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Line of Scrimmage

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It has only been three weeks into Alec’s junior year at Idris High and it was shaping up to be the same as every year before it, not that that was all that shocking to anyone. Even though he came out as gay, which was not as big of a deal as he had expected it to be, the school year was still looking boring. Boring was what Alec’s parents expected from him, and it was no secret that he would do anything to please them or make them proud. Which is why it was not as much of a shock as it could have been when it was announced that Alec would be starting quarterback for this coming football season. After all, Alec was not only quite the quarterback but his father, Robert Lightwood, was a former quarterback and alumni of Idris High. At first, Alec was worried that a junior as the quarterback was not something the students at Idris would want to see, but he was soon proven that they all agreed that he was the best choice. All in all, Alec was the kind of guy they wanted as a quarterback. He was the guy who would always strive to make the best choice or make the best play in both the classroom and on the field. Everyone expected Alec Lightwood’s junior year to be the same as always, just him blindly following what his parents orders to make them happy. It would later shock them how wrong they were.


Magnus Bane was counting down the days until his senior year was over, and despite how it was shaping up these first few weeks, he was determined to make this year better than the year before. And considering how last year went, that should not be too hard as long as he avoided Camille like the plague, which was the plan after all. He had made starting middle linebacker this year and he likes to think he is a pretty decent student, despite that he was very flamboyant. He was proudly bisexual and made sure to flaunt it no matter where he was, whether it was at a club in Brooklyn or in the school hallways at Edom High. Though, oddly enough, out on the field, it was the complete opposite and all he ever focuses on was the game in front of him. Of course, Edom High was not a safe little bubble and he did experience his fair share of bullying, but he was not going to let that stop him. He got lucky though, since he was not only popular due to his parties, he was also a big part of the football team which was really all that seemed to keep this school together anymore. Magnus really has no idea how he is going to make this year any better than last year but he is determined to figure it out. First things first, stay away from dating. He had really failed with that last year. Second, throw all the parties he can at his loft above Brooklyn. Third, help take the Edom High Demons to state. They had been so close last year before the Idris High Angels had slipped it right out from underneath them. Those were the three requirements for a great senior year in Magnus’s eyes. Little did he know that it wouldn’t all go to play, but that was for the best.


The halls of Idris High were buzzing with excitement and people were turning to look as Alec walks down the hall with his sister, who was wearing her cheerleading outfit. Alec resists the urge to duck his head and play with the edges of the new jerseys they had gotten this year. He was very thankful for Isabelle at this moment, who was unknowingly offering a great distraction from the nerves that were constricting around Alec’s lungs.

“But he’s like this really smart computer nerd and he’s really really sweet! He’s Clary’s best friend, you know, the redhead that Jace is practically in love with and has been trying to get with since the summer?” Izzy continues to ramble on, oblivious to Alec’s anxious behavior, “Yeah, her! I’m hoping Clary can help set me up, but what if he doesn’t like me that way? I mean...we’re both the same age and in the same year. Besides, he’s nothing like Meliorn! What do you think big bro?” Alec blinks confused blue eyes at her and Isabelle lets out a sigh.

“Simon! What do you think about Simon? Do you think he’ll go for me?” Izzy groans, faking annoyance at her brother as she threads her arm into his.

“Izzy, anytime he is around you, he stumbles over his words and is practically drooling. I have no doubt he’ll go for you.” Alec rolls his eyes good-naturedly before leading his sister out towards the bus loop of Idris High. There was only one hour of classes left, which was sports for anyone who was it then. Which meant that the Idris High Angels and their cheer squad would be leaving the school to head into Brooklyn, where they were going against the Edom High Demons. The names were ironic, considering that the Demons and Angels were sworn enemies. The whole school was buzzing for this game, this was one of the most anticipated games of the year and it was finally upon them. Alec knew his parents would be out there today and almost immediately after the thought of his parents, he feels his throat tighten.

“Hey Alec! Izzy!” Jace Herondale calls, waving his hand above the crowd to get the siblings attention. Alec shakes his head slightly, smiling down at Izzy as she tears her arm out of his to run over to where Jace was standing. The blonde boy was also wearing a jersey that had a big 86 in gold on it. Alec jogs over to them and high fives Jace, who was rambling to Izzy about how great this game would be.

“Alright Angels! Listen up!” The coach, Hodge Starkweather, calls over the crowd of high schoolers and instantly everyone falls quiet, “We’ve got this tonight, we’ve got a better defense and better offense than last year and we still managed to beat them and go to state last year! This game will fly by, just keep your heads up and focus on the game in front of you! File into the buses boys! Cheerleaders, you’ll be taking the activities bus that will be following behind us! Let’s do this!” His speech was answered with cheers, and despite the nerves that Alec felt, he was among the loudest. Just the thought of the game always managed to calm him down. The team files into the school bus and Alec quickly finds a seat beside Jace. All that was left for tonight was to focus on, and win, the game.


