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A Love to Die For – How This Love Became

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It has been hours since Mario, Peach, and their new friend, Cappy, have boarded the Odyssey and traveled back to Earth. Bowser, very sad and upset about his billionth failed attempt to kidnap and marry the princess of The Mushroom Kingdom, was, however, left behind and is still currently stranded in the Moon Kingdom with no way of returning home to his castle. His servants and kids, all knowing where their king said that he was going to be for the wedding, have not yet sent out somebody with an airship to pick him up, which infuriates Bowser tremendously.

After wandering aimlessly around the moon, finding absolutely no willing soul kind enough to transport him back to his kingdom on Earth, the distraught Koopa king begins to feel that he is about to lose his mind, becoming angrier and angrier by the second.

“I'm never gonna be able to marry Peach now!” Bowser states out loud to himself as he throws his clenched fists down to his sides, “It's hopeless! She doesn't even want to marry stupid Mario either!”

Ready to explode, Bowser stomps his foot on the ground as hard as he can and grabs a hold of his hair with both hands, repeatedly roaring and yelling, “She doesn't want to fucking marry anybody!!!” As he releases one last loud, rage-filled roar, he throws himself down onto the hard, rocky surface of the moon, landing flat on his behind.

After a few minutes of pouting and glaring down at the ground in silence, he tells himself, “I'm done with that bitch! I should've never have agreed to try and marry her.”

Bowser then takes another quick look around and scans the many craters and rock formations surrounding him, seeing no signs of life anywhere any longer. “I guess l have no choice but to just sit here and wait around some more for my troops to come and rescue me,” he tells himself as he stares up at Earth floating in the far distance, “If they ever will. I'm starting to wonder...”

Feeling completely abandoned, Bowser begins to tear up again and hangs his head in utter shame and despair, mumbling to himself, “Sometimes I wish I was never born...”

Back on Earth, as Luigi prepares for his journey to the Moon Kingdom, he straps on his silver travel case to his back and ties a few balloons around it, making him light enough to lift off the ground. After he puts on his favorite polka-dotted, lime green bow tie, he heads outside his house and leaps up off the ground as high as his legs will allow him to, with the wind calmly carrying him all the way to the edge of the Earth's atmosphere.

Once he has left his home planet and enters the stratosphere, he observes his surroundings and says to himself, “I never realized how peaceful and quiet it was up here in space.” As the plumber admires the many bright, shining stars that pass him by, he adds, “I actually feel like I can think clearly and gather my thoughts here.”

Luigi then pulls a map of the moon out of his pocket and begins to study it.

“Alright, so, I can hide some balloons here and there. Maybe some can go here as well...” He stops to ponder for a second and points to different places on the map, asking himself, “Maybe a few could go there as well?” The plumber takes a closer look at a collection of X's clustered together, and decides, “Nah, they would probably be too easy to find there.”

He reconsiders his decision and says, “Maybe, instead, they could-”

Luigi's thought becomes interrupted by the sound of a deep, loud, booming voice, echoing in the distance. Caught off guard, as well as being a bit frightened, he immediately puts down his map and looks down at the moon's surface miles below him.

“Is that Bowser?” Luigi asks himself.

Sure enough, the plumber notices the spiky-shelled Koopa sitting on the moon all alone, sobbing miserably to himself.

Luigi thinks for a minute, and then says, “Maybe I should go down there and see if he needs any help?” He briefly scans the area below him and soon discovers that Bowser doesn't have an airship nearby. “He looks like he's stuck here.”

This could be a good time to finally tell Bowser how you really feel about him.

He quickly disregards that idiotic thought and tells himself, “No, not this time. He really needs help more than anything right now.”

The plumber then steadily lowers himself down in front of the despondent beast.

As Bowser starts to feel Luigi's presence, he slowly removes his hands from his face and looks up at the figure standing in front of him. Surprised, and a little startled, to see somebody that he knows standing here on the moon with him, the miserable Koopa immediately stops himself from crying and wipes away the tears from his eyes and cheeks.

“Green 'Stache?! G- Goddammit, you scared me half to death!” Bowser tells Luigi, “W- What are you doing here?”

