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The Boy Who Died and the Girl Who Came Back

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The spells screamed across the clearing at each other, crashing right in the middle in harsh, bright colors.

“ had the boy lived. My curse hit him straight on and he crumpled. HOW!” Thoughts racing through the Dark Lord’s mind and for the first time ever he felt a new emotion. Panic!

“This is for Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Remus, Sirius, Draco, MY PARENTS, all my friends and family. I will not let you hurt them anymore.” Harry’s anger and rage, but mostly his love pour into his magic as Voldemort’s eyes widen as his magic is forced back.

“NO! I am the most powerful wizard to ever live! A simple boy like you could never beat me” Rage flashes across Voldemort’s face, however, behind it in his eyes was fear.

“That is why you lose. I am not just a boy. I am all the happy memories, all the love and joy of everyone I have ever cared for and my love for all of them” Harry pulls from all the good memories. Christmases with the Malfoy’s and the Weasley’s, his adoptive mom Minnerva, Sirius free and reconnecting with Remus. Laughing in the Slytherin common room with his friends all around after they won the house cup. It washes away all the bad thoughts trying to spring up in his mind and forces its way into his magic.

A bright flash can be seen all the way back at Hogwarts Castle. Then a thunderous explosion is heard. Trees bend and snap, some even vanishing outright as the force of the magical explosion washes through the clearing and the surrounding forest. As it clears, the wicked grin on the Dark Lord’s face fades into a frown. His form slowly turns to ash. With his death the Dark Mark in the sky disappears, causing his followers to panic and flee.

Rushing, frantic footsteps enter the clearing. “No, NOOOO!” “this can’t be” a flurry of exclamations and shouts ring out. Draco and Ron fall to their knees, tears staining their faces. Hermione, Pansy, Ginny, Luna, and other girls hug each other some crying others fighting it to comfort those who are. The adults, a mix of emotions, Sirius’s rage to Remus’s tears to Minerva’s shocked silence. In the clearing lay two items, a smashed pair of glasses and a snapped wand.

The wizarding world was in shock. Their golden child dead while saving them all. The ministry for what it was worth erected a statue in the clearing. Classes were cancelled for the rest of the year. People dealt with their grief in their own ways. New Headmistress Minerva McGonagall worked endlessly with the staff to restore Hogwarts to its usually glory. The children came back supporting each other and providing comfort until school ended.

A month into the new school year the Headmistress was sitting in her office staring longingly at a photo of her child, tears welling in her eyes. Tap tap tap. Interrupting her thoughts was an owl at the window with a shrunken letter tied to its leg. Wiping away tears she puts up her stoic mask and grabs the letter, returning it to normal size. She sits down to read, dismissing the owl after giving it a quick snack. As she reads through the letter, her breath catches in her throat and tears begin to fall anew but this time a small smile pulls up at the corner of her mouth. Minerva decides to do as the letter requests and keeps it to herself until she gets another letter five years later.

Five years, five years since the events of that night. Many, though they still missed Harry, were moving on with their lives. Hermione, Millicent and Ron had settled in together. Mia had gone into wizarding law, while her two partners became Aurors. Neville travelled for a while studying plants all over the world. Draco had turned back to his love of animals and after advancing his wizarding knowledge had gone to muggle school to become a veterinarian. Pansy, who was a great comfort to Draco, entered into the ministry moving up in the ranks quickly. Ginny was now playing Professional Quidditch while her girlfriend Luna wrote about many mystical creatures. Fred and George’s store was flourishing. Sirius and Remus almost lost each other in grief until a cute little metamorphmagus entered into their lives. Dean and Seamus were inseparable both in and out of bed, doing who knew what.

