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Autumn Storms

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“This is it,” the apartment manager said, flipping the switch as she lead Sirius Black inside.

The apartment wasn’t especially large but it seemed nice. It was located in Portland’s Northwest district. His new job had wanted him to have something a little shabbier but he offered to cough up a bit more of his own money, recently inherited from his late mother.

“Closet, right here,” the apartment manager, a pretty woman with curly blonde hair named Diane, said, opening the sliding doors just inside the apartment.

“Nice,” Sirius commented.

“That’s in addition to another walk-in closet,” she grinned.

“Really? This is small but you’ve really made good use of the space,” Sirius observed, thinking there was no way he had enough things to fit two entire closets.

She then lead him to the kitchen, which was all along one wall. The counters were very polished and white. Sirius rapped a knuckle on them, thinking they felt nice and solid, wondering if that was something he should even value. He had never exactly had his own place before.

“So you’re new to Portland, right?” Diane asked as he checked out all of the cabinets, feeling grateful that he was tall and could easily reach them all.

“Yeah. I’ve been living down on the coast. I got a job offer over the summer, working for a local photography company,” Sirius explained.

“Oh. That’s nice. Ready for a bachelor’s life?” Diane asked, opening a door behind them which lead to the bathroom.

Sirius walked into the bathroom, truly stunned by how nice everything looked. The shower wasn’t as large as he preferred but he wasn’t going to complain, especially since this was only a studio.

“Umm… not exactly. This is just an internship for the fall. For now. And I’m seeing someone back home,” Sirius explained, deciding not to divulge that he was also wading into the waters of polyamory, along with his boyfriend Remus and Remus’s bff, Lily, who was herself dating Sirius’s best friend, James.

She showed him the large open space that would serve as his living room and bedroom in the north of the apartment. A door lead out onto a balcony that had a fantastic view of Northwest Portland.

“Nice view, huh?” Diane said behind him.

“Yeah,” Sirius admitted.

“Ready to come sign the paperwork?” she asked.

“I think I am,” Sirius said.

He walked with her, back to the office, and they wrapped everything up there. He had handled as much from back home as he could but some things still needed signing and going over. Once that was complete he took his keys and went into his now empty apartment.

A bed was being delivered in a few hours and he would find some other furniture but was concerned about getting too settled in. He was going to be returning in a few months anyway.

He set his keys on the kitchen counter with a sigh. He still needed to bring his things up. But for now he was tired. It was hard to believe that just eight hours before he had said farewell to Remus.

Sirius wandered northward through the apartment and walked out onto the balcony. Portland looked lovely and green in the late summer. There was something so alluring about it. He wasn’t sure if it was nostalgia for San Francisco but he didn’t think so. It was something else. Something that whispered in his ear This could be home if you let it.

Sirius gulped and quickly went back inside the apartment. He closed all the blinds then dropped to the floor next to the back door, leaning back against the wall.

He pulled his phone out of his pocket. There was a text from Remus, sent just a few minutes before:

I miss you

Sirius smiled, surprised by the pain in his chest, and replied:

I miss you too

Sirius’s hand fell to the floor, his arm suddenly feeling heavy as tears filled his eyes, the gravity of his new reality sinking in. He was here and Remus wasn’t.

“OK. First chapter done,” Remus whispered to himself, glancing at the time.

It was almost nine. Remus had an odd moment of thinking Sirius had somehow driven across the country, back to New Hampshire where they had spent part of the summer. The brain was funny that way. But no… his boyfriend was a mere six hours away.

Remus snorted. Six hours? What did it matter to him? Remus didn’t drive. Six hours, an hour or a hundred hours, it all sounded too far.

Remus went to Google Maps on his laptop, looking to see how long it would take him to travel up to Portland with public transportation. Eleven hours. He looked up the price of tickets and nearly fainted.

The notion of traveling with strangers for so long and paying so much money seemed almost unthinkable. Sure, it was possible Sirius might considering paying for him, but even if Remus could manage the trip up with his anxiety, he would still have to deal with the guilt of someone spending so much money on him.

