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The 10 Year Plan

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  Pouring his glass to the brim, Kurt smiles at the man, Adam Crawford, seated across the table, maintaining a stronghold of eye contact, "I wanted to go somewhere special tonight," He reaches to his lap, "romantic." With a swift, effortless movement, he picks a deep red rose from his lap, hovering his hand above the table as he gestured it towards his date.

  "If you've met someone wonderful, then," Kurt trails off as Adam hesitantly picks the flower from his hand, "you should spoil them." He drops his gaze to the table with a shy grin, shrugging his shoulders without ruining his smoothed out clothes. He inhales deeply, he can do this. "It's important to find that special someone you can be yourself around." He lifts his head back to lock with the eyes staring down at him, "Someone you could possibly spend the rest of your life with." 

  Silence falls between them, the time taken to simply search through each other's eyes. After long minutes, Kurt broke the contact, grasping his wine glass with a slightly shaky hand, "This calls for a toast." He lifts the glass up, the corners of his mouth raising with joy, "Here's to relationships."

  Adam furrowed his eyebrows as if Kurt had spoken gibberish the entire time, which worried Kurt a little. A lot, to be completely honest.

  He was about to set his glass back down before Adam dubiously picked his up, raising it by Kurt's with a weary, not exactly bright smile. "To first dates."

  Their glasses meet with a small clink. The sound was naturally too loud for Kurt. It rang in his ears, maybe out of being hyper-aware since he was way too nervous. They both took slow sips, barely actually taking in any of the drink.

  Kurt gave a smile again, one that wasn't returned this time.

  "Would you excuse me for a minute?" Adam says out of pure politeness, rubbing his hands together as an excuse. With that, Kurt mentally sighed in relief. He'd get a break from wanting to run out every second.

  "Of course."

  He watched Adam shift out of his seat elegantly, making his way past the many chairs, his figure ornamented by chandelier lights delicately draping from the ceiling while the soft piano played from the background. He slipped into the bathroom and out of Kurt sight with ease.

  This time he sighed out loud.

  Kurt reached for his pocket and drew out his phone, holding it up and searching for a rather frequently called contact. Once he found him, he pressed call without a second thought, holding the device up to his ear.

  It rang twice before someone picked up and the speaker immediately filled out grunts and moans, followed then by panting and a rough voice.

  "What's up, Kurt?" Blaine asked through the phone, his breath coming out jagged and fast. Kurt figured he interrupted another hookup.

  "He's so cute," Kurt spoke nonetheless, "And really smart." He felt the need to add, glancing back at the huge brown bathroom doors. "I really like him, I think he might be the one."

  He heard his best friend's earthy laugh through the speaker, "What kind of puppy did you pick out?"


  "The one you're imagining in your dream house?" Blaine pushed while Kurt already sees him rolling his eyes.

  "I have no idea what you're talking about," Kurt sighs sarcastically, yet a smile creeps on his face before he's speaking again, "Boston Terrier." He admits with a dreamy grin, catching his bottom lip between his teeth as he withholds, "Where are you?"

  "I found-"

  "No," Kurt interrupted, "don't tell me, let me guess."

  There was the sound of ruffling before Blaine was back in the conversation, "You're only gonna need one guess," He chuckles as footsteps echoed from his side, "God, I wish you could see this. This guy's ass is so tight you could bounce a quarter off of it," He jokes before highering his voice, "or something bigger."

  Kurt grimaces, scrunching his nose with disgust, "That's a nice visual while I enjoy my romantic dinner," His voice drips with sarcasm, "While my date and I are sharing connections, deep meaningful conversation."

  "You're a sap."

  "Am not." Kurt gapes, "I took him to this amazing restaurant, just gave him a red rose."

  Blaine doesn't reply to that one for a minute, assuming Kurt would snap him back into reality, but when Kurt doesn't say anything, he jumps to conclusion. 

  "He's leaving, isn't he?" Blaine laments, his tone flat and slightly disappointed.

  "He just slipped out the door," Kurt scoffs, getting one last glimpse of Adam making a run for the exit.

  "Oh, Kurt," Blaine pouts, feeling a churn of pity in his stomach, but surprisingly not much, "time to initiate our suicide pact?"

  Kurt, sounding completely defeated, gave a long breath, "I fear the time's upon us." He joked, though his voice still showcased the slight hurt.

  Blaine despised hearing Kurt so beaten up. He'd do anything to avoid just that, "Death by chocolate?" He tried, a playful tone evident in his voice, an attempt to cheer his best friend up.

  "I'm afraid so."

