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"The strength of your Dying Will depends on the strength of your resolve."

Sawada Tsunayoshi

(Katekyo Hitman Reborn)


Sawada Tsunayoshi, the man who is known by many titles –such as Vongola Decimo, Neo-Primo, the Strongest Sky, and many others (those were the new ones actually….. he still remembered the old ones such as Dame-Tsuna, Useless, Clumsy etc)- but even for all his great accomplishments, Tsuna himself didn't feel any proud over them. Because shedding all these thick layers of lies –concocted by people who didn't even know him- he was nothing but a failure. Why? Because, He was their Sky- he had sworn to protect them.

And he had failed spectacularly at that.

And now….. They're all gone. Dead, actually.

And it was entirely his fault.

Taking a deep shuddering breath, he laughed –it was hoarse and full of bitterness and self-loathing- ignoring the blood gurgling from his throat, choking him –but he didn't care. Lying on the hard ground with his own blood pooling around him, he stared up at the sky that stretched to the horizon, there were no Clouds in the Sky –of course there wasn't, after all, he's deaddeaddeaddeaddead- and smiled bitterly. What Strongest Sky in the History of Cosa Nostra? What Ever-encompassing Sky? It's all a load of bullshit!

He had known that the Mafia World wasn't for those of weak heart- he had Reborn as his tutor, why would he ever take something this big so lightly –at least, without getting a Leon-hammer to the head from Reborn? He had been disgusted with the darkness of the Mafia –they didn't care about human lives….. they destroyed innocent people- and what for? Money and power?!

And that is why he decided that he would destroy Mafia with his own two hands. The Vongola Tenth Generation will be the last one to share the burden of this darkness. His guardians agreed, of course. So did many people –like Dino-nii, the Arcbalaeno, the Gesso Famiglia, the Shimon family and so many others…

The others people didn't.

The plan had been perfect, actually. They would change the smaller famiglias bit by bit and then influence Upper Famiglia's of Mafia –Vongla, Gesso, Giglio-Nero, Cavallone, Anguilla, Scorpio, Cervello etc- bit by bit from the inside. Between Mukuro's sleeper agents, and Kyoya's spies, they had at least one agent in every influential famiglia who could affect them from the inside. Everything was going well. Very well, actually.

And then, it came crashing down.

They were betrayed. By the Ninth Vongola Generation, no less.

"Why?" he had asked to Nono, his eyes filled with tears and the sting of betrayal crushing him much more than he had imagined it to be.

"Tsunayoshi, my boy…." Timoteo Vongola said with sad eyes as he stared at him in sadness and disapproval. "I wanted you to ascend as the Boss so that Vongola can prosper- so that you can bring Vongola and the Mafia World out of the darkness and return them to the Light. I never expected that you would choose to destroy them." He had averted his eyes and whispered in a pained tone, "I have given up so much for this famiglia –my friends, my family, my sons, my youth- I can't just watch it all crash and burn with my own eyes."

Their carefully planned and meticulous schemes had been exposed for all of the Cosa Nostra to see-by the Ninth Vongola generation.

And then they were hunted.

The famiglias' who were against the idea of the destruction of the Mafia were enraged, and they formed an alliance. The smaller famiglias –who once would've never ever even looked at Vongola the wrong way- demanded for their deaths. To escape from being captured, killed –or worse, tortured- they had to go into hiding.

But it was all for naught. After all, they were just one Family against the whole Mafia World. They never stood a chance. And so, they died. One by one, they all left Tsuna –with a promise that their Sky would keep on going and would fulfill their shared dreams.

And Tsuna kept going on. For them. For his elements. But it was too much for him.

Especially when his last Guardians –his twin Mists- breathed their last. It was then that Tsuna lost all hope and then he retaliated against the Mafia World –in true Vongola Style –with overpowering Sky Flames and fury and Chaos. Lots and lots of Chaos.

Because after all, what is a Sky without his Elements?