Remus closed Google Maps, deciding not to think about it. Sirius wasn’t going to be gone that long. He would be back home in a manner of months. They could talk online and do video chats. Their relationship could still continue.

And he had his burgeoning relationship with James to help keep him busy. Remus was excited and nervous about that. Not too long ago Remus thought the notion of himself having a relationship with one person, let alone multiple people, seemed ridiculous. But now he had one sort of serious boyfriend and another boyfriend who he was still testing the waters with.

And then there was his best friend, Lily. Though she was very experienced in polyamory, having been dating at least two people at any given time for the last six years, for Remus this was all new. He knew that he and Lily had a mutual attraction, but what that would end up amounting to in the long run he really couldn’t be certain.

Remus’s belly rumbled. He wondered if it would be safe to creep down to the kitchen. He wasn’t certain if everyone, meaning James, Lily, their friend Peter and Lily’s partners, Mary and Dorcas who had just moved in this morning, were still downstairs hanging out.

Remus walked to the attic door, slowly opened it and peeked out. To his surprise James Potter was walking up the stairs. He stopped and grinned up at Remus. He was a tall, lean man in glasses with dark skin and black hair that always seemed to need a good combing.

“Hey, man. Coming down to join us?” James asked, approaching casually, hands stuffed in the pockets of his shorts.

“Uhhh,” Remus uttered, feeling uncomfortable.

“I’m kidding,” James revealed, now in front of the short set of stairs up into the attic.

“I was thinking of getting something to eat but if everyone is still down there…”

“I could bring you something up if you wanted. I was just coming up to pee since Peter has been in the bathroom downstairs for like half an hour.”

Remus laughed.

“You don’t have to do that. I’m a grown up. I should be able to get myself food.”

“Maybe. But I would still do it,” James winked, Remus feeling himself blush.

James took one of Remus’s hands in one of his own and lifted it to his mouth, planting a soft kiss on the top of it. Remus giggled, feeling himself flush.

“I’m really looking forward to getting to know you better,” James revealed.

“M-Me too. I mean… you. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better too.”

“Can I kiss you?” James asked.


James moved up a step and Remus leaned down into his mouth, holding his breath as their lips moved together. He exhaled as they parted, realizing he was already nostalgic for their make out sessions from that summer at the cottage in New Hampshire.

“Damn. Now I don’t want to go back downstairs,” James admitted.

“Heh,” Remus chuckled.

James sighed and looked behind him.

“But I guess I shouldn’t be rude. But I meant what I said about food, man. I’ll bring you whatever you want. Hell, I’ll make you a four-course meal.”

“Nah. I think I’m good to sneak down for something. Thanks, though.”

“No problem,” James said, patting Remus on the forearm then stepped back down, heading into the bathroom.


Guess what I’m doing?

What’s that?

I am standing naked in my kitchen.


Sirius lifted his phone up and took a picture at an angle that didn’t actually show much nudity, giving just a hint, before sending it to his boyfriend.

Here’s something to help you sleep tonight ;)

Dammnn. Ugh. More like something to keep me awake ;)

Sirius grinned and bit his lip. Mission accomplished, he thought. This wasn’t so bad after all. He had gotten himself a little down in the dumps earlier but it was definitely just a fluke. He could totally make this long distance thing work.

Man, on top of you and James… I’m really getting some ideas.

Sirius froze, feeling that odd sick feeling in his chest. He shook his head, dismissing it.



Sirius snickered and sauntered around to his bedroom. His bed had been delivered a few hours before and he had managed to fix his sheets and blankets well enough. It wasn’t perfect but there wasn’t anyone around to tell him otherwise, so who gave a fuck?

What kind of ideas?

Sirius damn well knew what kind of ideas but of course getting Remus to admit it was half the fun.

You know what kind ;)

Are you hard?

Very. Wanna see?


Sirius laughed, feeling himself blush as he waited in anticipation. Less than a minute later he received a picture of Remus lying back on his bed, dick in his hand, his phone angled above, held up high so as to get as much of him in the frame as possible. Remus always looked so sweet and angelic in his photos, though Sirius had learned that there was a lot more mischief in Remus than met the eye.

