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Too Late to Restart

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[Congratulations, Midoriya Izuku. On 7/15/XX, you were born into this world. You were born with your quirk, Game of Life. Your quirk will not take full effect until your 4th birthday. Good luck.]


    To be born with your quirk was extremely rare; in fact, in was near unheard of. However, that is what happened to Midoriya Izuku. No, he wasn’t completely aware of it at first, as he wasn’t able to comprehend the words that appeared behind his eyelids when he was first brought into this world. Thanks to this, his view of the world was slightly… different than what others see. He was able to see other people’s levels as well as their health and stamina points (he found out exactly what those were some time later).

    However, that was it; that was all he was able to see. That was until he turned four, when other’s quirks would show themselves. On the day of his birthday, he awoke to a message similar to the one he got when he was born:


[Congratulations, Midoriya Izuku. On 7/15/XX, you have turned four: you are now able to access the full potential of your quirk.]


[Choose an Option]:


[ x Menu]


[Customize Persona]


[Other Options]



    Izuku sat up, completely confused. What was going on? He wasn’t born with all of his quirk’s potential? He stared at the words in front of him, hand hovering cautiously in front of the options, unsure of how exactly to choose. So, he just tapped [Menu] and was surprised when everything changed and new options popped up.



[ x Passive Skills]

[Active Skills]





    He frowned, small lips pouting out; he didn’t know what any of this was ! So, he closed it and was greeted with the previous screen. This time, he tapped [Info] and let out a small sigh of relief when it displayed information about his quirk.



Welcome to the Game of Life quirk; this section will explain the basic fundamentals of this quirk. Everything else will have to be experienced. To start things off, you and everything else has a “level”, or Lv., which is how strong that person or object is. Depending on the Lv., the Health Points [HP] and Stamina Points [SP] will increase; inanimate objects do not have [SP]. If your or another person’s [HP] reaches 0, then you will pass out in order to regain it. However, if you are to be attacked while in that state and your [HP] falls back to 0, you will die. There is no way to revive anyone else or yourself when that happens. [SP] will be consumed when you use your Skills and is your stamina in general. If you are to fall to 0 [SP] then you will be unable to move until you regain ⅓ of it back.

There are ways to regain [SP] if you are running low, such as sleeping, which will restore both your [HP] and [SP] back to full, or eating, which will partially restore your [HP] and/or [SP] depending on the item.

Moving on from [HP] and [SP] are your skills; you have 2 sets of skills: [Passive] and [Active]. [Passive] skills are skills that are always active and are unable to be turned off. These usually come with [Status] effects or increase your Attribute Points [AP] (that will be touched upon later). [Active] skills are skills that you have to manually activate and will consume [SP]; both sets of skills have Lv.s and increase the more you use them; which each use, you gain 1 experience point [EXP]. You currently have 2 [Passive] and [Active] skills. Please go to the [Passive Skills] and [Active Skills] pages to learn more about them.

Lastly is your [AP]. Your [AP] includes the 10 main attributes that everyone has: Strength [STR], Endurance [END], Defence [DEF], Dexterity [DEX], Intelligence [INT], Charisma [CHA], Wisdom [WIS], Willpower [WILL], Perception [PER], and Luck [LU]. Because you were born with this quirk, you are given 10 [AP] to add to whichever stat you wish to. With each Lv. you gain, you will gain 1 [AP] to add to you preferred attribute. However, there are certain things you are able to do to increase a certain attribute, such as reading for [INT], training for [STR] and [END], and so on. [LU], however, does not have any way to train it. If you wish to know your exact [AP] status, then please go to the [Profile] page for more information.

With that, you are now able to use Game of Life as adequately as you can. Good luck.



    Izuku scanned over the words, letting it all sink in. So, his life was basically a video game? He wasn’t sure how to feel about that… Sure, it was cool, but wasn’t it a bit overpowered ? He glanced at his nightstand and was shocked to see that there was a Lv. above it, just like his quirk said. The words were getting in his way a bit so he closed out of the [Info] tab and just stared dumbly at the, presumably, main screen. He took a quick glance at his alarm clock and was slightly surprised to see that it was five in the morning. Why am I up so early?

    Well, he’d just have to make due with it; he doubted he’d be able to go back to sleep now. He had his full quirk now! So, he decided to look more into it, tapping on the [Profile] tab.