Now the new school year was about to begin and Headmistress McGonagall had called for her first teachers meeting. There were new faces at the table this year. Hagrid had left to start a family with Maxime. Draco, having recently finished his schooling, decided to combine his wizard and muggle knowledge, and accept the position as Care for Magical Creatures professor. Professor Sprout had been offered a position, attempting to make new hybrid species of rare plants. Neville had been offered her job and gladly accepted. The other professors we still there but one chair was empty. The DADA classroom still seemed to be cursed, as it was hard to keep professors for that class.

Minerva smiled at everyone. “I have good news. I have found someone I think will make a great Defense teacher. I think they might even break this streak and stay on for quite some time.” As she explains the door to the room begins to open and all eyes shift to it. Nobody saw the smirk play across Minerva’s lips as the figure stepped into the room. Three sets of jaws hit the ground. Snape thinks he is seeing a ghost of a friend long gone. Draco cannot help but stare at the vision before him. Neville is the first to realize, despite the changes, that this is his closest friend.

Standing there in a pale green dress with silver serpents embroidered near the bottom edge. Her green eyes flashing across everyone in the room. Long, dark red hair flowed down her back and a familiar scar on her now very feminine face. The dress was a cute halter top that ended just above the knees, showing off legs that went on forever. Everyone could see she had beautiful curves and freckles all over her fair skin. She stepped further into the room.

“Hello everyone, my name is Rosalyn Isabelle Potter. It’s a pleasure to see all of you again.”

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Voices rang out all at once, vying to be heard as confusion reigned in the meeting room.
“QUIET” Minerva’s voice drowned out all others with a Sonorus charm. Dropping the spell. “I know you all have questions. She will answer them, if she is willing, but one at a time, please. Give her a chance to say her piece before you rush her.”

“I owe all of you an apology, I know. I can only explain my actions not excuse them.” Rosalyn began softly. “Draco, Uncle Sev, and Neville you were family or more so to me. I let you sit here for years thinking I was dead. Professors I know it wasn’t easy for any of you either. Mama Minnie was the only one who knew anything and she kept my secret. So please I ask for forgiveness from all of you.” Her head hung after looking each person at the table in the eye.

Neville was the first to move in the deafening silence. He rushed to Rosalyn nearly tackling her, his old clumsiness showing in his excitement. Neville hugged her fiercely “I can’t believe it’s you. You’re back. Bloody hell you’re a girl, mate.” Neville stepped back with a blush “Of course I forgive you. One by one the other professors nodded or proclaimed that they too forgave her. Rose spared a glance at the last two people at the table. Severus slowly stood and approached her carefully. “You look just like your mother. You might even be, no, you are more beautiful. My niece I expect many answers, but you are forgiven.” The usual scowl was gone as tears ran down his face. Snape enveloped Rosalyn in his lanky arms holding her for a long moment.

They pulled back from each other tears in both their eyes. “Welcome back little Flutter Bat” using an old nickname “and Merlin did you get smaller? Harry used to come up to his chin, but Rose was barely reaching his chest. Rosalyn just nods indicating she would explain. Then she cast her eyes at the blond haired young man staring at her. “C’mon Dray...say something please. I’m so sorry I…” her words cut off as she was swept up in long familiar arms. A kiss was planted on her lips and she melted into the embrace knowing she was home. “Nothing to forgive my viper, but we have much to talk about Ha...Rose. You were gone a long time. Wait where are your glasses?”

She pulls back “I know.” she then sits down and gestures for Draco to sit beside her smiling.
“Guess I should start explaining.”

{Magical Flashback Sequence}

A flash, blindingly bright, then a tugging at his center, a familiar feeling but this time not of his or anyone else's doing. When the spots finally left his vision, Harry tried looking around. He noticed that his sight was clearer than it had ever been. Reaching up, he felt for his glasses which were not there. Then he began to notice things. His skin felt softer. His face felt like it had a more feminine shape. Were his ears...pointed? His hair it was smooth and silky and he could feel it half way down his back. Then he looked down. And Harry Potter, savior of the wizarding world fainted, for he was no longer a he.