Lookin’ good.


Sirius thought he should repay the kindness, moving a hand between his legs, his thighs spread. He saw no reason to make himself look pretty and took a closeup of his fingers shaped like a V with his clit between them. He hit send without any further clarification.

“There that’ll have him nutting in seconds,” Sirius said proudly.

He touched himself as he waited for Remus’s reply, thinking of how strange he would’ve found this even a year ago. For many years Sirius assumed he had no interest in sex or romance. Certainly, physically his libido had always been through the roof but the notion of being sexual with another person never really crossed his mind until Remus. But once he had become involved with Remus he could hardly stop himself from fantasizing about him, even though he still couldn’t picture himself ever wanting to have sex all of the time.

He felt a bit odd about his sexuality until he did some reading online and found some labels he found fit himself. He thought demisexual and demiromantic fit him well enough. He wasn’t a weirdo. There were other people like him out there.


Sirius grinned at Remus’s reply. It had barely been a day since their last fun sexy time together. Sirius had wished for a very special goodbye since they wouldn’t be seeing each other much for the time being.

Sirius took another picture, this time of just his face while he continued to touch himself down below. Remus quickly sent a picture of his own face in response, Sirius sending back an array of heart emojis in response.

Sirius got an idea and lifted the phone above his face and started recording video.

“Hey. Thought I would send you something special. I just wanted to say… how much I miss you… and wish that you were here. Mmm. I’m so wet. I can’t stop thinking about you…. And how it feels when you touch me.”

Sirius closed his eyes, still recording as he stroked himself. This wouldn’t take long, especially as he knew how much it would turn Remus on to see him come.

“I’m close. I’m really close. Fuck.”

The tension built until he could barely stand it, finally releasing in wave of pleasure as he moaned into the camera. Remus was still sending him texts. For all he knew he had already came. Still shuddering, Sirius stopped recording and hit send on the video

U still there?

I’m trying not to come.

Yeah, I’m here. Sent you a little something ;)

Sirius gave himself a moment to cool off as he awaited Remus’s response. Remus was silent several minutes before a video popped up in their chat. He hit play and began to touch himself again as he watched Remus stroking himself, holding the camera out to the side so that only half of his long, thick shaft showed up in the frame.

He couldn’t really hold the camera still but Sirius didn’t mind, watching with bated breath, studying every twitch and movement Remus’s face made leading up to the beautiful moment when he grunted, letting out a quiet moan as his hips slightly bucked and he ejaculated onto his belly.

Remus smiled at the camera, breathing hard as the video ended. Sirius set the phone down, and continued stroking himself, replaying the image of Remus coming in his mind as he built himself back up to a second climax that he was almost certain was better than the first.

I came again. Thanks.

Np. I cleaned up.

Hehe. You make such a mess.

It’s your fault!

That’s fair.

I do miss you, though.

I miss U too. I should get some sleep. Gotta check out my new job in the morning.

OK. Night night. I love you <3

I love you too <3

Sirius plugged his phone in and set it down on his night stand. No, this was going to be fine. They still had a connection. If he could just hold onto that thread they would be fine.

He got up to pee and put on his PJs before returning to the bed, sliding under the covers and turning out the light. He did wish Remus was there with him. They could really take advantage of the privacy.

Sirius supposed he could go out and date but he had never done anything like that before. The idea of going out and meeting people sounded stupid and annoying. But then he thought of Remus and James being together and he started to get a little anxious.

“That’s fucking stupid,” he told himself, frustrated by his own apparent jealousy.

What did it matter? Why should it matter? It wasn’t like James was going to make Remus stop loving Sirius. And he had his own girlfriend so it wasn’t like he needed Remus all to himself.

It was all bullshit. This was just what the heteropatriarchy wanted him to feel, shoving monogamy down everyone’s throats. This wasn’t innate. He had been programmed to feel this.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not real, he realized. He lightly thumped his bed with a fist, knowing he wasn’t going to get much sleep tonight after all.

