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Hiccstrid three-shot prompt I received! It sounded super fun so I was like nom nom nom prompts are my food gimme.

Most of it will be self-explanatory. College age Hiccstrid... 20-21ish.

I don't think this needs any warnings, other than there'll be smut in chapter three.

(if you don't like that so much of my writing has smut,  please  feel free to send me T rated prompts)


They were so adorably in love. It was gross. Astrid wrinkled her nose even as she laughed, watching Justin and Heather giggle and kiss and hold hands. She was happy for them, but there was only so much PDA she was willing to endure whilst trying to do her work. She had top grades to maintain, after all. Then she had to head up debate club after lunch, and archery class after college... then there was cheerleading to consider.

Astrid liked to excel at everything. Her parents liked that. Her education wasn't cheap, and while her family had sufficient funds Astrid knew she had to prove she was worth the investment. Given that she was also Head Girl and in the top five of every class.. Astrid reckoned she was nailing that. Her parents mostly left her to herself, only really interacted with her more than passing greetings and stilted conversations over dinner if they thought she might be failing somewhere.

Despite juggling all the expectations, the weight of what her parents wanted from her and performing well in class, in extra curricular activities... Astrid was popular. Her friends were good people. Aside from a few bitter enviers, Astrid was well liked at college. Hel, she was practically high society with her wealthy parents, but not the princess people expected for that. She stayed grounded, focused.

And thankfully, the academic year was coming to an end. Astrid was looking to a well-deserved break. As was everyone else - while Astrid ensured all her stuff was in order for over the summer, her friends were talking about their plans for the break.

"It's going to be so cute! I can't wait!"

"Me either."

Heather and Justin were off on a very magical trip for their one year anniversary. Disneyland Paris, to be precise. Astrid thought they were grossly adorable, but she couldn't help be warmed by how Justin looked at Heather like she was what made the sun shine in the sky. It was all she could want for her best friend, really.

"What are you looking forward to most? I'd love to see a giant castle, I would feel like an ant!"

Exactly how the twins were in this college was generally beyond Astrid, though they did pass their exams...

"The food! And the park, obviously. But yeah, the food is meant to be amazing."

Trust Heather to think with her stomach. The woman was a food fiend. Astrid supposed it was fair enough though, she was almost as active as Astrid, but built with a longer, less curvy frame.

"What about you two? Summer plans?"

Ruff and Tuff looked at each other, sharing that smile that generally meant trouble. As Head Girl, she'd been responsible for dozens of talks with them trying to at least get them not to ruin exam periods with their incessant pranks and destruction.

"It's cousin Gruffnut's party"

"And he's a jerk, so"

"We have been planning many surprises!"

"And already planted a few."

"And great uncle Magmar's homemade Nutt juice will be added to fruit punch"

"After we drink some ourselves."

Astrid blinked

"Excuse me. Nut juice?"

Tuff scrunched his face up in thought.

"N u t t. The great Nutt! He makes his own alcohol. Two glasses and you'll be drunk for two days."

Well, Astrid was very glad she wasn't going to that party. She had another thought crop up.

"That drink didn't by any chance result in almost poisoning the entire football team at that party, did it?"

"Bye Astrid!"

The twins made a speedy getaway, leaving the others laughing around the table and shaking their heads at the two Thorston crazies. That whole family was... nutty. Finished organising her work, Astrid closed her folder and leant back.

"What about you Snot face?"

"Me and the Dagster are taking our bikes out on that mountain trip... you're still welcome to come along" Scott gave her his trademark 'flirting face', that made Astrid instinctively cringe inwardly "you can always rent a bike."

Fighting a smile at the mention of motorcycles, Astrid shook her head and shoved his arm away before it could slide around her shoulders.

"You guys are going to reach that whiskey distillery, and never make it any further without crashing your bikes into massive boulders."

"And you know you would want to be there for my dying moments!"

"To hand out cake and celebrate."

Grumbling, Scott shrugged off Astrid's rejection and turned the conversation over to her.

"So what are your plans for the summer?"

Astrid stretched lazily in her chair, a satisfying crack from her spine sounding as she sighed in relaxation.

"Oh, nothing special."

"Yeah, nothing special. With that smile that says 'I am soooo getting laid!' on your face."

