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How can we fight if we don't have Internet?

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April 29, 20XX

9:01 PM

~~~ Ren Amamiya created a group chat ~~~

~~~ Ren Amamiya added Ligaya Monteverra and Futaba Sakura to the group ~~~


Ligaya: really?

Ligaya: only us?

Ren: yeah, you can add the rest

Ren: also you, me, and Futaba are admins

Ligaya: ok

Ligaya: before I'll continue, do we really need to do this?

Ren: yes


~~~ Ligaya Monteverra added Hana Nono and Shouyo Hinata to the group ~~~


Hana: hi guys

Hana: thnx for adding us here

Hana: wassup?

Shouyo: who's that?

Ligaya: Futaba?

Shouyo: ya, I mean why is she here?

Ren: she asked me to join here since Ligaya-san and I helped her

Ligaya: pls call me Liag

Ligaya: but tru

Shouyo: what help?

Ren: secret

Shouyo: come on explain it to us

Hana: idk whats going on but pls tell us 

Ren: how can we explain this liag?


Ligaya: ALL OF YOU, meet me at Cafe Leblanc tom after school

Ligaya: Ren will introduce Futaba to you, they will be your guides 

Ligaya: and I will be your storyteller there

Shouyo: ok, but we are not your children 

Ligaya: then do you want to know how we awakened our personas?

Hana: I want to know

Shouyo: oh come on Nono-chan

Hana: Hinata-kun, you're really a stubborn

Shouyo: no I'm not

Hana: then... how will you react...

Hana: when I told everyone in this chat one time...

Shouyo: Nono-chan pleeaasshh

Ligaya: is it about running fast on his bike?

Ren: and fell onto the trashcan?

Shouyo: how do you know this!?

Ren: I saw that 

Ligaya: I saw that too, before Hana told me

Ligaya: when did we saw that scene? 

Ligaya: like 3 weeks ago?

Ren: the 2nd day of 1st week to school =D


Hana: now now, don't deny! they already knew HOW that mishap happened

Ligaya: wait until I'll tell Futaba-chan! XD

Shouyo: pls don't tell everyone

Shouyo: just

Shouyo: D O N' T

Shouyo: Nono-Chan, you're going to pay for this!

Hana: try me

Ren: there they go, our children are fighting again

Shouyo: We are Not your children!

Hana: only you, Hinata-kun

Shouyo: for another time, Nono-chan!

Ligaya: speaking of Futaba, when will she online?

Shouyo: just wait

Ren: IDK

Hana: then catch me if i'm fallin' in love :P

Ligaya: she had other plans, right?

Shouyo: STOP

Ren: she texted me 'scheduled for tom. erly mornin'

Shouyo: JOKING

Ligaya: dnt tll me, 3 am?

Shouyo: ME

Ren: yeah, mybe

Shouyo: RIGHT

Ren: she is also doing her research

Ren: and the other dimension

Shouyo: NOW

Ligaya: is she doing her homework?


( be continued)