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scribble our hearts (on coffee cups)

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If there was one thing Yoongi absolutely despised, it was Starbucks.

“It isn’t real coffee,” he would say to Namjoon and Hoseok as he watched the two of them slurp away at their drinks. “I don’t know how you two manage to drink that. They load so much sugar into it. It’s a wonder you don’t have diabetes yet.”

“Rude,” Hoseok snorted.

“You just need to give it a chance,” Namjoon said.

“I did, once,” Yoongi said, looking off into the distance dramatically. “I was a freshman in college. Had a paper due at midnight and needed caffeine. There was a Starbucks off the road so I got one of their weird drinks. I had nightmares about the taste for two days after that.”

“You’re just being dramatic,” Namjoon said. “Next time you go on a coffee run for us, grab yourself a grande. It’ll do you some good.”

“No thanks,” Yoongi said. “I’ll pass.”

The next day, when Yoongi had to make a coffee run for his friends, he walked into the Starbucks shop with the same grim look as always. He walked up to where the line was and queued up at the back, taking out his phone and patiently waiting for his turn.

When he got to the front, he slipped the device back into his pocket, looking up and coming face to face with the barista.

Yoongi stopped for a fraction of a second upon seeing the tall, gorgeous boy smiling down at him happily, like everything was right in the world. He had a head of cherry red hair, and his eyes crinkled together as he gazed down, his hands raised to the computer, ready to take the next order.

“How may I help you?” the guy asked, tilting his head and allowing a bit of his bangs to fall into his eyes.

Yoongi quickly got himself together again, mentally cursing himself for whatever had just happened. “Could I get a grande hazelnut latte and a tall flat white coffee,” he said, fumbling for his wallet and bringing out his credit card.

The guy hummed, picking up the paper cups he needed to fill the order and writing down the details with a thin black sharpie.

“Whole or skimmed milk on the latte?” he asked.

Yoongi said, “Uh. Whole. I think.”

His eyebrows quirked up. “You think?”

“It isn’t for me,” Yoongi explained. “Both drinks are for my friends, but I’m pretty sure he takes whole milk. Says something about skim ruining the taste.” He had mumbled the last part under his breath, but something told him the barista had heard him loud and clear.

He laughed, the sound tinkling and leaving a sour taste in Yoongi’s mouth.

“Alright. Then, anything for you? Or are you not into coffee? We have teas too, if that’s the case.”

“Actually, I don’t like, um,” Yoongi tried, fumbling for words. “Ah. I’m just not really thirsty right now.”

“Oh,” the guy nodded, like he understood. “Okay. I’m sorry, you just looked like you might want something.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Yoongi shook his head.

“Will that be all, then?”

“Yes,” Yoongi said, swiping his card and giving a firm nod, accompanied by a tight smile to the nice barista who probably didn’t deserve Yoongi as a grumpy customer. He said probably because you could never truly know the shit someone had done right off the bat.

Not that Yoongi thought the nice barista had done anything wrong. Not at all. In fact, he looked like he was the most innocent and pure boy on the earth.

So, without another word, Yoongi moved over to the station where he quickly picked up the two drinks, taking two hot sleeves and picking up the cups to slip them around them.

But right before he did so, something caught his eye. He squinted his eyes to get a better look at the black swirly writing on the cup. Turning the scorching cup around in his hands, Yoongi’s breath hitched as his eyes landed on the barista’s writing.

flat white

However, it wasn’t what was written that was absolutely shocking. It was the handwriting.

Yoongi considered the way he wrote his f’s to be especially unique. He’s swirl the top up in a certain way that allowed it to flow right into the rest of whichever word he would be writing. He had never seen them written in the same way before.

But the nice barista’s f’s were the exact same as how Yoongi’s were, and that baffled him.

Yoongi gulped, chancing a glance back to the front counter, where the barista was still taking orders with the same adorable smile decorating his features.

He pressed his lips into a tight line, quickly collecting the two coffees and placing them on opposite ends of one of the holders that were laid out. He exited the shop without another look back, but something in his heart was beating just a little too fast to be considered normal.


