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Love in the Darkness

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In a world full of darkness - there was a man who thought of it as something humorous. Something farce. Something... grim. But nonetheless - he believed that humor can lift you. Change you, even... All just because of one bad day. He would sit on his chair all night - writing away with his favorite blue ballpoint pen, etching away time with his mind cogging up many ways on what to do next. Coffee on his right hand,his pen on the other, head racing with thoughts and voices the next plan will need, as the darkness roams around the city, he hides in plain sight laughing at it. Toying... grinning... thinking. This man isn’t simple. He for thousands of books and stories - he is mainly an idea. A painting in one’s mind - as he chuckles at how much he changes in one way - to another. He thinks that he and many others like him - are alike. No matter what gender, trait or even belief. Every one of them has a heart for chaos.

“Pin point a cross for a rose - a bat flying - a joker arose - to the tulips - to the bats - to the sky - to the ground - he looks at me - we meet at last!” Joker sang, laughing from the depths of his throat, his grin wide as the soon to be henchmen sat uncomfortably on a couch, their shoulders touching, slouching like bean bags in a tight space. As for one, Joker was up on his feet, grinning happily, with his eyes bright with happiness, hinting with danger in his dark eyes, the orange button shirt with his green vest sitting on top, nicely, to go with his purple tie. His black gloved grim fingers laced around his dark blue and green suspenders, holding his slacks, his favorite and withered black and white spats on his feet. He sat on his desk, taking out a gun from beside his desk clock, and held it up by his face, inspecting it as if it was dirty.

“Now... tell me, why on earth would you want to join my merry band of misfits?” His voice loud and gruff, coming deep from his throat, his eyes glaring deep into the soon to be henchmen, no smile attached to his red lips, as he was waiting for an answer.
“We - w- we have no where else to go... Mister Joker.” The man in the middle stuttered out, his friends nodding, with fear traced into their eyes. Joker’s lips tugged upwards as he slowly got up and walked towards the men, his teeth clenched, like a dog prepared to bite, as his eyes bared into the man who weakly answered his question.

“Oh, thats so sad! Rocko - you hear that? They have no where else to go! Boo- hoo - hoo!” J mocked, a fake pout as his hands went up to his eyes, pretending to cry, then laughed, pointing the gun right in front of the poor man’s forehead, sweat pouring out of the guy’s face like a water fountain - with that, J smiled, chuckling, the cackling still deep and nearly raspy - “Well! Why didn’t ya say so! Your in!” He boomed out, startling the men, the man with the gun to his head looking like he’s gonna faint. They all smiled - chuckling awkwardly - the middle man, took a breath, finally relieved as the joker put his gun away, smiling happily.

“What’s your name, kid?” Joker said - folding his arms, sitting on his desk again, staring straight into ‘the man who sweats’ eyes. “B-b-Barry, Mister Joker, sir.” Barry said - his voice wavering, as he pointed to his four friends beside him - two on his left, two on his right. “Poncho - Taylor” he said pointing at his left. “And-and - Brian - and Kevin.” Pointing to his right, dropping his hand down awkwardly, Heart racing in anxiety’s rush as Joker’s eyes bore straight into his - J’s face showing nothing but boredom.
They stayed like that for a few moments - Brian and Taylor playing with their hands for a moment - looking anywhere except for J’s intimidating eyes.

“BOO!” Joker yelled out, his hands up, and body jumping forward as Barry’s high pitched scream deafened everybody’s ears - making J’s notorious laugh louder than Barry’s scream, the four men beside him staring at the blushing Barry.
Joker dialed down his laugh, grinning - as he nodded at Rocko.
“Take’em to the Hench room. Get’em ready for tonight.”
With that, Rocko nodded and went by the door - the five men muttering their thanks and walking out J’s office, with Rocko following behind.

A lady with eyes blazing with happiness and insanity - humming to a song she never heard of. Hands on her new dark red leather jacket, her grey ‘Hard Rock’ t shirt sitting comfortably underneath her jacket. Black make up grease around her baby blue eyes, Red lipstick placed perfectly on her lips, red and black lines coming from the corner of her lips, one down to her chin - the other going up to her eye. She smirked as she seen five new men, with Rocko in the back, marching out of her Boyfriend’s office. She grins knowing it was the new henchmen. Rocko nods and smiles, Harley smiles back. “Hiya Rock!” She chirped - her Brooklyn twang strong with happiness playing in her voice, grinning as she knocked on J’s door, hearing him mumble a few swear words as he finally grumbled, “Come in.”

Harley carefully opened the door and slipped inside - seeing J bent down on his work, the lamp only being the only one to light up the damp and dark room. She smiled - standing behind J, rubbing his shoulders, as she whispered. “Take a break, Puddin’... you’ve been workin since last night.”
J mumbled another swear word - as he took a deep breath and slowly exhaled it out. Holding in the anger and the stress - and pulling it out as he slowly smiled and patted his lap, making Harley squeal and slowly tip toed and sat on his lap, arms snaking around his neck as he grinned at her. Harley giggled. “Ya evah wonder how’d this happen?” She said softly, playing with his emerald green hair. J grunted, smirking and wrapping his arms around Harley’s waist, pulling her closer to him. “Everyday, pooh. Everyday.” He said - his voice calm, yet always deep and husky, purring as he felt her fingers flow through his hair. “I remember it as if it was yesterday.” He whispered, the memory playing again, as Harley smirked, kissing his forehead. “Back at the park, right?” J asked, grinning, and squeezing Harley’s waist. Harley nodded, giggling. “You and Queen Plant...”


