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Seokjin knew the day will come for his boyfriend, soon to be ex-, to break up with him. The past few weeks were only spent with them arguing over small and big matter, ended up with empty inbox and zero phone calls.

Some days even passed by without them talking to each other until Seokjin will be the one to approach the other with his apology despite not being the one at fault. He just didn’t expect Chunghee to bring him to a carnival that opened a night ago before the inevitable break-up.


So there they were, standing face to face beside a carousel. The ride was littered with bright colors, too bright that had Seokjin’s eyes watered for a little, both kids and adults riding their own horses into an endless loop.


“Babe,” Chunghee started in anxious voice, his hand scratching awkwardly at the back of his head.

“Jin,” the older corrected.

“Right, Jin… Let’s break up.”



The other male was completely caught off guard by the straightforward response, “Is that it? You won’t even stop me from breaking up with you?" Chunghee retorted, a frown already plastered on his face. However, Seokjin didn’t answer and only clenched his hands on his side.

“I even planned on giving you a last special night here before breaking up with you. Aish, as I thought, you already fell out of love, I shouldn’t have wasted my money to you.”

Seokjin’s eye twitched upon hearing the last statement, “Excuse me? Can you please stop acting as if I ask for this? Let me remind you that you insisted of bringing me here.”

“Whatever. Let’s just break up and go our separate ways.”

“Go ahead, then, asshole. I’m tired of you, anyway.”


Chunghee didn’t respond anymore and only clicked his tongue before walking away. As soon as the man was no more in sight, Seokjin finally let his tears fall onto his cheeks, some falling onto his pastel pink sweater, the soft fabric seeping the warm liquid in.

He was prepared, that was for sure; but that shit still fucking hurt. After being in a relationship for a year, it was only thrown out of the window in a matter of minutes. Jin loved Chunghee, he really did, but so did the other male; at least at first. Memories of them together flooded his head as more tears and finally, a sob left his plump lips, not caring about the weird and worried glances being thrown at him.


He was too hurt, for God’s sake.


He cried and cried until a soft voice spoke beside him.

“Excuse me?”

Seokjin frantically wiped the tears off of his eyes but the tears kept welling up, but he turned towards the stranger and his eyes met a bunny-shaped cotton candy.


It had a white color for the head with pastel blue and pink for its ears. The older looked at it, completely confused.


“Ah, I saw you crying and I thought of sharing this with you, figured the candy comfort you somehow,” the stranger said, with smooth deep voice.


Before Seokjin could even say anything else, the stranger brought the cotton candy down and revealed a pair of sharp eyes and, unexpectedly, a dimpled smile. Seokjin swore he felt himself stopped breathing for a second.



Namjoon was nervous, that was for sure. His large hands felt clammy and he wiped them off against his jeans every minute or so as he recited his love confession to his crush. Daehyun and him had known each since high school and bonded since, then.

The former was two years younger than him and he always looked up to him, which Namjoon found adorable.


He already arrived at the carnival thirty minutes ago, feeling anxious because 1) he wanted to impress his crush, Daehyun and 2) well…he was just complete anxious and couldn’t stay put at his apartment, so he went early at the place way early than their meet-up time. As for a distraction by kicking pebbles on the ground, his ears caught a conversation behind him.


“Yoongi-hyung, it’ll be okay. I know Jimin-hyung will return your feelings!”

A male with doe eyes told his friend and Namjoon couldn’t help but be reminded of a cat from the ‘Yoongi’-dude’s face, but then he realized that the younger-looking of the two also reminded him of a bunny.

“I’m fucking nervous, kid! If he rejected me, you’ll treat me for lamb skewers for a month!”


Honestly, Namjoon didn’t mean to eavesdropped, but the duo weren’t subtle from keeping their voices down, anyway. Nevertheless, he mentally wished the male good luck.



He perked up upon hearing his name with the familiar voice. Turning around, there he saw Daehyun grinning as he ran towards him.

“I’m sorry, did I make you wait?”

“No, I just got here, too, “ he lied, “Let’s go, then?”


