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No Stone Left Unbroken

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Kirishima was slowly starting to regret playing never-have-I-ever with his friends in his room over one of the others’ as he looked at their waiting faces from his spot on the bed. Even Bakugou wore a curious expression, no matter how hard he tried to make it look like he couldn’t care less. That just showed how surprising Kirishima’s response to the previously asked question was.
“Kiri?” Kaminari called out to the red-head. Kirishima looked at him before looking down at his hands in thought.
“Kirishima, you don’t have to tell us if you don’t want to.” Sero stated in concern. Kirishima shook his head slowly.
“No. It’s okay.” He finally spoke, voice quiet and soft. He chuckled to himself.
“Are you okay?” Ashido asked. Kirishima took a deep breath and slowly exhaled while nodding.
“Yeah, man. We find out that you’ve already kissed someone, and when we ask about it, you completely shut down on us.” Kaminari explained, voice full of concern. Kirishima cleared his throat and nodded again.
“I’m fine. You’d think that after two years, it would get easier to talk about though.” He chuckled weakly.
“Two yea- oh. Oh, Kiri.” Ashido said sadly. Tears started to gather in her eyes as she lunged at Kirishima to hug him. The other three boys looked even more confused than before.
“Okay, what the fuck is going on with you two?” Bakugou asked gruffly, eyebrows furrowed. Ashido looked at Kirishima in concern, but he just gave her a sad smile.
“Um… ok. It was back in our second year of middle school. I had a somewhat long term girlfriend who knew that I was bi, and she didn’t care at all. She was my main support and the love of my life. It would be a miracle to find someone else like her.” Kirishima said fondly. The more he talked, the closer Ashido looked to sobbing.
“What happened?” Sero asked softly. Kirishima swallowed the sudden lump in his throat and had to clear his throat again.
“A few days after summer break had ended, she had to run some errands for her mom in town.” As he explained, his eyes started to tear up. “A villain had been on the run and had already caused some damage in the area. She was just walking home when the villain attacked her. Her quirk wasn’t suited for combat, but she knew some martial arts and fought back.” The tears slowly made tracks down his cheeks as Ashido tried to comfort him by rubbing his back.
“It’ll be okay, Kiri.” She softly tried to reassure the red-head. He nodded and took a deep breath to center himself.
“As she fought back, the villain destroyed even more of the surrounding buildings. That was when the heroes arrived. They lost sight of her near some of the damaged buildings. One tried to go find her, but the villain hit the building one more time and it crumbled. The fight dragged on for a little longer before the heroes finally subdued the villain.” Kirishima blinked, tears splattering on his cheeks with the movement. He wiped his cheeks roughly and sniffled, as Ashido tried to keep her cries quiet.
“Damn, man. We are so sorry.” Kaminari said hoarsely as he wiped his own cheeks.
“The worst part was that they never found her body.” Kirishima added dejectedly. He quietly stood up and walked to the desk Bakugou was sitting in front of. He opened one of the drawers and pulled out a small white ring box. Thanks to his spot, Bakugou was the first to see the small object.
“What the hell is that?” He asked loudly. Kirishima walked back to his spot on his bed and opened the box. Ashido gasped and her tears fell faster. Kirishima smiled sadly at the now exposed ring and turned the box to show the others in the room. The ring was made of a thin rose gold band with a medium sized red fire opal stone and two smaller blue opal stones to either side of the fire opal.
“Is that an engagement ring?!” Sero asked incredulously. Kirishima smiled but shook his head.
“No, it’s a promise ring. We were too young for engagement, but I wanted to show her that I was serious about her. I was going to give it to her on our date later that night, but I never got the chance.” He closed the box and carefully held it to his chest.
“What was it like?” Kaminari asked after a few moments of silence. “Your relationship, I mean.” He elaborated.
“I guess you could say it was very open.” Kirishima laughed at a memory. “She even told me that if I ever wanted to add another guy to our relationship, she was perfectly okay with it as long as she approved of him.” He said with a fond smile.
“What was she like?” Sero asked hesitantly. “Like what was her name, and what did she look like, and what was her personality like?” He added. Kirishima’s fond smile grew into a toothy grin.
“Mizuki.” He laughed lightly. “It’s kinda funny. Back in middle school, my hair was black and with my red eyes, I could have looked like a demon. She was my little angel, though. Her hair was snow white and her eyes an icey blue. She was basically my opposite.” The way Kirishima described her left the other boys stunned.
“She was loud and so outgoing that Kirishima sometimes felt like he was going to be left behind.” Ashido softly added. “But everyone knew that she would always be by your side if she had the choice.” Kirishima nodded solemnly.
“She was also the most kind hearted person we knew.” Kirishima said quietly, eyes drooping tiredly.
“She sounds like an amazing person.” Kaminari choked out, and Sero nodded in agreement. There were a few moments of silence before it was broken by a yawn from Kirishima. The others looked at him and saw how close he was to falling asleep right there.
“Okay. It’s time to go to bed.” Ashido said firmly. The others agreed, and Kirishima nodded and climbed underneath the covers on his bed. Ashido made sure he was covered before she gestured the others out of the room.
“G’night, guys.” Kirishima mumbled.
“Night, Kiri.” Mina responded. She heard soft snoring come from the exhausted red head still holding the ring box and smiled sadly before closing the door behind her. For Kirishima’s sake, she could only hope that his dreams were filled with the happy times spent with the first one to ever hold his heart and still held it, even now as she was gone.