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Revvit's Tail

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To say it had been a long and very eventful day felt like an understatement. It had begun with the waking of a nearby volcano, which led to an evacuation of the entire crater and then redirecting everyone to the slide while fending off a pack of Scraptors that wanted to take them all to pieces. In the end the small group of Trux and Reptools had decided that their home was worth fighting for, even against a volcano. And they had done it! With the help of Trux of all kinds who had come together to save their home by working as one community. It was a feat as impressive as stopping the lava from destroying everything that they had built.

But as usual D-Structs hadn’t made it easy for them. The build had already been tough under such a time constraint without the T-Trux coming along to cause as much damage as he could to the build and to Ty.

Finally, everyone was returning home. The Dinotrux and Reptools had gone back to the garage for some much needed rest and to enjoy another build successfully completed. As Ty made his way into the garage Revvit jumped from his head and onto a nearby shelf, disappearing up to the higher levels. Ty went over to where everyone else was, joining in with the bragging and congratulations. After a while though Revvit hadn’t reappeared and his absence was noticed.

“I wonder what’s keeping Revvit?” Ace had been dying to hear his version of what had happened, since he had been right in the middle of the action.

Ty looked up at the shelves. “Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. I thought he was going to get a spare bit, but he should have come down by now.”

Unexpectedly it was Click Clack who volunteered to go up and look for Revvit. He found him sitting on an uncomfortably high shelf looking despondent. Click Clack approached him, speaking quietly.

“Hey Revvit.” Revvit gave no indication that he had heard even though Click Clack knew that he had.

“Is your tail OK?” Since hearing from the others exactly what had happened (he had kept his eyes closed for most of the fight between Ty and D-Structs) Click Clack had been worried about his friend.

“Yes, thank you Click Clack. My tail is fine.” Revvit hadn’t looked at his fellow Reptool and his voice lacked its usual enthusiasm.

Click Clack tried again. “Oh, um well a-are you OK?”

“Yes, thank you Click Clack. I am fine.”

“D-do you wanna come down and have some ore with me?”

“No, thank you Click Clack. I think I am going to get some sleep before we start the repairs on the Dinotrux.” Revvit slipped past Click Clack without another word and made his way out of the garage to the cave that he shared with Ty.

Skya was the first to notice Click Clack making his way back down to the garage floor. It was also obvious that he was alone. “Where’s Revvit? Did you find him?”

Everyone stopped talking to let Click Clack reply.

“Y-yeah, I found him. I’m kinda worried…”

“What’s new.” Dozer interrupted.

“I’m worried about Revvit.” Click Clack continued. “He’s gone all quiet a-and it’s not like him to go off on his own like this.”

“Are you kidding?” Argued Ace. “He used to go off on his own all the time!”

“That was different!” Click Clack replied with some agitation. “He would only go out alone because no-one else wanted to l-leave the ravine. He hasn’t done this since we all started building together.”

“Did you talk to him?” Ty asked, starting to get a little worried himself.

“N-not exactly, but he said he was fine.”

“He seemed OK at the lava pits.” Skya pointed out.

“And I didn’t notice anything strange when we got back.” Added Ty.

“Except that he’s not here with the rest of us.” Ton Ton observed.

“So he wanted some space. I can relate to that.” Dozer said loudly.

Ty wasn’t so sure. “I’m with Click Clack, something feels off.” He announced. “I think I’ll go check on him.”

“He said he was going to get some sleep before we start the repairs on you guys.” Click Clack told Ty.

“That doesn’t sound like Revvit.” Admitted Waldo.

Ty agreed. “No, it doesn’t. Rev doesn’t rest if there’s still work to be done.”

As Ty began to head outside, Click Clack caught up to him. “Ty! I think you should ask him about his tail. I already did, and he said it was fine but take it from me, I’m not sure it’s able to withstand one of Garby’s bricks landing on it from that height. If he was pinned he should probably let one of us have a look, just to be sure.” The nervous Reptool had rambled a little but the concern had been clear, and Ty trusted Click Clack’s instincts on something like this.

“Hmm, I’ll make sure I ask him.”

“G-good.” Click Clack was confident that if there was anything going on with Revvit, it would be Ty who could get him to talk about it. Ty left the garage and started towards the cave where he and Revvit slept.



Approaching the mouth of the cave, Ty noticed the yellow and green Reptool was sat on a nearby rock. Since it had worked in the past, Ty decided to use the direct approach.

“Hey Revvit. What’s going on?”

“Not a lot”

“Come on, something’s bothering you, I know it.” Ty lowered his head to catch Revvit’s gaze and try to get him to make eye contact. “You can tell me.”

Revvit met Ty’s gaze with a sigh, noticing the worried expression on the T-Trux and deciding to be honest with him.

“Today I was a liability.”

Of all the things that Ty was expecting it hadn’t been that. But even though he wanted to jump right in and make it known that he disagreed, Ty knew that the best thing to do for now was to just let his friend say what he needed to.

“We only narrowly avoided being melted down by lava. I am the reason that you had to put yourself into that position.” Revvit fell silent.

“Are you kidding! It was D-Structs who caused all of this.” Ty tilted his head thoughtfully. “Well, the volcano was a big part of it too, but you know what I mean.”

Revvit shook his head and tried to explain further. “He targeted me for a reason. I am small and today I was an easy target. He also knows that we are a team and that you will put yourself at risk to save me.”

Ty had heard enough. He was not going to let Revvit believe that rescuing him had been anything but worth it despite the danger. “Rev, you’ve put yourself at risk to save us plenty of times and we would happily do it for you too anytime you need us.”

Revvit blinked up at Ty and saw the sincerity behind the words. It was true that he would always do whatever he could to help his friends, whether there was danger involved or not. It was a good feeling, after so long of wandering around on his own, that he had others who would do the same for him.

Unnoticed by his smaller friend Ty had been trying to get a good look at Revvit’s tail while they talked, attempting to see if there was any damage. If there was, then Ty couldn’t see it from his current position. He decided that he was going to ask about it anyway.

The opportunity was brought to an abrupt end when Waldo joined them, oblivious to the conversation that he had just interrupted.

“Hey Revvit, we’re about to start the repairs and we need all tools on deck.”

“I will be right there.”

Waldo nodded and went back to the garage while Revvit turned his attention back to Ty.

“I appreciate you coming out here to talk to me.” He sat himself up straight, looking more relaxed and like himself. “Thank you, Ty.”

“Anytime. Come on, I could really use a tune-up.”