They were living in a world where a person shared the same handwriting with their soulmate.

Scientists, of course, had tried to explain this amazing phenomenon, but after decades of research and experiments, they had decided to leave it be as the one mystery that simply couldn’t be solved.

Yoongi had never really put too much thought into it. He figured that he would meet his designated significant other sooner or later, so why be hung up about it? His friends, however, were entirely different stories.

Hoseok and Namjoon had already found their soulmates. Namjoon’s was an older guy, Kim Seokjin, who dropped by the studio every now and then. He and Namjoon were disgustingly in love, doing anything and everything together at all times. Hoseok’s soulmate was a younger guy, Park Jimin, who was everything bubbly and happy swirled into one human being.

Yoongi liked Seokjin and Jimin. He got along with them well. Except, however, when Hoseok would go into his weird trances and start talking about when he realized Jimin was his soulmate.

“Oh, hyung, it was amazing,” he had said, and Yoongi had rolled his eyes. “We were walking past each other on campus, and Jimin dropped his papers, so naturally, being the gentleman I am, I helped him pick them up. You’ll never believe what happened next.”

“What?” Yoongi said with a raised eyebrow.

“I saw that every single letter written on his papers looked the exact same as mine!” Hoseok exclaimed with a dreamy sigh. “It was so nice. We started dating right after that.”

Yoongi snorted. “I know, Seok-ah. This is the twelfth time you’ve told me.”

So, naturally, when Yoongi told Hoseok about what had happened at the coffee shop with the nice barista who wrote his f’s in the exact same way as him, Hoseok was over the moon.

“Oh my God, hyung!” he said, clapping his hands together excitedly. “Really? What about the rest of the words? Did it look like your handwriting?”

With a pained sigh, Yoongi nodded. “Yeah. It was the exact same.”

“He’s totally your soulmate!” Hoseok said. “Are you going to tell him? Wait, no, when are you going to tell him?”

“I’m not,” Yoongi said.

Hoseok’s face immediately dropped. “What? Yoongi-hyung…”

“I mean,” Yoongi fumbled, “not yet, at least. I will. Um. In some time. I just want to see what this is first, before I do anything. Like, I don’t even know if the handwriting’s the exact same. For all I know I could just have been dizzy when I first saw it.”

Hoseok just nodded, but he was very clearly unimpressed. “If you say so, Yoongi-hyung.”

And he did say so. He did.


Against his better judgement, Yoongi found himself back at Starbucks the following week, albeit a little reluctantly. Hoseok had been the one to urge him to go again, but Namjoon had given him the final push when he had refused to talk to Yoongi till he had sucked it up and gone to see the nice barista again.

And Yoongi had no choice but to follow through with exactly that.

Thankfully, the barista was in fact working at the time when Yoongi had very slowly inched his way into the shop. Yoongi gulped, clenching his fists tightly at his sides as he saw that the shop was mostly empty, save for a few college students at the tables, working on what Yoongi presumed were assignments.

There wasn’t a line this time, either, which was simultaneously the best and worst thing to happen. Yoongi sighed, shaking away his nerves and confidently striding up to the counter, where he saw the nice barista roaming somewhere near the machines, talking to one of the other workers.

“Yah, Jeongguk-ah,” the other worker said, and Yoongi’s eyes widened as the name sunk in, “could you get the mixer over on this side? We have an order through the app for a frapp.” The guy paused. “Heh. That rhymes.”

“Coming, Tae-hyung!” the nice barisa - Jeongguk - said, quickly picking up said tool and walking it over to his friend. Yoongi watched from afar as the two of them talked in low voices about something, when suddenly the other guy, Taehyung from what Yoongi had heard, locked eyes with him and quickly grinned.

“Ah, Gukkie, can you take the customer? I’ll finish up this order while you do that.”