Waking up a few hours later, Harry sat up with a start. Wandlessly and non-verbally, she summoned a mirror to take in everything. She looked like pictures of her mom yet more beautiful. She did indeed have long beautiful red hair like autumn leaves. Her ears were definitely pointed. Her eyes had become even brighter emeralds. She was shorter, her pants bunched on the ground and she had to hold them up. Slowly twisting back and forth, one other thing caught her eye. She gasped, for from her back, having shredded the back of her shirt, sprouted two beautiful and shimmering faerie wings.

“What in Circe’s tits. Ok...ok calm down” Then the part of her that landed her in Slytherin took over. “One, I don’t have my wand and I seem to be some sort of creature. Two, That blast may not have killed Voldemort. Even if it did there may still be Death Eaters around. Three. Where am I?” finally taking in her surroundings, she recognized Godric’s Hollow. “Ok location taken care of.” She cleaned herself up and transfigured her clothes smaller with a wave of her hand. “Magic seems to be worker better than ever. Lets see if I can at least look more human?” Concentrating on a more human version of herself, she felt her ears round out and her wings pulled into her forming a tattoo across her back.

“So clothes, new name, find out what is going on and lay low for a bit. Need to get to Gringott’s and see if I still have access. Maybe they can tell me what I am now too.” with a plan in mind She walked towards her family's old home, not sure what she would find but drawn there. Stepping into her old house, was surreal it looked like a war zone still to this day. She felt tugged towards her parents old room. Stepping inside she heard a gasp and spun to the wall. “Is that...Is that you Harry?” Her parents portrait hanging on wall, the two figures within it standing in shock. “Mom...Da...How...what?” She was just as startled and ran to the painting tears in her eyes. “Harry what happened?” James inquired “I...I fought Voldemort and there was an explosion of magic and I ended up here looking like this. Well not quite one sec” Concentrating again, she pulled her new features to the surface.

Two gasps were again heard from the painting. “You need to go to Gringott’s dear. They can help you sort this out.” Lily ever the composed one was first to speak. “Da, Mum umm they won’t change me back will they. long as I can remember I wanted to be a girl. that ok? I’m just a freak aren’t I?” Her parents shared a worried look. “No never we are proud of you. You know if you had been born a girl we were going to call you Rosalyn Isabelle, Rose for short. You could never be a freak in our eyes.” Tears welled in all three sets of eyes “thank you. I miss you so much.” “we have always been watching over you Fawn. We never left.. Now I think I know why your magic brought you here. Go over to the wardrobe dear, I think some of my old things might just fit you. You will also find a pouch with a Undetectable Extension charm still on it, and some galleons for emergencies. Take those and find some clothes that fit including underwear young lady.” Lily looked on fondly as Rose blushed at the thought. “Oh you will also find a smaller painting of us in a drawer that you can take with you. That way we can stay with you.” “Ok mum...thank you. I have a plan but this is a great start.”

Gathering up, various things she would need for her plan to move forward she continued talking with her parents, getting a lot of advice from Lily about how to care for her new body. Then placing the smaller portrait into the pocket her new tight black jeans and wearing a nicely fitting Beatles t-shirt and pullover hoodie, she pulled on her mom’s old trainers and walked up to the fireplace. There was still floo powder in a dish to the side. Grabbing a handful and clearly stating Diagon Alley, she was whisked on through. Nearly stumbling out the other side, Rosalyn quickly righted herself brushing the soot off her clothes. Looking around for anyone paying to much attention she walked briskly towards Gringotts.