  Blaine smiled slightly, "Text me where you are, I'll be there soon." He lets out, hanging up not seconds before he Kurt had the chance to lecture him on why he doesn't need to come, even though he quite painfully does.

  He sets his phone on the bed, reaching for his scattered clothes before his random hookup stepped back into the room, "You owe me an orgasm." The man said, his head tilted to the side as his oblivious naked body stands in front of Blaine.

  "I'll make it a double next time." Blaine winks, pulling on his tight boxer briefs.

  "Is there going to be a next time?" The guy asks, raising his two thin eyebrows.

  Blaine smirks at him, bending down to pick up his shorts, "Probably not," He breathes out with a playboy grin.

  The guys nods, shrugging his shoulders, "Do you wanna shower at least before you go?" He holds up a dark blue towel, knowing very well that he wished to complete what they planned to do in the shower.

  Blaine stepped close to him, standing a few inches taller as he holds a dark stare, his eyes full of lust. He brings his lips dangerously close to the ones he was kissing not minutes ago before whispering, "I didn't break a sweat."

  With that, he half-smiled, pulled on his tight button-up shirt, and left.




  Kurt took another regretful gulp from his glass, rubbing the money in his hands. He was grateful Adam at least left money before practically running away screaming, probably taking part of Kurt's heart too.

  That exactly was the problem. Kurt got too attached way too quickly for his liking. Hell, this was his first date with the guy and he was gushing on about having a future together. What was he thinking?

  "Jeez," A cheery voice shoved him out of his thoughts, "nice place."

  Kurt nodded, not needing to lift his head to recognize the smooth voice directed at him, "It was," he started, rolling his eyes, "before my date left me." He grumbled under his breath, circling his index finger around the brim of his glass.

  A light blue gift bag was handed to Kurt, paper poking out from the tops. He lifted his gaze to be met with the same honey-glowing eyes he'd grown to know. "Here," Blaine hands it over, the same cheeky grin plastered on his face, "this will cheer you up."

  "What's this?" Kurt furrowed his eyebrows with slight boredom, wanting to get this undoubtedly dreadful night out of his head.

  Blaine scoffed, his face screaming offended, "It's your birthday present." He informed in a way that said 'duh!' before sitting done where Adam was seated earlier.

  "My birthday isn't for two months yet."

  "I know," Blaine rests his forearms on the table, leaning forward, "I figured you could use some happy now."

  Kurt was about to reply but worked against it when their waiter showed up.

  "Oh, hello," Blaine practically purred as Kurt noticed his eyes taking a full scan on the waiter's body with need in them. He also happened to notice the first few buttons of Blaine's shirt undone, leaving no imagination to Kurt.

  The waiter only smirked, handing a bottle to Blaine. He took hesitantly, his flirty attitude shifting into confusion in the matter of mere seconds.

  "Aw," He gushed, reading the label before turning back to Kurt, "you got my favorite."

  "Of course," Kurt rolled his eyes, dipping his hand into the bag as he tried to cover up his need to know what exactly Blaine had gotten him.

  The problem was that there was no need to cover anything from Blaine, seeing as he always read him like an open book. "Don't get too excited, it's not much." Blaine shrugged, his drink still in his hands as he smiled at Kurt.  

  Kurt wiggled his hand around before grasping onto a wooden piece. Before pulling it out, he looked back to Blaine, raising a doubtful eyebrow. Blaine only ushered him to open it as soon as possible, the excitement somehow spilling to him too.

  He held a dark frame in his hand, pulling it out completely to examine the picture held within it.

  It was Blaine and him from their freshmen year in high school, sitting on the bleachers and making the most childish faces any freshmen could possibly make. The happiness when they took that picture practically radiated off the frame, hitting Kurt with an invisible wave.

  The sight quite literally brought tears to his eyes.

  "Aw, come on- don't get all gushy on me." Blaine joked, throwing his head back with an exaggerated smile, portions of his pearly whites showing between his lips.

  Kurt only shook his head, keeping his eyes glued to the picture in front of him with a smile, "So, you do have a sentimental side." Kurt threw back, the smile never leaving his lips. Blaine always had a way to keep him from tearing himself apart.

  "That's the day we met," Blaine informed with a proud smile, "I made two, one for you," He taps the frame in Kurt's tight hold, "one for me," He holds the palm of his hand close to where his heart was, putting on a cheesy smile which made the corners of his eyes wrinkle in joy.

  Kurt squints his eyes, his cheeks slightly aching from smiling so much as he gently places the gift back in the bag, setting it on the ground by his chair.

