a bit of Adele in their lives). However, despite knowing it already he was dumbfounded by Klavier’s playing. Ema was right, he was really talented.

His eyes were closed as his fingers deftly ran along his guitar with a practiced grace. The playful look he had moments earlier was gone and replaced with a heartfelt emotion as his voice poured out the lyrics. Apollo found that he couldn’t quite look away, but out the corners of his field of vision, he saw Athena and Trucy with equally shocked expressions.

The only sound in the cafe for those few minutes was Klavier and his guitar, everything else had stopped around them.

As the last few notes died out, Klavier opened his eyes and looked up, the songs emotion being replaced with a soft smile and raised eyebrow. When no one spoke for a minute, he shrugged,


“you’re hired” Trucy said immediately and Athena nodded beside her while clapping softly. Even Apollo found himself inching closer.

The girls stood up and bounced over to Klavier, giving him words of praise as he sat there, laughing softly.

Trucy turned around to Apollo; “What did you think Polly?”

“Oh. Um. It was good, really good”

Klavier looked up at him, a glint in his eye, “Thank you,” a pause, “...Polly”

He was going to kill Trucy.

But that could come later, for now he ignored the nickname and enjoyed the happy atmosphere instead, excitement lingering in the coffee shop brought about by the new addition to the team.