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In this place, it's only You and Me.

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Taehyung is twenty-six, too young, a bit of a fool and very much in love.

Jimin is twenty-six, two months older and therefore two months wiser but a fool all the same, and just as in love.

And in thirty-four days, on a supposedly auspicious date in late October, they’re set to wed. It’ll be a grand affair with many relatives, a few close friends and hopefully, a lot of good food.

The day’s been circled on their calendar in bright red marker since their parents declared it a suitable one and Taehyung has more than one countdown on his social media handles. As with all things to do with Taehyung, Jimin finds it cute and his smile never wavers when Taehyung wakes each morning to announce the number of days till their “Big Day.” The butterflies in his stomach flutter continuously and it still makes him laugh when he’s asked for the proposal story.

They’re a sure thing. Taehyung and Jimin are a packaged deal much like a beverage and meal combo at McDonald’s. Everyone knew it would end in marriage. The only questions were who’d ask first and when it’d happen.

They’re a sure thing, just as sure as Hoseok and Yoongi’s relationship. Their friends who had laughingly claimed a two year head start on them in the real-life version of the game, Life. Their friends who are sat across from them now, bodies tense as they look anywhere but at each other.

“We’re separating,” they say in unison for even as they announce their ending, they’ll do so as a pair for perhaps the last time.

Almost as soon as the words are uttered, Taehyung’s hand finds Jimin’s under the table, their fingers lacing together most naturally.

“Hyung?” Taehyung says, unsure of who he’s even questioning when they both turn to look at him.

The faint frown that pushes down the corners of Hoseok’s lips just barely, and Yoongi’s hands, fisted tightly at his sides, veins a stark blue against his pale skin, serve as a much better explanation than words could. It’s when Hoseok dons a smile on his face, his expression brightening a practiced notch, that Taehyung knows it’s really true.

 “Why?” Jimin’s voice cuts through, tone clipped and harsher than he means for it to be.

Taehyung tightens his grip on Jimin’s hand just enough that he knows it must be uncomfortable. His fingers are aching so that means Jimin’s must be as well. He doesn’t do well with fights, he never has and he fares even worse when it’s a fight between loved ones and he doesn’t have a side to pick.

Jimin-ah,” Hoseok says and before he can even start, he’s stopped, words lost because there’s no real way to explain an ending like this.

“It’s been a long-time coming,” Yoongi finally says.

Taehyung tilts his head to look at him, remembering all those conversations with his Hyungs about Hoseok’s late nights with his dance troupe and fights they’d had about Yoongi spending too many weekends at work on overtime shifts. It wasn’t anything that Taehyung ever thought would be enough to end a relationship as sure as his Hyungs but here they are.

“We tried,” Hoseok continues and with that, Jimin lets go of Taehyung’s hand, the blood slow to rush back to his cramped fingers. He doesn’t need to nor does he want to, hear any more.

“It’s fine, I’ll change the seating arrangements so that you two won’t be sat together. It’s not a big deal.”

Jimin stands and signals for the check, walking over impatiently when the waiter is just a beat too slow with his movements. It leaves Taehyung alone and he wishes more than anything that he had the right words just this once to provide even a little bit of comfort to the two in front of him.

Instead of trite words of apology, Taehyung thanks them. He reaches out, Jimin’s discarded cardigan draped in the crook of his elbow and squeezes their arms in turn. It must’ve been hard to say the words out loud and to someone other than themselves. Some things aren’t true until someone else knows and someone else hears of it. Now it’s out.

Taehyung looks at the space between Yoongi and Hoseok, at the inch of space that now exists where it wouldn’t have even just months ago, and he finds himself becoming sad. “I’ll call you later, let me know when you’re home safely,” he says to no one in particular. Taehyung lifts his chin to find them both looking at him, Hoseok’s gaze flickering to Jimin’s back when he notices the other man walking straight for the door. “I love you both,” Taehyung manages to say as he follows his fiance out.

Jimin waits right outside of the cafe for him for as much as he wants to leave the situation he was just put in, he would never willingly leave Taehyung behind. The air almost crackles visibly with the intensity of his anger and Taehyung can feel the waves of frustration and fury in equal turns. Jimin’s got a quick temper. He laughs easily but he’s just as quick to cry and yell out. It’s a trait that Taehyung loves about him because Jimin wears his heart on his sleeve for those that he cares enough to let see and he’s always been privy to Jimin’s heart.

“Hey,” Taehyung says, purposefully keeping his voice light as he links his arm through Jimin’s. The touch doesn’t do much to soften the harsh lines on Jimin’s face but it does propel him to walk away at a speed that Taehyung can only just keep up with.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Jimin says before Taehyung can utter another word. Jimin’s voice is even tighter than before but Taehyung can tell he’s trying to keep the madness at bay. “I’ll move Hoseok-hyung to my side of the venue and you’ll keep Yoongi-hyung on yours.”

Taehyung doesn’t remark on the fact that Jimin’s falling back on old habits, claiming Hoseok as his since they met a full three days before Taehyung did nor does he remark on the fact that they both agreed at the start that there wouldn’t be any “sides” with their wedding. Some things take time and after eight years of time spent together, Taehyung knows best that Jimin’s fire is the sort that is quick to start but dulls the longer it burns. There’ll be time later for them to discuss things in detail so for now, he holds Jimin’s hand tightly in his own and walks them home instead.

{ thirty-one days to go }

Jimin’s heard it all before. They’re too young. They’re too poor. They’re too immature. They’re too in love and much too rash.

It would be a lie to say it doesn’t bother him to hear the whispers but it doesn’t affect him nearly as much these days. To say he’s gotten used to them would be another lie. He hasn’t and he doesn’t think he ever will get used to such critical words but he’s learned from Taehyung to take it as a challenge instead of an insult and Park Jimin is nothing but competitive. He’ll rise to the challenge each time it’s issued and refuse to lose when the reward is more than worth the fight.

He knows all this and yet, as he rearranges the seating arrangement and separates Hoseok from Yoongi, he has to wonder if there’s a limit on forever after all.

{ thirty days to go }

From the very beginning, Jimin had chosen to plan the wedding themselves. It’s not like they’re extremely well-off and they’re still saving for a house of their own instead of a rental like they have now, so while money isn’t an extreme concern, Jimin just thinks that it’d be best to do what they can do themselves and pay others to do what they can’t. Cooking for one hundred and fifty people? Definitely not. Planning who to invite and where to have the wedding? That Jimin can do.

Or so he thought.

Only one month to go and with the RSVPs all set in stone, Jimin gets a call from his aunt, asking if it’d be alright to bring along two more cousins that he doesn’t remember having and whether or not she could have the seafood as opposed to the chicken as originally planned. The food he can still swap but the extra seats, he knows he cannot spare. It’s not an issue with money, it’s that deadlines have come and gone. Jimin knows he’s got to say no and yet when he calls with that exact purpose in mind, he’s unable to say it aloud, agreeing to an additional three family members that he’s fairly certain are only there for the free food and an excuse to visit to Seoul.

He’s too polite, that’s what Taehyung always says and he allows himself to be taken advantage of by family and friends much too often. It’s not something Jimin can change about himself and as he tries to squish in a few more chairs onto tables that are already full, he finds himself thinking that perhaps Taehyung was on the right track when he joking said they should’ve eloped.  

{ twenty-eight days to go }

“Whatever it is, Hyung,  the answer is no,” Jimin says, irritated and unaware that it’s Taehyung on the line and not Seokjin.

“Hmm, not your hyung and okay?” Taehyung replies with a soft laugh that somewhat makes Jimin’s day a little lighter. “You okay? Seokjin-hyung sent me a text saying that you missed your calling as one of those dramatic TV grooms.”

Jimin groans in reply, his phone squished between his cheek and his shoulder as he gazes at the many swatches of blue on his desk. “Did you know,” he asks instead of replying directly to Taehyung’s question, “that there are exactly twenty-three different shades of blue that can be used at a wedding ranging from dusty blue to dusky blue to dull blue?”

“No, but I’m vetoing the dull blue, it doesn’t sound very wedding-like. Also, didn’t we pick out the color scheme weeks ago? Why are you going over it again?”

“Because! Because the wedding hall has just called to say that the particular shade of blue we picked isn’t in stock anymore and apparently, ‘whatever’ isn’t a suitable answer. So I’m trying to pick another shade that’ll match the suits we bought and that’s a whole other thing because apparently, some colors are available in only certain fabrics and Seokjin-hyung said that silk will match best-”

“Put the swatches down,” Taehyung interrupts to say, “and I’ll take a look when I get home from work. Now, what you should be doing is thinking of when we should go to New York for our honeymoon. I still think December would be nice.”

“Only because you want to spend your birthday abroad,” Jimin mumbles, dropping the swatches as Taehyung had instructed. “Pick up some soju on your way home will you? We’re out.”

“Sure,” Taehyung says, choosing not to comment on the fact that there were four bottles in the fridge just a week ago, “I’ll pick up some chicken too.”

Jimin’s fake snore filters in loud and clear through the speaker, signaling the end of their conversation and Taehyung laughs as he hangs up, making a mental note to call Seokjin tomorrow to discuss complementary color schemes and all that jazz. Better yet, he thinks he’ll just hand all the swatches over to Seokjin and have him decide. Taehyung doesn’t mind either way and he’s fairly certain Jimin doesn’t either. Some things have a tendency to snowball and wedding planning is definitely one of those things.

{ twenty-four days to go }

Taehyung’s only just opened the door to their apartment when he hears Jimin yelling from the living room, voice sharp and obviously aggravated.

