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It was difficult to be bad at something like secretarial work. It was fairly simple, and he enjoyed the job. Taking calls, writing out emails, keeping things organized, and a personal favorite, putting people on hold. But perhaps the best thing about finding the work so effortless was that he could do it anywhere. And so he did.

Cas had started at the front desk of the local library in his small hometown as a Summer job. He found he had a natural knack for keeping things in order, for talking to people, offering direction or advice, and so he kept the job through the rest of high school. College had never appealed to him, so he took his talents and traveled with them. One letter of recommendation to the next, he had picked up jobs in vet clinics, doctor’s offices, car dealerships, anything he could find really, and he traveled, staying in places for as long or as little as he pleased. He had been beach side, had stayed in the mountains, spent time in bigger cities, until he found himself heading for Seattle, Washington.

Some say Seattle has little to offer outside of the business market, the atmosphere dull and depressing, but Cas saw something different. Sure the place lacked a few days of sunshine, but he found the frequent cloud cover buzzed with not only the electricity of impending storms, but that of anticipation. He could feel it under his skin the moment he stepped out onto the sidewalk. This was a place without the dizzying nonstop lifestyle of New York, but the same sense of awe and excitement.

Cas had come to Seattle after a position with a company he felt a particular reliance on. Winchester Roasters had fueled many of his long days behind a desk, giving his fingers the will power to challenge his own words per minute records, his hands the energy to pick up the phone before the second ring, and his eyes crystal clear blue to take in anything - or anyone- he might find of interest around his newest office venture. Company headquarters had been in the news for a scandal involving the leak of trade secrets, leading to the job loss of several lower rung employees who thought what they heard in the break rooms could never be tied back to them. And so, opportunity called Cas to the Pacific North West.

Already having exchanged a few emails and phone calls with the HQ hiring manager, he made his way from his rental studio to the office building for a face to face interview. If this didn’t work out, he was confident he could find something else, but he wasn’t about to pass up the chance for an unlimited supply of the coffee that kept him going day by day. Cas had been frequenting Winchester Roasters since he was in high school, and it was one of the only constants he had as he traveled state to state, town to town. With his odd secretary jobs funding his addiction, there was no better way to bring his passions together.

As he waited for appointment he helped himself to a black cup of coffee. Cas was partial to milk and sugar most days, but he wasn’t about to embarrass himself but lightening the color in his cup in a building full of connoisseurs. Taking a sip, he felt the coffee spill down his throat and spread warmth through his entire body. Face relaxing and eyes focusing on his surroundings, he mused that there is almost no better feeling first thing in the morning.

“Castiel?” A vaguely familiar voice asked from the doorway. As he looked up, a faint smile of recognition played across the redhead’s features.

“It is so nice to finally meet you! I’m Charlie.” She took a step into the waiting area and extended her hand, glad to put a face to the name she had been speaking with for the last few weeks.

With the caffeine starting to bubble in his veins, he smiled enthusiastically, blue eyes wrinkling at their corners. Charlie, the Winchester Roasters hiring manager, had hit it off with him over many emails and a handful of phone calls, eager to bring him in and show him the place. She had admired his pages of work experience, as well as the enthusiasm he had for the company and his knowledge of the Roasters media presence.

“Charlie!” Cas shook her hand, “I’m glad to finally be here.”

Charlie led Cas out of the waiting room, down the hall to her office. Upon walking in, he couldn’t help but smile. The office had a floor to ceiling bookshelf full of coffee mugs picturing characters from various comic books and movies.

“I try to combine my passions in my space.” She beamed, “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t love coffee, hence the mugs, and I wouldn’t be me without all these characters influencing me as I grew up!”

Cas thought even if this job didn’t work out he would like to be friends with this woman.

“Well I suppose that’s why I’m here too, isn’t it?” He said, taking a seat in front of her paperwork strewn desk.
Charlie made a small attempt to tidy up as she sat, plucking Cas’s resume from the apparently controlled chaos. Cas noted, should he get this job, he would volunteer to file all her paperwork for her.

The interview went smoothly, as Cas had been through the process many times. It certainly helped that he and Charlie had already become friendly, giving the situation a lighter atmosphere. She questioned his extensive experience, asking why so many jobs rather than something stable. He was used to this question, fully aware that his resume made him look like a flight risk. Fortunately, he knew a little something about schmoozing through it, his lopsided grin and bright blue eyes helping to clear any worry from his interviewers mind. Cas was a people person when he was working, talking to people was quite literally part of his job. Outside of professional relationships was a different story. And, he reassured himself, if this place didn't work out, there was always another opportunity just ahead. He would be itching to travel somewhere new soon anyway.


As the interview progressed, Charlie became more sure this was the perfect person for a very certain position. She casually questioned Cas on what he knew about the recent scandal. To her relief, his details were fuzzy in all the right places. She didn't tell him he would be filling the position the company traitor, Benny, had filled as Mr. Winchester's personal assistant. That was basically a step up from a run of the mill secretary position. Charlie's job had been difficult over the past few months after the news had come out, struggling to find someone as trustworthy, driven, and likeable as Benny had been. He had hurt them all when he sold off their company secrets for a bigger paycheck, but none so much as their CEO and his best friend, Dean Winchester. Getting to know Castiel over these last few weeks, and now in person, she was confident he could replace Benny, and maybe even restore Mr. Winchester's faith in himself as the head of the company.

Conversation and questioning subsided, signaling the end of the interview. Cas would never let it show, but this part always made him a little nervous. Charlie chewed thoughtfully on her lip, wondering if she should share more about the position or leave it on a need to know basis. Castiel seemed perceptive enough, and she didn't want to overstep her bounds by sharing what the media didn't even know. With an exhale, she stood and smiled, extending her hand.

"So can you start tomorrow?", she beamed.