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Reminiscent of Hell

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Kim Namjoon makes Min Yoongi forget that they are in hell.


Well, not literally, since he actually likes hell and thanks the Satan every waking moment – when the horned twat is not being a brat, that is – for bringing him along. Min Yoongi is positive that has he had stayed at his previous abode he will have killed himself off by now. And by that he means he will have been born as a human, which, now that he thinks about it, is way way worse than death. Particularly since as a demon, or well – a fallen angel – to be more specific, Min Yoongi cannot actually die.

But he digresses. Kim Namjoon makes him forget that they are in hell, metaphorically speaking.

To be fair, Kim Namjoon makes Yoongi forget most things. In fact, as the kitsune twins will inform, with great enthusiasm, to everyone who is interested and that is basically everyone who is actually not interested at all but doesn't know how to refuse the duo anything – no one knows how to refuse them anything, except perhaps the unholy lord of hell named Jeon Jeongguk, but that's only because his eyes gets even more watery and big than Traumatic Twins – that Kim Namjoon ensures, by his sheer existence, that Yoongi's head is empty of all thoughts but that of his Danger Dimples every time he is around. And often when he isn't around.

And yes, the capitalized special names are necessary, shut up Hobi-ah, you DO NOT get it.

"No, no hyungie, I do get it." Hoseok is cheerful as usual, gold and silver petals weaved with his dark curls, and Yoongi kind of wants to gag him. Preferably with his cock.

"I am surprised though", Hoseok continues talking, very cheerfully ignoring the dark flames creeping up his companion's limbs. "I thought you would have fucked him by now."

"Don't say that." Yoongi hears a voice hiss abovehead – his face is smushed against the table, everything is abovehead, fucking tall people. "You are making him sad."

"We offered." Taehyung runs one of his tails down Yoongi's neck, shrugging at Seokjin, Yoongi imagines. "No one said you have to become a celibate, hyung. Even Joonie hyung doesn't believe in celibacy."

Yoongi wonders if he wants to kill Tae. He decides against it. Jimin will die too if his twin dies, and Yoongi doesn't want to lose two perfectly fuckable bodies. Even if they are assholes.

"Oy." Yoongi glares at the kitsune who has just pinched him. Tries to, that is. Park Jimin is scary.

"Stop reading my mind." He mutters and looks away, nuzzles against the other twin. Taetae is infinitely more forgiving, cuddles back. Yoongi decides he is never killing Tae. He needs his comfort blanket.

"How do you know Kim Namjoon doesn't believe in celibacy?" This is important information, and even though Yoongi is sure Tae is bluffing, because obviously Kim Namjoon is soft edges and lanky limbs and dimpling smiles and is always whispering to the birds and fishes and and –

They are giggling. Or, more specifically, Jimin and Hobi are giggling. Jin is laughing. Tae is biting at his ears and massaging his nape – and yeah, squealing like an idiot.

 Yoongi looks at the ceiling, changes his mind and looks at the ground – because his lord lives underneath and not above actually he prefers cuddling up with Yoongi every alternate night and pouts till Yoongi pets him to sleep but let's not get fastidious – he needs new friends. And he needs to learn how to have a brain to mouth filter, because Satan's fucking cunt, he does not want to spew that bubbly shit ever again.

"You like Ggukie's cunt, hyung." Jimin, the fucking fox can't stay out of his head. "You love how wet he gets for you."

Yoongi considers if he should take it as a compliment and decides against it. "Gguk gets wet for everyone, Minnie", he scoffs. "That's his perpetual state of being."

"Nah, he get wet for you much much quicker. " Taehyung pipes up. "I mean, none of us tease him as much, but – "

"Let's not forget last week." Jin interrupts and Yoongi has to agree. "You kept him begging for hours."

"I have a great teacher." Taehyung grins and Yoongi doesn't try to fight against the urge of cooing at him. The brat has been learning well.

– "How do you know he doesn't prefer celibacy?"

"Because he is a demon." Hoseok rolls his eyes, but his smile is kind, almost pitying. Yoongi really wants to gag him right now. "And because he lectured Kook on practicing safe sex, which in Ggukie–term means not going without sex while in a heated state."




"It was all Taetae's fault hyung, I swear!"

Yoongi makes sure his glare is as unimpressed as he feels right now, because he is not going to let go of this without a scolding no matter how much the Satan pouts. "Taetae's fault." He intones slowly, enjoying the way the brat squirms before him, "You went on a run after letting a kitsune rile you up and fainted from an overdose of aphrodisiac, but okay, its Taetae's fault."

"He shouldn't have teased me", Jeongguk mutters sullenly. "He knew I was going for a hunt."