Magnus always found an odd simplicity in wearing his jersey, especially on game days and today was no exception. In all honesty, he was counting down the moments until the Idris High Angels would arrive. Usually, Magnus would worry about this game but they had put a junior as their starting quarterback, so he did not think he had a very big reason to worry. Magnus had been working all of his junior year and the following summer to get starting middle linebacker and he most definitely was not going to let some junior from Idris High ruin his chances. Magnus raises his hand to Raphael as he walks onto the field and briefly, he looks around to see where Ragnor or even Catarina was. The linebacker lets out a groan as he sees Camille watching his every movement from where she is standing with the cheerleaders and Magnus forces himself to turn to Raphael as he walks up.

“Did you hear about the new quarterback? This game is going to be so easy!” Ragnor shouts from behind Magnus as he descends from the top of the bleachers. Catarina, his ever loyal girlfriend, is by his side and she shakes her head slightly at him. Magnus turns quickly, looking at Ragnor and catches Raphael rolling his eyes out of the corner of his eye.

“The junior?” Magnus asks, “Yeah, I heard, I honestly wonder if he is any good or if it’s just because his dad was an alumni.” Everyone at Edom High had heard of the infamous Alexander Lightwood, a supposedly spoiled rich kid with a former quarterback alumni father who donates impressive sums of money to Idris High. Magnus honestly did not have high hopes for this game, he figures it will be a pretty quick and easy game.

“You guys never know,” Catarina speaks up, the voice of reason as always, “he may be very good!” She shrugs as she falls onto the metal bleachers next to Ragnor and lays her color guard flag behind her. Again, Raphael rolls his eyes and sits on Magnus’s other side. Magnus knew already what Raphael was going to say, and the linebacker had to resist rolling his own eyes. Raphael had tried out for starting tight end last year and been denied just because Coach Elias wanted a senior as the starting tight end and not a junior. Thankfully though, Coach Elias had been fired after that year and they had gotten Coach Garroway, who had so far helped the team more than any previous coach.

“His father was a quarterback and an alumni who basically keeps half of that posh school running, of course it’s because of his family.” Raphael rolls his eyes and leans back against the bleachers that are directly behind him. His red and black helmet is laying on the bench beside him and Magnus briefly glances down at his feet to make sure that his was there as well.

“Whatever Raphael, we’ll just have to wait and see won’t we?” Catarina challenges and the tight end chooses not the answer, which was definitely a good choice on his part, “Look!! They’re here!” Her voice rose louder than she probably meant to and almost the entire football team turns to look towards the gate. True to her word, two buses have pulled up and a bunch of boys in gold and white jerseys pile out. They’re not far from the gate and they can hear the loud chatter of the teams but Magnus can’t really focus on anything other than one of the boys. He’s tall, almost as tall as Magnus which is a feat in itself, and has black hair that is all over the place. Magnus wants to speak with him immediately until his eyes fall onto the name above the number 14 on his jersey.

“Number 14,” Ragnor whispers, pointing a hand out to where the boy Magnus was admiring stands, “that’s Alec Lightwood, and beside him, number 86, that’s Jace Herondale.” Ragnor says Jace’s name like it’s poison on his lips and on the other side of Magnus, Raphael scoffs. Mostly everyone at Edom High harbors some form of dislike for Jace Herondale because only a year ago, Imogen Herondale was going to donate a large sum of money to Edom High for improvements but after finding out that her grandson, who was adopted by the Lightwoods, was attending Idris High, she retracted her money. Of course, she turned around and gave it to Idris High, where the money was really not that needed but there was nothing the students of Edom High could do. It was no wonder that many of the Edom High students harbored the dislike for Jace, but Magnus really could not focus on that right now. Alec Lightwood was a beautiful person and the linebacker could not help but look at him. The boy in question was busy talking with Jace and, eventually, a short redhead and another brunette in cheerleader outfits. Too bad he was an Angel, Magnus was dying to get to know him but there was really no way he could without causing confusion. Which, really, was a shame.


“I need to go fill up my bottle before the game starts, good luck tonight Fray, Izzy. I’ll see you when we huddle Jace.” Alec declares, setting his helmet down on the bench before waving and quickly jogging off towards the concessions area where water fountains were typically located. The sun was still up and shining down at him as he makes his way out of the stadium and towards the fountains.

“Shouldn’t you be on your side of the field Angel?” A voice calls and Alec turns suddenly, stumbling back into the wall in shock. Standing before Alec was a man only a few inches taller than him wearing a red and black jersey with the number 52 on it. Alec found himself staring at the man, the way his greenish gold eyes reflect the sunlight and the way his mouth slowly turns up into a smile.

