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I’ll Follow You Even To Hell

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Chapter 1: The Encounter

It’s General Madara’s first day in Central HQ of Amestris. He arrived at his new office only to be greeted by a familiar white-haired man. “Tobirama...” “Oh, you’re here. I didn’t expected it.” The man put his stuffs at the table and met onyx eyes. “How’s your brother doing?” “Izuna still troublesome as usual. He is at Central HQ with Hashirama. They get along with very well.” “They’re really troublesome for sure. Oh, by the way, there is a young prince from Hatake land who search the secret of immortality, right?” “Yeah, he is really talented in everything, including alchemy. I wonder he will become our apprentice, Colonel Tobirama. His name is....” the conversation was cut off by a loud bang of door “Yo,Tobes!” “Aniki! How are you doing? We heard you two become partners, right? It’s a good thing.” ‘Those two... Here comes the pests... Where are those brats?’ The Flame Alchemist and his adjutant only sighed as two men, one with scars on his face and spiky hair and one with thick eyebrows and bowl cut hair entered the room. “Good morning, shitty colonel.” Obito yawned as he walked into the room. “You’re late!” Tobirama pointed his gun to Obito who snapped from his sleepiness and yelped, “You’re mean as usual Tobes. Can’t you be a little softer?” Hashirama pouted as Obito hides behind him. “Sorry, brother, he is 31 years old now.” “You guys are mean as usual.” Izuna pouted as well. “Don’t be such a grouch. Cheer up once for a while!” Gai grinned as the door being knocked. “Come in.” said Izuna as a kind looking middle aged man entered the room. His age was estimated being late 50's. That man tied his hair in a long ponytail and has a kind face. Behind him, his son has a stoic cold as ice expression. He’s wearing a black outfit consists of black sleeveless Chinese style shirt with black trousers and a black jacket and black gloves. There’s a mole on the left side of his chin, “WHAT!! STUPID SCARECROW?!” Obito yelled and pointed his finger to said figure. “You assholes are working here?! You got to be kidding me!” Kakashi yelled in annoyance as Sakumo stared at him in confusion, “You guys already know each other?” Kakashi only able to groan in irritation. “Yes, they are the ones who made my pocket lighter because of their voracious appetites!” “Do you get any problem with that?!” Gai and Obito yelled in annoyance as Madara and Tobirama sighed heavily. “Now, now. It’s not the right time for fight. This kid will stay with us for a while.” said Madara. “WHAT?!” Obito and Gai yelled in annoyance. “Where is his room?” asked Obito in slight ire in his tone, “He will get a different room. He will become our apprentice for a while. Don’t worry, he won’t in the same room with you.” said Tobirama. Hashirama then hugged Kakashi tightly with Izuna ruffled his hair, “Welcome to Central HQ, kid! Hope you will have a great time here! Don’t let Aniki and Tobe’s bad habit got into you!” “What kind of bad habit?” “Well, my best friend and my little brother have a very bad habit. They like to spend their free time reading in library and doing some crazy experiments regarding alchemy and never go outside. They also weapon maniacs!” Lieutenant Colonel Hashirama laughed as he hugged the younger man harder. “I also do the same things as well.” said the young prince making everyone in the room except Madara, Tobirama, and Sakumo who was laughed nervously dropped their jaw in an instant click. “Well, it seems like, we found our favourite type of kid.” laughed Madara. “By the way, are you a human or a ghoul?” he asked Kakashi. “A ghoul, with chimera kagune. All four types of them.” It made the duo become more fascinated with their new apprentice. ‘Great, now there are three mad scientists ghouls. I don’t know how much long I have to endure this.’ Obito cursed in his mind. Now, he and Gai must faced that annoying man for a little while. This is going to be a long time...