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Opposites Attract

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Opposites Attract.


Summary: After his 5th year and a strange beginning to his summer, Harry goes back to the Dursley's for the worst summer yet. Draco has come into his inheritance and is determined to find his mate, but the way he finds him is not what he expected.


Rating: M


Main Pairing: Draco and Harry


Other Pairings: Dean and Seamus (Others will be added when needed)


Warnings for this chapter: Rape, child abuse, slash.


AN: The idea for the beginning of the summer is a dream I had last night. I know Dumbledore says 'It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live' but this was nagging at me and I had to turn it into a Fanfic. By the way harry became an animagus before Christmas 5 th year. This is NOT a crack fic. I just thought I had to have some nice weird things happen to Harry as all hell is going to break loose after *evil smirk* Anyway… enjoy and please review. I'll send you mental ice-cream!


Disclaimer: if I owned Harry Potter than all the fans would go to Hogwarts and I would be  would I? Plus I'd have a lifetime supply of cake!



Chapter 1


Harry awoke with a start after another nightmare. Today was the last day of his 5th year at Hogwarts, and that meant that today he would have to go to the Dursley's. Harry hated it there. They had abused him for most of his life and had treated him worse than a House Elf. As he slowly rose from the bed and got ready for a shower he was silently praying that the Dursley's didn't find out that Sirius had died. That was the only thing that stopped them from hitting him the last two summers. He was always the first in the dorm to wake, so it was his job to get the others up. That was his favourite part of the morning. He went for a quick shower, got dressed and then started to wake the others up.


Harry decided to go with what he called the 'Evil Wakeup Call' and this was the first time he was using it. He put up silencing charms around everyone else's beds and woke up Neville first, as he knew Neville was the easiest to wake.


Once he was done with the charms he walked over to Neville's bed and muttered "Aguamenti" the stream of water hit Neville right on his face. Harry laughed as he sat bolt upright and gave Harry a death glare. "Care to help me wake up the others?" Harry asked after he had finished laughing.


"What are you going to do to them?" Neville asked, his curiosity taking over for a moment. Fear was evident in his eyes however when Harry began laughing.


"Just watch." Harry said, walking over to Dean's bed. He levitated a bucket of water over to the bed, grabbed a rope, attached it upright so none spilt to above where Dean's head would be when he sat up, attached one end of the rope to one edge and the other to his hand which was resting by his head. He turned to do the same to Seamus' bed. Once he was finished with his task, Harry cleared his throat and yelled "DEAN! SEAMUS!" both boys sat bolt upright moving their hands, unknowingly tipping the buckets and therefore pouring water all over their heads. Both boys sat in shock for a minute before turning to glare at a laughing Harry.


They both began to speak at the same time but Harry shushed them, he lowered the charms on Ron's bed and yelled at the top of his lungs, "CONSTANT VIGILANCE" it had the desired effect as Ron jumped out of bed, wand in hand and began looking around. Harry got a pillow to the face before he could escape the room laughing, only to be met by an angry, pyjama clad, Hermione. She apparently had heard the yell from her room and had the same reaction as Ron causing her to get funny looks from her friends.


At breakfast his good mood had completely evaporated. Leaving him with dread at the thought of going back to Number 4 Privet Drive. The train was due to leave at 9am so after breakfast all the students rushed up to their dorms to do some last minute packing or just to get their bags. It was on his way to grab his case that he bumped into his only Slytherin friend, Savannah. She smiled at him before saying, in her French accent, "Hi Harry, I was wondering if you could spend the first week of the holidays with us, you see maman is having one of her friends over for the week. So she is letting me invite over a few friends so I'm not alone." At that moment harry could have kissed her, if he wasn't gay, of course.


Savannah was a little on to say the least. To be honest harry didn't know how she was a Slytherin, she was to kind. Savannah, or Savie/Sav as she preferred to be called, wasn't human. She was part Elf and part Veela, but you wouldn't know by looking at her. Her mother was an Elf, a Dark Elf to be precise. There are two different types of Elves, Light Elves, they look a lot like Veela accept for their ears and coloured hair, and Dark Elves. Dark elves usually had dark hair and eyes. Their eyes were two toned but usually barely noticeable but they also had fangs, Dark Elves had to drink blood. The only way to hide their fangs and ears is with a glamour charm.


Savie was also part Veela, that is where she got her paleness from. She also told him that because her Papa is a Veela her eyes change colour depending on her mood. Red for anger, lilac for happiness, turquoise for sadness and they go slightly darker for fear.


Savie is kind and doesn't even like hurting her pray too much. She gets her blood from the house elves at school. And because of the amount of meat the school eats there is a lot of it for her.


"I would love too. Thank you for the invitation Sav." Harry said, relieved to not have to go to the Dursley's for another week.


