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He didn't know how the fuck it had happened. What he did know was that he was pissed.


Everyone around him was worrying, wondering how they were going to help take care of him - of who was going to take care of him - and when the quirk's effects might wear off. Some of the students speculated a day, some a few hours, but when Aizawa walked in and took one look at Bakugou, he sighed heavily. "I was told the villain's quirk's effects last about a week or more."


Bakugou stared at the man, red eyes wide, before he started to growl at Aizawa. He barked at him, the noise catching him off guard, and he stopped, continuing to growl instead.


Yeah, he'd been hit with a fucking quirk that turns people into whatever animal or object the villain desires, and apparently a fluffy Pomeranian was what he had wanted Bakugou to be.


So, yeah, he was pissed.


Deku looked down at him with a worried expression, his eyes taking on that look of concern that made him on edge and Bakugou turned his head to growl at Deku, baring his teeth at the nerd.


Deku took a step back, raising his hands in defense. "Aizawa-sensei, what should we do with him, then?"


Aizawa stared at them all with a long suffering look before drawing his attention back to Bakugou. "You'll have to take care of him until he goes back to normal. Feed him, take him out for walks and all of that. Figure out who's going to do it." He turned and walked out of the room without another word.


His classmates looked at each other and one by one they almost all fled out the door except for a few people: Deku, Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero, Mina, and Uraraka.


Kirishima smiled broadly, placing his hands on his hips. "Well, you can always stay with me, man! I've always wanted to have a dog." He laughed heartily, and Bakugou growled at him once, not that it had much effect with him in dog form.


Kaminari laughed. "I don't think I could take care of a dog, much less one knowing it's Bakugou."


Good, he didn't want to go with Pikachu, anyway.


Mina reached out to pet Bakugou, but he jumped away from her hand, growling at her, his tail - tail!? - on edge slightly. The fuck? "Oh, c'mon, Bakugou, you're just too cute like this! Let me pet you! I can take care of you!" She jumped at him to try to grab him, but he ran as fast as his now four legs could carry him, stumbling over himself because how in the hell did dogs do this!?


The pink alien girl didn't give up, though, chasing him around the recovery room while he barked all the while. It was a stupid high pitched noise that even he hated. Well, he already hated the situation, but still.


Deku was about to open his mouth to volunteer, but Uraraka cut him off, "I can take care of him."


Mina slowed down in her chase long enough to look over at Uraraka. "Are you sure?"


Bakugou rushed away from them, growling now as he faced off against them all. He was going to murder that villain for doing this to him. A Pomeranian. A fucking tiny ass dog. He couldn't make him a more intimidating breed, at least, like a pitbull or a doberman? No, he had to pick this tiny, fluffy thing that had no bark, probably no bite, and was filled with all of his rage. He didn't even have his explosions! How the hell was he supposed to do anything as a dog?


Uraraka walked over to him, stopping about five feet away and crouching down, extending her hand. He whipped his head toward her, clearly annoyed and angry with his fur standing on end (not that anyone could tell, he was so damn fluffy), baring his teeth, the low rumble of the growl escaping him. She smiled warmly at him, keeping her hand extended. "It's okay, Bakugou. I know you're probably mad and maybe even a little worried about how you are now, but I know that I'll be able to take care of you if you want."


He was going to bark, but he stopped himself, his growling slowing down as he stared at her. She looked so genuine, so caring, so warm, that it made him... it didn't know what it made him. Hell, he didn't know what to make of his feelings toward her when he was human, let alone now that he was a dog. He respected her, yeah, he even liked talking to her and listening to what she had to say, but that was as far as he ever allowed his emotions to go. He didn't need all of that extra stuff that he thought he felt lurking behind those initial emotions; what purpose did they serve?


Bakugou turned his head and huffed through his nose. It was as close to that noise he made when he clicked his tongue to his teeth. It was a toss up between either her or Kirishima to take care of him, and frankly, he wasn't sure that he trusted shitty-hair to do it right.


Uraraka smiled too brightly as she closed the distance between them and picked him up when he wasn't looking. He growled and barked at her to put him down, but of course she couldn't understand him. She held him up to her face as she smiled at him. "I promise I'll take care of you, okay?"