"You were going to pick flowers", Yoongi snaps, and feels bad immediately. But really, how does the lord of hell forgets the way his body functions?

"Ggukkie", his voice is soft now, and Jeongguk immediately burrows himself against Yoongi's side, well aware that the scolding is over. Sniffing for good measure, the brat, till Yoongi shushes him and starts to run his fingers through the brat's hair.

"Just because you are, well, you, doesn't mean you should let yourself get hurt." He presses a kiss against Jeongguk's forehead. "You know it's not safe to stay in a heat for that long, not without relief. And Tae wanted to come with you, right?"

"Yeah." Jeongguk's voice is muffled. "But if we started fucking then I would have missed the full moon, and hyung, those flowers – "

"Only blooms on full moon, I know." Yoongi tries not to roll his eyes. "We are not going to run out of full moons all of a sudden."

Jeongguk whines and presses in further. Yoongi wait. And then,

"I am sorry, hyungie."

"It's alright, bunbun." Yoongi tugs him up by the hair and kisses him, hard. By the time he has pulled back, Jeongguk is gasping for breath, eyes glazed. "Just don't let it happen again, hmm?"

"I won't, I won't, hyungie." Jeongguk leans in another kiss, wet and sloppy, keening out a moan at Yoongi's finger's tugging at his nipples. He doesn't let up till the brat is grinding on Yoongi's lap, begging in a mess of blubbers, utterly incomprehensive. Yoongi lets him come like that, with just tugs and pinches on his nipples.

He kisses Jeongguk more softly afterwards, cuddles him close and pecks him on the forehead.

"You should tell him, hyungie." Yoongi is confused at the words, till Jeongguk is looking up at him sleepily and yawning. "Joon hyung, I mean. That you like him."

Yoongi considers a range of refusals. Then he looks at his companion, half asleep and snuggled in Yoongi's arms, and sighs.

"I don't think he would like me much Ggukkie."




Min Yoongi doesn't actually know whether Kim Namjoon will really dislike  him or not. He cannot know it, because he has not spoken to the hellborn demon ever, only sighed at him from afar. But he does know that Kim Namjoon smiles at crabs and lady bugs, that Kim Namjoon spends hours reading human books, that Kim Namjoon is never seen with a lover – or a fuckbuddy for that matter, which in hell terms means the same – and that Kim Namjoon has looked away last Thursday when he has entered the cafe that is the usual hideout of Yoongi and has left with nary a word.

Yoongi will have followed him. Except at that moment he was busy orgasming from Seokjin's fat cock thrusting inside him – and possibly Namjoon's sudden entrance had something to do with it, he doesn't usually  come that soon – and he couldn't very well get up right then. Not when Seokjin has kept on fucking him till he was coming a second time from overstimulation, all the while laughing at how Yoongi has blushed the moment his eyes met Namjoon's.

Point is, Kim Namjoon makes Min Yoongi forget that they are in hell, because he doesn't fucking behave like they are in hell. He behaves like they are in heaven, all prim and proper with his soft blushes and dimpling smiles that makes Yoongi want to both snuggle him and slap him till he is crying.

That is why Yoongi is certain, relatively certain, definitely refusing to hope otherwise, that Kim Namjoon dislikes him and his Way of Life.

What he is also certain of, and infinitely more irritated by, is that Yoongi will be perfectly okay about not getting to slap Namjoon to tears as long as he gets to snuggle him.

Or, or, pet him. Run his fingers through Namjoon's hair, get to look at his smiles when he whispers to the fishes. Hold his hands.

Min Yoongi really really wants to hold Kim Namjoon's hand.



Seasons in hell changes with the whims of its master. Yoongi feels the cold breeze of autumn on his skin and shivers slightly. The sky abovehead is bathed in gold and red and Yoongi looks at the figure sitting by the lake at a distance, awash in the liquid colour that seems to seep in his skin.




Namjoon looks up at movement beside him and feels his neck warming up. He looks down at the book at his hand quickly, hoping that his guest has not noticed.

"Yoongi-ssi." He hopes his voice is unaffected.

There's a pause. Then – "I was not aware that you knew my name, Namjoon-ssi."

Namjoon feels his ears heating at the sound. Yoongi's voice is low, with a soft roughness hewn into it.

"You are well known, Yoongi-ssi." And Namjoon has made as effort to find out everything he could about the older demon ever since he has run over Min Yoongi with his crate of books, but he is not going to bring that up. And hopefully Yoongi has forgotten that incident as well.

Then again, that has been over two hundred years ago. And Namjoon was certain that the demon only knew of Namjoon because of the tiny lord of hell.