[Midoriya Izuku]

Age: 4

Level: 1

Quirk: Game of Life

Health: 100/100

Stamina: 100/100

EXP: 0/10

STR: 5

END: 5

DEF: 10

DEX: 6

INT: 11

CHA: 9

WIS: 10


PER: 8

LU: 7

AP: 10


    Huh. Well, he didn’t know too much about games, but he supposed it wasn’t too terribly bad… Maybe. Whatever. He saw that he had 10 [AP] like his quirk said and glanced at his stats once more. Well, it seems like his [STR] and [END] could use a bit more… He was surprised to see how high his [INT], [DEF] and [WIS] stats were, but decided not to look too deeply into it. Viridian eyes glanced at the [CHA] stat and thought about it. It seemed like it’d be an interesting stat to increase, just for the heck of it. So, he got to work, trying to even out the stats as best as he could.

    When he was done, he left out a deep breath he didn’t know he was holding and looked at his finished work.


[Midoriya Izuku]

Age: 4

Level: 1

Quirk: Game of Life

Health: 100/100

Stamina: 100/100

EXP: 0/10

STR: 7

END: 7

DEF: 10

DEX: 7

INT: 11

CHA: 10

WIS: 10


PER: 10

LU: 8

AP: 0


    Truth be told, he felt like he just added the [AP] at random to whichever stats he felt like, but he found out quickly that he couldn’t take it back after increasing his [STR] and [END], but whatever. Too late to worry about it now. He tilted his head, mulling it over. According to his quirk, his [STR], [END], and [INT] stats could all be increased with some personal training to each. He could train his body to increase his [STR] and [END], possibly his [DEF] and [DEX] as well, and study his butt off to increase his [INT].

    He could definitely improve his [CHA] by socializing and his [WIS] by meditating perhaps. As he was going over plans in his head, a few notifications popped up in front of his eyes, startling him from his thoughts.


[Congratulations! You have now unlocked the skill [Critical Thinking]!]


[Passive Skill: Critical Thinking Lv. 1]:

With this skill, the user able to think clearly and conduct strategic plans. However, the user is more likely to be lost in thought, so if someone were to suddenly bring them out of this state, they will be inflicted with the status [Confuse] .


[Congratulations! You have now leveled up to Lv. 2! You have gained 1 [AP]!]


    Izuku blinked, watching the notifications slowly disappear before glancing back at his profile.


[Midoriya Izuku]

Age: 4

Level: 2

Quirk: Game of Life

Health: 100/200

Stamina: 100/150

EXP: 5/33

STR: 7

END: 7

DEF: 10

DEX: 7

INT: 11

CHA: 10

WIS: 10


PER: 10

LU: 8

AP: 1


    Huh… So, he got 15 [EXP] from just thinking ? Maybe leveling up wasn’t going to be as hard as he originally thought. Well, now he has one more [AP]. He tilted his head, wondering where to put it before deciding on just adding it to [DEX]. Izuku thought being agile and quick on his feet was more important that being strong. Taking another look at his profile, he noticed that his [HP] and [SP] had risen but left his usable amount the same as what it was before. So it doesn’t refill when you level up. Good to know.

    He closed out of the profile and clicked on [Menu] once again.



[ x Passive Skills]

[Active Skills]





    While he was curious about the [Job] and [Bag] options, as his quirk didn’t mention either of those in the [Info] tab, he decided to look at his skills first. He tapped on the [Passive Skills] tab and watched as it transferred over to his small list of, well, passive skills.


[xPassive Skills]

[Angelic Smile Lv. 1, EXP: 0/5]

Will cause status [Charm] for up to 5 minutes when user smiles at a target and they are more susceptible to [Manipulation]


[Fake Tears Lv. 1, EXP: 0/5]

User cries crocodile tears, inflicting [Worry] and targets are more susceptible to [Manipulation]


[Critical Thinking Lv. 1, EXP: 1/10]

With this skill, the user able to think clearly and conduct strategic plans. However, the user is more likely to be lost in thought, so if someone were to suddenly bring them out of this state, they will be inflicted with the status [Confuse] .


    Green eyes flickered across the ‘screen’, reading and absorbing every word they saw. Izuku noticed that both of his previous [Passive] skills only had 5 EXP to level up while [Critical Thinking] had 10. Not only that, but he apparently already had 1 for it. Well, he did use it a few minutes ago, so that checked out. So my tears and smile will affect everyone now… He thought to himself, not as bothered as he probably should be. It’d be fun to see how everyone, especially Kacchan, would react when he used these skills on them.