Jeongguk glanced back, his eyes widening and a flash of recognition coursing through his pupils as he gazed at Yoongi, who stared back at him with parted lips. Jeongguk walked up to the counter soon after that, plastering on that classic bunny smile that Yoongi couldn’t seem to get out of his head as of late.

“Hello!” Jeongguk said, lifting up his hands in a small wave. He shot a look over Yoongi’s shoulder, his shoulders relaxing when he saw that there was no one else behind him. “Ah, are you here on another coffee run for your friends?”

“No,” Yoongi said slowly. “They… I’m here for myself this time.” It came out before he could help him, and he fleetingly realized that now he needed to actually place an order for himself. He needed to drink Starbucks’ disgusting coffee just because of his big mouth.

Yoongi mentally sighed.

“Oh, awesome!” Jeongguk said, picking up his sharpie and rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. It was endearing. “So, what can I get you?”

See, this was the problem. Since Yoongi had always refused to get coffee from Starbucks, he had never actually bothered to learn what was on the menu.

So, naturally, he had a little trouble with this next part.

“I… um… uh… I’ll have the-”

Jeongguk laughed, a melody that filtered through Yoongi’s ears and made him shudder from the sudden feeling of warmth that enveloped over him.

“Would you like me to recommend something to you… ah…”

“Yoongi,” Yoongi provided helplessly.

Jeongguk nodded. “Right. Yoongi-ssi. Would you like coffee or tea?”


“Okay. Hot, or iced?”

Yoongi thought about it for a second. “Hot.”

“Okay, well, we have lattes, macchiatos, americanos, mochas, cappuccinos-”

“What has no sugar in it?” Yoongi interrupted, catching his tongue a bit too late. It was just that the main reason he didn’t like Starbucks was because he didn’t particularly enjoy the sugar aspect of their drinks. It was a personal preference.

It was, okay?

Jeongguk blinked. “Um, well, honestly we can make anything with no sugar in it. Although the mochas are chocolate-flavored, so there’s kind of no point with that one. Lattes have a lot of milk in them, so I suppose that could make them sweeter? The same goes with macchiatos.” He paused to hum thoughtfully, rubbing the bottom of his chin. Yoongi bit the inside of his cheek to stop himself from smiling. “Maybe… an americano? Something simple? I could add cream to it if you don’t want it black, or if you’re completely against sugar then I guess you could have it all black if you want, but-”

“Jeongguk,” Yoongi cut in, silencing the boy effectively. “A black americano is fine. Thank you.”

“Oh, okay!” Jeongguk said, quickly reaching for the cups. “What size? Wait! I’ve held you up for long enough. Take a venti for the price of a grande.”

“That really isn’t-”

“No, no!” Jeongguk said, shaking his head and holding his hands out in front of his chest. “I insist! Please. You’re probably, like, super busy, Yoongi-ssi.”

Well, if busy meant going back to his apartment to watch dramas and eat ice cream alone, then yes, Yoongi had a very busy afternoon planned out.

But Jeongguk didn’t have to know that.

“Alright,” Yoongi said, sighing defeatedly. “But I’ll make it up to you somehow. Soon.”

Jeongguk nodded. “Okay!”

So, Yoongi watched as Jeongguk went to work, mixing the hot coffee together and pouring the steaming liquid into the cup. Yoongi moved over to the pick up station, just as Jeongguk picked up the cup yet again, holding the sharpie in his other hand. His eyes widened as the barista scribbled something quickly onto the cup, before rushing over to where Yoongi was standing and smiling nervously as he slipped on the hot sleeve and shoving it into Yoongi’s hands.

“Have a nice day, Yoongi-ssi!” he said, waving at him as Yoongi glanced down at the cup, now warm in his hands.

“Thank you,” Yoongi nodded.