For some reason that promise was all he needed to feel a little bit more secure about the whole thing.


He was still pissed, though.



"Okay, Bakugou, welcome to my room," Uraraka said as she opened the door. Her room was very plain with a bed, desk, table, book shelf, all the basic necessities she needed. It reminded him a lot of his room, honestly. She placed him on the floor and he walked in, looking around grumpily.


Now what?


She closed the door behind her and walked in a bit to stand beside him, placing her hands on her hips as she looked around the room. "I know it's not much, but I make due with what I've got." She smiled.


He looked from her face to the low lying table. She had a plate of wrapped cookies sitting there and he could feel his stomach rumble. Shit, he was hungry.


How in the hell was he supposed to tell her he was hungry?


He walked over to the table and propped himself on the edge with his front paws, sniffing in the direction of the cookies. He growled at himself then - sniffing. He was fucking sniffing.


Uraraka walked over and knelt down on the opposite side of the table. "I don't know if you can have cookies in your dog form," she said with a lopsided pout. He growled at her. Just give me the damn food, he wanted to shout, but he just glared at the plate instead. She giggled softly. "Alright, alright, you can try it, but you better not be sick later." She unwrapped the cookies, taking one out and breaking it in half, holding it in her open palm to him. He snatched it out of her hand, moving to the ground to eat it.


God, he was already eating like a dog. How was this so easy for him?


She munched on her own half of the cookie, watching him eat. He looked up once he was done licking - licking - the floor of crumbs at her. That was hardly satisfying and probably was a bad idea for this stupid form, but he didn't care. He barked at her: Feed me real food.


Uraraka finished her cookie half and stood up, frowning a bit. "I don't know what to feed you," she said distractedly, then she smiled brightly with a gasp and said, "Wait here! I'll be back!" She rushed out the door, closing it behind her, and Bakugou was suddenly stuck in her room without her.


He grumbled to himself, sitting down on a cushion that was on the floor. He glared at the cookie plate as his thoughts ran from how he had even got hit with the quirk - the villain had punched him and apparently any contact with skin from the villain could cause the reaction to happen - and how the hell he was supposed to do anything this week - go to class, train, go to the fucking bathroom.


He stopped and thought about it. Shit, he'd have to take a shit outside. In the grass. Where everyone could see.


He growled. He'd piss and poop on the villain's bed if he could.


A few minutes later Uraraka returned with two bowls in hand and shut the door behind her with her foot. "Okay, I grabbed us both something to eat. I hope you like it!" She placed the bowl down on the floor in front of him and he sniffed at it - dammit. But once he saw that it was a mix of rice and pork, he licked his lips. It did smell good. He bit into it, gnawing on the meat. Uraraka sat across from him, watching him with a smile on her face. He peered up at her and growled, What? She giggled and said, "You know, Bakugou, you're a lot cuter when you're not raging around all over the place."


He stopped munching to stare at her for a moment, taking in her words, before turning his head and scoffing through his nose. He wasn't cute, he was a fucking ball of fluff. How could that be cute?


The two ate in mostly silence except for the occasional question or musing from Uraraka about whatever popped into her head. He licked the bowl clean and instantly felt that rush of "I need to go now," so he ran toward the door and stared up at it. Glared at it. Growled at it. Uraraka peered over at him and asked around a mouthful of food, "Do you have to go out?"


Yeah, he had to fucking go out! God, being a dog was the shittiest thing in the world. Not only could he not do anything for himself apparently, but now he had to rely on people - well, Uraraka - to take care of him and his bathroom needs.


This was a new kind of low, even for him.


He barked furiously at her, impatiently stomping around, turning himself around as he barked. Uraraka got up with a laugh and shushed him. He bared his teeth, a soft growl escaping his muzzle. "Alright, alright, I'm coming, I'm coming." She placed the bowl on her table and stood, grabbing her shoes and slipping them on. He huffed around before she reached for the door and he squeezed by the small opening, flying down the stairs at breakneck speed. He could hear her call after him, but he didn't care. He just wanted to go do his business.