Images flashed through his mind-

Of Gokudera Hayato –loyal and devoted Hayato (his Storm) who did anything and everything to help his Sky achieve his goal (only to end up dying in an explosion activated by himself to take out the enemy who would've attacked their Headquarters if Hayato had been too late);

Of the baseball loving and katana wielding Yamamoto Takeshi- ever smiling and laughing in the face of danger (his Rain) who calmed his fellow guardians and gave them strength with his smiles (leaving behind to face the enemy, just so that his Sky could escape from the trap that had been set up to kill them);

Of Sasagawa Ryohei- a boxing fanatic with a loud and cheerful personality (his Sun) who always kept the Family together in the time of crises (the Sun that burned itself out while trying to take on one such opponent that had been a threat to his family)

Of Bovino Lambo –the crybaby brat and the youngest of his guardians (his Lightning) who would take on any attack to his family head-first without thinking of the consequences (the Lightning perished when the clap of the thunder was way too loud- he was the first one to perish)

Of Hibari Kyoya –an antisocial man with screwed-up personality who loved hitting people with his tonfas and biting them to Death (his Cloud) who would skirt around the outskirts of matters related to the family, but would interfere at crucial times (the Cloud was chained and tortured for information –but he never gave them what they wanted and died with a smirk on his face just to taunt the pathetic herbivores.)

Of Rokudo Mukuro and Dokuro Chrome-one with a creepy personality and the other being a shy and sweet woman with a spine of steel (his twin Mists) who would get crucial information of their enemies and help the Family in the time of need (the Mist dissipated –hiding and screwing with their enemies and earning their ire just so they could buy their Sky some time who would get the information that could destroy their enemies- they were the last ones to leave him all alone.)

His elements had all perished. They died for their Sky.

And when his twin Mists died, the Sky howled his fury to the world and rampaged.

He killed –murdered-, tortured those very pathetic creatures that dared to hurt –kill- his Elements. He avenged his dead guardians, and destroyed Cosa Nostra with his own two hands.

Funny, isn't it? How all this mess was started by Primo and the one to end this happens to be Neo-Primo. Ah, what an ironic situation.

And now, here he lay –dying- and even when he finally could escape from the burdens of his life and promises and rest in peace, all he wanted right now was to see his Guardians once more. He wanted to see them safe and happy and thriving.

… He was so selfish, wasn't he? The greedy Sky whose inadequacy resulted in his Elements death, was wishing for a chance to see them again.

As darkness finally crept his vision and freed him from the painpainpainpainpainpain that he had been experiencing for so long, Tsuna smiled and thought of his Storm, his rain, his Lightning, his Sun, his Cloud, his Twin Mists, and thought-

It really wouldn't be so bad if he meets them again- alive, happy, safe- right?

And as the cold darkness engulfed him into the sweet lulling of death, a single voice rang out through the darkness-

"Sawada Tsunayoshi, do you want to live?"

Time paused, death itself froze as a single ember ignited in the dying Tsuna's body.

"Do you want to see your loved ones again? Happy, safe and alive?"

Images of a happy Hayato, smiling Takeshi, grinning Ryohei, pouting Lambo, smirking Kyoya, and giggling Chrome and Mukuro crossed his mind. "Yes….." his heart whispered. "I want to see them again." The meek embers of Sky Flames pulsed strongly, and soon burned and roared in response.

There was an unsettling silence as the voice whispered-

"Then so be it."

The darkness –that had paused out of the fear of the great almighty power that had appeared a second ago –seemed to understand the gravity of the situation, but it did not want to give up on it's prey- as it clutched the man's soul in a stronger hold.

He fought hard against the strong hold of the dark hold of death –kicking, punching, screaming- and his Dying Will Flames reacted to his resolve as it burned brighter and brighter, and soon the darkness cracked- and exploded as the world burned to ashes.

And Tsuna's Sky Flames burned in a hypnotic display of red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and indigo streaks in the midst of brilliant Orange Flames as they exploded from Tsuna's body and reached the Sky above –and Tsuna's Dying Will Broke through the Space Time Conundrum and granted him his wish.

(Kawahira smiled as he watched the beautiful display of the Sky Flames –the scene was the very pinnacle of the Harmony of the Sky- and sighed. Sawada Tsunayoshi was an enigma and his Sky Flames were a bright burning Supernova. He wished he could see how this Supernova would affect the world once again –even if it's not his.

Oh well, at least his Counterpart will have something to entertain him after centuries of boredom.)

And so, the gears of fate started turning…