“What’d you mean your girlfriend is trying out veganism? I’m not ordering a whole other cake just for her to have! Especially not when I know just a month ago you were asking Seokjin-hyung for steak tips!”

Suddenly, Taehyung is glad he made the decision to buy a pack of soju the other day instead of just a couple of bottles. They’re definitely going to need some tonight.

{ twenty-two days to go }


“Hoseok-hyung said he’s probably not going to make it to the bachelor party,” Jimin says in what Taehyung knows is an attempt to be nonchalant but it fools neither one of them.

“Did he say why?” Taehyung asks.

“Not really. He said he’s got a work thing that he can’t get out of but it’s probably because Yoongi-hyung will be there.” Jimin pauses before he continues, his eyes on the dish in front of him as he avoids Taehyung’s gaze. “Hyung also told me that it was Yoongi-hyung that suggested they get the divorce.”

Taehyung doesn’t like the tone or direction of this conversation very much at all, not wanting to make this into a blame game.

“Did he? I wouldn’t know,” he finally settles on saying, “I haven’t asked.”

“Don’t you want to know why it ended?”

“Actually, I don’t,” Taehyung says and it’s true, he doesn’t feel the overwhelming need to find out exactly why the relationship imploded. It’s bad enough to know that it did and he’s not sure that even if he knew how and why, it’d help in any way with his own marriage. It’s that tricky business of self-fulfilling prophecies that he read about in Harry Potter.

“You’d just take Yoongi-hyung’s side anyway,” Jimin dismisses and while Taehyung can’t deny that, he also doesn’t think it’s fair to pick sides like they’re in a game of tag. “Who do you think Jeongguk would pick if we-,”

Taehyung stands before Jimin can finish his sentence entirely, picking up his plate of food to dispose of the leftovers. He’s suddenly not got much of an appetite and he definitely does not want to continue the conversation anymore.


{ twenty-one days to go }


“I’m sorry,” they say in unison the very next day.

Jimin gives Taehyung a sheepish smile, a plate of homemade cookies in hand. He didn’t actually make them himself, Seokjin did, but they’re homemade all the same.

“Apology cookies,” he offers, giving Taehyung the entire plate of the still warm and gooey treats.

“Seokjin-hyung?” Taehyung confirms as he bites into one of them, making all sorts of noises that he reserves for bed and Seokjin’s cookies exclusively.

Jimin waits for Taehyung to polish off another three before he allows himself one, wanting to show his remorse for the rash words he said last night. They’d gone to bed mad at each other, something that Jimin truly regrets and they’d spent the morning in silence as well. Truthfully, there’s nothing Taehyung has to apologize for but they’ve got an uncanny knack for apologizing at the same time no matter who might be at fault. Usually, it’s 50/50 but these days, Jimin finds it’s 70/30 and the odds aren’t in his favor it seems.

“It’s just the stress,” Jimin says, the excuse sounding lame even to himself.

Taehyung licks his fingertips, the chocolate suddenly looking that much more appealing to Jimin. Taehyung gives Jimin a knowing look before he shrugs, “I know. It’s not okay,” he makes sure to say because he doesn’t think their relationship is something to joke about like that and he knows Jimin feels the same, “but apology accepted.”

Jimin gets a hug and an extra sweet kiss from Taehyung and he vows not to lose his temper like that again, especially not at the one person he treasures the most.  Unfortunately, as soon as he makes the mental promise, he knows he’ll break it soon for it’s always been Taehyung that gets the brunt of his temper.


{ twenty days to go }


Taehyung wakes Jimin with a well-aimed kick to his side.

Jimin groans and throws the covers over his head, burrowing his way into the warmth as he does his best impersonation of a mole rat.

“Get up,” Taehyung instructs.

Jimin ignores him, scrunching his eyes shut and wiggling until he’s made a rather impressive shell out of their blankets. It’s early, Jimin can tell from the quiet in their apartment and streets. It’s definitely much too early to be getting out of bed if even their elderly neighbor next door hasn’t left his apartment to go for his daily morning tea.

“No,” he mumbles, “it’s been a long week and I’m tired, Taehyung, let me sleep for another hour.”

There’s no response and for a moment, Jimin thinks he’s gotten away with the lie but then he hears the sound of a zipper being opened (or closed) and his ears perk up. Jimin counts to thirty under his breath before he lets his curiosity get the better of him and crawls out of his comfortable den.

Taehyung’s standing there in his travel clothes- a pair of comfy ripped jeans and a simple t-shirt with a leather jacket thrown on over it all. He wiggles his socked feet at Jimin and smiles.

“I’m kidnapping you,” he declares, gesturing towards the suitcase by his side.

“What? Kidnapping me?” Jimin is confused, slowed by the fact that he’s only just woken up because there’s no possible way that Taehyung would do anything so spontaneous when their wedding is mere weeks away.

“Yes, I’m going to make coffee and pack some breakfast while you change. Don’t take too long, I want to beat the traffic getting out of Seoul.”

And just like that, Taehyung leaves, dragging their luggage with him, no further explanation provided.

“What?” Jimin says again, staring at the empty space where Taehyung stood moments before. “Taehyung- what?!”

He’s loathed to move but does so anyway, staring uncomprehendingly at the clothes that Taehyung’s already picked out for him. They’re his wallowing but still presentable clothes, a soft striped sweater that once belonged to Taehyung and his favorite pair of black jeans, just loose enough at the waist for comfort meals and to nap in without being restrictive.

“This is ridiculous,” Jimin says as he makes his way into the kitchen, making it known with every purposefully loud step that he’s unwilling to go along with whatever Taehyung has planned.

“As true as that may be, you don’t get a say in it because you are being kidnapped,” Taehyung says as he hands him a tumbler full of coffee and a large bag with what appears to be a lot of bread.  

“This is ridiculous,” Jimin reiterates as he’s pushed out of their apartment and into the elevator. He repeats himself again once they’re in the car and on the highway out of Seoul. “We’ve got a wedding in three weeks!”

Our wedding,” Taehyung corrects with a nod, “a wedding which we’ve already planned and paid for. We’ll be back for the bachelor party and rehearsals.”  

“That’s really not what I’m worried about,” Jimin says, his head throbbing just enough for him to grimace. “This isn’t the time to be pulling a stunt like this,” he finally says, “I appreciate the sentiment but no,” he adds, not wanting to hurt Taehyung’s feelings when he’s already done enough of that this week.

Taehyung glances at Jimin from the corner of his eye and makes sure that Jimin watches as he locks the doors with an audible click. “This isn’t some stunt,” he says in such a quiet manner with such a look in his eyes that Jimin already regrets his choice of word. “I’ve called into work for you and our parents know as well. Everyone else has been told to email us with pressing questions only and I’ve given Jeongguk the spare key to water our plants so, I have given this some thought."

There’s a finality and firmness to Taehyung’s voice that Jimin doesn’t hear very often. It’s the same tone that Taehyung uses when he’s one breath away from a panic attack or when he’s too stressed and needs a walk. It’s also the same tone he used when they had their first big fight, when Jimin had drunkenly told him to fuck off with his other friends if he liked them so much and Taehyung had had to warn him he was in dangerous territory.

Jimin thinks of all the things yet to be done, all the boxes he still hasn’t ticked off on his list and of all the things he hasn’t even added to the list yet, and the anxiety builds in him. If he could claw at his skin to physically push the feeling away, he would. He didn’t even bring the list with him in his haste and he can’t remember all the things they’ve yet to settle. Is this worth a proper fight, Jimin wonders, fingers curling into the soft edges of his borrowed sweater. Taehyung’s anger burns slow and steady, rising over time until it explodes. He’s like a volcano that way, calm and mostly harmless even when he’s active but downright volatile when he erupts. It’s rare but it has happened a handful of times in as long as Jimin’s known Taehyung and he thinks that such a fight before their wedding could not possibly bode well.

They fight often, sometimes as much as twice a day, but it’s always over silly matters like who ate the last slice of watermelon or who forgot to turn off the kitchen lights before work. Hoseok once told him that he never knew of a couple that fought and bickered as much as they did, sometimes setting off over silliest of things that shouldn’t matter at all. As quick as they are to fight, they’re just as quick to apologize and profess their guilt. There hasn’t been more than three fights where they’ve let it past the one day mark before coming together to apologize and so Jimin will take the bickering gladly. Unfortunately, whether because he’s just that panicked and upset, Jimin can tell this isn’t one of those twenty-four hour fights, as they call them. This has the potential to fester.

“I can’t,” Jimin finally says, surprised at the way his voice cracks on the last syllable, “there’s things to do, Taehyung. We can’t just-,” his breath hitches and he inhales sharply to keep from losing his composure completely. “I didn’t even bring my list with me so it’s not like I can work while we’re away, maybe if you go back so I can just-,”

“That’s the point.” Taehyung grabs Jimin’s wrist and holds on, grip tight enough that it’ll bruise. “I took care of the list. I called your aunt and told her that we’ve already confirmed the number of guests with the catering company so no, we can’t accommodate another cousin. I also finalized the color scheme with Seokjin-hyung and left him in charge of the decorations because it’s not like we really care about whether gold matches with navy or silver anyway. Jeongguk is going to handle the videography for us in exchange for me setting him up on a date with a friend and Yoongi-hyung promised me he’ll still play the piano for your ballet prance down the aisle.”