“Pam? You ever want to have a boyfriend? Like someone you can cuddle when you wake up in the morning?...” Harleen said, pushing up her dark rimmed glasses. Pamela sighed in annoyance, looking up at her blonde friend from her botony book, on the types of plants - more specifically, on a plant she has been looking for, for a month. “No. Men are a waste of time. And anyway, Harley, I think I know where this plant is anyway. It’s at Robinson Park... and we should go get it. Like, right now.” Pam said, smiling excitedly, making Harleen frown. “Were going to the park -“ she looked at her watch, “at 8? You do know the creeps are always walking around at this time right?” Harleen grumbled. Pam rolled her eyes. “Just a quick grab and go! And they’re making that damn statue on top of the field tomorrow morning! You know how much this means to me!” Pamela whined, making Harleen giggle a bit. “Fine! A nice walk in the evening too... just a quick grab and go. Nothing else.” Harleen said, getting up from the couch - as Pamela pumped up a fist. “Yes! Lets get goin!” Pam ran to the door and put on her shoes, grabbing a few pots and gardening tools as well, stuffing them all into a bag. Harleen giggled and walked out their shared apartment, heading towards their car - to Robinson’s Park.

Harleen had a feeling... somethings gonna happen. Something great. She told her self repeatedly. Staring out the window - seeing Gothamites walk and the dark buildings pass by.
She looked at her Red Headed friend and smiled - seeing her excited as her fingers drummed against the steering wheel. Pam looked at Harley, and smiled - staring out at the road again. “Just can’t wait to get my baby!” Pam joked, making Harley cackle, staring out the window again.
Something sure is gonna happen, she thought to herself, looking up and seen the clouds moving as the moon rises up, making Gotham more inviting...


Jack Napier was a quiet man... who grew up in a gang he was kidnapped from. Parents killed by his boss himself. Though Jack had deep anger and grief stuck to him through the years - he never act upon it. Never had the guts to fly a bullet through his ‘old man’. Of course, his Fiancé, Jeannie Anne Napier was there to help him for two years... sometimes. Their relationship is always painful... endearing into fights nearly every night - its as though Jeannie was using him. But Jack always excused it as love. Every slap - every hit in the face - kick to the gut - he always said its love. At least Jeannie said it was. “Don’t fucking tell me that you’re sorry! You’re not! You never were, Jack! You unfaithful - useless - piece of shit! Go! GO!” Jeannie yelled, her voice hoarse with hatred, pain stinging in her voice - as she threw a empty beer bottle at Jack’s direction as he grabbed his coat and jump for the door...

Now here he was walking in the park, kicking the gravel - thinking what he’ll get her this time... “Flowers? No - she hates them.” Jack murmured - his hands deep in his coat as he looked down... grumbling swear words, angry thoughts - murder - mayhem clouding his head... till he bumped into some lady walking backwards - as she fell, some red head in the back trying not to laugh as the lady who fell gasped and scrambled for some gardening tools that fell mercilessly from her bag, Jack holding in his breath as he said ‘sorry’ to the poor girl many times - like a prayer, bending down to help the blonde take the tools and handing them into the bag.
His eyes finally looked at the poor girl - who said it was okay, as she knelt down still looking down - as she look into Jack’s.
Jack froze - his breath gone... his heart beating. The blonde had black glasses sitting on her perfect little nose, her mouth agape, her baby blues shining bright into his dark brown ones... Jack struggled - getting up slowly, taking her hands to lift her up, as he awkwardly smiled - to which she slowly smiled back - both holding their hands too long as Pamela was looking at them both as if she was hallucinating the whole thing. “Uh. Uhm... the name’s Jack...Jack Napier.” His gruff voice booming into Harleen’s ears as her cheeks turned to a cute little light shade of pink, smiling her perfect smile, Jack noticed. “My... my name’s Harleen... Harleen Quinzel...” She murmured, feeling Jack’s fingers tighten around hers... Jack’s smile wide with glee... She let go - her thoughts running top speed, as he took a step back. He coughed, trying to calm his beating heart... “What a pretty name!... Do your friends call you, Harley?” He murmured, smiling a little, giving her the bag of garden tools.
She bit the inside of her cheek, taking the bag, heart and mind still racing. “I don’t have alot of friends... but I do have Pam...” she said pointing behind her, revealing a very amused - yet confused Pamela, as she furrowed an eyebrow and waved her arm awkwardly. Jack cleared his throat and nodded, waving his hand as well, turning to Harleen.

“Well... Harley. You’ve got one now.”