When he went outside the shop, Yoongi quickly took off the hot sleeve and raised the bare cup to his face, scanning his eyes over the black writing there.

have a nice day, yoongi-ssi! sorry about the wait ... enjoy your coffee!
p.s. you should definitely drink more coffee from here :D it doesn’t have to be sugary!
p.p.s. if there’s anything wrong with the coffee that’s just my bad coffee-making skills okay don’t let that influence your decision on buying more coffee!
p.p.p.s. this isn’t an advertisement i swear

Yoongi chuckled softly, taking a sip of the coffee and smiling at the taste. Jeongguk was right. It really was quite good.

It wasn’t till a few minutes later that he realized that Jeongguk’s handwriting was the exact same as his.


Alright, so, Jeongguk was Yoongi’s soulmate.


It wasn’t that Yoongi was disappointed or anything. God no. In fact, he was very, very much pleased that his soulmate was a cute, scarily handsome boy who he knew absolutely nothing about. Besides the fact that he worked at Starbucks and made a very good americano.

A few days later, Yoongi found himself standing in front of the coffee shop once again, this time with his laptop clutched to his side. He thought it would be a smart idea to get coffee and also get work done at the same time. He needed to put something together for his music production class, and the shop seemed to have the perfect atmosphere to play some beats through his headphones.

Jeongguk was there again, but this time the place was a lot more crowded as it was peak time for people to come in and pick up their afternoon drinks. Yoongi got in line behind a few men in suits dutifully, scrolling through a few missed texts from his classmates while he did so.

When he got to the front of the line, he came face to face with Jeongguk once again. Jeongguk’s smile widened upon noticing him, if that was even possible.

“Oh, hi, Yoongi-ssi!” Jeongguk said, his gaze flitting down to the computer. “Are you working here?”

“That’s the plan,” Yoongi croaked out, trying hard not to think about the fact that he was talking to his soulmate right now. The person he was destined to spend the rest of his life with. “Could you make me one of those americanos you did last time? But this time give me a grande and charge me for a venti.”

Jeongguk giggled, and Yoongi wanted to cry.

“Sure,” he said, rolling his eyes and punching the order into the computer in front of him. “Will that be all? Can I interest you in some of the bakery treats?”

Yoongi’s eyebrows raised in interest. “Treats, you say?”

“Yeah!” Jeongguk nodded. “We have croissants and cake pops and cookies and muffins and-”

“I’ll have a, uh, cake pop,” Yoongi said, picking one of the things in Jeongguk’s list randomly.

Jeongguk nodded, typing it in. “Which kind? There’s strawberry, salted caramel, frosted donut-”

“Frosted donut?”

“Yes. Frosted donut. It’s like a mini donut on a stick. Very tasty. Eleven-on-ten would recommend.”

“Okay, then. I’ll take the frosted donut cake pop.”

Jeongguk grinned. “Ah, yes okay, will that be all?”

“I think so,” Yoongi smiled and nodded. “For now, at least. I may come back for another.”

“Another coffee, or another cake pop?”

Yoongi let out a soft, airy laugh. “Guess we’ll just have to see, huh?”

Jeongguk nodded. “I’ll come by in a bit to take an order!” he said, tossing the marked cup behind his shoulder. Taehyung, who was already ready near the coffee making machines, caught it with grace, in a way that suggested that the two of them had practiced this before.

“Nice one, Gukkie!” Taehyung cheered before rounding on his heel and beginning to work.

Yoongi collected his drink without much drama, holding it in his right hand and moving over to one of the empty tables by the window and settling himself in, placing his coffee out in front of him and opening his computer up to his last opened music tab where he had already begun trying to produce a melody. He plugged in his headsets, ready to put his mind back to what he was doing.

Yoongi worked for about forty-five minutes, sipping at his hot coffee while doing so. It wasn’t long before he ran out of the drink, but didn’t let it stir him away from concentrating on his work.

He didn’t know how long it was till someone was placing something down on the table. Yoongi looked up with a start, only to see Jeongguk standing in front of him with his soft bunny smile. His cherry red hair glistened underneath the sunlight that was coming through the window, and he looked even more ethereal from this angle.

Something strange rumbled in the depths of Yoongi’s chest.


This was Yoongi’s soulmate. This was the person who Yoongi got to be with for all of eternity. Jeongguk was his.

