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Biggest Hero for A Day

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It had been a normal day for Shoto Todoroki up until this point. Well, for someone of his social status now, given that he’s a celebrity from all the publicity he received on all the villain attacks, tests, and sporting events he participated in, and excelled at compared to his peers. He was a respected hero in training and for good reason, his Quirk, Half-Cold, Half-Hot allowed for him to materialize and control fire and ice, with ice coming from his right side, and fire from his left. This was a power that allowed for him to engage in situations with villains or disasters without much fear, however, that was all about to change before this “normal” day would end…

BOOM! The bank he just walked by exploded from the front, sending bits of desks and lamps everywhere, accompanied by fearful screams and evil laughter. He turned around to see a group of villains, none of whom seemed to associate with the League, as they had really tacky get-up, and had seemingly blown up the building utilizing explosives, instead of using a Quirk. There were four villains all lined up together, but the one that stuck out to this red and white haired protagonist was the one dressed in incredibly dark and semi-flashy clothing.

He had clear-purple shoulder pads, an incredibly fancy belt that covers his waist as well as abdomen, with tiny engravings on the top and bottom. His eyes, while filled with sinister intent, could not be seen by the U.A. student, as his eyes were covered by a large visor that started purple and slowly faded to black, and within this void covering his eyes, were tiny little white speckles painted on to reflect the dark abyssal plains of space. His hair was a very mellow shade of violet, however, whether it was dyed or not wasn’t known, all Shoto could deduce is that this man had a very flashy get up, almost reminding him of the showy, flamboyant, boy in his class named Aoyama. But this individual wasn’t like Aoyama, he had an evil, cunning smirk, one with ambition, envy, and maybe a bit of lust mixed in there to create an absolutely fabulous villain.

“A pleasure to meet you in person, Todoroki. I’ve seen you in the halls a few times, but we never spoke, maybe now we can change that?” Shoto was shocked at this. An U.A. student, working with villains, and destroying a bank?! What kind of dark twisted reality was this?!

“Nothing to say, ice furnace? I’m not too surprised...My suit catches the eye quite well, and my shocking backstory…” He flailed his right wrist out, leaning forward and blowing a small kiss at Shoto. Shoto raised an eyebrow, confused and stunned by this rogue student’s introduction and...Very flirty and forward approach.

“Well, I don’t quite care for your tone or advances on me, and as a hero in training, it’s my duty to stop you, so be prepared to face justice.” Todoroki’s hands illuminated with frost and ember, and as he took his first step to begin the fight, he felt an odd change within himself. A bit of a swell within his whole body. At first, he didn’t pay much attention, but when he started to bloat up quickly, he stumbled back, stopping his powers.

“Odd, isn’t it? Feeling that weight…” The villain smirked, grabbing the hero’s gut and gently squeezing.

“How rude of me, I haven’t even introduced myself! My name is Nebularious...And I make black holes, and you’re currently my personal black hole…” He went behind Shoto and grabbed his newly forming love handles, resting his head on his shoulder.

“Why are you doing this?...Why are you getting such a kick out of it, too?” Shoto’s voice has lost its confidence, and has been replaced with a more submissive fearful tone. Shoto continued to grow, absorbing matter all around him. The buttons on the bottom of his uniform started to experience great pressure, and launch off like bullets, one even managed to break a car window, loosening some of the tightness his expanding belly. His uniform lost its form, and revealed a pale sphere of a belly, gently resting on Shoto’s new thunder thighs. Nebularious cackled, slowly sliding his hands around Shoto's figure, and then groping his moobs.

“Your father always did want you to be the biggest hero... but not in this way, right? Well, either way, you certainly are the biggest of them all, and the handsomest as well…” Shoto's face turned as red as the flames he could conjure, as he felt a kiss on his cheek from Nebularious.

“Augh...If I could move, you'd be in so much trouble right now... especially for what you just did…” Shoto struggled, but to no avail. He felt himself being slowly lowered to the ground, as he looked up he saw an ominous purple gleam.

“No worries, Todoroki, I'll soothe your pains right now.” Shoto blushed even more as he felt his belly being kneaded and rubbed by this kinky villain, and even if he hated the situation he was in, and would never admit it, he actually quite liked this, it let him feel much better and at ease, this certainly wasn't the villain's first belly massage, and it wouldn't be the last. He smiled and snickered the whole time, relishing that he got time to blow up his most prized target. Underneath his visor his bright yellow eyes were glowing brightly with lust and satisfaction. He kissed Shoto's belly and continued playing with it as Shoto grew more and more tired, being so soothed he eventually passed out. Nebularious eventually left the crime scene, making singularities around the bank to cover up where he and his associates went. Todoroki would eventually awaken, to find himself back to normal, but with a minor headache. He'd get up and look around, and find nothing in the bank but a single note. He picked it up and read it aloud.

“We'll meet again, my biggest hero. ~Your biggest fan.”