Oh. Ruff was back then. Astrid confirmed nor denied anything. However, her friends quickly launched into a discussion about the rumours. The rumours about Astrid's secret love interest. She never gave anyone any details; Heather knew who he was, but she agreed to keep it a secret when she realised the difficult situation of said mystery man.

Astrid was treated to a repeat of the rumours about said mystery boyfriend - some reckoned he was the son of an important politician, disgustingly rich and that they had to stay secret for political appearances. Other rumours included that he was famous, a celebrity who didn't want to be outed as dating someone much younger. Before Astrid could be subjected to further nonsensical speculation, a new topic of conversation had begun to sweep through the college. Someone interesting had appeared at the gate.

"Head teacher has already been outside, but there's no law against him standing on a public path. Nobody here is underage and he isn't harassing anyone."

She overheard someone muttering as they naturally went out to go see who the stranger was. Another person was already saying he looked like a troublemaker. Astrid's curiousity was piqued.

The bike was the first thing anybody noticed. It was impossible to miss. The damn thing looked like a dragon. The front of the bike looked like a dragons head, angular with big green headlights and slots under the ears that contained shiny silver handlebars - presumably so he could find them easily. The sides had the distinct shape of folded wings, perfectly fitted to the riders legs so he could mount his dragon. Even the back of the seat had a curled dragon tail shape to it. It was higher than most seats, quite safe-looking as though it would be hard to fall backwards in Astrid's impartial opinion.

"He looks kind of dangerous."

Justin commented, tapping his fingers nervously. Astrid considered the stranger. His hair was shaggy, hung around his shoulders and somehow resistant to helmet hair from the hefty black helmet resting on the seat of his draconic motorcycle. Tall and lean, his body was covered neck to wrist and head to toe in well-worn but sturdy leathers, riding boots on his feet where he had one leg crossed over the other lazily. Even so, his uncovered hands and face told plenty of stories all by themselves. A metal ring curled over his lower lip, a stud glinting on his tongue when he opened his mouth to yawn, looking rather bored in his self-imposed vigil at the college. His earlobes were stretched around scale-patterned plugs, studs and rings curling up over one ear.

Tattoos decorated all exposed skin - his hands bore biomechanical patterns, as though beneath the skin he was more metal than man. A tail curved up around his neck, a tiny dragon over the top of his eyebrow. Under the other eye, there was a tiny little emblem, too small to make out from so far away.

What Astrid could make out from the other side of the fence? There was a gleam in brilliant emerald orbs, a playful smirk on thin lips, dark liner smudged around his eyes.

Nobody catches her small smile, attention firmly on the troublesome looking man.

They left the man stood there, having to go back in so Astrid and the head teacher could give the speech to signal the end of the term. As with every previous year, Astrid was even given a bow and arrow, landing a perfect bullseye in the target as the bell rang to say the day was over. Shouldering her bag, Astrid bade goodbye to her friends and amused herself with watching people give the stranger a wide berth. Even the teachers. Everyone flocked to their flashy cars, or their friends flashy cars, or a few heading off to walk home if they lived close enough or had other plans.

Astrid headed for the stranger.

"Afternoon milady."

"Hey there troublemaker."

She wondered how many people stared on in absolute shock as Astrid kissed him, metal cool against her lip as tattooed hands curled around her back, hauling her against leather that smelled divine. Her knees threatened to buckle as he nipped playfully at her lower lip, lifting up to kiss her temple and Astrid smiled.

"Missed you. Ready to go?"


The dragon wing to the left also hid a neat little storage compartment, big enough to hold a spare helmet that was handed to Astrid while her bag went into the space left behind. He put his own helmet on after seeing Astrid was safely covered, straddling his bike with those long, lean legs of his... Astrid needed to stop staring. Hopping up behind him, she wrapped arms around his leather-clad torso, felt the dragon beneath them roar to life.

As the bike eased fairly slowly out of the crowded area, Astrid saw her friends. Heather - and Dagur, meaning he probably knew, but Hel now everybody did - were laughing animatedly, while Justin and Scott looked utterly baffled. As they approached a road he could pick up the speed, Astrid heard him call back to her.

"Hold on tight."


No points for guessing who our mystery man is!