He wanted to tell him, he really did, but something else entirely seemed to be stopping him from doing so. Yoongi feared rejection just as much as any other person did, so he couldn’t even blame himself for feeling the way he felt.

“Here,” Jeongguk said, tilting his head cutely. “A refill. Free of charge.”

Yoongi blinked. “What? Seriously? Why?”

“Because you’ve been here for two hours without even looking up once from that laptop of yours,” Jeongguk explained like it was nothing. “I think you deserve a little break.”

Had it really been two hours? With one quick glance at his watch, Yoongi confirmed it with a mental sigh.

“I’m sorry for taking up the space,” he apologized.

Jeongguk shook his head. “Oh, no! No, don’t worry  about it. That’s why we have these tables in the first place. For people to work. Are you….” he started, looking like he was internally struggling with something, “um, what are you working on?”

Yoongi smiled, glancing down at his screen and turning his laptop around to show Jeongguk. “I’m a senior music major. I was working on a track.”

Jeongguk gasped. “A senior? Oh my- I’ve been talking to you so informally then. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed that we were around the same age.”

Yoongi raised his eyebrow. “What? How old are you?”

“I’m nineteen,” Jeongguk said sheepishly. “I’m a freshman.”

“Oh,” Yoongi said, blowing his black bangs out of his eyes with a quick breath. Well, that was good to know. “I’m twenty-three.” That wasn’t too bad of an age gap. It could have been much worse. “Well, you can call me hyung. If you want.”

Jeongguk nodded. “Yeah, okay, hyung.”

His words sent another wave of warmth through Yoongi’s body. Hoseok would have described it as him being whipped, whatever that meant.

Yoongi thought he was beginning to understand a little, actually.

“I’ll, um, leave you alone then,” Jeongguk said, smiling shyly. He nodded at the elder, before turning around and rushing away without another word. Yoongi looked after him with a fond smile, finding himself incredibly awed by the boy’s natural adorable nature.

He made a decision right then and there. Reaching into his bag, he pulled out a piece of paper and a pen, writing something down and folding it up.

He packed his things up, walking up to the counter just as Jeongguk looked up curiously. Yoongi smiled nervously, handing over the piece of paper before quickly scurrying out through the front door of the café.



Since you’re reading this (probably? I hope you didn’t just ignore it when I gave it to you), I guess you know now. I’ll be by tomorrow at ten pm, if you want to talk.



The next day, Yoongi was clutching onto the ends of his t-shirt in a nervous frenzy. He reached the coffee shop just two minutes early, knowing that it would be closing right at ten.

It would give him and Jeongguk time alone to talk over this. That is, if Jeongguk had actually decided he wanted to talk.

Yoongi would understand if Jeongguk wasn’t there. It would be okay. He’d get over it.

(He wouldn’t.)

Taking a deep breath, Yoongi pushed the door open, only to find the entire shop completely empty and devoid of people. He looked around, his heart already dropping out of his chest because Jeongguk didn’t come. Jeongguk had rejected him. Jeongguk didn’t want to be with Yoongi and he-


Yoongi snapped his head to the left, his eyes landing on Jeongguk’s small figure on the very corner table of the room. Jeongguk was sitting down and facing Yoongi, his lips parted in surprise as the two stared back at one another.

“J-Jeongguk,” Yoongi said, his words coming out in a pathetic stutter due to how nervous he was feeling. He walked up to him, trying not to trip on anything in the process but failing when he accidentally banged his knee into one of the chairs lying around. Jeongguk got up out of the seat as well, rushing up to Yoongi as words fell in the least graceful manner out of his mouth.

“Sorry I-”

“I didn’t think you would come and-”

“I can’t believe we-”

“It’s just so-”

“And I just-”



They blinked, Yoongi staring up into Jeongguk’s owlish eyes. The younger looked fascinated, something that Yoongi definitely was not prepared for.

“Soulmates,” he nodded with a nervous gulp. “Yeah. We’re…. um, soulmates.”