    He closed out of the tab and went to his [Active Skills] tab.


[xActive Skills]

[Sweeping Kick Lv. 1, EXP: 0/10]

This move allows the user to duck low and swiftly knock their opponents off their feet, causing [Stun] for up to 5 seconds; deals 15 damage; uses 5 SP


[Power Kick Lv. 1, EXP: 0/10]

This move allows the user to deliver a powerful kick to the opponent; deals 25 damage; uses 10 SP


    He hummed noncommittally, resting a knuckle on his chin. Well, if his level was anything to go by, then that move would deal a fair amount of damage on kids his age with one use alone. Another notification popped up, once again removing him from his thoughts.


[Congratulations! You have now leveled up to Lv. 3! You have gained 1 [AP]!]


    Izuku just stared dumbly at the message as it slowly faded away. Well, guess there’s a lot of things that will level me up. Thinking is apparently one of the easiest ways at the moment. He could almost laugh at how easy this leveling system seemed. Well, he was just getting started… Whatever. He closed out of the [Active Skills] tab and curiously clicked on the [Job] tab. What popped up shocked him, making his mouth drop open slightly.



[Hero Lv. 1, EXP: 0/10]


[Villain Lv. 1, EXP: 0/10]


    He honestly didn’t know what to think. His quirk made being a hero or villain like a character class. Really, he doesn’t think he should be surprised, but he was nonetheless. Not only that, but it turned out he could be both at once? Just how did that work? Another notification popped up, distracting him from his current internal conflict.


[Congratulations! You have discovered the [Job] option! You are now classified as [Ambiguous] as your job! Please check the [Profile] tab for more information.]


    Okay, now Izuku was certain his quirk was messing with him. So, he closed out of the tab and went back to the [Profile] tab. There is was, clear as day: his job was listed as [Ambiguous].


[Midoriya Izuku]

Age: 4

Level: 3

Quirk: Game of Life

Health: 100/275

Stamina: 100/175

Job: Ambiguous

EXP: 5/80

STR: 7

END: 7

DEF: 10

DEX: 8

INT: 11

CHA: 10

WIS: 10


PER: 10

LU: 8

AP: 1


    What does that even mean ? Sure, he wasn’t the biggest fan of heroes, but he never thought about becoming a villain! He didn’t know what he wanted to do, actually. Maybe it was the right choice for him right now. So, he just ignored it, adding the last [AP] point to [END] before closing out and going back to the [Menu] tab. There, he clicked on the [Bag] option and was slightly surprised to see what an inventory from an RPG would look like. He had slots where it seemed that he could place up to twenty items in and just carry around with him.

    Neat. He closed out and went back to the main screen. From there, he tapped [Customize Persona] and was greeted with a 3D model of himself right dead center of his vision. On the sides were slides that could change how he looked, from his hair color to his arm length. Not only that, but there was two check boxes which showed [xMale] and [Female]. He assumed the [xMale] was the one that was checked because he was, well, a boy. Seems like he could change his gender if he wanted to. How is he supposed to feel about that?

    There was also a [Default] option, which he was eternally grateful for because, knowing him, if he ever did try to change his appearance, he would never be able to change himself back. He quickly closed out before he was tempted to even try and went to the last option he had yet to try, which was labeled fittingly enough [Other Options].


[xOther Options]

[Sound 100/100]

[FOV 100/100]

[Background Noise 100/100]

[Vision 100/100]

[Touch 100/100]

[Taste 100/100]

[Smell 100/100]



    Well then. Seems like he could turn off whatever sense he wanted at any time. I mean… I suppose that could be useful…? For what exactly, he had no idea. Maybe I can finally eat those disgusting carrots! Hey, he was still a child, don’t judge him. He closed out of it and was surprised when another new notification went off. Just how many was he going to get from this morning alone?


[Congratulations! You have explored your quirk to its fullest extent! You have gained 1000 EXP and unlocked the tab [Quests] !]


    Izuku suddenly felt dizzy, nearly toppling over, a hand quickly planting itself on the bed to steady him. He blinked a few times, waiting for the dizziness to fade away before looking back up, slightly confused. He quickly went to his [Profile] tab and noticed his [HP] and [SP] were getting quite low. Well, that’s what he gets for leveling up so quickly.