"I have come to thank you." Yoongi's voice breaks his train of thought, making him look up. Yoongi is extending a wrapped package towards him, he sees.

"For taking some sense in our little lord, this last fullmoon night." Yoongi laughs slightly, affection clear in his voice. "As his friend, I am all too well aware of exasperatingly he can behave at times, most times, and hoped to offer you my gratitude for being patient with him."

For a moment he wonders if the Satan is Yoongi's special person. Because as a denizen of hell it was his duty to help their lord in any form – even when the lord is being a moron, specially if the lord is being a supreme moron without any self-preservation at all – so there is no reason for Yoongi to thank Namjoon. Unless the Master is Yoongi's special person.

The package is heavy. Namjoon wonders if he should open it right there, biting his lips unconsciously as he considers if it will be rude of him to do so.

"Please, Namjoon-ssi." He starts at Yoongi's voice that sounds oddly strained. "Do open it. I am eager to know if it has been suitable."

"I am sure it is. Thank you – oh" Namjoon blinks at the smooth pebbles within the wrapping. Red, lavender, orange, ocean green, turquoise, blue – he thinks he can see a ochre toned one but can not be certain in this light.

They are cold and smooth and Namjoon watches their colours glistening in the gold shadow of the evening.

"I considered getting books at first." Yoongi sounds unsure besides him. "But chances are that anything I decided on were already read by you, so I figured this will be better suited. You collect coloured rocks, I believe? I don't know if these are the kinds you collect, and I do not know much about which rocks are collected and which are not – "

"They are beautiful." Namjoon touches one with a finger, a soft featherlike warmth pressing under his ribs. "I have none other as beautiful as these ones."

The words feel inadequate. Namjoon looks up and sees Yoongi looking quietly relieved, a small smile twitching his lips, and the words that he has spoken till now, words that are stuck in a lump just behind his tongue, all feel so terribly, utterly inadequate.

He thinks of how the demons around him, normal demons who behave like normal hellish denizens, unlike him, show their appreciation, though welcoming bodies and easy touches. Namjoon has never even kissed another demon, and at any rate Min Yoongi of all people would not want to bother with his inexperienced ass, but Namjoon wants, needs, to show that he appreciates the gifts, that he is gratified by the thought behind it, because he has never told anyone that he likes collecting rocks. Namjoon is well aware that he doesn't fit in, knows it from how too many demons avoid him, laughs behind his back, and never asks how he is doing, what he is doing.

But Yoongi has found out about his collections and and –

He fumbles a little, placing the half open package by his side carefully with trembling hands. Turns and grasps Yoongi's hands in his own and forces himself not to run away even though he can feel himself going red.

"Namjoon-ssi?" Yoongi's eyes are wide now, and Namjoon wonders if the older demon thinks that he has gone mad. Then he takes a deep breath and before he can talk himself out of it, leans down and presses two kisses, one on each hands, right on Yoongi's knuckles.

"I–I- um."He takes a deep breath and forces himself to go on, even with embarrassment clawing at him. He cannot look at Yoongi anymore. "I wanted to show that I really like the gifts", he tells the ground and wants in to eat him. "But I can't really do, um, I don't usually. You know. How appreciation is shown usually – I don't–I haven't ever–"

Namjoon gives up at this point. Yoongi still hasn't said a word, silent from the moment he has started to babble, and to Namjoon's horror and more than a little irritation, he feels his eyes prickling.

"Namjoon-ssi." He keeps his eyes at the ground even at the call, realizing belatedly that he is still holding the older demon's hands. Or rather, Yoongi is holding his, as Namjoon finds out when he loosens his grasp.

"Namjoon-ssi", Yoongi's voice sounds rougher than before, but strangely tender. "I am very glad that you liked the gift. And", Namjoon dares a look up at this point and sees him smiling. Softly, not mocking.

"Your appreciation of them has been the most gracious ones I have ever come across." Namjoon tries to figure out if Yoongi is joking, but he is openly sincere. He feels himself growing warm again, but his throat feels light now. In fact all of him feels light now, there's a ball of warmth that is blossoming just under his skin, and Namjoon fights not to grin like a lunatic.

From Yoongi's sudden smile, big and gummy, he can guess that he hasn't succeeded, but that doesn't seem to matter. He looks at their hands, still holding each other, and tightens his loosened grasp over it.

"Do you want to see rest of them?" He nodes at the pebbles at Yoongi's inquisitive look. "The other one's I have collected?"

Yoongi smiles yet wider, and Namjoon doesn't know how that is possible. He feels a squeeze on his hands.