Jimin cries. He doesn’t mean to but he does so anyway. The frustration and exhaustion overwhelms him and he cries, letting the tears fall as he waits for Taehyung to pull their car over so that he can squish his face into the curve between Taehyung’s neck and shoulder to properly cry. It’s unflattering and Jimin’s sure this is exactly what his mother would tell him not to do, plus there’s snot all over Taehyung’s leather jacket but he doesn’t care. His head aches and despite having cried, he doesn’t feel much better. There’s still a heaviness inside of him and a pressure on his chest that he knows is less wedding panic and more fear of the future.

“Which friend is this?” he finally manages to ask and while it’s a change of subject that he knows Taehyung will catch, he’s grateful that the other man chooses to laugh instead of needle him for the crying. 

“Namjoon-hyung, remember him? Apparently, Jeongguk thinks he’s super cool and wants to be introduced. I’m not sure he actually wants to date him, it’s more like a hyung-crush which is kind of cute.”

Taehyung rubs Jimin’s back as best as he can considering their positioning in the car but it works well enough. Jimin pulls away and wipes at his nose with the sleeve of his sweater, ignoring the white streaks he leaves behind.

“Better now?" 

Jimin nods his head and buckles himself back into his seat, toeing off his sneakers so that he can tuck his legs underneath him more comfortably. “A bit, especially since you told my aunt off for me.” 

Taehyung snorts before he hooks his arm around Jimin’s neck and pulls him close for a kiss. It’s not for anything more than comfort and a quiet promise that he’s here and he’ll be here whenever Jimin’s ready to properly share with him his reasons for crying. He’s got a hunch and his hunches usually turn out to be fairly accurate which is why he’s planned this kidnapping in the first place. Taehyung would be a rubbish soulmate if he didn’t understand the fears Jimin’s trying so hard to dampen and he also knows that words can only do much to alleviate them.

“Your aunt I can handle,” Taehyung says with a small smile, “at least she’s something I can physically tell off.”

Jimin hears the unspoken words just as loud as the spoken ones and squeezes Taehyung’s hand in return.

{ twenty and a half days to go }


For as long as Jimin has known Taehyung, he’s known of his obsession with road trips. It had started at age sixteen with a fixation on cars in general and being able to drive while everyone else his age already had a license. At twenty, the fixation had evolved into a romanticized dream of travel and being able to drive oneself to any place at any given time.

Korea’s so big, that’s what Taehyung had once told him, there’s so much distance between Daegu and Seoul that he hasn’t even explored. The Taehyung that Jimin knew at nineteen wanted nothing more than to travel through all of Korea, one province at a time.. The Taehyung that sits next to Jimin now with a ring on his finger and permanent laugh lines on his face wants the same thing still.

It’s good to know that some things don’t change even with time.

“It’s a road trip,” Jimin says once he learns of the details of his own kidnapping. He has to laugh then, a bit giddy and a bit mad from the audacity Taehyung has. He doesn’t know why he’s surprised because Taehyung’s spontaneity and love of living life has always been Jimin’s favorite things about him.

Taehyung refuses to tell him of where exactly they’re headed and for the first time since the wedding planning has started, Jimin feels just fine with not knowing the explicit details of what he’s going to be doing. He’s fine with letting someone else do the thinking, especially if that someone is his future husband. 

“Go forth then,” Jimin commands, hands busy with the bag of chips in his lap, “woo me!”

“I’ve already wooed you,” Taehyung says, eyes mostly on the road in front of them because his mother would scold him something awful if he got into an accident just weeks before his wedding.

He catches Jimin’s eye and spares a moment’s attention to wink at him, “I’m pretty sure the ring on your finger is a good indication of my wooing, but I can certainly make time for some wooing in our schedule if my fiance so desires it.”

Jimin rolls his eyes at Taehyung, narrowing them as he holds up a crisp at him in what is meant to be a threatening manner but on Jimin, Taehyung just finds it terribly cute. The little twinkle in Jimin’s eyes and pinkish hue on his cheeks don’t help his case much either.

“I’m onto you, Kim Taehyung. I know exactly what it is you’re doing with this,” Jimin says, waving his free hand around.

“Do you now?” Taehyung asks casually. He doesn’t doubt that Jimin has an inkling about the purpose of this road trip but honestly, Taehyung’s plans usually have about a sixty percent chance of success anyway so he doesn’t think it’ll work out exactly the way he wants to in the end. Even so, Taehyung has a good feeling about this trip and he thinks it’ll be worth it if only for the new polaroids they’ll have to decorate their apartment with after this is all over.

{ nineteen days to go }

Suwon, just an hour out of Seoul marks their first stop. Jimin catches sight of the magnificent stone fortress from kilometers away, a smile gracing his face as he remembers the first time he’d come with Taehyung.

“This is nostalgic,” Jimin says as he exits the car, shielding his face from the Sun as he gazes upwards at the billowing flags.

They were twenty-one, having worked the entire summer for some spare cash to travel around and Suwon, costing only two thousand won had been the best option for typically poor college students like them.

“We took the bus,” Taehyung says, swinging his arm around Jimin’s shoulder to pull him closer.

“And you threw up on my new shoes,” Jimin reminds Taehyung with a smirk, “I distinctly remember telling you not to eat the leftover kimbap but you didn’t listen.”

“You made them for me! I still maintain that you must’ve used some expired sausage or something.”

Jimin doesn’t have to look at Taehyung to know there’s a pout on his face. He laughs, elbowing Taehyung in the process of doing so. He throws his whole body forward as he always does when he laughs and Taehyung has to hold him by the back of his shirt to keep him from stumbling.

“Look, Jiminnie,” Taehyung says, waiting for Jimin to lift his head up before he snaps a photo.

They’ve arrived just in time to catch the sunset and suddenly, the incessant bathroom breaks en route make perfect sense to Jimin.

“Remember?” Taehyung asks, hand slipping into the back pocket of Jimin’s jeans as he tucks their bodies closer.

And the throwaway wish that Jimin had voiced five years ago to watch a sunset at Hwaseong Fortress, a wish that even he’s forgotten has suddenly been made true. It brings a soft smile to Jimin’s face and it reminds him that perhaps, some wishes are made to be kept and that only a little patience is needed for them to be fulfilled.


{ sixteen days to go }


Umpteenth arguments over the music playlist later, Jimin finds himself awake at a much too early a time in the morning. They’ve gone to a lot of places that Jimin’s been to before and even a few that he hasn’t yet but this next destination is definitely more for Taehyung than it is for him.


They’re two hours away from home and everything that currently troubles Jimin in the land of magic and animals. He’s not surprised to find that Taehyung’s already pre-bought their tickets, donning his little chick ears that Taehyung handed up earlier on with a bit of pride as he watches Taehyung buzz with excitement. There’s a matching pair of tiger ears on his head and Jimin has to resist the urge to pinch Taehyung’s cheeks for the tenth time that morning.

“We have the whole day,” Jimin says with a laugh as he tries to pull on Taehyung’s hand to slow him down. There are times when Taehyung’s like an overeager puppy on his first walk after a long vacation and this is one of those times. “Taetae, slow down!”

Taehyung turns around to flash a brilliant smile at him that honestly takes Jimin’s breath away, even after all this time, and Jimin knows he’s lost whatever battle he may have unknowingly entered.

Jimin’s not big on thrill rides, he’s never been and Taehyung wisely avoids all the rollercoasters. There’s much to do and there’s no point in making Jimin sick for the rest of the day for only a moment of thrill. It is however, worth the hot dog lunch that Taehyung nearly upchucks as he rides solo on the double rock spin just to see Jimin’s frantic and pale face as he rushes to Taehyung’s side afterwards. He nags and Taehyung pretends he hates it when secretly he adores the attention, preening just a little as Jimin pets his hair and wipes away the nonexistent sweat.

“Never do that again,” Jimin scolds, “there’s always news about faulty seat belts! You could’ve been flung out of the ride,” hand continuous and soothing as he brushes through the soft brown strands of Taehyung’s hair.

Taehyung keeps his eyes closed as he rests in Jimin’s lap, admittedly a bit nauseous still from the spinning motion of the ride. He’s contemplating another go at the ride, it was fun when it wasn’t making him want to vomit and Taehyung likes the thrill of things like that.

“Don’t you dare,” Jimin repeats as if he knows what Taehyung is thinking. He cups Taehyung’s cheeks in the palm of his hands and fixes Taehyung with a look when he finally opens his eyes. “Kim Taehyung, you’re mine to do as I want with, isn’t that what you said when you proposed? So I’m saying, don’t you dare.”

Taehyung, caught off guard at having his own words said back so suddenly at him, blushes and he scrunches his face up in an attempt to hide out of embarrassment. Jimin keeps his grip on him though and Taehyung can’t do much more than stay still, suddenly aware of how close Jimin’s lips are to his own. 

It doesn’t take more than a gentle guidance from Jimin’s hands for Taehyung to tilt his face upwards, his lips pressing against Jimin’s soft lips, plush and fitted against his own so perfectly. Jimin doesn’t lead the kiss like he normally might, he’s content just to kiss Taehyung, taking and giving in equal amounts as he parts Taehyung’s lips with a slight prodding from his tongue. He keeps his grip steady, thumbs brushing softly along the ridges of Taehyung’s ear as he deepens their kiss, taking back the breath that Taehyung stole from him earlier on.

“You’re fighting dirty,” Taehyung says a moment after the kiss ends, his chest rising and falling from the kisses they’ve just exchanged.

“Weren’t you the one who told me that when playing for keeps, it’s either kill or be killed?” Jimin replies with a smirk, bopping Taehyung’s nose with a kiss before he allows Taehyung to settle back on his lap.

