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Please Don't Love Me, I'm Not Worth It

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Why did it have to come now? Raven thinks to herself as she runs through the woods in her wolf form.

It’s like the Universe is just against her for some reason. First, Bellamy fucking throws away her radio, just to save his own ass, now she doesn’t have a way to contact the Ark. Second, she finds out that her boyfriend is interested in another, what a nice fucking reunion that was. And third, she’s on her heat! And she definitely doesn’t want to spend it with any of those idiots from the dropship.

She’s weaving through the trees of the forest, desperately trying to find a safe place to spend her heat. She stops to catch her breath, transforming back into her human form. The smell of her heat is not as noticeable because of all the sweat she is producing.


She turns her head and sees both Bellamy and Finn running towards her. She backs away from them, trying to put a lot of distance between herself and the two Alphas.

“Stay away from me!” she yells at them. They both stop running, breathing heavily.

“Raven please, come back to the dropship with us, it’s not safe out here, there could be Grounders out here,” Bellamy pleads with her, taking cautious steps towards her, which only causes Raven to step back.

She contemplates yelling at them again or running, she decides for the latter. Just as she’s about to run again, Finn speaks.

“Bellamy’s right, it’s not safe here, so why don’t you come back with us to the dropship.”

She glares at him, releasing angry Omega pheromones. “I rather take my chances out here than go back with you.”

Finn’s face becomes angry. “You will come back with us, Raven! Even if I have to force you to.” Bellamy turns to give him a look that says, ‘you’re not helping’.

“Finn, why don’t we just leave her, okay? She obviously doesn’t want to come back with us. She’ll come back when she wants to.” Bellamy tells him, turning back to Raven, grabbing his knife and holding it out to her. “Here take this, just in case you run into a Grounder.”

Raven looks at the knife for a moment and looks back up at Bellamy, making no indication that she’s going to move.

He sighs and carefully chucks the knife at her, making it land near her feet.

She bends down, picking up the knife and nodding towards Bellamy in thanks. “Okay, now that I have a knife, you guys can leave now.”

Bellamy looks at her and sighs, turning his body around and starts walking back to the dropship. While Finn just keeps staring at Raven, not moving a muscle. She stares back at her.

“Well? Are you gonna leave or what?” she asks him. Gesturing her hand in the direction where the dropship is.

He doesn’t say anything.

With one final glare in Finn’s direction, Raven turns around and starts walking away.

Just as she is getting over a mini hill, a hand grabs her by the bicep, tightly. “Don’t even think about taking another step Raven” Finn’s eyes bore into her own. “You’re coming back with me, whether you like it or not.”

She tries to free herself from his grip but all he does is grip her tighter. “Let go of me, Finn.”

He glares at her. “Or what?” He releases angry pheromones, forcing his aggression on her, trying to make her submit. His grip on her arm gets even more tight, to the point where Raven winces in pain.

Without saying anything, while also fighting with her wolf, trying to stop herself from submitting to him, she quickly turns to him and kicks him in the shin.

He shouts in pain, releasing his grip on her arm. Which gives her the perfect opportunity to run.

And so, she does. She runs as fast as she can, her eyes frantically looking for a place to hide, knowing that he’ll come looking for her.

She glances over her shoulder, looking for any sign of him.

But she doesn’t see him anywhere.

She stops, catching her breath, looking around for him but doesn’t find him anywhere. Sighing in relief, Raven quickly glances over her shoulder one last time before walking again.

She barely even walks 2 metres before a huge weight is sending her to the ground. She yelps in pain, looking up at her assailant, recognising it as Finn’s wolf. He’s snarling at her, baring his huge, sharp teeth at her, using his pheromones to force her to submit.

Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!!! I am so screwed!!!!!


Anya enjoys strolls through the woods.

It’s wonderful and peaceful. It’s a stress reliever for Anya. The woods are calming, meizen.

Skaikru na frag op yumi Ogeda” Anya mutters under her breath. Shifting into her wolf form, starting to look for her prey, masking her scent so it won’t know she is there.

She finds her prey, a large rabbit, completely clueless about her whereabouts. Oblivious to what’s happening. Anya lowers herself down, getting ready to attack. Just as she is about to pounce, that’s when she smells it.

An Omega in heat.

But the smells are being overpowered by angry Alpha pheromones. That’s when she knew, this Omega needed help.

She runs in the direction of the pheromones, completely forgetting all about her prey, ready to attack whoever is attacking the Omega. She comes to a clearing, where she sees an Alpha in wolf form, toppling over the in-heat Omega, baring its teeth at her, forcing her to submit.

Anya lets out a loud growl, which startles both the Omega and the Alpha, she bares her teeth at the other Alpha, making it clear that she is challenging him.

The other Alpha removes himself from the Omega, who scrambles herself away from him.

The two Alphas circle each other, looking for an opportunity to strike.

It isn’t long before the other Alpha attacks Anya, leaping towards her, snapping its teeth but she was prepared.

She moves out of the way and swipes her paw at him, her claws digging into his shoulder, causing a large gash and making him lose a lot of blood.

He yelps in pain, his pheromones getting more and more aggressive, but they do not affect her.

She goes to swipe at him again but this time, he moves out of the way just in time and swipes at her side. Anya winces in pain but otherwise doesn’t seem too affected by his attack, despite losing a lot of blood.

He went for another attack, snapping his teeth at her but Anya again moves out of the way. She attacks him again, which causes him to fall and she gets on top of him, using her own pheromones to force him to submit.

It doesn’t take long for him to submit, baring his neck at her, Anya uses this opportunity to hit him in the head. Knocking him unconscious.

She gets off him, breathing heavily.

She shifts into her human form, looking over at the scared Omega. She takes cautious steps towards her, while also pumping out soothing pheromones.

The Omega tenses before relaxing. Anya takes it as a sign to move closer to her, pulling the Omega into her arms. “Em ste kei. Yu laik klir nau. Yu dula op nou souda na fir in.


That’s all Raven hears before she blacks out. Thinking about soft hazel-brown eyes.