“Soulmates,” Jeongguk marveled, his eyes wide on his face. His mouth was open and his voice was breathy as he spoke. “Oh my God, hyung, you’re my soulmate!”

Yoongi stared at him, something churning deep in his chest. “Yeah. Yeah, I am.”

“I didn’t even know I had a soulmate,” Jeongguk said quickly. “Like, I’ve been waiting for years, hyung. Tae found his soulmate when he was in grade school. His teacher thought this girl was doing his homework for him because they had the same handwriting but they really were just soulmates.”

Yoongi’s head tilted back in surprise. “That’s… wild.”

“Yeah!” Jeongguk nodded quickly. “And I know I’m the youngest out of all of my friends, but I thought there was something wrong with me because all of them already found their soulmates when they were my age now!”

“Jeongguk, calm-”

“So you know, obviously I was beginning to get a little restless, right? And I really, really thought for a few months that there honestly just wasn’t someone for me. And I know I’m only nineteen, but that’s, like, super discouraging, you know? But then you came and I just…” He trailed off, looking back at Yoongi with a small shrug of his shoulders. “I don’t know. You were nice to me? More than a regular customer was? And I liked talking to you whenever you got coffee from me, even though, hyung, it’s kind of obvious you don’t really like the coffee here, but-”

“Jeongguk,” Yoongi interrupted calmly, making the taller boy shut up almost immediately. Yoongi exhaled in a way that came out somewhere between a laugh and a sigh. “I’m your soulmate. And I’m real. We have the same handwriting and everything.”

“You knew, right?”

Yoongi hummed. “Well, I had a suspicion after I ordered from you that first time, but then it was confirmed when you wrote that message for me on the next cup.”

Jeongguk let his shoulders sag, and Yoongi almost laughed again.

“That’s a relief,” he said. “When I read that note from you, I freaked out. I swear, I was almost going to be late here since my regular shift ends at six.”

“I’m glad you came, though.”

“Me too.”

Then, Jeongguk did something that Yoongi was not expecting at all. He quickly darted his head down to Yoongi’s cheek, pressing his mouth to the elder’s smooth skin and pecking it gently.

Yoongi froze as Jeongguk pulled away just as quickly as he had started, and he stared up at the younger as he looked away, his cheeks burning the same shade as his hair.

“I’m- I’m sorry! I-”

“Do that again.”

Jeongguk blinked, turning so he was facing Yoongi again.


Yoongi pressed his lips together. “Again. Do it again.”

Jeongguk didn’t say anything, instead steadying himself on his feet and leaning down for the second time, kissing Yoongi’s cheek.

There was a soft, mellow feeling in Yoongi’s chest, something that sent his mind into a fuzzy frenzy. Everything was clouded together as Jeongguk’s lips left Yoongi’s cheek, and Yoongi couldn’t help but stare up at his soulmate fondly.

“Let me take you out,” Yoongi said suddenly. “Tomorrow. Um. If you’re free?”

Jeongguk stared somewhere around Yoongi’s nose for a bit, before nodding with a short gulp.

“Y-yeah,” he managed to get out. “I’d really like that, hyung. I’m free after my work here. I don’t even have any classes or anything tomorrow.”

“That sounds amazing,” Yoongi nodded. If he was being honest, he wasn’t even completely sure how he was able to get a coherent thought out right now. Everything was a haze. All he could think about was Jeongguk, Jeongguk, Jeongguk.

“D-do you… do you wanna sit here for a bit?” Jeongguk asked, shyly pointing to the table he had been sitting at when Yoongi had first entered. “You know… to talk. I’d like to know everything about you.”

Yoongi’s hands felt clammy as he moved his head in a nod, stumbling over beside Jeongguk as the two of them walked over to the table, sitting down next to each other.

And as Jeongguk dropped his head onto Yoongi’s shoulder, Yoongi relaxed against him. They sat there in silence, their minds moving a mile a minute and their hearts beating as one.