It had been years since she had been inside the wizarding bank. Her first year she had grabbed enough to last each year since. Apprehension seized her as she crossed into the main foyer, but Rose mustered her courage and strode up to the large main desk. “I need to see the goblin in charge of the Potter accounts. I also need an inheritance test.” The goblin behind the desk looked at her with beady eyes. “Do you have your wand to prove lineage.” at a shake of her head “Very well, we must do a quick blood test to insure you have access to those accounts. By all accounts the only known heir was killed in the explosion that killed Voldemort” Rose gasped. “So he is dead then.” she pulled back her hair revealing the scar still on her forehead. It was the Goblins turn to be surprised “I...we still need the blood test to make sure you are not faking that”

He produced a thin blade and held his hand out waiting for Rose to offer hers. Cautiously, she placed her hand in his and barely noticed as the goblin pricked her finger and let three drops of blood land on a piece of parchment. Once released she stuck her finger in her mouth and was surprised when she pulled it out completely healed. The goblin looked the parchment over and seemingly satisfied, ushered Rose into a corridor off to the left side. He stopped at a door and guided her inside. Griphook was emblazoned on a gold placard next to the door. Once through the door Rosalyn realized this goblin had a much higher standing if his clothes and the decor were anything to go by.

She offered up a small bow. “Mr. Griphook, can I trust that anything we discuss will be kept confidential between us.” Griphook considered her with a small grin. “It is our duty and honor to respect the wishes of the Wizarding families who put their trust in us Lady Potter.” Rose lets out a sigh of relief. “I am Rosalyn Isabelle Potter, I assume you know who I formerly was” at Griphook’s nod she continued “I need an inheritance test, My parents portrait informed me that one should have been done years ago. Why was it not?” Looking aghast before quickly masking it Griphook studied her “We were brought papers with your signature saying that you were willing to wait by your guardian.” “What guardian? I lived with Muggles who hated magic up until my 11th birthday this year. Then, I was raised by Minerva McGonagall and she never said anything. Oooo that manipulating bastard.” Griphook smirked at the insult. “I apologize Lady Potter and everything will be done to rectify the situation. I believe not even Minerva knew how far he meddled. Now may I proceed, I would like to perform a magical examination as well as the inheritance test if that is ok.”

Quickly giving her consent, another goblin entered with a parchment and a very flashy dagger. Again, she offered her hand and with a quick prick and three drops the parchment flashed with details.

Rosalyn Isabelle Potter Formerly Harrison James Potter
Daughter of James Potter and Lily Potter nee Evans

Ladyship Inheritance
Potter (named Heir)
Evans (named Heir)
Black (secondary Heir named by godfather)
Peverall (named Heir)

Slytherin (taken by conquest)
Gryffindor (Named Heir)
Dumbledore (taken by conquest from Belletrix Lestrange)
Le Fey (named Heir)
Emerys (named Heir)


74,853,603.74 galleons, 3 properties, 4 house elves, Various books and magical items

6,234,749.89 galleons, 1 property, 1 house elf, various books

Will be revealed when Ladyship is received

495,764,893.73 galleons, 5 properties, 8 house elves, thousands of books and magical items

643,570,870.55 galleons, 6 properties, 8 house elves, thousands of books and magical items, ¼ ownership of Hogwarts

329,543,321.77 galleons, 4 properties, 5 house elves, various books and magic items, ¼ ownership of Hogwarts


5,457,763.56 galleons, 2 properties, 2 house elves, various books, reparations owed to to various accounts

Le Fey
657,098,906.34 galleons, 3 properties, 1 house elf, various books and magic items

1,532,789,783.21 galleons, 5 properties, 6 house elves, thousands of books and magic items

Magical Inheritances

Light magics, Light elf, Charms affinity

Light magics, Healing magics, Fairy, Potions affinity, earth affinity

Dark magics, Dark elf, Dark arts affinity, wandless magic affinity, Parseltongue

Neutral magics, Fairy, transfiguration affinity, earth affinity

Le Fey
Dark magics, Dark elf, water affinity

Neutral magics, Phoenix, non-verbal magic affinity, creature affinity

3,739,856,129.23 galleons, 27 properties, 33 House elves, tens of thousands of books and magical items

(Rosalyn had plans for Dumbledore’s inheritance)