[Midoriya Izuku]

Age: 4

Level: 7

Quirk: Game of Life

Health: 100/725

Stamina: 100/275

Job: Ambiguous

EXP: 71/640

STR: 7

END: 8

DEF: 10

DEX: 8

INT: 11

CHA: 10

WIS: 10


PER: 10

LU: 8

AP: 4


    He closed out of it and noticed the [Quests] tab located on the front ‘page’. Green eyes blinked slowly before he clicked on it.



There are no quests currently available.


    Just as he was about to close out of it, another notification popped up.


[New Quest!]

[Objective: Wake Mom Up!]

Wake Midoriya Inko up and tell her about your new quirk!


+100 EXP



Wake Midoriya Inko up with breakfast in bed.

+100 EXP

+10 Respect Points [RP] with Midoriya Inko

+10 Love Points [LP] with Midoriya Inko


[Will you accept?]

[ x Yes]



    Izuku studied the words for a moment before smiling and tapping [Yes]. Glancing at his alarm clock, he noted that it was now seven; seems that he spent longer than he thought checking out his quirk. He hopped out of bed and hurried to the kitchen; he had a quirk to show off!


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    Thanks to his… attempt at cooking, he was given a [Passive] skill for all of his troubles. It popped up when he was waiting for the toast to finish, startling him and making him nearly knock off the plate of eggs and orange juice.


[Congratulations! You have now unlocked the skill [Homemade Treats]!]


[Passive Skill: Homemade Treats Lv. 1] :

Upon use of this skill, the user is able to make foods on accordance to their level. Anything that is over there level will require the use of [SP] depending on the dish; anything made with this skill will immediately give the receiver either +10-50 [RP], [FP] or [LP] depending on the intention behind the gift

    Well, he thinks to himself, that’s a nice skill to have. It seems that [Passive] skills were fairly easy to acquire, and, not only that, but they were a bit overpowered; not having to use [SP] unless you try to do something you’re not capable of at the moment? Well, when he maxes out the levels, he’ll be golden. The messages slowly disappeared and the toast popped up, the sound jolting him front his thoughts. He smiled and quickly placed the hot pieces of bread on the plate and sloppily pasted butter on top of them.

    He picked up his finished plate of “food” - at least it wasn’t poisonous or anything, it was just a bit… messy - and the glass of orange juice and hurried to his mother’s room, excited to wake her up. Using his elbow to open the door, he slinked through the small opening he managed and set everything on her bedside table. Taking a deep breath, he poked her cheek, smiling warmly as she began to stir.

    “Wake up, Momma! Breakfast is ready!”

    “Izuku…?” She called out sleepily, blinking her eyes open as she frowned in confusion. “What’s going on…?”

    “I made you breakfast!” He told her proudly, puffing out his chest as her eyes traveled to the mess of food on the plate on her bedside table.

    Her green eyes grew wide and her mouth gaped open in surprise. “Oh my… Izuku, did you do this all by yourself?” He nodded eagerly, smiling growing as she smiled back. “Oh my sweet baby boy… You didn’t have to!”

    “But I wanted to.” He told her, speaking mostly of the truth; while it was his quirk that gave him the prompt, he did want to do something for her as a sort of thanks for everything she’s done for him. “Also, Momma, I have something to tell you- I got my quirk!”

    She gasped. “Oh my baby boy; that’s wonderful! What is it?”

    “It’s called Game of Life, and it’s like living in a video game!” Izuku told her excitedly. “I have stats and quests and even a bag to put things in, like my own personal inventory!”

    With that, he told her everything he knew about his quirk, from his skills to his [Other Options]. Inko listened with undivided attention, happily absorbing everything Izuku told her; she was just so happy her sweet child had a quirk. When he finished, he had the brightest smile on his face that Inko couldn’t help but melt at. A notification popped up, slightly surprising Izuku; he really needed to get used to that.


[Congratulations! You have completed the quest [Wake Mom Up!] !]


+100 EXP


[Congratulations! You have achieved the bonus requirements!]


+100 EXP

+10 [RP] with Midoriya Inko

+10 [LP] with Midoriya Inko


[Congratulations! You have now unlocked the [Relationships] tab!]


    Izuku waited until the messages faded before turning back to his mom, who had a confused expression on her face. He smiled gently, “Oh, that was just my quirk telling me I finished a quest! I sometimes get notifications that pop up from time to time… I guess I’m the only one who can see them.” He added shyly, rubbing the back of his neck.

