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Its just a fantasy, right?(REDO SOON)

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Why me?

He want to do what?

Pinning me against the bed, staring into his eyes
He glups "(y/n)...." my name come out of his mouth
He lower himself and kiss me. We pulled away

I remember....This is just a fantasy
The love hotel is nothing but a fantasy of each person
Saihara was the first, is this what he thinks of me
A girl he likes?
Capture my lips with his again
my hands move on its own to his hair and pull him into a deeper kiss.

Clothes being removed one by one until our body was visible
Our body was free from clothes

We started kissing again

He slowly thrust in

Its ok

The pain is gone


Go faster

He thrust in abit fast
The noise we make
Our skin slapping
Hands on his back leaving some marks


He cums inside of the condom
Laying down
Holding me close to his chest


This feels so real.........