Jimin’s lips are Taehyung’s favorite thing about him, well, one of his favorites. There’s countless other things that Taehyung loves like Jimin’s small hands and Jimin’s full-body laugh. But those lips, so full and pillowy, they’re definitely Taehyung’s favorite. He’s dedicated countless drunk (and some not so drunk) nights waxing poetic about them.

“I’m actually-,” Taehyung stops himself for a moment, embarrassed at the words that have yet to fully come out of his mouth.

Jimin raises an eyebrow as he waits for Taehyung to continue, patient as always. There’s no judgment unless Taehyung says something well and truly dumb and even then, there’s no judgment, only resigned sighs.

“I’m actually really looking forward to kissing you in front of everyone at the wedding,” Taehyung finishes, turning redder with every word he says.

Jimin’s kisses, they’re his favorite. And Jimin, the little shit, knows it.


Taehyung wiggles a little in Jimin’s lap and pouts his best pout.

For all of Taehyung’s daring and fearless spirit, he is surprisingly prudish when it comes to extreme displays of public affection. It took Jimin quite a few months just to get Taehyung to kiss him with tongue in public, and even now, a slap to his ass in a crowd will sometimes garner Jimin a glare. Other times, it gets Jimin a flustered and entirely too cute Taehyung. It’s worth the risk each time.

“You exhibitionist,” Jimin teases. He rests his hand casually on Taehyung’s thigh, squeezing gently when Taehyung turns even redder. He’s very much aware of how close his fingertips are to the edge of Taehyung’s dick and he can’t resist the urge to brush along the sides of it, smiling when Taehyung stills in his lap and looks at him with widened eyes.

“Jimin!” He hisses, “there’s children here! We- we’re at Everland!”

Jimin shrugs innocently, looking around quickly to confirm that there’s no one fixed on them as he continues his not so gentle squeezing of Taehyung’s thigh. It’s cute how Taehyung says Everland as if it’s synonymous with church. “They’re all busy enjoying themselves so why won’t you let me enjoy myself as well?”

Taehyung crosses his legs in attempts to keep Jimin from kneading his thigh any further but Jimin knows that if Taehyung were truly uncomfortable, he’d have gotten up from the bench already and walked away. No, this is Taehyung playing hard to get and this, along with a truly shy Taehyung, is amongst Jimin’s favorite Taehyungs. 

“You ready to leave?” Jimin asks, fingers resting just close enough to Taehyung’s crotch for Taehyung to feel the warmth of them through his jeans.

“There’s the night parade,” Taehyung protests, unwilling to give in so easily. It’s been a full week since he’s gotten laid and considering he lives with his fiance and they’ve been traveling in a car together for the past week, that’s unacceptable. However, he’s also genuinely got plans for the rest of the day that ends with the moonlight parade and fireworks. Taehyung’s torn between giving in and holding his ground.

Jimin keeps his hand still for a moment longer before he brings them under Taehyung’s t-shirt, allowing his fingers to scrawl his name in messy hangul on Taehyung’s soft tummy. He bends forward, lips brushing along the outer curve of Taehyung’s ear as he whispers his plans for Taehyung tonight in a tone low enough for only him to hear. He’ll spend the day with Taehyung at Everland like a dutiful boyfriend because he knows how pure Taehyung’s delight is for theme parks and animals but that doesn’t mean he won’t collect his payment at the end of the night.

Taehyung will see fireworks more than once tonight, that’s what Jimin is willing to bet.

It takes them both a moment longer to gather themselves, Taehyung a bit longer than Jimin by default of having just had his dick teased and he grumbles the entire time to make sure Jimin knows he’s being blamed for it as well. Jimin, for his part, shows very little remorse. In fact, he can’t stop the grin that appears on his face every time he watches Taehyung adjust his jeans.

It’s a long day that’s made longer by Taehyung’s borderline uncomfortable hard-on. It doesn’t help at all that Jimin’s touching him more than normal, fingers always finding a way to tease him. Jimin presses against his back with every chance he gets and despite his deceptively smaller stature, Jimin’s dominant by nature and when he wraps an arm around Taehyung’s waist and hugs him only to press his own hardness against the curve of Taehyung’s ass, there’s not much Taehyung can do but re-adjust his jeans once more.

By 8PM, Taehyung’s ready to call it quits. He’s been teased for the better part of five hours already and he’s been close to coming for the last two hours. However, he’s aware that it’s his own fault since he’s the one that insisted on staying for the parade but it’s the piece de resistance and he couldn’t leave Everland without seeing this with Jimin by his side. Never let it be said that Taehyung doesn’t have patience because he’s withstood a very flirty and very seductive Jimin as admirably as possible. As the night draws to an end though, Jimin grows bolder and Taehyung finds it near impossible to keep the pleas from escaping his mouth.

“Please,” Taehyung nearly whines, gritting his teeth as Jimin tightens his grip on his hip, lips pressed to the ticklish spot behind his ear. The parade is starting and Taehyung can barely pay attention to the bright lights.

Jimin laughs delightedly in his ear and Taehyung groans, wholly aware of what a tease Jimin’s being. “Please stop or please continue?” Jimin asks, licking along the curve of Taehyung’s ear before he sucks on the soft lobe just once. “I’ve been wanting to fuck you for hours now and you’ve been walking around talking about tigers and giraffes. It’s a wonder I’m still hard.”

Taehyung elbows Jimin none-too-gently, grabbing the other man’s hand to hold tightly in his own. It’s partly to keep his hands from wandering again and because despite all the teasing, Taehyung is really excited for the parade.

Jimin relents as he watches Taehyung’s eyes widen in wonder at the bright display of lights that roll past them. He squeezes Taehyung’s hand and relaxes his body, curling against the other man to provide warmth more than anything else. Taehyung tells him excitedly of all the carts as they drive past, pointing out the ones he finds the most dazzling and Jimin thinks that he’s blessed beyond belief to be able to see the parade through the eyes of someone as pure as Taehyung.

It was Taehyung genuine love and enthusiasm for the world and his all encompassing spirit that attracted Jimin to Taehyung in the first place. There’s no one as delightful to Jimin and as much as he teases Taehyung sometimes for being so gullible and child-like, he’ll be the first to hurt anyone that dares to try and take that away from Taehyung. There’s an innocence to Taehyung that Jimin knows Taehyung plays up at times but it’s as real as the sun that rises every morning without fail. Taehyung loves to love and he appreciates even the smallest of strawberries that grows on his family farm back in Geochang. Being reminded of the wonder of the simplest things in life is one of the best perks of being with Taehyung.

“Love you,” Jimin says into Taehyung’s ear as he listens to the other man ramble on in a string of words that barely make sense, “love you the most.”

Taehyung pauses and turns, and as cheesy as it sounds, Jimin catches the glow of red and yellow and blue that reflects in his eyes, and he can’t resist. He swoops in for a kiss that serves to do nothing more than express the depth of his feelings, a poor attempt at that.

They’ve kissed more times than Taehyung can count in the last hour alone but this kiss, Taehyung thinks as he allows Jimin to bend him just that much closer to his body, this kiss is one that he’ll remember years from now when they’re old and more prone to forgetfulness. Jimin’s not kissing him for any other purpose than to kiss him.

It’s rather brilliant to have someone just to kiss, Jimin re-learns.


{ fifteen and a half days to go }


In the end, Taehyung misses most of the fireworks. It was both too long and too short for his liking. He caught the end of it but finds that it doesn’t matter much. He’d pouted enough that Jimin buys him two servings of churros, a third packed away in the backseat of their car for a late night snack.

Jimin feeds him the entire ride back to the hotel and there’s a teasing edge to his every move that Taehyung doesn’t miss.

“The question is,” Jimin says as they enter the room, bags of food and souvenirs tossed to the side, “did you pack the lube like a good boy or will we have to go without it?”

Taehyung is almost offended that Jimin would think he didn’t prepare properly for the trip, the slightest of pouts forming as he unzips their bag and shows Jimin the bottle of lubricant he’s packed.

“Good boy,” Jimin breathes out with such a proud smile that it burns through Taehyung, “such a very good boy.”

Jimin reaches for him then, fingers demanding as he unhooks the belt around Taehyung’s waist. He’s been made to wait a full day for this and Jimin, while normally the model of patience, finds that as usual, when it comes to Taehyung, any sense of reason disappears.

Taehyung falls backwards onto the bed, laid out so prettily for Jimin to touch and look at. His hair frames his sharp face, the faded brown locks looking so lovely against Taehyung’s tan skin. With no valid reason to hold back any longer, Jimin crawls forward, unbuttoning Taehyung’s shirt with the utmost care for it wouldn’t do to rush through this when they’ve got the entire night to spend together.

“I want you to touch yourself,” Jimin breathes out when Taehyung’s fully naked underneath him, a blush traveling through his body as he hears the command.

Taehyung doesn’t protest, his eyes half-lidded as he slides his hand downwards, fingers wrapping so elegantly around his own dick that Jimin nearly regrets his own decision. “Your hands,” he says almost reverently, bending to suck on a spot underneath Taehyung’s jaw, scraping his teeth none-too-gently to leave a mark for others to see. 

Jimin’s a possessive man. He’s always been good with sharing things like food and even money but when it comes to Taehyung, someone he’s well and truly claimed as his own, Jimin would never tolerate even the idea of sharing.

Taehyung lets out a quiet moan as he works himself up, hand gliding along the hardening length of his own shaft as he plants a leg on the bed for easier access. He thinks of Jimin’s earlier kisses, of the hand that had so brazenly held onto him in front of all the people today and he gets off on it. As much as Taehyung protests about the public displays, it gives him such a thrill that Jimin would so easily claim him as his. 