“…” Alec stutters out and mentally slaps himself, he had not been this anxious around anyone but his parents since he came out. He should not be reduced to a stuttering mess as soon as a relatively attractive man speaks to him. The stranger lets out a musical laugh before sending Alec a brilliant smile.

“Don’t worry darling, I won’t tell. Besides,” He pauses and looks Alec up and down twice, “I’m definitely not complaining.” The stranger’s lips turn up into a smirk and Alec felt more at ease than he ever had before.

“Well then…” Alec starts, focusing on putting confidence into his voice so he does not stutter over his words once again, “if you’re not complaining...and I’m not, no harm done then is there? I’m Alec.” As he introduces himself, he extends his hand and lets himself fully smile.

“I know who you are Alexander,” The man smiles and Alec’s mind goes blank as the other grasps his outstretched hand, “I’m Magnus Bane.”

“My name is Alec. You’re the middle linebacker.” Alec states, his voice slightly laced with awe as he looks at the man in front of him. Magnus nods and as he retracts his hand, Alec catches sight of black nail polish that stands out against Magnus’s caramel skin. Alec felt his awe grow and he looks back up at the man.

“So why are you not with your team Alexander?” Magnus asks and Alec blinks, trying to get his thoughts in order.

“Water, my bottle is empty and I get a feeling this game is going to prove to be interesting.” Alec smirks, letting his façade of confidence overtake him as he looks Magnus up and down appreciatively. Magnus hums his agreement and Alec can feel his eyes on him as he fills his bottle in the fountain. They’re both silent for a little while and Alec leans himself up against the bricks beside the water fountain as he looks at Magnus. Magnus is about to speak up when he’s interrupted by a loud and commanding voice,

“Angels!” Coach Starkweather calls, “Join me by the bench now!” Alec sighs and pushes himself off the wall, raising a hand in a wave to Magnus.

“Good luck out there tonight Magnus.” Alec smirks and sends the man a wink as he makes his way to the other side of the field. He doesn’t get far though and he stops when a hand wraps around his pale arm. He’s forced to turn around and suddenly, he’s staring into golden green eyes filled with mirth and confidence. Their faces are close and Alec can feel Magnus’s breath.

“I think I should be the one wishing you luck.” Magnus whispers and Alec watches his eyes fall to his lips. In all honesty, Alec is not sure where his next words come from, or why he even asked them, but if asked about it later, he will definitely blame the memory of his sister and her words about how their parents cannot control him forever. That was definitely the reason and Alec would stand by that at a later date but right now all he could focus on was Magnus.

“Can I get your number?” Alec blurts out and mentally, once again, slaps himself. The quarterback honestly has no idea where that came from, but it was too late to take it back now. He barely registers Coach Starkweather call for them again and he watches as Magnus’s lips curl up into a smile.

“I’ll make you a deal, since you’re not what I’d expect from an Angel from Idris High, and I am very curious as to if I am right about you.” Magnus starts and Alec’s face contorts into a look of worry, “Meet me here after the game, we’ll see. Now you better hurry along Angel.” Magnus finishes with a wink before turning and going on his way towards the concession stand. Alec stands there for a moment in complete shock before letting another smile overtake him. He’s pulled back to the real world by Coach Starkweather calling again and he turns in shock. He rushes over to where most of the team was currently gathered and slides into position between Jace and a safety that is not apart of the starting team that Alec cannot place. The stands are starting to fill with people and it doesn’t shock Alec to see quite a bit of the away stands filled with students from Idris High. He spots Simon, who is sitting right in front of where the cheerleaders are practicing and Alec shakes his head when he spots the sophomore staring at Isabelle. Coach Starkweather is going on and on about how important this game is, and how there are so many college scouts out there, and there is no way they can lose this game because not only do they have better team but Edom High also recently got a new coach. Alec really cannot bring himself to focus on the speech and finds his gaze slipping over to where Magnus is sitting with the rest of his team. For a moment, he’s lost in the perfection that is Magnus, but he’s pulled out of it when he feels the gaze of people looking at him. He turns his eyes to the stands, which are to his left and spots his parents glaring down at him, which only hardens when they catch him staring. Robert and Maryse only expect the best, and all Alec wants to do is slip away from the harsh glares. A whistle blows, and an disembodied voice speaks over the loud chatter, announcing the teams and important players from Edom High. Which happens to include Magnus Bane, the middle linebacker. Alec smiles as soon as he hears the name and his gaze meets Magnus’s from across the field. He gets a small smirk before the teams are called out for the beginning of the game. Alec closes his eyes before he heads out to the field with the rest of his team and shakes off the feeling of the looks that Maryse and Robert are giving their son. It was time to play. He catches Magnus’s eye once more before putting in his mouth guard and mouths ‘good luck’, all he gets back in return is a smirk and a wink. And quite frankly, it is more than enough for Alec in this moment and the quarterback’s last thought before the game begins is that it would also be enough for the rest of time. The game begins and his mind is blissfully clear of anything except the game.