    Inko just chuckled and ruffled his hair. “Well, as long as you’re fine.” She brought him into a bone-crushing hug. “Oh, Izuku, sweetie, I’m so proud of you…!”

    He blushed and wiggled out of her grasp, sending her an embarrassed look. “Mom!” He groaned.

    She giggled. “Well, let me get dressed and enjoy my baby’s precious cooking, okay?”

    The greenette nodded and hurried out; he was eager to see what this [Relationships] thing was all about! He plopped down on the couch after having grabbed some chips from the kitchen. He noted that the chips had an [Info] tab above them, and he clicked on it, curious.



[All Might Cheezees Lv. 2]

A bag of chips branded by the popular number 1 hero All Might. Simple and good for a quick snack. Recovers 5 [SP]


    Huh. Interesting. Was the 5 [SP] per chip or did he have to eat the whole bag? Shrugging, he popped one into his mouth, enjoying the cheesy flavor as it exploded on his taste buds. He opened the main screen (he found out he could minimize it and place it in the corner of his vision when he was cooking so that it wasn’t bugging him the whole time) and found the [Relationships] right dab in the center. Without hesitating, he tapped on it.



[xMidoriya Inko]

A single mother whose husband had left her for unknown reasons. Extremely kind and loving, she cares deeply for friends and family. Will not hesitate to put others’ needs before her own; cares the most for her son Midoriya Izuku.


[Relationship Status]


[RP]: Max

[FP]: Max

[LP]: Max



Age: 26

Level: 24

Quirk: Attraction of Small Objects

Health: 12500/12525

Stamina: 423/500

Job: Civilian

STR: 10

END: 15

DEF: 18

DEX: 21

INT: 20

CHA: 20

WIS: 30

WILL: 27

PER: 19

LU: 11




    He didn’t even need those [RP] and [LP], did he… He scrolled down and noticed an [Info] tab at the bottom of the page. Huh. So, the [Relationships] tab had its own [Info] section? Neat. He clicked on it.



The [Relationships] tab will allow you to view those you have deep connections with, allowing them to see you most basic stats and relationship with you. There are 7 basic [Relationship Status] options:

[Family] will appear when you are either blood related to that person or are close enough with them that you view them as family and is usually a rank up from [Friend] and [Lover]. This status means you have a deep connection with that person and cherish and trust them deeply.

[Friend] will appear when you have become well acquainted with someone but do not consider them [Family] and is a rank up from [Acquaintance]. This status is more free and you do not necessarily need to have a particularly deep connection with them to have this appear.

[Acquaintance] will appear when you have just become acquainted with someone, and generally appears after a first meeting. This status is the most common of all and is the grounds for how the relationship will evolve.

[Love Interest] will appear when you develop romantic feelings for this person. This status means that you care deeply for that person and cherish them greatly.

[Lover] will appear when you have confirmed your feelings with your former [Love Interest] and both of you have confirmed you have the same feelings for one another and have started dating. This status is on the same level as [Family].

[Enemy] will appear when you view someone as a potential threat or do not get along with someone on any level. This status is a sign of distrust and distaste for the person filed under it.

There are many other forms of [Relationships] but those mentioned above are likely to be the most common. The [Relationships] that are filed in your quirk is how you perceive others and not necessarily how they think of you. It is possible to see how others think of you if you have the [Passive] skill [Mind Reader].


    Izuku was pretty sure his brain hurt; there was just so much to learn! He was lucky, however, that his quirk had the [Info] options constantly available or he’d forget everything and never remember. So, [Mind Reader] huh? Sounded like quite the useful skill, though maybe a bit troublesome. He wasn’t the biggest fan of knowing what absolutely everyone was thinking at all times. Maybe this would be different? Who knows.

    Inko walked into the living room, now fully dressed and wide awake. He closed out of his quirk and sent his mom a quick smile. She chuckled and smiled back; Izuku noticed that he was still able to see what seemed to be a health bar on top of her head and her name just above that. When he smiled at her, [Charm] appeared next to her name. He blinked, confused, before remembering that it was his [Passive] skill [Angelic Smile]. Oops.


[Congratulations! Your [Passive] skill [Angelic Smile] has grown to Lv. 2!]


    It leveled up? Was he really smiling that much already?


[Congratulations! Your [Passive] skill [Critical Thinking] has grown to Lv. 3!]