The other male nodded excitedly and gave their entrance tickets at the guy who was wearing a wide heart-shaped smile and sporting a fiery red-hair, “I hope you enjoy!”



And that they did.


Namjoon let Daehyun chose what will be their rides and settled for bump cars for a ‘warm up’. Then, they tried the drop tower, roller coaster and even a haunted house before taking a break by eating funnel cakes, candy apple and smoothies from food stalls.

Daehyun confessed that he wasn’t a fan with carousels, so didn’t get to try that. Namjoon realized, as well, that they haven’t tried the ferris wheel yet, so he mentally prayed that he will confess there.


So, after they ate, the older invited the other to ride the ferris wheel as Namjoon finally felt the determination to confess his romantic feelings towards the younger.

Thankfully, the line wasn’t that long and they took their booth to be carried along a slow pace.


“Daehyunie, uhm, I have to tell you something.”

Namjoon started with his head bowed, cursing mentally as he felt his palms sweating once again. The younger only hummed in response as he was busy looking outside as they were already almost at the top. Namjoon nervously gulped the sudden lump in his throat before he continued.


“I-…I’ve been hiding these feelings for a very time and now I want let it out. I like you, Daehyun. W-Will you be my boyfriend?”


He was met with silence and hesitantly looked up. Upon straightening up, he saw Daehyun looking at him with sad eyes.


“Joon-hyung, I-I…” the younger guiltily bit on his lip, “I-I’m sorry, but I…don’t really feel the same way towards you.”


Namjoon felt his heart stopped beating for a second, as well as the ride stopping at the very top.

“…O-Oh, I see,” his voice cracked and winced. “I’m really sorry, but w-we can still be friends!”

“Y-Yeah. Yes, of course,” Namjoon flashed a forced smile, his jaw felt so stiff from the small action.



After five minutes, they finally got off and Daehyun told him that he will go ahead first as he still have a morning class to attend tomorrow. Again, Namjoon gave him a small smile and a wave as the other male’s form disappeared into the crowd.


He felt tears started prickling on his eyes, but he tipped his head back to stop them from falling and succeeded, “Ah, I feel so stupid,” he muttered under his breath and went over to the food stalls again to buy himself a comfort food.

Namjoon craved for something sweet and immediately settled for a cotton candy as he never tried it yet, so he went over the stall and was met a little crowd encircling it. He walked closer to see and had no problem seeing the same guy from before, standing in front of a man with pastel pink hair, wearing a confused face.


"J-Jiminie!” The Yoongi guy.

“H-Hyung?” It was the pink-haired guy, now named Jimin.

“I-I like you. So, be my boyfriend!”


Namjoon quietly whistled, feeling proud from the male’s boldness of confession. Then, he saw Jimin smiled, his eyes turning into crescents.


“Okay, hyung, I’ll be your boyfriend,” the male finally answered and was quickly enveloped on a tight embraced by Yoongi as the crowd around them erupted with cheers.


Within the noises were two loud voices congratulating the couple and Namjoon recognize the bunny-looking guy hugging another male, who was sporting a boxy grin, from behind. The crowd then slowly dissipated and Jimin went behind the cotton candy stall before a line formed in front of him to purchase their own cotton candy. Namjoon joined then. When it was finally his turn, he bought the bunny-shaped cotton candy and paid for it.

“Congrats, by the way, I hope you’re happy,” Namjoon gave the other a genuine smile and Jimin blushed.

“T-Thank you…”


He continued strolling around, an uneaten cotton candy in hand, letting his feet took him to wherever it desired; until he passed by some people looking behind them. Each of them was sporting either a weird or worried eyes when finally he heard a sob not far from him.

He looked forward and saw a tall man beside the carousel, crying his eyes out. As if his body got a mind of their own, he walked towards the crying stranger and before he could stop himself, he spoke, “Excuse me?”



“S-Sorry?” Seokjin stammered still confused.

“You’re obviously sad, which I meant no offence, so I thought that eating something sweet might cheer you up even for just a little,” the stranger told him, still wearing that dimpled smile.


