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Super Couple:Bloodlines

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One: Moving Out


Penny and Rachel knew that it would happen, they had tried to live in Avenger's Tower for the first two months of joining the Team, but to both of them it seemed that they were just living home. Even Avenger's Mansion didn't help at all, there was also an incident with them getting annoy at certain things that their decision came out, they had to move out. Their parents weren't happy, but they were given some rules about them moving out.


"We have to make sure the place is good."


"We must make sure it has the best security."


"It has to be in the limits of New York or Gotham City."


So until they find the best apartment they would be tied to either Avenger's Tower or SHIELD HQ. Neither was something they liked.


They were walking around trying to find their perfect apartment because they also knew that they would have to find an apartment that would also help them and they would be happy to know that.

Avenger's Tower


"Avenger's Assemble!" that was the Captain's call. Spiderman and Nightwing got ready.


"What happened?" Spiderman asked Jarvis.


"Doombots have been cited in the city, the Captain wants the Avenger's to take them down."


"Where are the rest of the Fantastic Four?" Nightwing asked.


"The Human Torch is already in the scene." Jarvis told them both.


"Well let's get to scene." Nightwing told Spiderman. They both left together to the scene to find out what was going on.


Mount Justice


The Team had been happy to be moving around with the Watchtower as well.


"Has there been any more news about the Light?" Wonder Girl asked Kaldur.


"There had been known news." Kaldur told the entire team. "With Luthor in jail thanks to Nightwing, and Ra's dying in the Reach and Light conversation, the Light has been slightly compromised."


"Has anyone seen Nightwing lately?"


"Nightwing is in New York with the Avengers." Miss M told them. She turned and saw Superboy and Batgirl talking. She wanted to hear what they were saying but Batgirl had a very thin beep every time someone tried to listen to them. Not that she used it, since it would also hurt Superboy but she had used it once while covering Superboy's ears as a warning.


"Do we have a mission?" Beast Boy asked.


"Not at the moment." Kaldur said.


"Actually we might?" Batgirl said.


Wayne Manor


Brianna was in her office actually doing Wayne Enterprises work and Clark was doing work for the Daily Planet.


"Do you think they will find it?" Clark asked.


"What?" Brianna asked paying attention to her husband.


"Rachel and Penny?" Clark asked.


"No, finding an apartment in New York is hard enough adding to other things." Brianna told him.


"They will be doing missions." Brianna told Clark. "That will not leave them with enough time for them to move or find something."


"Rachel is our daughter and will find a way." Clark said.


"We'll see." Brianna told him.


New York


Rachel and Penny were meeting him on the café. Nicholas walked inside and he had a packet in his hand.


"Nicholas." Rachel said with a smile. Nicholas smiled and kissed her cheek and was shook hands with Penny.


"Rachel, Penny." Nicholas said.

"So have you found it?" Penny asked trying to get to the point, mainly because she knew that both Rachel and Nick would flirt forever if she didn't.


"I have found something both of you might like." Nicholas told them. He put the files down and opened them. They had picture of different buildings. Both of them understood that both their sets of parents were trying to sabotage them moving away so they had to go on the down-low to find their new apartment.


"Oh these are nice." Penny said.


"Where did you find these?" Rachel asked him.


"Many were left after the Reach incident." Nicholas told them.


"Oh." They told him.


"Though some have been left alone with the money you both make out of your business ventures could help bring one of them up." Nicholas told them.


"It shouldn't be that hard." Penny said.


"We could have it done fast if we find one we like." Rachel said. They were looking at all the apartment buildings trying to find one they both liked and would be close but at the same time away from Stark Tower.


"That would be for the best." Nicholas said.


"You know you will have to tell your parents about him." Rachel told Penny.


"They don't need to know." Penny said with a smile.


"They will suspect." Nicholas told her, he knew what they were talking about it wasn't that hard to figured it. Not with sightings of both Deadpool and Spiderman fighting together.


"Not at all." Penny told him, both he and Rachel shared a look of understanding.


"Anyway, let's keep looking at the places." Rachel told her. They continued to look at the buildings until they found one.


"This one." They both told Nicholas at the same time. He turned to look at it and the building was beautiful and a mix between old and new styles.


"It is very nice." Nicholas told them.


"We can also build things in the bottom. For our needs; we can even rent some." Rachel told Penny.


"That would be a good idea." Penny told her.


"It will also help keep your secrets." Nicholas told them.


"True, we can also have some vacated." Rachel told Penny.


"You mean have the bottom as normal apartments and the top being our own rooms." Penny told Rachel.


"Yes, exactly." Rachel told her. Rachel turned to Nicholas.


"Thank-you for this, Nicholas."


"You're welcome." Nicholas said.


Brianna, Toni, Steve and Clark were sitting down on the living room of Wayne Manor because it was secluded. Also their siblings wanted to be noisy and wanted to know what would happen without being in there.


"Alright you brought us here." Brianna said.


"Yes, we did." Rachel answered. Steve and Clark looked at each other and they both knew what they were going to say.


"We have found a building." Penny said.


"I would like to remind you we made so rules for you to move out." Toni said.


"Exactly." Rachel said. They put the file down and showed the building on the screen.


"What is this?" Toni asked.


"This will be our new home soon." Penny said with a smile.


"What?!" Toni and Brianna said at the same time. Steve and Clark looked at their daughters knowing they had found something.


"As I can see the building has all that you ask for." Clark told both Brianna and Toni.


"How did you find it?" Toni asked.


"We asked around." Rachel told her.


"It will not be done for a few months as I can see." Brianna told both of them.


"We know, but we want it to be perfect."


"It will be with our help." Steve told them.