Jimin watches with a dark gleam in his eyes as Taehyung comes close, his dick curved so cutely against his stomach, so hard and ready for release. It’s only then that Jimin stops him, pinning Taehyung down on the bed by his wrists to kiss him, hard and aggressive. This is a kiss he dominates and takes full command of, biting and licking so thoroughly that it leaves Taehyung keening and arching off the bed.

Taehyung begs softly without being asked to, his voice pitched and low as he whines for more contact. Jimin remains clothed on top of him, his jeans rough and delicious as it rubs against Taehyung’s erection. He shudders every time Jimin rolls his hips, biting on his own lips as Jimin presses kisses in a trail from his pulse to his hip. 

“I think I want you to come first,” Jimin declares, licking teasingly at the tip of Taehyung’s cock. “That way, you can focus entirely on me when I finally fuck you.”

And that, Taehyung thinks as Jimin slides a lubed finger inside of him, is probably the best thing Jimin could’ve said to him.

It doesn’t take much for Taehyung to come, legs parted on the bed as Jimin fucks him open with his fingers, the pace hard and much too fast for Taehyung to keep up with. Jimin’s unrelenting when he’s in a mood like this and Taehyung barely manages to warn Jimin of his orgasm before he comes, his yells much too loud as Jimin continues to fuck him through the never ending waves of pleasure.

Taehyung’s dimly aware of himself begging for Jimin to stop, unable to handle the over-stimulation as Jimin ignores him, lips wrapped around his softening cock to lick and savour. Toes curled into the sheets, Taehyung cries out when Jimin enters him for the first time that night with more than just his fingers, gasping Jimin’s name as the other man turns him onto his side for better and deeper access. 

“So pretty,” Jimin praises as Taehyung curls up unwillingly, his mouth falling open as he pants. Jimin loves to watch Taehyung fall apart. This Taehyung, with his cheeks a bright red and bangs plastered to his forehead, eyes drunk with pleasure and lips sorely bitten, is Jimin’s alone. Jimin wasn’t Taehyung’s first but he’s the last Taehyung will ever have and the best.

Taehyung tries to find his bearings, fingers grabbing at the pillow on the bed that he turns to muffle his screams into, biting into the cotton when Jimin’s hand finds its way around his cock to stroke.

“You can take it, baby,” Jimin says into his ear, bent so close to his body that Taehyung can feel every breath as it travels through Jimin’s body. “I know you can,” Jimin tells him, “remember last month?”

And Taehyung does, memories flooding back of the night when they’d gone on a weekend trip to the mountains and Jimin had packed all their toys from home. He thinks back on the vibrator that Jimin had inserted in him, of the way Jimin had watched as Taehyung fucked himself on his own fingers, and Taehyung very nearly comes from the memory of it all.

“That’s it,” Jimin murmurs, nuzzling briefly into Taehyung’s neck so that he can feel the smile that Jimin’s pressing into his skin, “that’s right.”

Jimin pulls out only to press Taehyung back into the sheets, wanting to see the other man’s face as he comes undone completely. He looks down to see the sheen of sweat that covers Taehyung’s body, giving him a glow that Jimin is completely in love with. Taehyung’s tired and he looks completely fucked out already, it’s a look that Jimin thinks Taehyung’s perfected and if he were a less possessive man, it’s a picture he’d keep as his phone wallpaper.

Taehyung parts his lips and moans for Jimin, the words barely out of his mouth before Jimin’s pressing back into him, gentler than before but no less deep. Taehyung exhales in one sharp breath, the rhythm quickening as Jimin nears orgasm.

“I want to hear you,” Jimin tells him and Taehyung can only comply, crying out with every sharp thrust, his moans growing weaker as Jimin fucks him harder. 

It only takes a handful more thrusts and a well-aimed bite to Taehyung’s collarbones before he’s coming, arched off the bed and pressed down at the same time, his orgasm so strong that it renders him incapable of movement for minutes.

Jimin slows his thrusts down in time with Taehyung’s breaths, riding out the other man’s orgasm with gritted teeth. He times it so that his own arrives just at the end of Taehyung’s, watching with a sick sense of glee as Taehyung cries out for him all over again. Pleasure tinged with a bit of pain is amongst Taehyung’s favorite and Jimin knows it.

He kisses Taehyung through it, wanting to provide comfort now that he’s taken all he wanted from him. Jimin pulls out carefully, allowing his softened cock to rest against Taehyung’s thigh the way he knows Taehyung likes.

“Baby,” he murmurs, brushing his fingers clumsily against Taehyung’s cheeks.

“Mmhm?” Taehyung mumbles, obviously sleepy.

Jimin smiles at the effort it takes Taehyung to open his eyes and kisses him on the forehead, the softness flooding him now that Taehyung’s worn out. There are marks littered all over Taehyung’s body, reddened bite marks and even some purplish ones. Jimin presses his thumbs against them, delighting in the way Taehyung’s body twitches each time he does. He’ll clean them up and then sleep, he decides, wanting nothing more than to lie in for a good night’s sleep.

“Night,” Taehyung says, already halfway gone himself, “you’re the best, Jiminnie.”


{ thirteen days to go }

Jimin’s surprised that instead of Jeju, Taehyung takes them to Busan. It’s his hometown and for some reason, despite his clear fondness of it, Jimin had thought that Taehyung would’ve wanted to revisit the place they went to for their fifth anniversary instead.

“This is where you first told me you loved me,” Taehyung says with a shrug when asked, winking when Jimin groans at how corny he’s being. “It’s a good memory,” he tells him, “one of our best ones, actually.”

Jimin agrees. It was a weekend trip they’d made for Chuseok. It wasn’t the first time Taehyung met his parents but it was the first time Jimin brought him over to stay instead of just for a meal. Korea and most Koreans, aren’t nearly as open to homosexual relationships as some other parts of the world. Things are slowly changing but it had taken his parents a long time to come around to the fact that their son would not only willingly choose to be with another man but that their son would not be providing them with any grandchildren either.

His family adores Taehyung like most people do. Taehyung’s nearly impossible to hate and Jimin knows his father tried his best to not like him. He’d given in, in the end, with Taehyung pulling out all the stops like challenging him to a game of janggi each time he’d come over. Jimin thinks it’s admirable his father even lasted as long as he did.

There are still some relatives that haven’t quite warmed up to their relationship and Jimin no longer cares for the acceptance. Taehyung’s family had welcomed him, not with open arms at first either, but they’d welcomed him nonetheless. Even their wedding is a wedding in name only for it’s still illegal to wed in Korea. They’ll get it done properly in New York where marriages like theirs are recognized.

Taehyung brings him to the beach where they picnic on the sandy shores, eating more of that than they do food. It’s cool, much too cold for a swim but Taehyung challenges him to a race all the same, laughing as he jumps into the chilly water and pulls Jimin along with him. 

Making new memories to further cement the old ones is fast becoming Jimin’s favorite thing to do with Taehyung.

{ ten days to go }


They’re nearly at the end of their trip by the time they make it to Taehyung’s hometown of Geochang.

Jimin should’ve known this would be a stop on their trip, especially considering how Taehyung’s said that his grandma won’t make it to the wedding, not yet strong enough after her recent fall. She’s getting on in terms of age and as much as they want her to be there, it’s not worth the risk of her injuring herself again.  Taehyung’s grandpa will be there which is nice but it won’t nearly be the same, especially since Jimin knows of how close Taehyung is with his grandma. She’s a pretty special lady, Jimin knows this firsthand. When all of Taehyung’s family had been against them being together, she was the only one willing to listen and accept their relationship.

Like all grandmas, the second she lays eyes on them, she coos, squeezing both their cheeks at the same time before she hugs them.

“Halmeoni,” they protest and greet at the same time, matching blushes on their cheeks. 

Taehyung beams as his grandma pats him adoringly and Jimin feels this strange sense of pride at having brought Taehyung home even though he neither drove or arranged for this meeting.

“Thank you for looking after this rascal,” she says to Jimin, greeting him in turn.

Jimin ducks his head to properly hug her once more, sticking his tongue out at Taehyung childishly. That’s right, he says with a wiggle of his brows, he’s the older one and most definitely the more mature one.

Taehyung rolls his eyes and goes in search of his grandpa who is off in the strawberry fields. It’s not that he’s any younger or fit than his wife but he’s more attached in a way to the fields that she isn’t. Jimin volunteers to help with lunch as he watches Taehyung skip away, a spring in his step that Jimin’s missed.

Taehyung’s grandma gives him a thoughtful look that Jimin knows to mean she sees the weary stress lines on his face and the fatigue that he carries with him still even after the past couple of days of relaxation. He shrugs in response to the question that’s not asked and goes to set the table dutifully. He’s spent many a summer here with Taehyung and there’s a comfort to knowing exactly where the plates and utensils will be.

“I’ve been married to that man for fifty years,” Taehyung’s grandma says quite suddenly as Jimin sets out the banchan, “I’m sure Taehyungie told you it was an arranged marriage.”

Jimin can only nod, waiting for whatever wisdom it is that she might have to share because he suddenly finds himself needing it. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to have much to impart him with. 

“It was hard,” she notes, “still is. He’s as stubborn as a mule and Taehyungie takes after him in that regard.” She’s smiling even as she complains and it makes Jimin think that as much as she protests, she wouldn’t trade her husband for the world. “ You’ll be okay,” she says after a long gaze at him, “be brave and take care of each other.”

There seems to be more she wants to say but that’s exactly when Taehyung bursts into the room with his grandpa in tow, a bunch of strawberries gathered in his shirt. He’s made a makeshift basket for them and his once blue t-shirt is now stained with the sweet pink of fresh strawberries but Jimin doubts Taehyung minds much. 