“I came to set up for an event for The Mushroom Kingdom and saw you down here all by yourself."

Bowser, still sniffling, utters, “Oh.”

“Is everything okay?” Luigi asks, sounding very concerned.

“Oh yeah, fine! Everything here is just peachy!” Bowser answers sarcastically. He then looks down at the ground and begins to tear up again.

Luigi knows that when Bowser uses words like peachy, it means that Peach has rejected him again.

Still very stunned to see the beast so sad instead of only angry for once, the plumber asks, “Bowser, have you been crying?”

“N- No!” Bowser snarls, looking Luigi directly in the eye, “And even if I was, what's it to you anyway?!”

“N- Nothing! I- I'm just worried about you is all.”

Bowser snorts in disgust and crosses his arms, insisting, “Yeah, well, I don't need your sympathy.”

He then lets out a long sigh and hangs his head down in shame again, mumbling underneath his breath, “I don't need anything from anyone anymore...”

Not sure of what else to say or do, the green plumber decides to gingerly sit himself down on the ground in front of the pouting beast.

After sharing a minute of awkward silence with each other, Bowser asks, “Why did you say you were here again, Greenie?”

Ignoring the fact that the Koopa still cannot recall his name, Luigi tells him, “Like I said, I'm supposed to be setting up for an event for The Mushroom Kingdom that I like to call Luigi's Balloon World.”

Bowser raises an eyebrow at the plumber, a bit curious as to what Luigi's Balloon World is about.

“Well, I go around the world and hide balloons throughout each kingdom involved in the event, and whoever can find the most balloons wins a million coins and dinner with the princess.”

Loathing the fact that Luigi mentioned Peach, Bowser asks, almost shooing him away, “Well, why aren't you out there setting up for this big event then?!”

“Because,” he pauses, looking deep into the monstrous beast's despairing eyes, “This is more important to me right now.”

“Why are you being so nice to me, Green 'Stache?” Bowser asks, a little suspicious of the plumber's kindhearted gestures, “Are you up to something?”

“N- No, of course not."

“Good,” Bowser says, putting his suspicions aside, “Well, then why are you being nice to me?”

“I don't know. I guess when I see someone whose feeling down or in pain, I just feel like I should try and help them in some way, if they need it.”

Bowser mutters, “Oh,” again as his only response.

After sharing another minute of awkward silence between them, Luigi takes another quick look around and mentions, “It doesn't look like you have any way of getting home.”

“I know, I don't.”

Becoming riled up again, Bowser starts to pout again and says childishly, “Stupid Mario pushed me off to the side and he and stupid Peach took off in their Odyssey, or whatever that damn thing is called, and left me stranded here on the goddamn moon!”

“Well, why don't I take you back to your castle then?” Luigi offers, “That is, if you even want my help.”

Bowser says nothing in return.

“I- It's no trouble, really. I can always come back here and set up for the event later, you know?”

Bowser, still a bit suspicious of Luigi being so nice to him, feels too relieved to pass up the plumber's offer.

“I'd like that, Green 'Stache.”

Luigi then promptly stands up and leaps off of the moon's surface, levitating only a few feet above Bowser's head.

“Grab on,” he orders, indicating for Bowser to grab a hold of his legs.

The Koopa does just that, and then they safely float their way back into Earth's atmosphere without saying another word to each other.

Maybe now this is the time to tell Bowser how you truly feel about him.

Luigi immediately tries to clear that reoccurring thought out of his mind and forces himself to focus on his current mission.

Bowser, lost in his own head, thinks, I'm really surprised Mario's brother wants to help me out right now, especially after how I've treated him over the years. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's kinda nice, actually.

He stops to seriously think for a minute, trying to remember Luigi's name.

Dammit, what's his name again? Leroy, or something?

Once Bowser's Kingdom appears in sight, the plumber brings them down for a landing in front of the tall, brown and gold, metal doors leading to the inside of The Koopa King's massive, towering castle.

After they have both landed safely onto the ground, Luigi announces, “Well, here we are.”

“Yep, we're here.”