"I will like that very much. And if I may ask it, please call me hyung, Namjoon-ah."

Namjoon can't stop smiling, he can feel his dimples hurting. "Alright hyung."

They hold hand the entire time, even after they have reached Namjoon's nest and he is showing Yoongi around.

They also smile the entire time.



Yoongi learns that Namjoon enjoys late night walks and that is how he has came across Jeongguk back then. He learns that Namjoon talks to not only the birds and bugs and fishes and crabs, but also to the pebbles he collects, the grass he walks on, the falling leaves, the clouds and the wind.

"Humans don't believe in magic." He has told Yoongi, looking up at the sky. They were meant to be stargazing, but Yoongi has spent the time looking at Namjoon as the younger had spoken of stories around the stars. "That is why they separate the living from non–living. But we–"

"Every particle on this world, known and unknown, are of the same source." There is something soothing about Namjoon, like this, Yoongi thinks. Soft and open and tender. Always so, so very tender.

"Dreams and stardust, Namjoon-ah?"

"Dreams and stardust, hyung." Namjoon's smiles is close as he turns to face Yoongi, close enough to touch, to breathe in and cradle between his lips, but he doesn't. "Then if we can dream and love, so can all other particles, right?"

Yoongi thinks of the moment of his fall, of the terrible pain and even harsher fury at Jeongguk's tears at being pushed away from home, all because he dared to love mortals. Even an eternity later, he cannot think of that place as part of the same source that forms his existence.

Then he looks again, and sees Namjoon watching him. Yoongi looks at his kind eyes and reminds himself that exile and freedom tastes the same, and perhaps, perhaps, that place will learn too. Will learn how to cherish and to love, or will be an empty mausoleum because with every turn of moon, more angels have been choosing hell over heaven.



"Did Jeongguk tell you?" Yoongi asks Namjoon much later, when they are sitting by the lake and watching their lord tumbling around with the kitsune twins.

Namjoon takes a moment to answer, fingers playing with leaves of grass. "He said I should know before asking you." He murmurs. "Because it hurts you to remember. Even though he stopped hurting long ago."

Yoongi watches Namjoon's fingers. Nosy brat. He looks up at sound of giggling and realizes that he has, once again, spoken out loud, much to his companion's amusement. He huffs. "That twat cried for ages."

"Not because of the fall."

Yoongi hums softly. It has taken him a while to realize it, but eventually he knew. His little master has cried way more out of worry for Yoongi than for himself.

"I used to think you two were together."

Yoongi stares at him. Namjoon looks embarrassed all of a sudden.

"Joon." He wonders if he should be shaking the younger one. "I know we don't talk about it enough because I am somewhat, not really, sure that you don't – "

-  "You don't have to censor yourself just because of me. I know am a prude – "

- "Shut up, You are not a prude. Now listen, I know we don't talk 'bout it, but I don't, we are not –"

-  "You don't have to tell me hyung really its fine I just wondered –"

- "I mean you have seen me with Jin and –"

- "I didn't mean to walk in, hyung  –"

- "I know you know that I have been with others too, more than once, often am and –"

- "I wasn't trying to chain you to Ggukkie or anything I just thought –"

- "I thought you aren't interest in sex or in me but were you ignoring every hint of my interest in you because you thought I am monogamous?"

"I – what?" Namjoon looks like he is going to crawl under the roots of the tree they are leaning against and never come out. "Hyung, what, what interest? I thought , I thought you don't like me that way."

"Don't like you that way." Yoongi intones. He can see his friends eavesdropping openly, little fuckers.

"Because you never try to kiss me!" Namjoon is spluttering and waving his hands about. "Or touch me! You touch everyone other than me, but the moment you see me you stop any kind of, you know, that stuff."

"Because you walked out when you saw me with Jin." Yoongi is well aware his voice is raising but he cannot bring himself to care.

"I thought you wanted privacy." Namjoon looks like he is going to cry, and wow, Yoongi really feels like an asshole now. "And because I wanted you to touch me like that and – and. I don't know, okay? I told you! I don't know anything about real sex stuff."

"Wow. You made him cry."

That's Hoseok. Yoongi wonders if he should get new friends.

"Wow. You are such an asshole."

Jimin. With his stupid mindreading.

"Wow. You are such a mess."

Jin–hyung. Fucker is laughing.

"Wow. He said he wants to touch you and you are still sitting here."

Which – fair. Yoongi will reward Tae later. and punish him for being a smartass.

"I am actually not crying." Namjoon is looking very red. He is looking above Yoongi's head rather firmly. "Can we get new friends hyung?"

"That's a really excellent idea – what are you doing Ggukie?" Yoongi sneezes at the flower petals that his youngest friend has started to shower upon them.