"No problem! Maman will pick us up from the train station. Just let your relatives know. Oh, and we'll be going to Diagon alley for a bit of shopping!" she had a glint in her eyes that told Harry he was not going to like this trip.


"Why do I have a feeling I will be dressed up like a doll on this trip?" Harry asked trying not to roll his eyes.


"I'm not going to sugar coat it… probably because that's what is going to happen. I got my love of fashion from Maman, so it'll be the both of us. Sorry." Sav said, not looking the tiniest bit sorry about it.


Harry glanced at his watch before quickly telling Sav the time. They had 20 minutes to get onto the train. He rushed up into his room grabbed a roll of parchment and wrote a note to his aunt.


Aunt Petunia

I have just got an invitation from a friend to stay at her house in Paris as her Maman and Papa are having guests over for a week and I have accepted. I will be back in England on the 26 th July as that is a week from the day I am writing this letter. I am sorry if I have caused any trouble.

Harry Potter.


After signing her name on the envelope he gave it to Hedwig, let her out and then ran down the seven flights of stairs to get to the Entrance Hall. He got to the gates just before the last carriage left. Only Sav was in it so he was lucky.




*Diagon Alley*


Harry had been dragged round Diagon Alley for the past hour and they were finally leaving to go to Paris. They went into The Leaky cauldron as they were going to be flooing to Sav's house. That's when it got weird.


When we arrived Sav showed me the guest room that I was going to be staying in. she let me in and went to the window. "Oh My God." Was all she said.


I went to look at what she was talking about and understood immediately understood. The cliff behind her house had 'Harry Potter' carved in to it so big it took up half of the cliff, the other half had Shops running along the length of it. I heard Sav ask her mum about it and she just said that nothing was carved into the stone and even came up to look. Harry suddenly felt weird and was… small?


He was by a lake so he went and had a look at his reflection, how he got there he didn't know. He was a tortoise. Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived was now a tortoise. He looked at his reflection again and saw something beneath the surface. It was a shark. A small shark, but still a shark. He was going to jump back when he saw two other figures beneath the surface. A whale and a small dolphin. What? Was all harry could think. He turned around and saw two other animals. A horse and a dog. The three sea creatures somehow living in the lake brought their heads out to the surface. That's when he heard it. A voice in his head saying, "Who are you?" What the actual fuck? Harry thought. There was laugher in his head then the voice said "That was my reaction too. Somehow we all got turned into animals. But we cannot be seen by others, we have been turned within the last week."


"But my animagus is a jaguar not a damn tortoise!" Harry said back. This was all a weird experience.


"We all are not what we would expect. Now what is your name." the voice asked.


"I'm Harry." He responded. Harry never got to figure out the names because there was a blinding light and the horse looked up at the sky in shock. There as clouds were six figures. One for each of them. Each of their animal form. When they moved so did the clouds. "That's fucked up." Harry said. Before suddenly with another blinding flash he was back at Sav's house. Apparently Sav saw the flash because she looked down and squealed a little before realising


"Harry?" She asked clearly trying to hold in her amusement. Somehow he knew he couldn't talk so instead just nodded. "What happened? Oh right you can't answer. I know who could fix this but first we've got to meet Maman's friends dog, Spark. Come on." She picked him up and ran down the stairs.


Spark was not what he expected. He was rainbow and made of wool. Apparently he was animated using a charm. The dog was calm and well behaved. Playing with his toys by Sav's feet. However Arlo, Sav's dog, is really giddy and when he came in all hell broke loose. Me and Sav managed to get away undetected and decided she would take me to see her older cousin, Lizzy. We had to floo to Diagon Alley as she works at Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes. Lizzy was really nice and managed to find out who the magical signature that changed me into… this, belonged to.




*6 days later*


It had been six days since Harry and Sav had been going to the headmaster's office when she yelled triumphantly, "Found it! It's the animalis electi spell it means Chosen animal. It can be cast from anywhere. Anyone can do the counter curse however they break all the others under the curse. They can tell how many by the number of waves of magic that it takes to counteract them all. The incantation is ut homo reverti. Are you ready Harry?" she asked and when he nodded his head she cast the spell. There were six pulses of magic and then nothing. He felt normal again and looked down at himself and saw that he was, luckily, in the robe he was in when he was turned.


They heard the gargoyle to the headmasters office move aside and knew that they had to get out of there and fast. They ran to the floo, taking the book with them. They had just left when the headmaster came into the room. Seeing nothing out of place as of yet he walked to behind his desk, accidentally kicking a fallen book as he went. Going to put the book back, Dumbledore noticed there was one missing. The book with the animal spell.