Rosalyn leaned back in shock. She always knew her family had money, but she was richer than any pureblood family by far. “Griphook, how is Evans in here, I thought my mother was muggle-born. Also, what does this make me?” Griphook mutters a few things in Gobbledegook. “It would seem Lady Potter-Evans-Peverall, that your mother was born to a minor pureblood family of the same name as the muggles who somehow adopted her. As far as what you are now that will be revealed with the examination which will be helped if you reveal your features”

With a now familiar feeling, Rose focused and allowed her ears to regain their pointedness, and her wings extended through her transfigured clothes. Her eyes brightened as well. “Well this is me.” she shyly stepped forward. “Lady Potter, you are a most wonderful creature not seen for generations.” Griphook waved a hand and another goblin appeared in the doorway. This one was wearing all white robes, and Rose assumed she was a healer of some sort. “She will perform the examination.” Upon saying this the medi-goblin waved a hand at Rosalyn. Magic flowed around and through her, before flowing back to another parchment. Looking at it, the medi goblen kept her face passive, and handed it to Griphook.

“It seems Lady Potter, that you are a Faerie. We have not seen one of those in Britain in quite some time. Apparently when the magical blast hit you, it unlocked a number of blocks that were place on your magical core and person. It seems you were also a horcrux created when Voldemort killed your parents. You also were heavily abused growing up” that last part said with a sneer. Goblins loved younglings no matter their race. “If Dumbledore was still alive he would be facing a large number of accusations from both Goblin and Wizarding law”

Rose was dumbfounded, no one had ever found out about the beatings and worse she had received at the hands of the Dursleys.”You can’t tell anyone. Please, I need both of you to swear it will remain between the three of us in this room.” Both Goblins nodded, sensing Rose’s sincerity. “Oh and the Dumbledore accounts. Repay everyone but myself, I obviously don’t need it. Then give the rest of it to the Weasleys. Now I need a way to access my accounts from anywhere. I am leaving Britain for now. Also, a new wand, despite my abilities I would rather not draw attention to myself. Not Ollivander’s.”

Three hours later Rosalyn walked out of Gringott’s with a pouch connecting to his vaults. All she had to do was think of an amount or an item within his vaults and she would pull it from the pouch. Aside from that she had sent a letter to Madame Maxine of the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, with all the necessary info and proof needed to start school there. She would be redoing 7th year and then taking her 8th year there as well. One of her many properties was near the school and she had a portkey that would take her directly there. She had the name of a wandmaker in France who could fulfill her needs She had her Ladyship ring. Now that was interesting watching all the house rings magically fuse together. It was beautiful and sat on her left index finger. She had also sent a letter to Mama Minnie. She was leaving everyone and everything behind after years of being thrust into danger. She needed a few years of quiet before facing everyone again. With a yearning look around, she steeled herself. It was time to go. She lifted the pendant that was her portkey to her face. “Bonjour”

{Magical Jump to the Present}

Rose looked at those gathered around her. She had left out key pieces. Her wealth and the abuse being the most important secrets she wasn’t quite ready to reveal. The faces around her were a plethora of emotions. Draco was looking at her in wonder. “Lady to four houses, and heir to two founders, Morgana Le Fey, and Merlin. You just had to come back and rub it in didn’t you. Potter” there were a few gasps until they heard Rose giggle “Dray stop being a prat. I missed you too. I missed all of you so much. I needed these years to heal. Now with Minnie’s blessing can we wrap this up I have some catching up to do with my mate.” at Draco’s surprised expression “Yes my dragon, I knew years ago, but I could smell it the moment I stepped in the room and you did too. Now take me home so I can meet our third. I need to thank her properly for taking care of you for all this time.” Looking to everyone else “I will be catching up with each of you soon. I promise. Also, you are all invited to Potter Manor this next Sunday for my reveal party. I expect you all there.” With that Minerva closed the meeting, informing them that there would be another soon to discuss the actual coming school year.