"Blessing you, hyungie." Jeongguk smiles at him sweetly, all his bunny teeth out. "Both of you, so that you continue to be morons and – "

Yoongi doesn't bother to listen to the rest, letting the gentle suction of the portal carry them to his nest instead.




There are crystal stars hanging from Yoongi's ceiling. Joon gave them to him last month. He turns on his side from where the portal has thrown them on the bed and looks at his companion.

Namjoon has an arm thrown over his face, neck and ear still glowing. Yoongi considers for a moment, then takes both of Namjoon's hands his own, leaning over him, and presses two kisses, one over each hand, right in the dip of the knuckles.

He looks up and sees Namjoon watching him.

Yoongi waits for Namjoon to say something, thinks about asking him what he wants, if he is sure that he wants. Waits for Namjoon to pull way and sees trust.

"You will tell me." Yoongi doesn't elaborate more, knows Namjoon understands. Trusts that he will tell Yoongi. Anything. Everything.

Just like he has been. All this time. Yoongi promises to listen better, silently.

Namjoon tastes like dark chocolate and ocean. Yoongi savors him, bit by bit, then all at once. He sucks at his lips first, till he can feel them swollen and raw. Then he licks in, nips at his Joon's tongue, lets the surprised gasps and breathless whimpers settle below his naval, and kisses him again. Hard. Sloppy.

By the time he has pulled away, Namjoon looks dazed. Yoongi closes his eyes as he raises a shaky hand to caress Yoongi's cheek, kisses Namjoon's palm, sucks a hickey against the palm, right between thumb and forefinger. He opens his eyes and sees Namjoon's mouth slacking open, a thin line of drool running down his chin. He pinches at the bottom lip slightly and smiles.

His smile widens as Namjoon tugs at him, pressing his lips against Yoongi's once he has leaned down. He closes his eyes and cherishes it, feels a surge of pride at how quickly Namjoon has learnt, biting and sucking at all the right places.

Then Namjoon bucks up with a whine, or perhaps Yoongi is the one who grinds down. And both of them cries out at the sharp wave of pleasure.

"Hyung." Yoongi watches Namjoon trying to grind up again, feels a heady rush at the trust. "Hyung, please."

"Yeah." He swallows against the lump in his throat, and leans down for another press of lips. "Yeah, hyung got you Joon-ah, I am here."

He makes quick work of their pants – feeling unequivocally grateful for the magic available to them all of a sudden. Underneath him Namjoon is trembling with half closed eyes.

Yoongi leans down to kiss his eyelids as he wraps a hand around both of their hardness, rubbing the arousals against each other. He watches transfixed as Namjoon writhes underneath him, sobs tearing through his frame. He continues kissing him – nose, cheekbone, forehead, corner of the eyes where a tear is caught – even as his hand slides up and down their cocks, the precum easing the movement.

There's so much warmth caught between their bodies right now, and Yoongi catches the crystal stars swinging softly abovehead from the corner of his eyes. He closes his eyes as Namjoon leans up and catches his lips in a kiss, not more than a soft press of skin to skin, not more than a moment that tastes like star dust and dreams, and Yoongi swirls the tip of his thumb over the slits of their members, once, twice, before their bodies are falling into each other's with sobbing laughter of pleasure and relief.



Namjoon keeps on running his fingers over Yoongi's palm afterwards, keeps on holding him close after every kiss. Yoongi keeps on looking that much more longer, at the light in his eyes.



"Was it good?" He asks much, much later.

Namjoon looks at him for a long moment and presses his mouth over Yoongi's forehead.

They touch each other again, later than even that afterwards caught in dream like wisps of time. Close to dawn, they runs their fingers and lips over each other in the ash grey light till their hearts are beating together once again.



And even later, early noon in the cafe, Yoongi kisses the dark chocolate off Namjoon's lips, amidst his friends' whistles and laughter.

"You taste much better." He tells Namjoon, fighting to keep his face straight as Namjoon splutters at his friends' very considerate gifts consisting of an array of cock rings, nipple clamps, plugs and vibrators. And one Jeon Jeongguk, trussed up flowery vines and placed on Namjoon's lap, though, he notes with interest, at least that particular gift has caused less embarrassment, and more of an intrigued light in Namjoon's eyes.




Kim Namjoon makes Min Yoongi forget that he is in hell, exiled and free.

Kim Namjoon reminds Min Yoongi that he is made of stardust and dreams.


And that he is surrounded by absolute Disasters – "Joon-ah, you do know that Ggukkie is absolutely serious about that offer of being strangled, right?"