He ran right past Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero, and Mineta. The four watched as Bakugou huffed up to the door, glaring at it, before turning his glare on them. Kirishima smiled at him. "What's the matter, little fella? Do you have to go out?" The others tried to hide their laughter behind their hands.


Bakugou growled as menacingly as he could at the group. When he was back to his normal self, he was going to rip into them so hard--


"Bakugou," Uraraka called as she caught up to him at the door. He turned his glare on her, but she was unaffected as always. "Don't go running off without me." He huffed impatiently.


"How's he treating you so far, Uraraka? He hasn't done anything like tear up your blankets or homework or anything, right?" Sero asked with a smile, a gleam in his eye.


Bakugou growled and launched himself at Sero to bite his ankles, but Uraraka grabbed him before he could and he squirmed in her grasp - until he was suddenly weightless and floating away from her arms.


Did she really just activate her quirk on him?


She sighed and said, "I'm sorry about that. And no, he's been good." She smiled brightly and grabbed the floating fluffball that was now Bakugou, his weightless form fitting easily in her hands as the others began to chuckle loudly when she exited the dorm. She walked across the grass to a copse of trees. "Alright, Bakugou, I'm going to put you down, okay? I promise I won't look while you do your business."


He grumbled. He didn't care, he just needed to go, stupid small dog bladder. She released her quirk and set him on the ground where he took off running into the trees. "Bakugou," he heard her call in exasperation, but he didn't care. Being a dog was like being trapped in a cage with no way out and it made him so on edge. He couldn't describe it any other way. It was like he was trying to find his way out but every time he thought he saw the way, it would lead to another dead end.


Once he relieved himself behind some trees, he walked back toward the dorm area where he saw Uraraka punching at the air, her form having been improved since their first year, and occasionally swing her legs into kicks that could definitely stun someone. He walked up to her and said, You need to tighten your core more, but it only came out as a pathetic bark and he growled at himself.


She jumped at his bark, but laughed it off quickly and walked over to him, bending down to get closer to him. She smiled softly. "Feel better?" He huffed, looking away. The next sensation was so surprising that he almost bit at her, but damn if it didn't feel good: she had reached out and was now petting his head, scratching behind an ear. He leaned into her touch, a small whisper of contentment leaving him, and she said with a giggle, "Definitely cuter this way." He huffed at her, but he couldn't get enough of the feeling of her scratching behind his ear. Is this what dogs felt whenever humans would do that? If so, he could fucking get used to it.


And then it stopped all too soon and her turned to glare at her. Why did you stop? But she just stood and gestured with her head to follow. "Let's go back inside. We have a full day tomorrow and Aizawa-sensei said I could still bring you to class so you don't miss anything, so let's go."


He stomped beside her - was it even stomping? Probably not - and followed her back inside. She stopped in the kitchen to fill a bowl with water and bring it back upstairs with them. Luckily the others weren't there to give him more shit, so they made it back to her room with ease. She set the bowl down by her desk and then sighed. "What a long day, huh?" She set to do her homework, asking about a half hour in if she should go get his and help him with it, but he didn't care. He could easily make it up once he was back to himself, as long as he didn't miss any class time or training time. That was going to be a challenge, that was for sure.


Three hours passed faster than they thought and Uraraka stretched, looking at the clock on her desk. "I'm tired. Want to get ready for bed?" He didn't say or do anything. He was getting tired, though. She went to her dresser and grabbed some clothes out of it, placing them on top of the dresser before she reached down to the hem of her shirt and began to pull it up.


His eyes widened as he watched before he barked at her, Hey, I'm still here! She stopped and immediately pulled her shirt down, her face turning so red he wondered if anyone would be able to see it from space. She stammered, "I-I-I'm going to ch-change in the bathroom. Be right back!" She grabbed the clothes and ran for the door, slamming it behind her. He could hear her footsteps receding as she made her way to the bathroom.


Bakugou huffed quietly, his heart pounding harder in his chest. Even as a dog he was affected by her. What the hell? He decided to look around the room once more. Where could he sleep? He shook himself out, stretching his body one limb at a time, then hopped onto Uraraka's bed where he curled himself up int he corner. If she had a problem with him being there, he'd fucking bite her.