  "I just... wanted to do something that you would like," Blaine rolled his eyes, "don't make me regret being nice, alright?" He warned, pointing his finger at Kurt.

  "Have you been hanging out with Cooper?" Kurt stifled a laugh, averting his gaze from Blaine's undoubtedly gorgeous eyes to his finger.

  "Unfortunately," He laughed, seizing his bottle again, "enough of this sappy crap." He held his drink up high for exaggeration, tilting it towards his friend, "here is to men; fuck 'em."

  Kurt couldn't help but laugh at that, shaking his head as he held up his glass, "to finding the perfect man."

  Blaine shook his head, scrunching his face with a grimace, "To friends?"

  "To relationships," Kurt tested, narrowing his eyes.

  "To being single!" Blaine finished, lunging forward and clinging his bottle with Kurt's, only earning another one of the melodious laughs as they both took heartful sips.

  Kurt placed his glass down, keeping a strong gaze with the table, "Do me a favor, don't let me die alone."

  "You're not gonna be alone, I'm gonna be there constantly holding a pillow in your face," Blaine held up both as the two boys laughed, their smiles spreading radiant and wide, "This is to the hangovers we're gonna have tomorrow." Blaine held his bottle up again.

  "So, we agree?" Kurt inquired, raising both of his thin eyebrows.

  Blaine laughed, "To being hungover?"

  "No," Kurt grumbled, holding his glass close to Blaine's bottle, "that we won't grow old alone."

  "Oh, I'm never gonna be alone," Blaine teased, wiggling an eyebrow as he tipped his head toward their pass by waiter, "In fact, I'm drafting a list in my head of all the things I'm gonna do to our waiter," he spoke seductively, "most of them are still illegal in forty-eight states." He trailed off, eye's practically glued to the way their waiter was swinging his hips as he walked.

  "Hey," Kurt rolled his eyes, snapping his fingers in front of Blaine's face to get his attention, "hey, I'm serious about this!"

  "Come on," Blaine whined, his eyes instantly snapping into place with Kurt's as they maintained eye contact, "you know that I'm always gonna be there for you."

  Kurt remained unconvinced, raising his eyebrow as Blaine sighed, "Alright, I can tell you're obsessing over this already." He pointed out as Kurt shrugged, his eyes flickering from Blaine's to his own hands resting in his lap.

  "I'll make you a deal," Blaine smiled, "If in ten years we're both still single, neither of us have found anybody," he leads on, taking a short pause, "we'll be boyfriends, a couple together forever." He gushes, giving his signature smile.

  Kurt gave a smile back, lightly biting on his bottom lip, "Backup plan?" He pushed, but Blaine simply shrugged, which made his smile flatter, "You're serious."

  "Sure!" He beams, "Here," He leans over to the table set up by them, which was thankfully empty, and snatched a napkin. Kurt wouldn't want Blaine to randomly take someone's things just to prove a point. "You're the one going to school to be a fancy cloth designer who will sign lost of contracts," He hands Kurt the tissue along with a pen, "write something up, I will sign it. Make it... legally binding." 

  He took the items in his hands, delicately placing the white material on the table before looking back up to Blaine, "So, I have ten years?"

  "To find love before you're..." Blaine scrunches his face up, "thirty-five?"

  Kurt simply shook his head, working to write the contract that was supposedly going to bring them together in ten years. "Here's to being in love."

  "Here's to ten years of freedom," Blaine joked as he eyed the waiter who annoyingly kept passing their table, slightly bothering Kurt, but he only scoffed, clinging their drinks together anyway and went back to writing.

  Minutes passed as Blaine simply watched his friend write in effortless concentration. He watched as his perfectly held up quiff didn't budge a bit, the walnut brown with golden like streaks held easily. His pale skin was illuminated by the candle set between them from his date, lighting up and defining his face more than Blaine had admitted to seeing before. It did wonders to his eyes.

  He wasn't even half done studying his face when Kurt handed back the napkin, earning a grin from Blaine.

  He read over the words carefully,

  I, Kurt Hummel, and I, Blaine Anderson hereby agree to be a monogamous couple, if still single in 10 years by the age of 35.

  Blaine laughed out loud after reading it, holding his hand out for the pen before, without hesitation, signing his name onto the think material. He hands it over for Kurt to inspect, "You happy now, huh?"

  Kurt nods, holding the paper in his grasp as he presses a short, soft kiss onto it. He held it in a closed fist under his chin, suppressing a laugh. 

  "Unbelievable," Blaine chuckled, staring back at him.

  Only 10 years until the deadline.