“No pill tomorrow,” Lily said, smacking James’s bare ass as he walked past her, hopping onto the bed.

“No pill,” James echoed, a hand wrapped around his cock and looking gorgeous as usual.

“You’re still sure? Your last chance to back out,” Lily pointed out.

James shook his head.

“I’m all-in. We’re gonna make a baby.”

“Oh, but it’ll be so much work. Like, ugh, you’re gonna have to have so much sex! How will you survive?” Lily snorted as she climbed onto the bed.

“One day at a time. Actually… do we literally have to have sex every day?” James asked, Lily sliding next to him and bursting out into laughter.

“I mean only if you want to? Really we just need to have sex when I’m ovulating but they say it’s good to have sex every other day just to cover your bases. But there are ways of checking to see if I’m ovulating.”

“Ah,” James said, sounding as if he didn’t understand.

“Sweet Jesus, James, please tell me you know about ovulation!” Lily asked, giving him a skeptical look.

“No, no. Ovulation. I totally know about that. I mean… I don’t know like… the details but I know it’s a thing… that you do. And it makes you extra horny.”

Lily blushed and shrugged.

“Something like that. Anyhow, are we gonna fuck or just chat?” Lily joked, elbowing James.

“Yeah. What do you want to do? I’m kind of tired,” James yawned.

“We can just masturbate if you want. Save up some sperm for tomorrow,” Lily laughed.

“Oh. Am I going to have to stop masturbating? Wait, what if I want to have sex with Remus. I mean… not that I definitely think we will but I guess there’s like an above zero chance that we might.”

“Dude, chill. Yes, you can still masturbate. Trust me, I’ll be having to make far more lifestyle changes than you, James.”

James gave her a big-toothed grin and chuckled. Lily rolled over and grabbed her favorite vibrator from her night stand, turning it on and placing it between her thighs.

“Mmm,” she moaned happily.

They quietly masturbated together, side by side, for several minutes before James spoke again: “Hey, Lils… I wanted to run something by you and I guess now is as good a time as any.”

“Yeah. Please tell me it’s like about sex and not like… you want to repaint the bathroom or something, I swear to God, James.”

“No. Nothing like that. I guess I’ve been thinking. Like… I masturbate and I think about me and Remus. God, is that weird to say, right now?”

“No? That’s hot.”

“Oh. OK. Cool. Yeah, anyhow. Like at first I thought I would be turned on thinking about fucking him in the ass but then like… I started thinking about him fucking me in the ass. And…then I started thinking about you playing with my ass.”

Lily looked over at him. He looked embarrassed.

“You want me to play with your ass?” Lily asked.

“I mean not right now but like… yeah. That would be cool,” James admitted.

“Yeah, I’ll play with your ass,” Lily replied, turning the speed of her vibrator up, turned on by James’s request.

“Thanks. You’re the best,” James said, his hazel eyes giving her a once over.

“I know,” she said, giving him a wink just as she came, her toes curling as she swore.

James’s stroking grew frantic and he moaned hard as he came, shooting up his torso, Lily still shuddering from her own orgasm. By the time her climax had subsided, James was desperately trying to clean himself up with tissues.

“It’s times like this that make me want to shave all the hair from my body,” James complained.

“Oh, don’t do that. I like you nice and hairy,” Lily said, a finger stroking the coarse hairs of his belly.

James chuckled as he tossed the tissues in the trash.

“So, you were umm… for real about the playing with my ass thing, right?” James asked.

“Oh, honey, if you don’t know me by now. Like, I guess I probably have a limit, but broadly I’m down for probably anything you could come up with.”

“Well, you see I had this idea about covering you in cream cheese-“

“Vegan cream cheese!” Lily corrected.

“Yes, yes. Vegan cream cheese. Anyhow, I’ll cover you in vegan cream cheese then dress up like a bagel. If that doesn’t get you pregnant I don’t know what will,” James grinned, looking pleased with himself.

Lily rolled her eyes.

“Shut the fuck up and go to sleep,” Lily chuckled, turning out the light.