She returned several minutes later, her face a more natural shade of pink, and tossed her dirty clothes in her hamper before turning toward the bed and frowning. "You know, I wouldn't normally let a dog sleep on my bed." He growled at her. Yup, he was going to bite her. She sighed, going to turn off the light and walk over to the bed, pulling the covers back. She climbed into bed, pulling the blankets up to her chin as she laid back against her pillow. She yawned, "Good night, Bakugou." Soon after she was lightly snoring.


Bakugou stared at her from his corner of the bed for a few moments before looking around the room - his night vision was amazing now as a dog - and sighed to himself. Just six more days and you'll be back to normal. He tucked his muzzle against his tail, curling into a ball as he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.




The next few days really proved to test his patience, because by the fourth day of being a dog, he'd just about had it with everyone and everything around him. He'd been accidentally kicked because people weren't watching where they were walking, he'd been cooed at, petted, was laughed at when he went to class and sat at his desk like normal, had to rely on Uraraka for fucking everything, and worst of all, he had had to sit out during their training classes because he didn't have his own quirk in this form and the teachers were afraid he'd get hurt.


He was so done with being stuck in this fucking body it wasn't even funny anymore.


Uraraka took everything in stride, though, doing her best to take care of him, to talk to him, to try to guess what he was saying when he'd bark at her or others - and she got it right most of the time. She always had a smile on her face about it or a kind word to say, and it was just grating Bakugou the wrong way.


Was it the wrong way?


He hated relying on others. Why should he have to rely on others when they could rely on him or when he could take care of things on his own? He hated the feeling of owing someone something, and now he felt like he owed Uraraka a great debt. It ticked him off. He'd figure it out when he'd get there. He hadn't liked it since day one, but he was conceding to it now. He didn't have much of a fucking choice, anyway.


So when on the sixth day of having been a dog rolled around, he took it all in stride. What could he even do, anyway? He'd already tried thinking of a hundred ways to have the quirk deactivate, but he couldn't figure it out. It was time sensitive and he had had to accept it very begrudgingly. He was walking back to the dorms with Uraraka when she chimed in softly, "Hey Bakugou?" He looked up at her and huffed. She smiled slightly at the noise, but her face slowly turned to a different emotion, though she kept the smile on her face. Was it... sadness? He didn't know, but she said quietly, "I've had a lot of fun with you this past week. I'm kind of sad to think that you'll be back to normal soon."


What was that supposed to mean, he barked aggressively and she shook her head, flailing her hands in front of her as she stopped to face him. "I don't mean it like that. I just mean," she paused, taking in a breath and looking away, letting out a small laugh. "I just feel like we had a lot of fun together and I'm going to miss that when you're human again. You and I don't exactly hang out together or anything."


His glare lightened a bit as he watched her. She was quiet, and even in the dark of the outside he could see that her cheeks were pinker than normal. Bakugou wasn't sure what to do in the moment or even what to feel. It's true that they had actually had a good time together with him as a dog. They'd gone for walks and she'd fed him and all of that normal dog stuff, but she talked to him. She'd talked to him about everything under the sun that was on her mind, and he'd found that he'd actually been listening to her. Her hopes, her fears, her dreams once they graduate, how she likes her ramen (does this girl eat anything else?), what her favorite color is (pink, big shocker), what her favorite band is. She'd shared so much with him over the last week that Bakugou wasn't sure what to think of her now.


Or what to think about the own mess of emotions in his own body. The week had been fucking challenging, to say the least, but like always whenever he saw something as a challenge he knew he'd have to overcome it - and he has been. It's had its ups and downs, but Bakugou's been doing his fucking best as this small fluffy yap trap. But spending as much time as he has with Uraraka was really solidifying those stupid feelings he's had for a while now that he put so far on the back burner that they hadn't even been on his fucking radar anymore.


But now they were at the forefront, and damn him if he wasn't going to do something about it when he was back to normal.


And train. He was going to train for hours on end.


And beat up his classmates for making fun of him this past week.