Amazed by how unfamiliar the Koopa’s realm looks to him, the plumber says, “Wow, this place sure looks a lot different since the last time I was here.”

He then examines the lush, flowering terrain and colorful, imposing structures, capturing the strange beauty that Bowser's land is emanating.

Totally speechless, Luigi tries to search for the words to express his admiration for the beast's complete overhaul to his kingdom.

“It's amazing. It's beautiful, even,” he comments in awe, “And that's quite an understatement.”

“Yeah, I know,” Bowser states, indulging the plumber's compliments to his land, “I began to not like how things looked. Too depressing. It's definitely a step up from what it used to look like, huh?”

“I'll say,” Luigi utters, still lost in the kingdom's newfound charm and appeal that it brings.

Luigi then awkwardly chuckles a little and takes off his hat to scratch the back of his head.

“Listen, Bowser,” he begins, staring deeply into the beast's scarlet red eyes, “If there's anything else that you need help with, don't be afraid to ask. I'll be here for you.”

“I'll keep that in mind,” Bowser replies, also staring intently at the human's big, shining, bright blue eyes.

After a few more seconds of silence and becoming lost into each other's eyes, Luigi snaps himself out of his trance, clears his throat, and says, “Well, goodbye Bowser."

“Goodbye-” he stops, trying to recall the plumber's name one last time.



“Right, Luigi! That's what it is! I- I knew it was something along those lines."

Wihout saying another word, Luigi then puts his cap back on and carefully walks over the bridge surrounded by purple, goopy, poisonous water, beginning to take off for the Moon Kingdom once again.

“Wait!” Bowser shouts.

Luigi quickly turns himself back around in Bowser's direction and finds him standing inside his castle with the front door still open slightly.

“I've hardly ever said this to anybody before, but-” he pauses, trying to sound as sincere as he possibly can, “Thank you, Luigi.”

Shocked to have just heard Bowser say the two words he thought he was incapable of ever saying, Luigi smiles and says, “You're welcome, Bowser. Anytime.”

The Koopa King smiles back as Luigi continues his journey back to the Moon Kingdom, waving to Bowser as he floats higher and higher into the evening sky. Bowser gives a small wave back and then looks away, slowly walking into his castle and shutting the doors behind him.

Later on that night, Bowser goes to the desk in his bedroom and pulls out his secret diary. As he opens to a new, blank page, he writes:

Something crazy happened today, diary: Mario's brother, Luigi, actually helped me. Out of the goodness of his own heart, or whatever, he rescued me from being stranded in the Moon Kingdom! Hardly ever has anybody, besides my kids, wanted to willingly help me, and without being told to do so too. He even offered to help me out the next time I need some help with, well, something!

Realizing something weird, the Koopa stops to think of how to word his next sentence. He then writes down:

It's bizarre though, ever since he saved me today, I haven't been able to take my mind off of him. When I looked into his eyes, it was like he was the most important person to me, besides myself, of course. It was like, nothing else mattered to me in that moment, other than just being there with him.

Bowser then laughs to himself and adds on:

I don't know, maybe I'm still experiencing Space Madness from being stuck on the moon for so long, or something like that.

As he starts to close his diary, The Koopa King stops and groans, forcing himself to write down the last thought that has come to his mind. In small print on the corner of the page, he writes:

I really hope we cross paths again soon.

He then quickly slams the book shut and puts it back in its designated drawer before he can scratch that last thought out.

After a few minutes of sitting at his desk and mindlessly daydreaming about his green-clad savior, Bowser lets out a long sigh and rubs his aching forehead, feeling very stressed out from the events that took place today.

He then decides that it's time to go to bed early.

As he slips into bed and turns off the lights, he continues to have confusing and conflicting thoughts about wanting to see Luigi again, as well as developing a new feeling for the plumber that scares him a little inside.

Is it love? Bowser thinks to himself, No, that's silly! I mean, come on, me falling in love with Mario's brother? How obscured!

He then grumbles to himself and buries his face into his pillow, thinking, C'mon Bowser, stop being so stupid! We've been over this, you're into girls. You are into girls, for God's sake!

Eventually, Bowser drifts off into a pretty restless sleep and dreams about his new friend.