Alec pulls off his helmet and runs his hand from his forehead to the back of his head to push the sweaty hair out of his eyes. The helmet ends up on the bench and Alec reaches for his bottle, chugging half of it before turning to the giant scoreboard to the right of Alec. Idris High Angels had won. The stands behind Alec were erupting in cheers and the quarterback is instantly pulled back onto the field as the students from Idris High flood onto the field to congratulate everyone. The Edom High students are grumbling and walking down from their seats dejectedly, Alec feels a pang of guilt at being part of the reason the people are upset but he quickly shakes it off and grabs his sister in a hug.

“Eww! Alec! You’re all sweaty!” She screeches as she laughs and tries to push him off of her. Alec laughs and waits for a few moments before finally releasing her. Jace is off to the left, talking with Clary about how amazing she was.

“H-hey Iz…” Simon appears behind Alec and smiles briefly at him before focusing in on the younger Lightwood, “Y-you were great out there!” Alec has to hold back a snort at the blush on Simon’s cheeks and is about to head off to talk to some of the other members when Magnus catches his eye. Magnus’s helmet is tossed behind him, under the metal bench and his hair is sticking up in every other direction. His golden green eyes flicker towards the stands under the scoreboard and Alec finds himself nodding.

“Hey sis, I’m going to run to the restroom before we head out.” Alec quickly makes up an excuse, not that Isabelle was paying him much attention and he makes his way over to the stands where Magnus had indicated. The quarterback couldn’t find the linebacker out on the field anymore but when he arrives under the stands, he cannot find him anywhere either.

“I was wondering if you caught what I was saying Alexander.” Magnus laughs, appearing from behind and causing Alec to turn so quickly, he nearly fell. Magnus laughs and wraps a painted hand around the quarterback’s upper arm to steady him. Alec feels himself relax as soon as he sees Magnus and he resists the urge to lean into the taller man.

“You were great out there Magnus.” Alec smiles and awkwardly rubs the back of his neck because Alec honestly does not know what to say.

“Oh darling, I must say, you were absolutely brilliant out there tonight, and definitely worthy of my number.” Magnus compliments with a cocky smile and Alec finds himself laughing slightly as he shakes his head.

“Oh really?” Alec asks with a smirk before looking Magnus up and down once again, “I’m worthy of the magnificent Magnus Bane’s number?” Magnus smiles and feels his heart skip a beat as Alec looks at him.

“Oh, only of course angel.” Magnus winks at Alec before extending his hand, “Only the best for you.” Alec smiles and hurriedly pulls his phone out of his pocket before laying it down in Magnus’s hand, unlocked and the new contact page glaring up at the linebacker. Alec watches as Magnus taps painted nails across the keyboard before setting the phone back in Alec’s hand.

“Well darling, I really must be going now. I must say I’m exhausted.” Magnus smirks before brushing off imaginary dirt from his pants.

“Oh...okay.” Alec smiles, “I’, I’ll text you.” Magnus smiles and nods before walking off. He turns back briefly and raises a hand in a goodbye before he’s jogging over to where his helmet was tossed earlier. Alec heads over to where his team was, only to be grabbed by Izzy and Jace before he could get far.

“We’re going out for ice cream when we get back home, to celebrate.” Jace declares before dragging Alec towards the bus where most, if not all, the remaining football players were already seated and ready to go. Alec waits until him and his siblings are headed to his car to pull back out his phone. Izzy and Jace had stopped to talk with Simon and Clary, and Alec quickly pulls up his messages.

[To Magnus:]
Hi. It’s Alec from the game.

He nods his head, pocketing his phone again as he climbs into the driver seat and honks his horn, drawing the attention of his siblings to him. “Hurry! We don’t have all night.” Alec calls out the window and smirks when he hears Jace groan,

“If you don’t get in the car now Herondale, I will leave you behind.”

“I’m coming! I’m coming! Geez” Jace yelps, quickly kissing Clary goodbye before piling into the passenger seat. Isabelle waves before climbing into the back seat. Alec puts the car in reverse and backs out, heading towards the ice cream parlor just across the street from the school. Alec feels his phone buzz but doesn’t dare pull it out while he’s with his siblings. It may be selfish, but for now, Alec wants to keep Magnus all to himself. As he lays in bed that night, he cannot stop himself from reading the text over and over again.

[To Alexander:]
I hope you sleep well angel.