He huffed at the thoughts, but Uraraka took it as a response to what she had said before and laughed, bringing one of the long fringes of her hair behind her ear as she gestured back to the dorm. "I'm sorry, Bakugou, you're probably thinking, 'Shut up with your stupid emotional talk already.'"


He wasn't, though.


Uraraka didn't say another word as she walked back to the dorm, Bakugou by her side. His thoughts were running like crazy and he wasn't sure where to even begin to sort it out. He didn't even really pay attention as she led them back to her room and grabbed her clothes from the dresser yet again. "Be right back," she mumbled as she left the room to get ready for bed.


Bakugou watched her leave before climbing onto her bed. Hopefully tomorrow or the next day he would be back to normal. Hopefully everything would be back to normal.


But... why was he upset with the thought of "everything" going back to normal? Did he have to stop hanging with Uraraka as a result of it? Did he have to stop watching her train, wanting to give her pointers, or having meals with her, or of just being in her presence because as much as he didn't want to admit it, being around her gave him a sense of fucking peace he didn't know how to put into words and he craved more of that? Did he have to stop listening to the sound of her soft snores at night that he'd grown used to so quickly? Or how she'd always tell him "goodnight" before falling asleep soon after?


Fuck. Yup. He was definitely going to do something about these emotions when he was back to himself.


Uraraka came back a few minutes later, shutting off the light and climbing into bed. "Goodnight, Bakugou."


There it was. He got up from the spot he had curled himself on at the end of the bed and slowly padded across the mattress to where she was. She was facing toward the wall where he stood over her, looking down at her. He could feel his tail wag - it was fucking wagging - albeit slowly, and he leaned over her to lick her once across the cheek.


She gasped at the contact, but giggled softly after, a hand reaching out to pat him on the head. "You're so funny," she whispered in a tired voice and dammit if it didn't make him want to hear that again. He huffed at her and curled up beside her, her arm a weight over him, as the two slowly drifted off to sleep, the sounds of her light snoring and his deep breathing the only sounds in the room.



He woke to the soft sound of a fan whirring in the corner of the room - had she turned it on in the middle of the night? - and a weight on his arm.






Bakugou's eyes opened fast and he squinted at the light that was slowly filling the room. From his first impression, he was laying on his back. It hadn't been the first time he'd done that as a dog. But when he turned his head he saw that there was a shoulder next to him, and attached to that was a muscular arm, and laying on that was Uraraka, so close to him that she'd tucked herself in close to him, her arms against her chest, one hand resting on his own chest, the other resting on his arm between them, and as he became more aware that he was, in fact, back to human form again, he could feel on of her legs resting lightly over his.


Holy shit, he was human again.


And Uraraka was sleeping on him.


He didn't dare to move from his spot, didn't dare to breathe lest he wake her up, because even though he almost had, when he'd caught sight of her face he couldn't bring himself to do it. She looked peaceful, and dammit all if she didn't look cute as hell, her features soft and smooth as she slept, her mouth slightly parted as she breathed.


Bakugou tilted his head back against the pillow and brought his free arm up to look at his hand - human - and wiggle the limbs, moving his fingers around and clenching and unclenching his fist. His palm already had a slight sheen of sweat to it and he wiped it against his pants - the pair of sweatpants he'd been wearing from training when the villain had attacked. He looked down at himself: he was still wearing the same clothes he had been when he'd been changed.


Well, that was good at least.


He froze when he felt Uraraka move under his arm, readjusting herself to move even closer to him, if that was possible, which it was considering she moved her arm across his abdomen to rest around him, bringing her face to rest on his shoulder now, her leg fully over his as she continued to sleep.


He turned his gaze to her, even closer now, so close he could smell the light scent of her shampoo - coconut and some sort of flower - and god he was going crazy. He'd just fucking admitted to himself last night that he was going to do something about these goddamn emotions, but now that he was here?


He didn't know if he could.


Instead he laid there for a bit, watching Uraraka sleep with a sort of curiosity that he didn't know where to place. She had her head titled slightly forward so he couldn't see her face completely, so he reached over slowly with his free hand and gently pushed her bangs out of the way. She moved at the touch, titling her head back a little so he could more clearly see her face.