“They’re so delicious!” Taehyung says, holding up one for Jimin to bite into. 

There once was a time not too long ago that Taehyung would’ve been too shy to feed Jimin in front of his grandparents and as Jimin sucks on the tips of the fingers offered to him, he can only feel grateful that that time has come and gone.

“They are,” Jimin confirms, reaching for another one before Taehyung’s grandma can scold them for spoiling their appetite.

Fruits picked fresh taste so much more authentic. Jimin’s not a city kid by any means but unlike Taehyung who’s grown up on a farm with close access to freshly picked vegetables and fruits, he’ll never get enough of the raw, unfiltered taste.

Dinner is a familiar and comforting affair. Jimin misses the way the adoring attention that only grandparents can give, the constant praising and cooing. Taehyung gets it in endless amounts and Jimin partakes in it as well. He knows very well that it’s this very love and kindness that has allowed Taehyung to grow up to be the man that he is today. 

“Thank you, Halmeoni,” Jimin says at the end of the night, meaning it in more ways than one.

Taehyung’s childhood home isn’t big by any standards but it is more than enough for them all. His room remains unchanged, the wallpaper the same shade of pale green that it had been when he left all those years ago. The single bed in the room is just as small as Taehyung remembers it being and it takes some effort for the two of them to fit on it without the danger of falling.

There’s a lot of muffled giggling and even quieter cursing as they tuck themselves in. His grandparents are right next door and the walls in this house have always been thin. 

Jimin doesn’t plan on doing anything sexual during their stay at Geochang. It’s not exactly his idea of fun to have Taehyung’s grandparents right next door to them possibly listening in. He has no intention at all of despoiling Taehyung but late in the night when he wakes to use the restroom and returns to find a half-asleep Taehyung sitting up in bed calling out so sweetly for him, Jimin finds himself unable to resist.

For purely selfish reasons, Jimin pulls Taehyung close, parting his legs to slip himself between them,  his hand finding its way into the worn cotton pajamas that Taehyung’s wearing to stroke his cock.

“Can I?” he asks quietly, his voice low and louder than he intends for it to be in the silence of their room.

Taehyung’s still more asleep than awake but as Jimin looks down so urgently at him, he finds himself nodding, the unspoken plea to stay quiet unnecessary as Jimin pulls the comforter over their heads to muffle their words.

“Yeah,” he murmurs, biting on his lip to stifle the moan that threatens to escape as Jimin pushes down his pants roughly, swallowing back the whimper that follows.

Perhaps it’s the fact that they’re in Taehyung’s childhood home and childhood bed that does it but Jimin finds the coupling more intense and desperate than he intends for it to be. He can’t help the harshness of his movements, the way he takes and takes and takes from Taehyung until the younger man is crying into his shoulder in attempts to muffle the noises.

There’s a neediness to the sex tonight, as if they haven’t been together just a few days ago. Taehyung clings so sweetly to him, yielding in every way possible. It’s stifling under the blankets, the heat amplified twofold by the thickness of the comforters. Jimin pants heavily against Taehyung’s cheek, the dampness of their breaths lingering as he kisses Taehyung again and again, at first to keep him quiet and then because he can’t stop himself from doing so.

“I love you,” he murmurs continuously, wanting Taehyung to remember nothing more than this.

There’s an erraticness to his movements now as Jimin nears orgasm, unable to last much longer. He slows down by sheer will alone as Taehyung cries turn desperate, elongating his thrusts and setting a more languid pace. Jimin nuzzles into Taehyung’s throat, licking at the beads of sweat that trickle down. He’s no longer sure if it’s sweat or tears but he loves it all the same.

“Taehyung,” Jimin moans in reply to the impossible softness of Taehyung’s body as he presses against him.

The warmer it grows, the harder it is for Jimin to hold back. He loses all sense of himself, snapping his hips unrelentingly into Taehyung. It’s impossible for him to be anything but completely enamored right now with Taehyung’s face so close to his, their lips nearly touching with every thrust.

“Love you,” Jimin repeats mid-thrust, breathing his words right against Taehyung’s ear.

Taehyung shivers from proximity more than anything, his lips parted as he whimpers. He’s unable to stay quiet, always has been terrible at being anything but loud and he takes to biting his own fist to stifle the noises.

There’s no way to mask the sounds that they’re making, the obvious sharp slaps and muffled moans of pleasure that escapes from their bed. The way the springs creak and soft pants are much too pronounced to be anything but sexual.

“Jimin-,” Taehyung whispers, licking his lips with a glazed look in his eyes, “m’close.”

It doesn’t take much more encouragement than that for Jimin. He pushes Taehyung down until there’s nothing he feels and knows but Jimin and with a quick burst of strength, Jimin tilts Taehyung’s hips up and changes the angle of his thrusts, knowing exactly where it is that he’s aiming as he thrusts deep and hard.

Taehyung cries out, sharp and painfully loud. Jimin surges up to quiet him, hand curling around Taehyung’s mouth in attempts to dull the noise. Accompanied by a handful of thrusts and the tight, rhythmic squeezing of Taehyung’s walls around his cock, Jimin comes, a restrained moan of Taehyung’s name escaping from his mouth as well.

“Fuck,” he pants as he collapses down fully on Taehyung. 

There’s only the sound of their heavy breathing and his own heartbeat that Jimin hears for a long while, the sudden shame of what he’s done filling him. Taehyung was sleeping, so contently and happily and Jimin, like some sort of horny teenager, had taken him with nothing but selfish intent.

“Shut up,” Taehyung mumbles, as if he’s able to read Jimin’s mind. “That was so hot,” he clarifies, smiling a bit dopily, “and I love you too.”

Jimin colors, his cheeks red from something more than exertion now.  “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Taehyung replies, an expression so painfully happy that it makes Jimin’s heart thud in response. “It was good,” he continues to say, “the best,” he corrects.

“Okay,” Jimin says, feeling embarrassed for some reason, “go back to sleep.”

Taehyung snorts, throwing the blankets off their heads. He listens for a moment for any sign of his grandparents being awake and to his relief, finds none. “For the record,” he states, looking Jimin straight on, “any time you feel like a repeat performance of that, I’m game. 

“So it wasn’t- I don’t know, too needy or anything?” Jimin asks, ducking his head a little.

“Park Jimin,” Taehyung says, the exasperation so clear in his voice despite the exhaustion, “it was amazing. I feel great and you are a sex god. Beyond that,” he says, tone much softer now, “you made me feel loved so no, it wasn’t too needy or anything.”

Jimin rolls his eyes and flops off Taehyung, disconnecting from him with a tiny frown. There’s still no room for them to stretch properly but they make do, limbs loose and tired from the sex.

It’s a bit of an inside joke amongst them that Jimin is needy and a little desperate for attention. He’s a hard worker, one of the most diligent men that Taehyung knows and he’ll put in the same amount of work praise or no praise but when amongst friends, Jimin allows himself to get whiny and Taehyung kind of loves it. He’s more than willing to feed Jimin’s need for praising, especially when Jimin’s his number one cheerleader and fan in return. Sometimes, it’s something as simple as wanting to hear that the dinner he’s made tastes good and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes and it’s rare, Jimin will allow his lack of self-esteem to show and it’s in those moments that Taehyung knows he has to make sure to let Jimin know he’s needed. Jimin doesn’t necessarily strive to be the best in everything because he knows of his own limits but he does need to know he’s wanted and that no one else will do but him, especially for Taehyung.

To date, there hasn’t been a single time that Taehyung’s lied when asked if Jimin is the best for him because in all honesty, there is no Taehyung without Jimin and he makes damn sure to let Jimin know of that every chance that he can.

{ seven days to go }

A road trip is nothing without consuming copious amounts of junk food, or so Taehyung says. Jimin thinks it’s possible to eat proper meals but when Taehyung’s proper meals consist of burgers and fries on the regular any way, it’s kind of hard to differentiate between road trip food and normal day to day food. Nevertheless, this is a road trip and Jimin goes along with every whim Taehyung has, feeling more than a little indulgent as he listens to Taehyung list off all the things he wants to eat.

There’s popsicles from the roadside stall that they get for cheap. It’s the sort that melts before either one of them can finish even half, the sticky and overly artificial kind but it’s nostalgic and Jimin remembers having them by the dozen during the humid summers of his childhood.

There’s also fried chicken and sugar candies in the shape of whatever animal they so desire. Taehyung builds himself a zoo before he leaves, tigers and elephants, turtles and even a rabbit that he snaps a photo of for Jeongguk to be jealous of.

Taehyung consumes a steady diet of sweets and by the end of it, Jimin wants nothing more than a salad and maybe some more of those strawberries from Taehyung’s farm. They’ve had kimchi from a total of six different regions, packed even more in the trunk for Seokjin as gifts and Jimin thinks he’s eaten his weight in bulgogi as well.

Despite all the food they’ve had, when Jimin asks what’s the best meal they’ve had so far, Taehyung surprises him by stopping the car, telling him that he thought he’d never ask. It’s confusing for all of ten seconds until Taehyung drags him into the backseat and pushes him down, lips parting to lick them with his tongue as he unbuttons Jimin’s jeans for him.

“I always wanted to test out whether cotton candy would taste better when wrapped around your cock,” Taehyung tells him so seriously that it makes Jimin laugh.

A minute later, head thrown back and fingers digging into the leather upholstery of their car, Jimin has to admit that perhaps this is one of the best experiments that Taehyung has ever asked him to partake in before. 