Draco literally picked Rose up in his arms causing her to giggle as he headed for the nearest floo. She didn’t complain knowing that they needed to reform the bonds they once had. She loved feeling Draco’s strong arms around her as he carried her home. Once they arrived in the Malfoy Manor. Draco called out “Mipsy, Dobby.” a moment and to pops laters the elves stood before them. “Master Draco...and...and Mistress Potter” Dobby stuttered out. Rose bent down to give her long time friend a hug. “Yes Dobby I am home.” Dobby be knowings you not dead Mistress...oof” Mipsy elbowed him “Oh yes...yes how may we’s be servings Master and Mistress” Draco smiled down at the elves. “Please go ask that my parents and Pansy meet us in the Blue Parlour. Tell them it’s important but do not tell them Rose is here” Two pops later and they were alone again. This time Rose leaned into Draco as he led her through the maze that was the Manor.

They fortunately beat everyone else to the parlour. They had barely sat on one of the loveseats when Lucius and Narcissa arrived. They both froze as they saw their son sitting so close and so familiarly with this strange redhead. Before they could even say a word, Pansy entered the room, with the fierce look she nearly always had. Spotting Draco and the woman, her eyes softened and she gave a small sniff. Suddenly she was rushing the pair. “Potter… your home I can’t believe it your home. I felt Draco’s happiness through our bond. Our third is finally home” Upon hearing these words, the usual calm demeanor on the elder Malfoys’ faces broke as they too moved closer to the pair. Narcissa had tears in her eyes and Lucius a rare smile. They had to wait as Pansy was currently kissing the redhead before switching to Draco.

Once Rose could come up for air, looking a little dazzled, she stood up. “Hello Aunt Cissy, Uncle Lucius. I made it home. I go by Rosalyn Isabelle now Lady Potter-Evans-Peverall” Lucius’ eyebrow perked up at the titles. “I missed you so much, and I have so much to tell you.” Lucius ordered a house elf to bring them tea and finger snacks, as they sat, listening as Rose once again told her story. She may have let on a bit more about her secrets feeling safe in her home, her mates on either side of her. Several hours went by as they caught up. Discussing Rose’s reveal party., The upcoming school year, and what was going on to reform the ministry into something that actually worked for all the wizarding citizens in Great Britain. “Mother, Father, I know we have so much to discuss, but Pansy and I really need to welcome our mate home.” With a knowing look and a promise that they would all meet for lunch the next day, Lucius and Narcissa left the trio to their privacy.
“So my dragon do you have your own space…” Before being able to finish Rose was once again swept off her feet and into Draco’s arm. Pansy was leaning into Draco’s side a hand on Rose at all times. Soon they entered another wing of the Manor through huge double doors. “Father gave us this whole wing. We have our own bedroom, bath, parlour, guest rooms, dining room, and a few others. Now my little viper show us. I want to see all of you my mate.” Rose proceeded to strip as she also pushed her Faerie features to the surface. She fluttered her exposed wings taking off from the ground and spun, showing off for her two mates. “Come on then I need to see both of you as well.” Draco and Pansy also stripped. Draco’s wings burst from his back as silver scales covered his whole body. A Drake, he still stood upright but now taller and more muscular with sheathable talons on both hands and feet. Pansy glowed as from her back two feathered wings were released and spread out. Her skin shimmered as if covered in gold. An Angel had granted her family its heritage centuries past for reasons long forgotten. She was beautiful to behold.

“Good we can all fly at least.” Rose giggled at her obvious remark. She was a little nervous, having been so long removed from these two. The other two sensing her nerves pulled her in towards them and towards the massive bed nearby. “We never stopped loving you, and never gave up hope. They never found your body so we comforted each other knowing you might still be out there. Now don’t be shy you may have different parts now but I think we can remember the steps to this dance. Maybe make some new ones in the process.” with that Rose allowed herself to fully commit to renewing the bonds they all shared. It was good to be home.