*The next Morning, Paris*


Harry was all packed and dreading going back to the Dursley's. He was praying that they didn't know Sirius was dead. If they knew then everything would turn south very quickly. After he had said his goodbyes he used the floo network to get back to 4 Privet Drive. There waiting for him was his uncle. His uncle grabbed him and shoved him into his cupboard wordlessly, chucking his stuff in behind him, he locked the door.


*The next day*


Aunt Petunia and Dudley had left. That meant that Vernon Dursley could do what he wanted. He trudged to the cupboard under the stairs and unlocked it, pulling his nephew out and ordering him to go up to the master bedroom. His nephew was quite good looking, with his stunning green eyes and messy black hair. He had some muscle too. Probably from playing that freak sport at that freakish school. Vernon thought as he walked up the stairs after his nephew.


Harry, however, was terrified of what his uncle would do to him. But nothing could have prepared him for what did. His uncle ordered him to strip and lie down on his front on the bed. Harry was visibly shaking now. Without warning his uncle thrust into him, telling him that he was a slut and that this was all he was good for, and to Harry it felt as if his soul was being ripped to shreds, slowly and agonizingly, and no matter his screaming his uncle wouldn't stop, he would just slap him so hard on the back of his head that he saw stars, but didn't pass out, and tell him to shut up. The feel of his uncles large body on his much smaller frame, mixed with the sound of his loud moans and heavy breathing made him feel sick. After his uncle had finished with him he beat him so that he could barely walk, let alone do chores and forced him into his cupboard.


*21st August*


Harry had finally had enough. As the Dursley's went out to get something for Dudley, Harry finally managed to get out of his cupboard and out of the house. The horrors that lived there would forever haunt him. After that first time his uncle beat him and raped him every day for a week. Then it got worse. He still remembered that… conversation,


"BOY! GET YOUR SORRY ARSE DOWN HERE... NOW!" Harry, knowing what pain defying his uncle would mean for him, slowly walked down the stairs wondering what Vernon could want. However when he got down he realised that his uncle was not alone. He had a work colleague with him, "Harry be a good boy and let this man do what he wants to you" He said sweetly, however Harry was terrified.


As he walked into the basement, his ankles and wrists were cuffed to the bed. Then this man, this stranger raped him, worse than the way his uncle did the first time. This man told him about the fact that he was just a tool for his uncle to get the promotions that he wanted.


That's when it happened the first time, but it wasn't the last. His uncle was using him as a prostitute. It started off on average one colleague or possible business partner a day. Then it got to more. Sometimes five different people a day. Some would even come back for more. He was horrified. He knew his uncle wasn't the nicest, by a long shot, but this was taking it to another level.


I was there for eight weeks, Harry thought, I was a prostitute for SEVEN weeks! He shivered at the thought and continued walking. After about an hour of walking, but he couldn't be sure, he came to a forest. He walked inside and then turned into his animagus form. It was a beautiful black jaguar. In this form he was capable of going up to 64mph at a sprint and his eyesight was perfect. He could even see at night. However, because of how rare they are he has to stay out of sight, there are only about 15,000 normal jaguars in the wild, let alone black ones, and they only live in America.


He was so caught up in his thoughts, that he didn't notice that the forest he had wandered into was full of hunters. He heard a snap of a twig and spun ready to pounce on whatever it was. But he was too late he was hit with a dart and, slowly, everything went black.




Draco Malfoy however was having a great summer. He had come into his got his veela inheritance on his 16th birthday and got his Hogwarts letter last night.


Mr Malfoy,

Due to recent unfortunate events there is a new rule being established at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that takes action at the beginning of the school year. You must have a Familiar, this can be any land animal. Under no circumstances should you have a water animal. However they must have a leash, a cage, and everything needed to care for your animal, and must stay with you at all times for your own protection. Under no circumstances should you be without your familiar, however if you are, report to your head of house immediately. Please send a letter back if you cannot get a familiar in time and we will have to arrange for you to come to school at a later date, when you have one. Term begins on September 1st , your book list and OWL results are included in the envelope.

I hope this does not trouble you too much,

Minerva McGonagall, deputy headmistress.


Father still wasn't back so he couldn't show him the letter yet. Speak of the devil, Draco thought as his father walked into his room.


"Father, my letter from Hogwarts arrived this morning and the school seemed to think it wise that a new rule be set. I personally love the rule." Draco said as his Father sat on a chair.


"And what is this new rule, Draco?" Lucius Malfoy asked looking up at his son who looked so much like him. Draco passed him the letter and once he finished reading it he told Draco to wait there and he would be back as he knew just the people with the perfect familiar for him. So Draco did wait, wondering what this mysterious creature was.


An hour later Mr Malfoy was sat on an overstuffed chair in one of the many rooms in the large manor. "I have your new familiar Draco, an extremely rare animal. They however didn't tell me where he was from." Lucius said continuing as his sons eyebrows rose in question, "He is a Black Jaguar. It would do you good to read up on them tomorrow as the bonding ceremony is the day after."