“In case you were wondering,” Taehyung says as he sits back up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand in an uncouth manner, “you taste better but the cotton candy dissolves too quickly for me to reach a conclusion. Couldn’t you have held out for longer?”

Jimin grabs hold of Taehyung’s shirt and drags him close for a kiss, wanting a taste himself. “Easier said than done,” he growls, pulling Taehyung fully into his lap for some cuddles.

It’s a tight fit with Taehyung being much too tall to sit up properly. Jimin doesn’t care though, tilting his head back so that there’s more room for Taehyung and him to kiss. It’s Taehyung that guides his hands inside of his sweats and Jimin’s pleased to feel the hardness and wetness of Taehyung’s erection waiting for him.

“Why don’t you give it a try?” Jimin asks, a smirk on his face as he pushes Taehyung back, eager to repay the favor.

“Bet I’ll last longer,” Taehyung says, bravely playing with fire. 

Jimin only smiles in return and in total, Taehyung manages to last two minutes and seventeen seconds. He’s always said that Jimin has a wicked tongue and he’s not at all ashamed of having lost. They’ll just need to retest the cotton candy theory some other day since Jimin was too distracted to properly gauge the taste.

{ six days to go }


There’s only a handful of days until the end of the trip and Taehyung still hasn’t found a tactful way of broaching the main purpose of their trip. To be honest, he had been hoping Jimin would’ve volunteered to tell him somewhere along the way but he hasn’t and Taehyung hasn’t been able to ask. 

Fortunately or not, it comes to head with a poorly timed phone call that Jimin isn’t supposed to know of and Taehyung fails to properly hide. 

“What do you mean you can’t make it?” Taehyung all but hisses into the phone, trying in vain to keep his temper in check as he lowers his voice to keep from waking a napping Jimin.

He glances at the figure sprawled on top of the sheets and edges out of their hotel room with the key in hand. He can’t possibly stay quiet for any longer. 

“Hyung!” Taehyung bursts out saying, letting his patience run out and frustration take over. “This is for Jimin and you’re telling me that you can’t even make it? Don’t-” Taehyung pauses and shuffles away from the door to the window by the elevator, listening in growing anger at the lame excuses Yoongi’s giving him.

He’s so focused on maintaining a polite tone and not saying something he’ll regret that he misses the opening of their hotel room and the figure that approaches him from behind.

“Give it here,” Jimin says as soon as he’s close enough to hear Taehyung pleading over the phone. He’s sore enough from their afternoon tumble in bed and even sorer to wake alone only to find Taehyung in the hallway begging his hyung for a favor.

Taehyung undoes the way he’d been doubled over to hide and debates between hanging up and telling Jimin a lie but knows it’s pointless either way. There’s not much hope for a marriage built on little white lies too so he hands the phone over, waiting on the side to watch Jimin carefully.

“Hyung,” Jimin says automatically to the soft calling of his name. As mad as he is, there’s an endless amount of love and respect he has for Yoongi. “What is it?” 

Taehyung watches the way Jimin’s face hardens as Yoongi gives him the rundown and he wishes so much that he could shield Jimin from this but he knows that even if he could’ve, it doesn’t mean he should.

“I’m not getting mad,” Jimin replies, sarcasm dripping with every politely formed word, “I’ve been mad.”

Taehyung doesn’t catch Yoongi’s words but he does catch the way Jimin’s knuckles tighten until they’re whiter than the walls in the hallway and then it’s over. Jimin hands him the phone and walks away, leaving Taehyung to catch up to him.

“Jimin, I’ll give Yoongi-hyung a call a later it’ll be okay. He’s just going through it, you know how badly he deals with stuff like this,” Taehyung says as he rushes to enter the room so he doesn’t have to swipe himself in after Jimin.

There’s no response save for the increasingly tense figure of Jimin in the middle of the room and that’s when Taehyung realizes with a sinking feeling of defeat that everything he’s accomplished during this trip has come undone. 

“I want to go home,” Jimin says quietly, firm and resolved, “no stops halfway for anything except the bathroom if you need it. We’re only half a day’s ride from Seoul. This trip was a mistake, we should’ve stayed in Seoul-,” Jimin stops himself from continuing but it’s too late.

There’s a smile on Taehyung’s face that’s so unnatural that it makes Jimin want to apologize but before he even has a chance to, Taehyung’s gone, phone and half-packed bag in hand. There’s a murmur about checking out and Jimin’s left to finish gathering their stuff on his own.

Fights are terrible enough but fights with Taehyung are the epitome of shitty times and it’s all the worst with the knowledge that Jimin’s the one who caused it.

The first hour of their ride back is silent. Taehyung stops the car only once to use the restroom, returning with nothing in hand, not a bottle of water or snack for Jimin. He goes himself to buy some crappy apologetic chocolates that he stuffs into his jacket pocket when he sees the stony expression on Taehyung’s face and he’s reminded of how cold and closed off Taehyung can be when he wants to.

The second hour passes almost as quietly as the first, uneventful and awkward until Taehyung takes an abrupt turn off the highway and drives onto a truck stop, hand shaking slightly as he puts the car in park. 

“Taehyung?” Jimin asks, equal parts weary and timid. It’s only when he notices the way Taehyung trembles that he unbuckles his seatbelt and pushes forward, hand on Taehyung’s back to rub as soothingly as he can. “What’s wrong? Are you okay? Is it bad?”

Taehyung suffers from panic attacks. He’s struggled with anxiety for a good portion of his life without having put a name to the issue, as with most people, and it was only until he got into University that a well-meaning professor had taught him how to control it. Still, it’s easier said than done and there are some days where controlling an anxiety attack simply means being able to get through it in one piece. Jimin knows and he’s one of the only ones that do. He’s been there for many of the attacks and it still scares him to see someone with as strong and bright a life force as Taehyung break down so completely. It scares him not in a way that makes him want to leave Taehyung, instead it’s the thought that there might be an instance when he’s not there for Taehyung that he fears the most.

“This is stupid,” Taehyung says, voice shaking as he digs his nails into palms, a trick that Jimin’s seen Taehyung employ time and time again. 

“No, it’s not,” Jimin replies automatically, all thoughts of fighting gone from his head as he tries to get as close as physically possible, arm wedged awkwardly over the console. 

“It is,” Taehyung insists, looking up at Jimin, eyes wild in a familiar way.

Jimin moves to pet Taehyung but Taehyung pulls back, keeping a distance that in many ways, hurts Jimin more than any word could’ve. There are a few methods that Taehyug employs to keep his anxiety in check and touching, especially when they’re not at home where he feels the most comfortable, is one of those. 

“No, I-,” Taehyung takes in a deep, deep breath and he looks at Jimin again, willing himself not to give into the panic that threatens to overtake him. It swirls inside of him, coiled tightly and waiting to expand.  “I said to myself no matter what, I wasn’t going to let this end poorly.”

Jimin shakes his head, not wanting to hear more about the road trip and the plans. He knows what the purpose of the trip was and he’s already blaming himself for being the cause of Taehyung’s worries. Taehyung, unlike him, is a compartmentalizer. He files away all the things that make him upset, somehow managing to hide them so neatly into boxes that he then lets build until it becomes an inescapable thing and overwhelms him completely. How could Jimin have thought that only he could be suffering?

“I’m so sorry,” Jimin blurts out and this time, Taehyung’s the one that reaches for him. Like always, as quick and often that they fight, they’re even quicker to apologize and settle the reasons for fighting.

“I had to stop the car,” Taehyung explains, “because if I didn’t, I think I would’ve crashed it and then there really wouldn’t be a wedding.” He’s talking fast and Jimin knows it’s because he’s struggling to control his emotions.

Jimin’s blood runs cold at the thought of Taehyung giving even a moment’s consideration to not marrying him for as fearful as he’d been and as doubtful of their marriage lasting as he’d been, he never once thought of not marrying Taehyung. 

“What do you mean? I-,” Jimin stumbles over his words, fingers clutching at Taehyung’s, “why wouldn’t there be a wedding? I mean- there’s got to be a wedding,” he blubbers, “there wouldn’t be- of course, there’s a wedding!”

Taehyung wipes at his face using his sleeves, not wanting to let go of Jimin’s hands but needing to stop his own tears that have fallen mostly out of panic. 

Jimin watches as Taehyung physically starts to shrink in front of him, hunching over and hiding. He’s seen this before, the way Targuing tries to hide by tucking his limbs inward and he knows it’s because this is a physical manifestation of how Taehyung is feeling. 

He once said that when it gets bad, and it always does, he feels as if the world and his anxiety along with it, grows exponentially and swallows him much like a rough tide does a surfer. 

This time though, Taehyung won’t let the panic swell any further, pushing it away as best as he can. There’s more he wants to say and he struggles through the worst of it, thinking back to the day they spent with his grandparents and the words Jimin said to him that night. He repeats it in his head until his heart settles and the coiled tightness inside of him loosens just a smidge. 

“I’m going to fight for you, Jimin.”

Jimin shakes his head in confusion, not at all sure what it is or who it is that Taehyung wants to fight.

“I will always fight for you even if it means fighting with you,” Taehyung continues to say. His breathing remains shallow and that awful feeling continues to grow within him but it’s settling a little, comforted by the fact that Jimin’s hand is in his and that even if he’s so far from his comfort space, he’s got his comfort person with him. “I don’t think Yoongi-hyung and Hoseok-hyung tried hard enough. I don’t think they fought hard enough and maybe- maybe they did, I don’t know for sure, but if I was them, I wouldn’t have given up.”

