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Sometimes it's easier to blame Stiles

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“Hey Boss, I think you should take a look at this.” Deputy Ross passed the Sheriff a file with a report of a noise complaint.

Case File #: 935471
Date Filed: April 20, 2014 / 10:37am
Occurrence Date: April 19, 2014 / 11:47 pm
Status: Open
Occurrence Location: 5543 Rose Lane, Beacon Hills, CA 90210-3604
Type of Incident (Offense): Noise

Report Details:

On 04/19/14 Alice Higgins called the police department to complain about the noises coming from her neighbors’ home. When asked to elaborate on the types of noises she heard she proceeded to describe them as “vulgar sexual sounds” and howling.

Mrs. Higgins added that the noises had been going on for the past week and she requested a patrol unit to put a stop to the “indecent acts” that were occurring.

The Sheriff let out a sigh and rubbed a hand across his face while closing the file.

“I think you should have a talk with your son, Sir. Wouldn’t want old Mrs. Higgins taking matters into her own hands.” Ross chuckled.

“Yeah, I will. Thanks, Hank.”

“No problem. Good night, Boss.”

The Sheriff nodded to the deputy and when he closed the door he sunk back into his chair.

Damn. He and Parrish have to keep it down.