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The Missing Link

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Sitting at the barn the Smythe family owned the four friends were dancing around, waiting for the leader of the group Alison Dilaurentis to arrive. Kurt, Santana and Quinn had just finished their final year at Rosewood Middle School and going on to High School, so they were celebrating.

Sebastian is a year younger than the other three, so he has to wait another year to graduate. He was going to be alone. No one wants to be friends with ‘Spotty Sebby,’ unless Alison was there. In effect, he considered an unattractive loser without Alison.

The group consisted of the five of them. They’ve known each other since Elementary School. There was: the plump and insecure Quinn Fabray who was rich but no one wanted to befriend because of the size of her weight and her nose is weird, Kurt was poor and only attending the school because of a scholarship and Santana scared other students through her sassy and aggressive nature.

Alison is the leader of our group, she’s popular, pretty and rich. Everybody wants to be friends with Alison. All the guys fancied her (and some girls). Alison knew everyone and was liked by all. She brought them all together.

Sebastian knew others wondered why Alison hung out with them – he overheard some girls bitching.

He asked Alison about them and why she chose to hang out with them. She would always say ‘your all special to me.’  Alison would always change the subject afterwards, she never explained what she meant, so he stopped asking.

Despite what other thought they were best friends.

Still hanging out, they were waiting for Alison to arrive, Sebastian knew she is going to be late. She’s always late. He’s never told her, they all haven’t spoken out against Alison – it was an unsaid rule. Santana was the only one brave and stupid to speak out against Alison, but she hasn’t challenged the leadership of the group so Alison allowed.

“Where do you think Alison is?” Asked Sebastian softly. They carried on dancing, they very rarely listened to Sebastian. He was the youngest, therefore treated like a baby, he repeated the question this time louder.

The others stopped and shrugged, Santana rolled her eyes. “She’s probably helping her dad out. You know what Alison’s like. She’s late to everything.” Complained Santana, now looking at her fingernails. “Alison will arrive when she wants to arrive, let's have fun whilst we’re waiting for her.”

Sebastian soon found himself having fun, forgetting about waiting for Alison. The lights started to flicker, they weren’t worried as this was a common occurrence that carried on happening, the cabin is old and needed to be redone, during the summer he’s going to get his dad to have the cabin remodelled. So, he continued to dance.

Until the lights and music switched off leaving them in a blanket of darkness.

“What happened?” Squeaked Quinn.

Sebastian did not know, he couldn’t see anything.

He jumped and squealed something had touched his hand.

“Sorry Bas. I was trying to grab your hands.” Whispered Kurt. "It must have been the storm. We should alright… Right?"

"Yeah, think of it as a sleepover without lights," replied Santana trying to reassure the others, but Sebastian wasn’t convinced he heard her voice break.

"Guys, there something there," whispered Quinn. Sebastian looked towards the barn door, he couldn’t see anybody.

"Guys!" cried out Quinn, the teens suddenly start to move towards the door, each holding the other hand, Sebastian was holding Santana’s.

They hear a glass drop to the ground making the teens scream but they still come close to the noise trying to make sense of what was happening to them.

Unexpectedly a girl with long blonde hair jumps out wearing a yellow shirt. "Gotcha!" she yelled efficiently scaring her friends.

"That wasn't funny Alison!" He complained.

Alison rolled her eyes not caring what he thought "I thought it was hilarious." She pushed them and made her way to the sofa and sat down. They all followed her.

Trying the diffuse the tension in the room, Quinn asked Alison if she had seen the new Beyonce video.

"Not yet!" replied Alison

“It’s actually decent. The dancing is epic" Joined Santana.

The other’s agreed, Sebastian had yet to watch it. He’d have to watch it while his parents are away.

Alison soon turned her attention to Kurt, getting up Alison got a cup and poured alcohol that Sebastian had stolen from his parents and Alison gave it to Tina "Your turn. Go on." Kurt started drinking

"Careful, Kurt don't drink too much or you'll be telling us your secrets." lectured Quinn. Sebastian rolled his eyes, Quinn had to have an opinion on everything it was annoying.

"Friends share secrets. That's what keeps up close. Drink up." Said Alison.


Sebastian soon woke up, he didn’t remember falling asleep. He was the only one awake, he noticed that Kurt and Alison weren’t in the room, he quickly woke up the others.

"Where's Kurt and Ali?" Asked Quinn groggily, she had been the last person that Sebastian woke. Sebastian shrugged worryingly, they weren’t answering his calls and he was getting worried.   


"We don't know!" stated Santana. She was biting her nails a nasty habit that only came when she was stressed. They weren't picking up his calls, either of them.

Kurt suddenly comes in looking tired his hair was messed up and he was still in his pyjamas "I can't find Alison!" he looked at the others, silently asking if they had seen her.

"What do you mean?" Responded Santana.

"I've looked everywhere for her.” Replied Kurt, Sebastian could see Kurt was scared. He was shaking “I think I heard her scream."