Seokjin looked at the cotton candy between them then back at the stranger’s, well…rather attractive, face. There were still tears welling up his almond-shaped eyes but didn’t bother to wipe them off anymore as he lifted a hand to take the stick-handle of the cotton candy, “Uhm, thank you, I guess…”

The stranger’s smile widened, as well the dimples going deeper from the action, “I hope you cheer up somehow, I-I’ll go now,” the other was suddenly shy and was about to turn away but Seokjin stopped him by the sleeve of his shirt.

“W-Wait! I-…W-What’s your name?”

The stranger contemplated for a second, before he responded, “I’m Namjoon, Kim Namjoon.”

“Namjoon…” Seokjin tested and it felt comfortable saying the name on his tongue, “Namjoon-ssi, nice to meet you, I’m Seokjin, Kim Seokjin.”

“Nice to meet you, too. Well, it got me curious. Why are you…uhm, crying?”

As soon as the question left his lips, the soon Namjoon regretted it as Seokjin’s eyes welled up with more tears again.

“Shit, okay, I-I’m so sorry, I d-didn’t mean to pry!”

Seokjin let out a watery chuckled as he wiped his fresh tears with his free hand, the other clutching the handle of the cotton candy, “It’s alright. Just my boyfriend…ex-boyfriend, broke up with me,” he sniffled.

“I-I’m sorry to hear that. Uhm…” Namjoon was lost for words.

“Anyway, I’ll feel bad if you’ll give a complete stranger a cotton candy, so, let’s share? You paid for this, after all,” Seokjin then offered the cotton candy this time.

Namjoon found himself taking the blue ear off the head, oddly finding it bad to refuse the former with those almond-shaped eyes looking at him.

“T-Thanks, Seokjin-ssi.”

“You can call me ‘Jin’, Namjoon-ssi.”

“And you can just call me ‘Namjoon’.”

They looked at each other, before erupting in laughter. As it faded away, both stared at each with a comfortable silence once again.


Namjoon mentally reminded himself that the other was very pretty. Too pretty, actually.

“So, uhm…do you want to try the rides together?”

Seokjin’s eyes widened at that, “Oh…I don’t know. You might be a serial killer who’s trying to lure me with a cotton candy,” then he let out squeaky laugh upon seeing the shock onto the other male’s face.

“I’m kidding! Of course, I’d like to.”

Namjoon sagged in relief before unconsciously offered his hand, “Okay, let’s go, then?”

He flushed as quick when Seokjin took his hand in his without hesitation, “Yeah, let’s.”


They ate the cotton candy on their way.



Both of them did the rides for the second time that night, the same excitement filling their bodies as they bumped their cars at each other, screamed their lungs out from the roller coaster and drop tower. However, Seokjin avoided the haunted house with all his might, earning a fond laugh and teases from Namjoon while he earned some light smack from the older.


Of course, they got to know more about each other during their short breaks between rides. Both got to know each other’s type of music, their age, about college major and so on.


Finally, it was only the ferris wheel left that they haven’t tried yet. Namjoon felt hesitant to rid it again as the rejection was still crystal clear in his head.

“Joonie, are you okay?” The new nickname was established during their teasing session.

“Ah…yeah. Yeah, I’m okay.”

He almost squeaked on response, but the older took notice but decided to not comment on it. The line this time was longer compare from earlier, and waited for ten minutes to finally get on their booth.


“Ah, I feel so excited to reach the top,” Seokjin said, clenched fists excitedly waving in front of him. Namjoon couldn’t help but gave the older a fond dimpled smile.

A comfortable silence filled them until they reached the top and it was the older that broke it.

“Oh yeah, did you come here alone? You never mentioned bringing a friend here,” Seokjin asked nonchalantly.

“O-Oh, that…well,” Namjoon averted his gaze away from the other and looked outside their booth. Before him, he could see the entire carnival, different lights dancing beneath and the some people already leaving for the night.

