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Magic, Madness, Sadness, Love and Lust

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Somewhere on Ooo there was a little tiny manticore stuck inside a bottle, wondering where was that crazy woman with magic powers. She disappeared for months after the Elemental curse spread and there was no sign of her. In fact, he hasn’t seen anyone entering that shack for months.

“Where’s that crazy woman? “, the manticore said to himself.

Speaking of Betty, she suddenly materialized out of nowhere inside the cabin. She was angry, covered in dirt and tired. Very, very tired. She threw her hat on the floor and started jumping on it to take out the frustration that’s been eating her for days.

“Wow, someone’s angry. “

The woman heard what the manticore said and went straight to the bottle.

“You think?!? “, Betty screamed in anger. The manticore curled in fear.

“Geez man, calm down! “, said the manticore.

“Calm down?!? How am I supposed to calm down?!? I’ve spent one week on Mars filling holes for whatever reason! “, the woman screamed.

She turned her back to the manticore and started babbling more stuff.

“And that happened because I failed to bring Simon back ONCE AGAIN! “

She screamed one more time before laying on the floor, defeated. She was tired. Tired of trying to bring back Simon and getting rid of the Ice King for good. Everytime she did something to bring him back, it didn’t work.

“Modifying the crown didn’t work. Refreshing his memory didn’t work. Even going back in time didn’t work! “

She let out a big sigh. What was the point of everything for her if bringing someone she loved was impossible? There was nothing she could do. Her only reason for being in Ooo was because of Simon.

“Well, ain’t that a scene. “, said the manticore.

She didn’t even bother to get up and scream at the creature again.

“Well, you’re welcome. Laugh at me, mock me, do whatever you want. I’m done. “, said Betty, defeated.

“Why would I want to do that? I’ve said months ago that you needed to give up on chasing shadows. That man you wanted so much is gone for good. Nothing will change that. And look at you now. You did that to yourself. “

“…and what I’m supposed to do now? “

“How should I know? That’s your decision, not mine. Go out, make some friends, watch movies or something. Maybe you could find another man to hang out with. “

Another man. Those two words were painful for her. Since everything she did was for nothing, she had no choice. She had to give up on Simon. She didn’t want anything with that old blue man with that magic crown either. It was this or eternal loneliness and sadness for the rest of her mortal life.

“…ok, another man. Look, I have nothing against everyone in Ooo, but there aren’t any humans around here. “

“Why? Is it because everyone here is just weird? “

“No, it’s just because I want to be with a human man. No offense, but I'd rather date someone from my species rather than any mutant weirdo like everyone else. I'm kinda afraid of certain things, you know? “

“Well, good luck with that. There hasn’t been a single human in Ooo for centuries. “

Betty sighed once again.

“Oh great. Then eternal loneliness for me. “

Betty was ready. Ready to accept her own fate as a lonely, crazy old woman for the rest of her existence. It was going to be painful, but hey, that’s why madness exists. She can create her own world inside her mind and pretend that nothing bad exists until she dies of starvation. A creepy, disturbing way to die.

But before accepting her fate, she started recollecting the events that transpired during the elemental curse. Being trapped in a block of ice by a blue woman, used as a battery and a dinner table, reunited in the Cloud Kingdom with Simon, Finn and Jake, the quick visits to the Slime and Fire Kingdoms with Simon, Finn and Jake, her betraying Finn to save Simon, failing to save Simon once again, being teleported to Mars…

“It was a good run. There were some good moments here and there. Might as well say sorry to Finn for betraying him before my descent into mad... ness... “

It was then that she realized something.

“…wait a minute. “

She quickly got up when something appeared in her mind.


She screamed after realizing the answer to her problem, and it’s been there the entire time.

“What? What did you found? “, the manticore asked, startled by the woman’s reaction.

She looked at the manticore.


The manticore was shocked.

“Wait, you’re going after the human boy? Are you nuts?!? “

She grabbed the bottle while stamping a maniacal smile on her face.

“Nuts? No. I made a discovery. I FOUND MY NEW SOULMATE! “

“W-what?!? “

She threw the bottle at the floor, but it didn’t break. But that didn’t even matter for her. She found a reason for live again, even if it means losing the remaining traces of her sanity.

“Sorry Simon, but I couldn’t save you after all. But I found a new boy for me to play… “

And then her imagination started running wild. The possibilities, the moments, everything she could do with Finn. It was perfect. Nothing could stand in her way…

…except for one thing: she was tired and covered with dirt. Her fatigue caught up with her and first thing she wanted to do is take a bath and sleep for the rest of the day.

“Ugh… bath and sleep first, cutie blond human boy later. “

She went upstairs, slowly because of her fatigue. Meanwhile, Tiny Manticore looked at the sky.

“Boy, do I feel sorry for the poor lad. I could do something to stop that crazy woman, but… I can’t. I can’t even break this bottle again. I feel shame once again! “

The manticore screamed.