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CLAMP - Techno Remix

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As the music blared and the DJ set up for another hour of continuous mixing, the doors slammed open and the club was about to be assailed by a new kind of trouble.

Hokuto strutted in wearing a fake fur jacket and a leopard print leotard. Everyone in the club turned their head to stare, but she was followed by Hikaru in pleather pants and red halter top. As the two walked through to the bar, they competed for the attention of the many male clubbers who couldn't make up their mind who was more stunning.

A tall, dark, and handsome man approached from the rear of the dance floor. His stunning dark eyes and long black hair stood out against the shining colored lights of the room. Hikaru was caught off guard by someone resembling Zagato, and for a split second her mind wandered to the how and why of this meeting of realities, but she brushed off the thought and let the rhythm lead the way as she got down with her newly spotted catch. Yasha had never danced before but the beet of the bass wouldn't let him stand still with this burning beauty in front of him. Above them, Yue and Ruby Moon could be spotted dancing on the ceiling, which only added to the feeling in the big dark room.

Yuzuriha fell down onto her butt. She had climbed in through a window in the basement. She was too young to get into the dance club legally, but that wasn't going to stop her from partying like it was 1999…

From the bar, Hokuto could see Oojirou getting' his groove on and inching slowly closer to Kohaku. An angelic couple to be sure.

Karen broke out into a dance that was racy to say the least. Ashura was so shocked at seeing this that she nearly fell over, but she was caught by Lafarga, who swept her off her feet.

A funky swing tune began to play as the wild partiers were once again approaching the dance floor. The snow queen was quick on her feet to the appeasement of a star struck crowd. Ferio grabbed Fuu and together they swung the night away. Who knew someone so shy could be such a good dancer? Kentarou could be seen in the background chasing the object of his affection — Takeshi.

Tomoyo sipped her apple juice at the bar. She had struck up conversation with Hokuto, but her attention was diverted as she noticed Zazu heading for her. The two fell instantly in love, but they barely noticed the music because they were lost in each other's eyes…

DJ Kazuhiko slumped down in his seat, exhausted. A slow, romantic song began to flow from the towers of speakers. It was a very recognizable song by Ali Project. Twenty Masks bowed elegantly as he took Sakura into his arms for this new change of pace. Everyone seemed to pair off for this final dance of the night, but poor Hokuto who had made such an entrance had never found a partner. Since this story had so far been a fairy tale of sorts, she expected him to waltz up to her from nowhere and ask her for the last dance, but he didn't, in typical CLAMP fashion, he fell from the sky. And so, Hokuto found her man, who turned out to be named Jojo…and everyone lived happily ever after, until the next morning…

Frolicking is the devil