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Quick Thoughts - Arrowverse gen drabbles/shorts

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Post-S1 set drabble. Tina knows some things.

There are a lot of things they don't tell her, about Harrison, about S.T.A.R. Labs, about the danger that is routine for the city these days. She can't help but put the facts together, a puzzle made out of the data available. She knows things she shouldn't, things others wouldn't want to know. She finds it comforting though, to understand what is at stake. She still doesn't know what happened to Harrison though - that mystery, if solved, is not shared with her. But she knows who he was, what he wanted for the world. She still wants that too.

Post-S1 set drabble. Interviewing Caitlin.

Tina is sure Caitlin Snow would be a fine addition to Mercury Labs. She's also sure that Dr Snow speculatively applying for a position here a fortnight after a singularity formed very close indeed to S.T.A.R. Labs is no coincidence. She watches Caitlin fiddle with a wedding ring she didn't have last time she saw her. Her application form only states her mother as next of kin, no spouse.

Of all the happenings Tina gets a mere glimpse of, this is one she most needs to know and least wants to ask. She decides it's a question for another day.


Post-S1 double drabble. Tina hires Hartley. I like to headcanon him working at Mercury Labs in the post-2x17 timeline

Hartley Rathaway is impressive. He has quite the reputation – generally not one that works in his favour. All she had been privy to previously was Harrison summarily firing him. When she prompts for an explanation of his employment history gap, she doesn't see arrogance like the gossip would have her expect. There's an anguish he tries to hide and a resignation.

“I can't tell you that.” He gets up as soon as it's said, defeated.

“Does it have to do with your status as a metahuman?”  

He turns, mouth agape.

“Our buildings are state-of-the-art. Including technology we don't like to advertise.”

“You have metahuman detectors.” It's a statement, not a question.

She likes that she doesn't have to spell it out, one test passed.

“If you're having issues with your powers, we can help.”

He narrows his eyes, remains in the doorway, giving her the sense he might flee. “What would I have to do in return?”

She feels the echoes of Harrison Wells in his response, of the rumours Hartley's behaviour proves.

“Science, innovation, Mr Rathaway. That's all we strive for here.”

For the first time since entering her office, he relaxes.


2x22 set drabble. Tina meets E2-Harry.

She stares. Barry's words wash over her – talk of an imposter with Harrison's face, confirmation of the multiverse theory. She isn't uninterested, it's just that this Harrison looks so like the man she once knew. Older, wearier, but Harrison nevertheless. Harry he's called. He's not their Harrison; long dead it turns out, she swallows that grief for later. Yet he's more Harrison Wells than the man she'd thought she knew and was estranged from for the last 15 years. When he introduces his daughter, she sees Tess in her, grateful one universe has the legacy of her friends' love.




4x12 set drabble. Tina's thoughts on that Kord Industries building.

When she sees the headline – Kord Industries metahuman-proof building vanishes – she can't help but feel a touch smug. Their overblown PR stunt, and its subsequent backfiring, only further solidified her stance on their own technology roll-out. Traditional security often relied on being known, a deterrent as much as an obstacle. Her view of metahuman security was rather... different. Villains in the city weren't deterred, they saw a challenge, and so the best course of action was to never issue one. Care approaching prospective clients and an NDA ensured villains remained baffled at their powers failing in select locations.