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A Diffrent Kind of Family

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The heroes were worth the trip. At least, Antioch Peculiar thinks they are. Ever since the heroes left on their own after the quest had been finished, they had been visiting him every 6 months or sooner. They wrote quite frequently and called when necessary. This new Email thing was pretty interesting. It made it easier for him to get in contact with Honeydew at least.

    There was one small issue, the heroes couldn’t come to him this time. They had sent him a letter a little over 4 weeks ago, apologizing because they were so busy with their new factory. He felt that really, he could make the trip to them. There were a lot of brand new roads that lead him pretty close to the coordinates he had from them. That wasn’t really the reason he was questioning his choices. No. It was the two men who stood before him.

    “Who the hell are you?” Asked a gray man, relaxing under a tree. He was… gray. Not pale, not ashy, but… gray. He was just gray. His hair was dark and cut into what appeared to be a bowl cut across his head. Antioch was no man to judge. He was wearing a spacesuit. He stood a little straighter, coughing bit.

    “My name is Knight Antioch Peculiar, I am looking for the location of the two Heroes of Minecraftia.” He greeted formally. The gray man blinked at him.

    “Oh. Honeydink. Yeah, they are just over the hill.” He pointed, not giving KP a chance to ask his name. “SJIN! HELP THIS OLD GUY OVER TO HONEYDINK!”

    ‘Sjin’ popped his head out of a small hole in the ground. He was normal skin toned, but his mustache was… unique.

    “Oh! Ok! Hello!” He said cheerfully. At least Peculiar thought it was cheerful. He wasn't quite sure what Honeydink meant, but he was sure it had to do with the Honeydew.

    “Oh, um. Greetings.” He offered out a hand to shake Sjin’s. The other man shook his hand, happily letting go and heading off.

    “Don’t waste too much time, we need more marble for the tower.” Sips called behind them.

    “Be grateful you, goofus!” He called back, grinning to himself as he looked over the knight. “First time coming through?” He asked curiously.

    “Oh, um, yes actually. The heroes visit quite often but I decided to take the trip myself.” He explained as he looked towards where they were headed. He could see there was quite a distance left.

    “It’s a little confusing out here. It is both pretty high tech but also really out of the way. There are at least 4 factories within a hundred miles.” Sjin said happily, keeping a pleasant conversation.

    “Oh? I’m not much on that field. I uh. I’m actually just a retired knight. I finally defeated the last thing I needed to , so I just decided that I would run an inn. I’m not really, all about this business stuff. The Heroes seem to be, but well, I can barely understand half of the gibberish they say anyway.” He told the other man, happy to see that at least he made a good company.

    “Did you like, work for them or something?” Sjin asked, once more in a cool casual tone. He seemed like a very relaxed man compared to the other. KP still didn’t know his name.

    “We were adventuring friends. We defeated Israphel together, and I am proud to say that I served by their sides when Sir Xephos laid the final blow. Well, I suppose they both did. Sir Honeydew kicked him in the knees and Sir Xephos chopped off his head.” KP explained with a grin. “Of course we had to burn his body and reverse the plague but. That battle was glorious.”

    “Sound pretty kickass. I’ve never actually seen Honeydew fight anything.” Sjin was getting more casually somehow. It seemed like perhaps he was thinking about something before hand. They walked with some chatter here and there. Turns out the gray man was named “Sipsy” and that he and Sjin ran a business. They were more than likely partners, at least from the way that Sjin spoke of the other. He couldn’t see a ring, but of course the other was wearing thick rubber gloves.

    The two approached the edge of a clearing, Peculiar gasping as he looked out over the large white tower that buzzed with activity. Minecarts raced back and forth on the tracks, there appeared to be a garden out the back. He saw the way the shore was shaped by their machines, and the subtle but soft flowers they had planted around it. It was amazing.

    “Well, I gotta get back. Have a good time!” Sjin said cheerfully before he turned around and started his way back. Oh well. Old Peculiar was sure he could find his way through a factory just fine. He beat Lord Israphel after all.

    There was a slow walk down the hill and up towards the door. It was quite interesting what the heroes has designed for the outside of their new business. It was a big Honeydew face. It made his chuckle softly as he pushed open the door and looked about. That’s when he spotted the flying scientist. His hand quickly went for the pommel of his sword before he saw the boots. Good lord.

    “Um, excuse me!” He called over to the man. When the other turned around, Peculiar couldn’t help but stare. The blond hair was fluffy and out of control, the goggles barely holding back the floofy mess. He began floating down. He looked smart enough as it was concerned, but looks could be deceiving for sure.

    “Oh, hello!” The blond man laughed happily. He was pretty sure the other was some kind of worker for the heroes so he was less concerned with the attire of the other. Well, that was until he saw the metallic hand. Uh.

    “Um, yes!” Peculiar chuckled nervously as he shifted a bit, taking the other’s hand. He shook rather happily, the older man thinking this scientist must be a cheerful fellow.

“My name is Knight Peculiar. I am here to see Sir Honeydew or Sir Xephos?” He said nervously. He was sure that the other could lead him to where he needed to be, he only hoped the two weren’t too busy.

“Oh, right! Yes, of course.” The blond chuckled happily. “The name is Lalna. Lalna Coffee if you will.” Oh lord that wasn’t his real name. KP simply nodded along. “They are upstairs! Let me take you!”

Knight Peculiar was quite started when the other simply took him into his arms and carried him up into the sky. He simply held in his whimper of nerves as he saw the floor get farther and farther away. They passed by several tiers of rooms before they came to a stop. Above them was a glass ceiling, in front of them is a door.