    What was with all these levels? His [Critical Thinking] had also leveled up when he was cooking, coming to him while he was mumbling about the temperature for cooking eggs. Speaking of which…

    “Hey, Momma, will you teach me how to cook?” He asked innocently, looking up at her with beautiful emerald eyes.

    She blinked in surprise before smiling and nodding. “Of course, honey. I’d be glad to!”

    He smiled brightly, inflicting his mother with [Charm] once again. Oops… Well, it’s not like he had much of a choice when it came to that. “Can you teach me now?” He really wanted to get his skill, [Homemade Treats], to the max level because he felt like it’d be an important one for later on in life.

    Inko simply chuckled at his antics. “I’d love to sweetie, but you have school today.”

    A pout formed on his small lips; he didn’t want to go to school… Then, a thought hit him: Kacchan! He had to tell his best friend about his new quirk! With that, he hurriedly got changed and pestered his mom until they finally got to school, Inko thoroughly amused by her son’s attitude.

    “Bye, hun, have a good day at school!”

    “Bye Mom, love you!” He shouted back as he ran into the building, hurriedly making his way to his classroom.

    He threw open the classroom door and searched until his eyes landed on the familiar tuft of blonde hair. Izuku ran over to his friend, knocking the other over in a tackle hug.

    “What the fuck Deku?” Kacchan snapped, glaring at his smaller friend as he pushed the greenette off of him.

    Izuku ignored him, green eyes sparkling in excitement. “I got my quirk, Kacchan!”

    “Oh?” That got the explosive - no pun intended - child’s attention, a smirk playing on his lips. “What is it?”

    “It’s called Game of Life, and it basically makes my life like a videogame!” He excitedly told the blonde, eager to see his friend’s reaction.

    However, instead of any sort of praise or excitement, all he got was an unamused look from glowering red eyes and a huff of air. “Quit shitting with me, you useless Deku; there’s no way a quirk like that exists! Now, tell me what your quirk really is.”

    “But I’m telling the truth!” He tried, desperate to get his friend to understand. “See, you have a level over your head, it’s level 5 by the way, and-”

    “Shut the fuck up, you lying piece of shit!” Kacchan snarled, explosions trickling from his palms. “Are you makin’ fun of me? Just making shit up so that you can seem to have a quirk?” A cruel smirk curled on to the blonde’s lips. “Oh, I get it… You’re just saying all this because you’re actually just a quirkless piece of shit ?”

    “What? No, I-”

    “Shut up , you good-for-nothing Deku!” The other cut him off. “Just tell the truth; you’re quirkless !”

    The entire class was now in on their conversation, egging Kacchan - could Izuku even call him that anymore? - on while Izuku watched his friend(?) in horror. Did Kacchan really think he was lying ? Large tears began to roll down his cheeks and, sure enough, [Worry] appeared next to everyone’s name as they slowly began to panic, not knowing what to do while the green-haired child cried.

    Even Kacchan looked slightly distraught. However, before anyone could say anything, the bell rung and it was time for class to start. Izuku slinked over to his seat, tears still falling down, ignoring everyone’s worried glances. He stayed silent for the rest of the day, ignoring Kacchan’s attempts at talking to him and hurrying into his mother’s arms. Little did Izuku know that there was a seed of darkness that had planted itself into his heart, feeding slowly off his negative energy.

    Little did he know that that seed would bloom sooner that anyone would have liked; little did he know that that same seed would soon decide his fate and the fates of many others.


Chapter Text

[Congratulations! Your [Passive] skill [Fake Tears] has grown to Lv. 5!]


    Izuku hadn’t stopped crying when he got home; in all honesty, he was starting to get a headache, but he just couldn’t stop crying. Inko had cuddled with him as soon as they got home, showering him in love and trying her best to cheer him up.

    “Izuku, sweetheart, do you want anything to eat? Maybe something to drink?”

    He let her words pass in one ear and out the other, not really mentally attached to the world at the moment. She stared at him with wide eyes, concern glimmering in them. He looked over at her, the [Worry] status shining brightly next to her name. Izuku blinked slowly and forced a small smile, ignoring the way his mother’s face scrunched up in worry.

    “I’m fine, Mom… I’m just a little tired. I’ll take a nap.” He got up and left before she could say anything, once out of her sight rushing to his room and slamming his bedroom door close.

    Large tears rolled down his cheeks, salty liquid falling to the floor as he ran to his bed, flinging himself on the soft mattress. He soon fell asleep, the tears not once stopping.


