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Persona & Devil Survivor Chat Fic Thing

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Naoya Toudou has added Tatsuya Suou, Maya Amano, Minato Arisato, Minako Arisato, Yu Narukami, Ren Amamiya, Shin Kanzato, Kazuya Minegishi and Hibiki Kuze to the chat

Naoya has changed his nickname to NaoNya

NaoNya: Ye boi

Minato: Cursed

Tatsuya: Delete that. Right now.

NaoNya: Nyo

Yu: Well, I like his nickname...

Ren: You would

Minato has changed Yu's nickname to BowlCutBitch

BowlCutBitch: :( Why???

Minato: 'Cause I can

BowlCutBitch: But I don't even have a bowlcut tho...?

Minako has changed her nickname to KickassPrincess

KickassPrincess: You do tho

Kazuya: Burn

Minato: Have I ever mentioned how much I love my sister?

KickassPrincess has changed Minato's nickname to Minty

KickassPrincess: Love you too bro

Minty: Thank

Maya: What a wonderful sibling relationship!

BowlCutBitch: Are you just gonna ignore the fact that they're teaming up to bully me?

Shin: Yea

BowlCutBitch: Who the fuck are you?

Shin: :(

Shin has changed his nickname to DoIEvenExist

Tatsuya: Probably not

DoIEvenExist: :'(

Kazuya: You sound like you're having an existential crisis

DoIEvenExist: I am. Always.

Kazuya: Mood

Minty: Mood

KickassPrincess: Mood

Ren: Mood

Tatsuya: Mood

NaoNya: Mood

Hibiki: Mood

Maya: Are you guys okay?

NaoNya: No

Tatsuya: Never

Kazuya: Definitely not

Ren: Sudden change of topic, but I'm really jealous of Minato and Minako... I wish I had a twin...

Hibiki: I can be your twin if you want! I mean we look a lot alike!

Ren: :D

KickassPrincess: Tbh most people don't think we're twins. 9 times outta 10 they think Minato and Kazuya are the twins...

BowlCutBitch: I can see it tbh

Kazuya: Exblain

BowlCutBitch: Both have blue hair, both have blue eyes, both have emo haircuts, both always wear headphones, both have resting bitchfaces

Minty: :/

Kazuya: Rude

Maya: Oh! It's true! I can see it now!

Kazuya: Wha-?

NaoNya: H A

Minty: Fuck off Naoya, you have an earring kink


NaoNya: NO I DON'T


Minty: Nah, it's fun

Ren: Very true

Tatsuya: Ikr

NaoNya: Wow, fuck all of you

Tatsuya: No thanks, I have a boyfriend

Ren: All right, no need to gloat

KickassPrincess: Well, if you grew some balls and actually asked Yusuke out, you'd have a boyfriend


Ren: But it's scary

Tatsuya: Look, Minako, Yu, Hibiki and I are in relationships because we actually worked up our nerve and asked them.

Minty: What about me? I'm in a relationship too

NaoNya: Yea, but your boyfriend lived inside you for ten years, you're a special case

Minty: Fair

Kazuya: I'm sorry, his boyfriend what?

KickassPrincess: Long story, don't ask

DoIEvenExist: Do we even want to know???

Hibiki: Sounds kinda kinky... :/

Minty: It's nothing like that!

Ren: Sounds fake but okay

Tatsuya: Aaaaanyway, the message to all of you is basically: stop being pussies and confess already

Tatsuya: Especially you, Maya

Maya: Me?!

Tatsuya: Yes, you

Tatsuya: You share an apartment with your crush and yet you haven't even made a single move

BowlCutBitch: What do you say to that?


Maya: I, uh

Ren: Plead the fifth

Maya: Yes, that

DoIEvenExist: Moving on, Naoya, why did you make this chat? We already have a chat???

NaoNya: I'm aware. But that chat is for serious protagonist stuff and this one is for like... I dunno, memes and gay shit?

Ren: Story of my life tbh

Hibiki: Same

Tatsuya: Can I leave?

NaoNya: No, you're here forever

Tatsuya: Great...

NaoNya: Sooooo, can those of you who haven't given yourselves nicknames yet give yourselves nicknames and get into the memeing spirit? Pls?

Kazuya: 'Memeing spirit'?

Ren: Merry Mememas, everybody!

Ren has changed his nickname to FluffyThiefBoi

Hibiki has changed his nickname to BunnyBoi

FluffyThiefBoi: That reminds me, where did you get that bunny eared hoodie? I want one

Kazuya has changed his nickname to HeadphoneOverlord

HeadphoneOverlord: Are you gonna buy one or steal one?

FluffyThiefBoi: No comment

FluffyThiefBoi: Anyway, hoodie, want one, where do I get?

BunnyBoi: Fuck no, I ain't telling. You may be my honourary twin, but bunny hoodies are my thing

FluffyThiefBoi: But I want a thing...

BunnyBoi: You already have a thing: sexy glasses

FluffyThiefBoi: Sexy...?!

BunnyBoi: V e r y

FluffyThiefBoi: ^////////^

Minty: Get a room

BunnyBoi: I have a boyfriend, nasty

NaoNya: That's gay

BunnyBoi: You're gay

NaoNya: Shit I've been Exposed

Maya has changed her nickname to ThinkPositiveBitches

ThinkPositiveBitches: Sorry I took so long, my boss called me in for another lecture

NaoNya: Ugh

Minty: Ew

Tatsuya: I hate her so much

KickassPrincess: Ignore the bitch

HeadphoneOverlord: Kill the bitch

DoIEvenExist: Kazuya no

HeadphoneOverlord: Kazuya yes

FluffyThiefBoi: Want me to change her heart???

ThinkPositiveBitches: That's sweet of you, but it's okay, I'll deal with it. Thanks guys <3

DoIEvenExist: It okay :)

ThinkPositiveBitches: Thank you, Shin


FluffyThiefBoi: Dude?


KickassPrincess: You okay?

DoIEvenExist: sokmeone xctually refmenbrred ym namee

DoIEvenExist: Ii feell ssoo blessd

Minty: Holy shit, dude, I'm sorry for teasing, are you okay???

BowlCutBitch: I'm sorry for changing the subject but, uh, Naoya? Why can't I change my nickname? It won't let me?

NaoNya: I dunno?

NaoNya: That's weird? You should be able to?

BowlCutBitch: I can't tho?


BowlCutBitch: ?

NaoNya: Minato what did you do?

Minty: Mwehehehe~

BowlCutBitch: What did you do?

Minty: >:3c

BowlCutBitch: What the hell did you do?

Minty: Plead the fifth

BowlCutBitch: What the fuck did you do?!

Minty: Hey, Tatsuya, why haven't you changed your nickname yet?

DoIEvenExist: He dodged the question...


Tatsuya: Can't think of anything to change my nickname to

ThinkPositiveBitches has changed Tatsuya's nickname to Vroom

Vroom: It'll do

NaoNya: Noice

Vroom: Shut up

NaoNya: Meanie >:'(

Vroom: Whatever

NaoNya has renamed the chat to Protag Meme Party

Minty: Oh god

FluffyThiefBoi: Nice

BunnyBoi: Sweet

HeadphoneOverlord: Wtf

Vroom: Kill me

ThinkPositiveBitches: Okay then!

Vroom: Wait what?




DoIEvenExist: Holy shit

KickassPrincess: I can't believe Tatsuya is fucking dead you guys