"Of course Father." Draco said calmly but his excitement on having such an exotic pet was bubbling beneath the surface.


"Draco do be careful with your search for your mate at Hogwarts, and please don't scare them off." Lucius said laughing a little at the look on his sons face. Draco nodded raising from his seat and excusing himself to go to the library.


He found an interesting book with a lot of interesting information, such as, they like water, they eat avocados, they eat any meat, they can run up to 64mph at a sprint, there are only around 15,000 left in the wild, and even fewer black and, well, they are big.


*23rd August*


It was the bonding ceremony today. Draco was dressed in an expensive emerald green robe with silver accents. As he walked into the room he saw his parent's friends, mainly just powerful witches and wizards, but he asked for none of his friends to be present, so he could surprise them with a jaguar at school. The ceremony was simple, an elderly wizard stood at the front and cut my hand and the Jaguars paw then he asked Draco, "Mr Malfoy, what do you wish to name your familiar?"


Draco had thought about this all yesterday and so already had a name picked out. "Hunter." He announced clearly. After that the blood was but onto a collar for Hunter and a bracelet for Draco.


Once the ceremony was over they took Hunter from the room and everyone had a drink, before leaving the manor congratulating him on the way past. Some people would think it odd that he was being congratulated, but having a familiar was a big deal. They had magic stored inside them and would come to there bonded aid should anything happen to them, and with the war they all needed the protection. When he went back to his room he saw Hunter laying on a large pet bed by the fireplace. When they woke tomorrow they would have to get to know each other.


The next morning Harry awoke with a start. He looked around wondering where the fuck he was when he saw Malfoy on the bed. Then he realised. No, no, no. NO! I am not bonded to Draco Fucking Malfoy. NO! At that moment Draco began to stir, and Harry already felt protective. He knew to just give into the bond and so that's exactly what he did.


Later that day both boys could be found in the manor gardens, Draco had decided to go to Diagon Alley tomorrow to get some charms for Hunters plain collar.


*25th August, Diagon Alley*


Harry hated shopping. And yet here he was Draco pulling him around Diagon Alley getting charms for the collar and Draco's bracelet, and now Draco was getting some new dress robes. So Harry decided to have a nap. His dreams were plagued with images of his summer. All the horrible things that had happened to him, and Sirius' death. He woke up whimpering, with Draco checking if he were okay.


An hour later Draco had everything he wanted and so he went back to the manor. He had dinner planned with his mother.


When Draco got home he went straight to the dining room where his mother was waiting for him, she had a knowing gleam in her eyes. "Get carried away shopping again?"


*1st September, Hogwarts Express*


Draco was sat in a compartment, in a mood. They had made him leave Hunter in the animal carriage. And his friends still didn't know what animal his familiar was. Apparently they all had wolves. They were all got their familiars at the same time so matched theirs up. They all promised to meet each others familiars in the common room. The rest of the train ride was spent with small talk. All Draco's friends knew about him being a veela, and they were all fine with it, but he still didn't like discussing it. Slytherin's aren't as bad as the other houses think. In the common room there is always laughter in the air, and you can often find the Slytherin's sprawled out on the floor, and there are mad study sessions before exams where all hell breaks loose.


The welcome feast was the same as usual. Except, the Gryffindor Golden Boy wasn't there, and even his friends look worried. What has potter gotten himself into this time? Draco thinks mentally eye rolling.


Harry was bored out of his mind so decided to do something about it. He pounced on one of the beds in the 6th year Slytherin boy's dorms. When he was finished he stepped back to admire his work. The door opened and there was a scream from the doorway. He turned to see Pansy Parkinson looking at him is shock. "Drakie! There is a big cat in your dorm." She yelled.


"Is it black?" Came the reply.


"Yep." Pansy said eyes still wide with shock.


"Green eyes?"


"Yeah." she said in a high pitched voice.


"Staring at you in an oddly human like way?" If Harry still had hands he would have slapped Draco right then and there.


"Yes." She said, seemingly calming down a bit.


"Well then you have met Hunter, my familiar." Replied Draco, amusement evident in his tone.


"That, is your familiar?" she asked, shocked.


"Yes." Harry then heard footsteps coming running to the dorm, and the 6th year boys, minus Draco, looked at him in wonder. Then at their room. There were cries of disgust and horror coming from them.


Draco came up the stairs when he heard the cries, and stopped short in his tracks. He turned and glared at Hunter, then asked, "What the heck? Why?" Hunter just yawned and curled up on his bed and pretended to be asleep. He heard a voice he knew all too well. Snape. Snape, who hadn't seen him before, seemed in shock for a few seconds until he lifted his head and looked the professor in the eyes. That was enough to snap him out of his shock.



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