    It was the middle of the night when Izuku woke up. He blinked, eyes puffy and stuck together with dried tears. He rubbed his eyes and sat up, looking around. The moonlight from his window illuminating the small room dimly. He quietly got up, making his way out of his room. Izuku looked around, not finding his mother in the living room or kitchen; he assumed she must have went to sleep. Not really having anything else to do and not in the mood to go back to bed, Izuku walked to the front door, pulled on his shoes and left the apartment quietly

    The cool air of the night nipped at him when he stepped out, making him shiver. He quietly closed their door and made hushed, hurried steps down the staircase and to the sidewalk below. Bright red shoes crunched on loose gravel and dirt as Izuku walked around aimlessly, not really having any place in mind to travel to. He wound up at a beach littered in waste, from empty bags of junk food to cars. Izuku scrunched up his nose in distaste, wondering how in the world this ever got so bad.

    He decided that it was a decent enough place to relax at, though, seeing as how no one would ever dare to tread it, especially during the middle of the night. Pulling himself on top of a rather large pile in the middle of the beach, though still out of sight from the sidewalk and street, Izuku looked out to the ocean, slightly mesmerized by the quiet lulling of the water. His thoughts began to drift off to the things that had happened earlier that day and tears once again pooled in his eyes. He quickly wiped at them, not wanting to cry anymore. Of course he was still a big crybaby.

    Too lost in thought, Izuku didn’t realize that someone had found him in his lonesome spot atop a pile of rubble. Red hair jutted up in all directions, shining dimly in the moonlight shining on it, purple scars lacing most of the exposed skin. Crystal blue eyes landed on the boy’s smaller form, eyebrow raised in curiosity as they made their way closer. Only when they kicked a can into something did Izuku’s attention snap over to them. His eyes widened as the other continued to make their way over, stopping in front of him.

    “What are you doing out here, kid?” They asked, voice rough and gravely, blue eyes piercing through green.

    Izuku squirmed slightly under his gaze, assuming the other was male due to their voice, unused to being interrogated like this. “I, uh… Couldn’t sleep.” Well, he wasn’t lying- he really couldn’t sleep.

    The other hummed in confirmation before deciding to plop down next to the boy. Izuku sent them a questioning look. They simply shrugged. “Thought I’d keep you company. It’s dangerous for a kid to be out here all alone.”

    “Oh.” Izuku replied dumbly, not really having anything else to say.

    They sat in silence, Izuku growing steadily more uncomfortable as time went on. Needing something, anything , to fill the silence, he blurted out the first question that came to mind: “What’s your quirk?”

    The older boy looked at him like he’d suddenly grown an extra head. Izuku mentally scolded himself for the dumb question. I mean, seriously, who even asks that to someone you’ve just met! They seemed to take it in stride, though, only chuckling as Izuku’s face blossomed into a deep shade of red from embarrassment.

    “You’re an interesting kid… Don’t people usually ask someone for their name first?” He teased, eyebrow raised just slightly.

    Of course they do. I’m the only person stupid enough to ask someone about their quirk first. Izuku thought before reply. “I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean- I just-”

    “Calm down, kid, it’s cool.” They chuckled, leaning forward slightly. “So, do you wanna know my name or my quirk first?”

    Izuku bowed his head, thoroughly embarrassed and just wishing the ground would swallow him whole. “N-Name please…”

    Another chuckle escaped the older’s lips. “Name’s Dabi. And you?”

    “I-Izuku.” Izuku replied shyly. “Midoriya Izuku.”

    “Hm… Nice to meet you, Izuku.”

    The greenette blushed deeply, not used to anyone other than his mom calling him by his first name. “N-Nice to meet you too, D-Dabi-san!”

    The ginger-haired male waved him off. “Don’t add -san, you make me sound old. I’m not that much older than you, y’know.”

    Izuku tilted his head, eyes wide in wonder. “Really? How old are you, then?”

    “I’m only seven.” Dabi replied, face serious but tone full of mirth.

    Green eyes widened even more as he gaped at the other. “R-Really? I-I thought you were, like, at least in your teens! I-I mean, y-you even called me ‘kid’, and your voice is deep and-”

    “It’s fine.” The other cut off, seemingly amused with the whole situation. “I’m used to it.”

    Now would be a wonderful time for the Earth to swallow me whole. Izuku mused, embarrassing himself for the second time that night.

    “So, you still wanna know about my quirk?” Dabi asked, glancing at the smaller.

