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Epistulae Quia Non Mentior

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On fine parchment paper, affixed with three seals–one of the Tevinter Imperium, one of the Legion, and one that is the Commander of the Perivantium Legion’s personal seal:

Commander Cullen,

       I have given much thought to your request, and of the offers Ambassador Montilyet’s proxies have discussed in person with me.
       You may think us far-removed from what’s been concentrated in the southern portions of Thedas, but the events at Haven did reach us all the way here to the Imperium; despite what I’m sure many southerners might believe, the vast majority of people here were not pleased to hear of such tragedy. While it is true that our mages do not have the same social dynamic that yours do south of Nevarra, I’m sure you can understand why many–and many non-mages–were nonetheless shaken.
       That, and there have also been reports of rifts opening in the sky across the borderlands near Nevarra, and even further north and into our lands.
       I believe it to be in our best interest, as the Perivantium Legion, as part of the same world, to aid the Inquisition per your request. Thus, I am making the necessary arrangements to come south myself. Though this is not a universally enjoyed opinion, being a non-mage myself, I feel it to be a great enough situation to merit the establishment of an alliance–perhaps even a partnership, to some degree–between the Inquisition and, at the least, the Perivantium Legion, which is under my command.
       I am sending this immediately back with the same raven as flown to me, while I prepare to travel. As such, I should arrive not long after it has been delivered to your desk.
       I cannot bring the requested amount of troops–it will only be a small contingent of legionnaires to ensure safe travel–but I believe my experience and expertise in tactics and military strategies will outweigh the lack of legionnaires I bring.
       Let us hope that this alliance will bring swift closure to these tears in the sky, and a definitive end to those who would threaten the entire world itself.
       I look forward to meeting you, Commander.

                                                       – Legator Legarem Varovelo

In a separate letter on very similar parchment, in the same hand and affixed with the Perivantium Legion wax seal:

Legator Faustus:

       Will be taking time to investigate a growing organization in the south, believed to be directly related to the appearance of the rifts we’ve been getting reports on. I’m leaving Axivor Vidicus in charge during my absence. Unsure how long I will be, but expect it to be at least several months, if not longer. Anticipate regular reports from me, at the least.

                                                                            – L. L. Maretus

On a different paper of medium quality, merely folded in half without any seals, but still in the same hand:


       Keep noting what you learn. I expect bi-monthly summaries of what you have compiled. Practice the style of note-taking I’ve shown you for your observations. No need to waste the good parchment, either; use the rough pulp.

                                                                                         – LLM