Suddenly, it clicks for Jimin and he understands what it is that Taehyung’s trying to say. Words have never been Taehyung’s strong suit, or so he claims, but Jimin knows that to be a lie. If anything, words are a hindrance to Taehyung only because of how strongly it is that Taehyung feels about the things he wants to talk about.

“Even if that’s what I tell you I want?”

Taehyung hesitates for only a second and then he nods his head, a resolute expression on his face, stubborn as when he fights for dinner at Burger King. “Even then because I don’t believe there’ll ever be a day when you tell me that you’re better off without me.”

Jimin thinks he’s lucky. He was lucky to have met his soulmate so early on in life. And he’s lucky to have found someone that believes so strongly not just in him but in them that even if he wavers from time to time and gives into the fear, he’ll still fight through it for them.

“You are the bravest man I ever met, Kim Taehyung,” Jimin says with the comfort of the knowledge that he’s loved and most importantly, never alone, “my brave little fighter.” 

Taehyung smiles a little at that and then he grabs at Jimin’s shirt until he’s being engulfed in a hug, letting himself shake and be comforted as he rides out the waning ebbs of his panic.

“I’m going to have to call Yoongi-hyung now,” Jimin says between the kisses he’s peppering to Taehyung’s hair.

“Why?” comes the muffled question. 

“Because,” Jimin says with a face, “he went and said something smart and right, and I have to apologize for hanging up on him.”

Taehyung looks up, tear-stained face more curious than anything now and Jimin feels himself relax as well now that Taehyung is decidedly less anxious.

“He told me that just because he and Hoseok-hyung’s relationship ended, it doesn’t mean that ours will. We’re not them.” 

Taehyung lets the words sink in properly before he knocks his forehead against Jimin’s chin in an attempt at head-butting him, giving him such an exasperated and Taehyung-like expression that Jimin feels both relieved and slightly abashed.

“He’s right though isn’t he?”

“Yeah,” Jimin says with an exaggerated grimace, dialing up the drama just to get Taehyung to smile even wider, “he is.”

It’s only much later when Taehyung’s fully recovered and the phone call has been made that Jimin feels fully just how stupid he’s been all along. It’s not that he thinks his fears were invalid because if anything, Taehyung’s taught him that feelings are never dumb or useless, it’s just that if Jimin hadn’t dug his head into the sand like a turtle, he could’ve talked these issues out a long time ago with his Hyungs and with Taehyung especially. 

“I’m the dumbest,” Jimin says with a sigh, fingers laced with Taehyung’s over the console. It’s a good thing that Taehyung is ambidextrous and doesn’t require both hands for most of the drive.

“I won’t argue with you there,” Taehyung says in agreement, “but I did get my road trip out of your momentary lapse in judgment so it’s worked out in the end. Plus, the wedding is still on and we’ll make it back in time for the tacky surprise bachelor party they’ve planned for us.”

“Okay, listen here,” Jimin says, sitting up straight to tug on Taehyung’s hand so that he’ll pay attention to him. “I never, and I mean never would’ve left you at the altar or called off the wedding no matter what doubts I may have had. It’s important that you know that, okay?”

“And they say that you’re the smart one,” Taehyung murmurs with a quick grin. “I know you wouldn’t have called off the wedding but is it really a wedding if you were to go into it not a hundred percent ready and certain you wanted to be married to me? I would’ve called it off at that point,” he tells Jimin.

It’s only then that Jimin realizes another error he’s made. Caught up in hustle and bustle that is planning a wedding, Jimin had made the mistake of thinking of his upcoming wedding as more important than it actually is. It’s the marriage that matters in the end and the wedding, as celebratory and fun as it might be, is only the appetizer to the entree that is the rest of their lives together. 

“The wedding is for show,” Taehyung explains, “and our marriage is for keeps, Jimin-ah.”

And that, Jimin thinks, is exactly why he should’ve started working on his vows instead of leaving them for last minute.


{ five days to go }


They’re only an hour outside of Seoul when Jimin recognizes the particular road they’re on and asks Taehyung to pull off the highway. It’s early, barely six in the morning and Jimin knows that Taehyung’s tired from having driven this entire time but it’s suddenly important to him that they stop here.

“The trees are nice…?” Taehyung ventures to say when Jimin leads him down a path to a hiking trail, “but I’m really knackered and even if I weren’t, hiking isn’t my thing but thanks.”

Jimin wrestles with Taehyung for a quick second, using his superior strength to put Taehyung in a playful headlock as he leads him further away from the roads. 

It’s not as if Taehyung minds, his legs could use the stretching but he genuinely isn’t too fond hiking, especially if there isn’t the promise of a sunrise or sunset or yummy meal at the end of it. Considering how they’ve devoured all of the apology chocolates that Jimin had bought earlier on, Taehyung doubts there’s anything yummy and even Jimin wouldn’t suggest having sex on the dirt floor. 

“This is where the company took us for the annual employee spirit rally thing,” Jimin says, pointing at the sign where he had dutifully taken a selfie in front of for Taehyung way back when, “remember?”

Taehyung squints and thinks that he might, nodding to show that he does when Jimin waits for his answer.

“This is also where I was standing the first time I realized that I wanted to call you my husband and not just my boyfriend.”

It wasn’t as if something life changing happened here. Jimin didn’t take a nasty fall nor did his life flash before his eyes. He simply remembered thinking, oh wouldn’t it be nice to send a text to his husband Taehyung instead of to his boyfriend Taehyung.

“Just thought I’d share,” he says, laughing when Taehyung immediately asks for the full story, arm looping around his as he clings and pouts. “There’s nothing to elaborate on!” he protests, “it’s exactly what I said! I suddenly just wanted to call you my husband instead of my boyfriend but you beat me to it. Impatient as usual,” he says, fond as ever.

“Yeah, well,” Taehyung says, “you can propose for all the other things in life from now on.”

“Like what? What else is there to propose?”

“Like adoption! Or moving apartments! Or buying a house together!" 

And as per the norm for them, their bickering leads to an argument, a very short-lived but fiery one all the same. For an eleven minute fight, they manage to fit in a full forty minutes of kissing afterward to make up for the arguing before heading back to their car, arms linked with matching smiles on their faces.


{ three days to go }


“Tell me that’s not a stripper pole,” Jimin says with a groan.

“I just want to say that I had no part in the actual planning of this event,” Jeongguk says, “I was only in charge of bringing you here. And technically, there are four stripper poles.”

Jimin growls in response and Jeongguk smartly takes three steps out of Jimin’s reach, pointing out where he can see the others are already gathered. Jimin’s a fashionable three hours late to his own bachelor party. He’s had to put in a few extra hours at the office to make up for the days he took off for the road trip and if there really are stripper poles, then Jimin doesn’t think he's missed too much of the fun.


It’s the loud and slightly inebriated voice of his soon to be husband that Jimin picks up on, a hand on his temple already as he walks towards the commotion. There’s a sudden change in both music and lighting and Jimin just knows that it’s Jeongguk who has planned this despite his earlier denial. Who else would purposely plan for an extremely hot male stripper clad in a police officer uniform to give Taehyung a lap dance. 

“Oh no,” Jimin says with a shake of his head, “nope. Not happening.”

There’s a brief exchange of words and some light tussling as Jimin elbows his way into the center of the crowd just in time to see the rather glowy male stripper straddle Taehyung’s lap, crotch aimed right at Taehyung’s face.

“Nope!” he calls out, waving it off. Jimin pulls the stripper off his fiance, taking his place in one rather smooth move and sits himself in his proper place on Taehyung’s lap.

“Hi,” Taehyung says in a voice that’s just shy of being too loud, “you’re late! I’ve drank a lot already,” he explains, “couldn’t really say no.”

“It certainly looks like it,” jimin says, unable to keep the fondness out of his voice as he ruffles the back of Taehyung’s hair. “Let’s lay off the alcohol for a bit, alright?”

“Mmhmm,” Taehyung says, smiling widely.

Taehyung’s not terribly good at holding his liquor. It really is Jimin’s fault for leaving Taehyung to entertain their friends on his own.

“Where’d the naked man go?” Taehyung asks, “I’m sure there was a naked man before.”

Jimin ignores the hooting of their friends in favor of kissing Taehyung, figuring that he owes him anyway for having nearly pulled a runner on him. “Change of plans,” Jimin tells him, “turns out he’s got somewhere else to be so I’m going to take over for him.”

“You’ll give me a lap dance?” Taehyung asks, eyes suddenly a lot more alert than before and Jimin realizes that possibly, Taehyung’s been acting drunk and not actually drunk. 

“Yeah, I think I will,” Jimin says with a knowing smile, pushing off Taehyung’s lap so that he can unbutton the very top of his own police uniform, “you don’t mind do you?”

No, Taehyung thinks as Jimin pulls off his own shirt and throws it right at Jeongguk, he doesn’t mind at all.


{ forever to go }


It’s less nerve wracking than Jimin thought it would be, saying yes to the man he’s loved for most of his life and that’s exactly how it should be.

His vows are terrible and Taehyung’s makes them all cry but it’s Yoongi and Hoseok who surprise them most of all, showing up together but not, with twelve bottles of wine engraved with the date of their wedding. One for each anniversary, they said, enough bottles for a decade and then some of wedded bliss. 

Jimin’s grateful they’re there and he tells them so, enveloping the both of them in a tight hug, Taehyung pressed against his back and then to his side when they part. He’s still scared and he still worries but not over what he thought would be the eventual downfall of their relationship. Jimin’s got a husband who’ll fight and who has fought for him and he’s just taken a vow to do the exact same.

There’s a hand in his and a ring on his finger that matches another, and that is all Jimin needs to know for now. The rest, he’s certain, will come later.