“I did bring a friend…” “

Where are they?” Namjoon was thanking any saint at the moment as he didn’t feel tears welled up on his eyes, but there was still the faint painful feeling.

“He already went home, after he…rejected me.”

Seokjin quickly felt guilty, then.


“Oh my god, I-I…Joonie, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, Jin-hyung, you didn’t know. You don’t need to apologize,” Namjoon gave him a reassuring smile, but it didn’t lessen the older’s guilt.


“…I-It’s his loss.”


“It’s his loss for rejecting you, Joonie. You’re such a wonderful person and you just proved that to me by cheering me up tonight,” Seokjin confessed, flush of red creeping from neck up to his ears, lip caught between his perfect white teeth from embarrassment.

Namjoon felt himself blushed, too. How couldn’t he when the epitome of ethereal was in front of him. He noticed the other blushed further and muttered something incoherent under his breath.


“…I-I said, I’m not ethereal.”


Shit, did he just…?


“Yes, you did,” said Jin, looking away while covering his mouth as if to save his red face from Namjoon, but failing.


Now, they were surrounded by an awkward silence. Namjoon broke it this time by clearing his throught.

“I-I’m glad that I cheered you up, then.”

He tried changing the subject which only earned a stiff nod from the older.

“…I mean it though. You look ethereal.”

Seokjin’s eyes widened at that and looked towards him, the blushes still visible on his face. He gave him a shy smile, “A-And I think…you look attractive.”


Namjoon then looked back at Seokjin, then. A secret meanings dancing behind their eyes as they shared a shy smile with each other.



Namjoon offered to walked Seokjin back home with the latter agreeing without hesitation. His own apartment was only three blocks away from the carnival, anyway.


“Tonight was really fun, Jin-hyung.”

“Yeah, it really was.”


The younger fidgeted before popping the question that had been filtring his head during their walk, “W-Would you like to do this again tomorr—“

“Yes!” Seokjin cutted him off and was quick to blush for the nth time that night, “I-I mean, yes, I’d love to, if y-you are…”

“O-Okay, tomorrow, then. C-Can I have your mobile number? So we can set the time to meet-up. ”

“Sure, here,” the older fished his phone from his jeans’ pocket. Namjoon took the mobile and called his number using it and quickly heard his own phone’s ringtone from his pocket.

“I’ll save your number once I get back in my apartment.”

“Okay.” “W-Well, then… I’ll go now.”

“O-Oh yeah, right.”

But none of them moved and remained standing, facing each other. Words were at the tip of their tongues but neither of them opened their mouth to speak.


“G-Go now, Joonie, it’s late!”

“Right, o-okay,” and Namjoon finally turned around to walked on the opposite direction.


But before he could even walk further, he heard his name.



Upon the familiar voice, he immediately turned around to acknowledge the older, but was completely taken aback once he felt soft hands cupping his cheeks and plump lips pressed against the side of his mouth.

“Ah, I-I missed—“

Seokjin’s word cut off when Namjoon angled his head to kiss him back properly and the older quickly melted against the other. Namjoon pulled back before diving in again and again and again until both of them parted to breathe.




“Will I scare you away if I say I already like you?”


Seokjin kissed his nose, his cheeks, then lastly his lips, before resting his forehead against Namjoon’s.

“No, definitely not. I…like you, too, Joonie. Will that scare you away?”

“Definitely not.”



—Two months later…


“Joonie! I’m sorry for making you wait!” Seokjin stopped in front of Namjoon as he held himself from his knees, panting from running towards the carnival.

“It’s okay, Jinnie. Why do you have to run?” His boyfriend gently wiped the beads of sweat that formed on the older’s forehead.

“I didn’t want you to wait longer since I’m already late.”

“It’s fine, really. Here.”

Seokjin lifted his head up and saw a pink, heart-shaped cotton candy on Namjoon’s hand.


Giggling, Seokjin threw his hands around the younger’s neck and kissed him on his lips.

“I love you, Joonie.”

“I love you, too, Jinnie.”


Seokjin took the candy from his hand before intertwining their hands together as they entered the carnival.




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