Fuck. She was so fucking cute.


Even in sleep her cheeks were pink. She ran a thumb gently over her cheek, marveling in how soft it was, when she stirred a bit and half groggily looked up at him. He froze, unable to think, as she smiled at him and whispered with a rasp, "Good morning."


He didn't reply, couldn't reply, but just continued to watch her, his hand resting on her cheek. She cuddled into him, into his hand touching her cheek. She sighed contentedly, falling back to sleep almost immediately.


He let out a sigh, a small chuckle at the end of it. How in the hell was it possible for this girl who'd kicked his ass on more than one occasion, who was proving to everyone around her how unbreakable she was, who was so unlike him in every way possible, for her to have captured his heart like this?


And how had it taken a week of being a fucking dog for him to man up and come to grips with it?


He turned toward her then, careful not to move the arm she was laying on too much, as he wrapped his other arm around her. She kept her own arm and leg over her, their legs intertwining, as he brought the arm she was laying on to her back to rub her gently.


Well, fucking do something about it, dumbass, he said to himself as he leaned toward her and kissed her forehead. She smiled in her sleep, moaning softly as she nuzzled into him. He could feel his heart pounding against his chest and was amazed that she hadn't woken up from the sound. Taking in a breath, he tilted her head up to him just enough that he could look at her sleeping face full on. Without overthinking it any more, he leaned down to kiss her softly on her lips, lingering just long enough that as soon as he was about to pull away, he stopped.


His eyes shot open and he was staring into hers as she looked into his.


She was kissing him back.


Holy shit, she was kissing him back.


Also, the little shit had been faking sleeping.


She smiled against his lips, her eyes gleaming with mischief and something else and Bakugou raised an eyebrow at her before closing his eyes, tightening his grip around her as he tilted his head and kissed her harder, deeper, and she responded in kind, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him toward her.


He leaned over her, his torso half on her as they kissed, their lips parting for entry, each meeting the other in a heated moment. It was everything Bakugou could have imagined it would have been. Hell, it was even better than he could have imagined.


Her hands ran up and down his back, such a soothing motion, and he wondered if maybe those feelings of contentment when he was a dog and being petted had carried back over to him now as a human.


He didn't fucking care. They broke the kiss at the same time, taking deep breaths and staring at each other with heated eyes. Uraraka was blushing so deeply, but she didn't seem to care or mind. He thought she looked cute as hell.


She smiled up at him then and said again, "Good morning."


He smiled down at her. "Morning."


"Welcome back," she whispered, her eyes looking into his. She looked genuinely happy in this moment to see him. It was alarming; he wasn't used to seeing people like that.


"When did you notice I had changed back?" His voice was low and grumbly.


"Around 4 o'clock. I had gotten up to turn the fan on because the temperature had gotten really warm, and then when I turned back I realized why." She grinned, letting a giggle slip out. "You scared me. I'm amazed my scream didn't wake you."


He huffed through his nose. "Then why were you so cozy this morning, huh?"


She laughed, bringing her arms from around his back to poke at his nose and cheeks. "You didn't seem to mind," she teased him.


Bakugou didn't respond, just looked from one eye to the other, taking in the cool and warm depths of the color, before saying, "I wouldn't mind it happening more, either."


She blushed even brighter now, but kept a shy smile on her lips as her hands rested lightly on his chest. "And why's that?"


He glared at her, jutting his lower lip out slightly, clicking his tongue against his teeth. Wow, he hadn't been able to do that in a week and it felt weird now. "Why the fuck do you think?"


She laughed, lifting her head to give him a quick peck on the lips before saying, "I like you, too." He could feel the heat travel up his neck and ears, but he hoped he wasn't showing it. She reached up then, her fingers gently rubbing behind his ears, then pouted. "Too bad you're not a dog anymore. You were just so cute whenever you were rubbed right here."


"I'll show you fucking cute," he murmured as he lowered his head back to hers and he stopped her giggle with another kiss.


And Bakugou knew that if he'd still had his damn tail, it would be wagging pretty damn happily right about now.