    Izuku instantly lit up, previous embarrassment replaced with curiosity. He nodded rapidly. “Yeah!”

    Dabi raised an eyebrow, slightly amused by the other’s enthusiasm. “Well, it’s nothing special, really…” He held out his hand, palm face skyward, and a small blue flame lit up.

    Izuku watched with star-struck eyes in fascination. “That’s so cool!”

    “It is?” The other hummed out, closing his hand into a fist, extinguishing the flame. “Well, it’s just a simple fire quirk, really. The only special thing about it is that it’s blue, which means it’s hotter than normal fire, but I don’t really think that’d be considered ‘special’.” He looked back at Izuku. “What about you? What’s your quirk?”

    The greenette’s mood suddenly dropped, a reminder of what happened earlier that day slamming itself back into his mind at full force. Dabi seemed to notice the change in attitude, opening his mouth to take back the words until Izuku smiled sadly at him.

    “Um… Promise you won’t laugh…?” He asked quietly, waiting for Dabi to either refuse or promise and do so anyway.

    “Promise.” Dabi replied solemnly, wondering what quirk the quiet child had that made him so weary.

    Izuku gnawed at his bottom lip, considering his options. He could show the older his quirk, or at least try to tell him about it, and have him laugh at Izuku or yell at him for “lying” to him… But, Dabi had shown him his quirk… It was only fair to repay the favor.

    “Um… M-My quirk is called Game of Life a-and it makes it so I-I’m basically living in a v-video game.” He stuttered out, shrinking in on himself, waiting for the backlash of the other.

    After a few moments, nothing happened. Izuku spared a glance up to see the red-head considering his words seriously, not berating or calling Izuku a liar like the other children had. Dabi hummed, lolling his head to the side. “I see. That’s an interesting quirk.”

    Izuku looked up at him, eyes wet with tears, hope flashing through them slightly. “R-Really…?”

    Dabi looked over at him, looking slightly confused at his question. “Yeah. Seems pretty useful to me. I mean, you have stats and stuff right?” Izuku nodded. “Well, depending on how you ‘play’ it, you can totally become overpowered.”

    Those words stuck Izuku in the heart and he began to cry once more. Dabi panicked slightly, not knowing what just happened or how to really deal with it. Izuku shook his head, smiling brightly. “Th-Thank you, Dabi… Thank you …”

    Dabi frowned slightly. While he didn’t know exactly what happened, he was able to understand that what he said affected Izuku greatly, in a positive way, of course. “No problem, Izu.”

    Izuku squawked, surprised by the nickname. “‘I-Izu’?”

    “Yeah. I’m guessing we’re gonna be friends after this, so I supposed I should call you by a better name.”

    “I-I see.” Izuku stuttered, tears quickly drying as embarrassment took over. He tried to think of a nickname for Dabi, but couldn’t really come up with anything. He supposed he could try something, to see if the other would mind… “Th-Then, can I call you Dacchan?”

    Dabi raised an eyebrow, a small blush creeping over his pale cheeks. “Da…” He coughed, rubbing the back of his neck. “I mean… I guess that’s fine.”

    Izuku smiled brightly, his mood instantly brightening. “Then, Dacchan it is!”

    The red-head smirked at him slightly, the action nearly missed because of his scars. Izuku wondered how he got them… Well, he figured it wasn’t in his place to ask. At least, not yet. The two continued chatting, which meant Izuku chatted and Dabi spoke up here and there. Neither seemed to mind, and the sun slowly rose, basking the two in it’s warm light. Dabi got up, brushing himself off.

    “Well, I guess we should go home.” He said, a pang of disappointment shooting through Izuku’s chest. He didn’t want to leave just yet…

    Dabi glanced down at him and, seeing the look of disappointment on the younger’s face, quickly suggested: “But we can, uh, meet up again. Y’know, if you want…?”

    Izuku beamed and jumped up, dusting himself off. “Yeah!”

    “Then…” Dabi hummed in thought. “We could meet here again at eight maybe?”

    The green-haired child nodded, already excited by the idea. “Yeah! I can do that!”

    Dabi chuckled and ruffled the other’s hair. “Cool. See you then.”

    The two parted ways, Izuku jogging back home. Even though he had been bullied for supposedly “lying” about his quirk and thoroughly embarrassing himself in front of his new friend, he could confidently say that maybe, just maybe, things wouldn’t be so bad after all.


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