“Alright! I’ll be right back!” Lalna said cheerfully as he disappeared behind the door, leaving Knight Peculiar standing on the edge of the hole. He took a peak over, muttering something about unsafe environments before turning his attention to a familiar voice.

“Do they have an appointment to see Honeydew?” He hears through the door, he couldn’t hold his chuckle at the thought of needing a appointment. He figured now was a good time to go on in and make his entrance.

He pushed the door open, coughing to get the heroes attention before giving him a cheeky grin. Oh he loved teasing these two.

“I need an appointment now?” He asked with a big grin spreading over his face as Xephos blinked at him. It was nice to see the hero wasn’t ashamed of his ears here. He chuckled helplessly as the once very serious hero hopped over his desk.

“KP!” He said excitedly. Oh how Peculiar wished that name would go away. Oh well.

“I did tell you hero, call me Antioch..” He laughed as the taller man wrapped him in a large warm hug. He missed this caring side to the heroes when he was by himself. They really did take care of him, even if it was a grumble. But time makes the heart fonder after all.

“Did you come here all by yourself?” The hero asked seriously, quickly running that over with another thought. “DID YOU WALK HERE?” He practically yelled, making the knight laugh a little harder in reply. “You did you absolute idiot!” He said with a grin. Despite everything they had the same relationship.

“What can I say hero! I can’t just go without you!” KP told him with a big grin, happy to rest a hand around the hero’s waist. Poor Xephos. His people were so touchy feely, so needy for that comfort. It was one of the reasons Honeydew and Xephos got along so well.

“Oh! Lalna! This is Knight Peculiar! The man who saved Honeydew and my lives so many times…” He laughed happily as he gestured the two together. KP simply let out a little chuckle. “Oh! Let me get Honeydew!” He ran through a second door. “HONEYDEW, KP IS HERE!”

Knight Peculiar looked to the other while shrugging. Lalna simply shook his head and walked off back to do whatever he needed. KP’s heart nearly stopped when the other simply walked off the edge. Good lord.

A small round pink? Ball came running at him from another room, the knight letting out a chuckle as he wrapped Honeydew up in his arms. He chuckled, happy to pick up the dwarf. Honeydew was wearing a soft pink sun dress and a lovely little bow. It looked good on him.

“Hello, hero! I love your sundress! Did you get it fitted?” The knight asked happily to the lovely little dwarf. A happy smiling face turned towards him, absolutely beaming at the compliment.

“Yeah! I actually did, yah old man.” The dwarf teased as he let go. The older knight simply laughed, collecting both heros into a big group hug before he let Honeydew and Xephos lead him back into the offices.

Knight Peculiar happily sat in the big soft chair behind the desk, the heroes dragging two rolling chairs close so they could chat with him. He took a moment to look the two over. They seemed so happy. It made his heart fill with joy each time he saw a smile on those faces. He remembered nights, camped out in a desert, faces fallen as they prepared for another walk. Xephos would hide himself under a hood around the strangers, and Honeydew would only crack jokes to Xephos that no one could understand. They used another language. He wasn’t sure if it was dwarven or some kind of code, but he began to understand bits and pieces over the long months together.

That was in the past. For now he would simply enjoy how happy and relaxed they seemed now. He leaned back, watching as Honeydew started talking to him.

“So we have like 3 factories elsewhere now, and then on top of that we have a whole complex for research.” Honeydew explained as he pulled out some pictures to show the older man. He saw the different factories, smiling at the pictures of the lab workers.

“And then on top we are still making money off of all the merchandise people buy just to wear my face on their bodies.” The dwarf laughed, his alien companion laughing along with. It really was something the way people clung to the thought of them like some kind of god.

“I am glad to hear it, heroes.” Knight Peculiar said, reaching out to take both of their hands and grinning at them happily. “But I want to know how you two are?”

Both heroes looked a little slower, finally coming down off of the excitement of getting to see him for a time. There was an unspoken agreement between the three of them. No bullshit, no covers. Knight Peculier loved these two, not for their god like hero status, but for who they were. They knew he didn’t want to know about their business, he wanted to know about them.

“Well… we uh. Have some news.” Xephos told the knight, unable to help his smile as the dwarf besides him snorts with laughter. He smiled softly, glad to see it wasn’t bad news.

“Then go on! I’m not going to bite your heads off.” He teased with a laugh. Somehow they ended up closer than before. It usually worked like that.

“Well uh… Honeydew and I… decided… that we’d like to be married under the Minecraftian state.” Xephos explained, gently reaching out to take the other’s hand. Knight Peculier grinned at them, pulling both into a big hug happily.

“I’m so happy for you! I am so so happy! You two deserve this! When will it happen?” KP asked as he pulled back and looked towards the two.

“That is one of the main issues..” Honeydew explained as he got closer, as if there could possibly be someone within a 50 foot radius he didn’t want to hear. “Xephos is technically an illegal alien.”

Knight Peculier brustled, looking between the two with wide eyes. “What do you mean? He wasn’t given citizenship when you saved the world?” He asked sharply. “Have no fear heroes, I will marry you and the courts be damned.” He said angrily, rising as if to go fight some invisible enemy. Both Honeydew and Xephos reached out, pulling him back down. Xephos was crying and laughing, unable to hold it in with the way the other acted.

“It’s ok, KP.. I’m fine...  That would be lovely though…” Xephos explained, gently holding both Honeydew and KP’s hand. They ended up talking about the wedding for some hours, eventually it was time for bed, and KP was lead to where he could sleep for the night. Oh well. Anything that they could need, he would assist with. They were his family after all.